Naturally there is that talk of seeking to know what I am thinking all the time but what I am thinking in actual fact stare people in the face all the time i.e. Muslims do not know where they shit and where they eat but I don’t have a problem with it as it does not prevent me from waking everyday to attend to a job, however they regularly come up with ideas about who is responsible for the way it has affected them and so it is the same with white people who cannot keep their celebrity junky hands and mouth to themselves, while the blacks just have a history for it and either which way makes no sense – I don’t like any of them, I do not pick and chose as they are all the same thing and I do not wake up every day to fundamentally find ways of being pleased with what middle classes get up to since it would make my own bonds of service to the Monarchy very heavy indeed.  That said however what usually happens is entirely different i.e. before we hear the complains on media it is a case of their extreme cultural wickedness and the need to physically harm me because I look like something that would take the problems of society away if harmed on account they are always making me fed up and I will never have enough of selling that stupid culture and media and politicians whom nobody has ever given a writ to address me like they do and hence it is their own that looks like that will always find alternative ways of explaining away what I am doing so that they might want to make such things happen. It is only after the Christian must approve of their cultural wickedness and their fame and fortune stupidities and the fact they think it is his fault they are not getting jobs is taken by him upon himself as a responsibility, so that he might ask them to make him like I do, we never hear the complains on media about how I Police their greed without being given any authority to by law etc. So it is the same old story that she is out of my league at all times and I simply cannot understand until she does her sexually freaky thing and cordons off the frontiers on the left and asks me to go get it if I have got it I will never understand she is beyond my league and so they cannot stay off my television for it either and need to stay away from the Industries and stay away from my books before this gets even worse than it is at the moment. I mean no body was ever to be offended over men with families turning out in Industries to find money through other means but work using the fact that a younger leader which is me is getting attention and of course I courted such problems in the first place because I was never any good at it were and hence they were bound to have a walk through. They know what it means when I say I do not have filial arrangements with members of the royal family and if their behaviour does not stop soon will get them into trouble, besides which they never do anything they are told to especially about keeping bad company away from the family of the head of state. They know what it means when I mention I fundamentally wake up every day to ensure I am not pleased by the activities of the middle class and they know what it means when I say they need to stay off my books and stay off the industries because they are pests. It’s like the old story of women who handle my world for me meaning that when I say I get out of bed to seek my freedom from younger women, they behave like younger women and chose my wife for me; so that the plan can have no many other attributes as well despite my warnings about how everything they do will provoke me in such circumstances, attributes which are to do to detaching me from members of the royal family, making sure all I see and love is them and wrecking my finances to ensure while they ignore me I chase them and offer my love and it is such an excuse for criminal activities they feel like applying on me all the time with a big mouth. So it is better explained by the idea that lower class means plebe; when it sooner or later becomes clear there are clever and angry people in there and not extremists that talk them down all the time – people that can explain in five minutes how  industries are built by a process where the rich who own it make no contributions but expect drip, drip free labour through difficult job markets in order to get it working again and who are that close to being serial killers as well, about whom words like plebes are likely to set off too in any case, hence all very well but important to beware in case people get after them and their banks and companies. As for me it seems that if employers are happy employing celebrity junkies then that is fine, it is their loss and not mine and they need to employ a few more like that so we can find out and of course they always say they can pick up my work or force some work on me to fill in the short comings which is what this company deals with very well all together i.e. they can of course provided they reference it and if not possible then the great and almighty them must be living off the perks of being fans of mine which is not a  bad thing to have in your CV, so that they can make use of my products without paying for them if they have got the fucking balls and never listen to anybody as well. Same old story; they need to stay off my books and stay off the Industries about which I am aware most of these things are media spin in order to ensure they have news to report at my expense and yes it is also partly about how people need to make a living at the expense of the property of one of their Princes but nobody said anything about destroying or damaging it either and nobody said anything about foolish women choosing my wife for me too anyway. Hence they in the end want violence and that will be decided over how getting on my office desk needs to be a peaceful and tranquil experience or whatever is troubling stupid sex and fame mad middle class women and the middle class men who have sex with lower class women and jump on media to make profit from setting them off to keep an eye on me will be determined and ended in what is entirely my way and my prognosis and then my life will be violent indeed. I have mentioned facts about plebes before and the reasons they are called plebes and the fact they walk right past their problem to pick on somebody and usually a Christian like myself and if I were to ask them will claim they are creating social hierarchy as well – lower class isn’t plebe we have more plebes in the middle class than we have in the lower class pound for pound. Their behaviour constitutes the reasons people fundamentally want to see them carry the entire world and its weight on their shoulders. I mean what do you do to a collection of people like these anyway, take hold of their society and make sure they are never happy and or content people like I have? It is the kinds of things which indicate the chances of the whole issue becoming a crisis do not exist apparently. And we all know they are at a loss over what I seem to be angry about when in actual fact we all know that when people see a literature they like they would buy and read it but if I write one then they turn up on TV to tell me they saw previews and it was awesome and go on and on and on like that giving me problems and fantasising about making me into a freak and it is very abusive and very dehumanising and they lie all the time for it in order to succeed at doing so. I have been clear when they see my products or work, whatever they think links them with it is something I am not interested in and needs to be shut down, my right to engage with free women and keep their societies and its insolence, irresponsibility, parties vices and violence out of my life which will lead to another story entirely if they are not forth coming at co-operation for I have really had enough of them as such, especially my fathers and uncle figures and all that nonsense; you see the frontiers on the left is the biggest problem I have got with respect to white people and black communities is the biggest problem I have with respect to black people and it is time they knew that and respected their distance as well. Yes I know they say it is the way I engage with celebrities that bring these things to but I do not and it is all made up because I do not; celebrities are way below me socially and are always going to behave like feral children around my valuables because it is the only thing which gets to give them the monies they have to spend on their insatiable vanities and those that are responsible for these things of course never do what they are told to do as it were. Yes of course they do follow it on with claims of double standards on my part about celebrities, love them and hate them etc but that is utter nonsense as it would mean a prognosis of a republican freak telling e Celebrity he or she is below him socially, which is something that would happen if such a person was looking for real trouble as everybody in the US actually exist within the same social. Where it concerns me is that of Heroes in European Migrant Communities in the US who work and operate similar to the way I do and because they exist of which they do make their films and cartoons with awesome imagination as it were displayed, there are twisted goons who think that the idea of equities and securities brokered with film makers who spend a lot of money to make the films and actors who play parts in the films to make a living is a fallacy and those who have such a job have no right to exist and need to give it up promptly with a big mouth and it is their destruction of my property that leads to the big issues and things I do to them as well. In actual fact the equities and securities in question are specific as I am largely interested in cultural renaissance, the rest are simply things people do to deploy what I have done about crime and other social issues all together.


Of course there is that talk of how there is complain about racism but when people are told not to come to the continents and countries where racists live people like me for example keep coming. I for my part simply want things by such prognosis to return to the status quo they were before i.e. I leave my home to work and return to my home after work and no body searches me to find anything of a contribution that I can make or somebody else can take up and make to get rich on account they are infantile idiots who have a thing for Media and Industry communities and can never have enough of money they have never raised a finger to work for in their lives, provided there are media lies and fake work to cover their tracks with whose nonsense I will not tolerate either for my part. The problem with these fucking idiots it must therefore be observed is that they believe other countries will accept their leftovers and it does not work that way. I for my part know that if my finances are stifled and no woman can walk around without feeling of apprehension in her head while very ugly and stupid girls feel they are pampered and winning competitions against me to be successful, then I will never be predisposed to earn a living and get married and settle down and that is why I want to destroy anything that tells me daddy or uncle owns a night club and I need to co-operate with family business like they do all the time for of course racism would never happen if black people were not so deviant and I really don’t need it or the handling of my property criminally which I am supposed to ignore on account other things are happening with a big mouth. The whites on the other hand are more keen on celebrity culture and paparazzi and media and illicit sex and then money to pay their way in the world is secondary and it is only when they end up at the jobcentres that they realise it was my fault all along and therefore that stupid fame they have not got in the first place became my property and the whole thing is getting worse as well. I did mention at an earlier date that the reasons civil rights movements happen is because they are incredibly stupid and have never settled a clue what they are doing about anything in their stupid lives, are convinced they will use media and communities and consumerism to oppress absolutely anybody, will not settle for another persons leaderships and above all never ever chose the moral path when they have no idea what to do hence likely to hurt people and get people to hurt them which is then perfectly fine on account they have kids that will take the strain with a big mouth. We are here obviously because saying that did not change a thing and there must be something to give as well.


Its as simple as I have put it and I am only setting out as much information as possible doing so of which will change nothing about what I am doing and they need to move on as there is nothing really that they can do about me as such. I know if the continued handling of my reputation property and the idea women cannot walk around without feeling scared in the head continues while they run night clubs and fame and fortune the chances of getting married and settling down does not exist and I like my Church thing as much as they like their night clubs things and so on and this destruction will no longer be tolerated; they need to stay off the Industries and stay off my books or else. Yes I know they say I speak like I am innocent in the matter but I am not actually, the issue is something they did earlier on i.e. look at him and his Bible and if he gets near me I will hit him and of course they will only hit what God gives them permission to hit, are making noise and I will bend them into a condition where they listen to the gospel and then they can decide what they want to do about it and this is a status quo even their politicians will be made by me to work with increasingly like I am at present, hence this likely to get worse in more ways than one and they need to move on and stop playing games as there is nothing they can do about me. Stay off the Industries and stay off my books; there is really nothing that will come from the blues to prevent these things from continuing for the next 20 years or so – I am sure they know what that means. I mean there is talk everywhere it happens because I handle peoples company without permission when everybody knows they turned up on my business to ensure my job is controversial – nobody will ever work out how a person’s job can be controversial by the way and it is not the only occasion, the previous one had to do with personality competition and it goes on like that endlessly and they are never done. I know and I completely understand I am supposed to be trapped somewhere by plebes who then wreck my life so badly I will have no choice since I will not be allowed to get a job but to come up with what I must do to make myself comfortable which will provide business and privilege for others hence somebody will be put in charge of plebes and their activities but of course I am the one complaining when people handle my company while other peoples jobs are controversial as it were.


The biggest problem the economy faces as a whole however remains the government itself i.e. we must all get together and work for the security of British Interests from Asia to the South Americas which the Politicians can then put on ice while businesses go under to await the love making of his Multinational Industry friends, whom the fucking idiots are aware will by the time the British Interests are brought out of their ice need small companies to outsource jobs to. It is very infuriating when they show up and have the guts to tell us the economy has recovered a little but there is more work to do i.e. we need to get together and do it again. Besides themselves the other threat to British Interests and economy is small fast countries around the world and it is the duty of the chancellor and his government to protect British Interests from these small fast countries, not small businesses operating within the structures thereof but in actual fact these small fast countries are not as great a threat to economic recovery as the chancellor and his friends are and it is not the first occasion either - it started with their plans for recovery which was based on helping multinationals who will always, always need everything and not employ enough, then turn out to tell us we have had some growth but need to get together and do it again. This has nothing to do with discriminating against multinationals either, all they do really is set up offices in the City centre that can be vacated in a day or two and leave heavy equipment lifting for the small Companies, in which case I suppose the next time they blast off we need to get together and do it again, it is important to set it out now to such an effect that all they really need is a job done and to pay for a job done and contrary to popular deception, no body really understands what their problem is - hence with specific reference to me they need to leave me alone and get off my books and the next time we get together and do it again, they will have blown it up as well; no idea what they suppose I am doing or what indeed they expect me to do in the face of such nonsense and such threats; Mr Bloody minded complains you handle his company without permission while your job according to his Political and media fools is controversial and that is when he has run out of essence through the vandalism that personality competition offers him. I mean when they had finished with these games and therefore decided what their time must be used for having completely destroyed other peoples own and their property by so doing, what should be expect with respect to creating economic recovery – drip, drip, drip, oppression of free labour with a big mouth and by the way free Labour from whom exactly? It is never really true I am an example of what happens to those who try to make a living picking on the men, the reality is that the men have arses I kick all the time so that they need to rely on media perceptions they then pay younger people to help maintain and of course the process of being born into the world before I was to acquire the money for it. The real problem is that of the fact they want to be able to sell my books for me while they hate the purpose the books were created because as insolent as all men are they naturally think they own me; so they have destroyed everything that creates a process where the books strike a cord with its buyers and not sold because people have been told it is something worth experiencing and they have done so in order to control my book sales, now they are waiting to give me an ultimatum to come up with advertisement money for the books or they will have another major preoccupation for their cultural wickedness I have warned them needs to spend a lot more time than that with people it is nice to and of course the deal is that my books will make them many times richer than I am if I were to kill myself to sell it that is with a big mouth and so it is not just a matter of making an exception for a process where we have always tended to reward idiots like these with the way we conduct our affairs in the Western world but also a matter of payment for the destruction they have done in order to control my book sales in the first place and so they are simply trying to maintain the destruction itself because it is the only leverage they have got left.

These days atheists and humanists know more about human rights and it is the Church that does not want to change its discriminative teachings; they were there during the Nazi occupation of Europe of course and complicit with any evil thing that happened at that time so we never heard of them as it were. Just one of those things that makes you want to get around the world kicking their arse when it appears you cannot exist on account that it will mean the Church continues to spread gospels around the world from South America to Asia and there will be institutional and social opposition to their activities in areas of the world where they go to have sex with underage girls and place them on the Internet, then later turn up to have conversations about human rights and discriminative teachings the Church does not want to change because the Church is still holding onto its traditions and its pilgrimages and people continue to keep up the work that missionaries had done centuries ago. In my case however it is a simple matter of the fact when I want nothing to do with the idiots the result is that they will control my finances and person life and get involved with me like everybody else otherwise they will stir wars and social violence and become cowards that want to be my father’s until I am killed so that those who have me will lose as well. Hence you may think life is all about the women who support you and accept your support for reason of which you are famous but it is not – there are the men and their women and their girls and the Pop stars and their journalists and their Politicians and each and every one of them has an idea of what all you own right down to your personal life should be used for and regularly turns up to enforce it as well; a cup of violence, drink it and there is another one in seconds and it will not end well either, whoever told them I drink their violence but such are the things atheists and humanists do when the Church is not changing discriminative teachings recently, all together of which the US will support with a big mouth which makes me think it is a challenge as well and so far what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet therefore. I want them off my books and off the industries, I want them off the women too for I do need to find a wife. As for the civil rights idiots, nobody knows when they will ever change anyway and why women who are in positions of leadership cannot carry on as normal or be free of them but we will find out like the cup of violence, drink it and we measure another in a second and keep it up for the rest of your life – we do need them I am not saying we don’t, we do, we need them to do the difficult jobs. I know they say I never act unless it is too late and some people had suffered but of course I am an author and not somebody who solves people’s problems and it is important they start addressing and working with me like one especially if my books make sense to or are useful to them as well. It is not their business where I start my career; apparently of which if I started from top to bottom the idea would be that there are privileges over me that life itself has bestowed on them which I am trying to shut down by getting educated because they expect to get on media and scare me with extremists and wars and violence if necessary by which they push me out of my studies to get ahead of me in life and if I started from somewhere else it would be a case of things they do about which I decide whether or not to have my revenge and of course people ensure you do not have revenge for what they do by talking as much nonsense and doing as much damage as they do. They dealt with the first occasion by the fact they have media and can use that to determine what the public thinks about what I did or didn’t do to them and so this is the second leg – how many times and for how many years? It is important they stay off my books and off the industries and stop creating problems for those who want the books like they are at the moment and then there will be nothing to complain about.

We hear them talk of great ideas about how they allowed me to ask for more from their media and Politics and so on and I took advantage of everything; the reality of course is that they think they can control the lives of female journalists with whom I have arrangements that is quite next to a family one, so the first problem they created was digging into our lives to find the relationship, the next was blasting it off on media to create integration after democracy must have overcome and now this is the end product. I too had long decided they needed to know everything then make a decision of their own accord that they will not take it over because they have a job to point cameras as those women and this decision they will make of their free and independent will even if I must enforce it, since it does not belong to them as it were. I have never really thought of it as a complicated problem, only that everybody else needs to understand I am an Author and not somebody that gets around solving their problems for them. For these group of idiots on the other hand its the old story about working with women, so that I think life is all about women who have accepted my support and everything else I have to offer, thus who have accepted what I have decided to get off writing and being famous for but it clearly is not just me and them but me and them and everybody else that will get some without paying for it. This whole thing about people pounding your chest and head and back and tummy over their needs and desires was always there but they want a piece of me and that is why it has become an issue. When you get up every day to lumber another people with how much of his property you feel as though should be yours because you are an untouchable gang badge bully, it does not make you innocent in the matter when they cannot have a peace and get after your case as well. For posterity reasons it does beggar the question of when they will chase or perhaps it seems as it were that they had no interest in women in the first place, just like the treachery and insolence and abuse of their homosexual fame and fortune communities. It is a matter of reality of course that they need to stay off my Personal life, my book sales and stay off the Industries in order to avoid trouble.