I have never really taken steps to flat-line people’s economy yet so far, although people have done it to themselves with my work. They seem to do nothing else with their time but set about grabbing my work and then giving it a brief sense of attention in the halls of government then get it out and me along with it in due time. It creates this sense that they sit among great and powerful and rich and appear in very lofty places and so the things I say and do is indicative of somebody who has an intense desire that has become a fantasy to get into those places. This insult therefore is paying off so far with economies flat-lining and so on. As for their lower class followers on the other hand, for those ones they will get involved with me whether I like it or not and the pleasure is that they can easily tell other people things they do to harm me is actually a way of showing they really like me according to the culture, where is therefore something that is really funny to them and also means they build up stupid insolent false confidence with it. They never learn of course, always the lower class pieces of shit thing and it never ever, ever changes. I am not saying that it is a serious matter as such, it is nothing but plain unadulterated bullying and it does not give me a seconds time to breathe every single day and that becomes the question at the end; how do you get used to it and more so when it is something that is born of sadism which people do practice for pleasure although they do it with people who have given them consent for it, when in your case you have not given any consent and were simply set up by them and bullied by them until you appeared to be something that irritated them for it. So I suppose the facts are clear and they love to lie and tell tall tales all the time about stolen culture of which that culture was the first reason they thought it was attractive to attack and bully me for pleasure all the time and they will never get it back, so this time around it’s that stupid money and I will get my hands on that as well. Hence I have set out my own means of getting rich as well and I do not suppose it is such a bad thing to inform them of the facts as well because I am going to deploy the same distant fascisms in order to ensure I am only making money and getting rich and famous through the process of doing things to them that hurt them terribly while I tell people it is the way to show them love and affection according to my culture.

Clearly they have never been afraid of anything in their stupid lives so I do not necessarily think this makes a difference, however I do not wish to beat them up in a way that will see them come round here to start those their fights I will get involved with for them to gain something from me frequently, so it is that money I want and I will get my hands on it as well. I am not unhappy with the idea that I was powerful enough to flat-line the economy or anything like that, I a simply holding out the truth because I need to ensure that my business is successful, it does not mean I would hate to flat-line economies myself; it is just a better arrangement to make it clear they have set about flat-lining the economy with my work because they do not wish to respect any of my decisions over my personal and private property and are therefore developing all kinds of antidotes to anything that deters them from the things they want to do with it; like the government official whose book sales they control and I will bend them over the other way round as well before it improves. The culture issue they like to complain about is a typical, I mean they get it involved with me because they know that if I do not denounce, reject or condemn such evil, then I will have rubber stamped it indirectly and it would not matter if it costs me for it to have anything it wants, so they have started with their criminals and murderers and in order to ensure I have no choice over whether or not I do so, they need the book sales in our hands thing, however now that every party that could possibly sit in parliament over their needs and these things about which doing them is more important than getting a day job, I think they have run out of options, I think they need the facts.

I do not sabotage my own stuff when I say and do these things, the main issue is that it is not effective for me that people deal with them as a miscellaneous; they must be handled as a community and the community comprises of areas of club idiots, thugs, pop stars and media and they all need to get off my book sales. There is questions about the wisdom of dealing with them as a community which technically I do not really care about, it’s just important to me they stay off my book sales to avoid problems like everybody does and if they encroach again I have means to raise funds and kick their arse and of course there will need to be a lot of arse kicking to bring about a process where they complain about me and do those rap music they do, like they do about the gangs that beat them up all the time, bearing in mind they think of me as the small guy they can do whatever they like with. Naturally the story is always that of how I will get my arse kicked instead but mostly for the most part what they do all the time is start off stupid causes which have to do with giving up my life to serve them which eventually amounts to a higher cause of wickedness and then when I avoid it, it is time to kill the coward thousands of times and build false confidence that will never work in the real world from then on but at the end of the day the question is why anybody would want to control my book sales of which the answer is that they think the onus is on me whenever they start the fight because I am the only one with a lot of loose and therefore become the coward they can kill thousands of times again until they one day beat up or murder and put an end to my misery. So usually they speak of their modernisation and I am currently doing my country life over it in the centre of the city for good measure.

Of course I am aware I have set off a war around here, it is generally about setting those crazy facts clear, the ones about when I do not want to get around with people whose entire lives are about smoking and drinking something really defiling which then becomes the very reasons they get involved with me whether I like it or not because it is a power they will like to have the pleasure of exercising; to see there is something they can do about an idea of something I don’t want to do, then have a lot of power by making me do the things I do not want to do only. So it has made them millions in the so called music industry and so on but it is not enough, instead it get violent as well. So we will have to find out how it plays out as well since the fact you know people like those are bad for academic work, job and career and even family and that the process of thinking about you while making music on your business and equities to get rich and famous in which they show themselves off having sex with lots of girls and drinking and smoking and taking all kinds of rubbish into their bodies is very bad for everything and are not signs of what you want to be involved with but it seems that they enjoy the intimidation of not letting you be that it has become violent bullying that is highly organised as well. So yes I am aware I have set off that war but I am not taking down my divisions.


They say there are credibility issues around things I can and cannot do which I talk about all the time. This used to be the case in the past of course but it is no longer the case today; today I am perfectly aware and certain of what the exact outcome of a fight with modern life will be. For I was under the impression that the meaning of civil rights is that sadism is something people do practice for pleasure but those they practice it on have to give their consent for it. I have never given any consent to practice anything on me while I attend Church and of course they tell tall tales all the time to preserve and enjoy it. I have never chosen them to bully me and the fact we are having the conversation at all begs the question of how it came to this point, for it is actually impossible to sell books written by a Christian who gets involved with and allows all these alternative probabilities of things that are not so Christian to do, to run wild and share prior publicity with his work and even person, so it completely confounds me bearing in mind it is a factor of how it is to them that whenever they want something they must always have it. How do you get a life and live it, how do you carry on daily when all your sleeping and waking thought is the villainy of an idiot or another. Of course they do need to find somewhere else or they will never forget me for real.

They say they wish to slash funding for sports these days and it seems they want my opinions as well for that matter. I mean we are looking at a process where they ask questions like what to do with an Olympic park for example and the most plausible answer is to sell it but they always are planning to slash funding to athletes and so the question for their part is what exactly gets their stuff anyway, the money itself or the athletes who are just persons that are important because of their sport. They also mention things about what I have said which makes no sense because what I have said has to do with my capacity as an IP administrator so even if I do not physically do it, what happens around my office will anyway. Now the question is whether the fact I do IP administration for individual athletes results in political doing something about funding for sports in the Country and then ultimately the question of what cutting funding for sports really does. I mean supposing cutting funding for sports were a tool what does it do? Of course it is incredibly silly and my point is eventually that high profile sports is a social elitist affair and I do not see any Politicians cut any funding for music school idiots or popular culture scum recently anyway; point being eventually that there are more protectionist and extremist ways of managing National sports and the athletes that the Country produces and we can see one of those being that if somebody is to spend nine hours and the government cuts his funding to leave him with an input of only five hours, there are steps you must take to ensure that the remaining four are not spent on popular culture idiots taking it out of him.

As for the politicians a measure of what they can slash funding for can be measured by the things they have funded over the last few years from Obama in the US funding popular culture and then finding out that doing his job has become difficult hence decides he will be using my work to fight his enemies, to politicians in the UK perpetually trying to enforce things they cannot even when they will need to please criminals by pushing their will on law abiding people to do it.


So the things these kinds of trouble makers in the US get up to for example do not trouble me, far less so than how they say it causes me sleepless nights. I mean the whites are always doing things with or to others just because they have seen people do it and therefore reduce a human being to a touchable item before they complain of their civil rights that are and the blacks on the other hand can handle anybody’s property that they wish to. The main issue is that they do not actually believe that people have what they have by working for it and so their entire lives are built on the prognosis of grabbing a person’s property to stand up somewhere to get rich and famous, the idea is that before the truth is out about anything they will have had everything they wanted and of course for it, I have never given them the information they claim I have, it’s all being made for by them for such a purpose. It’s nothing to be concerned about, just low achievers, who are bad for your academic work, bad for family, bad for career and bad for the job, so you do not get involved with them otherwise you will lose everything. To which they always say I speak about people being low achievers but I have nothing to show for myself while they do which is not such an issue because if they do all they do when they have something to show that they are not low achievers, then what is the purpose of those other things they do, to ensure they succeed by seeing other people fail? In which case that is the ultimate question being answered and the ultimate question being asked; when they being the idiots they are deplete the number of persons that are successful, does it then give them maximum attention to have done so? You see they start these insults first and I need to be good at wiping that smile off their faces for it too. Ultimately the question is when they suppose they want to stop their teasing of British Royalty, where do they draw a line? I know I am not the first or indeed the only one, just the one that does them as well all the time.

I mean when I say they have never before been opened up so wide and they find out true meanings of what I say. I do not think that it is really an issue as it were, it is largely actually a matter of modern men and their abuses; they always think it is okay to call me a soothsayer or even refer to me as a ‘visionist’ and seer which are really abusive and suggest I see and know of dark and filthy things that nobody else does, which then gets to create an abuse that offers them decadence and the question is of course where they get to stop. In the end they simply love to make out they are clever but are actually really stupid; I mean for example your job involves writing and selling books to provide administration and governance within a certain public office and people think that what they should do instead of buy books is bang on about how you must open your life to them to sit around and get glories with, then tell you it is abusive to think of them as really stupid. It’s a corruption of involvement and nobody has ever hit them as hard as I have over it – people always get scared of the US whenever it comes up not to mention the lack of skill, knowledge or even wisdom

I am not insecure about my Office, I am aware there is a lot of talk of how Americans are marrying the Princess of York. I have no idea how that changes anything about me as such anyway but it is the way it works and when I get hold of that their thing and vandalism I will make them cry as well. I am not suggesting it does not concern me who she falls in love with, it does bearing in mind her Father is UK trade envoy and other responsibilities she has from her office as well. The relationship with the Princess of York to be specific is about the fact I have greater duties and because of that she has some responsibilities towards me as I towards her and that is all there is, as equally as I think that her work is impeccable too; I mean given half the chance she would by now have taken over all that stuff African and American and all and nobody would ever see it ever again. However my office is my office and nothing gets to change that not now not ever. I know she does not approve of her lovers people doing the vandalisms they do with popular culture and pillaging my work as much as they do, so it is not an issue that they do those things because of that, however they need not step over the line as well. The confusions about my condition at work is something I cooked up, the purpose was to deal with a problem of people having access; so the result became that when they come across my personal feelings they blast it off whenever they see the Queen and of course the real conundrum now is how on earth they will keep those to themselves – hence I got them to be really, really helpful.