Of course we all know of great things Americans do to create lots of destruction into my company that then result in economic recovery or something like it but this is nothing new, everybody knows that Barrack Obama is a very provocative twit as a person. Normally I would say the issue is that of Americans behaving in ways that suggest the usual need to be seen being able to handle other peoples person and property as they wish and see fit on being a free Country but of course we all know that it goes beyond that and for that reason I am not giving them back that silly freedom for my part either. The very basics are the old game of their relations with the sexes i.e. I am a man for example and the best part of the first 15 years of my days on earth would be spent in the company of people of similar sex and when I grow up I decide which sex I want to spend most of my time with and in my case chose to do so with women, whenever they do their own, women or men, it has something to do with my earnings and then we hear that bragging that they have got money on them as well, which always gets me to think they have not got enough of it for the trouble they seek as well. It’s as it is in the UK where they say I support the Tories who plan to privatise everything whereas in reality the truth is that Labour wants to be able to spend government funds to sustain a structure of financial containment for me and lots and lots of insults and abuses and they are already getting a taste of that through inventive daily confrontation and insults that are later deployed as a means of being important; so they can go to hell and the Tories can do whatever they want in my view. Then will we find out what the problem really is since everybody knows I am perfectly all right except for the existence of the Labour party always somebody from it turning up to confront and insult and have a go and it is such incredibly and insufferable intolerance and I am tired of it too, normally the story of Tories being Middle Class white male would be tolerated but this time I feel the stereotype needs to be dead because those are not the qualities of people who have been the party with the record for the longest time spent by popular election in government office in the first place anyway. So it continues of course where all they need is a two lives situation one about insulting and abusing me and the other about media where they transform it into some kind of self fulfilment and because of this believe that they have had it all worked out and are getting more and more violent and more and more challenging as well – hence in their view life itself was so easy to get by that all they need do is get on media and abuse me in the most intense way imaginable and then all their questions and problems are automatically solved and this it seems will not stop so I do not see the point of their complains after all those tall tales they tell in order to keep doing it for as long as it takes to find out whether or not they will succeed; I mean was I really that easy to beat in the first place anyway? I don’t want anything from any businesses, what they complain about at present is a situation where Parents deploy my property and the Children and wives get after my finances claiming I stole pocket money and so you may wonder why anybody would want to dominate another person who clearly has not got the wealth they have with how they get around the sexes but when you take a look at the fun they have devised for their children being things like messing about with my work and earnings as a factor of how playtime must be entertaining and educating and rewarding, then it should not surprise anybody at all, however which it should be seen that I know what I don’t have as well and have the parameters by which to make my own play time as rewarding and entertaining and educating as possible and all these things are just the start of that, never mind the case of women that have men that will make me behave according to their demands when I am actually male as though this is their section of society in the first place and cannot understand what I say here as a clear and unfettered warning yet that they are their Barrack Obama need to stay off my book sales and personal freedom. So I don’t have to locate and build up my own means of controlling their lives and making fun from insulting them as abusively as possible bearing in mind I am still undamaged by it while their own insults are affecting them already at present as we speak. Fact is actually contrary to popular claim, I have never in my life really done anything about Politicians as a problem but that said they must remember that if all of them behaved in these ways the Houses of Government that provides them security from my actions considered, it would not have changed anything about the fact that if I were a Politician I would not have thought it perfectly alright to get around bullying other people’s children. Now it is the price you see, the price is always worth it, the price is always sufficient and that is what they are paying at present to talk lots of nonsense about what I with withdraw so that the world might be a normal place, since last they took away the book sales so there might be somebody they can cause a lot of suffering whenever they feel they want to feel or appear to be famous. So as I said without the endless Labour party violent confrontation and challenge and insults whether or not the roads we walk on is privatised will not cause me any harm if it creates big firms all around me that squeeze me for my life blood. These business and Industry goons have very strange sexual behaviour obviously and the purpose of those girls is to handle my income and book sales as well and then they complain of the working Court being women whose sex distracts them when they were never invited into anything that happens around here and cannot do their own livelihoods without poking into other peoples earnings and so I have equities and securities as well and we will see; was it ever really that simple as pass insults at me and make advertisement from it and get rich? I mean some of them claim they are teaching me things when we all know that as soon as they attend a party at the place of any member of the Monarchy, they want access to security services and through it seek access to my personal life and there is nothing to it except women limiting my business to make theirs or that of their stupid men take precedence and that is where I get the stuff about limiting them like I do the fame freaks and their two lives of insulting me on one hand and media on the other or the Politicians of abusing me and damaging my finances with public property in order to look famous and plan to get rich from doing do because it helps to ensure that those community croons that turn up to busy body as well will eventually end up in a position where they are so worse off that they have to conduct some form of civil rights and I mention it to ensure there is Political destruction in the process as well, so we can all see their own too.

So do I have a problem with companies? Of course not in a general sense I only know what I don’t have and therefore on the basis of what their stupid children do to me as funded by them and their lack of respect what is fun that is rewarding and educating for me on the basis of things that I don’t have and how I can use fun to initiate my person growth. However if we are to speak of it pound for pound, people cannot just get around ripping up another person’s customer service at his business because he is doing a business that has to do with doing peoples things for them in their beautiful city that will not survive such ugliness but we all know the reason to be that they think they live in an evil world and that is a good enough excuse to handle anybody they want to, cannot stay by themselves while others are better at pushing people around than they are and are convinced my great and glorious temperaments have been destroyed by them so that stories they tell of how these things happen because when I look at them is makes them nervous. Typical example is that they would claim these things they do are things they do because their parents specifically their moms would not approve of a process where they turn up in Church to act older than they are and monitor them over it all the time in order to become a threat to my personal freedom but they cannot stand the sight of me saying hello to a Nun or a Deacon and so when it happens a fair few times you do go after them too; In my case Politicians have waded in and I have been isolated from company and happiness and normalcy and financial comfort and they will feel me as well. The part where it happens to create equality being the one they hate the most of course because I am wiser and more knowledgeable than they are which gives me an automatic right to lead and if they don’t like it can go to an office and do a job by the book or carry on the insults where getting off my book sales will be the start of it. Of course I know I am referred to as a thing but the results of that has always been that I will lay out the bottom line of my company in public yet again and make those responsible pay for it heavily, so Politicians can find excuses to reward wicked people and seem powerful; it’s the price you see it is always sufficient. Yes I know it is also said I am incredibly pompous but the reality is that they have a problem with those who lead them and cannot stop the abusive insults for self improvements because they want to approve of them over their wickedness and a typical example is what Labour Party women and insolent Africans do which is that whenever they mention anything about me depending on who has media and loans it to them to play with, it’s all about what mystery behind me and never what I do for a living which means they have only the power to destroy those that are financially successful and are selling it all over the world where my Literary empire should be looking for more trouble beyond the one that already hurts them so intensely. Of course it is the same old story and they do need to stay off the books and the book sales especially for the purpose of the number of times they turn up on my television or access they have to secret security services; the price for those insults you see is always sufficient a means of sorting out every aspects of it – always. The civil rights idiots say the female journalists I play with are saturated but the facts about what must happen is that they need to stay out of out of it; The fact that I spend all my attention on women and make sure black people live with the outcomes of their wicked endless games and are dying in droves all over the streets of the world for it at the hands of those that are willing, is not to say that I wish to spend the rest of my life living like that. Apparently they don’t like what they have created so much even though they feel as though they want to be hard working at it every second.


Now it has become a regular activity to give women Political appointments which will then indicate how much of a problem women are with an onus on me to fix it and for those things I am beginning to find a space in my mind where I loathe them in a very practical way as well because it happens on account they are really stupid and their minds hit a brick wall very regularly and makes it impossible for them to learn which is why loutish nonsense and money is so important and must be gained at any cost and by any means as well. It is not the fact that they are stupid that is the main issue it is the fact they do not listen to me when they know I know and they don’t, they want me to do it but will not accept my leadership, they want my books without buying a copy of their own and so the stupidities become a very practical way of causing me harm, then the Politicians turn out to talk nonsense and nobody gets to tell them that it is what it is any more, while they make good loutish nonsense and partying claiming success is a factor of happiness when in actual fact they cannot live without bumping my earnings at the firm market place and this behaviour shows no signs of changing yet either, so am I no signs of getting better at this, so they can confront me more and have a go more and insult more and abuse more and condemn more which then means I can never be where my mates are financially and also means they are powerful too with a big mouth. I don’t think it a major crisis either; I mean a fully grown woman who understands risks and danger will have ideas about how to own a stack of cash without being seen anywhere near paid employment; how do they suppose she intends to go about it then except find them while they find my books and profit margin for which the scumbags cannot be seen anywhere else except my Television.

The story of what I have not being an established business best explains this matter; it is an old story where the government wants economic recovery and big businesses want to make progress and you have set up your business and are able to roll with anybody or anywhere but they come up with that through a sustained process of daily attacks and abuses and confrontations and calls to violence because they want to buy shares somewhere and sit around lazy to make money at the stock market and therefore need to sacrifice your business so – hence people cannot make progress with their industries because they are always confronting and challenging and having a go, so people are sad and angry and so on, while they have decided their loutish behaviour and popular culture nonsense is the route to riches and financial success and wish to impose it on everybody with media but the crucial issue is that they regularly handle my books without getting their own copy then run off to places like the CES or any of those Industry gatherings to introduce themselves to entrepreneurs and make noise about how I am a nonentity; every time I inquire about their Nationality feedback comes through registering American while the British ones simply think they are manipulating me. I don’t think it s huge problem either for my part, they are simply as insulting as they are because they are at the bottom of society and do not actually think that they gain anything by being respectful, I for my part intend to handle the Pornography industry on account of them as well because at this stage if they happen to change their behaviour on me I will become irrelevant; I need to ensure they can never be respectful ever again and one more handling of my books will see the beginning of the end of that stupid day time television marketing and Eastern world greed nonsense I have to put up with from them all the time so they can play their game of fat insolent men and greed and a market place and a Christian stuck in the middle; I have had enough of this matter and one more handling of my books will decide what will become of it too, it is a promise. Their President Obama they say I offended but I have changed nothing about the fact I believe him to be the most provocative scumbag in the world; I mean think of your big brother who is not just a bully but know where your pocket money is kept and enables his girlfriends to come round to the home, take it and spend it on their tampons and he will be that guy – need I say more about black Industry menaces that think everybody wants to play along and everything is for them a plaything as well, not that my books do them any favours but they will want to get off the sales soon enough. I know they want my privacy and tell tales of how I handle their lives while they seek it, all I really think of it is that each time they handle my work I can either decide to take them to court or I can show them why I am an Intellectual Property Administrator by handling their entire lives; of course it is provisional but I am not giving back until they get off my earnings, until then all they have and how it means success and all sorts will remain a matter of opinion, this is what they will not have to work for and as I always say the price they pay for their activities is always good enough for me. I have changed nothing of what I think of Obama; he does it so people can think you a plaything but does not wish to be a plaything himself and it can continue without stopping as well so can we find out. Hence it is not a major issue for me as such but I believe my warnings are clear if these stupid men who do not get told often that they are incredibly stupid so they tend to wreck peoples lives and make up loutish attitudes to be the route to financial success along with their stupid insolent women that think they have found ways of making money without a job, touch my book sales one more time, we will get to the bottom of it especially for the Americans. Imagine telling me it is excusable because what I have is not an established business, the irony and the reason it is so provocative being that the products for the company were created before the company itself was built and they know that perfectly because they have spent more time around me to confront and abuse and have a go and insult and call to a fight than they spend with their own friends and families, concerning which if they wind me up I will rip up those their stupid lives as they know it, for now I will keep it provisionally to ensure they stay off my property as I do not have the time schedule for court cases. It is an old story where if these idiots have problems the more pressing one becomes that those who solve it for them will have assumed some form of leadership which must be evaded while they are made to solve it and that is the origin of giving women public appointments and assuming it is a problem for me; it is a history of it I am tired of tolerating and Obama really looks like a good prize for it too. I did finish on my position with them some 12 years ago or so especially the part where they know that once they have their money it does not make sense to keep traumatising themselves by making contact with people they have abused in order to get pleasure from causing them suffering but make excuse of power so they can do it, hurt themselves and think those they abuse will take care of it after they have been abused yet again thereof. I am only enjoying the fruits of my labour at this stage so to speak; the part that annoys me being that they know money comes from paid employment, they have no plans therefore to do the paid employment, so what they have instead is a plan to wring it out of those who do not wish to work for money and hand it to them over some form of fear.


The idea that I will have need of their civil rights campaigns and that it justifies the things they do with my income where I am such a plaything that people cannot do anything unless it destroys my book sales is entirely based on a delusion; I will have no need for their civil rights when I already own a literary empire and the only reason the money is hard to come by is because of their insults and abuses on that stupid media – nobody is happy around here any more, nobody has a smile on their faces any more and because of that there is no means by which they can set out a product and tell people what it does. So that the big businesses are big enough alright but cannot make any more progress because the smaller ones are being stifled and these democratic idiots are the only reason that such a thing is happening and as I have always considered and looked at those democratic lies, I have got them where I want them and the things I will do to them will be funny as well i.e. how many times do people pick up an deploy your work to serve an interested party in order to sabotage any means by which you can sell it to them with media and then have a story to tell about how you had done to them to them as well in some way that is somehow connected to claims to detaching them from their own cultures – they do not seem to have an ability to get rich without destruction? All I want is that they stay off my book sales and stay off my company and find their own place to create their insolent and pompous and arrogant public life away from that which exists at National level and away from me and my Office and book sales otherwise it is a 100% certainty they will regret it when it kicks off with me and the Industries and Tories and the Bankers and I tend to believe in a need to hear them squirm whatever the cost because they do it all the time of the story of their stupidities and laziness and need to deploy money they spent their laziness to acquire by destroying other people’s property to make more. I mean how long does a person spend around your websites in order to realise that you will likely delegate some means to people who buy your books especially the young to do things under your authority, so they can get off deploying the website and what they find of the books on their media for the pleasures of such young people over the benefits of doing the powerful thing instead of the right one which bottoms out my finances and set out the fact they have their own products to sell. I am still big on the warnings at present and of course they can see they do not belong in my literary empire like I don’t in their stupid culture and the government is interested in a country where smaller businesses are ring fenced and hence are happy with my work where being bombarded by big businesses everyday does not affect me; so I am not bluffing at all when I make mention of having them where I want them and how we will see an end to those democratic lies and vandalism and how not getting off my book sales and the National public life will be the start of it as well. I have never intended they take my warnings on board because I plan to do it anyway, hence the fact I have written here as well; being below their league because of the damage their insolence and familiarity has caused here will be measured by what I do with their Industry Communities and Bankers and Popular culture. They have recently discovered how to work hard for a living and more so with the vices as well, so they think that The Royal Family thinks me a poor man already because they have made it so and that stupid Labour Party I would think have said they have got plans for economic recovery when I hear them speak of their plans for living standard; an important point to deploy from a book of mine they have read without buying a copy of their own of course, no signs of their references here either and these are the sort of things that provoke me into it never mind deploying what people get from my book sales for me for free on their foolish media and over everything they do if they need come controversy or attention because the website is public available and turn out to make out it is funny on National television as well if my reaction is not what is funny all together. The big question eventually is that of whether I hate democrats but wish to benefit from their existence at the same time but of course I don’t hate them and I don’t like them; the reality about them is that they speak of being democratic all the time which means that democracy for them is a commercial item of the occasion at all times – not the kind of people you wish to be seen with if you spend all the attention you can give to human beings on women and do regularly leave your property to them for safe keeping in order to find ways of working for money in order to make a statement, so the only part they play here is that the fact they are not the kind of people I should get around with is a vulnerability that they need to exploit, which then brings us back to the oldest story about it i.e. they find ways of inventing wicked things to do to people all the time and so your attention is taken up by the part where the reason for it is to try and put an end to a process where they are losers if they have found somebody important that they can dominate but the realisation that they have spent such a vast period of your time of it and the daily harm they have caused in that process becomes something that lives with you and makes you very angry and the result of them is therefore that they have stolen your fame or a means by which you apply yourself to earn a living, so in essence by a Christian standard they are very evil people who look for evil things to do in places that beats the imagination all the time. They also say of course that I have a big mouth to wag because whenever Royalty must be moved from their office, they seem to identify with common people and then modernise and stay in power forever but this is not true; what it true is that for them the idea of somebody who holds royal office losing their duchy and setting off to find something else to do with themselves if they do not have enough money to dazzle others with cannot be allowed to exist and it follows on from that desire to be corrupt with other peoples property that they claim means that they get to put an end to being losers while in contrasts most corrupt people are either corrupt with public or with what does not belong to others and of course the part that tops it all up like media speaking to terrorists and people in slums by deploying my book sale margins and turning up to laugh when he returns to his fine studio which is the provocation that makes me want to see them complain over wealth distribution all the time as well, they want to see a great creature teased and humiliated and dragged through the mud. It remains the reality as such that they are what they have always been i.e. democratic thrives, not normal thieves of course, normal thieves make a choice of criminal activity, democratic thieves were simply born that way and do not seem to understand I do not appreciate being educated by them on the evil nature of the world and the advantages available to those who play along etc – of course this is not the 1990s and I will change the game a lot further because those stupid insults about the need to be corrupt with my property gets attention from media all the time and gets personal at me all the time like we were mates as well and there are fools all over the place that seek self improvement from it because they wreck my finances in the process, typical problem associated with it, of which they do not understand what a shut up and get lost really is supposed to indicate on such occasions either because they are invincible in their view. Hence I don’t like democrats in the US and it does not surprise me republicans loathe them, neither do I hate them, just aware they are democratic thieves and democratic thieves are always born that way.