So the stories told about how people need leaders that know what they are doing will not do either; I mean American choose leaders that get around with socialism for the white house and then tell the world it is how they handle their jobs which means everything when we already know from the first term in office that the socialism aspect determines what they do for power. This is the Country that saw to it that a process of an economy which is theirs drives a crisis for the entire planet; the country where subprime mortgages were manufactured on one hand sold on the other and bought yet by people who are incredibly clever; as usual they will claim they fell victim to a con but we hear that story all of the time as well. tall buildings, nice cities and the world’s biggest economy they say but only in words of course because since last the economic crisis began 7 years ago the idiots have done nothing to revitalise any companies or businesses despite the ability to have access to a lot of profit once you have a product people want, despite the obvious understanding by big cities and big buildings that the stock market only functions with healthy businesses and that when none have been available the stock market cannot but set out to speak head economic recovery through wall street of which they themselves have not got the foggiest clue whenever on earth they were going to do so.

The next yap off by American idiots who seem to know a lot about books written by those who clearly got the knowledge from somewhere, on account they spend all their time pleasing idiots that exist as their fathers whenever they are asked to do anything, get to talk throw words into the air with their insolent blasphemies in my direction about what I know and what I don’t and leaders they choose as compared to me when I have never casted a vote or stood for election in their country, I will teach them a lesson they will never forget (again), like the reason some people last because they beat up republicans regularly. I mean I would never understand why people racism over things like a football match for example or the Olympics for example; we are looking at competition that is entirely based on the merit of the competitor and in this cases it is so high profile there is money involved and international recognition too, so why would anybody introduce themselves as racist in any of these competitions? They always say somebody is changing their lives i.e. there are those who build companies that are responsible for building roads and bridges and most of the things we see and there are the governments that give them those contracts and then there are those who buy shares in the companies and then where these fools fit in is the low-lives that want attention because they are in some way linked to communities that those who buy shares in those companies exist in or build for themselves and this is how people change their lives, so that you get the sense that if this was a school environment, these idiots will likely come round to your class room for a fight with intention to cause you serious harm and so they think everybody is prepared to take that academic filth from them as such and thus build it up and tease people to happy violence.  I could never understand why it is that a Government makes a law which says that for example that wearing Bear skins and gyrating is something people find distressing and should not be practiced anymore i.e. it is banned but people still get off to do it on media and some even claim it is about money and that is why I think at some point people will start to get arrested over the racism thing as well, for now I am not the one paying the fines or abusing people racially or being a victim of an abuse, I am just the nobody who is actually an Arch Prince whose anointed head and body idiots think is a plaything therefore the sense they make a mess of my life and get involved with my mess and claim I change their lives even when they are black, so it is perfectly okay in my view. I just don’t know exactly where people become racist; I mean there are these guys you see that have grown up with culture for example so you have to take the second world war out of the equation when you want to relate with them and realise they lived here before and you will never find a black man in their village in an ideal situation and that therefore means you can get on without looking like you want to sleep with peoples wives and girlfriends, then there are these other guys that are armed men and I mean I am an armed man for example so I don’t like to play with people very much but I have seen armed white men in African schools and Universities, so it begs the question of how racist you have to be to attend African schools and Universities. The point is that these are very vile people who like to try and blame important people they abuse for the curses that comes with it because they have an excuse called modernisation and they lie and twist all the time so that they can do it which creates this idea no laws of the land applies to them and that first they want things and secondly those that are not white exist to be hurt by them. Then there is the wider implication of racism as well i.e. you have five sons and you yourself as a large man and worry they might end up in crime or associated with it as such, there are these issues of Politicians and women that want to come in and take it all first of all and then there are also these issues of lazy scum and their media as well who will soon wreck people’s lives and find problems that are bigger than them to turn up and ask for an exchange of lives that they get on media to ensure they acquire whether the owner likes it or not, then there is the risk of corruption if the government decided to do something to help those who have strength to and are willing to work to create employment and pay taxes, so it is a lot of bother therefore, not clear why people cannot hang up their race thing if the Government says the ideology is illegal. They have their excuses for these things of course but it is the same old one that in my case has to do with how their secret society powers will kill me through HBP for example, whereas in actual fact it is a load of rubbish which is directly connected with a process where I would have refused to get on with my work because they had opinions about it, so therefore it would not have been the first time I have mentioned that if I die of such a thing it would have entirely been through my own actions of over working myself thus unless I am missing something work is voluntary.

The claim I am a womaniser too is utter rubbish as the truth is that I love to explore their stuff and I will eventually take those their wives away from them since they appear not to be their object of affection on account Daddy wants to share royal estate to fulfil a desire here. The part where we speak of terrorism and murder and crimes from the perspective of the media being of course something I do think will never work unless that is we are talking about it as ridiculous as it may sound, from the point of view of the media themselves where they want to be criminals to do horrible crimes that will ensure people do not mess with them but in order to ensure they are not light footed or feel light in their tummy when sent to jail need other peoples courage, which of course is how they make criminals out to be courageous people who only used their courage for the wrong things. It would at this time be said it is none of my business and I need to come outside to back up my words but it is my business now since that socialist Labour party and its daily insults is built on the foundation that my entire life is about work, intense and oppressive work too, like it has always been but on this occasion is applied with a sense they own bits of my body to do it with and means that I will have no financial support and nothing I do will ever be financially successful with a big mouth. Same old issue of pre-fascist rubbish where they do not ask or thank or appreciate those they take from or ask of their possession who have what they ask because if they do their superiority to those people will be affected and so they turn up to make my life and unimaginably difficult as they possibly can, set off bragging at the other end and making out my entire life is about work with insolent errands that rely so heavily on bad publicity and scandals that have been made up too. It brings us to this idea they create of how we do not know who are responsible for the clashes on the road between motorists and cyclists, when we all know that the external factors that motorists in the UK concern themselves besides their driving is so widely ranged that it reaches the point where people know that they drive past traffic lights if it goes green and not if it goes red but want to tell me still has fast I am to walk past the traffic lights, so that when confronted or questioned about hitting cyclists they make out as well that such interruptions is what creates bad drivers, bearing in mind a pedestrian is safer not when he surprises drivers on the road but when he makes himself and his activities on it visible. So the idea we do not know who are responsible is something I find ridiculous for of course we do; I mean when you cycle beside tools other people use for mobility that is at least 6 times the size of a bicycle and weighs many times as much, made of solid steel and can do 140 miles an hour while you can only do less than 3 miles an hour, the existence of these other tools besides your cycle is an all consuming thing but what we have is cyclists running into cars on account they like to get hurt and then cars running into cyclists on account cyclists like to get hurt hence cyclists are doing everything to make the roads a better place for all but the cars are messing it up. So of course people will ask me about the other side of the issues besides the fact all these matters considered there is nothing I hate in this like idiots in cars telling me how fast I am to walk past traffic lights so I can feel like smashing their windscreens in or something all the time; the other side of which is more about how the way I am and what I do is their stuff otherwise I feel pain with their cars etc but that still goes back to the issue of the Labour Party where they don’t thank and don’t ask of those who have because it will deplete their superiority, so when they mess up the finances and I end up in areas of society I shouldn’t, this is the result and so of course like the insults and how criminals and courageous which is something they start but cannot enforce leading to the results we have today, this will lead to its own results as well for they continue to belief it is all a bed of roses as it were for them. I mean typical matters like knocking on the doors of the Bosses business to tell their boss they did your stuff or just going to the premises to tell them to come out and prove it, so that when you do that twice they will behave.


In the UK government however there is talk of Ministers becoming over dependent on the Ministers expenses system of course and the opinion popular is that those who raise the issue of the fake claim that people generally get between MPs and any means of raising funds when they want to via their public service and public office are to be heckled is a matter that sits firmly in its squares of misunderstanding i.e. Tony Blair is not the standard on which British Politics has been measured or will be in future, he is the Prime Minister that resigned his position to go off and work for the Americans as a middle east peace envoy, while most Prime Ministers have normally completed their tenure and retired and then perhaps when they have other extra appointments, some of which are international in nature and get them mixing with the business world, this is the point where the income of a Politician rises as their career progresses. However from what we know most people who serve in politics at such a high level as the UK Prime Minister always want to retire to a quiet life thereafter. It is not just the MPs that need to readjust after the international party of corruption, I as a person do as well i.e. the fact these guys spend public funds to help people wreck the finances of others in order to have something beautiful to stare at everyday to make their stupid day is not to say my opinion on account they have acquired the necessarily self improvement changes from the fact they need to repent and change their wicked ways into something else.

In the end they have begun to converse these days on media about a triple dip recession and like all they do implications of what it will cost me of property of mine they can get their hands on, the triple dip recession of which I find to be a funny perspective of things because they really are feeling it and it is not hurting badly enough currently. To it of course they say I am part of the problem because I boast about an ability to destroy entire economies then exempt myself from the problems and speak about how it is not hurting stubborn politicians badly enough yet but of course we all know what happened here was a set of idiots that get off and find my business and decided they want to build a means of making money on it, prognosis is that doing so will affect whether or not I in the sense I own what I own will likely get to the office to try and sell my books that is. Technically these idiots are supposed to find me where I live, deploy their seemingly endless supply of resources and business assets to give me a job, then they can build their means of making money and growing economy on my business, what they do instead is get off and do it from a distance so that I might wait for them like a treacherous shareholder with massive influence and then once business and economic cycle is at hand and they had invested the money withdraw my interests to create losses that will make me popular. I cannot say enough times they need to get off the equities and the derivates and the property and the books, not think the world revolves around them even if they are talking about another person’s property. It is very expensive and worth a lot of money and I need that money desperately, I need to release it urgently – I need to sell those books; they on the other hand added to connections with my violent, lazy errand freak families in Africa have found a Prince that is cash strapped and wishes to release money from his property between whom and such property they can attach themselves in order to get rich and it can never go away, such that even when they have become richer than I am at my expense therefore they are still the ones in need of wealth distribution; it started off years ago as insults and lack of respect for owner and property that socialists support, now like it is a bed of roses, it is something they want to do for a business, a livelihood, an enterprise and an economy and we will find out as well, bearing in mind if I allow it to follow its course it will continue for the rest of my life as well. I do not see myself as a problem in anyway and they can feign my position as well and find out what happens at the bottom line when the facts and figures come through, my opinion however is that they are still getting off light and really love that their stupid recent updates on media that hurt me all the time, truth of it being that there is nothing they can do besides trying to get rich on the basis of causing absolute destruction of everything that works in my life so that when they move to that stupid left and do fame and fortune, if compared to me will show it to be the most special thing on the entire planet on account it will have been better than what I have got and there is no way to get fame and fortune out of it besides causing financial damage to my work to make irresponsibility that results in parties that show the rich the right side to be on, hence do not seem to understand when I mention I have had enough of them and we are not mates. It’s the same old story; persecution and nothing else and I am not giving back that stupid left for now because it is personal pride for me to be able to regulate how much they impress those their stupid friends, pushing me further will mean a process of persecuting them for being famous and for being fame freaks as well and then they will understand there is nothing they can do, especially when I get my hands on that stupid culture and society and what have you for the purpose. They love their noise making of course about how I take advantage of the fact people are not yet doing bad things in order to do whatever I like to them but the reality is the same old issue of about material things i.e. even those who manufacture and those who sell them do not own them and so unless somebody expressly gives it to you or you pay money for it, it can never be legally yours which is as good as not yours at all; not clear what their problem with my stance on their fame is anyway because of course you can never say Rihanna is famous for example when talking to your children because it is impossible to tell them you find it difficult to figure how they are concentrating on their academic work if they are obsessed with her, for course Rihanna is already in the family; hence famous my arse – I mean we do not have to be personal friends do we, why can’t they leave me and all I own alone with those their industries where idiots put up leverage to put them all over my TV and sell music CDs with their names on it? Why can’t they exist normally like everybody else? Don’t get the wrong idea I say, I know what they are all about i.e. your famous people are lovies and when you ask why that is the case they want to prove their point by being famous as well claiming it suits them better and when ask them if that does not make them lovies too, the whole thing blows over because the idiots want to be famous with culture and cannot do so without you. Hence what I say and what I do and I do not think they are deaf either – I know they say they are tough of course and I will handle them too just to get tough in the process and they are going to have to win it too.


Now there is no such thing as a me in a crisis over these matters of the economic and foreign Policy threats that come from the US constantly. The truth of the matter is that I am rather perfectly fine with my affairs despite the level of noise making around i.e. the problem with these fools is that they want me to stall an Entire Literary Empire and a Royal Estate and all the people in it so that my people and myself might not get to feel superior to them and their people and you will never work out what monumental idiots demand such things from others and thereafter set out to enforce them too. A clear fact about what I am about over my matters as a function of daily administration is managed around my hatred of those their indoor corrupt parties that create pornographic communities as well and for the Pornographers, those are completely vile as it were, so that when they make pictures and videos of themselves having sex they claim they love me in the process. It is never clear what Politicians who have skeletons in the cupboards want with the Business of an Arch Prince who is more loyal to the Church than the state even though his office is split between the two, what they know how to do as such is complain of skeletons in their cupboards that need to be concealed and it winds me up as well, so I intend to blow it all out in the open too so they can catch up properly if we must be equals, hence the way to conceal it will have to be to keep it away from me and to stay out of my business too. I mean I offer support for entrepreneurs who may have done something which in their view is a matter of questionable morals by their standards and that of the average person, I also provide support for those who are clean and clear cut successful people that you do not wish to see get around with the evils of society but Politicians are externally happy to get elected by classified anarchy and set out to abuse my business and address me alongside their stupid followers anyhow they want and like and nobody can work out what the problem with the respect issue seems to be anyway. I really do wish the incredibly stupid black American idiots and their friends will tend to fuck somewhere else especially and I do believe that for their stupid people anyway I have given them by now full info on how that rubbish about striking the Sheppard to disperse the sheep really works. Of course they will not stop doing things to me they know by the standards of any person is distressing for me, not to mention the ones they know are distressing to me personally and whatever is hurting them already or bothering them more so isn’t hurting badly enough either.