The great story people love so much of how little I have in the form of regard for the democracies they fought for is very well recognised of course but so is the fact there is no such thing; only the fact they are angry useless and frustrated people who want somebody else to suffer like they have as well and the other side of the story of course is that they have suffered like they have because as usual they have no sense of right and wrong i.e. when people hurt them it is a good thing because it is democratic, when they hurt people it is a good thing because it is democratic and so they lost to their age mates and like to think they will not lose to me as well. It is the same old story with Politicians and their men and things they do to rob you knowing that a younger leader will likely react to such things by depriving them and becoming really petty about matters as well do what they do and say what they say to cover their tracks – it obviously isn’t paying off hence the conversations we have about it. The problem of course is that it is hard to see any other company that suffers as much of an assault on media like mine does anyway and I want them to get off my intellectual property and get out of my personal life within that same process too and then there will be no more complains about democracies that were fought for on the basis of fighting for my civil rights before I was born to look for trouble. Technically if they do not wish to comply they can bring that democracy and I will try and rip it up for them, just like the politicians make noise about why Africa is poor and with those insults of theirs will one day hold the country to one angle and I will have the other and we will rip it up together, otherwise they can continue behaviours they work to cover their tracks on the matter and listen very intently to what I have to say about what I physically feel about their actions. It has always been a simple case and will remain so; if this does not happen I will end up with a publicity campaign for my work which has to do with secret societies I cannot stand and things I discuss with them about their actions towards me whether or not I belong in them and then I will have to deal with things I cannot see which I intend to do as well, just like I am certain when they pass their insults at their Politicians for the most part at some stage, this will have been over, of course it is clear when they begin to avoid the Politicians I would have become a declared genius. I am not being prevented from having a rest here; there has always been a case where the biggest problem there is with men is the parting shots which kick it off all over again and there is no place I cannot go, nothing I cannot say and no thing I cannot reach; like I mentioned they will sit down and watch me deal with things I cannot see as well and when they pass the insults at their Politicians it will be over. They really get used to such things and when you say so they really do get used to such things; they know I am a Christian but will turn out to seek a process where I cannot get an education unless their ability to dominate me in guaranteed, knowing perfectly it is impossible to dominate God as it were, so that such activities might go on forever as it were and then they can turn up in public and cannot get off the media in a bid to get rich and famous. No such nonsense as being scared of Labour part either, that is simply a collection of really stupid women who would disgust anybody that looked at them at another way but they way they want people to see them with cultural violence i.e. the most lazy useless idiots in the world who cannot do anything unless the real men are making boys do it for them and cannot get through a second of their lives without seeing somebody do an errand connected with their job; I mean when you speak of what women have done to reach where they are democratically or indeed speak of how women protect their husbands when there is campaign everywhere that men exist to be insulted, they exist in a completely different league. Either way either way, for the men and for them, I fancy older women anyway, whether or not I want to have sex with them is of course a matter for intelligent conversation, however one thing is certain; these insolent low lives do what they do from a distance otherwise they will have to do it to their men as well and see them all the time too. All these goons that want what I know without buying my books to get them; they even tell me my biggest problem is the Duke of York which does suggest HRH is still getting around with Money mad twisted Asians who come to this country to pretend my earnings is their property. It’s the old story where they say I attack everybody that cares about me of course but in actual fact I don’t; e.g. getting around with Asian numskulls and their money madness is just as well but the fact they come here to pretend my earnings is their property is how much you have failed me and you have failed in such way because you do not care and I do not see why I ought to care for my part anyway. They speak of things I write on my website but continue doing such things anyway.


It is never true that my life has become more and more difficult on a daily basis, maybe for women in my world and the fact it is a means of pushing the boundaries of my income but not for me as such; the truth of it being that the path these idiots have chosen is the one people choose when they need to ensure that I have a need to be famous because they poor and their lives are difficult and they are angry and frustrated; much too late complaining about my African style oppression in the UK of course since only I can have the life I live in at the moment and nobody knows what they mean when they suggest people do not want to have professions or be famous or successful in this world anymore because they want to be me and to do what I do and that they will ensure they have it with a big mouth; it’s like a matter of such things as I am most feared for being used by some really insolent idiots to play games and it will not have been the first time because the other side of this story is the one we have just come through from i.e. the fact hurt me or be nice to me, either way, there is no means by which I can keep the blessings of God to myself without giving it to those God has designated me to do, wrecking my finances in order to find a naive idiot that can be given privileges over my earnings so they can count pennies until it becomes millions hurting me all the way to get rich and famous and respectful of the fathers; they think they are the devil and I have always said I will handle them like one as well and maybe their Politicians will now have to save them from that too – all I can say to it is that the path they have chosen is the correct one if I wanted to be famous only on grounds that they are angry and frustrated and poor and that their lives are difficult or violent and this is precisely what I am to do as well. Only I can have the life I live in at the moment and they are not showing any signs of moving on, especially the Americans and their fanatics. I mean why on earth would I have deployed securities and brokered equities at my office in order to earn a living unless I was certain I can comfortably prevent people from copying what I do or doing it as well at the global and international front? When they say people do not want to be famous or important or successful anymore and that they want to be me, what does it mean, especially in such a circumstance? It is the correct path to chose for what being poor and manipulated by idiots that want to be treated like decadent women is worth, when people want to ensure I am famous on grounds they are poor and that they are angry and they are frustrated and that their lives are difficult etc, after all we do not see them do anything about the extremism and more so a matter considered with respect to that stupid media as well that is just complicit with it and likes to threaten me as well. Being scared of Nationalism as Scottish Nationalism shows is utter rubbish; there is no such thing as people being scared of anything – what I write about it is what I write about it and what I think about it is what I think about it and what I really think about it is that the last time I spoke of the basis of claims there is such an injustice that there needs to be Scottish Nationalism is such that those who might create such a party need to be able to campaign for Westminster as well and what they said was that not only are there things they will ensure I am scared of as it were with a big mouth but that they are looking into Scottish interests, this gets them therefore to settle into what reality is and what that their right wing rubbish really stands for and then they twist and turn and get it running again and like the media which is full of idiots telling me people don’t want to do their stuff anymore because they want to be me with a big mouth, they are also talking of other things such as how the deployment of securities derived from my state provided entitlements usually does damage to it and makes a basis by which I can deploy what the mess has made of it to earn a living, is something the Politicians can make up excuses to copy and do as well or that they want to live in a Country that is honourable whereas the real problem is not just that the fools want the country to change before they can live in it and nobody wants to know if it is being governed by one family for all of eternity when that is really the problem, they also think they have insulted and abused a Christian here to a point where there is now a social situation where Nationalism is possible and should be something that puts their name in history and the new country emerging should be one where people are eternally grateful to them and their family. Fair to maintain then that they think they are the devil and I will continue to handle them like the devil they are as the Christian I am and they will continue to make noise about places I should not be able to go and things I should not be able to touch while they are at it too, since the prognosis of their Nationalism remains that if they had a new country they would have been able to clip the wings of the Christian without giving thought to what it means i.e. Christians do not give up their faith so it is a death threat. They speak of being honourable men but want a new country on grounds of a state of affairs which have emerged from things I do because of their stupid girls insulting and abusing me so they can see me all the time, which women who want to protect their husbands pick up on; same old story of course where we say there are family men and there are idiots like them but soon they want a new country as well and it gets better. Where black people fit in however is a different story by itself all together; those think they will manipulate white people and get into my finances all of the time and do racism that I will be responsible for dealing with all of the time as well; I can never stress enough that when there is an opportunity and you need one badly you take it anyway and it is not a criteria for classifying you are a bad person, which they will claim I say because I think the extremism and the racism will not affect me when what I really mean is that these people they use have a problem with white people that are just like them too. So it’s the same old issue of how Obama is the government and I am the people and it will end very well since I have made it clear I am not like those they have used it the past and therefore really do see it as organised theft and robbery that just like that stupid nationalism hits me all the time especially with stupid insolent girls and a big double standards mouth; they even say I am a foreigner that comes into their country to rule them which is because they believe like they are always divided so they can really get around, that when Hitler bombs a village it ceases to exist. I do not perceive it to be a difficult matter, all together it’s just me setting out the facts which are really annoying as well and nothing particularly serious, however they think they are the devil and this Christian will handle them like the devils they are and more so especially over his book sales as well. The girls are just women and soon when educated, they will be feminists and that will be the end of it, as for me; I am still a virgin and they can come round and get that too if they want with their big mouth so we can find out, after all they have got powerful politicians that talk rubbish of how all I own was collectively created and I took it without settling where the bigger powers stand, it will not have been the first time either with their political paedophilia and alternatives such as myself a grown up whom the law does not protect, it does actually matter with respect to the first time it came up and the ending didn’t make them so much better off therefore as it stands today. Otherwise they might want to pass their insults at their husbands so they can see those all the time – I say damn their parents for Children should be raised in such ways (I bet when I mention it a real civil rights issue emerges as a result too; noughts – bloody rude bastards). They speak of things I mention which I cannot do of course but last I checked it was all about things their stupid leaders think I can do and therefore need to hand over to them when finished; their stupid insolent double standards robbery over extremism that nobody told them to do something to control and I am having trouble with my commitments here as well because I find it difficult to speak of things I have not done, so we will find out; after all nobody asks them to of which the bigger question is still that of what it is they can do if people did ask them to; my boasting are supposed to have been a process of being insulted by them by the way and I cannot remember the number of times I have mentioned it that whether or not I do something to wreck my chances as somebody that is actually famous does not apply to them since I am not expecting any respect or decorum from them for my part. This will never go away provided those their insults turn up in public and on the media especially too. They speak of my lack of respect for their democracy that they fought for of course while they are at it, when they know the purpose of their insolent democracy is to decide what happens to other people’s purses.


Finally is the question of how the economy is still doing as bad as it is when I am so good at what I do, when in actual fact I have set out all equities and securities on the matter in public i.e. the problem is the Politicians everything they do is already doable at least 40% lighter than they are at the moment and like they want to at the moment. So the main issue must therefore be that businesses can only operate if their successes are put down as something that Politicians have achieved and no matter how much it hurts the businesses it will continue provided they have somebody to take it out on, so they have got it all worked out as it were – the facts remain the facts of course which is that of why businesses get involved with them i.e. out of five people in a board room two are Politicians and not real business men, so that unless those who established the business are prepared in terms of having put something away for a rainy day in case the company goes under, then they will have to make compromises. Same old story where they want to work in the MOD but are Politicians, want to work everywhere but are politicians and my method is rather simple i.e. since my book sales and public derivatives of my company and its intellectual property is their plaything, whenever every company has to put out stocks to sell and raise funds for operations and it is there I will catch them. The others however make a mess of my own business because they think that if they are to work with my equities it has to involve a process where they have a piece of the Country, which I do not mind either since that will give me the means to furnish the general public with their own equities with which to legitimately decide if their businesses can go on or not. Or they can wind up the top by getting their funds from government run bodies and ‘quangos’, in which case I will have the right to get worse and worse and then end up at the other side as a business man myself. I have made it clear that losing a home and a car is a matter of the kind of rights of a person that people accumulate over time and hard work and so it is something they should be interested in whether or not they have billions of pounds stacked away somewhere for them alone to enjoy and therefore in their lives there is really nothing like a recession. I have mentioned that these small business people are the ones that go out there and work for them but continue to get the feeling the small business people work for me instead while they are the land owners with a big mouth and so the issue continues, such that the word business really rings a bell for some people as it were. None of these things are particularly amazing, they are nothing new, I am simply the Christian they like to abuse because they think they are the devil and I will handle them like that too; there is no reason one of the four groups of the Nation or the big businesses or the small businesses or the employees should have an advantage over the other unless the government is doing something wrong – if they are not interested in the rules they can go somewhere else. I am aware of where the Queen’s office operates with the matter anyway, with respect to that I think the currency has changed to provide all the necessary equity that is required and those who think that those who provide a general equity of that kind need to furnish them with money have legs and can walk up to those who provide it to demand it and get off my television. The American ones are just the one that cannot do anything unless it is a criminal activity with huge rewards and therefore think they have located books written by a Prince and markets for it and so it will end as badly as it looks as well and I have heard they usually become underworld mafias and stuff with links to the fashion and fame and fortune industry – no chance of manipulating the crowd here obviously.