I hear the tale that I never care what the US view of terrorism is and that it is the main issue which of course I don’t and don’t care actually what the US view of terrorism is; I mean you are allied to a bigger Country if you are certain it can help you deal with bad things in your Country not one that mixes Scottish Nationalism with Terrorism in the Middle East then asks you for answers, even now the popular culture cannot do anymore except claims that I write books that encourage the breakup of the US Union, it has now reached a point where it has become a self fulfilling prophesy to ensure the Union there is stronger by violence and attrition and not the way it was of which leads us to the same old story where people are not supposed to do it when you don’t want it done and hence the whole process of accusing and then attacking me is meant to cover their tracks while they do. So it does get to a stage where it ceases to be as amusing as they like to imagine of course and naturally I have no idea what it is that dredges up this sense I am interested in what the American view of anything in the world really is anyway – the bit where I write books that makes me friend of republicans when they are the women side of American society who need the protection of their warrior men and nobody knows who I am.

It’s another question here about whether that was pre-planned too which it wasn’t, just a case of grooming me for their insults and ending up with a reputation for complaining about those who kick them for it – considering racism is everybody else’s problem and disobedient whacking royal prince over the head for self improvements which were amazing has become a mini sub culture. It can be pre-planned too if they wanted. They do say their version of Police officers in the US are after me and I can understand too – I mean one Office will stand in the Middle of Streets doing his job and notice a thousand secretaries that work a thousand bosses in the city centre walk past him – that will be normalcy and then you with your passion for corruption that you clearly have a talent for will walk past him as aspiring to gangs and when he roughs you up you think your own explanation will fly at the Law Court and when it doesn’t you riot, when that does not work you have your own Police Officers recruited and set out to target me not hurting badly enough yet. It seems to them that people can never have enough of them, hence they have got their own officers after me just like that and we are not talking popular culture music to savage my finances and help an evil idiot into my Empire to make money on account I have exposed him to the light, that was when they were playing with me the anus and penis insults.

It is never really clear where the tales that I work with Politicians come from, its only one of those things which measure whether or not I feel that I am exerting myself or not but I am certainly not working with Politicians who are fond of abusing me in sexual context when I am not behaving the way they want and in their interest and really enjoy doing things to me that is filially expensive only to turn out in public and succeed me by mob justice after cutting me off from family life – I have no idea where their tales that I am working with them comes from. It’s obviously the usage Empires and Politicians - Idea made out I simply exist to create markets for them and it’s not clear how far they need to go to show they are out of my league but their vandalism will be settled their way or mine before it stops.

They do say I like to set myself out as a plus for the economy but am actually a real problem and this is something I think they are not ready to discuss because it is not clear how lazy mans profit leads them ranging from shops to the banks to expect me to come round for custom so they can employ trouble makers and blame me for what happens – not clear how I am supposed to go to them for custom if I have no money and not clear how I get the money without a job; it has always been a simple matter of the fact they cannot leave people alone and do what they do to tell me I like to challenge people to a war because they feel they have a tendency to not leave others alone that is untouchable and I will deal with them in such ways as it does not affect other peoples too and for every time it does I will clean it up in case I get beaten up by them it will always mean that they lose. The more serious matters are that the Industry ones and Politicians are very fond of the part where I set up my Book shop and they want to plug products into it to get rich creating this outcome where they are being made to handle their own aptitudes and leave me alone as well i.e. they always get me no matter what I do, since once I am finished with big business they are off to media and its either sexual abuse or child abuse or poverty or freedom or anything but the reason for those problems will always be that they want to get their hands on my earnings – so it’s an old story where women are better at home and men are better out there working for their money which leads to things they do that amount to insolence that must be settled as per what it means and not as per how angry it can make people and if I don’t know what it means I will always ask them or make them talk which is usually the point where they get to show me how tough they are at every end as well. We do hear them say I capitulate before Politicians and if I didn’t I know I would get into trouble but this is why people intrude and dash my fortunes of course, so they can threaten me and make me react them beat me up for trophy wins that get them off the beaten track – it’s nothing new but I don’t do anything I do when I meet people for every time I step outside of my door so Politicians and their society idiots can make use of it, I have told them I have trouble having relationships with members of my family because of it but they continue because they are fucking bastards, bastards making use of it in the most insulting and abusive way they could possibly imagine. It will be embarrassing for them if they sat down and came up with a plan to sell their products while I have all that my stuff going on and they know they can handle me and take it with a big mouth and now they pretend they are ready to discuss the bit where I am such a problem for the economy as well; they always say the bad things in their lives will get them if I prevent them from doing it but that is also the reason their Politicians need to get onto government houses to make out religion is the problem of the world, so that when that part is covered they can do as they please.

They need to express their hatred for everything I do in some way and it is up to the Industries to decide what they wish to do with me and with them in UK plc not up to me – I have always decided I sell Books and people sell products all over while they are there to make connections first and decide what they want to sell later on and I don’t get to solve it for those who want to find ways of making me work without pay; they get involved with an author only if they like his work and wish to buy. They do make out in live in a lazy mans popular culture, media, politics and celebrity culture profit making Country and it isn’t true in the slightest; the truth is that for every profit that fashion idiot and popular culture idiot and media idiot and politician have extracted from my purse by creating problems that get it spent on them they always leave 80% of the work undone half the time because they are clueless and the other half the time because they cannot be bothered and it’s not like I have a history of making them so they can seek protection from the Politicians anyway all that delusion. It was the same delusion with Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown after him and now that stupid Labour Party is in opposition it is getting more violent as well, while the Conservatives think when they do it others will tend to agree with them that they actually can – it has come up because I have been labelled the problem for the economy that is being hailed as the best thing that happened to it and I don’t think they are ready to discuss the matter at all. It’s nothing new – they have always had a need to explore the bubble that exists between them and their prisons, they have always had a need to deploy it to corrupt and destroy peoples children who have a promising future, in order to steal glorious personal life and they like to target me every day as such because they think I am the biggest problem the economy faces? It’s just that we have come to the stage where they will likely tell me racism is my problem and then find me on the side of the racists none of which was my idea anyway, since I for my part have never seen a black racist in my life – where it starts to kick off is that I walk around their city like I am their boss for knowing more than they do and for being introverted, that is where this whole fight began. I have made myself clear about that too and the bit where I am always flustered but like to brag about what I can do to them when I can do nothing if they have power over what I am like when I am resting and therefore want it and to own the spiritualities and temperaments of it and the fight that will brew from it is obviously only collateral damage. I am not a danger to them in anyway; they need to stop wrecking places in which I find it easier to get employment since everybody knows that they will definitely milk it for power and piss me off in the process – after all being their spare resources when they have not planned properly how they are going to pay their bills is actually how I got to walk around their fucking City like I am their boss in the first place.  I mean I can be thinking it’s not worth paying attention to, I can be thinking it’s a matter of how much work I put into what I do but then the abuses and destruction will happen to secure my attention and make me give up to them the latest point of growth and giving this information has not done them any good in a decade so far it’s just that every process of making me give them leave me with an outcome where I do not have the right to feel good.


So there is that question of whether or not rugby players are the right role model that has just made it to National television and it will never be obvious what those kinds of questions are meant to solve anyway or what they are after but if I said peoples connections with Industries is a threat to my health and safety and well being they would say I am a threat to human rights considering how my success exposes them to men that are really powerful who were their friends but are not anymore; since we all know if you frequent travelling to New Zealand and Australia and the Asian Peninsulas and the British Isles you will likely think Rugby Players are the Bees Knees but if you do to Billerica or Marbella and Spanish Resorts, you will likely think Football players are. It is an example of idiots making up their own version of what the world is like with media and violence which always leaves other people unemployed and the Countries that suffer most from it are Australia that is a Western Country for instance but has most of its trading links with Japan and other Eastern Countries like Russia and China and so the Nature of the Country is determined by that, which is much the same with New Zealand and so on but for me I am always on this let me at them mode because everything they do is built on hurting me and extracting an income from my market place and the perks of my Job. So when it comes to it they speak of inequality and why they will never stop hurting me which I don’t mind as the biggest barrier to my Book sales these days is the fact their hurting me gets to me people notice an explanation they give when they handle my possessions which says I am not necessarily happy with the products I have put out and of course that I am afraid at all times, so people are delayed from buying and I cannot get a job done – it will lead to an outcome whereby I will resolve all these matters and then the one question of whether or not their need to hurt me has to come to an end will become the only one left. It has never been an emotive issue I mean for instance an idiot will get stitched up by a really good friend and run her time on the run way for instance and take home 1.5 million pounds but the situation that has never changed will continue to remain i.e. you notice the difference between when you are being lazy and when you are working for your needs and see that for them that condition in which they are lazy is a habit well protected by bitterness and that they exist in that condition 24/7, so that all these things are therefore happen because of their talent for survival and you will continue to blame the health effects on other things until your body shuts down or you die from organ disease; the outcome which is that she will take home a million and a half cashing into my property and the perks of my Job but the particular item concerned with that process by which he has taken the money as a job will have over 95% undone or unfinished – as she and her friends then set about attacking and abusing me as a function of what black people get up to somewhere in Africa and how it affects her exhibitionism of herself; while the fact that 95% of the job still remains undone  is not the only problem I am left with but the fact she also has a serious problem with my Book sales, knowing perfectly that the Books happen to the one thing she can buy to learn how to get a job done for which she has taken home millions already at present because she needs to ensure I cannot make a living so she can handle me like I was an item; so this is how my problem with them develops and they can always ask again if they think Rugby players are a role model.

Now I know the Labour Party in the UK really likes to rob in my face the damage they have done to this Company, they say it gives them power when they address the conservatives and is somewhat amusing; so I say I have no idea what I will do to them yet to ensure they had stopped doing that as well; considering it is not their property and I have never signed a Contract with them that means they can handle it. So this is how it will work i.e. I have not failed to do anything about it up to this point because I simply cannot have enough of getting hurt by them but because there is a better option of making sure I am some kind of a God to them whereby they will be in a place where they wish they had what I have otherwise their humanity will dissipate since it is the only way to ensure when I broker my equities the fact they can buy products does not damage either the equities or the Business all together – otherwise the alternative is to continue to live like this, whereby they wreck everything and attack me for being unemployed then wreck academic work and help their bone headed children to get ahead of me in life basically for trophy purposes and they have not yet worked out what they want to do for their aspirations yet or even for paying their bills, while they have got me in a position supposedly whereby they take away my humanity everyday and deploy it to their own ends pretending the laws applicable does not work on me and so on; so I am giving them just one last opportunity to do it yet again in Parliament or any public places for that matter for my part as well. They do speak of what I cannot do but that is a matter of where their need to insert their culture in people’s lives and decide how the fight is to end at their gain whereby they move into people’s right hand and live there permanently then complain about those who have bullied them instead for it in the past will go when it kicks off – I have made myself clear that I have allowed it become what it has because I am seeking the other option of being some kind of a God to them on one hand and on the other I will giving them one last chance and then it will blow up.

They do say I refuse to do anything about the real issues that are bothering me but I have no idea why they expect me to do something about my Landlord for instance anyway – I am on benefits and don’t want to disturb that until I get a job, so the ones I can pick on is the MPs and it obviously backfired. It’s never been a serious matter, it’s like women are always better working at home and men working outside and they say I like to rant and the reason for it is that each time I am off to work, I am violently pushed back into lazy mode, while their lazy mode is perpetual just like that of their celebrities and wants  the perks of my job to make money with and once they had made the money they can never be wrong but the evil side which when I mention will see them speak of how I court anger and murder in their direction is that the lazy mode for them is permanent and everlasting but when they had made the money it is time to go home and work at home and it has no meaning and no purpose and they are not working on anything, just getting stronger to turn out and persecute moral people financially again whenever they wish and for me it gets to a point where I have to say to them that the books are the only means by which I can secure a savings that will give me time to look into my health and I am giving their Politicians one more opportunity to destroy it and brag in parliament. As for the story of the men, the men are an old story – since Jack Dee gave me two fingers on I have got News for you three days ago, it was me out story at the end of the day but what the guys do is wait for me to set out which one is fashion communities used to laying down empire pipelines on my public life and the perks of my job and which one is industries that is really used to giving them support and exposure and community while they are at it but once I had shut down both, the guys will spend or destroy every single item of growth that comes forth among other areas of issues I deal with on that stupid media and then claim they are trying to find out what I can do about them – so this is what I mean Jack Dee giving me two fingers on I have got News for you indicating it’s me out time. It has never been a crisis – these guys cannot do without criminal violence and the hatred of women plus the fact people’s government offices predisposes them to involvement with the Armed services which then stirs their desire to sharpen their violent bully nature and makes that into a combination of outcomes which means that a Country must burn. They say I wanted to see what a rebel looks like but I find it impossible to locate which part of witchcraft of the guy with secret areas of his house that means he can mess with others and make money that also means moral people are having sex with his wife getting out of hand thereby a Country will burn which I think they speak of because they are bluffing that they fail to understand.


We hear that I have been made to understand what their lives are like but I have no idea if it changes facts or my quality of life like they turn up here to try and do violently either; the reality is that I can sit down and decide I really need to get the Book sales stuff going but once I had started work find myself slip back into lazy mode and then start to rant because the Minister of Parliament and Media are all over it on National Media until they destroyed it. So imagine you existed in that lazy mode permanently and were a violent person too and your parents had to deal with that – so it’s an old story; the bottom line is that I know my challenges are a condition where every educated idiot that plugs cheap products into people’s Nish market and royal estate to make millions and send out sales idiots to attack me because I prevent others from getting excited when they see the yachts, while their American friends say it would be embarrassing for them to work on their markets in order to recover from a recession when they can have mine like candy from a baby and it is so available; so as I said over men in this Country especially I have been getting two fingers from them on TV recently and it will have to come to an end whether or not these idiots with money who want my personal life will always want to employ them and blame he problems they make on me while they will always want an income from the perks of my jobs to blame the problems that black people make on me as well – so it does not matter what my challenges are, they need to clear my space and get off my Book sales and then they can get on Television to give me two fingers while spending everything I do about these two groups of people and threaten me violently all the time with a big mouth or else accept it will end badly and then it will really end. Their insults are obviously good for them, it makes them rich but it does put me on benefits so it is not good for me – they are some of the richest citizens of the world but I am a Royal prince as well and it’s a respect thing. It’s not a crisis as such therefore; the way their own works is that they attend some of the most expensive schools and Universities to get a degree that helps them get jobs and do a business to make money, in my case I am given government security and a space to carry out anything that is required of me by the government, which also encompasses a means to allow me seek out a mode of study and complete a degree to fulfil that role; so the insults obviously make them rich but they are very bad for me and I have no idea how much of the me on benefits they wish to see before they take that on board and do something about it anyway. So it does clear up from time to time and they see traders and business people are meant to do what it says on the tin not try and be me in order to feel free to exhibit themselves and so on but time and again they will be back making trouble for me and it is usually on the advice of their stupid girls who want an income from the perks of my job and so on and like to tell tales of wealthy friends I have stolen because that is where their prejudicial violence is at its best. So we hear some of them are friends with the Royal family but I don’t care if they are for my part anyway; they may say so and when done they go home but what about my home, what about the home of those who as a collective community I am responsible for – are they available to be collected as spare resources, spare ideas, spare markets, does it apply I share such things. I have not said what I have said thus because I believe it will not hurt them in anyway, I have said it because it is supposed to and then they can let me know what their lives are like and show they have the ability to take mine and make me deal with their problems, then sit about pushing it with slight statements on media and economy and politics. We do hear the case of Europeans being my big problem of course which makes no sense; apart from idiots who create violent problems for me so they can show me what their lives are like and get to have mine, it’s the same old story of Russians for instance expecting you to come through for them with certain equities that help them manage matters but it is the opinions of European low lives about a riff raff that the British Royal family has given a Royal Estate that becomes the problem but that said they are still doing the insults that continue to wreck my finances and set me out as riff raff while they complain. I mean we really need to take stock of the opinions them Russian allied Europeans have of me at the end of the day anyway but having said so, nobody asked them and nobody wants to know – their insults is making the riff raff that is obviously not their mate, if they will not stop it then they have to live with it. I mean when we do take stock at the end of the day it’s like the Greeks are the ones with an economy in which the naturally endowed element is so small, so they have to work for everything and it is a Tourism based economy too – so they are like these champion frivolity people where they play your frivolity my frivolity let’s see who is more clever at the bottom line thing – the next in line is supposed to be Turkey where they have a very clearly set out circular society and a large Muslim Community, the frivolity that gets to a point and then break out into wrestling competitions and popular culture and lots of beach life I mean – so it rather hard working out where exactly these Russian allied goons are supposed to have fit in except the bit where they make trouble and we have to except it’s a big world and people are allowed to move around.  I rarely mention it because the Germans and the French are very irresponsible – I mean small Countries like Greece are supposed to have made up the societies that have small businesses which handle the sense that the promise of capitalism was that wealth always gets round in the end no matter how long it takes but the Germans and the French and Spanish are more interested in their version of competition meaning handling people’s property for the sake of the promise of capitalism that exists in their Country and that is why they like to make out that they run EU which they don’t as we can all see if they did there would be none of these problems. The French are the top notch on the matter i.e. imagine that we thought in the UK for instance that our growth needs meant that Scotland which is where our sense of progressive economic growth as a Country really gets measured pound for pound was more important than other small European Countries while we are still part of the EU – then imagine that we did it to a state where we ended up with a socialist President and were selling Warships to the Russians, it would be obvious then that we would have qualified as French and its same with the Spanish who have only done their own to a point where they have destroyed their property based economy all together but only the Germans stand out and they always say their view of deficits is extreme and that it is what saves them, so we all hope it does too. Here in the UK the same mind set goons are the ones doing Scottish independence and it is the same degree of insolence too – Scotland wants to be independent they say which is a lie; cherry picking my stuff and making out that kid will never deal with an event when they can change their stories and manifesto to ensure they win at all cost and make out it is freedom – like when we speak of statutory adequacy to provide for what we think means people had better talked straight when they started to mention something about the constitution which we always believe is sometimes better unwritten; so now they are picking my pros and picking my cons as well and getting frustrated and violent about it and its nice when they get caught but then again they do tell me they will cherry pick that too and I am wondering if they suppose that is a game I will not enjoy as well. It is possible for us in the UK to prosecute and jail people for doing the damage to the economy but I don’t think it will work – we do not have a history of making a lot of noise about our growth systems and hence everybody can go into the law Court to tell us they have never heard of it but the Americans always have so they can prosecute and jail, rather amazingly the biggest trouble makers live there and they are the ones that have turned up here to teach the British the trick of the trade – we like to think the stock market is an orderly place but it isn’t – it is a classified kiosk where people can do whatever they like – all they have to do is rent their space and turn up to trade; what the government can do however is set out rules which ensure when trading reaches a certain amount an ombudsman intervenes and ensures they don’t take decisions for the Country and then people will trade according to the size of their Brains. So there is that part where I never pay attention to how the Labour party is the party of vandalism and destruction of everything they don’t get to share but it is not actually the case; what I do with them involves a process of abuses around making me lose something to somebody else which is getting every more life threatening and violent and because it is impossible to rely on them for anything even a process where they shelve such behaviour when the problem really does not exist, I have to exist in a condition where I look like I am losing something but clinging on all the time so I can lose or share it somewhere in hell too – the destruction itself will soon become a market opportunity in its own right. All is well, only a parliament that continues to ensure people have me over a barrel financially; so I am only interested in my own business too and they can continue to fund the needs of these fools to see what will become of it as well. We do have to endure those tales that the British like to interfere with people’s concerns and fix problems that is none of their business but it is not what the vandalism and interference suggests either – what that means is that you may have spent millions developing a product that will cost hundreds of thousands a piece, they are here to steal blueprints or handle your aptitudes in order to do their own but the whites always follow it on with tales of those who speak of things they have never had or places they have never been or experienced, the rest like the Africans for instance want to make their own on grounds of wealth equality and freedom and so it becomes such an elaborate and violent commotion on the basis of which you have no right to feel good on account they are keeping you out of places where those plans are being worked for their own share. They say it’s a matter of power and the black Americans that are looking after me but that is supposed to have been the American ones too and if I see their popular culture pipelines around my Royal Estate they will feel me again. We hear them speak of religion of course and they were foolish people to begin with but have twisted their minds into such a state that they cannot be reasoned with and when you don’t want it done get to do it anyway – some even claim they are descendants of Jews and the true heirs of the Kingdom of God and so on and they think nobody was going to imagine their next popular culture preoccupation of insolence and abuse would be a Royal Estate in Europe that exists in a condition in which they can mess with. It’s never been an issue either – it’s just the other side of the tentacle whereby people want me to be responsible for the problems around them the ones people who have the same skin colour as me make of which is inescapable but when that means I cannot sell my books and they now have to behave with me in ways that indicate they must act in a certain way to avoid a process where the problems bother them again, then we end up with threats and insults and how they will get their own racism as well and it is on such basis that I will have to take this matter a lot more seriously too because I am a Government operative while they are educated idiots piling things high to sell them cheap and they do need to establish their position and get comfortable with it and stay away from me or I will do it for them; speaking of which those families and communities that are loyal to me are not their spare resources and spare markets when they have not worked out how to pay their bills the way they would have liked to; it’s the same old story – celebrities, fashion idiots, media etc, they have plugged their stupidities into my public work and now I have checked the bit where they have taken the money and 80% to 95% of the work remains undone and now I must ask questions and gather facts and resolve those issues – it is basically a process of recovering a public office from the idiots that have gone and handled it but for the industries, they have done their University and gained their qualifications and are off to work for companies but they must use my personality to do it and that is why I can never feel good because they are making me react to ensure they are getting the true personality that is me and this is what I mean they have to establish their position of educated idiots selling things to make money or I will do it for them for both our sakes and then they can do their own racism that will determine how I behave towards them after that as well i.e. they do say I give off my precious personality every day, so I can get off blaming others for making it their own on media and they need to get comfortable with their position really soon for it or I am going to do it for them. We all know these are some of the root causes of my problems, created from people making up their own versions of reality on the basis of the number of people that have heard me say what I have said which means they return with violence to ensure it becomes theirs, speaking of nudging me out the door and taking up my privacy as their own which is why they assume this racism bit will not lead to trouble all together and that I get to respect what they have done with it but as far as I am concerned, things such as my social network profile follows will only sky rocket when people know they are traders and I am a statesman and there is nothing, nothing whatsoever putting that into doubt.

I understand it is said most of my discontent is actually directed at those who like me right down to my looks but that has never really been a problem as such; the reality is that this is business and when I am done with it will return to the Royals and take my place and will have little time to tolerate peoples racism or violent prejudices – most of the little problems we get into is because people indicate they are going to mess with it the same way they do see me mess with their homes and families as it were. So the bottom line is that the Middle and Lower classes have some money and will spend it on a problem they have got and I am making my way in the world earning some of it. It’s not fanaticisms I am worried about its just how many Books people buy when they get involved with an author that is me; reality is when people buy books before they get involved, not when they get involved and get on media – it is hurtful and perverted. Of course I am aware of the story it is all my fault but that was only after people spent a decade and a half of my time way laying me and handling my aptitudes to get into market and ensure by the time I am ready to trade I will be selling my heart to them for the fun of it and so on - so this is just me running a business, it can become a problem when we hear them yap where big businesses have built communities - that is usually where it really matters. It’s not my fault in anyway – even now we still have trouble getting them off my Books, talking rubbish about speaking of where I have never been and what I have never had or seen and when done with the clubbing and partying and so on turn up for it all the time – utterly useless and pointless and you have to put up with it every day without realising it is killing you until your body eventually shuts down. I don’t believe it is a crisis either – it’s just that the problems will end when it is clear I work for the Government and they have nothing to do with it – my social networking  profile will run as normal when that is obvious and so will my book sales but it has to be set out for them in any case that their way of dealing with my books is perverted and hurtful and that the right way is to buy and read it then decide they like it enough to get involved otherwise they can find big business and stand around their communities talking nonsense where it really matters too to find out what will be the result of that – I am aware of talk of what I can back up and am aware of it all the time but it is a matter of whether this is their realm and they can get around dominating people like that. Now I see what the value of my work really is but it’s a matter of how long the feeling will last now: and that depends on making sure the guys don’t get to threaten me anymore – no more involvement, no more abuses, no more touching, no more miserable and as it continues now that I am very clear what I want from them it will end really badly and then it will end.