The issue of population proportions in the UK has never been an emotive one as more and more people more so tend to wish to get into the groove of discussing the size of the Muslim population in the UK. The reality about population distribution has always been that whites were the largest and Indians and South Asians were the runners up and because a large number of South Asians were Muslims anyway, the Muslim population was larger than the black population. This game of seeing how large the black population in the UK can get is something of a game the Labour party feels is worth playing, they make it up from claims they make of how they keep their little ideas for getting rich and famous with other people’s lives and income in their culture which is now being taken over by immigrants they have advised their MPs to rush through the Country so they can have things they believe they are entitled to and can also have on account they are bullies. They did not think of everything you see but then again other peoples time ought to be used in such ways as well.

Then we hear those tales of questions about what my problem with black people seems to be but without the part where stupid people have secret places where they get government funds to support themselves so that when getting a job is low down on their priority and being able to wreck people’s lives is high up there, they can support themselves and tell tall tales while they are at it until they reach a stage where they think that it is funny or their lifestyles has been changed to a point where they are their victims and their victims have become them, which they do not realise people tolerate not because they cannot feel hatred and violence towards stupid people who get involved in their affairs and impose themselves on people but because they try to live in a tolerant society, so my main concern has never been the size of the Population but the need to set out that despite these complains of my actions I have not yet drawn clear lines and set out clear consequences that will follow any more actions and acts of destruction levied at me by these people especially their women; so where I will likely start is the stage at which I rip up those structures that help them get money from the government in order that they might have time for these things and when that also allows me to make sense of what it cost them to travel to the UK and to settle in it they will certainly come round for that fight so we can find out as well. For now it seems the government is on it and the story they tell is that unemployment benefits is the problem when it really isn’t – I say cuts, cuts, and more cuts should be the order of the day until we have the correct size of government not a broadcast of these facts so we have to get off to find out from civil service idiots what making the state smaller actually means. So I guess that also kills off the myth that suggests I do not support cuts but then again support it and am therefore completely powerless. There is nothing funny about a group of people that have nothing in their minds but the need to turn up on your right hand and lay out a popular culture empire with your earnings to crush your life and job, lend you agony and help them to think their activities are funny and their expression of hatred for the Police is ideal – it may have happened in the past whoever told them that was their freedom anyway but it will never ever happen here and these are the reasons I give these facts out – they can call it seeing things in black and white all they like but there isn’t a compromise to be negotiated between me and them, it is not happening and never will. The upside is the same old story if allowed i.e. lots of popular culture than we could ever need and the down side is an inability to live in a normal country because a state of affairs is created by them to spend their income and property on themselves into your life which means that 60% of your time is spent on it when you should spend 90% of your time thinking about the job you created for yourself or somebody paid you to do for them and I will not live like I live in fear of them, we have already been through the part where you consider yourself responsible for getting hurt by them on account you exposed yourself – nobody exposes themselves to these idiots, they find their way into your life to do these things and clear consequences must follow them or it will never stop.

The part about their Politicians speaking of a cost of living crisis is all very well but the bloody idiots were in office when the recession took hold and what they did was bail out banks when they knew what happens in a recession is that you have increasing ambitions on account of what you now have as a benefit of hindsight but by the time you put out the best product in the world out there your costs had gone through the roof and way through it as well – hence there was always going to be inferior goods and a high demand for them and the job of the government was to either protect those goods and ensure they are up to standard or leave alone those who were bloody doing a job they and their followers were too stupid to know or do. I mean I am a perfect example of individuals that work with others in a company and cannot bring themselves to more than 80% of trust for their partners which means they always definitely put something away for a rainy day and that means they are likely to view a recession as an opportunity to make a low level profit here and there instead of standstill and that is how they create quick one with a bargain attached here and there as well, these have been the people who have actually been hardest hit by the effects of the stupidities of idiots whose Politicians borrowed the Country into debt to ensure other parties had to come in and become unpopular by paying it off in order to endear themselves to the populous and secure a perpetual access to power. Hence cost of living crisis from that angle might not sound like a process of winding you up but it does anyway because it simply becomes another big fucking responsibility as we know the UK economy is about the big shops we attend and the small industries that put goods in them for us to purchase. As I said I have no idea what makes them think everybody goes along with that idea when they wreck people’s lives it is about their freedoms anyway.

The part where I have set out the sense that the old way of doing things is the right way of doing this has been boiling behind their activities for some time now, the reality is that the idiots play games all the time whenever there is that secret place they can go to get government funds to support themselves while they are at it; the reality is that they took out my own time to create a row of people in front of me who have had jobs before and are therefore likely to get jobs again relegating me to the point of the guys with gaps in their CVs because they want to steal my life and become me; such fun and these tales they tell are largely designed to ensure they can get up every day and give me the worst possible day imaginable about which I have had enough of them especially the blacks but they do not seem to understand yet so far.

In terms of their Politicians the story is always that of how right they were about Europe and the need to prove that and make sure they were never wrong but I never took all my time and space to do anything with Europeans who made it clear they wanted a spot at the Intellectual space empire and it took me years to sort out a position for each of them and I have actually worked out everything within a period of 7 years which considering the scale of the task was no time spent at all in actual fact. The reality being that there were two groups of people i.e. the normal people who were just rich and would make a wrong company for poor people if they lost their money and the secret society ones who create little problems for themselves in order to push themselves into making more money, hence the public aspect of my Royal Order that does not involve the Armed forces in an official way although it is still the job of the Queen and she can deploy protection for it at will in a general sense, however now we know which ones are the junior trouble maker shareholders with stupid children and an eye for drugs and gangs and crime and those who hate the church can really hate it now and talk even more nonsense about immigrants that steal their jobs because they chase the fame and fortune so hard they forget who they are and expect favours when they blame others later on and I have to face that story they tell of their ability to steal my career which they have not got concerning which what they think they wish to see they can carry on as they are and certainly will as well along with those stupid girls and that stupid media.

 Now we hear them speak of how immigration and concerns about it was actually raised not by whites but by blacks and Asians in their constituencies. The reality of what they are talking about of which cannot be extricated but I do guess what they mean is that the insults of their women that is designed to wreck people’s lives and make out it is funny which makes you wonder what wealth that creates and whom they are complaining a cost of living crisis to anyway, have been able to prevent immigrants from coming into the country to share the areas of culture where they safe keep their means to fame and fortune. Otherwise the reality is that the call out fee for fridge repairs will cost as much as a new fridge and so you have to recycle your fridge instead but because you have Roma and Gypsies who steal from and vandalise these recyclable goods in search of precious metals, it means they are undercutting the economy of which time and demand and supply will not determine how far that goes but whether or not they become more British than the British who will then find ways to lower call out fees for engineers in order to ensure they do not recycle old fridges and washing machines will determine it instead. So I would like to have known what they specifically meant especially so for the blacks. Point being that they have continued to be the provocative people and Political party that have continued to use immigration as a Political tool by which to bring people from overseas to vote for them and process them from the processing centre to a home that is more comfortable than one I can afford with my low wages they have wrecked my life to place me on getting involved with me even when they can see what damage their stupidities do and forcing themselves on me because they think it is power, right through to a job in order to ensure they are able to preserve themselves and wake up in the morning to worry about nothing but how to get to their jobs which is how it should be for me; then claim that it is a process of using them to do my stuff for me when I refuse to do what they want and more so as it implies I can be beaten up by them as well. That big mouth knows no limits of course since the last time we checked it was a case of travels to developing economies to ensure they are able to do our stuff when we do not co-operate and the outcome were the blogs I write on my websites that they have not yet worked out it seems is a process of doing their stuff for them as well – what we hear is noise making about violence until I do get hold of them and wring their own out of them too. It all started from something about political instability that Germans like to speak around and so when you broker Equities with a German Company some goons will think it is okay to deploy British identity to make things which will show you how to run with the big boys and have no respect for anybody; and then the government there will tell you to stop playing games bearing in mind history and so you have to take responsibility for matters but these idiots and their insolent socialism do the same insults as well so they have continued to think it would be better if I were overwhelmed, so much for it now as well anyway. Now all we have left are the perceptions and those are designed to ensure when you hear the thing about how doing your stuff for you will happen and of course it is combined with damages done to your finances that people think I ought to work out is something normal people would do yap, yap, yap, then what you were about to say or do falls apart and idiots continue to win elections and we continue to have to live in a tolerant society to put up with them as that is what the tolerance was meant for in the first place. So this is the one about going overseas to bring people that will do my stuff for me and they do need to get off my book sales as that is where it will blow up in their face.

They would rather say it is about breaking the cycle of people leading without being chosen by the population of course but everybody knows that is a matter of the fact they have already tasted how they get chosen and now want your version of how you get chosen and we hear that rubbish all the time of how they will start a fight with me and reach the Monarchy – so much for it now and we are not talking about Buckingham Palace being London tourist attraction yet, for that part they think they have to protect it as a tourist attraction when others have jobs attached to the fact it is a monument of state as well looking for trouble playing games. Hence it’s nothing new, only the case of when you need to work out what is happening in mind of that guy that will happily stick a knife through your chest for having a job he should have had first before you are allowed to have a go this is the prognosis, the Political version. However if they do not move off my book sales I will create them rows of people who have had jobs before and likely to get jobs as well while they are left relegated to the part where people have gaps on their CVs and it can only get worse from thereon as well. The rest of tales about what I hate about the UK would be the one where everything people do as a form of complains or problems I have to look into is some aspect of me they wish to bastardise no idea why anybody would anyway with that big mouth – always some plan after another like you are some kind of item. Now you know what dealing with the big boys is like, they think of what they are entitled, handle your possessions and when you ask them have handed it to somebody else on a daily basis as there is nothing you can do until they spend it on themselves and they want to make out my company is actually an act of violence because they think it will prevent the books getting sold.

The big boys in Europe, the big boys in Africa, the big boys in the US, the big fucking boys everywhere and then we hear them say I have spent time working it all out; the first occasion was that of turning up in restaurants in the Cities with phones on their ears 24/7 suggesting they are doing business which is then concerned with a need for those who promised them and whose company promised them the place to get rich behaved in order to fulfil their promise – that didn’t end well, all those drugs and all those gangs and the trophies on a website with a timeline attached. So this must be stage two then, the new challenge with socialist idiots getting around talking nonsense about those who rule without being elected.  Their case is that I am now unable to play the power game I wanted so much of but we all know the reality is always a bit different from the stories they tell which is rather that there are no such power games here, only a case of goons who think they are in a position from which they can take advantage of people and that they are very ambitious and others are very vulnerable – it is as I said, the Political side of them that shows here with respect to characters that will be happy to stick a knife in your chest for having a job they should have had first so you don’t provoke them idea by beating their record and dislodging them from a point where they got attention or indeed getting attention they have not used up first, hence getting a job they did not get first before they left for you. People simply seem to feel that I should tolerate them and I have no idea which part of them I am meant to tolerate anyway and that is because nobody cares among those that do, what they have done to my books and my book sales anyway and the reasons for this is that I am a Christian which they will claim such a reason I have made up but we all know that the reasons for a journalist to get on media to tell me he wants my en entire life and work to end up somewhere for him to deploy to make money which led to a message from me in a pragmatic way that tells him to get lost resulting in revenge that ensured my work ended up at the hands of extremists so that when I get it back my life can get into danger and they can manipulate that to force me and get anything they want anyway – this happened because I am a Christian, the rest is their problem. So I wonder if it is their city identities that people want me to tolerate as well so that I can have crimes of passion in my back. There is no such thing as either my actions being less Christian and more of the world, I thought they never get fed up as well and all I can do is build a big church they can go into to have sex and take a piss otherwise I had better co-operated with their demands, they have clearly met somebody that is willing to enforce his Christian state of affairs apparently clearly of which if he did not want to at first they would have forced him to anyway nor is there any such thing as what I say being a limitation and not progress; when we all know they get all over the streets of this country talking rubbish and spreading all kinds of nonsense about building me a reputation that has nothing to do with me claiming it is competition and I take attention away from people, it has now constituted a barrier to employment because they are so keen to ensure the reputation they build for me takes over the ones that is the real me and with that stupid media too and I therefore have my own good reason to do something about it too so we can find out what they are really competing for of which the blacks have no shame as they do it and complain about racism at the same time – the stupid shady fame and fortune idiots that take advantage of women to get attention and be rich and famous.  It’s never really been a major issue especially when they claim I bring these things on myself by trying to get around with people who want nothing to do with me whereas the truth is that when the Christian is not interested in somebody’s Bentley then the person is to ensure the whole world figures out what has gone wrong with the guy who thinks he is far better off on foot than in a Bentley and the outcome is always that the Bentley is made into something that is more important than God, hence their friends who sell Bentleys will thereafter sell it in no other way and so owing to that idea that they are convinced they can get into a relationship with anybody and get sex out of anybody which means they get a bit anyway no matter how much you would not have wanted it, this is as much of them as you can stand. The female ones must have completely wrecked everything around you to get to important positions and the males ones are now after you because whatever should be done to the female ones for their bad behaviour is theirs to do and not yours and they will rip up anything you have left to do that. So such stories as having set up an idea that the old way of doing things is the right way of doing them and then deluded myself with the idea I have built a company which in actual fact other companies actually want to rip apart and collect to get rich with to a point where they are digging into my personality and aptitudes concerned with my family life and also my career and will not take no or a warning for an answer before they complain is something of the worst day imaginable that they create for me on a daily basis; hence there is actually nothing out there which says that when they do it a certain result will be a consequence of doing it which is why especially the famous ones think they are awesome women and can do it all the time if they wanted. Everybody knows if you think you cannot afford to have sex with a particular woman you are not going to go off having sex with her but if they are desperate they will make you pay for the sex as though you had it with them anyway and if they want to do one better you will pay without getting the sex on account they have media and its games like that; so everybody knows that homosexual communities with a club life and a decadence is not something you want around your Christian livelihood unless they decide otherwise that is of which nobody knows what they are complaining about and why they feel they must have it in peace around my earnings as well, everybody knows that stupid women with a taste for the high life on the left who likes to get it paid for at random especially the blacks are things you don’t want to see anywhere near your business of which the profit margins depend on the patents that the books are secured with but it is the only place they will rather get good feeling from and since they share skin colour with me can play big boys and big girls with anything they get their hands on, everybody knows that those men that like to play dodgy idiots who love to take advantage of women to be rich and famous are things you cannot get involved with if you wish to write books and trade them successfully but they would not be anywhere else in the entire world – like I have set out the old ways of doing things as the right way to do them and thought it is a company built to earn a living with and it is 7.00am and will happen again the day after that too. This company has nothing in common with anybody or any other company or any Politics or any Parliament only me and this message will always be drowned out by creating the idea the old way of doing things is the right way thinking I have built a company at the end; I mean how on earth do you clear that up for the customer that actually asks you a question about it?

So what is in there in my world besides work and money? Is a question that is easily answered by the fact that it is impossible to communicate with these girls and women around whom I can never be a happy person because I fancy women that are older than I am and they cannot be reasoned with hence in order to be happy and content with myself I have to find a way to get them going. I hear them blab all the time especially the blacks about how it is important to wreck my finances and get me stuck somewhere so they can have a relationship with me and become bread winners and then ensure I rebuild the sense that fame and fortune for them is possible but the problems we face today is largely a matter of how I walk down the streets and they take a bit which gives me this temper I cannot control. So now what they are saying is that they would do these things and round me up like an animal and cause me even more distress and suffering over a period of years and end me up in their bedroom; but of course they would come out of that relationship alive too. The excuse is that this is how other businesses feel about the way I treat them but of course the reality is rather that this is not their own lives and if their businesses have ended up here, what they must do is take it with them and move out. I had an obligation to provide for my allies who were wealthy and when done provide for employees and I am now at the employees project and they were not part of the deal – yes it was worth tolerating all along since nobody likes a war but the fact has been clear they are quite a piece of work. They do ask how I know which ones are my allies anyway when they tell their tall tales that are supposed to sow as much distrust as they can manipulate between me and the Monarchy for their own ends but of course the part where my company is mine and has nothing to do with anybody or anything or any politics or any company is not good enough so let’s proceed with details; the part where those who earn their millions really have not got space left in their heads for things that can be done to get the government to spend money on crime, so first of all making them behave otherwise is looking for trouble around here and of course if they behave otherwise it will set a precedent as well so those who start the disputes are looking for trouble too; all very well with the civil rights and they shooting off of some strange stories about justice and equality and wealth distribution but they are getting rich and will make money in no other way by deploying other peoples morals while making sure they themselves are not moral because they need the power and the energy – hence people can get rich in such ways but it is no way to get anywhere near my affairs hence I am not interested in them in anyway. Of course the natural thing is that I will never be a happy person if the situation stays as it is that they can get involved with me or force themselves on me like they do all the time presently, so if I am that way already, what I will do is pick up a responsibility to their great benefit and we are not talking about the ones that make up ideas I have on media which then implies that I have been forced to carry them out with that big mouth, those are simply meant to be confrontational and to allow them get around corridors of International community looking for violent aid recipients they can beat me up with apparently, otherwise the story they love most on the matter is that I am not good around young people. Nobody knows still how on earth they expected an Arch Prince to get off serving the Church and the state to do things their way on account they have media and money when his concern lies mostly with the needs of the general population and what he does with rich people are only concerned with clear cut allies. However if the matter does move onto provocation again then what I will do is take up their communities again and the societies too and deploy it to make people comfortable because there is really no point working twice as hard while half of it is wasted so people can feel they have power over you and a quarter is spent to support them while the other quarter is spent to make you work harder – so this is why the mention of feminism and matters concerning the supporting of women leads right onto democratic accountability; which of course I feel they cannot crack me with it and would love to boast about that to anybody that listens, never mind the fact there isn’t any of them that can actually steal my career as well, because of course we all know what they do is save their money somewhere and turn up on media to force these things on others, never clear which part of the fact they are not part of the deal around here and if their business is here in anyway all it is here for is to make the message clear that this is not their lives and they need to take it and move out. All these is never a matter of me fitting into anything, it is a matter of me ceasing to throw up a tantrum whenever there are people that are willing to aid me, it’s simply a matter of turning a new leaf and not racking myself to be accountable to them in anyway, so if they want to they can push it again. I am comfortable with those problems they have which they want to profit from and all that media nonsense except I want it off my earnings.

Now the story of their endless media dissention will never actually pay off – the most crucial of them being that rebel thing they like to do about relations between American and British Governments and how what happens between the two must eventually apply with respect to which part is my fault and then they will pick up a media point and run with it with the intent that both governments lose authority and control of it; it does not matter in anyway, all that they need to know and everybody else does is that British/American relations is not based on suspicion and if they wind me up I will kick them again. They would say of course it is a matter of making me feel how I make them feel when they fight for security and I turn up and take it all apart but of course they can always not insult me and abuse me and threaten me with it if they want to keep it as it were otherwise accept I will take it apart so I can kill them especially the feminists who seem to have a determined problem with my personal finances for no reason except that they want my home with a big mouth and the implication is as they have always said the need to fuck a man like me with a dildo – it is something I will not put to the test as well as it were especially for the black ones. They speak of this stuff about the destruction of world power economies of course I can understand but their idea of the destruction of world power economies has something to do with developing economies as well – I mean I do not necessarily disagree with the idea of the destruction of world power economies since I do not believe that people have a right to build up a life of perception and then believe they can always with it handle your income whenever they wish and do whatever they like with it because they can get rich and get away with anything before due process of law catches up with them if at all you have the means to pursue that course of action, which of course is the point at which they tell me that I am doing rebel stuff, which of course I am, they will never be free of me and those insults that mean I that I know more than they do not because I am their leader but because I know more in order to have enough as needed to serve them with – so that when I say rebels are rebels because they are evil a process where they say rebels are rebels because they want freedom costs me my earnings and it turns out I am putting up with all that distress and suffering on account people think they are ugly and I am meant to change that for them, stupidities like those of course is a general norm for them and it is what I will put to the test as well; the blacks at this stage have already begun claiming my actions are the greatest betrayal that black people have ever suffered but while they do that and speak of slavery and a history of it they claim and make out and turn up to enforce the idea I am a weak person trying to lead the strong and that I am their great servant who knows enough to serve them and not their leader and so with these insults going on while they complain absolute racism it is rather difficult to work out which one is the racism anyway and very testing indeed but they never cease to turn up in public to talk their nonsense as usual as it were. The general matter here is simply that a certain level of privilege must be accorded to those who hold position of leadership and of course they speak of the breaking down of world power economies which is the point that explains it best i.e. those who operate government must be able to sit down with each other and speak of matters concerning their Countries without interference and these things were supposed to come naturally, I am enforcing it around me the only way I know how because they are forcing me to and if they wind me up again I will kick them again especially the Americans i.e. relations between British and American Governments is not based on suspicion. It is the pain and suffering and distress inflicted on me the person who would still have wealth distribution to give even when people have conspired to wreck his life and place him on government security benefits while he serves the Country and the financial tap of his Royal Estate is turned off on account idiots in the general public are evil people and have ambitions for self advancement; they are especially the blacks, going down the route where they will tell stories and I am certain they will have an abundance of it to tell as well. Apparently I have no rights and their bad things done can be good sometimes; where it will end is the point where the bad things I do is good all the time as it were. When finished I will leave it for a murderer to manipulate as well; I have no idea how many times I really need to issue the warning anyway – however they can continue if they want. Then there are the Chinese who do not seem to have worked out the only thing they own which they have not taken from others because they think people do not have time to chase it up is the fact they have a vast country where they can chose a few to produce goods and services and become rich and think and nimble in the Global economy Market with little inhibitions to the extent of their investment which will later on be deployed as a means of general communist enrichment of the population of the Country; usually with an absolute assumption the owners of those Intellectual Property and Market Equity will not chase it up at all which thus has given them the false sense it is the safest imaginable premise to base the security of a Country on since the owners are not individuals and will clearly not be small and nimble and obtain through their actions an unlimited flexibility and access in the global markets by making them pay for it endlessly - these are the kinds of nonsense you endure at the end of which it turns out the reasons were that people think they are ugly of which it is never clear which part of these activities disputes that anyway but it has wrecked your life so they can be something else and there will be enough Politics to protect it too looking for trouble.