The game plan with republicans and Nationalists is what it is said I never get to discuss; the fact and reality about that of course remaining that there is nothing to discuss about it as such; these guys always want a new country when they feel they are unable to dominate and control others and this is how their need for a new country has something to do with me as well and the end product is a game of bringing up something to say about such matters while getting off on media to build false confidence that means they can move into my person, my right hand and my public work and do whatever they like with it and I am not meant to do anything about that because they can take me, they can take me of course on account they are never really here to prove that since they have got media instead and then we hear the stories all the time about how I have no fear for others on account I have bent them into a condition whereby I don’t have to but with the above state of affairs continuing it is a matter of what happens when they start.

This is the Political side of the matter, the spiritual one is that they are basically trying to kill me in my view i.e. they are twisted and wicked and evil people and do all they do because they have this particular wickedness that is about living inside of others where they can do great evils and get rich and so it starts with their stupid wives who will then turn out in public to enlist certain Politicians to get certain people trapped by them so they can share the load their foolish wives have to carry and then after that it is about a new country and about what others do not tend to fear. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter as such because I know I have built a live that enables me to live inside their culture to select which ones I like best to sell cheaply alongside security matters with my books and so we have an understanding that they wish to live inside me and that I wish to live inside of their culture and this matter will never go away but of course it is the Politicians that get into government work to spend tax payer funds on popular culture idiots – of course I try thereof to ensure I send a clear statement about what it has or does not have to do with me knowing what will be the result and that result has already happened i.e. I am the one that did not get a cheque book from the government, I am the one that is inferior to them, I am the one who owns things they can do with as they please, I am the one that must give them things they want from me without asking because doing so will make them inferior to me etc, etc and it is never ever enough. So this is how it works that they serve businesses and Politicians turn up to wreck my finances and help them to public funds in order to pretend nobody has noticed that has happened and that nobody will be offended by the incessant abuses that follow thus. So we are here discussing it because the warning I will no longer put up with Politicians and their parliament and civil rights idiots getting after my book sales have not been heeded. The fact of the matter is that they are deluded thinking everybody is comfortable with the idea they have been able to settle down in the UK and regard it as their own country; especially the black ones who know that you are marked out because people think you will be vulnerable enough to be abused until you lose all you have and need to do distressing things for society that they think making you do or putting on you enriches their lives and may even do so financially but will turn out to wreck everything and trap you in it sharing the power with the Politicians which is why the Politicians deploy public position to comply with such nonsense – claiming it is racism and which thereby offers them the means to be able to put your valuables outside the spheres of the law which is what their wickedness is all about and exact total and systematic destruction of it on grounds of their envy and that big mouth, then we hear the stories on media all the time as well because they can take you.

The homosexuals make mention of their story like they want to hear what I think about it all over the time and of course I never wish to get off my Church and discuss their homosexuality but it seems to be just like having sex in the anus, that the incentive of making me do so outweighs the risks of letting me be in their minds. So has not yet blown up in their faces the fact Christians think of homosexuals are twisted evil people and that there are real world facts to prove that i.e. people would not be chasing your anus claiming it is about cracking you which will then offer a disposition that means you are scared of them so they can tempt and measure you every second of their time if homosexuals were not having sex and making open shows of it in public – I mean you never see women talk about how child birth was one of the experiences where pain and love and succour came together to help them bind their families tighter together even though such things would have been more relevant, what we have is being pushed off your church by Westminster orchestrated unemployment so that you can be forced to discuss homosexuality in a condition where homosexuals are good people which is therefore the reason their very existence creates an atmosphere where people always want to see Christians unemployed and in suffering all over the world. I don’t want any rubbish from them and there is nothing for us to discuss and they know it and one more occasion I am forced off my Church to defile my mind discussing their homosexuality and we will get to the bottom of it as well. In their case I am not saying I am innocent either; it has always been important to them to having their homosexual sex which is painful but they will not stop having one anyway by drawing succour from the Christian who does not want them to draw any such succour from him which of course they now think is making them violent too with that big mouth; so I did long ago set up a structure to ensure they are using their own succour to have their anal sex so we can find out how many of them were born gay – those stupid insults, it is the same system that has now been channelled towards the pornography industry since last Politicians spent public funds on popular culture knowing the downside of their way of life is people ending up in the sex industry. The only reason homosexuals exist in this world is to ensure that all that is natural is pervaded and the only purpose of that is to ensure a stupid girl with a bad attitude can turn up at your door at any point in time and leave with something especially money and no matter how much it hurts there is no way that you can ever stop giving, no matter how many of her friends she brings along there is no way you can stop suffering – unless we are going discuss it and how they can keep their homosexual lifestyle away from me I seriously suggest this should spell an end to being forced to discuss it or there will be a more serious result from every such action they continue to take with those stupid insults they are really good at. I don’t want to know if homosexuals have sex and I don’t want to know why they are homosexuals or indeed why they have sex; nobody tells me what to do and no body controls me, with respect to which I will be an old man before I am allowed to finish my academic work by the Politicians unless I am controlled with that big mouth and there will be serious results from that too because we never see them control their stupid binging children, only those who have the kind of success that is an affront to what desires they wish to invent for themselves yet and what I have done so far is not yet a warning sign so they are still after my book sales anyway.

Then we hear talk of how I speak that way but support the film and acting industry but of course I am not the only one here that knows the biggest source of support for my livelihood are women who wish to chase one venture or another in a partnership of some kind; so they have got their own but it is not enough and my warning about the vandalism of Politicians and insults of civil rights idiots reminding me I am  a sexist so we can find out when I am finished with those insolent women that support them as well which would really help my cause towards sustaining myself financially has not yet paid off. Of course if they do the acting industry I will have their Hyde as well for my part. It is the same old story of their inability to do things for themselves that I used to do for myself and for others when I was 16 and now grown up their case requires a new country on account they do not wish to acknowledge I am better than them and asking me as well will make them inferior; of course it continues like that and everybody knows I am black ad if they get anything they want out of me it will never be over since we do have racism in this society and such behaviour is vey inconsiderate. Of course they might say most of their actions are racist and I have always thought they will never harm me with racism but it is not their usual racism, lets see the usual one.

It’s the same old story about how I speak everything that comes to me and have nothing left to fight with whereas I have simply come to a state where I have decided the education is over and if they have the social evil and world evils they can bring it on. You tell the Politicians that spend tax payer funds of Popular culture idiots and then tell you that you are unaware of the reasons you are bullied by racism that you will no longer tolerate their vandalism of your finances and the result is that a day after you are talking about revolution and republic – so it continues like it always does; we are the ones that got cheque book from the Government and you are the one that is inferior because you did not and so we are the ones that can do anything we like with you because if we ask you for what you own in order to get it that would make us inferior and so on – so lets see the real racism then. As for the civil rights idiots; the two issues are their attitude and the fact they cannot even chase up laws they discuss with Politicians and make them happen but that would not have been the only occasion of course, they are after my book sales as well. Of course it is a very familiar rhetoric that I don’t know what the main issues are but that will be a case of my books being discussed by those who have not paid for a copy on account somebody has to print them; so that the result is that white idiots read your books to ensure you are not a threat to them before they get sold if they are happy with it and that big mouth all over the place – then the black ones will turn out to play with them to provoke them to a point where they want to kill me so that I can be protected by black idiots that are bigger than me while I don’t even know such things are happening and the process of cutting off links with family will never happen again with a big mouth and then the Politicians will ensure tax payer funds are spent on public culture idiots while we all try to get our government stuff done, then complain about what I do with the results; so these are the issues I am not aware of and I suppose the reality is that I cannot blush and that it is the biggest problem they have so far.

We hear those stories I don’t pay attention to secret service spying of course but what really happens is that people are responsible for my security but the colleague of the Woman that is, being that most of them are women in the services, has an issue of violence to prove along with his other twisted idiots that can be female as well and then from time to time the Politicians and Popular culture idiots who feel places like Buckingham Palace are no longer monuments of state on account they did their jubilee there and the Olympics as well will create some process that leads to a condition where the big boss does something to put one of them in charge of my security and that is how we get to talk about it and they hate my books as well from that angle yet the same story remains i.e. I will be unemployed with academic work unfinished until I am an old man on account they must control me first before I can do any of those things and the insults will eventually create responses from me which show I have a conflict of interest to contend with and thereby makes me ineligible to hold my royal office with that big mouth. Whatever is left of it is civil rights idiots being party to it and talking about my refusal to deal with spying, when we all know I don’t want any rubbish from them just like the secret service fools understand I go crazy when people peddle my faith and serve me with it or indeed move into my personal life to glean powers of society from a faith they know nothing about and hence really need to; the civil rights idiots will ask first before they take so they can be inferior to me and yes they will learn all about the faith and understand it first and then use their own to seek new decadence. The other side being American idiots which is where the black ones that play with racists and turn out to protect me violently when racist claim they want to kill me to hurt them  comes from – they play these games and I don’t even know it is going on, then they lend a hand to media scum who then pretend they can turn me against the Royal family and the Monarchy because they have that access to my personal life and so on but above all they do it because of the games I play with racism to put them at risk; before then they started all this by making sure I fought racism without a job while the racists had jobs to fight me with and have since chased me until these fools can do all these things with me and my finances. So my position is that with all that noise coming from them we need to see the real racism if they have got it; worse case is a matter of a lot of black people dying and in the end we all get deported back to Africa anyway but for black people the older ones will continue to fight racism for everybody and the insolent younger ones will continue to share the feeling of their upbringing to protect the ego of their parents for the benefits of all; after all they are doing it for everybody apparently and they can attack me with mortality and find out if it will not be how they passed away as well; so far they roar on and I have done nothing or provoked anybody because it is not as if they are better off as it stands yet as it were. I mean no racism works without the people who plan it having their hands on the National treasury of course and if they have already got their hands on my personal treasury and keep making the noise they are making now, my actions can only get worse, so that the possibility of handling that treasury might happen and then when it does and I see any racism and feel like taking over a white and European country and making it black for my part I can start off making my own history and then it will be a lot less funny when they think about it too; their civil rights idiots understand these goons know I find it offensive intensely when people move into my right hand to pervade my faith and glean power, there are parts of me that they will never cross for that reason, so let them turn up and play their own games and it will end very well too. Its as the old story of what my problem is with Mr Obama who is not a Christian but blesses the Thanksgiving turkey only when he abuses a British Prince for it on account I am a Christian and stuff that like and he cannot just leave me alone and do his own thing as it were, he thinks it is funny when I speak about the need to keep himself and his business off my books and it is actually not funny at all because whilst I know I can write books and do so to broker customer relations equities I have over my books and the customers around the world that are either fans of mine or fans of the books with companies which work would only have been achieved if I gathered money to buy shares with them in order to have a voice about products that can actually apply as ethnic selection whereby they take peoples stuff and do it for them which apart from time constraints, I have a literary empire and a global intellectual space that supports the creation of products that are circulated all over the world but do not ethnic select anything, so it seems that because I don’t somebody has to and at any cost, hence it is the US president that tends to have an idea that says he wants everybody that is a friend or a fan or an ally or an associate to go without and if they exploit the weakness I have in terms of my lack of funds by which I can make people investors so that they might not have to beg for employment I will give them so much trouble the last thing on their minds when they see s CV that is qualified for a job would be whether or not people will play along with their needs. This menacing behaviour from black business men whereby others are giving away free stuff when they have a business is not a new thing and they understand I have had enough of them as well. Money being the ultimate leverage does not interest me; this is not a conversation I am willing to have with anybody that criminally destroys my property so I might see his stupid money that he will then have made at my expense – there will be no court battles but they will pay with what I find more rewarding than a Court battle, this is real leverage and their problem is respect for others anyway, hence when I mention their need to get off my book sales they find it funny.

They speak of how I never discuss leverage because I know they have money and that I don’t but clearly of which it is the money they made at my expense; where I build markets for my books and they remember they had something stacked up at the warehouse to sell cheaply and stack another one and so the way they go about that is pick up passages of my books and use them to seek perversions of power without buying a copy of their own hence this process where the problem is that I don’t blush and they need to put forward the real racism if they have got it. it works in the US where they can travel from east to west and the owners would not have been able to chase them but it is the same attitude they have all around in that once they make the first few millions they want Political connections so they can get politicians to secure a process where you can never be successful chasing them up at it – so I suppose leverage is when some people are not taken by it and want them stuff back at any cost, then they will be as cheap as pennies as it were since their problem is respect for others. This is leverage, I am Royalty and they are nothing: if this is put in context then the reality is s sustained business of Americans and black people vandalising the Literary empire itself and all there is in there a measure of their wickedness and greed is creative equities, temperamental colours and environmental securities – the IMF could only work so hard and the World Bank as well, I can only say it works only in the US and they need to stay off my book sales. Fight, fight, fight is their forte of course but we all know they are always here and are as wicked as they are which is why they wreck all I own to make me do distressing things they find pleasurable and life enriching because these things I do that are pleasurable and life enriching for them are things they want to fight over, fight for and fight to protect all the time, otherwise none of it would be happening.


The talk of me wasting Royal history is utter rubbish to; people should no matter what they own leave my public work where I leave them, leave the Royal Property where I leave them and leave the book sales where I leave them – stop talking nonsense, I will always be after them, stop talking nonsense they cannot do anything to stop me and more so because there are stupid women that are really greedy around to destroy things and get rich along with their foolish men, selling books I write from a Company depends on it. Working for the Americans was always going to happen anyway, businesses in the US do not have any sense to understand that we are way past the 1960s and people now know quite so very much about how government and society works, there is very little that allows a means of creating and holding together an insolent system of attacking peoples health whenever you feel like running a local business to get rich with their stupidities and greed and there is very little left to keep people from acting when the purpose of your large business is to exploit peoples personal life because one way or another while they are still alive there is always money in it, after which you then employ just a handful for good measure to make things even better, since it would be enough to create wealth among people that will stimulate demand. Personally I always think that if they spent money enriching people’s personal life which is one of the best options there are today, then the chances of this sort of business and economic recovery would have been greatly enhanced. As for the stupid evil greedy women with a thing for violence who seem to have made a connection between frustrations over money and hurting somebody to sell their wares, it creates wonder why people carry guns in the US and it does create even more wonder why they get on their stupid media to make governments force them to give it up.

The crux of these matters is as it has always been i.e. faithless and Godless Political leaders and what they do to attack me and anybody associated with me whenever they wish to connect with the public and the US President despite complains about my actions is leading the charge with regards to getting a reaction out of me by activities designed to ensure my friends and allies and followers go without anything they have in the form of sustenance and opportunities, none of which it seems are operable without a fiddling of what is actually legal personal and private possessions of mine which is why I have found it very provocative. Those ideas running around on media of and about something I have said or done which I am due to withdraw remain precisely that – fantasies. I mean people have only recently woken up to my thing about insults that force me to iron out issues and thereby bring forth accountability is more to do with the fact black parents are always bullying people because they are fighting the evil of racism for everybody and their foolish children are always out to enforce respect for them because they are doing that for everybody as well, I mean waking up to it recently does create this wonder for me as to why it is people suppose black people hate my guts so much and why I think that attacking them violently because of those insolent and abusive greed that makes connections between abusing me and creating money in some way nobody understands which people buy their wares to promote evil claiming it is extracting blessings to get rich from out of me because it is what a promised by being a Christian for good measure which does explain why the US for example is such a violent place anyway with looking for piece of me as well would have been an overkill but even then on no occasion have we ever seen their big mouth diminish either. The issue here in the UK is largely that of the Labour Party and its socialist Policy of getting privileged people to lived a ruined and difficult life, knowing people will attack and bully them to a point where they do civil rights and that it is the kind of civil rights that people will be attached to like some kind of fix they need to have all the time but they will do it anyway and more often than not they always chose those that are deemed to be racially inferior for it as well while their stupid people turn out incredibly annoyingly to cover their tracks and keep themselves protected which does show they know it is an evil thing but will do it anyway never less with government property that clearly belongs to them too with that big mouth; the stupid insults appear to be the only Politics that they know and its the old calm before the storm, the storm that comes when I make a big thing of my products etc, so the way I handle them is make them fight for whatever it is they think is the bees knees around me – so I have always done these things to them for as long as I can remember.

Some ask why I think they should be treated that way of course but we all know they are just like racist only that they think they have the right to be more open and more wanton and more uncontrolled about it and consider themselves the worlds worst envy freaks and of course are convinced about their own superiority over other people, such that when you handle them and kick them seriously for it the result is that their options are always open in the sense that they will do civil rights and that will happen at your liability anyway. Whereas it is the same old story of take, take, take, take as violently and as evil as you can without reason or provocation because it is the way you are until the white man that takes everything and takes the persons life does what he does so you can call it racism when we all know it happens to white people as well but is something they say so that they can continue to do and undo with that big mouth and thereby never stop it, such that we can all see once they start their lack of a sense of right and wrong really shines through and people buy what they sell on that premise to feed their wickedness as well. For me it’s a personal thing and something about an end to the talk of the powers of the evils of the world already.