They do claim Americans had made a mess of my career and would never stop doing so, which I understand completely but they have made a mess of nothing from here – it does appear to go the usual way but it is all the normal stupidity of being obsessed with what can be done with my personality to make other people rich, that they had wrecked my University studies and since I dropped out of University, have been at this nonsense for 12 years so far; by 2012, they had worked out that I was of an age and social disposition where the destruction of my career would not make any sense to me or the world around them and since then it got physical alongside their stupid Celebrities – a process where the need to take pictures blowing kisses at criminals that showed an interest in what I am doing, which played into the hands of private security industry corruption idiots that build communities which get imagination up my private parts, to decide who fights I will engage in, the purpose being to run off with my social life and get paid for being popular at criminal popularity backyard, such that whilst the whole thing feeds into the misery of people who have lost their homes to those times when their male society stupidities like these have become such a problem it exploded into a riot, expressing themselves whenever they were seen showing off ideas about grabbing my social life to discover new forms of high life by, they claimed it meant that there was no way that I could get about this nonsense no matter what I did because I am a coward. It goes without saying I don’t have to respond to it, as it is largely the same story of American practical jokes taking hold and me being disrespectful like an itch all of the time, while they cling to my property – the Germans were an unusual group of gits in their own right apparently; if I had a Bookshop and people got money into a point to go out and invest, found me and spent time playing about with me, it would mean the idiots could never make use of their freedom of speech without suggesting they were superior to me and that I loved to claim I was familiar with people that I never knew, adding up to short insulting videos they claim was the way advertisement should be made, fancied themselves narcissists – we all know a person is supposed to consider what they were doing the professional way which is several stages higher than what idiots who set out their career by means of community organised lasciviousness got up to, but most of these activities and the way they attacked me because the criminals they indulge paid attention to them and they claim I had a responsibility, is largely an expression of minds which were unbearably stupid, it really loves to run me down, never stops running me down. Eventually we hear that life is not worth living for me anymore but if so because their interest in me was a matter of the way my life should be spent, it seems when I spend their own as well, I will have wasted their society and left them with nothing to cover their arse by – for the time being which its stupidities are getting desperate, after wrecking University studies to ensure I did not shut down access to my personality, so it had organised it’s foolish children who never allow a thing to progress as nature intended into characters that will ensure it got what it wanted off me by abusing me and describing me as a bum, to shut down what is left of my career, as though the means of recovering the finances they have damaged was also their property to do with as they wanted. This is me responding to their gimmicks, on an official basis, Celebrities will always try to be me and the problem was that of the Prince of Wales making it possible for them to build acumen from the process – some saying that I had to right to be angry at it as I had no power at Government but we are talking about setting this off, building up criminal characters who were involved with national service because I am a coward like the foolish Americans did, so the scumbags show up here doing my stuff and civil rights idiots put themselves in charge of what they knew nothing off, churning my tummy to talk rubbish all the time and these were the people that would replace me but it is such a problem when I devise a way to protect my own interests and finances as well. I do not think it a crisis either, the idiots that never stopped getting imagination around people private parts clearly did because they wanted to do the National service that will protect us all, it is not actually the case, that I am afraid of them and of course neither is it true that they were able to calculate everything I am capable of. What we have ended up with as a social disposition is that everything that facilitated civil progression was successfully built and set out but the older generation were more indulged in the idea it exposed their failings, now they are threatening me with the younger ones that are raised to live a life where they never allowed anything to progress as nature intended and will learn to keep their hands to themselves just like these ageist gits have. Tackling my Books is usually the last straw in the matter, otherwise I am not meant to respond to the practical jokes, so unless I write their Books in this place, I am set to ensure they regret this nonsense and I will get away with the consequences too, for now these kinds of stupidities like when Celebrities rip up your finances to make the most of the way criminals pay attention to your concerns, then show up somewhere to tackle you because the criminals have been paying attention to their stupidities as well, really never stop to show some respect for what other people did as well, until it really does. We had since ended up with this situation where there was the normal civil service and the gimmicks that took over people’s lives because the men had enlisted the assistance of criminals at popularity backyard to do the National service they wanted, on account some characters they wanted to handle were such cowards that they had failed to do it – we had since reached boiling point and its stupidities is now making a mess of my finances to make sense of its position, still the same foolish obsession with me that made sense of their drive by shooting, moped shooting, murder and manslaughter world and I have never invited them to express themselves around what I am doing either, just something done because they believed there was no quantifiable consequences attached to doing so. I mean it comes up with ideas about little things, to make a complete mess of peoples career and finances, keeps its job and income because others were incapable of doing bad things in its stupid view and then it gets off discussing disrespect on my part with the authorities while I felt sore all over and smelled, question being whether the communities they build up to effect this nonsense could keep themselves out of my sight and mind as well, if they were complaining that much, no idea what I had to do to show I am not really afraid of their privacy breaching criminal stupidities. We understand I would get into trouble saying these in certain places but I wouldn’t, if I removed the incentives for the stupid violence, to hang around somewhere looking the part of the one that can do it when others were not ready as well – it gestures me to the left because its stupidities looks like that and had ideas about which trouble I would get into all the time, once finished with an obsession to discuss how they had damaged my career and it will never stop until it really does with a big mouth.

They do claim it’s not clear what I believed I could do about any of these when I had no money but I did not think that the possession of money was what helped people manage the perverted interests that others showed in the personal space – mine had become such a crisis that for 20 years there have been a problem with how badly I smelled, then the icing on the cake being the destruction of my University studies because it was considered that if I could say I am qualified in a particular thing, their stupid gimmicks and what they got up to with it, will no longer have had access to the personal space. What they mean by helplessness for me is this business of getting up corrupt private security industry to groom me for a community that gets imagination up my anus, which means that they were escalating the situation, we can also make sense of it in terms of their foolish American friends having this regular need to discuss the way they had wrecked my life, as if it was the normal thing for people to do; the wrecking my life bits being a claim that I was completely powerless, whilst I can actually do the same things their gimmicks were doing, whereby upon seeing some women pick up my concerns to make financial success from the fact some people did not like me, the famous idiots had since gathered up all the poor people to ensure my wealth equity was their own to control and was therefore never safe, the idea being that nobody hated them and none was likely to make money from it, whilst reality was more a matter of what will go horribly wrong, like it does every time I ran my own campaign to say I was not responsible for their personal decisions and they progressed from looking like they needed help from an exorcist, to being a corps, which is one of the more gruesome but common ending to Political stupidities where young people hang about dreaming of driving expensive cars alongside celebrities by showering me with insults in Public places – it is always so easy to say that I wanted to pick up at least one thing that was attributed to their personal lives and to make my life easier by using it to make sense of my business in a way that made it more profitable, thereby selling it to people who hated them rather than get better at what I am doing to make money or to make more money than I already had and it seems that I must take this seriously enough to ensure my wealth equity structure was secure. These are not really half the threat they made themselves out to be as such, if I picked up the source of the problem which was instances where bits of my work ended up in the work of the celebrities and the media to make it more profitable for them, about which none knows why they get off bashing my finances as well, abusing my Bookshop to such an extent it was possible to move market precincts that were the result of patents to another business, which is an unprecedented event of insulting a person – so that if for every time my work ended up in theirs and that addiction to my person, the gimmick of showing me I could not move them out because they did not live in a world where they got denied what they wanted, to make sexual activity, I would still win the fight but to express the fact that I had to run Government concerns where I was to handle it, to such an extent it was equal to what Celebrities did with their fame, if I wanted the Public to be made up of successful people, I will need to pick up the popularity backyard stupidities that stagnates everything here to groom me for mentally disturbed communities that get imagination up my bum and try to get paid by famous idiots for it and run it through the way that people who did unusual things during unholy Hours became a part of their lives and through it a part of it, develop it to such an extent that I could ask their famous gimmicks to pick up my service processes backed by a community of lasciviousness that supports the stupid career and set about destructive and abusive gimmicks that will achieve a version of me they were more comfortable with if they wanted, one more time. The other part of it is that people wondered why my hatred for famous people was so intense but there is no hatred to it; like we see them make a mess of my career here, they are always showing up at geopolitics and if somebody said that they did to make a mess as though they were likely to do the fighting, their lives would change and we would never hear the end of it because they felt insulted; presently, it had since become so serious it showed up there to get angry with my temper and reach a stage where it had enemies to fight with my body, while its corrupt private security industry idiots got fingers up my bum to decide which mentally ill idiots that were claiming they had confiscated my social life for public places popularity beauty villainy I was meant to get off my position and get into a fight with if I wanted to show I was brave enough to deserve my career, wrecking everything here to shoot off the big mouth every time it sets about antagonising law enforcement over me as well. They never give us the full story, whereby we now know they most of their women were busy freezing eggs to make babies later, since these sorts of abuses brings on the impotence, they think the public ought to be part of these gimmicks while people were unable to afford such things because their financial needs were paramount. Then there are other factors like when we have seen them get involved far enough in the geo Politics to say that if secret service staff did not go along with an invented gimmick, they would be exposed or indeed the times when wars were won by educated strategy but their involvement encourages the genocide and war crimes, which is entirely normal by the way, as they were characters that never stopped handling other people until it was decided they wanted to get involved with National service to protect us all, hence the criminals from the popularity backyard doing peoples stuff will go off and do it for the purpose of escalating the problem they must have created.

They claim I never really acknowledge that these activities were the actions of remain campaigners from Brexit, I am however aware that it is, that I am being punished for the fact that they had lost business relationship with some Germans and that Germans are no longer hard at it, protecting the popularity abusiveness from other British people that may want to stand up for themselves. The American part was to support a handful of society gits that were always showing up at the Geopolitics to bash those who resisted Americans getting rich with other people’s property, such that if I suggested those stupid communities built up for insolence and a process of getting imagination around my private parts to make it happen, existed because of the prospect that they will get to do National service to protect us all, they would say that I was wrong and that it had its freedoms alongside its popularity criminals doing people’s lives but I too do have a reputation to protect. The question soon becomes one of my exact view of these public matters of which there isn’t really a specific one – this is about getting into service of the Church and so it shows up here because I had built a wealth equity, to get rich fast by selling me to people who hated me, as if nobody hated them as well. Then there are the Muslims who always make the most of those gimmicks that make me wonder what they are thinking if they were half my age and I have never dreamt of getting my imagination up peoples anus – their religion was different and church authority did not apply to them as well but those abusive communities will decide what happened to the alimentary canal of those who had failed to co-operate with their stupid needs, so it actually does. In this sense my view of terrorism is not the same as everybody else’s and the claim I escalate the problem is not developed on reality either, as I am involved with the work, such that we know at a certain age a person gets to decide what they want from life and if at that age, people want to do nothing else but run me down on the streets and follow me to academic institutions to run me down until I dropped out, it had become rather obvious, obvious that if Church authority said that they were always bad people and hopefully they picked up good bits before another person grabbed it, it would have applied to them and also their children who are always ‘doing peoples stuff’ with the muslims claiming it’s not a violent religion but the question about the good things they were supposed to do was relative as a matter of the decision for violence or peace but for them it would have been clear that for every bad thing they did, there was a good thing they could have done in its place.

Eventually we hear that  never really took seriously the fact that people hated me and continued to live with my head in the clouds literally over it but the problem associated with making sense of this sort of rubbish, is that the link between Celebrities and criminals makes sense, especially if I am talking about it in terms of building network for family life which Celebrities want to get rich and secure privileges by, thereby ripping it up alongside my finances. I mean the criminals now know nothing save the business of their criminal history and a character whose life and career they could make a mess of to put money up somewhere for a safe investment that will never stop providing profits for them to secure their retirement by and I suppose the Celebrities have my congratulations on this, especially when their stupidities were clear about what they hated. Apparently it will not stop, so I am on course to ensure they complained about me on a global stage again, since it would at this stage have been very difficult to say my family knew I did a particular thing and therefore my career and social life was predictable to them, because Celebrities thought there were no consequences to screwing with mine and getting others to think of them as victims. The only route available to ending these madness at this stage, was to do with a business of thinking about a process where I built it up and quickly enough, to reach that point where we were clear it was only a group of people who create a clique for themselves by which they got about gathering the wealth of an area unto themselves, so it is the process of exerting that power, to churn my tummy when I failed to do an unreasonable bidding, that is wrecking my career. We see this sort of nonsense show up at the academic system where the gits who ran it took the fees I paid from student loans to trash my studies, while building Publicity for people who had enough money to afford their own fees, which is the reverse of what is meant to happen but the baseline of their stupidities was that they took my money as fees as equally as they did the wealthy persons that their foolishness had since spent their own funds to build publicity for. It is an example of the sort of self-appointed madness that they end up putting out as a by-product of those gimmicks when they were a group that wanted existing wealth in an area, especially when they claim they were famous and beginning a process of putting a handle on it, finding something that niggles them really well, which I can go to every single time they wind me up, especially for the blacks whose influences are such that involvement with me wrecks University studies and makes it impossible to secure jobs at the market, while Politicians claimed they were nice people. The idea put out is that these were dangerous people and I am making the most of the work others were doing on them while reality was more that I had written a Book: I devised a way to ensure it was clear that when people did not want to be smelly goose at prison, courting problems for themselves after they had committed crimes, it mattered that they stopped handling the so called little people, I wrapped it up with a wealth equity and a Book, I was 23 when I devised the process being put to hell by Politicians for doing so, by 28 dropped out of University, 29 finished the Book and the madness truly began, claims that I had picked up privileges that should belong to those who are really in charge making the main platform and 12 years later, I am on benefits and they are now choking me because I am not doing a thing about the trouble makers and the amusement being the way I felt I could not make out their motivation, each time I recover from a death dealing gimmick. They do claim I am not one of the small people but it is an old story about people having a need to enter into conversations about squishing me all the time, while reality was more a matter of the issue developing into a really big case of smelly goose at prison bringing problems on themselves while being incarcerated for a crime, featuring a process where those who could beat up never stopped telling a story and those who could not never stopped hurting themselves. They claim Libra will do anything to avoid a fight and that it was the main reason for all the trouble they created for everybody, but we know that Baroness Thatcher was a Libra and that it did not end well. I am just left here thinking each time it provokes me, that the job it pays its bills with gets in the way first of all, then I had to bring myself to a state where I got to decide that it was not of the type where my response resulted in an action which got me arrested and watched over for a very long time, so we had to do something else about it – as it was an entire community built up for insulting people, time and again showing up to get me recognising it which I never want to have conversations about and then it builds a crowd that gets imagination finger up my bum and I have never yet gotten an answer for instances where I want to find out what it is exactly their stupidities could do when I failed to recognise it. So, it is thanking God for the Aries people who tended to have a talent for making a conversation out of it sort of thing. It loves to boast while at the same time it claimed that I was in league with the Police and done for, of which I am not in league with the Police but a writer who expects their interest to be about his Books or they needed to stop working on him, the story about being done for applying to the part where I ensured every one of their stupid abusive flavours on how I ought to be handled, so that they might make money got them an appropriate response that could easily turn out to be a phenomenon as well, therefore am just very tired at this stage. I do try to keep a lid on it, lest we revert back to the dreaded Thatcher days as such: I mean what we are looking at is a gimmick where some people who have not yet earned a vindictive behaviour from you, where the way you put money in a pot to go and seek your fortunes, played into taxes you paid to get a receipt from the Government on how well you are doing, for the purpose of screwing them over really well, making enough money to sit down in a boardroom of hoodlums that financial success had not changed in anyway, coming up with ideas about adding my concerns to theirs for money making which when resisted, results in a need to pass around profits among themselves at the boardroom while each time somebody takes a profit, I suffered the abuses of idiots who played a role that was similar to a Union of Men that existed to collect the wealth in an area for their social group – so these society idiots have not got any money of their own but just need to do the same things as well, therefore needed my own money to do it and I really do feel like killing the bastards to be honest. They do say that this is what freedom and civil rights really looked like but it was a two part story with one being that the society was filled with retired people and people who spend a lot of time assisting others because they had the physical endowments to, the reason being that they wanted to sit back and do business later on and did not want to be bothered with social matters at such a stage, whilst their gimmicks involved a need to get in league with either or both and show up here to demand access to my social life when they want to cover their arse. Freedom of civil rights never meant my assets ended up in the hands of the general public, when they show up here, they need read a Book I had written, when involved with my brokers, get a product, and stop proliferating things. They do claim I am now fully paid up enemy of the common man which is utter rubbish – threat number one is that they were financially well off and are now trying to tell me that if they were millionaires and their product made them 2 pounds per item, the character we see, was a product of providing customer service for at least 500, 000 persons, my question then was that of whom they suppose is meant to do the war for security. It does get to a stage where it had secured the high-level important jobs or the financial wellbeing but has not yet started thinking about doing it properly if those it took advantage of do not want a pound off its flesh.

It’s been the one problem of the stupid community with a need to make the most of a crowd in terms of having gained something I will not willingly give – then it wrecks the career and finances to play into the sense that most of my bad experiences were racially motivated, of which they are but without these stupid practical jokes, their consequences would have no effect. Of which they then suggest I claimed I had no takers Policy which I still do as they have taken nothing here, just a need to be part of gimmicks that industry gits put up at their boards, where they pass quarterly profits among themselves and each time one of them takes his due, they make out I had lost something important, which will hopefully become part of their investment and trading process in the future whereby I either must have by then or they made it up that I had – so the idea an idiot likes to play a crowd and find the way his or her need to work this nonsense affect me amusing, is one of the main reasons they needed to stop trying to handle me if they were complaining or there will be more complaints.


Eventually we have to suffer those gimmicks where they say I needed to get out of the way, for the more important things they wanted to do; what becomes clear from it being that they think none pays attention to how good they were at working their need for servitude, when they set about a decade of my time to trash my career and finances and ensure it made sense for everything they did and said about reasons I should be punished. The cause of this being a stupidity that never goes away; it shows up here to dream of people doing some fighting, so it might be able to say that its madness was more important on Media and when it wants something like that, its needs were set in stone, so it mattered that my career and academic pursuits were wrecked to make it possible. I suppose then that what it means when it says that I needed to get out of the way, referred to criminal characters affiliated to their media and show business, who had a tendency to pick up National service and do other people’s lives, were meant to sit side by side with the part of Civil service that is responsible for National and public security, playing into the hands of populist Politicians while they claim others were being populist but where I fit into the picture was the real problem, so we can only conclude it was the consequence of the fact that Media and Celebrities were incredibly good when it came to a business of going out of their way to look for trouble. They are not really the problem they think they are, the real issue is that they showed up here to express a need for something of a gimmick where they got to make me out to be a hate figure for each time they wanted to get along with rich people and so it was clear they loved to be friends with people who spent money making trouble for others, no public, civil or social instability to worry about there, until the Prince of Wales waded in on their behalf, time and again, test after test until he builds them a public disposition before he thought about letting it be – now what we have to deal with was a process where their criminals did National service and we got to know about it. I mean I do get told my position was contradictory which is what people think when it is not accepted that I am a writer and my life needed to be a quiet one, on account they loved to be the characters that were important in the community at my expense even when the complaints about my responses were a public phenomenon i.e. it may way to take the view that I had a reputation where I got on their nerves so badly, that they got involved with National service, therefore I had to take a strong stance for balance somewhere else, hence my position on Celebrity culture, to show that Industry as a whole comprises everything including the Celebrity culture that people manufacture goods and services for everyday like every other industry but the Celebrity culture was the only one that set itself out with the support of communities that performed violent lasciviousness on everybody else, therefore it did not have me in a box like it loved to assume that it did or that I am a writer and my life needed to be a quiet one, if it enjoys its jobs and believed others had the right to enjoy the one they had too. They really have nothing to do with me and this problem actually does not exist; we are talking about a group of people whose need to complain about being themselves and the need to want to be somebody else, was the hall mark of their immoral society – the outcome of parents raising children to be insane so that they had defences in the Law Courts because it was dangerous out there but you could easily face a barrier at work which is built from the idea you were supposed to be the one character set out in the family to do the necessarily violent things required for the community to be safe, randomly, while it imposes its view on racism everywhere it went. The first time round, I took to their need to pick up my personality as a tool for getting rich quick at popular culture and ended up eliminating all the incentives linked to the violence that they may perform on the basis that the victim had lost something, so whatever consequences came to them for it, they would not have lost a thing, after which I was said to have possessed the will to do the violence and therefore am the one acting dangerously, I don’t know exactly what the conviction for the threats they issue at me all the time was and the sense that I think I can do anything about them while I smelled as well, for obvious reasons but we see they had nothing to do with me and I will be right to take revenge if I got attacked for the smell as well. We then hear them say that the Queen does not think of it the way that I do which is expected as HM is Commander in Chief of the UK Armed Forces, so if a society goon picked up National service, none is seriously suggesting that the Queen was to prioritise another need instead as such – my point is that they loved to shower me with insults all the time and some of those insults added up to property damage, I have informed them the social life and public image is helping me engage with people over a Bookshop and they needed to stop getting involved with my Books. So, we have the complain that my State provided security was everywhere too, which brings us to the question of the reasons I always had to suffer the life changing insults from the Celebrities everyday – I have for my part thought about taking up the matter and each time it goes away quickly to be replaced with another test such as this. They say I hated famous people but I don’t – what really happens is that they trash my career and set about a sense that they needed access to my personal space and were so privileged, wealthy and entitled, that they were to progress from showering me with those insults to chase 4 to 6 mortgages at a time, to a process where they accessed and owned it; so it is the damage done, as in I built wealth equity, so I thought it supported younger people on matters of crime, then we got involved with Industry matters and there was the international diplomacy aspects that could not ignored – they picked up what I did in South America, destroyed it, same behaviour performed on what I did in Europe and same behaviour performed on what I did about Africa, once done, it turned up with a Media presence to get involved with my personal space every day and more so abusively, like a group of people that were deaths door stupid. The part where I am said to think that what I did is wrong being the myth built by their quasi criminals who needed to make a mess of National security work, so I had since progressed to a case of either winning or denying them the objective, the insults and abuses so intense that I smelled all the time but still does not explain what motives Media and Celebrity professionals to set out a career that was kept alive by community organised violent lasciviousness, then turn out to trash people’s lives and careers for it anyway, I just done with the insults and the threats.

They do claim I appear to be all put together but I am a mess of my Books are a poisoned chalice but I have no idea who is asking them the questions anyway – we all know that what an average girl who wants to make the most of her own life, would say about narcissists and fuck boys would leave us men thinking we lived in a different planet, so they complain about their own system which they designated to replace the real one all the time and show up like to, to impose it on me, being duly informed that I am unlikely to accept their method of getting things done. It’s not a crisis as such, just an outcome where their interest in my Books and Bookshop had reached a stage where the destructive activities indicated that they liked it but the effect was that the idiots were not buying Books and were also preventing other members of the Public from engaging with the Bookshop and it is not their Book or their Bookshop for that matter, so I see it as that which will never stop until I stopped it badly, getting imagination up my bum while its stupidities are half my age. I don’t think it is a crisis either, just a matter of being aware and keeping an eye open with respect to the gimmicks of immoral society – usually we find that they must have already clashed with Church Authority that had long decided it was the sort of thing that the rest of the public will pay a price for in future, way before the rest of us reached a stage where we could make sense of it. We all know it plays into the activities of Royals that support them, such as the Prince of Wales, Duke of Sussex, Duchess of York, and other Royals who give them cause to challenge others to this behaviour as per the idea that it was their turn to be powerful. It is an assumption that they were able to tell exactly what I am capable of whilst my view was that there was no reason for a person to make their own personal life engagements into something that caused the public suffering, in their case of which they are complaining about those personal life engagement that they did not wish to detach from and get out of bed every day to trash my finances for it, to shoot off the big mouth on media thereafter. I do get told people think I could do more but always chose to do less which is not the case: we know the people at Buckingham Palace took up the German influence issues and it was so well done it became an area where German companies were seen getting involved with Buckingham Palace backyard, a world where people were allowed to be the best of what they could be, which fed into International diplomacy associated with Countries who only had popularity diplomacy with the UK, my part in the matter being that I am a Hermit, so after campaigning for Family life and ending up with people I wish to have in my social life, the only way to protect myself from fuckboys and narcissists according to the Media and Celebrities, was to invent my own lasciviousness whereby I did not have a choice in the matter, so I rather preferred to ensure they got to bother their Celebrities as well, which then fed into the work that the people at Buckingham Palace were doing – we know that this work was wrecked, the people who handled areas of diplomacy with Countries that only engaged with us through popularity simply vanished overnight and Politicians were all over it as per the persons who had done these things should be seen engaging in military activities to serve politicians and make politicians powerful – so this question about me doing less when I could do more comes up often and the question of who wrecked the best work that was done on the matter, is set to come up often pretty soon as well. I do not think it is a crisis, they simply look as if when we say that we did not fancy their system which even they complained about regularly, we ought to give them more details on what we are thinking and feeling. On the matter of the idea they can predict what I am capable of however, they say they did not know where they stood with me which is not the case as the mess here is a problem that should not exist and does not really exist, just something they do to get into the good-books of gits who put themselves in charge while they had no public authority and turn out to conduct a campaign of hatred against the female community – they made it all up. They do claim the work people at Buckingham Palace did was fraught with dangers in the future and I am aware of that too, so did I regularly make trips to Buckingham Palace on say 4 yearly basis, until they decided to do their own and liaise with Celebrities and neighbourhood hoodlums who were linked to people that did unusual activities during unholy hours of every day. Then the Celebrities blew it wide open by picking up work I did – the part for South America bashed, the part for Africa bashed, the part for Europe bashed, even when they knew that work was done to support Public security operatives, Police and the Military, after which they set about a campaign of getting involved with me every day, claiming they were famous and were not accustomed to being denied what they wanted, like people who were deaths door stupid.

Eventually we hear them claim I am not necessarily a saint for my part but it is a matter of people showing up to get me inundated with reasons people had rough sex and anal sex, about which we have since ended up in a situation where the business of an inability to stop handling others was the main driving force by which it was built up so large that I am able to dabble as well and they were now the ones being tested. In the end it is all about civil disobedience; if there is a Law, that law will be attacked until a bad person did something ugly with it and such an action would have given everybody else an opportunity to flout that Law – it had since picked up my Books to cling to my property through the internet, making statements in Africa, America, Asia and South America about where my Books should be seen and what I should be afraid of and really does need to tone it down as such, we are still working on gimmicks that added up to a process of inviting themselves into my business with companies, to build a publicity and popularity version of me that they would be more comfortable, turning out to cling to my assets for money making with women thereafter. I do not think that they were a crisis as such, my career is not set out as something which is held together by communities of lasciviousness, it is something I must pursue on a professional platform, so we are currently doing the part where they no longer see themselves as third party gits getting involved where I had business with companies, they are now insisting that I worked for them too. There is a sense then that I did not think the matter a crisis but I don’t – what happens are facts such as the Nation putting an Arch Prince on surveillance, only for them to demand privileges too, so somebody put them on surveillance as well but they were the ones stupid enough to get hoodlums and society gits involved with security. In the end they claim it is all about the usual tinkering with ideology which is utter nonsense – we know that if we asked younger people to complete their studies, while somebody was able to pick and unpick sociological processes that emerged in their personal and social lives while they were studying, their careers would be useless. They claim I get involved with anal sex from my position according to what I have said here but this is not necessarily a test of what is reality – what we know is that in a political arrangement where it is said that a certain behaviour if pursued led to conflict and people were having sex in an environment where such questions were being raised and there were rumours that the sex was anal sex, there was at least a 90% probability that it was true and 90% is too high for it not to be, hence never really a matter of me peering into people’s personal lives or exploring anal sex, besides which it is impossible to have anal sex when a person had no privacy, it is impossible to have anal sex outside of wedlock and anal sex was something women did. For my part in the matter as a whole it is a question of whether I have taken such persons to bed as wanted a piece of my authority and for all the wrong reasons, so the question becomes one of whether I had taken any such persons to bed or any persons that I may have taken to bed were of such character: we have seen it play out to such an extent it was a public phenomenon – doing my stuff doing stuff, state provided security provokes them but they are not royalty. The much loved story of a lack of respect for women on my part fits in here and I find it so infuriating but they bring it up all the time because their boyfriends were bigger and they have never stopped nursing dreams where I got squished, so that they might build a comfortable life by handling what I am doing but I did not think that my ability to break up those stupid relationships that were a threat to my personal safety and wellbeing, informed them I am a psychopath as well as such, I mean there had to be something I could do to get them into a position where they were a threat and if I harmed them, the Law would see it my way. The story is the same process where people raised the point about me being caught up with anal sex and I had to explain, as there was no process of peering into people’s private lives, just the fact if we had political disposition to say that a certain cluster of behaviour leads to conflict and in that part of society people where it is said having anal sex, there was 90% probability that such rumours were true – they then picked it up to say that these political disposition in which people where having anal sex and my involvement would have been questionable, was something I had to respect, as it added up to a stage where they could get involved with Politics to obtain a piece of my life and what I was doing to make money and be important as people by. I said nothing about it as the question of the ways we had to hang about somewhere paying a price as a society for an epidemic of sexual assault would be the likely outcome of such nonsense but we are now responding because it is said that State provided security had decided that their interest in it, indicated they wanted to square up with some National enemy. I think that another instance where I had to tolerate their insults and its cruelty, will propel me to seek out a process of running down the Celebrities for being bigger than I am and having a House to be proud of as well, I will aim to set it out in such a way that it had to be settled too. It never stops until it really does; it says that weak people are allowed by the law to do whatever they liked with the strong, that gets sorted and it picks up another where Public and National security operatives were smaller, hence they could do a better job, that gets settled and now had to be tidied up, so they had picked up another and it never stops. Thereafter it says that its security and wellbeing to feel decadent by was my responsibility while its insults and a need to trash my finances with it go from strength to strength and we cannot see an instance where it could possibly be my responsibility thereof. So it still comes down to those celebrity and gang land stupidities getting involved with aspects of civil service that handled the security matters and the next time I had to tolerate their insults, we will have celebrities and the stupid career that is supported by community organised violent lasciviousness on the blue corner, while I took the red to ensure that I was only successful if they failed on my account and it will be settled as well. The stupid motivation is still the same as usual – along with their friends from overseas, one group was the biggest threat anything to do with the idea I had a social life faced and the insults whenever I stepped outside of my door, developed from years of fantasies into my personal space, is so intense that I smell all the time – the other were awesome bitches that could take me on even and the third group never stopped dreaming and working on instances where I was ganged up on and cornered; I believe these three instances will if not anything else, provide me a platform to ensure when next I had to track those stupidities so I don’t get shut down whenever I wanted to talk about their interest in handling me to get paid for being popular, by idiots who claimed I was delusional, it will ensure that all I did and said and got up to, went straight up their anus all day long as well. I do get told I am doing an excellent job and I suppose I am, if what we are dealing with is the fact that the failure to handle me and get paid for being popular before they retired, had since met with my 40th birthday and their retirement was looming in the horizon. It goes without saying the next time I have to tolerate their insults; I will certainly want to find out if I was completely incapable of shoving intellectual property administration up their arse all day long as well. I could never make sense of them clashing with National security operatives; only Politicians were predisposed to say National security operatives caused Provocation by asking if they ever got shot at and therefore knew anything about it for instance, then again it is to do with ex-service operatives who probably had professional careers before they joined the military to build another one, taking up private business in which Celebrities were buying services but then again, the exact stage where they got to take out their ill feelings on me cannot be determined.

They claim Americans run off a process of dominating me for everything I did which is not the case, the American side of this is a bunch of really stupid and destructive individuals who get you making sense of the civil rights problems that existed decades back, will not stop building itself a popularity disposition that allowed it to get involved with your professional career and plan its popularity future with it as insultingly as possible and really loves to beat you down and get imagination up your bum with its disobedient version of geopolitics that he had no authority to get involved with. I am doing the little bits for now i.e. it’s a people with a crowd and it’s that crowd getting imagination up my bum, running me down and telling me what to do, so they might make money by working on me instead of getting a job, if I have to deal with one more insult from them, I am going to begin something that will put a stop to it in a big way. I mean everybody can do it too, especially a Prince who had access to public life. There has been no response on my part for what has happened over a 12 year period, this had produced outcomes where careers developed on lasciviousness and narcissism, caught up with me where my earnings were located, because these fools always nurse dreams of getting paid for being popular by handling me – I could counter the process by picking up a platform to run off my own talking gimmicks too, until I had reversed everything to do with it and gotten my life back on track but I am an Arch Prince and should not take sides, doing so would mean taking up a platform where I ran off career work which added up to the idea I was seeking my interests solely as a man. This is my warning then as such, that one more insult from them will furnish the stage by which this nonsense comes to an end. It is not really an issue for the most part – as I mentioned one part makes my life its own where my social activities were concerned and there is a sense that people want to rob me with products every time I went shopping while its crowd chased my private parts, the other were awesome female community fools that could take me on and the third that never give it a rest for a second loved to gang up and get in league with the daddies when they were not doing the riots every chance they got. They are not really a problem as a whole, save in terms of the media insults from Celebrities and the activities of corrupt Royals – who are now working the actions of certain gits who show up to decide what they wanted to stop, of which they could always stop quasi criminals picking off my social life to get paid for being popular, when they trash the finances to work a socialist politics that brings about equality and rip up the academic work to ensure that I could not shut down access to personality people wanted to use, otherwise they were not assuming I will not want to solve my own problems here as well. I mean there is no millstone to my legs to say I cannot complete university study at this stage but only another 5-year setback associated with a Bookshop that has had practical jokes catch up with it to scare off the clients while I got told there was nothing I could do about it as I am afraid of my own shadow. This is all work I had done before I was 20, in fact they were aware that I did not have any enemies, as to say that people fought other people at National service and I was the one being protected, it is their stupid Celebrities who are really good at putting themselves in charge and going off to make National enemies others had to fight, then show up with the disrespect – what we are doing here is linked to a process where service operatives found that handling my concerns helped them see their jobs better and do it better, so these idiots had decided their own people had to seek military advancement and other forms of career progression by handling me, so it had gone from abuses to handle me and get paid for being popular, to something of abuses for career progression at the Military and unless it stops, the problem will continue to grow, showing up here with slum landlords and idiots who want to frequent millionaire neighbourhoods to decide which part of my career it handled while I got to do something to get into trouble with the Police, clients now being afraid to get involved with the Bookshop, while it alongside its stupid celebrities will keep career and shower me with insults if they did.

They claim some people would at this stage done something very brave and it is utter rubbish when the idiots were stuck between a rock and a hard case, thought they were in a position to do and undo and started asking stupid questions about how brave I could get – before then every fool who wanted to explore my civic duties because it would be easier to kill and be killed, injure and be injured over it, than to contemplate their own lives and what they would do with it after National service, saw their men’s world stupidities spend money on it until there was a suggestion I had lost something important to them – it’s what we are doing now, not the question of people being obsessed with my Royal order, talking rubbish about the brave things I might do. It is one of those issues about which I had to see through or those gimmicks about the Queen selecting a new Arch Prince for every Jubilee will become a problem for my children and grandchildren – like they claim I tried to throw people off the fact these activities were revenge for the damage I had done to the interest of freedom fighters while it had never stopped wrecking my career to get around with the daddies as it covered its arse in a world full of men with strange ideas getting here, getting there and having something to say to others, using my social life or the way that none had appointed them to show up and trash my finances in order to conduct social experiments on me but they were hard it making me a talented tortured soul, will not quit while complaining naturally. I am not trying to throw people off anything, it shows up after it had run off ideas about revolution and republic, to realise those who ran the Country were doing the best job and then I end up like we heard them claim I was becoming an issue that had to be stopped, a character that needed to hang about in a corner for things to happen to him, wrecking everything here – it does suggest it will do it again and the next time it does, we can see the ideas have been laid out to say that getting hold of the freedom of revolution gimmick and selling it for money was the best way out, unless of course, it could show me an instance where it did not spend other people’s time complaining of problems it created for itself. They always suggest I think that freedom was peachy but we know it’s a matter of tools and what those social and Political tools were being used for: if a Politician loves to spew racist sentiments for instance, we know the correct tool was accountability, that if he did not like racists who have spent so much time running off small criminal enterprises that were so insignificant Police could not spend resources to pursue them, until they built something, to turn up and visit their children during dinner time, as is usually the best way to sell products that were developed in such ways, it is not exactly clear why he or she would think that Policy ought to be set out as to ensure that happened to others – what we see these goons do is run off Public protest and make a complete mess of other people’s careers, eventually getting elected into Government buildings where they spent time running down every person that had a career they envied, in order to survive for the interest of their race and if it continues to invite itself into my concerns, especially the German interest idiots who think they were invincible, I will put an end to that stupid narcissism in a very ugly manner as well. The same issue applies to the other case where they had business with Politicians, ratio of their side to that of Politicians was 5 persons to 1 person, but Politicians made away with 90% of the resources – which issue with know the best tool for was Public protests, not celebrity culture to ensure each time they engaged with the Public, I felt it at my bank balance and then it rips up my studies too. The list would go on endlessly and I need it stay away from my Books and my finances, if it wants to stop complaining about me as well. They say it is the men thing and it is the problem naturally, it cannot seem to have enough of mine, the picture of its mates just relaxing on the beaches, going on cruises etc, while it seemed to have spent most of its time being tough.

As for the matter of clashing with German interest gits, they have always done this, all the way to their mentally disturbed, toward to schizophrenia idiots seeking the female version of my career which can only exist if I am distracted from my earnings until I shut down – the most popular was to buy a copy of my Books and read the one copy industry wide, so we can see that if a person does this with a business that is developing creative equities, it was also important that their stupidities built a crowd that helped them get involved with the victim for equality every day, never mind the fact we also had a bunch of idiots manning Media jobs for the gimmicks that will feed into such nonsense. Then again, I am meant to see my writing as professional activity not a job that is supported by community lasciviousness like their own and if their interest in this Bookshop continues to veer off towards handling me for fun, I will shove my own up their arse as well. It’s as they speak of this reason people think I am afraid of everything that moves but I had to get out of a Hermitage, groomed into making sense of what they brought upon themselves putting themselves in charge when they had no public authority of legitimacy of action to do so, then once I got into a stage where I was run down until I became a low life character, people would love to provoke me and then I will do something that got me into trouble with the Police and become a brave person, from which point they will not bother me anymore. So the facts of what happens in this is that there are instances where the government provides a safe clean environment for people to do civic activities, it is then suggested that within that world where three groups of gits existed with one chasing my social and public life to make its own money, another saying they were women that could handle me and a third being complicit with abuses of ageists when they were not doing riots for it, getting involved with my personal space to gang up on me every time, of course I can ignore it but not only is the problem with the media, celebrity and popularity idiots who run this nonsense to get them involved with me every moment, the practical jokes performed by the same have caught up with my finances and I want them to feel me for these stupidities as well. They keep suggesting there was nothing I could do about them naturally and if I have to tolerate any more of their insults I will begin from the fact they were bigger, such that when they made a complete mess of my life and career like these, they build homes, became house proud and had social lives that were free of all problems to emulate city centre operatives who build one by means of being intolerant towards people who mess with culture and society where their careers were located.

I am now said to be a character who was expected to be chaste but really isn’t but this is not be being chaste, it is me riding the wave of my own chastity, it is a behaviour that sits in the middle of the gimmicks performed by the gits who set out the chastity question trap for me in the first place, showing up here to tear down my finances, career and studies, over gimmicks that will help it to be seen by the public as an important person, which then feeds into the activities of their popularity idiots who had a use of my personality to get paid for being popular, ran me down all day and built communities to get imagination up my bum, then decide whom I am meant to fight in order to get into trouble with the Police and thereby deserve my career in so doing, despite this I have them under control but not yet the idiots with Media jobs who orchestrate their behaviour on me nearly every moment of every day. I believe one more insult from the famous people will push me over, to the stage where we set it out and all my success was built on a process that got them to fail, while they will have to do their worst by then – we are not talking about the tough guy gits with ideas about teaching me to respect my fathers with a big mouth, they were supposed to be the ageist idiots who got through and became financially successful, from a pool of characters who had great ideas about the future of their race and community relying on the way my personality was used by those who needed to get paid for being popular and were always seen doing unusual things during every unholy hour of the day, backed by those stupid minions that show up to gang up on me every day.

They do say they were a threat and people complain they think they are but I think they are not, from where I am however, I did not think that a handful of people who decided what became of my finances on the basis that they were bigger than I am and I had to be made to prove I was brave enough to deserve my career before I could have it, built up on Media after they saw me get to the backyard of Industry to prevent people doing my career, and thought that they were better placed to take advantage of me, even when it was clear that if I did not tackle the industry problem and set about attacking them instead, I would have been able to hit them so hard that they ended up assisting me with the Industry problems because they needed the civil right but the first time their stupidities organised a career in such a manner, was to do with a sense all incentives for my Bookshop needed to be in their control, so that they might secure lucrative advertisement contracts. It is matter a two part story, one part for those that are bigger, likely to build me up to a point where I invented my own gimmicks because I am smaller, set about trashing all Police had done to provide them with public security, so they had to buy it, run them down until they smell too and develop a real sense of spite and disdain for all they have gained from being bigger but still showing up here to run me down with social issues, so that they ended up with careers that were so free of public problems, it could never stop being successful and were House proud because they had a House to be proud of, about which I was never a fan. The not so big ones likely to bring out a side of me where I picked up all those gimmicks about getting into a violent situation with them which is likely to happen because the prospect of me losing more than they did was a main incentive and once I must have eliminated all that incentive and accessed which part of running through their stupid immoral society gimmicks until they showed up with personality disorders to try and be me, added up to their civil right, with a determination to ensure that their families stood beside them at Hospital beds. They do this endlessly I suppose – started out as a gimmick where some were meant to fight for civil rights while others got rich and the money may be shared later, ripping up my wealth equity to become the abusive and insulting Celebrities they are today – then it progresses to the direct abuses and attacks that I can only counter by coming up with ways to ensure I was in control of what my employers and colleagues thought of me, which I really do not have to and there was nothing they could do about me if I didn’t as well, considering itself a bully, a narcissist and a group of idiots that had built themselves some fuckboy haven, looking for more of what it is complaining of. Eventually it is said I enjoyed the prospect of doing a bad thing, but I do not, neither am I devoid of chastity, which question on chastity is a bait that I have taken to see what it is exactly they can do as it were. I get out of bed every day to run a Bookshop but what I am faced with are popularity idiots that did not think carefully enough of the consequences of their own personal decisions, running me down on claims that they could handle the bottom chasing gimmicks of their celebrity culture hoodlums while although I thought I was important, I could not, which has no meaning whatsoever, besides the process of building the bubble for criminals who paid attention to the way I ran my concerns producing an outcome where working intellectual property administration with companies left me the person who needed the services itself, wrecking everything I have done for a decade. All these because they liked a Book, I wrote for a general market to such an abusive extent of the way it solved their problems, that other members of the public who wanted to engage with the Books could not engage, thereby completely wrecking my finances. Hence I need to pay my Bills from the Bookshop and not corrupt Royal bullying me/ civil service support needing me to work with employers and colleagues that did not like me very much because it was a job never the less, to facilitate their abuses or I too will begin a process of making the Bookshop successful by running it up their arse, whereby one more insult from them and more so which added up to property damage will result in an outcome where I put together all these threats and develop a process to work with it every day as well. The part where it will get as serious as the society bits will be the point where I had to account for the way they had spent the last 6 years of my time all together. Here the point was raised on the realisation that the corrupt violent orthodoxy which I have always controlled rather well, was the source of all the problems but it is, the Politicians are in love with the power prerogatives and the abusive insidious boldness set out as courage, they do not stop until they had completely wrecked my health, life and career, letting them ‘do’ my ‘stuff’, while the rest were idiots who showed up at a Bookshop to decide how I will serve them and need buy more products from these gits, as we know they had an insatiable need to set me out as a hate figure when they wanted to suck up to rich people – not that I do not allow people suck up to rich people at my expense, there are wealth equity mistresses everywhere making money off people who hated my guts, their stupidities were just evil. They do claim they had the upper hand which is utter rubbish – they are a group of fools backed up by a Crowd and anybody can do it, one only needs a crowd and a process of get involved with their livelihoods and make demands, if I have to tolerate one more of those insults, some of which added up to property damage because I needed the Public image on being a writer etc, I will put all these together and develop a process that I can handle every day.


They claim that I am part of a process where people are forced to do things they do not wish to do of their own accord and I could never tell anyway since we have never been given names or descriptions of what they were being forced to do and yet if it is a process of taking to Media to express pleasure derived from forcing people to do what people do not want to do, then it is not amusing anyway. I could not have been part to a process of forcing them to do what they do not want to do if their careers were detached from the normal working commitment process by which people pay taxes, get a career and get a social life which matches the career, even though I am made to pay a price for it via a crowd which support them and make me do their bidding by passing off my activities as something which ought to give them pleasure, as a matter of the distance which exists between my Office and the National Media. It is the process of making me suffer so much which detaches me from sections of a public image that is developed to help facilitate state ceremony, so that they might seek a life of celebrity to get paid for lifestyle and product awareness and to get paid a lot of money, while they also got me to work for their problems as well, this is the process by which they make money and the part where they slapped down everything I did to make statements about their suffering for sales, which replaced a need to tell me to find a more difficult career, as they were privileged enough to deserve the one I had built, coupled with the sense they know nobody is forcing them to do a thing but they invent those gimmicks as a way of causing me suffering that brought them youth, was the way to boost their incomes instead of improving their careers – it is just too greedy and I am about to put an end to it as well. They do suggest that they wanted to get a lot of satisfaction from teaching me lessons and it does shoot off its big mouth a lot naturally; what we are talking about being that I used to worry as a younger person, about their civil rights being about stupid women that will make me give up a career I had built to women who were weaker sex, while I found a more difficult job to prove myself but now we are talking about the men building communities that churn your tummy whenever you stepped outside of your door, to ensure you got into a fight and they therefore felt privileged and pampered, so I like to think the behaviour of the women from earlier was a defence mechanism but the business of getting satisfaction from handling me will be the part where a group of idiots with stupid personal decisions they had to pay for and a crowd that will make me pay for it instead, shooting off their mouth when I had not secured a crowd of my own, to say the least, too. It is the schedule I have to pursue on this in any case as such: I need to develop the process to say that stayed away from my Bookshop or I run it up their backside as well to be completed before I engaged in a process of picking up celebrities slapping down all I did for my career to make themselves centre stage and community idiots with an abusive effrontery to get involved with my personal space which shuts down the relationships and the sex life etc – both cannot be done at the same time for risk of mental health issues. Nobody is forcing them to do anything and the idea that they will handle me for satisfaction is a gimmick. There is the question of the reasons people do these things but it is an old story about practical jokes being run off at other people’s expense to make their lives easier on the basis of men and women society problems, setting me out eventually on the basis of a level of greed that ensured it is the distant violence inflicted on me that caused people to engage with what they were selling while thinking that involved with me would share the problems, wrecking everything in this place and a new even stupider test being invented every day to be followed with threats that help to explain they really believe that killing a person was incredibly difficult and their stupid sizes would have helped during extreme threats. So the blacks will wreck my studies to make sense of those civil rights problems and I will want them to move off and get threats from them instead but if that stupid populism were to be moved on, I would no longer have to deal with the idea that their women could steal from my market place with a sense that I was responsible for their sanitary needs – the insults messing with the mind of which people need snap out of it as their lives were not affected and there was nothing going on in their lives which really facilitated the behaviour, just abusive greed and the insulting practical jokes that have caught up with my career and finances, which meant I needed to get off government support and make myself felt at their doorstep. They do say I brought this on myself because I am always resisting intervention from High places but the Queen had for years set out leadership to say that if the men did not conduct themselves a certain way, they would not hang about needing one wife and at least a mistress in order to keep a career but in her later year she was now fighting the battle to help them out on the fact they drove it into a corner to say they had the problem and needed the mistresses – I just felt that way because they had trashed my studies and finances, especially the blacks who were entitled to get involved with me after years of setting out abusive behaviour that got me to make sense of anal sex, shooting off their mouth in public when I ran it off on them as well; so we have entered the history where I am Mr smell and if I did not start paying the bills from the Bookshop, I will run it up their arse, always good at the warnings I am, as it were. I mean if I got off having Children outside of wedlock and I knew there were women I had children by, I was paying my part for the upkeep of those I had created a family with, it would have been a certain behaviour for my circumstance and not a governmental failings, what we have here is an inability to tell which is which all together and the idiots had decided again which careers they liked when it hurt, which means I really needed to start defending myself too i.e. I needed to start paying bills by the Bookshop or I will run it up their backside.

I do get told these are legitimate pressures for my Office and yes they are, just a matter of the idea that it was about power whereas it was a case of doing the career as a lay person which meant society gits will be making their own money from it instead once finished, in terms of the educated, the popularity gits will and those who had both under control will get beaten down by Celebrities making self centre stage to get rich, everything that suggests a minister for education should be employed, eliminated, something that should be kept away from the children to say the least. For my part they do worry I have had it rough but I am perfectly fine, just very tired: I mean I do need get the finances running properly and then finish the University studies after the gimmick of saddling me with issues associated with the need to have one wife and one mistress at least, if I wanted to keep the career, while chasing sex with women my age on account I was tight handed according to them and seeking ownership of every sociological matter that emerged when I studied to get rich as well, resulting in a drop out, from which point their abuses have never really stopped – I had plans for my studies, trying to come up with a process that helped resolve some economic problems, there were questions about the social factors getting out of hand and I have been able to control and pin down those social factors well enough to complete any research I needed to chase, now the daily insults of the media and celebrities are leaving fears that I could no longer control those social factors, about which it is almost amusing when we hear them speak to Politicians about my attitude like their stupidities pay the bills in this place. I had since settled for a process of building a Trust system to broker equity, the trust system that their stupidities want to make their own money by, getting on my nerves – so it is not just the one question anymore, pertaining to how we get caught up with them which is a matter of the way retired people lived, the scumbags that want to get along with those who spend youth being tough and now showing up to express a need for all sorts of options, throwing insults everywhere and being a real threat to everything and everybody, the idiots who want to get along with those using my social life, who also thought their stupidities were famous, if they continued a life of complicity with such nonsense to target me or street riots where Women especially were vulnerable to having homes burned and the abusive cycle that makes sense of the stupid homosexuality that allows it the effrontery to get imagination up my bum continued. We were nearly there, a point where it could be said that if my Bookshop was not paying my Bills it was all my fault, their insults got in the way again to make sense of my idea I had problems because I had no money to spend – it got in the way again, usually it does before we could not be free of the complaining, speaks for itself as to the reasons patents are placed on Books, their popularity fools being the people with the Media jobs, now we head towards an outcome where state provided security burns that stupid lifestyle of trashing peoples careers to have a social life similar to that of City centre people who got theirs by sorting out the career whilst ignoring the tough culture and society bits which got easier for them the more successful they became, whilst I shove a Bookshop up their bums to sell Books and get a Bookshop reading it on the other hand. They do claim that none had a life as catastrophic as mine which is utter nonsense – these goons have always done these things, at the early stage I networked for Family life and came across a bunch of social mobility female journalists, the sort of people who would be the main targets for Politicians that wanted mistresses if we lived in a none democratic system that was not accountable to the Public and I assisted them on the domestic abuse issues which was the main process that facilitated male dominance at the work place, after several instances of people being asked to choose between friendship with me and their jobs by their bosses, the issues associated with women getting into work as it were, I stepped back a few times and my finances suffered, so I thought the problem had moved on, apparently it had not, it grew into direct process of handling my property and beating down anything I did about my career to make their lives easier and make themselves centre stage, in keeping with the first instance where I wondered why any would do something as dangerous as use domestic abuse situations to get ahead of female colleagues at a Media establishment, so it did my own as well by deciding to set me up for academic failure and get me into a fight with gangs and criminals because it put a name to its face on my television.

Eventually we find the Politicians at Parliament getting into a process of constantly seeking to make the statement that I am a benefit scrounger but I could never make sense of it anyway, as if I were, they too were part of a process where I got door to door sales job and their men’s world idiots set me out as a punching bag that people attacked to suck up to rich people, which they have made the most of – immediately after that was the German influence stupidities where I got a security guard job and at the end of the job spent on daily life changing abuses, I was built publicity to suggest that I am a gift to criminals, which again they have alongside celebrities made the most of, therefore difficult to see how getting a job was more important to them if I needed it to finance a Bookshop and to complete my studies in this place and how the way getting a job was important to them for the purpose of civil service narcissism, tended to ensure people got jobs, thereby making me a scrounger. Even so, claims that I am a benefit fraudster while there is no evidence that I am is defamation and we know that I would not be on benefits if I was regularly put through to employers and colleagues that were happy for me to turn up to work, we also know this is done deliberately because of their greed and a need to shake things up for their politics of madness. The point here is that their interest in me is not about jobs, it is about feeling as if they ran the Country, being able to count the population and say that a certain number had joined the armed services and were likely to beat up any who offended their stupidities, which had since given way to the four years to 2021 being a time that I put a bookshop on the market, only for their disrespect and need to torture me to have given way to abuses and insults and move the financial structures elsewhere, finished off by the idiots involved building me publicity that allowed their stupid children to describe me as a bum and build self-confidence doing so, with a big mouth – we know their parliamentary stupidities have been part of it and therefore no idea how they got to the conclusion that it had to be announced on National media succinctly, that I am a benefit scrounger who needed to be handled, perhaps like a thief but I am not necessarily knocking the easy way out of it, when it does show up at a Law Court, so I might solve my financial problems once and for all by getting compensation off their stupidities, which I would really like to do by targeting specific politicians and their earnings thereof.

They do claim I am a trouble makers and have earned a reputation for it but I have never suggested that I am a victim in the matter, just made the statement that there is no evidence I am a benefit scrounger and it had become more difficult to get a job since last they trashed my University studies, showing up there to work these practical jokes on me while I was studying, the damage to University studies preventing a process where it was said that I am qualified in a particular thing which explained my personality that others wanted to win elections and get paid for being popular by, therefore shutting them out – after which I got a door to door sales job that saw them took me around the Towns of England to set me out as a character people attacked if they wanted to suck up to the rich – thereafter which I got a security guard job which developed into German influence stupidities that gave way to me having a social life that made a statement about being a gift to criminals, the real problem that had since gotten a response from me being that we had reached an outcome where their idiots hung about the high streets and shops to make out I ought to shop online so that I might give them my money without showing up on their premises on account that I smell. It enjoyed picking up my projects; a particular career process, project 1 to 5 and it will pick up project 2 and 4, then get about running me down to make sense of its stupid career and sharing it with others that it did not think of as competition because their stupidities had gained an insidious boldness by which to get involved with my personal space at will, so I had to make the political scum complete those projects since I want to see my 60th birthday and wish to enjoy a retirement as well, thus my reputation as a trouble maker and they need to go to hell. I have been told that despite all these my career still looks good and yes it does; I need to finish work on the business of deciding that each week that my Bookshop is not paying my Bills, I will run it up their bums, once finished with it, the insults that meant they showed up here alongside their celebrities to handle my concerns and make themselves centre stage will be the main reasons that their careers get to vanish as well.

In retrospect they say living on benefits was shameful and yes it was but I was doing something with my finances to work an issue I researched around currency liability – that if we tracked the currency and picked up the footprints to say that we had from public money paid for everything that emerged from those footprints, could we then pass off the emerging condition and platform as a tool and a stage for controlling inflationary prices? What we know as a matter of certainty is that if £1 performed the financial role that 1p performed in the 18th century, it does not mean that £1 had failed to perform the role properly, the difference between the two currency denominations having performed the same role, is the inflationary prices between them, otherwise they were exactly the same and only separate by name. So if my supposition that chasing currency liability and having it funded from collective tax payments was likely to be the same as creating an economic condition in an environment where there was none, leaving people to make up their own prices for the public, were to be scientifically true, I will have invented a way to control inflationary prices which are abnormal, compared to price increases which are a function of chases in market place conditions, such as new influences, products and participants. They do claim that this might produce a result where people think that there were funds to pay for liability that existed because National currency existed, which is the theory bits, we know the reality bits is more a matter of fact that scarcity and choice are virtually the same condition – so this is where political idiots need pay their attention to the one that is paying their salary and stop getting on public media to run me down and shower me with insults (obviously very good at trashing the career with involvement based stupidities to ensure it could handle the personality and get paid for being popular, had a fucking conscience when it had to assess whether or not I was entitled to benefit assistance).

They claim that I am moving from one difficulty to another but what is happening is a gradual process to a clearly set out squaring up on this matter – it has always been the one problem with Men and the need to turn out at criminal backyard, handling me and my possessions without permission, ripping up the career, finances and public image, passing insults at me to put the feet up at Holiday resorts and suggesting I had pioneered a way to get rich fast which their stupidities got to share with the world, issuing threats. Repeatedly it is the American incredibly stupid Geopolitics, time and again it is the German insolence, and the list goes on and on, while they claimed they were clear about the fact they hated me. When the popularity gits play the criminality music for them, only then is dancing to it which they loved to do so much in parliament, the thing that was not the real deal, then the big one where they set about claiming that people at the Monarchy had done the wrong things and ran it off to a stage where their international development strategy became a threat and tended to seek cashing into the history of insolence built up for me, as the way to ensure I paid the price for it all the time, instead of go back and tell people that they were wrong. I am set to finish this process of assessing my finances and each week that the Bookshop had not paid the bills will be an instance to run the Bookshop up their bums, while state provided security runs them down on the other side, if I am set and settled and the Bookshop is in good shape, their continued interest in me will easily give way to outcomes where interfering with my business to make themselves centra stage led to career destruction.

I am then told that nothing I have said have solved my problems, but my problems were a function of a group of idiots with Media jobs and nothing else. As mentioned before, they set out risk of domestic violence as a method of getting ahead of their female colleagues and they have just done mine as well, ripping up my career to decide I am to get into a fight with gangs and criminals on the streets to get ahead – the first time round it decided its route to easy riches with the stupid media career was to come up with insulting and abusive advertisement that was set to get my business incentives out there as something they could control to secure lucrative advertisement contracts, now it had settled in on what was the consequences of its need to imagine that I was at its mercy, thereby a fantasy which got it picking up everything I did to build a version that would fulfil this dream, of which the practical jokes have now caught up with my finances because the disrespect continued to get worse and worse – we had since entered the abusive bits where I was a character that had offended a lot of wealthy people which got that old business of theirs where they ran people down until people were a manageable size for them to pick on, meaning that the point at which Media fools started persecuting people usually came when the victims thought that it was all sorted out, ended up with a need to get rich betraying me to the wealthy people I had made enemies with and it had since become so abusive and so violent. The point here being that the Politicians are starting to raise questions about something concreate on my part and they talk too much about the idea I never had a chance, with a continued perverted interest in my Books that moves my financial margins away from my patents. It is the usual picture where I went into industry backyard to prevent people working my career, about which if I attacked them instead, they would have ended up assisting me because they needed the civil rights; think about the instances where people set out to work as distributors for large companies and because their incomes come from small shops, had to work as a co-operative, then think of the atmosphere when they are at work and the idea I was joining them when I was not, built up to abusively that my academic work and social life was wrecked, while muppet got ahead to torture me every day with throes of homosexuality, now it does not wish to channel its attention to the one that is paying the salary, if its stupidities were certain that I posed no risks. The beginning plan here is to ensure every complication they caused me was filled into their social and personal lives, considering they were the ones who had jobs to put names to their faces and tell the news – from which I plan to progress the business of shoving the bookshop up their arse every time my finances are not paid through it on the week and run them down until we had to meet, especially if we were close to a process where my Bookshop was market stable and their insults got in the way again like it did before this.

In the end it is said that if I got rid of the sense I was weak, broken and beaten down, it may not get so bad but I am not, I simply do not think I can defend myself well if I got about looking and or being tough – about which they had since picked me up when I am at my most relaxed, to build a version of me that is afraid of my shadow, which they got to tackle every day to show I was brave enough to deserve my career and the abuses make me feel perpetually tired, which does not actually prevent me from pursuing my daily concerns as such, just that as a whole my tiredness provokes their stupidities as well with a big mouth. The danger it is said that I faced everyday referring to the issue of living in a neighbourhood where riots had occurred; the riots appear to have been a product of complicity on the part of younger people with ageist gits, which complicity we continue to see set out as the stage for their community organised abuses that produce lasciviousness which supports the careers of money madness gits who believed that their daily assault on my health and finances was entirely victimless, not that I could do a thing about even if I wanted to. The riots had produced two results – one being that these younger people who are complicit with ageists gits went to prison for criminal damage and there were women who went through hell in the neighbourhood to buy homes which were burned down, so the same younger people continued to complain while getting complicit with the ageists, showing up here to gang up on me for an opportunity to attack somebody and share the ageism money, at the same time the women who have been given a raw deal cannot stand the sight of them getting involved with older men or the sight of me a completely neutral person and the distant violence gets completely out of hand but it continues to show up here despite to express something of its inability to get through a day without stealing something, to gang up on me all day, while their popularity backyard gits appears to need National Media, Parliament and probably the international community to handle me. The part which wrecks my finances being that everything which added up to a process of me stepping outside of my comfort zone was continued into something else to twist my arm and it makes so much sense of their narcissism towards the female community and the fact it regularly ended in sexual activity but I did not think they needed public institutions to handle me either. The others who kept blabbing about the business of spending money on them whenever they abused me, never stopped making the point about the things I said to get myself into trouble, besides their silly celebrities showing up here to trash my earnings, put themselves in charge and handle my finances if it did not turn out as expected – what I plan to do to get myself into even more trouble is an assessment of those things I am said to do to cost my brokers and clients bread winning customers and then make sense of it in terms of assets and property their stupidities damage which is not a function of the power their money is supposed to have had over others, and there is every probability I will end up teaching the scumbags a lesson they will never forget.

Having not taken the matter of my public life too seriously as a test for how this matter is likely to evolve, it turns out the most popular statement out there is that I had lost everything but continued to live in a deluded world. The truth of it is that I have lost nothing, they simply spent five years of my time to pick me up where I am at my most relaxed and build ideas about the ways I am meant to prove that I deserved my career by doing something brave enough to get into trouble with the Police, then they added the abusive history associated with my involvement with the door to door sales industry and the private security industry – from this, they have set out how to ensure all I did with myself every day was spent on somebody else, also set me out as gift to criminals, so that people might chase my bum and wreck everything I did as well, eventually setting the stage for me to be a character that is ripe for punishment and we are beginning to see them snoop around Government buildings to seek out Public authorities that they might obtain permission to do it from. The usual gimmick from some of the stupidest on the planet naturally and this is what I mean, considering the Men love it, the Celebrities love it, and the Politicians love it, so one more insult from them and I will build my success from their failure. They do claim nothing I said resolved my financial matters naturally and yes it does not; the financial matters were a product of what the Public saw as per their need to work distant violence on me, having been that all methods of controlling my finances to handle me had failed, the distant violence is worked to ensure that they were able to adopt a public pedestal from which to berate me until they got jobs that helped them spend their time working on me to make a living instead of the jobs abusively, which then produces an exploration of destitution, that people do not wish to be a part of and I have really had enough of them, especially when they show up with a history of building me easy insult handles that they can alongside their children get to handle for absolutely no reason, build me one of those and when I give them the exit to stay away from my Books, I set out a Bookshop but before it is settled enough for trading, their insults get in the way again. It does speak for itself either way, the reasons that patents are placed on Books but I am a writer and do not need to learn it like this as well in any case – where we have a stage set by my patents and my social life, when people get involved it is perverted into something that can be attributed to another livelihood, such that the benefits of having written my Books can easily pass to somebody else who does not even work in the same industry, if I had not attacked their stupidities violently, goes without saying one more insult from them and I will start my own gimmicks at their expense too. I do not worry about the financial matters in a wider sense, to push these characters back I will need to do it in a condition where I was poor, in order to achieve the results that I need, otherwise I will be pushing them back on account I was rich, which is not the correct result, that said, I will have to show the Public at some stage, that the jobs market was preferable to celebrity culture and that meant finishing University studies and sorting out my financial matters. The point is that I have not lost anything, office, social life, Public life just the controversy about Celebrities because it is the biggest cause of my extremely poorly bank balance – half the time they do it because I am being wooed and the point was that the finances was never an issue but the rest of the time, the Celebrity culture gits ran the show and showed up here to make a mess, having done the work with respect to the Men setting me out as somebody that had pioneered something to make people rich which is incredibly perverse when they were unable to fool around with blood and sweat, looking for people to start a new Country they can get involved with to be honour guests abusively until conflict was the outcome, I gather people said I am relaxed about the matter for which I do have reasons to be relaxed; as all I now need to do is pick up if or not their daughters were making statements at the beaches and coasts and holiday resorts about government operatives they hated and some need they had to run me down, get rich and feel as if they owned the Country, hence with respect to any I had business with who set about taking pictures on my social life, blew kisses at criminals to sell magazines, I can pick up those images and put them down to Office accountability. I do get told the way I ran my concerns was good and I suppose they are if I am able to uphold the Queens standard when required of me while I am dead broke and living on benefits, then again, these goons always need to feel as if they owned the Country – it gets to a stage where they picked up various aspects of peoples government office work and passed it off as their social life but then again entirely expected, if there is nothing else in their heads apart from the Country, whereby we see that Celebrities had recently developed a certain type of Publicity that made them controllers of my Office and status and they regularly worked their communities of lasciviousness to get imagination around my private parts abusively, as they claimed that they got to decide how the Public got involved with and shared it. It all plays into gimmicks about careers I am meant to give up to them because they were bigger, which then gives way to ideas of my own on what I can do about them because I was smaller, every time it picked up my social life to extract money from through show business disobediently and buy a house it can be proud of. I do not think the matter with the Country was a big issue as such either, it’s only a question of the Country having existed and whether or not the fact it had meant I had lost something important already, which is incredibly annoying; I can see myself make up ideas about wanting to talk to trees but there was an inherent problem with an idiots life showing up all over it, I mean I don’t talk to trees but it is an example of instances where I might make it up as well.

They do claim I had failed in every way but continued to think myself worthy of my position, it is utter nonsense as I have not failed in anyway and in anything, save their need to show up and invent ways of playing with me, such that it distracts me from everything in order for their stupidities to handle my personality and top up their sense of importance for the purpose of insults that are meant to make the money at the market, I am as such therefore assuming that the failure the speak of is failure to effect some sort of violent activity that decided how they got to handle me or how they kept away from my concerns for my part. It is an issue the men had become obsessed with and goes all the way to the Prince of Wales – the Men made a complete mess of the bank balance, made a complete mess of my social life both of which we find their insolent stupidities share with others and this failure story draws public attention to the beauty of their stupid children that had chosen a kind of success that made them comfortable, showing up here to decide how I ought to pursue my concerns outside of my comfort zone, so they might move into it and feel important. So with respect to the so called various definitions of success, whenever they see a handful of low lives coming up with ideas to run communities that are friends with an idiot employed in a company that brokered equity with me, to show up here handling my earning margins to make sense of the idea I am an industrial popularity git that claimed I knew people I did not, the German influence scum, they should lend Royal support to it and ask me about the problems later, as there is no way I am likely to device my own way to protect my interest with catastrophic results for them as well – same as the Americans who join in on the anus fingering insults, likely to find me fuck them over properly with the geopolitics to make it stop their way as such. Generally however, celebrities were unnecessarily wealthy because people gave them money on an assumption that when they were seen buying products, the public was encouraged to buy as well – the gimmicks of the men adds up to abuses and insults, they want to be unnecessarily wealthy like the Celebrities as well but do not have their own assets and acumen for it, just insolence to target me with every day – needs keep the mouth shut and read a Book. On the matter of their need to be unnecessarily wealthy like Celebrities, we are becoming clearer and clearer on the pressure points; I find them on media working their problems on me to trick me into abusive practical jokes that get me solving it and they will feel me again, I find them show up around hotel and resort neighbourhoods to shower me with insults and they will feel me again, I find them shower me with insults on Media and they will feel me again, I find them handling my concerns at Celebrity culture and they will feel me again, until it becomes unavoidably clear that some of their insolence added up to the destruction of a writing career and therefore property damage. We are just getting to the part where the way I am handled and used will cause them pain and a process of feeling sore all over as well, I suppose it is a prelude to asking me what I did with my time before people shared or used my personality for their purposes.

Overall, these gits set me out as somebody people bullied so as to befriend rich people which ensured the obsession with my personality added up to the sense I am to be abused whenever people wanted to make money, so it was clear that they were out to help spend the wealth of rich persons who spent their money making trouble for everybody – no Political and Public instability to it until the Royals get involved and decided that somebody else was to face the consequences for the instability which has nothing whatsoever to do with me, they had since made a mess of the bank balance and the gimmicks are very distracting. In terms of my finances, the main source of money loss was the business of famous idiots finding their way into my concerns again, to run me down every day making sure what happens to them is taken out on me and it added up to a trick by which I felt so much discomfort, I got about finding a solution which then solved their problems and allowed them personality top up at my expense – when I issue threats on it they claim I risked ending up in a Law Court which will never happen as I am doing it socially as it were, I am set to screw them over with it properly as it were, stop the business of losing money because they never stopped claiming the controversy of my life was their own and that I worked for them, while they clung to my Royal Estate. It is actually a very simple matter, about Celebrities and their idiots with an effrontery to get involved with my personal life and personal space at will, so I ought to say that everything which adds up to a quality of life that they had built for themselves, especially when done at my expense, should be spent on the problems created by so doing but I am not responsible for the public instability, that was invention that the Men created and their own to solve, all part of my failures as it were.

I am then told that most of the Public stability that they men had invented was because of me and yes it is as I have pointed out that if they did not pick up the way people at the Monarchy and the people at Buckingham Palace handled my concerns to do it by, they would have had no credibility by which to get this far. So it brings us to the very beginning of the problem i.e. the business of showing up at University to run me down over dreams of getting somebody to suggest that they got rich and famous at his expense, by the time I dropped out of which it was no longer possible to dispute such a claim if I made it anyway – since then it had become more and more abusive, to the point where they started a global stage abusive dream of seeing me fight all their wars in life because they saw me pick up a bad neighbourhood to place myself in the midst of facts associated with Books I was writing and it made sense considering the stupid society men with ideas that whatever Celebrities did with me which they were a part of, they were bound to handle me and do their own as well because I did nothing about it; this was the last straw, especially after I decided to move the Celebrities on and the destruction of my Books was performed to inform me that their famous stupidities did not live in a world where they got shown things they could not have. Eventually it goes beyond the risk of meeting people these stupid and the whole business getting violent, with you having a need to show how you felt after 12 years of career, finance and social life destruction, followed by public place insults and health issues linked to it, so that the famous idiots might say that after making a mess to make money, their left hand side was good while mine was bad and my right hand side was good while their own was bad and we had to get involved in a partnership about which I had no choice and they could grab bother later if their stupidities were strong enough to, to say that it got violent and I needed to show that I had seen and had enough of them. Generally on the other hand, it had become so difficult for this place to be quiet and for people to read Books because they wanted to live in a society of entitlement as well, what their stupidities were referring to being women who think they were entitled to have you fight for them, what we are looking at being a group of women who had their minds in the right places and were likely to maintain a life where a certain behaviour led to conflict without question or messy politics, so if the conflict came up, you were actually able to do it. We are then settled on claims their problem and the lies they cannot stop telling which consequences had nothing to do with me, was to do with a little character like me being an Arch Prince, while there were bigger and more worthy people – what they mean being a matter that goes beyond the fact that they are complaining about me because the lies had since groomed me for punishment and I was facing a threat, it becomes a matter of their more worthy stupid insolent popularity children with personality disorders and I could never make sense of it anyway: besides this punishment I am to face because they were responsible for my immediate surroundings to say the least, especially the famous fools that cannot keep their imagination hands off my bum, it’s difficult to make sense of the part of Government business they appear to be seeking all the time around here – I am for instance said to be a character that never chases the problems until they become too much and those who say it are likely to pick up the issues, resolve them and make statements about what they deserved at my expense: we are talking about a matter as simple as the insidious boldness of criminal gits and hoodlums to get involved with my personal space, adding up to a war on their famous fools who facilitated it, so that I might pick up their quality of life to foot the expenses for their stupidities, being turned into a fight which is quite insane but I am also talking about a group of people who turn it into a fight and get the fighting done, they will handle my social life, my leadership and my resources to do it quite but they get it done, while these idiots generally tended to show up and provide everybody with security and the more of it their stupidities provided was the more trouble people got into. It is all an ignorance of something that their good friend HRH Prince of Wales seems to be oblivious to as well; that people who do government work successfully had enough intellectual acumen for leadership to become deadly threats to him, it is simply not something that they were currently doing and he was doing his best to find out what it looked like.

Eventually we hear that when it really comes to it, I had a very bad attitude towards the women, which is utter nonsense. What we know to be true is that the insults women would fancy me if they felt that my physical bearing showed my penis to have been bigger and we have to deal with those kinds of stupidities that run off to the idea I did not have a girlfriend because I was not worthy of one and very unlikely to get into a fight for a woman. Then there is the big problem where the women who said that a relationship was not decided by financial wellbeing, set out as the stupid characters, whereas they were the ones being truthful, as these gits were unlikely to pay my Bills if we got into a relationship, never mind the fact that they would not be looking after the children either, if I did not want them to; the outcome of those stupid interests in me being that they block my personal relationships and I cannot get into a relationship with anybody, so if we think about it in terms of the need to complain on Media and to Politicians every day, that I beat them down for it as well, alongside their gits from overseas complaining about me, we see that it is all gold digger activity, that when the other group joins in to say that these issues arise all the time while I suggested I could handle the matter comfortably, we were also dealing with gold digger activities from the Monarchy. Eventually playing into those stupidities where they bang walls and door at me and get imagination around my private parts, which is what their big brother characters got to groom me for, and it went all the way to the German influence gimmicks, at this stage which they were still running around with enough acumen for lies associated with picking me up when I had taken my clothes off, to build communities that got imagination up my bum, stagnating my career and finances, while the other gits at Industry will not manage a business and or sell products, in a world where they enjoyed trashing peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods and run people down to get rich, without making stupid statements about my function with respect to property broker and intellectual property administration and I am now poised to embark on a process of asking them to get the job done or hand it over to somebody else, which will likely see me bang away until they handed the job to somebody else as well. I am nearly at the stage where all acumen that helped them feel like they had done something important displaying me naked to communities that made money getting imagination around my private parts were eliminated, which is the best I can do to avoid the confrontation which can be associated with their various stupidities. Hence the question of the problem with German influence gimmicks but it is violent orthodoxy, it cannot stop shooting off the filthy mouth on my finances and building communities that get imagination up my bum, all methods of sharing my income had failed save if they progressed the insolent and perverted interest in my private space into such nonsense, they had invented their own religion and become its God, I was filthy and smelled, their sons were more beautiful for an Arch Prince's Office, I cannot meet people for business and personal relationships due to their stupid interest in me and the idea of my career being done by somebody else had become a thing and it shows up with the stupid insidious boldness to do National service by exploring my civic duties and thereby getting into a position for discourses where its stupidities made the doing your stuff, doing my stuff, doing stuff insults to such an extent it got to decide how I existed and came up with ideas about luxury - eventually they claim Church authority directives do not apply to their stupidities because their religion was different but it does - we see the American bits get off claiming British people hated Americans while it picks up this nonsense and gets about ideas that the UK was full of Royalty and if they captured one and put it through hell, they will be rich, which runs to a stage where the way they ran their concerns clashed with the decision of their Government but it does not stop, it tones it down however when it shows up in my backyard to spend the money that no longer made sense since he or she acquired it, at which point I will have been suffering the social double whammy of its stupidities and likely to be very nice thereof, so it tends to stop only when it hates British. I have decided to run the gauntlet because they still show up to run me down over what I do concerning the violent orthodox idiots who are actually a gift to criminals, showing up to play with me until my career failed and none can actually explain why the ever complaining Celebrities had joined in and showed up here issuing existential threats at me with a big mouth.