Now I am aware of how the main issue is that when I say what I say I say them and write them to the hearing and reading of the wrong people and no matter what excuses about which part of the Queens realm is okay to work or not, it will still not be okay. The reality on the other hand is the facts about how on earth Mr Sun shades who must make money in this life ended up somewhere near UK security services and even if such people did how they ended up somewhere around my personal security as well for good measure. Bearing in mind that is that these are the same kinds of individuals that can follow people around like they have me, to ensure there is an insult passed onto everything I do and therefore by the time I am kept from an alternative means of earning a living until I had built an empire, the money from it will have gone somewhere else while every other part of it would be intact, which is therefore a fine indication that the biggest problem that black people face is white man. I do not think it to be a major issue either; they provoke me all the time the part where they will wreck my finances and my academic work and insult me and draw it into interaction with the witch next door in the neighbourhood and spin it and wreck my health and so on until I react so that they can keep my reactions up on media in order to ensure I am responding to the stupid things in their society because they want to use my personality for self improvement but it is of course after they get the security services involved on their behalf who ensure that eating sleeping drinking working writing, absolutely every single thing I do, tickles them, makes them laugh, makes them angry, sees me get some of that violence that happens because the witch next door should  be in my personal life, then it is time to worry about what I say which I guess is so because they realise I intend to wait for them at their retirement and lash them with those things as well which is why I ‘say up’ where I do. It is the part where it comes to a head and it is only when they are finished doing such things that they realise they want to tell me to watch what I say and where I say it due to how it may affect them but before then they needed all of the above activities in order to ensure that my quality if life no matter if I do get around to acquire the finances in the end anyway, has been changed and reduced in order to create a comparatively superior quality of life which sees them at the top and me at the bottom. So it is fair to mention that provided it continues, they will continue to feel some of mine as well. Now on the matter of trifling with the US however, I do not believe that there is any country in the world that should be trifled with for my part, small or big and of course we all know that trifling with Countries is what Americans and Russians do because they are certain they have an unlimited Military. However, for the US It does appear that before it became a country that is right and wrong at the same time, it used to be a colony of the UK – the same DNA of certain people there that have a problem with rules; hence fair for anybody to conclude there has always been a UK here and there always will be one here, nuclear war or not; this country has a National Anthem that says we will be slaves to none, so any who believes anybody here is scared of them is seriously deluded; last I checked my books beat them up as it were. They claim I do not like most British people recognise Mr Obama like we would other white presidents but of course everybody knows Mr Obama plays games that can be tolerated from stupid businesses that can be hung up to dry because he knows he can pawn the general public at will i.e. he gets involved with your book sales and the sales go downhill and will not be seen getting off it in hell: what it means therefore is the old stuff that

1.       It should be set out the reasons I do what I do has to do with being a kindred of some black idiot that works for a company anywhere, so that whatever I do for a business he can do for another and continue to keep his job, while he wrecks mine and risks the company I work for, he has worked out all the arguments he will put forward for it and intends to do it every day as well. Hence Obama is the President we all want for we blacks are all slaves under the skin, he is not a black President but a slave that became president which is good for him not me and as I mentioned we British are slaves to none.

2.       The other issue is the matter of what socialism really stands for now that the issues have become so clearly laid out that the risks of taking clear decisions about socialists and their abuses and the deaths they create with those intense and evil wickedness and the media they have to play around with for the purpose and the power they extricate from doing so. For me we have reached a stage where I will not stand for it any further and hence have decided to start off a programme where all the derivatives market will get their property from the ideology of socialism because it appears its only operable function is to wait for the capitalists to work for it and then save their energy to show business idiots where the power is, confiscate the work process or make up such a confiscation on media and allow the industry and business idiots to take over the work and the property by showing them the right side and the strong side and the powerful side to be on – hence given half the chance it will become something that the entire global economy adopts too. Of course they say I have lost the fight which in actual fact is a matter of whether I will broker equities with companies I work with or derivatives markets and stock markets and investment banking will get its property from socialism where they believe they have my property with them to pay for the costs as well anyway which is not really true. I have not lost the battle, this is a fully developed career not a one off like the stories they tell themselves is to want the world to think that it is. We are fed up with explaining why capitalism is a moral thing to people we already knew right from our teenage years will continue the reasons we have to accept losses at everything we do and aim higher in order to make as much as we need with the strength we have, so they can go to hell; so for me it is the twin question of what if there was a world where we did not have to accept these losses that always go to people who never put up to 30% effort into anything they want because civil rights will get it from those who have suffered to be vulnerable while they worked for it at the same time and why it is impossible to some to make them accountable for their actions by making sure they continue to be the source of property derivatives for the Global markets, bearing in mind that accepting these losses are no longer viable because they have enough strength in them to determine if somebody like me is allowed to have a living wage on which to plan a budget or not on grounds that my becoming rich will annoy them. I am simply taking steps to ensure that it does not degenerate into violence now that the problems they have created in the Middle East has begun to reveal other facts about their activities all over the world. So in the end it is the same old story of their laziness and a process of having anal sex with their foolish women and living in a world of men where people use other people’s lives and property to do things, hence I take a look at myself and realise I am a man as well and especially so for the matter of not being allowed a living wage by them because my being rich will annoy them and so I am a man as well as it were and this is just the beginning. So to answer the question about Mr Obama, the reality is rather the question of how it has become a matter of whether or not the President is Black and in terms of income how I set mine off as well.

3.       The last issue here has more to do with how the US is geographically closer to Russia for example than we Europeans are, which then also exposes why the US craving for middle east Oil must be stifled as well since that is closer to Europe than it is to the US as well, otherwise it is utter nonsense for the most part and does not change anything that other peoples decide to do, whether or not black idiots are getting or trying to get powerful as well for good measure. For me personally as I said about their man’s world where they use peoples things to do things, we end up in a place where they can integrate their communities into my faith and personal life and when I have a working Court of female journalists they turn up on my television to become the biggest problems specifically to cause destruction and get rich at the end as well; which of course measures some of the things they complain to people about me thereof.

These are all evil competition as they like it and the things we bear witness to in order to set out prove the world is an evil place and to take it at face value is the wrong move; they have worked it all out and will want to do it every day. It’s like their claim I think the Egyptian Military is on my side when I have said no such thing; we all know, we normal people all know that what is happening is a process where people know which Islamic Priests to go to whenever they want to rally themselves and attack others on one hand and the powers of the state i.e. the military on the other and the Military knows that another name for people who get to rally people to violence regularly is radical clerics. Here in the UK the nature of such trouble makers are more to do with goons from Africa that want to sacrifice me and believe I should have an opinion about it; of course I do but there isn’t much to it, except that they think of what I used to think about when I was about 12 years of age and think Politics is like student Union Conference where they can insult people as they like and push down real leaders to get their foolish populous selves into positions of government and then get away with absolutely any mistake whatsoever; I have been sacrificed all my life at present and they are fighting for theirs as we speak. Those MPs in parliament on the other hand are the main problem for me i.e. Labour regularly starts off conversations other parties do not want to have with them about the latest black sacrifice after they had created one because I have no right to exist which does not in any way explain why I think socialists have no right to exist as well as it were, I mean it’s a function of what is left for you as it were and then the conservatives will thereafter set out to ensure that as a result their country must become a place where no idiot can just turn up from overseas to change things and that is why I have set out how I harm each party when they get together to think they are animals and I am the carcass with Parliament. I do not think it a major issue, I mean the conservatives for example will carry on while you have not yet found out the secret societies they gather in to plan their powerful conservative villainy and then dropped a letter through the letter box for it to build on your own powers and find out what they want to do about it and Labour on the other hand as well are Liberal democrats who have a democracy that we cannot exactly tell what is liberal about it are pretty much obviously predictable; the reality is that they have three lives – one has to do with them and their own lives through and through and their friends and their pals and their close buddies etc, the other has to do with those they have to make relationships with and maintain those relationships in order to do their jobs, it is the third that has to do with hurting me; this is the one that involves me, the one I am interested in and I want them to shut down, for as long as gestures and insults and stirrups and body language continues to instigate abuses that are supposed to make me notice and pay attention to the witch next door as well as the foolish things in their society that beset them and their wickedness which is not to be rectified using the blessings my faith has given me without going along with its rules, I will always have my own piece of them as well every day.  Of course they say the Parliament and not the Monarchy has access to me but it does not matter either, the reality is that people tend to want what is going on in my head, want what I am writing and they can have it but be rest assured handling the books or the derivatives of the books and any property associated or more do sitting around it to do their own, will not make me think about whether or not they are having fame from it that is rightfully mine, it will kick me off at the Intellectual Property crimes and I will have my own pound of flesh as well. Last we checked it was a case of provoking me every day until the sight of me causes them confidence issues and then they started to ask media to do something about it and threatened to ask their thugs as well. The part where they want to raise their children to feel superior to me is well understood, it is the same old issue with really stupid people and I am not talking about going into education systems to absorb knowledge that others risked or sacrificed their lives to lay up, even though it would be justified mentioning they never go anywhere to absorb any knowledge unless they are assured they will have a hate figure to take their problems out on, it is the thought pattern and the mention of their need for a new country which makes them seem like intellects when we know we are dealing with thought patterns of incredibly stupid people. I am not their children’s age mates and I have lost my academic work to their organised insolence and academic work will never on any circumstances become the means by which I try to shut anybody off from anything anymore as a result of that – now they start and they stand and fight, there is no point going on about it and then trying to escape the outcomes.


Nice if the bullying continues and it appears UK interests in the Eastern Part of the World are safe and the West is in jeopardy because they have their media and it is nice to cause me distress and make fun and money out of it but it should be normal to expect the complains as well, especially when their tough guy gang badge insults and the idea I am being taken care of by them either way anyway does not show any signs of diminishing and all the time and finance expensive liabilities that come with them handling any public effects of me with such vile and violent boldness which I know regularly berates me for thinking I have finished the job when they are in charge of me and like to show their stupid hate around here all the time for as well, continues to get all over the place. I mean they will have to keep their anger or express it somewhere else as I need them off my television and actually do not wish to spend the rest of my life being insulted by them. It is an old story about what they do when people are respectful of others and do not believe human beings should be handled in absolutely anyway that people may want, it soon degenerates into how you respect people because you want them to take the risks over what you should do for yourself onto themselves on your behalf and runs right into how you own all you have worked for because you stole blessings from everybody else’s parents and so on, especially when they think they can take it away from you and so the story of whether or not I can do something about it can easily be tested by a process where they get off the civil service so we can find out, otherwise it is that big mouth of how I must come to their areas if I think I am bold enough or have got it, which if I do the usual outcome is that I have stolen or destroyed their culture for a start. I do not think it to be a major problem in anyway, it’s just my warning that they should take into consideration because I have had enough of them and am giving thought to beginning my own version of oppression as well having considered all I have been through on account they want to be sure they can dominate me whenever they want – damage to finances job and academic work and a daily testing of how much of it they have achieved as well. They will say largely I am supposed to take responsibility for some of the evil things I do which they clearly name evil things as it were but of course it has always been the case even since it started and has continued to run that they torture me as a fundamental basis for existence in their society and like to threaten me with blood thirsty violence in order to stay on and enjoy such things as much pain as it may cause me being completely irrelevant, that you learn these things from Church, hence instead of start my own oppression as well whereby they will lose control of their jobs and then their finances and then their families and I will have fun writing books and being powerful and important and famous from it, I take responsibility for the evil things I do, while they continue to experiment to find out what will happen if wickedness applied on me sets the template for how they should treat other human beings. Of course there is the other story where they say they do those things to make me do something about what is happening around them but we all know as the Bible teaches that we should not live in a way in which we are unaware of the tricks of the devil and I have been clear I have had enough of them and their anger needs to turn up somewhere else and very soon indeed or they will see what I do and what I will do about it. It is the same bone of contention all around i.e. it is either people can live with the idea that what does not belong to them belongs to another since things do not just exist by magic or they can have it beaten out of them one way or the other and so excuses like these do come up regularly as it were and one must take it too thereof and a process where putting an end to those insolent abusive media double standards will only be achieved if one way or another the proximity between them and my person and property widens to a point where their existence is no longer relevant to my daily business and then we can live in a real world where that their stupid anger is no longer a regular feature. On the matter of taking responsibility for my actions by itself and seeing that it is not okay for me to provoke them, the reality is that they enjoy provoking me, they get fun and commercial activity from it, hence at some point I do need to take a stand and do something about it. Take their music industry for example; the mainstream does exist on savaging your income to get rich and famous but there is another one that exists at the communities they build for themselves and some can just run on things like how they are respected all over the world except in the west where they are not and people are paying the price for that. So it is clear to them that they need to continue to handle my work and property like it belongs to none because once they stopped doing that I will earn money and the idea of me earning money annoys them and must be prevented from happening. Like when I mention things I have done before which does not seem to hurt badly enough yet and they make noise about how I have done nothing of that sort when the reality is that I want to control them, not their wives or children, that would be cowardice, I want to control them, control their lives because of course the reasons I have to deal with so much nonsense from them and even their Politicians is that on account me, me that their stupid children insult just to exist, they have come to a mental state which suggests that there isn’t anything on the planet they are not entitled to have and need to be made, by attrition or not to aspire to something, something they do not have and will never have. These things you learn from Church as it were, especially the part where the issue that brings it all on is my sexual habits, which exists of course to wind up those who fuck the wife I have not yet married – the media in the west never listens, especially the US ones and believe they can do these kinds of discrimination at just about anybody of their choice; so they wreck your life and finances but expect that will not annoy you because they are prepared for and need to ensure you are annoyed with the fact they fuck the wife you have not married. Entire Economies fear me over the fact that getting around to sit about my products and stifle my sales to find out how to do your own as well talking nonsense about where my products had ended up, always leads to the need to protect a global market - for the media there will be another trophy victory as well and I have a reputation to protect.

On the matter of MPs pay, I think we are simply making changing to pay and remuneration in the UK that is unprecedented in the last 40 years or so and the idea is that it will pay off when we know that it will not in the long run when people begin to ask for a rise in their own pay and then inflation takes hold and then on the whole we would have been financially better off if we made no changes to our pay in the first place. I mean the comparison is with doctors who work unholy hours as I say and its back breaking work, like working in a plantation field but with human beings to save lives, so that when you consider the work they had to do to be qualified in the first place, these are pricy high target high value workers, same with head teachers too who work like it was in a plantation field but with human beings – parents, children, other teachers etc , then compare that with work that MPs do and you find that they are not being hard done by warning at least 13 times what the lowest paid workers spend on their rent on the other hand annually, more over of which we are not talking about Divorced MPs of which even if they were the Children will move between them and no one person will have to shoulder most of the responsibilities etc, so they have enough disposable cash that has not been budgeted for to buy a house at any given point in time in which you may test each and every single one of them and that is not bad for being a minister of Parliament in the UK. I don’t think that most ministers earn the same amount, those who have their portfolio earn from the portfolio more than they earn from their basic salary; we all know the Prime Minister for example earns £140,000 and it is about the same for most of his cabinet counterparts and that is not bad for a Political career as a whole all together. I am always eventually left with this idea that I have done an obscene thing discussing MPs pay but of course we all know it would never come up if MPs do not regularly think that it is a taboo for me to walk past their office one moment and drive in a Porch past it the next and that is why they fundamentally set out on a daily basis to ensure they have done damage to my business and do so everyday to keep me poor because they have explained their actions in that sense in so many ways that the truths of it will not make sense anymore and it is therefore possible to continue those kinds of activities without a problem in the world. So that when you take a look at where their own career is i.e. if an MP wants to earn more, he or she would seek to have a portfolio appointment and that will make them behave in a certain way, instead of the idea that the lowest possible pay for me means my route to having vast wealth because of my products and how important they are and therefore come up with ideas about how that should be stopped, realise it harms their career and then set out to take more money from the treasury by provoking me, which is how I get involved with it because I don’t think people should take money out of the treasury at my expense either. Eventually some ask if I feel MPs have no right to be angry about my involvement with the Royal family or to feel that an outsider like me should have nothing to do with the British Monarchy, this has never really been the issue, they know if it was, they could not take me on unless they tried to kill me in which case they know everybody dies too one way or another in the long run eventually – it has long moved into the idea that the Queen might have the right to get involved with anybody she wants without being troubled but that they will be comfortable with my involvement with the Royal family if that involvement was performed by their own stupid children; hence we can see why I am never too bothered about the idea that the liabilities of my company being something I have to set out money to deal with is a certain group of Politicians and Ministers and hence since I do not wish to kill anybody have to settle for the next best thing after that and it will never be over therefore unless it over in my way. There is that talk they make out of course of how so much rubbish there are to contend with over my products but my products are perfectly fine i.e. they want to make me suffer on account they need a smile on their faces whenever they get involved with industries and stock markets and this smile I need on my face when I attend to my own business at the office as well and this is just the beginning of how to get it and sell the services that need to be sold therefore – like socialists and the fact that you can never ever, ever feel good in anyway whatsoever on account that they exist. The assumption is that this is the worst I can do but I am yet to get out there and face the big wide world and thus a big question mark on that prognosis.