Now I know they say relations with black people have been getting worse but of course it has, the delusion is that those who say black people are nice people who just have a side to them that I do not appreciate are correct, the truth is that they do not appreciate those whose offices are split between Church and state but when you had decided you do not want teachings you have given out to be used to create the sense they are angry inside but look happy outside which will help them to get rich, they will use it for that anyway and nothing matters to them only their what they want and when they want something they make it into a desire and then believe they will have it as long as you are not dead otherwise they will kill you and take it anyway. I have spent time in company of their modern churches where they talk nonsense about adding your own sense to handle things that God has blessed you with so you don’t get to harm their arrangements with their small corrupt garage churches where no second you spend there can ever be a happy one but they continue to follow me around and talk rubbish about knowing me and teaching me all I know and until I have to build an office over that their society and make profit exasperating them it will never take a turn for the better; I mean its the same old story anyway; the life of Christ could easily be divided into the happy baby that was the answer to the world’s problems, then the young man who turned water into wine at a wedding, then the happy preacher who healed the sick and raised the dead and carried out all kinds of loving miracles and then the unhappy bit criticising the Church idiots for every single thing he did while they continued to follow him around and then the part where he was killed – in my case apparently they will kill me somewhere in hell as it were. When you had cleared up the facts like this another dark side to them simply becomes obvious i.e. they are not good at measuring up to the rest of the world as a race, they are not good at achieving anything but they are very good at prejudice and that is why their lives and children are not enough and they want to own me as well because they have big government on their side, if coupled with corrupt evil arrangements they name churches, then they can trap me somewhere with a big mouth and that is the kind of provocation I have to put up with all the time to a point where it is impossible to settle the fact I was born somewhere and I grew up somewhere and I am going somewhere just because I am away from home of which if I got back home the pressure on my parents will be unbearable as well, hence the kinds of provocations they carry out because they want some of mine and they know therefore relationships with them because they never listen and handle the property of anybody they bloody well wish along with those insults have been bad for years and years now. Of course I want them off my books; the little known fact about their activities and that of white idiots that like them is that it is all about the fact that although my finances have been taken away from me, I have shut down aspects of my life where activities that are criminal can be cost effective and so this is all some great infantile insolent bullying to make me open it that never seems to rest and people have conversations about a Politics they do not understand because they do not seem to accept how annoying it is for me if they keep doing it. I mean the market reality is that I write my books and now have to get into a fight to get them sold, meaning that as usual the idiots are involved and have created two versions of my work; the real one and the one in their heads and then they will own the ones in their heads and the ones that are real will never be sold hence economically they have created many opportunity cost decisions that they can make on my behalf with my resources and want a piece of me without a doubt – relations have never been good with them and they know it. This idea of how they will keep my books which are in their heads is a typical example of what will happen when they start that stupid fight as well as it were because of course we all know they attack me at my bed chamber and office all the time which then creates them this sense they hope to maintain for false confidence that will continue to ensure they are not deterred from attacking or fighting me when they know they will lose until they get to win; so they do these things knowing racists will notice people who have been treated in that way but they will do it anyway and establish twisted churches to make alternative laws with, then pretend somebody has been having good relations with them up until now and that the relations just got bad at the White House. We have always known they are a menace and I have always known they need to stay away from me and their women keep their prejudicial insults to themselves before they do get to pay for them as well each time they blow them off and of course leave me alone as it were.


The story about how I am now trying to build barriers that will detach certain people I don’t like from me is entirely false; what is happening is that since wrecking the finances of a Royal Prince to a state where he has to seek an alternative job created a new world for them that they can brag and boast about to make people lives a living hell all the time, people are normally expected in such circumstances to explore and deal with the criminal underbelly of the world to hit them as well but avoid clipping media thereby preventing them from expressing themselves but I am different, I want that too because nobody knows who glorifies racism these days anymore, them or the racists – so since I had taken steps to ensure that racists do not learn mobility from it, I want to have every revenge that can be conceived in the circumstances. The reality is that of idiots with money to spend from Africa most of whom stole the money from government coffers and these things they have done because of some infantile and stupid need to get involved with me and use me like they claim white people are given leave to, what is then claimed to be a process where I am caught in some form of violence after another everyday which somehow makes them men feel as good as I had refused to give them is a too many cooks issue with media idiots setting out one thing after another for me to do which I can but it the wrong way round those things thereof and they say what they get up to as such is not their responsibility and I know what is too.

Now they are getting on some new case about how the reason for all my problems is that I got involved with journalists, which is then the worst thing that ever happened to me. Whereas in reality I do have a daily schedule and when they end work as a result of that is entirely up to them as well, since it is not of respect or importance in any way whatsoever. Hence the talk of my ludicrous intervention in the lives and world of women when we all know they feel their girls can do and undo with anybody with them around as it were with a big mouth. They know they think my finances to be a plaything starting with men like them who leave their jobs and homes and families to make it a major concern of theirs, all of which I have also taken up including their family lives and politics and made a public show of doing it for them so that it does not leave carcasses lying around here to attract scavengers, which result is that Americans can talk even more rubbish about being tough the entire purpose of which is to provoke me and every idiot in the world can then seek to get married into a royal family in Europe as they know their way around the world than I do – hence entirely predictable what the talk of my ludicrous intervention in the world of women is all about, I don’t have to explain anything; it is their insults however justified by those stupid ambition that will constitute the greatest source of undoing here and of course they will need to lean much, much, further to the right to handle me as it were, we can see they have not far enough yet as it were. They never bear it in mind and it is something that must be explored too. Of course I am perfectly aware that people will want to harness the equities on my sites and forge imaginations where they made their own books with it and made some changes which resulted in a spoof that made such a book into a property that belongs to them; it is a risk that Intellectual Property Administration as a business faces, the problem is how waking up every day to get to the office to deal with those who tell others that the risks of my business is a new industry they invented and all the other bullying they do because of their twisted relationship with money as a result of that, so of course there is always a guaranteed good reason behind every process they complain about their stupid civil rights and more so on their media as well. Besides that it is like charity work and in this case it is much the same i.e. we live in a democratic society and one way or another what the people want will be given them and all they need do is get the job done and get the money from it not try to find out if they have an entire country behind them like I do. They say most of these thing are issues HRH The Prince of Wales wants to protect me from but of course I do not need any protection from a collection of people on whom the facts of my career depends, people I require to be bad when I want and good when I want because they are ready to take up my life without permission and completely destroy everything in it with the intention that I will try to make some recovery that can then be bent into something that is all about criticising them which they can then ensure I have no privacy on grounds they need to read it first before anybody else does and change their character to seek self improvements, use it anyway and then see that what I have written is no longer factually credible, while their behaviour must have changed and made them likeable to rich people. But then again it is no wonder HRH started them off with fortunes years ago creating some game about the need for me to remain poor until he is King so he might not settle for less than The Queen got from my life.


Now I have no idea why the conundrum of my case with the US President seems to come up for the idiots all of the time either, I should assume therefore the problem to be that there isn’t enough facts set out in a way they can understand yet. So the reality should be that I am not married to the US President who is therefore to me some evil wife that lumbers me with a deep sense of personal corruption every single day which then gets violent as well and I have put up with four years of such nonsense on a daily basis so far and completely fed up with it. They are full of themselves and their ability to handle and or address anybody they want to address or handle of course and they like to continue on the basis of how I have no idea what kind of evil and racism the republican party is when I have not asked them a question about it or they can join the republican party to find out what they need to know about it and stop using my books as go between them and what they need to know about republicans like they love to do in order to secure their stupid freedom of which we know what it means as well, just as they know nobody deserves to be placed in such a position in America but do it because they want a piece of me and will not give it up in hell with that media big mouth to show for it too. I mean they can address and handle their politicians that way so it is not as if they are lacking in leaders to abuse in the first place in their country anyway; so this is a matter about which entire economies fear what I can get up, something about which I have a global reputation i.e. an opportunity cost that other people control over resources I have – it is the first thing you read from an economic text within the first five pages and it is not the first time I have warned them especially the blacks that they are a menace and will soon have to sell that democracy since money is that important and so we have reached a stage where my next move will be to set them an ultimatum that we will both work towards since they are so completely out of control; fair to assume they want some of mine on the matter of things people do because people are tyrants and happens to them because they are democratic. They never listen, instead they will tell me I boast of entire economies being scared of me when no such thing ever gets to happen; the reality of course is the same old story of my books in people’s heads when they have not got a copy of their own, so they can use it to get rich from there, now they are aware I am able to prevent them from doing so even if we are talking about their own thoughts, so they have worked out that if they kept the thoughts stifled my books sales and made changes to everything they put out from it, they will have what they want of using my work without paying for them to create a precedent that they can share with others and get rich as well and this is what the problem is like it is for the entire economies that might depend on such things i.e. an opportunity cost of mine that is in the hands of others over and with my property and resource at that stage of which it is very unlikely I will want any of their money any more – hence it is hard to see which economy would not be scared of that because people simply never listen as it were and they will turn up on media to boast all the time about how they can secure free labour and free services from me while they keep their money for the good of the wider economy, which I guess they do because they presume that if I were to do any damage they will catch me first of all for it and secondly bearing in mind therefore that they would have had any prove that I did as it were. I always say somebody more responsible must take the economy away from them because they are sociopaths and will certainly do everything to ensure they have control of everybody and set out to create an economic recovery that they say will crush me on account they do derivatives for a living with a big mouth and act the way they do because they want me to create my own economic crisis that will make me popular; never mind that stupid Labour socialist party we have here in the UK, they know how to start problems and nothing is ever their responsibility and I know what is too for my part. I know most of these nonsense are led by American media, I am not a stranger to such a fact but the reality of course is largely a matter of whether or not what I have done to them so far is hurting badly enough. I mean she will sit there and pass incredible insults around because she has taken out a bigger mortgage than she had before and when she sits in front of day time television she expects things to happen that aid a process where she gets to pay for it at my expense. So you wonder who the evil witches are all the time but the men are another story all together; hence for the women I will look after the pornography Industry for them so they can go wild with their feminism and they can look after gangs and criminals for me as well if they have got it, for the men, I will continue to deform them financially provided they think they should deform my company and call me names to steal beauties with the many ways I do that every day – for now the main point is the opportunity cost decisions on my property that other people control and a certain democracy they will sell up as well among various things I will do for being a tyrant on account they are democratic. Yes like I said, they are sociopaths and like to claim there is nothing I can do while they have all the money but the way they have made the money is a typical example of their democratic wickedness that they believe other peoples sense of tolerance exist to help them put up with specifically i.e. use my products without buying them to create feelings and make quick money but since it does not affect my products, set about damaging my finances with the money to create the effect of power, power needed to ensure free service and free labour is extricated from me to bring about economic recovery. It is a madness they are plagued with you see, something about feeling like a big corporation that turns up and crushes other businesses handling my property and creating one problem after another after another after another so they have no time or resources to get to court to settle anything and above all like I mentioned about the irresponsibility of stupid Labour socialist parties in the UK, they think the biggest and easiest and most available corporation in the world is the government itself and do express that way too often for their own good as well.  Of course they have worked out a way to dealing with a process where I have worked out these their strengths and may call upon them at any time and it has much to do with finding out and surrounding every aspect of my venture with social and cultural clearly democratic problems that I cannot escape because there are too many of them which are things people have the time to do when they actually do get to do jobs in return for money and we are not therefore dealing with criminals that are above the law, then set about solving those problems for me in a way which costs me everything to keep control in their hands with media and advertisement – now it is a sustainable venture too as it were hence when people hear them complain it is the end of the world because of stupid feminists that spend all I own way down to my personality when I do anything about it, which is the hall mark of the power of freedom and democracy as it were, looking for trouble all the time.


Now the story of not being passionate about leadership in the UK when I am a part of it is utter nonsense; the reality is that some things people do because they do them but other things people do because they are being cruel and when people do cruel things they must bear two facts in mind, one of those being that others are prone to revenge and the other fact being that it does not do to complain about crimes when you are obsessed with cruelty. I am not talking about my biggest problem being feminists, the reasons they hate me so much was a problem in the first place i.e. I stole my personal life from men that can do violence for everybody and since then they have done nothing with themselves but pretend that I think turning out on media to handle my work and create problems that go on and on and on, with insults that continue to get more and more and more violent so I cannot seek redress in Court is actually the worst they can do, hence my major preoccupation when in actual fact it really isn’t, since it appears I will have to kill them and then when I do it will all get better. However for now I can hardly point to anybody else that has been as successful as I have been on anti homosexual, anti clubbing, anti lap dancing etc societies of theirs that has no respect for my Church thing and likes to use to do things, doing it patching them up, patting them at the back, making out they have won, taking control of their lives to make them publicly presentable and get that stupid culture off my case, from asking me first whether or not I would have acted differently through their social insults before they deploy my faith for purposes it was not meant among other forms of evil fanaticism they claim is meant to be located in a democracy and now I can decide what they do with their lives so we all look like the rest of the world should see us as well, so that we have reached a stage where they attack me and tell me I have seen that I have suffered enough to become homosexual, which then causes me to look homosexual all the time while I wait for them to make me as well. Of course their MPs will speak of how I talk the talk of power; first of all of which the main issue is that it is socially organised squander that I have put up with from a collection of people who think that the fact they are so stupid that any process of reaching your finances is like flames on tinder straw, means that it has become power they can wield against others by seeking to reach my finances all the time, hence their complain is not valid and makes no sense and I will finish this fight and win it as well since they never shut up and cannot leave my personal life to me alone and have those stupid abusive opinions that get attention and fame for them because it is concerning enough to scare people which never, ever, ever stops. The other side is that of how a society that kills arseholes like this would not do me any favours when in actual fact I do most of what I do because of people who take me on over letting them get away with things and as well know, a fact they are unaware of because they are stupid and incredibly destructive, the only reason a thousand and one gangs in the neighbourhood who want to kill arseholes like them would become a problem for me would have been if I had refused to get involved – so I do suggest they mention power only when they are serious or confident there is anything they can do about me; until then I will keep the cultures and the society and they can come and get them if they have the fucking guts. Otherwise I am rather happy with the way I am handling things i.e. I know their strength now in case I might have need to call upon them, hence everything is as it should be and this is just the beginning – the process of squandering all that their stupid money they have gained from using government as a corporation to bully people which means they hold the economy to ransom and have leverage over my life on one hand and on the other have an evil social life to boast about all the time as well; hence all is well and this is a start, I will think of something as long as I am not disturbed. Of course their entire lives are built around trapping me and making me do thing and we all know trapping people involves property and finance damage as it were but the last story we hear from them is that they are a threat to the idea of me as a free person, in the same way they do not recognise that it is democratic to have a feeling that I was born somewhere, grew up somewhere and am going somewhere respected whether or not I am doing any of those such things; so the end product is that each time they see my business which is basically my brain child, they hammer it, they deform it, they cripple it, vile accidents and it is scarred for life or direct attrition and they scar it, then pretend they have an unfettered right to get home and move on and of course I am happy for them to continue in that way too since it is the route by which they will feel me as well and find out how much of that media can save them from me and indeed for how long too. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter, I have made their enterprises stunted too and even if they make it grow it can never grow properly, so they get to tell me about things I have done which I will lift on account they have strange abusive cultural curses to throw at me and it is what makes me go on and on about how I would lift it and what the results would be which creates another story entirely all together.