They say I am not as physically fit as the claims and boasts that I make. This makes so much sense as well bearing in mind I can always set them out and round them up so that I can do things to them that are really wicked and sadistic to be fit and happy. For now it seems that they do not live with their parents anymore so when they see grown men they want to beat them up and I will likely kill one of them and then it will get better. Its the insults, that is the reason for every problem; why would they speak to me the way they do, except the reason is always that they are protesters and or work in the media but of course I never see them speak to their Politicians in that way, the reason their politicians are spared of course is that I wallow in luxury while their lives are difficult and they need to take it out on me. Before long they seem to pretend that a process where these their insults will damage my finances to a point where it is possible for them to claim the idea that what they want me to be is what I will be is something real, was never something they realised would constitute a problem once it becomes real. Now they say they want me to come outside when they know they are the ones in whose interest it is not for me to get outside to anywhere but they want it then again because they want me to get a public life so that I can be assassinated which of course is something they have shown they will do with a big mouth. They do these things because they have selected people and set them out to work their desires of sadism and narcissism and homosexuality on and we are having these conversations because they are well aware of the consequences and have planned around it as well, complete with their politicians that give them anything because they are respectful and another group of Politicians that have just become high profile politicians recently and are the ones I get to insult hence back up excuse. For now their main cause is that of getting off their stupid lives and travelling to mine in order to get on media and do something to cause me harm and damage then make out there is proximity with that and their lives both to create power and wonder and also to create disillusionment about the truth and supply themselves with a sense of being in the right for courage and superiority. For their part their main concern is the claim they never knew that when their insults had created a condition where I have had my finances wrecked by them which has in turn created a process where they can tell me that it is what they want me to be that I will be, with the resulting outcome of boasts on media there will be no serious problems emerging from the insults; as I said, the reason they can speak to me the way they do is because they are either protesters or because they work on media.

These things do not mean that this is all that my life is; in the end I don’t know media goons and they mean nothing to me and if so then what all that community rubbish could really mean, except that it means absolutely nothing but it is the insults that is what causes everything that happens. They cannot address me or speak to me the way they do because they are protesters, work on media or are bigger or stronger than I am.

People have not become more lazy as suggested, no, what has happened is that more lazy people have been forced to work more. The questions are that we have an economic crisis and that means if we had ten firms per industry we must have lost six firms per industry and that means what will happen to those that are unemployed is a process where they will never find work again because they have become the fucking mates of the lazy. So when the lazy introduce themselves like they normally do, you do get to end up asking them if they really are. In the end the fact is that most of them do not know that their problems come from the fact they are lazy and that they only give it as good as their stuff allows, so generally you let people be. However it is not what their socialist Politicians say; those say they need hate figures they can abuse for confidence in order to get into Colleges and University, they need it to pass exams and well and everything that happens to them is another persons fault etc. Usually I do not want to get involved with the arguments over socialism and like to avoid any confrontation with them is because I cannot understand it from any angle, the big problem however is that they get me involved; they say the purpose of all they do is to create maximum wealth and share it equally, it is a good thing for that to happen of course but if we look at the effects on accounts books at the bottom line of things such as peoples problems being things other people are responsible for, it does not work , if they had decided to draw a line and start off from somewhere with public funds, there will be logistic costs and corruptions hence there is no means of making wealth involved and if they say the ideology is to be as viable as they claim  it is, they must be able to see they have a lot of work to do on it. The idea therefore that I will have to go along with a part of it which is why they involve me does not apply, I don’t and they do need to let me be.  They can say of course that it is about getting other people to do things that some people did to be successful but who decides which part of what other people did, who decides when they get it, who decides when they get to make use of it? Then there is intellectual property vandalism as well which can only be measured by what happens at the stock market i.e. company A normally has 2000 customers and 500 have shared heritage and customer loyalty, hence company A given all the facts and what potential it has is worth this amount, how much can I get for it and how much are you willing to pay, what does socialism do when introduced in those kinds of conditions as a tool?


The claim also that I am lackadaisical about work and career and tend to make others the same is rubbish as well, that is mostly concerned with tourism industry goons; they can simply get around the world making sure my business Empire trust and property does not feel the way it used to feel anymore because it has been vandalised, while their own is in top condition and feels best, when you ask them why they would, they say they are in the good feeling and feel good industry and I taking out competition and you will never work out which part of their industry provides ethos and ethics for those kinds of competition and the verbal abuses never dry up either. All my together I am saying my stuff still feels as good as it always did. The part that baffles me and make me laugh so hard is that if it was the case I allowed them to completely pulverise my empire trust, pulverise all property and holdings, pulverise my personal life and business and ensure my stuff does not feel as good as it used to, how on earth would they have returned to the work of running a successful tourism industries after spending so much time doing such an intense and huge amount of violent evil and wickedness? I just on this occasion felt that they should not get any out of me and so it is eventually the thing about the bad boys for life vibes that comes from them that causes the most laughter; it makes you feel so wasteful for having thought about or even mentioned it and then they will start showing they want to take my advice in public places knowing fully that as a Christian I will want to get lots of gospel out of it and that it was generally a choice issue.