Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.





There is talk of the UK being bent to the will of Liberal America but saying such things only brings back memories of the fact the only times I have felt like a normal person living in Britain has been those times when I do not tend to think we are some sort of an extension of the USA. So this is a case that beats the imagination in every way but then again the business of old men gathering children to talk about the problems of society in a way that helps look after the body happens everywhere in the world and not just the US, bent to the will of the one that happens in the US is an example of how good these guys are at looking for trouble. The biggest issue with it has always been that having been they chased my bum around at University like we know they love obscurities but do not like to tackle the national enemy when they had gotten rid of the resources that were going to because of their personal pleasures, has not meant that I did drop out, it has also meant they had gained some success to build upon and so it has become the very barrier that prevents me from returning to complete the academic work all together – so what has happened is the continued assumption I do not wish to get them stuck with this nonsense until they are past it as such or would not own up to doing so in Public places after it is done, the reason being that they believe everybody has bought into that story they tell about being the icon of what success means when I actually know they are very useless people – so it is all on the list of the things that need to be stopped and if I attend academic institutions to find them follow me around again I will certainly going to give them some trouble for it too.

So I am told that I am unaware I am doing more harm than good but I am not aware that I am doing harm at all – what happens is that I write Books about what I am doing with these people who have told the world they are the icons of success ripping up everything I do here and the Celebrities show up to need my Books but soon build me a history of insults on Media that will help them decide if I may have some money or not, garnished with letting the same goons show up to churn my tummy and then when I do not want to sell my Books to them it’s a no can do situation – same as the issue of women who show up to earn my income and provide me a sense of security and direction which I can confidently claim is a Court being taken over by the Men that are now thinking they have pushed me into a corner from where they will decide how I must make a living if I need money – same as the claim I am always running away from something whilst it is not in our Christian code to get involved with violent issues but means when people provoke me and chase my connections and Public life or Public image it becomes something that I need to respond to while they think I am vulnerable to it whereas in my view its just another new one, another stupidities of their to preoccupy myself with like a boy and his tory situation, whereby if they get seriously hurt or killed on account there are worse people than their insanity out there, it will all be my fault theoretically. 

It has become a simple choice of shutting down the side of me that responds to other peoples needs on account that would have been the only way to ignore them or to let my life be flushed down the loo keeping it while their twisted nonsense is out to spend 90% of my time getting me to a decision as to whether I am stronger and better at what I do and how I live, if I hated them.


The story of Labour Party building the British economy always comes with some form of bottom hurting naturally and it is annoying beyond measure; we have not yet been able to point out a single thing they do which does not intellectually bankrupt the Nation yet over the last 15 years and I am certain that it was much the same before I got into the scene to observe my share of it too – when they go to war in Iraq its about the way I handle sociological matters with respect to my career, how they want it until I dropped out of University and their Celebrities began persecuting me over my Public image and ownership of it – Gordon Brown could not even tear himself away from Political point scoring during the recession, so as to bail out the banks on time with what was actually his own money to bail out banks by but we have also seen that story on building a crowd that will support them on the abusive insults and need to handle other people and objectify people, grow from one of finding those who know what to do and torturing their secrets out of them into one that expects the new socialism for the future to be developed around talented future Millionaires achieving everything and then respectfully stepping away from the money when Government funds and power is used as leverage to make them and we can still remember that Nazism did not have the technology to be as invasive into peoples thought pattern as to achieve this sort of nonsense as well as we know that Nazism is a product of socialism all together as well. I have had enough of it, want to be spared the abdominal discomfort that comes with their self-adulating nonsense around my concerns and wish to ensure they had stopped making out that their need to mess up my finances and academics, which they follow on with endless insults on Media was a need to meet some form of amusement; we have seen them have their Party Conference of recent and it being full of Journalists asking me whether I will do nothing about every single little progress that I do with my challenging work being made a mess of and beaten down by idiots who think Government property belongs to them and want to be able to make statements about disciplining me all the time and these sorts of nonsense whereby each time they wish to make out they built the economy my bottom hurts once more will be the start of their problems on how they are about to end the most abusive forms of their insults for it too. The Labour Party has never built an economy; we can all see they have not been paying attention to what is happening in Europe and Asia and the USA and that they have gotten us all into a state where we have secrets to keep which forces us to work an equity system in a process that means we open up to the world and keep records at the end, to ensure that we are sharing knowledge and talent but that each time the cycle is completed under a hail of abusive and very violent insults the scumbags will make Political capital out of our hard work and set out a sense they were amusing – now it seems their need to seek ever more control of this is beginning to contract British Interests in Asia and South America and in Europe they were the Champions of the remain in Europe Campaign all together, usually thinking about being rich so much they have not got intelligence or energy left to work for it and then the assault on other people and what others own begins from there; this is what to be precise has ticked me off with respect to this particular practical joke where my bottom hurts and then they would have gathered an abusive crowd to claim they built the economy and will destroy it rather than let it fall into the hands of the Tories, while I look like a character that can get them out of any Political and diplomatic mess that they had created because they own me with that big mouth.

So we hear them blab about how I speak as though I have the final say but it is far more dangerous for them at this stage than just having a silly final say and will soon develop into a fight as it were; these scum do not control me like we see them claim every time they show up in public places – what they have done is the usual insolence of wrecking the finances and academics with dirty abusive bullying involvement, then set out an arrangement with my mum and build me a reputation which suggests I do not get along with her and now they have marked me out as a man with deep hate for women who will sort out women grumbling in the background of life while their society stupidities keep the jobs and get things going and these sorts of nonsense where my bottom hurts each time they want to adore their stupidities over something they had never achieved is about to kick it off big time as well, there is likely going to be some real fight if I do not have results of the warnings taking an effect all together – they did not build any economy they are a bunch of really stupid irritable clowns. I mean with this nonsense walking into the City means I am seen as one of those people that you need to put under control to ensure that you career is safe long before I had done any harm but I am not actually the type that does it and is hence either looking for protection or to prove himself to somebody on this basis, which is very far off from who I really am and we see it is not an unusual occasion in which their insolence has fostered the bowels of extremism on high places in this Country building their big mouth into an economy I suppose. I mean I do not even know where the anus of people that are younger than I am is located but they have taught very small children how to make me feel their fantasy on mine every time I step outside of my door and claim they built the economy playing stupid jokes on me with it as well, looking for more of what they are complaining about and its going to likely easily lead to one of those occasions where I started taking to some form of seriousness developed around physical activity to stop them standing up in Public places to take advantage of my Christian’s upbringing to bleed me for respect and self-dignity while they teach their children nothing and threaten me with it as well and then they will stop disciplining their mates, even when they are complaining on account my finances have been affected by their stupid discipline which means they are making use of my time while saving their own incomes as it were. The American version of this socialist schizophrenia has waded into it as well and I am some character that is worth the sacrifice that the Monarchy should make to allow scum like them have some of the privilege that Royalty is getting and because of that they have persistently shown they want to confiscate my Estate and the Royal Allies and the Diplomatic allies and the Literary empire and their own is about to lead to pleasant endings too. Point is, I am very tired and fed up with it at this stage, need a break sorely need a break from their stupidities; so it still goes back to the basics which is that I had a good working Book sale business until they decided to build Publicity for it on what it can be used for to achieve a greater good as stupidly as possible, damaged the business and are now building the economy all together. In the end they have jobs and descriptions attached to those jobs but it has not in any way put them straight for this is what criminals actually look like when they are not in prison.

I am now said to be a supporter of female bad behaviour and I have no idea anyway, it feels just like the time we hear them say elderly people should be made to stand on public transport, so they can use their muscles; so full of life that they do not understand. I personally have no idea which bad behaviour they are talking about, just that because they need money, others are expected to forget all about the provocation they have caused and like myself for instance over the last decade on a daily basis, so this causes them to tell lies all the time as the lies tend to help people forget about the provocation. I would never understand what is difficult about saying you need women to leave you alone because you want your personal space like we see women do when they are bothered by Men anyway; I mean I am sure they are able to see that if I borrowed about £5,000 from the bank for example and ploughed it into my Books, it was more productive than expecting one of their brain dead celebrities to buy a copy when they want it, so while I am not doing that, their problem is what happens when I cannot leave the Book and return to find it as a I had left it on account they have that stupid cosmetic freedom to play around with and believe people have come to see things from their perspective since my Books are not written in such an incompetent way that they can take advantage of it. As for the Celebrities, their problem is the way I run my Book sale business, just one of those things I do to find out how civilised they really are i.e. take up the idea Politicians need my information to save lives as a pretext for giving away the contents, then set off to bundle it and print it out for consumption, we can see that for their part, when then they need it I get ill rather than outcomes in which they buy and read and it is the same thing we find about piracy as well i.e. sit on your computer and watch a Film on the internet by somebody who downloaded and put it there and it is assumed you do not want a CD for the family as well because they are the ones doing the most intellectual property breaches – so I have read my Books out to them and the technically know everything about the contents, their problem now is that they were supposed to buy it because they needed it and my case is that it is what they are supposed to do – the Police should not contend with some stupid grey area on intellectual property like we see them do as it stands but for me the price of my Books compared to their incomes will change me from somebody who has put his life into writing a Book to an animal that hates Celebrities over their behaviour - when they need my Book, buying their copy is what they are supposed to do, irrespective of what they know about me or what I have told them, that is what they are supposed to do when they need it.

The first time I had to tolerate these fools was when they showed up on my concerns to select their girlfriend as though they were preserving their genes at my expense – now we see all the time that 6.00pm is when the car headlamps of the stupid motorists have come on and so you are transcended into a world where the prevalent atmosphere is not of job satisfaction but one of the evils of the day being completed; they understand this is my view of the world but the need to wind me up persists still i.e. same case where if they know they will win a fight they kill people, if they know they will put up a good one but winning is not guaranteed they draw in human collateral damage, if they know they will lose a fight even the things they must strive for to live as human beings is not worth a thing – so when I say I am also expecting trained soldiers to go into a fight with them and return alive as there are usually only a few in their groups that are the main deal, they say I have joined up with the wars but nobody will ever understand apart from the fact that they have developed the need to provoke me and learn from the way I react to do some new violence, after the Politicians spent tax payer funds to ensure it was impossible for me to ignore them, why it is that whilst these things are not taught at Church, I am always learning it from their stupidities against my wishes everyday – all garnished with further insolence about taking on big enemies who in their view have not therefore got more resources that can be plundered. So we hear them claim the problem with me was that I have very lovely bowel problems but cannot stop winding up other people who make money from their disobedience but which is precisely the point; I do not have any and would not take up somebody that does not care about when people are saying something of it even on my social media profile – so we can see that a lot of the times they complain about my Court while it is none of their business what the Women in my life get up to but ultimately, what happens is that when I see the picture or portrait of the Queen, some big brother idiot keeping an eye on me will do some violent things and then the outcome will be what we can do thereafter with the impetus, same applies to the Celebrities as well and they all have no respect for other people’s personal and thinking space in such ways, I cannot ignore them for some strange reasons, cannot ignore the idiots who do violent things with distant violence when I see portraits of the Monarch and so my study time and then work time after that gets taken from me without reason or purpose and they start to hate my guts in a really big way and cannot stop talking rubbish on media where they secure the most public attention for their stupidities. The case with the women does encourage infidelity as they can see, so what we have most of the time being the ones that cause me to masturbate are issuing threats and those who have been victims of being caught with pants down can move into my right hand and do me favours around the corner– so when they had started a fight tackling it is exactly what is going to happen.

I am determined that their equities will never mature before it is deployed and the civil rights based equities as well that they believe is to tied up to their existential rights that it cannot be handled the way that we see them handle my Books; we all see that every time I give them a break, the money they make from it facilitates the very reasons they claim I provoke them right back to where it started in the first place (the female bad behaviour and the parts of it that I support which is provocative).They say what is happening to me is a product of the way I handle other people’s property; what happens mostly is that I may do something to facilitate a working immigration system and to control the movement of get rich quick criminals that basically become the richest people in the third world considering Law enforcement is so weak in those parts of the world, so they can provoke me less talking nonsense about boys from the hood getting me if their civil rights does not take advantage, somebody will make a Music CD with a singer that is involved with me and then soon enough it will make another with another signer because it has a music studio and thinks there is nothing I can do to protect myself, which will involve helping Community croons that chase peoples bottoms after a life time of badly raised from childhood mentality and an attitude of thinking themselves neighbourhood Queens to feel good about what they do with vices and their spare time, then another will be made that involves a different singer and how my public image can be destroyed to help people concentrate on their academics after that, so here we are and I am using their own all together while all I want from that stupid cosmetic freedom that likes to tell me my Books cause nostalgia and it will do what it takes to stop it being written or sold, is a condition where I leave my Books somewhere and can return to the same place to find it the way I left it - as for the insulting Music CD, when I want some made on some public activity I have performed, they will find that they cannot resist it again. Like the claim that I say what I say to get women fighting for me, of which the reality is more a case of a difficulty understanding why they say such things and act accordingly when they know they are the potential enemies of women. For my part however it is said I am a trouble maker in my own right but what we have here is a habit these fools have developed over the years; making comments that damage my Books, addressing me abusively on public image to improve their profiles etc. so when I say I am not responsible for my actions as they did have all the options, I am being nice – mostly the comments can continue as abusively and violently as those stupid body language and coded incitement can get, what I am going to do as well is repeat what I am doing again and again so it feels like whole communities are getting fucked. By far the most sought after of their insults is the sexual ones because it means the need to attack me if I look at Celebrities and dignitaries, then show up on Media to decide what I have lost as a Royal personage gives way to a process where they lose the Fashion and Celebrity connections as well; when their Politicians say what I do is really stupid for instance, it adds to the processes by which I do it over and over again so it feels like whole communities and populations are being fucked – feels like an Orgy, it’s not so bad after all. They do say it’s a matter of trade naturally but I am the one that is unable to replace their extreme anxiety with fun while I sell Books I write to those who read it, so it does tend to suggest they are not concentrating on their own jobs because they are having all the fun and adds to my sense that the next time I clear out these matters and attend an academic institution to find them follow me around, I am going to have to up the ante. The Political junky characters always boast about getting the better of me which never really happens; what does is that it is the sort of boasting that can make attrition out of the whole thing i.e. building publicity for who they really are – the boys from the hood sitting on the fence to take my launch Box from me every day – so they will build me up to a stage and it will be all about my Books but not the sales or needs of my audience and then when they deploy what they have done with me for entertainment and easy street jobs, I will have interfered with that and become guilty of damaging a job, deserving of punishment that suits my crimes with that big mouth. So such boasting means that although intellectual property can be protected by the action I have taken not damage control after they had extracted an income from it, the whole thing can still become attrition because there is the question of why they do it and cannot keep that filthy mouth shut, why they show up around my Books knowing it is at odd with their cosmetic freedom that never allows people to leave property and return to find it as they left it. The part where I am at odd with the Politicians will be the part where it has to be explained what happens is that I am a normal person one moment and then the next I have been groomed by so much abusive insults that are sexual and violent that I am stuck with the practical jokes of those who have families and are twice my age over the things that are passing on their left hand side and right hand side and then another group of fools with media jobs will take up extra work that is not paying them to ensure that it is always on my mind. I do not think it is that much of a problem for me at this stage, just that they claim it is what happens with Royalty and I knew what I signed up for while everybody knows this stuff happens all the time, like when we hear that some Royalty who has family is gay and it has to be an open secret lest he uses his power to select another existence to disprove it before people get to find out it is true but the part where they go too far such as these is one about which they wish to turn a blind eye to. I do not think it is a crisis either; they are losing the fashion and Celebrity connections presently and their assumption is that it is the worst I can do (the first time these Political fools worked with Industry trouble makers, people grabbed money off the economy and ran off to China claiming it was not their duty to make the Country a good place to trade in, now I am trying to swing back National Interest worrying about my income because they are playing practical jokes with it to make me co-operate with their needs - it’s starting to become a question of getting a Book or telling me what to do; we can see they like to tell me I should not be doing any of these things when I know extremists are getting out of hand with those stupid Political statements while we all know what happens with these goons is that they conduct the sexual abuse and then the sexual abuse victims will be evil and their main preoccupation will be those who know nothing about it, then I will be attacked because the bottom of fools in parliament who do not know anything but want to tell others how to exist takes shape into something more serious. It’s like a Moral sewer in the Cities as they say and for me, the good bits about letting them get out of hand at my expense is that reversing sub cultures are usually a bit violent).

The prevalent setting for most of the abusive career vandalism that happens here seems to be one of the claim I have picked up what is too big for me to do all of the time and I could never make it out anyway, since it is simple to follow up a group of goons that cannot show up here to buy Books I have written without starting up practical jokes about getting the bits I should have written for people their size out of me while everybody else is buying it anyway; all the while being aware that it can lead to outcomes where I come up with a way to create even greater problems for their stupid size than what they currently have presently. This is an easy way to say that we are heading towards a stage where the Public will complain that the business of something I have which Politicians do not becoming the basis on which I am a threat to their health and safety and well being as well is about to emerge from this nonsense that makes a mess of my career and finances and starts the day for them every day thereof – we all know it still goes back to incredible insults and abuses where they claim they have access to my Books which serve a contact point at which to play with my feelings and that Industry fools do not really have to establish relations with consumers to sell products anymore as a boy has got it and will be manipulated into getting it done for nothing. Always insulting people every time we see them especially the Americans and when I talk like this they start to claim it is something of the spooks and cannot understand why other peoples spooks gimmicks shows up to prevent me from having an income, getting a date and completing academic work anyway but we can all see what view they have of me when they are certain I can be relied upon to do nothing about it so far.

There is that excuse they make all the time which was afforded them by the history of insults their media fools had built up, that I rule over them and that they want to be free, while reality is more a case of getting them stuck with me until they are past it as well and of course it will soon develop into one where I have no more time in terms of my age to set myself a proper pension for my retirement and then I will wait for them where they are trying to collect their own, to secure revenge for all these nonsense too, otherwise it is as simple as them keeping their insulting comments off my case and staying away from Books into which they have not contributed a single word as it were. Tyranny was always much more than just hurting people and governing them, it was always also a case of making sure people cannot understand what they were saying to each other until there was conflict and I am clearly not the one doing that, never because I was scared of doing it but simply because it is not the correct way to get things done, simply because I am not a usually useless low life villain that has found its way into government buildings.

The real view I have of these guys are a collection of goons following up the stupidities of their Politicians to show up around my concerns but not to buy Books I write, rather to secure some trophy Royal eccentricity that they can peddle to get rich quick, walking around the city when it has made them some money, looking as though the highlight of their day is when they fire people. They complain all the time about wealth and social inequality but we need look again at the sheer number of people who have no reputation and as a result of which nobody wants to give a job to such persons, meaning that if they had located that person who understands what they are going through and had waded through hell and high water to establish and run a company successful deciding to give them a job, there will be an economic crisis as a result of it, for me it also means their need to show up here all the time to make those insults profitable, stopping me from completing my academic work and looking after my finances and or getting a date and having a family while they claim it is some sort of spooks, will easily develop into a case where I want to know where they and their stupid celebrities kept the money they made showing up here to perform one form of wealth inequality vandalism that lets them get rich quick – hence when I speak like these we can see that these activities are not in any way linked to their job description that that they just enjoying going to the Office to be a bit of me and them make a mess of the real me, blabbing about how I rule over them to provoke them while at it. Never has it been an unusual matter anyway; we all know as an ethnic minority the need to put your roots down can be something through which you spend all your money and this has become some sort of Industry for them all together – then again which we find each time I settle down, there is a sense a crowd has gathered and somebody has spied on me to make a crowd case out of my diet and they have started to dig me out of my hole for the fun of it, hence when I dig them out of their comfort zone as well, claim I do not accept the Country belongs to white people and its all part of the practical joke gimmicks of spooks. Then there is the part where I have been labelled the sweet thing that CEOs cannot have enough of, knowing if it is a CEO that employs me it will be fine but if not, they were wrecking my career to preserve their careless block head stupidities all together, completely convinced that this is not how I view them; for me the whole exercise of economic recovery was to ensure their masters of the universe madness spent time on their careers and nothing else but for the Media where lies are told all the time, it has become a matter of a group of people that appear to have a piece of everybody else’s career, supported by American stupidities where they say any good thing that is seen in other peoples Country is a good thing that can be found in the home of Daddy USA, the insults never diminish and they know where my Books are therefore have something close to my heart to screw with me by, this then should be the start of a process where I did not get along with the Politicians and it became a problem for the Public, They always point to the Public trouble makers I am meant to be concerned with instead of them but we know those trouble makers especially the German influence bits to be concerned a lot of the times with the idea that presumption of innocence before being proven guilty as though everybody on the planet was involved with a Legal Career tends to mean that they look any less like criminals that have not yet ended up in the Cells with the adage they have got. It is really not in anyway the crisis it looks; one should never trust Politicians or believe what the Media says but they know where my Books are and are using it to screw with my feelings and make me smell like my loo on a professional setting which lets them disregard their job description all the time, needs to end well or it needs to end badly for them but it has to end anyway (they of course have pointed out that if they let go of me at this stage they will not have the tummy to return to their lives where they left it, which does mean they are past it too and understand what it feels like to drop out of University because people show up there in their expensive Cars and so on just to build you setbacks that will allow their Children get ahead, then when you returned to the work environment, you regularly walk down the streets tired after a days work to deal with them walking up close to mumble nonsense about you picking up jobs that the Daddies should handle and need get on with it without complaining - they are past it too). 

I hear of this other case where people cannot tell why the bottom hurting thing is always so important but it is the good old case of Men wanting to be in the winning environment all of the time, so they want to be right when wrong and wrong when right and there is an obsession to find a way of dealing with the whole thing making them untidy by using other peoples lives and body clock, their obsession with my Books which does need to end as soon as possible. They claim I had told people I can handle the Tyrants which reality is more a matter of their villainy wanting to move into my right hand and live there permanently in my head likewise my left hand side depending on what they fancy they have seen recently, which still relates to knowing where my Books are, having something close to my heart to make me smell like my loo by all day long - then there is also the claim of the diminishing Royal Status and how I claim I am Royalty when I am not, at the same time of which we find them rely on me to let them peddle the status to keep their profits rolling in by working stupid trends and its the same process all round; wreck he finances and show up with a criminal attitude to enjoy some status based narcissism, which you attack me for because I am not contributing as much as you need, here it is making money with my status to a point and wrecks the academic work, soon after expects to keep it going when I study but not in a prestige University. So I am said to be of the opinion I can do anything, which is utter nonsense; one should never say that the Men do not know what they are doing like we can see the ethnic minorities show up here to take over and provide leadership that leads to conflict so that black people that are superior to me may get closer to the Monarchy – the rest can never stop showing up on Media to take over my concerns and talk into me and they can never stop lying so that tends to cause a heart burn and hit the tummy, once done they believe that has controlled my life as well, it soon becomes their main investment. They are not my first or only experience of people sitting around looking tall and beautiful, talking up the problems of society and talking up their problems with respect to other peoples lives in order to preserve the body but they appear to know about my Books, handle it and churn my tummy by all day - it has been taken a step further. If everything they say and do is not taken up on a case by case basis to dispel those lies, there will be violence and civil rights movements again (I mean there was a time I used to join those groups where they gather to talk up civil problems and talk their problems with reference to other peoples lives, pretending culture exists to ensure I complain about them all day and all of the time, in order to feel good about themselves and preserve the body but when I stopped I was still in my teens, yet later in life I became a character that lived out a fake existence which I deployed as a tool to limit other peoples prospects and now they know on the basis of how they cna become more important than I am, I need to pay back i.e. its not about me thinking I can do anything as much as it is about preventing conflict they have built at my expense by making sure those civil rights lies were handled on a case by case basis as they came along). 

So the Politicians are starting to make some personal enemies knowing where my Books are to churn my tummy using anxiety and practical jokes and the fact it is close to my heart, then making out th big problem is that they do not have the stomach to return to their own lives as per the consequences was my concern. They do of course say its all about me making sure others do not realise I am trying to cope with Royal duties, which I am not; the main case is that the Politicians have spent so much time screwing around that people with business Interests and some money from Germany, France, the USA and Japan, show up to get the better of people who have money and business interest even in their own UK Soil and this then means when I write a Book and put it on the internet it is toxic all day long, while they were unable to deal with Brexit - their need to handle my earnings of which is what I must follow up in kind as well since we have seen it become more and more abusive but neither the Liberal Democrat Politics or the UKIP one or the Labour one or the Tory one I am fed up with or anything like that but saying so, still, the Labour one is incredibly destructive and it has now reached a stage where the abusiveness is about taking advantage of somebody that can get them out of any Political and diplomatic mess as long as they could make him, blowing out into a competition between services I can provide at Politics and the ones Germans can provide, so it is a destruction that I plan to match pound for pound as well. They do say I am not afraid of the Labour party while I really should be but the case is more a matter of talents they have in a world where Politics lets idiots show up on peoples lives to count pennies until they magically ended up with Millions at Popular culture, specific talent of the Labour Party is the way their useless choices in life affects people if they deployed it for a corruption of involvement, wrecking finances and academic work, Tories like to claim they are Royalty so the Royals get scared of what damage will be done to the Office, the Liberal Democrats are not yet a threat to women who talk as though they were your school governor until they had some real power, while UKIP and the SNP are anomalies that emerged because characters with an adage show up in the UK with money and business interest to take advantage of UK people who have money and business interests on account the Politicians are doing nothing at Government buildings.

12 NOVEMBER 2018

They usually claim I speak but it does not make me financial progress and that is simply because I have a completely separate reputation from the one that says I write Creative Equities which I broker with my readers, never clear why Liberal America idiots think they can walk into peoples lives and livelihoods to create such nonsense anyway but it is clear my stress levels are up there and they are now fighting hard to ensure theirs does not get up there as well and even so wish to do so making sure they tore up my whole life, made out I am setting out my Royal personage as a means through which people can get rich, then build products on my personal and public life to sell to their Clients. The reasons it blows up that American big mouth at me for it of course being that there are lots of bodies and body parts in Police Custody in the US, so if it issues a threat on social media, there is likelihood it had killed somebody and gotten away with it but then again, so have I warned them tales of people sleeping with their wives is indication they were psychopaths, tales of me building relationships with people who are already married is one that indicates I might be as well, so I do not fancy their Popular culture and Politics and stock market nonsense, as equally as I have consistently expressed a tendency to become far more stupid than they are – what then happens is that these goons have all got their own lives but what interests them the most is to spend mine, I cannot therefore process how it appears showing up on peoples lives to tell them they need give up what they had worked for and found themselves a life of violence that suits men so women might be comfortable happened to be their civil rights – according to my experience it is what that person who is married to a criminal does to conduct her own crime based support and to check up her spouse and see if his criminal life style has brought murder into the family; so I have tried my best to process what Liberal America makes out is what their civil rights looks like without success and have become rather convinced I were better avoided by them instead of those stupidities we see on Media showing up to blow off the big mouth at me when it could never back it up; this is not their lives, I do not write their Books, I am not half as confused about what is going on as they have made out and there seems to be a link between how they feel they were part of the Country and women being sexually assaulted etc, so insulting people is what they want to do with their time, when my finances have been affected like the reasons they complain about me, they will have another reason to complain as it is the clearest indication they are making use of my time for a behaviour which really has no purpose. The start of it was that when I wrote my Books, people in the US felt like they had something to help them when they lived far away from criminals, this began an enmity that could not be explained and how now been shown to be linked to the sheer quantity of cold murder cases in the US Police system; so the next time a single Liberal America scum blows off its big mouth at me on Media I am going to get their stupidities committed to what they are blabbing about and we shall find out soon if their size decides what I tend to do when I wish to be bad as a process which is linked to how I am a member of the UK Public and am part of the Country as well.

The bottom line is as it has always been; its all possessed with evil spirits that drive its actions all over the City, talking about being a rebel, changing things and generally making a mess of itself so that it might access the means to make a mess of other people and hates the fact that it spends almost all its time bullying me, despite which I had written a Book still. The rest are mainly media goons who suppose that I am about to get into a difficult situation on their behalf while it is clear that if they are not following my social media, I have no relationship with them that may either me personal or professional, however I live in a Hermitage and it means I am always praying to help me deal with pressures built up for my head and chest and bottom and tummy by Industry and society goons who come from the same group of fools, thus when I get out of bed in the morning and turn up my telly, there is a sense people are aware of me and that I am unable to carry through without picking up some of their problems, so supporting people who put their hospitality out to bring us the News is not an indication that I have a relationship with them, everybody have got their lives and we are here because these trouble makers always want to spend mine, no such thing as me being taken advantage of. In the end the business of people who put their hospitality on the line to bring us the news should be an old case of the women in my head; a simple matter of the small people that somehow found a way to put the trouble makers at bay all by themselves and therefore need to be protected if they are engaged in professional activity – if others think it is apt to put up poisonous Publicity that helps them play practical jokes with peoples existence I will be willing to play along as well but we should be clear the next time a Liberal America fool threatens me, I will get them committed to it. I do get told I need to get into Trading but what I do here is National Currency Liabilities which are closely tied to the fact the Monarch has given me a Royal Commission and has Her Face on the National currency; it is a Book of Creative Equities I write and not Royalty selling his life - it seems that when they disrespectfully wreck this for me, they then set about telling me what to do as well and the reason we are doing the issues involved is because they have got some stupid media to play with all day as there is nothing wrong either with my Books or those who might want to read it. They do speak of life in the US chewing people up and spitting them out but be that as it may, they need to show some degree of respect for what others do for a living first and then they have have their fun, rather than risk a process where I for what I can do become very determined to ensure they chewed up nothing and spit out nothing. National Currency Liability and Creative Equity is what I do, I do express something of an interest in trading but still whether or not get got involved with it is none of their business. I do get told most of these matters are prove of the power of money and what it can do which is utter nonsense; what happens is that I am an Arch Prince but that does not matter, they are Celebrities and their position was very relevant, it is usually incredibly insulting, draws attention away from what you are doing with people all the time, sometimes you work with people and they have to ask you over and over again about particular issues like I am having people do over my Books presently, so when my finances have been affected then there is prove that they are not spending their own time on either the Celebrity business or the insults, they are spending mine. Now it is said I am engaged in a fight with the Labour Party while I am not, as it’s just incredibly difficult to understand how a Political party could go from partly benefitting from setting off criminals and barely criminal goons on my career as a matter of wider public benefit and partly punishing me with it because they think they were more important, to a point of showing up at University to help those that are bullying me wreck my finances, then realise than I had written a Book and they would not like it to get sold while it has nothing to do with them all together; their fear being that they would never tell people this is what they do with their time when discussing wealth inequality issues, what they expect is that after wrecking my academic work I ought to keep the secret. So I have had to adopt this position where they need understand they will get nothing from me and the business of taking advantage of us as a Public to make statements of wealth inequality, win elections on it and decide how tax payer funds are to be spent to benefit some of the poorest people in the land awaits them like it should lest we too end up with one less Political Party in Parliament for it all together if I had my way. The moral of the story being that their nepotism and Tribalism is not the only way to get lazy with Public office and build up an onus from it by which to oppress others who are just obsessively responsible human beings – they have now ended up in this position where I have earned an ability to decide that they must spend more time with their jobs and less time trying to make money off my Public image and it is such an efficient means of public control which apparently their view could never amount to oppression if I wanted it to.

The other part of this matter being that it is widely perceived I am a trouble maker but I am no such thing; it is usually apt to say that people who disturb me, like when I cope with the business of Politicians just telling me they fancy my personality and are the ones who make decisions which affect the lives of criminals therefore I need give it up to them as a matter of their privilege, a group of fools will then show up to ensure I am disturbed for the purpose of filthy stock market politics and popular culture stupidities and they are usually Muslims and thereafter oafs in negro skin talking nonsense about getting into a fight all the time, that stuffing their minds with what I know because I makes them a bit gay does deter them unless a group of fools with Media jobs had for some reason decided they wanted to supply them Publicity that suggested they had taken my career. I have not had a single weeks break for the last 14 years due to these goons spying on my writings and making a case of it on Media, to ensure this issue gets worse and worse and we see the same behaviour exhibited by their foolish celebrities as well, who get on my Public image and help people tear up my academic work and then when done making the money the basis on which they ensure I do not have a breathing space unless I took it from them is to show up on Media to discuss me as though I did not exist and for all the wrong reasons telling lies, then make a trend out of going back to the decades when they did not have to respond to the needs of goons such as myself and it’s as though they have my air and I need it back. It eventually does come down to the business of journalists appointing themselves to make a mess of people’s lives randomly and the one that works for them the best is this business of getting others to build up structures that facilitate career every day, since it is easy for journalists to spend yesterday’s work and expect that you should become desperate enough to do another one in 24 hours, just for the sake of seeing people suffer and strife, so there are layer and layers of this nonsense, it’s not me making trouble at all. They also make this excuses that I get involved with the Media when I don’t; what happens is that it’s a Hermitage here and some Journalists show up around it to run their careers – I made it clear this Court was open to women only and the men had since decided what their female colleagues got they would as well, this started about 15 years ago and has not given me a day’s break since, now we hear their stupidities blowing off the big mouth about confiscating my Public image as well and then making out all of this nonsense was my fault so they start every day with abuses and end it issuing their foolish threats at me.

I do not think it is a complicated matter, we all know when my Book sale business fails to work as a job I could write a Book to get out of it, that involved spending their Media sweetness and then the biggest problem in the whole world will be the things that must be done to get sold such a Book all together.  I do get told I respond to the matter drastically which I don’t; reality is that they have their own lives and we only tend to note this when issues about women feeling sore in the nuts shows that the Men do it to them on account that was how the men fraternised with the Country, hence the only time it becomes obvious women had their own lives before they were sore in the nuts and the men make them feel like that to take it from them – so in my case they have home and that home has a backyard and front porch, there is a car and they get into it and drive to work, their big mouth along with their celebrities about extracting money from what the Public knows of this Hermitage or confiscating the Publicity to get rich with is never going to end them up well all together either, if they are complaining about present circumstances. Hence, I do get told I know about it but usually do nothing until the damage has been done which is utter nonsense; what really happens is the details i.e. I must ensure people cannot take advantage of me on the streets, I must ensure employers cannot take advantage of my career and I must ensure the Media cannot take advantage of my Hermitage – the employers taking advantage of my career bits will be the one where we just have a group of people who have a need to make me smell like my loo all day, so their position and leadership at Industry is what I have a personal problem with, otherwise it was rather clear the fight I write Books for a living was the simplest part in all this. We hear them claim I have already done enough on my websites which is utter nonsense – there is a website for the Hermitage, there is one for the Office and there is one for the Book shop and there are three for administration; one website dealing with matters of popular culture moguls setting out good looking celebrities to decide what people think of them while they ensure my Book sale business never works like a Job, the other dealing with lies and toxicity that comes because people profiteer as insultingly as possible every little thing I do, the third to look after Asset Equities I had set out Brokered with Large Multinationals and small businesses with a fall out that concerns how these goons abuse people to fraternise with Country before they pick up what got to their stupid heads and got on with it.

So, there is this burden people feel as a need to justify my position which is understandable but it happens in my view because people are unaware of the facts, unaware it is a dead end; what we see the Politicians do is something they do to everybody, a vanity about the fact there is nothing more important to them than seeing somebody with a great cause fail at it, so they can get on Public places to glorify themselves on the premise they could have done better. We even see them do it with the Military when they do not even know how to handle a gun or how to carry themselves if they are fighting other people that are carrying one or even how to take precautions when they are being attacked by people who are carrying one while unarmed, what we see mostly is a process where five people went out to tackle an issue and only one returned, grave as it might be, the most important thing to a Politician is still to get on public places to claim he could have done a better job. It was the reason people were getting killed in the middle east obviously; when a Military operative should have been able to speak to insurgences and militia about where they are needed and where they have no idea what they are doing or talking about, we found that the needs of the Politicians took precedence and the loss of lives cannot be controlled. When I say such I get told I need to be more worth coming which of course I am i.e. when Politicians have done such things they would normally get away with it except I do hold them to account and the problem with a process where I do it is usually that I am so small and so out of the box that the sheer expense of seeking me out and catching me is usually one of their biggest problems, let alone asking me any stupid questions about it, leaving me to feel like a fully developed tyrant myself; and they do say when they cannot hurt me they can hurt my friends which is utter nonsense, it only set a stage where they have started another fight that they are likely to lose and so it’s better to just shut up and act, in case I want to do the shut up and act routine as well the way they do it – otherwise it is easy even for them to see that there is something wrong with them that they really need to correct for all our sake. As for those who know how to handle me; it’s an old case of the fact there must be a way to carry on without dealing with realities concerning an existence of evil in their society and we will find out who will be complaining and seeking some privilege of injustice from there too. It’s the same old gits usually that spend most of their time messing themselves up, thinking somebody else will capitulate rather than want to find their reasons for being big strong people who do not have proper academic qualifications and careers when they actually have the energy to achieve it and will show up to make out the answer for all their problems is to set out a nasty secret they share with me which is usually better when everybody else knows and I am unaware, while they get on such a platform to speak with Politicians every time about whom my career should end up with, looking really gay, really gay and feeling that their immune to something whereas in a similar situation the criminals in prison have their excuses as it were. It’s always better the politicians do not tickle it unless they are ready so that it will make sense when they had gone off to seek out the expense for being ready too, works well with that big mouth people must put up with all the time as it were while I rip up that popular culture for my bit all together. So the bit that suggests there is still more about it which people are unaware of is that I am due to the fact I dropped out of University some 7 years ago dealing with their senselessness on the Right and their Ignorance on the Left and its not the sort of disposition where One gets to lose Ones temper and or more so on a regular basis - it still churns my tummy and turns me upside down even when I know that is what I am dealing with, even when I know what it is, every time I lose my temper.


I have no idea why a certain group of people who speak of our evil Brexit like to say and chase the shadows we see them chase all the time; we all know that unless you are prepared to serve, then everything that has been done to see that this country is stable and prosperous has been steadily eroded and ripped apart and attacked and derailed by the Germans and the French for the last decade – in fact it is what the EU itself achieved which was the mobility that allowed mainland European Firms to find out what is happening in the UK, take some and exchange something etc, which has been the main enemies of European Politicians from these two Countries and other friends they have in the EU; now the main problem with Brexit is that they have not taken enough out of the UK and Brexit has halted their plans already, leaving them stuck between a Rock and a hard case. Their friends speak this way all the time because they believe the rest of us are none the wiser and that they are not aware they are laying – then there is that other story that is certain to put me down, concerning my relatives that I am not taking care of which refers to all that insolent nonsense we see them do with humanitarian advertisement which they wouldn’t say destroys the lives of those who have nothing whatsoever to do with them for no reason at all, if they would claim they are victims in every turn instead and run it as stupidly and insultingly and destructively as they possibly can. In any case of which those who claim any fool from poorer areas of the world where people have the same skin colour as me is my relative can always do it until I do his own as well; since it is clear that if they want money and you gave it to them, never mind the fact you are not related to them and have no clue who they are, it would be spent on drugs and marijuana but besides that the Politicians give them money so you cannot tell them their activities are stupid if they are successful and now have no other way of getting rid of the argument that if their involvement with people causes people to drop out of University then something about their nature and behaviour must have terribly stupid attribute bout it – so what they want to cover that with is bullying. I do get told when I speak like so it means I am generous but I am not being generous if this information is put to culture and society and placed on a patented website that says I exclusively have the right to decide what happens with it, either for the purpose of wasting it or making money, such stories are meant to be the very pinnacle of their disrespect the consequences for which are brewing hate as well. I hear it does not make them bad people of course which is never really issue; just those who claim such things cannot actually answer a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question if it were about whether or not the incessant involvement in your personal life of those you know nothing about, to churn your tummy and try hard to set you up to get beaten up by somebody whose nasal cavities you have irritated is bad – in the end its all mid-level gangs stuff; not the small ones that are really ratty or big one working out underground justice all the time in violent ways, but the middle ones that have ideas about what government organisations and Politicians should be doing with those organisations to make them and their band of idiots comfortable, so its talk like that until these goons find their way into the schools and the idiots who tell such tales discover they have children that cannot attend school, then they will be bad people, as in seriously evil to a point where this is some sort of fun if other ways of wickedness and the control of access to pain employment has failed as a means of getting attention for being bad.  In the end business is about selling somebody a blanket which is good enough to ensure they only have to worry about their jobs and not sleeping, which means that you are likely to help the person earn money and pay you some by buying your product, so German and French led Industry grab is a great idea, the idea that pillages peoples own, grabs and invests quickly so by the time a moral imperative is decided, they must have amassed enough to be Industrially powerful with a reputation for being successful to show for, but sometimes they do meet people that can push back and then huddle in a corner being amazed and will not move on after or spend time on their own concerns instead which is just fine too, only they need to stop telling lies, keep their senselessness off my Books. In the end I come from a world where I may speak to somebody about what I studied at school and able to notice when my environment has been changed into one concerning which violence I can do and a heightened state of affairs to go with it; these fools and the claim that Brexit is evil which they know is lie, do not tend to notice such things; all they know is how to rip up the finances and family and well-being of those who have told them to fuck off. They love to claim I have found a convenient excuse for what happens to my tummy but what really does is that I usually have two meals a day and to half dishes a day for a man 6 foot tall is not an ideal feeding size but then again, I find it hard to see what I am likely to do with the excess energy since I have nobody to fight and am not looking forward to any such thing; everything these idiots do is designed to ensure that my abdomen is in pain and that it is all because of the way I have tailored my life and now it has become the answer for everything to them on this Business empire and its finances all together. So what happens practically is a very nasty behaviour that involves being seen talking about, leaning on and being violently lascivious over my personality and my personal space all the time, then they will get their beauty sleep from the whole process of being this personality that makes them feel at home and lean on it all the time; then we get to the stage where they are not getting a reaction from me and decide to start a campaign that suggests they are my friends, which is where I need to start showing I have been waiting to see what they would do about the bad smell after all that abusive complaining but they have only escalated it instead all together. Then there are their daddy figures whose whole existence is about their failures, inability to keep up with their mates, trying to make me into them and talking nonsense about an insult I have channelled at their stupidities to deserve it and all of their lives problems will be solved somewhere around my anus. What has really been happening, contrary to those claims my activities are discriminating is that they enjoy building up problems to beat me down and grab fame and fortune off me by and we are in one of those position where it has reached a point, I have counted the number of days and years they have been hard it and need to move into the right hand side and screw around with some criminality to build up a problem to beat them down with too, when finished perhaps they will start again. Its not that I do not know what they want, I do; they want market separatism because they are worried I want to sell Books to them and make money to run a system of oppression at the British Monarchy with but that should have been foremost on their minds before ripping up my academic work and making fun of the results to ensure it is never completed as abusively and violently as possible for 8 years on International Media - like we hear them say they know what they want and its the bit where they made themselves self employed to avoid being told what to do when it is too late for anybody that would otherwise have paid attention to their insanity.

The media one’s love to claim I will be getting into trouble with them especially when some process of their salaries undercutting my personal finances because they are having fun, leads to outcomes where Whistle blower reveals their pay; so, they usually say that whenever it happens I will be getting into trouble which will never actually happen. There is no way I will likely let myself get into trouble with a collection of cowards that punish me with not buying Books they use to make the news and the television personality careers safe because they find my reaction exhilarating of which the process has now therefore begun to ensure that no excuse is good enough for it to continue. Besides which in a reasonable sense, the reality is still that interviewing fellow queer celebrity scum that are worth 50 million pounds each and have wide audience appeal over a period of five 3 years for 2 million pounds makes perfect sense – they know why they are paid that money and need to stop punishing me by ripping up my personal finances to make their media jobs safe by promising to use me until I drop dead wasting my Books and not buying any for some strange queer reason. So, it’s getting to the stage where not even the excuse of my Court making use of it without paying will be good enough as well and I shall be handling it according to their big moth threats too – otherwise they need to take the risks, find the news, report it and earn the money that gets to their stupid heads. Of course they always say there is nothing I can do about it which is an old story about celebrities who are beeline characters that are only horrible if they are some older neighbour who likes you but does tend to treat you unfairly all the time; otherwise they know exactly why they do not fancy violence but at the same time take over people’s lives and wreck homes and personal lives like the very air they breathe; I for my part since I am Royalty and do not need help because it wrecks and takes over must now run their lives for them as well since there is no known intelligence that can reason with them and make them listen and the other half of the time will be spent running campaigns that see there is somebody in those Offices that want those jobs as well, all it ever takes from me really is a bit of work but the other part about wasting my Books for the sake of it is the one where I will see that big mouth shut in a violent way before it stops as well, get involved with celebrity stuff, so the Military might have a role to play. The Politicians speak of Celebrities in my Court of course which was just meant to be a group of people that do the madness of men on the left and right hand side that is something I do not get involved with, which I have now been pushed out of my academics to make me get involved with as well – same old idiots who spend government money on fools so that others could never tell them they are stupid people if they have money to show they are celebrities by, creating thereof social equality; now they cannot handle the idiots who get involved with government and tear things up to tell them there will not be a stoppage if somebody gets killed while those of us who had it sorted during our teens no longer have the time and energy for it, so that a process of asking somebody for something might become a means of evil power as well; which I do not think is a problem considering I am already hated by these idiots since they are waiting for the government money to be spent on them and the fact I am a virgin means everything I do is explained away by sex, except that the way I run my Business cracks their celebrity stupidities but they do not wish to stop getting involved with it, seeing they have partners for sex and children and a family to worry about, so we have come full circle and all the hate without reason and purpose that lets them seek out pregnant women and single mothers and drop out students to bully and get rich quick by has now turned into an outcome where they have become the same things they hate so much, ripping up homes and destroying relationships for those that have found it, while unable to complain about the existence of those who irritate others so much that they ensure people cannot have a relationship: simply because there is no sex in my brain. I am never going to get into trouble with these idiots; just going to stop people wasting my Books to ensure they have the means to chase and gather as much news and TV jobs as possible in order to get rich quick with punishment for me that involves a process where I have no money, as though it was in their stupid job description and it does give way to that need to take the means by which they get those government funds away from them as well, especially when I look at all that queer and perverted and twisted homo in the face that is nothing compared to the fact that it is an evil menace all together. They speak of a lack of respect for world powers on my part which is utter nonsense; what happens is that three most notorious supporting a system of people who want to get rich by means of competition that is not actually civil in anyway let alone fair and it targets pregnant women and single mothers and University drop outs like there is no tomorrow; so the Japanese are really good at building people financial holes that people can suddenly fall into until they find that have ended up in a chasm and that their victims had no part to play in it - the Germans love their take take take insults until they find they have ended up in a condition where they have not taken enough and hence stuck between a rock and a hard case - the Americans just get off wanting others to pay for their liabilities rather than sort out the reasons some banks were too big to fail and wrecked whole economies in the process providing this leadership where I need to respond to peoples insults because it will not give me a breathing space. So they love to claim they have found the reasons I love Mr Trump when I mention such things but we all know this is an example 70% of US wealth ends up belonging to republicans give or take because it pays for democrats to live on insults and neighbourhood alleyway fraternity by which they buy shares in businesses on account they have got media and civil rights to play with - so they have become quite fond of issuing threats at me whereby their insults will mean I have to live in a past that I made safe while their community croons chase and wreck it and it is not in their interest for me to have a financially viable business - so I have to work out how to run their lives for them which will really wind them up and send a message about his displeasing helping Royalty really is, then set up campaign to ensure there is always a sense that people either want their roles in the businesses or their job roles in business establishments or their share in businesses all the time - I tested it and it worked like a dream, so I thought it was time to return to paying full time attention to what Broker clients need and an Intellectual property administration business but that was when activities on their part made me realise there will be no such thing for me unless that Treasury money Obama promised them was not being paid; so this is the start of a process where it stupidities need to threaten me less as there is no way I will abandon my concerns to pay attention to the insults, needs to learn to keep its mouth shut unless it is paying my Bills and stop punishing me without reason by using my Books as intended while never buying a copy, allowing others to buy one and then building a campaign of people who want to use it without buying it because I refused to co-operate with its plans to be rich and need to be punished for having refused it what it wanted thereby creating its stupidities an image that suggests there are times in which it does not get what it wants, leaving that sense I would have been sexually assaulted by now if I were female while the idiots cannot shut their insults and keep their hands to themselves talking nonsense about being the only ones that can fight back whenever I get off to my gimmicks all the time. There is always that confidence we see them exude even when they know it would not be difficult for me at this stage to find a way around that argument that taking the treasury money away from them tends to mean it is not in my interest for the Country to be financially successful and that is when they are not claiming others did it in the past and that although I am given a royal estate to throw spite at them, I am actually below them all together, rubbing in it at ripping my academic work to play up these gimmicks – others did no such thing in the past; we can see even now they talk nonsense about business all the time but taking care of people in a world where a washing machine seller is no different from a residential property cleaner and it’s all about things people cannot do for themselves because they are at work making the money that pays you for doing it for them, they are always busy chasing fame, wanting peoples help but knowing better, becoming the same irritable characters that broke up relationships they complained about throughout school with impunity. I am for instance a writer but somebody will see nothing wrong about approaching the media because I told him to sell his Book somewhere else on account he said something first about Islam doing the same things Christianity used to do and then progressed at a later date to complaining about all religions not evolving at the same time, so he can get some stability in his stupid life, to get me wondering why fame and fortune trade writer idiots cannot sell their books where it will not be sold on structures I built for my literary empire and not their financial wellbeing but this is not likely to be something they comply with when they know where to hurt me as it were, so I am working on it all together. I have to take into account a parent might be worried about a Child reading my Books but that does not prevent the child from reading it anyway: so, it’s not that it is a book that parents will respond to in such ways, since such sensations are mainly a matter of how I run my Business as a whole i.e. those who do not want the Books will be cracked up and there will be job losses for getting involved but I have to bear it in mind anyway. So I am told my Books still do badly even after all these but of course the Books do reflect the fact that everything people do with me, right through to the feelings of the general public since last I got a Royal commission is to be managed by means of the Books I have written but somebody else a queer goon is has been creating another description for it on that stupid media to decide which one I have got and which one somebody else deserves to have all the time and I am determined it will not stop unless I crushed it too. I do get told I always refuse to make clear the reasons people attack me all the time but the reasons have always been their hatred for women; they hate women and they hate me too - so if it wants to get promoted to a high income at work and I tell it to stop showing up at my Public image which it actually deserves to on account it is male and should be getting family support from women, then it will teach me a lesson to show me I should never dare create it a history where it suffered rejection from my type - I may think the worst will be over when it destroys my Books and my writing career but it will not be when I find that it wants to chew snacks and sleep with girls who pass insults at me all the days of their lives on account they have a sugar daddy - it does not want to be treated the same as everybody else around my Business because it wants to push me into a corner where he can get strippers and online sex workers to compete with me over personal income while he spends lose change on consumerism at my expense and ensures all the smaller democracies of the world are beating down some Brits - so eventually the Books I write do not do these things any favours but they are seen around it all the time looking for story and more serious things have happened concerning the old sermon of not wanting people to move into my right hand or peddle my faith or create me difficulties and discomforts that facilitate working a sex life at my expense and or makes me go through great suffering to do something I was doing anyway, so as to create an environment where it is possible for people to image things away from the way it should be, allowing Lesbians to try and copy the life of a Man which will make them the male characters in their relationships; ultimately of which more serious things have happened since such as me dropping out of University and in my view they might be complaining but have not been taking it seriously enough yet. It’s an old gimmick where it will press people all the time about getting rid of the Monarchy and then ignore it you will until you start to write a private diary in order to cope, ignore it further and you will be unable to think all together, become intellectually dumb and in physical pain; so it gets serious enough to set out that half the time a Monarchy is gotten rid of, the Monarch is being punished and the other half the time the Government was doing badly and needs to be replaced, none of their theories about anything of which matches these two scenarios. Then I am informed I do not solve a problem by giving away all these facts about matters which is utterly not true; the world is split into the Politicians and the common people and the Royalties – they might want to mind their own business altogether but what they chose to do instead is the bit where you will be held to account so I can find out I am governed, then realise I have not worked out how to pay my bills and you will either do it or end up in my situation while I find a way out of it to punish you for a historic injustice; so it becomes the one where I will pull their intestines as well to ensure they listen to what other people are saying to them; we know what they want from it is a condition in which when they chase money and hungry people chase their private parts it may affect everybody without any consequences attached to them which is what their existence is like but Royalty cannot live like that or they will make enemies with the general public and with the Establishment at the same time, so they have decided to get involved with royalty and sell the sensations of convenience that they can find. Completely incapable of being happy people of course and now we know they will do nothing else with their time save set up popularity canopies where narcissist happiness is rife to get rich quick and need to keep out of my concerns lest I cut it to bits for them as well. I mean there is a question as per why people behave in such ways which is an old story about how they reach for what is beyond them, hating and abusing those who exist without ambitions and then eventually when stuck we find that they spend a lot of their time finding and targeting people to leave others with a question of what the dividing line really is between personality competition and bullying: which is not a problem for me, I am only wondering if the story if that I am so naïve about it and didn’t take measures accordingly, a given the right tools and correct measures situation. They always say I am looking for trouble of course, I like to think they have no plans to let it go, so I have to wait for a time when they want to wear that stupid suit in peace and then that temper will create something I can write a blog about and place on the internet – as for trouble I am likely to get into, I do not think such a thing would ever exist anyway, we all know it’s either the goons on the left who think they are seriously good looking or the ones on the right who are likely to pick up arms because there is too much senselessness in the Country, they are stuck the middle queer violent bastards and need to keep their mouth shut since the street scum will pick it up and I will not be able to leave my own home and get anywhere smelling nice etc – need to keep it firmly shut.

We get off dealing with those claims a decision has been made at the Monarchy which indicates I am not an Arch Prince any more – the idiots especially the Politicians want nothing but a Royal they can play any stupid games they wish with as it were and it seems they have the one story of wealth distribution to table before the Public each time they are questioned about the time the tax payer is funding for them to show up at Parliament for it as well. The case made being that my position has become so controversial it is no longer tenable, the truth is that these fools want to play games at Government Office and are already telling me I am at odds with fans of the Crown because there are some that can play games very, very well too. they point out this bit where my tummy is everywhere as an explanation for all their stupidities and yet the reason for that was never the fact people are just my boss as they love to get involved with me if we share the same skin colour, just as the whites love to as filthy as they come, quite astonishing that human beings can be filthy inside of them and on the outside, such that when they approach you, the sensation is one of a need to vomit, now blabbing about a future I have lost and been separated from as well, which they both think there is no method of stopping in the whole world as it were. The threats and insults are the main deal that is the only thing that beats the daily insults and need to get on public places such as media or parliament where the main view will be one of them talking to an opposite Politician while they are really protruding a body language that continues an incitement that gets the public handling the possessions of those who are too weak to protect what they have, which in my case began with a certain Tony Blair, blabbing nonsense that they believe will never make me worse if the habit is to move into my right hand or make references to my Estate, while they cannot even win elections to avoid a hung parliament and have lost a Brexit referendum to the Public that they presented it to, followed closely by another group of scum from Scotland blabbing which direction the Scottish people voted as if it makes any sense but we can see it makes sense to them if they are not talking to me but a party opposite the whole time the losers abuses and insults and incitement continues unabated. I do get told I need to defend myself from Politicians but I do not think it will come to that anyway; we are here already because of the fact the reason they are uncontrollable at government office are the warehouses for narcissistic popular culture happiness sales that is making them extra money to add to their Politicians salaries, which also makes them feel as though they have a footing at Industry and are extremely powerful – what I say and do to them damages their profits so they might blow off their big mouth about beating up like the clowns we know they are, whereby nothing is ever serious in their view, nothing, just like the opinion for today is that I am no longer an Arch Prince. I mean their filthy society scum say their filth is a matter of years dealing with poverty and I have shed a large portion of Royal privilege, keeping my Office and not becoming as filthy all together, getting attacked every day; it never listens especially when informed moving into my right hand will drive me insane and they will get into trouble as well, it loves to talk nonsense about security services protecting me all the time, while if they were so scared, all they had to do, contrary to behaviour exhibited by those who do not work in security services setting out what should happen when security services operatives are captured by the enemy, as insultingly as possible – what they had to do was become responsible persons who look after and protect their friends and family, willing to take a bullet for it, so the security services can provide their service and ensure it does not happen, while they behaved in a way which ensured that they were not at risk if the services were not available at their stupid beck and call, it is all they had to do – have lost the referendum and cannot get itself off a hung parliament talking nonsense and passing insults at me the whole time, blabbing which case I am not an Arch Prince anymore. All I want is somebody here who has an Office that is engaged in duties that are of a Christian context which is in the interest of the Church but happens to have talents that gets to do it in a way that is in the interest of the Crown which leader is head of the Church anyway, studying when I study, carrying out activities linked to employment when that is what I am doing, writing Books when I am writing Books without being disturbed by their stupidities and those security systems I love to pass messages to the world by, otherwise I shall become Arch Prince lord of everything as well, to see what it is their insolence can do about me really. I do get told that I pretend the Office of an Arch Prince is a glorified Hermit most of the time, which it is not but if I started discussing it I would be talking about the fact all I do on the right hand side sensibilities are apply as that to which the buck stops with me and likewise, it does not stop with other members of the Royal Family as presumed but this will put me in direct firing line of those goons who want to get involved with Members of the Monarchy as they made use of me because they have no respect for me whatsoever ; so what we have here is one of those occasions where a group of idiots who are done with gimmicks that suggest racism is never worse when people are not paying their bills as a form of blackmail that will guarantee them fame and fortune with other peoples lives, getting off to stories about an Arch Prince I happen not to be anymore all together around matters that involve such eventualities for example as that of company owners who have these women that are sometimes their own children or wife or a friend, that handle matters concerning popular culture goons taking a stand on peoples public image and then beating up the victims, simply because they are somehow obsessed not just with what they say and how they sound but also with the idea every wicked thing they wish to do will always be successful at Government buildings. By the way of which we are still working on the business of how much trouble the US President is, of which is not the problem at all, not like their practical jokes are. I mean the stage at which the Men who have some violence I will do for them to make them feel respected and the women the one I will do for them to make them feel sensations of convenience threatening me with boys from the hood and civil rights resulting in a global stage complaining should have been the end of their case, it continues because they think they are my Lords, they think they are my personal Gods they are convinced they can do anything they wanted - so its only just progressed to the part where they set me up for society goons to have fun with and build confidence, what I do about that meaning the society goons will then get off doing some vagabond fame and fortune popular culture too which they obviously do not want to; the idiots have then gotten involved with that and think the result will be anymore than me ripping up the Celebrity culture for them so they might give me a break as well. I do get told that all I am really good at is making lots of trouble which is really not the case; for instance when I got the hint that Hillary Clinton was to win the US elections I would be in big trouble over the fact I do not wish to share my public image, which I believed was a joke – since then the abuses of the boy bands and popular culture idiots have taken a turn for the unprecedented and the insults have gone through the roof and I am set to make a case out of them on job satisfaction for security services operatives as well. The society ones were the ones the Politicians and Media loved to threaten me with until they damaged my academics and I decided they had to go everywhere they went with them trouble makers, doing so of which should have been the end of the story but other problems have been invented because they have a sense of their own importance at my expense which is not linked to reality in anyway whatsoever. So, I need to write Books when I am and study when I am and work a job when I am not spend most of my time dealing with stupidities people invent and then insert into my career to take up my time on Media. I do get asked what I believe is the root cause of the problem and if I explained that many will baffle at how far it has gotten; we hear those threats all the time but apart from a process where I do not wish to talk about it and it goes on for eternity while when I do I only speak of the damage to career while they speak of violence and then when they meet me need whole parliaments and civil service and national media to show I am cursed by my parents, wreck my finances and build up even more of their stupid self-confidence. The root cause is simple interference with my concerns; what I am doing away from an environment where people want to talk about God and the Bible and in an environment where important people want to meet and discuss the gloss of their hair and the cosmetics they use, which credence is always given to those that are most famous among them is determined by how much of my parents are not respected because they are not famous patents as stupidly as possible making use of it anyway because it will have gone past the market before I had time to act and then there would be no problems after that – it has reached the stage where they are able to determine what happens with my academics and I am able to decide which part of their show business I can damage and for now my prime target is usually the ventures they invest their money on at Industry because it facilitates a process where those idiots who help them maintain a theory they were famous show up at business premises to put up money for products as a bargain that will ensure they were served specifically to make them feel good by certain persons whose personality and public image needs to be confiscated by the famous and I will ensure they lose profits every time they tackle my Books until the day they decided they wanted to stop it too. I do get told my sexual habits were the main problem naturally, first of all which nobody knows how they can see my sexual habits anyway if we eliminate how much attention they pay to my public image and make references to my Royal Estate with plans to make it their own in some way, but then again my sexual habits were usually a matter of trust with those I got along with and since they got involved the issue had turned to one of a sermon about how my Court is not free for all and the sexual habits it seems will ensure it really isn’t as well in the end, besides which the truth is that these goons have not got the foggiest evidence I have been having sex with people anyway. Its all a case of people who know how to make money and enjoy life finding that they enjoy life by causing distress and suffering to those who believe in God and try to run their affairs in a way that is not a danger to other people - so it has been getting physical towards me for years now and I have found that nothing communicates with them better than talking through their profits at the markets; it does become impossible to keep a job without doing so. 

It is the same pattern over and over again; get around my concerns and suddenly get surrounded by stupid women claiming to have possession of a Man that must be made to behave all the time in order for them to feel comfortable and powerful, defend myself against it and find that they have become determined to see me get into a fight that was too much for me but now I am determined to tear up the Celebrity and popular culture as well because of what they have done to my academic work and the damage they have done to this Estate 10 years on from that as well, its the Men doing the same thing instead.

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 I am not concerned about Politicians as normally assumed, its largely always a matter of their corruptions of involvement especially led by Americans seeking something scared to be a part of in order to be safe from enemies they make with their inconsiderate nonsense and need for greed games, which they know nobody will give them so it is always about media and abuses and scandals and violence in order to destroy it or have something better or take it over. The Politicians by themselves are always a collection of trouble makers and I would not want a better or worse situation than I have at the moment i.e. Politicians with their secret societies getting out of control for example would have been a situation but what I have here is a group of people that enjoy breaking down every security that God has provided me which offers me a license to mess with their secret societies as well – so they like to attack me I like my license and we are made for each other. Does that then mean that I have no friends or allies that belong in secret societies? Of course not, I have lots of those – it’s a case of those I broker equities with and those I dont and have no idea thereof what they are doing in my Empire emporium; so that when you broker equities with people you know you can write nonsense in a piece of paper and make a cover for it and call it a book and some will still buy it because they feel they owe you something, hence these are the people I target with my Books and the reason these idiots are involved especially the women is to steal that income and nothing more – so that they think their loutish nonsense has paid off, their media idiots cannot understand I was never published on TV and black people do not want to listen to a warning when it is about a well being associated with not being seen getting around with them and we all know they will drive it to an ending that is as violent as their behaviour suggests. Especially so considering it is not a setting where people give others a free meal as it were, since you do secret society because you want to be the source of your own problem and the solution to it as well which means you constantly push your own boundaries and hence determine what your extents are and what improvements you can make. We church people go out there to help people and give them free meal but this is not where that tends to happen anyway. The politicians on the other hand like to get involved and we can see why the American and African ones are the way they are with corruptions of involvement and the media idiots they work it with too - something special something powerful something unusual to corrupt and those who have got it being trapped and so on endlessly, the derogatory abuse even pays off to that effect right down to the issue of why there is never the question of what it is about.

Of course we all hear of the story I have been beaten and battered and everything about my person and reputation pillaged and plundered and damaged and I therefore can no longer hold down a Royal Estate – the reality of which is that the big problem I must resolve in royal circles is the idea all I own and anything I do is for sharing – having said so of which what I need to do to manage every property in the estate has been put in place and the equity property on the websites are worth nothing less than 20 million pounds if invested and yes they always like to say my equities are only worth so if people invest them but so am I sure they understand getting off to ensure people don’t so they can mess with me is looking for trouble as equally as those who invest it without buying the books or making a clear statement about which equities they invest more so are doing the same. It’s simply come to that point where they can no longer pillage it how they like and I intend to build community around their celebrity nonsense that will engage in constant conversation about what justifies it so I can break their lawyers and I intend to break them next after too – I mean it’s never really been a problem, only a simple case of the fact all they do like these noise making about what is broken only gives me a license because I would never have gotten support if I did it all on the basis of what the Christian thinks should be the way things work: it’s been 13 years of their stupid children having the best GCSE grades by sticking a hard one into me and I have no idea where it was broken thereof more so – but it is not an emotive issue around being attacked by civil rights idiots, it’s always the case that before then when they shoot off their insults it means something else but when you want to handle them then there is a threat to their civil rights but we are not mates and they need to leave me alone, it does appear this is the difficult part and we all know their stupid media debuts were designed to help them recover their freedom from me especially the blacks who have lost that stupid western nonsense they like to think is invincible and while they claim something is broken never to be recovered here they have not recovered their western nonsense about freedom which is never really what they say it is from me but above all they say I frustrate all they planned to do with Barrack Obama and I think the next time they elect a black president they can do so cleaning filth off me and developing new derogatory nonsense to abuse me with for their progress because they think they are dominating something – so as it stands something is broken because they are constantly after my penis and my anus and my breast and all that nonsense and I for my part have not responded to it, it does not mean they have acquired freedoms based on things they would never have had under other circumstances which they have experienced which is another measure of that provocative nonsense where they think I should be a mound and they a hard dick that their Politicians and media idiots and celebrities like to play around with while thinking they will deploy my work to do something about terrorism as well or that I may not develop my own versions of these things to control and manipulate them with, the warning is a matter of how much of those stupid western freedom insults they have recovered from me so far yet and I personally do not believe they should end up in somebody else’s life either, until that day with that golliwog mouth. For the women it has always been a case of pillaging my earnings on account of what they can get away with and none of these idiots male and female alike have yet taken on board the message of staying away from me as we are not mates as it were – so I have so far beaten women down to a point where it has become a social issue as nobody does know if they do these things because they are expecting to find here those guys that do sexual inequality with them so they can blab about it but we all know media has changed from a means of securing their stupid freedom to a means of dominating me with a big mouth as well. There is nothing about anything that happens here which is any of their business and I will hurt them seriously before it stops from what we can see too. The goons that operate at Royal circles especially female are done with diamond jubilee opportunities and its all turned to unnecessary abuse and violence as well and what I have done to protect my office and estate has been entirely necessary in the events of the unthinkable of these idiots having Royal and Political support as well – nothing broken whatsoever; a fight with stupid women is always embarrassing especially with when they are Royal with insulting ambitions and media to express themselves with.


It is usually suggested that nobody really can make out what my business with high level jobs for which I have no qualifications seem to be but the answer has always been simple; things work because they are fit for purpose and Politicians will continue to get into trouble for each occasion where it is funny if people chose between supporting them and being customers for my books, which is the very destructive socialist racism of making sure others are stuck with their problems and after years of misery set out to solve it and put together products on which they can be made to grovel; so the good people and the nice people and the religious people do not deserve jobs they say and theirs is done as well and that is just the start since I will still have to make a living anyway, they do say I have been forced to deploy Royal Authority for civil rights which has nothing to do with reality or anything else, I say their careers are done as well and I will still need to make a living. The level of disruption they cause me is only matched by the same I have caused organised crime and it speaks for itself - they say if I stopped talking about it I would make things much better which does show people do know they should not be getting involved with the disruption that is caused me anyway unless they are allies of these trouble makers; so as it stands the Politicians have spent money on these fools and the businesses have too and they are yet to get the returns which is the reasons for the abuses and the media idiots contingent as well - I for my part am clear the reality is that they would rather want some trouble from me that they would check their attitude to make their stupid mature businesses profitable. The story I have not done any better myself is very well understood but its a matter of what I have wanted to do i.e. they like to claim democratic leadership is a matter of chance so I had to stem the economic problems that came from it and made them profits through blame culture by setting out every single process of leadership with clear cut factual explanation - so I have spent all my time on that and they have been pillaging my finances for it, I mean its only become a topic for conversation because I have recently found time to pay attention to my finances in the first place anyway. Its the story of defending the democracy that is full of people that think they are superior to me but are yet again complaining of problems too as it were concerning which these are the trouble makers that are contributing to the complains so they should know; I cannot imagine that aiding women would have turned me into the coward people used to fear that they do not anymore and that their stupid career is done too and they can turn out and challenge me regularly until I build a public life on that too. Nothing can satisfy them unless they are the ones calling the shots and doing the leadership roles - now I have a reputation and that is a start.

Now they do love tales of how much mine is an ideology that brings about hate and it is utter nonsense as we all can feel and see that it is an ideology that gets people taking responsibility for the effects of their actions by making them suffer for it – when people dish death around here which they are rather fond of doing because they have problems associated with their moral and social corruption which is loosely linked with the criminal activities around them, what I do with it is start a gimmick over the details of the possible pleasures that might exist should a human being get killed and when it is my actions that lead to their deaths I will get away with it as well. I mean my whole life has been ripped up and torn and pillaged and destroyed everyday by none whites especially those of the same skin colour as myself, so they might have a history with me that involves a process of not letting me get out of certain bad things that have happened to me, which is of course entirely made up since there is no place in this world or beyond it where they build their own version of becoming more important than an Arch Prince for instance but I am still being told that what is really happening is racism, told that so many times according to the number of times I have tried to move their terribly profitable disobedience somewhere else where they can enjoy it the most, that the prospects of walking down the streets and being abused by racists for it keeps getting better and better while it sets off to try and keep me that way and begins a publicity of claiming my public image that I refuse to let it peddle or cash into for itself all together. Meet a young woman and it will say something about where the pressures associated with the excitement of meeting you go, meet them and it goes down your throats and then your tummy and you are making bad smells you cannot control; we are not talking about meeting them on invite either, they get involved with whatever they like for it too together, according to what the stupid Media that makes up their minds for them and apparently runs my life for me has decided. So I do get this other question of the reasons they do it coming my way; of which it is still the same reasons of evil twisted wickedness – what it wants is to make use of my Public image to make itself financially comfortable but it also wants to ensure I am not as financially comfortable as it wants to be on my own public image as well, so it does give rise to the old case where sometimes it is witchcraft of human being doing stupid things, other times it is a witchcraft of dealing with a proper power all together. They know it could take a life time and what I have written in my Books would never have been accomplished by them but whilst they claim to have need of it so that they can rub shoulders with wealthy people, they do not wish to pay for it, if they are paying many times the same price for a drink when they rub shoulders with rich people – so it does come to a matter of their stupidities and the basic civility issues that can turn a normal person into an animal measuring that presumption that writers are vulnerable to them, that their insults like to blab about all the time. So people can only keep telling me mine is an ideology that breeds hatred long enough for a process to emerge where I start to do that their inability to be happy people that tends to mean they have to succeed by seeing to it that others had failed, so as to create public mockery based fun that is narcissist enough to produce sales and then the whole process of ripping my finances to create it and whacking me whenever I have acted to create an obstacle that prevents them from cashing into my Public image will go away along with it too. of course they always say that the system oppresses them which is utter nonsense – the oppression that makes them attack me is when a Police Officer calls them to a question about the method by which they have chosen to engage in activities that earn papers with bank of England governor’s signature on it, which they can go to the shops to acquire values that they get to run their lives with and they can only keep talking rubbish about my different personality they can bully and get away with, talk rubbish about how mine is an ideology of hate and violence until it ends really badly as well. people simply have to spend their time making me sort out my own safety and well being and when asked claim they are being oppressed, telling lies all the time – this is their own lives, they live here as it were and can always keep telling me I am ideology of hate until it ends really badly as staying off my Books and Public image space should have ended it really well (they do say they want to share in the wealth I have created but its an old story where you drop out of University and cannot keep a job if at all you find it, because they are being decadent around you, because they are bearing down on you sexually, talking rubbish about your deluded sense of what people think about you when they are your parents and people really like you the whole time: so when it becomes too fond of telling me that mine is an ideology of hate with its stupid media, it has to be made clear it can end the good way where they keep off my public image space and my Books or the bad way where that narcissist happiness that brings about fame and fortune sales at peoples expense will become a main public issue. They do say I provoke them and yes I do, when I want to be left alone and they want to move into my right hand, clubbing and partying lifestyle threaten me as well, so it gets me career pirating the career pirate and broken dreaming the broken dream, clowning around over serious matters all the time at grave expense to others - getting them running after those stupid lives of theirs lest somebody else takes it up for them as well).

The Americans love to say it is the influence the British exert on their Country that they hate half of the time, the other half of the time they are ordinary people taking on a Royal Prince and when it reaches the point at which traders and popularity fools are handling state office to make money and you had decided it couldn’t be, what we find is that there is a lot of power and equality for US Citizens when they speak to the person in the White House and secure State support for it as a result making popularity goons and stock market twerps an equal of some Royalty somewhere; you have no time to point it out therefore before the hurting bottoms begin and it’s all your fault and you have got to do something about it, then a process where they do it again when idiots get half the opportunity. I hear my intentions are questionable of course but nothing could be clearer about the fact I expected that the positive side of the economic crisis was that recovery would mean when somebody says they can see a future where I got to work in my car but didn’t actually have to drive it, I would make realistic sense out of that but what has not happened is one thing while the total collapse of the relationship between those who have chosen to make themselves available for employment and those who have chosen a path that will end up creating the employment which is what is happening is another thing entirely. It’s like when they speak to me they do with such insolent authority and I know nothing but what I see on the ground is that Auto Company A and B existed but time and again, just before Company A goes Bankrupt, somebody will exchange their Assets with Company B and get paid a lot of money for it, while the result is people who spend all day lifting engine parts going out of work with grease on their faces and the government has to deal with the worst possible financial crisis; so that other theory that I am just a Church and social morality dud had to be tackled and now it is obviously the case since last I took these things away from them considering they do need to explain why they are always killing the goose that laid the golden egg.


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The issue of mad and stupid girls and those that recruit them for the purpose of financial vandalism, who speak so much of the reasons for their suffering being that men follow pursue them all over the place and that there are people who are Princes that are specifically to blame for it, which then explains all my problems too, is as it were, still a major hurdle to economic recovery at this point not just because of their insults and games I am required by their men to play between perverts and rich people but also because we are all aware of the work of those who think they hold other Royal positions from various parts of the world. I could not care less about this side of their story for the most part; it is clear they make the various claims about such things with plans that it directly impacts and affects my income and various other claims to fame they make are clearly for the purposes they serve which are unspeakable: thereby privilege and convenience based issues they raise over money, while for the Royalties which they serve and in the capacities of doing so of which they send out their stupid Children to address me while fighting them and at the same time keeping them. Not less with intent of pushing me out of my faith as well for such intents and further more into homosexuality to ensure I am serving them and probably with my soul as well but the one that particularly gets to me is the claims that my so called love sounds and feel sweet because of them. I clearly do not have sex with them or have sexual experiences or relations with or involving them, never have and never will. It is clear therefore that it happens because they are getting used to their insults and nothing more. I had long decided I wanted the diplomatic front cleaned up and spotless, so that none of these also get to make them think as such that they and their foolish girls and women and fame are counted among the rich, whether or not they will dispute this and more so in order to find ways of getting rich without work, which purpose is so that if they do, they will have another reason to hate me even further. Of course they have their Popular music stars for example who are at the helm of all that happens to help them deploy other peoples property at the bottom line, that they use for squander and vandalism. It is all about making use of my job and privileges helped by their Politicians, which I have also gone and taken care of as a problem, so they always end up making so much fuzz and putting up so much publicity for the fact that they are and if were not seen are becoming, a collection of self seeking evil people that show they will never leave alone a certain Prince. So it is clear it is impossible for them to do a single thing at a time because they are always making themselves into insolent and perpetual rivals of other people and incredibly greedy madness, so they can draw the attention of ignorance and violence, then work out the problem they have is the boy they think they can beat up or steal from. I do not consider it to be that much of a worry I should state, just setting out the equity bundles on this issue; I am perfectly aware that I had set out the structures by which such games have no more powers and I am expected to by my people rise to attain all the glories that are due to my position and work and this includes financial glories as well - rich people will not be held in much of a high esteem here. 

All is well provided the stubborn idiots whites and blacks alike but especially black people sell their own and not me and or indeed damage my person or any effects of me for any reason, an otherwise will always mean trouble they will complain of all the time. So the story of Scottish Nationalism rears its head again in which case I believe we have reached the right time to set out it is all about people that like teasing others and never listen to what people are saying to them. They will say of course I tease people as well which has no link with reality that is rather about the fact that they damage my property and face the consequences for it and I have never seen such a collection of more-ons who complain about racism and other bullying within the process by which they take a swipe at me which must not be punished because they deserve to have some self confidence back from society as a whole. I know those abuses and bullying are all made up on media but they are as good as the real deal and I don’t mind legitimising them for those who look for trouble all the time like these – I mean it’s always hearsay until you actually meet them and blow your mind that people exist who get out of bed and get dressed and go out to look for trouble and make excuses to help them bully a chosen target for it. Naturally there are claims they make about the need for people to find out why they do it but of course there is no such need – all we have there are things they would have done with some person they trapped in a relationship otherwise they would hate women and become homosexual or if they marry any a chosen victim will be homosexual instead depending on what they see and what they desire or want. So it is a matter of my interference in their lives the origin of which was a simple case of me and my puppet wife and my puppet Prince and Puppet wife and puppet Prince kiss, kiss and create an atmosphere and I get rich – they have wrecked everything here and it is unfathomable that they think my reaction to that is a process of teasing people. It is said there is no end in sight for my actions and no point in sight for a stage where my work comes to materialisation but I don’t think it that much of an issue; as long as I am unable to write books from a half priest office and get them sold to people without courting the attention of violent louts and their media who will never buy my books as well because it is too difficult for them to read hence have no reason to be seen around my business, then what I am doing is never worth it and the matter has to be settled. Those women are not their Women - not anymore; just like their puppet Prince.



For a large proportion of the time most should also about the claim they have heard me say such things before, when people wish to behave very badly with some form of Royal item in their possession; which of course they have, which they must have over matters of Her Majesty The Queen's Official duties, on the Banking sector-the matter of them striking people over the head with their powers for whatever reason thereby and damaging the finances of yet more to get to such a place as it would be possible to do so, all to help their mistresses to earn between £25,000 and £30,000 pounds and their children millions extracted through the music industry or perhaps an obsession with Television, playing evil games they claim are born out of a process where they are angry that the rich always get richer and poor poorer, which only works with the economies they come from I suppose, otherwise it is generally a factor of handling my work and property here, which is where somebody always does civil rights-while Bankers, especially their friends make bad decisions and sign away billions of other peoples money into an economic crisis and those who do not play along and stuck over the head until they are disillusioned enough to make bad and unintelligent decisions. Of course those that help them especially the females have heard me say such things before as well and I should guess they are on a high because they are not currently homeless for example, so that there might evolve strange stories of the City from it (I mean the general idea of their mixed cultural heritage powers is to be seen within the prism of such things as imagining a life in Africa for example some 150 years back, with people living under trees and close families and small villages because of the fact they seldom make it to 50 years of age on account that at the time there was no such thing as penicillin for example and there Mosquitoes were thrived. So when medicine such as Penicillin arrived people ended up living longer, which therefore suggests that some people have now got more people to sell things to , as such is always therefore playing up silly Public TV rise of the insolent abusive, selfish, self seeking Middle class activities, that gets to mean I do not want him or her to determine my temperaments with it any more. Of course they really do love to sound like they have been robbed and I really do wonder if they cannot do it without trying to determine my temperaments as well). The significant problem thereof being that those of them that consider themselves to be powerful and rich always live to go in pursuit of things like claims they are Sons and daughters of Kings and Queens, which they then stir all kind of trouble and violent instability with by using somebody else's Office and on Media and Advertisement Industries to fulfill such desires and that getting rich, in this case me, by which they will carry out other activities which indicates they will never give it up and more so not especially when they have got an excuse to spin, usually in positions of government office, while the rest simply cannot stop doing their business which is usually such nonsense that makes no sense and is really stupid but they expect to get rich doing, if they do on my property and on my earnings as well and so as such as it stands mostly being that they have support from Americans, about which the American Government will say or do nothing, only talk even more senseless demagogues about how people did not crawl and beg when it had its twin towers blown up and wanted to bomb Iraq to pieces for it. I have done nothing to them on the contrary to their never ending claims that I have - its a simple matter of using my property for purposes unintended which is very provocative and insulting. I have simply therefore been peddling all the good they should be doing, so their will can be tested and more so because the largely hurtful evils they perform brings it to my attention all the time too and Internationally too (about which they on the other hand attack me further to extract what they claim will make them beautiful). The process of covering their tracks in order to ensure they have the arguments that victims tend to make before they start their attacks has already consumed a decade of my time and resources, it is imporstant as such they will therefore have nothing beyond this. Thus insolent familiarity aimed at making rich (with my company and earnings) on Public places, especially media has taken off already in fabricated revenge for my so called Familiarity, against which I defend my property from big businesses (that have at some point played some form of a game of "Candy from a Baby" with my earnings).



There are only three directions at which these matters operate: The whites that predominantly rule over those compared to whom they have done better by power based abuse, the blacks that do it with access and familiarity insults and the South Americans that do on grounds they do not wish to be invisible; while those that have media at their disposal carry on with usual provocations and bullying that never rest, mostly operated on getting help from Politicians to change facts about who is liable and responsible for things, even when they must use violent extremism to do so, which in their view simply means the victim gets to be held down more stringently to suit what their little minds want and proposes nothing more serious and then of course stir it on intended victims, blast it off on public media, in order to spend anything that the victims own and may deploy to look into the matter, a point naturally at which corporate and personal interest lots turn up to scavenge on any open wounds by making out people are measuring up to them and will never let others have a livelihood. The base issue is not that they are not significant to the relations that Enterprises have with customers but unto that of the need of this company to be proficient in its Intellectual property administration business, especially with help from their American friends are unfathomably destructive. Popular idea then is that of the notion that these really horrid Adults are poor people and with friends from struggling economies, which what they do with other peoples personal details at the civil service and with other peoples academic work suggests too but never the less I have seen what they admire the most with the way they want to relate with the Class system in the UK and I am not ready to allow them a chance, as well as I am completely fed up with those ways by which they get their needs funded at my expense, which could have been avoided, save the fact they want to to make up what people want to believe; the issues of this business is therefore such that  the fact that they wish to get involved, for the purpose of making all that protects anything from their vandalism into a means of positivist outcomes that as a product of what words are lies can manipulate. To them it is all fun, a way of struggling through life with black humour. The damage and destruction on the other hand of other peoples work and property however is what is not amusing and they are happy their Politicians do not understand that. In the end it is the Politicians that are the problem in this matter; they make up ideas about things they do to betray The Queen because of attention she showers on me but expect me to back down yet on the matter of stifling their fame as well for what they do to my work to create their arguments, it will therefore continue until the only advantage they will ever have is the Political office Salary that is guaranteed but which they will have to pass through the hurdle of winning elections to acquire. The value therefore of the activities that deviant business owners want to be proud of, using my job to help them please themselves in return for their money with trigger happy excuses which they know will incur reprisals as well; they are the ones making a big deal out of the fact I established a Firm in which I sell books and write for a living, not the Queen showering attention on me, to provoke me, clearly the usual clowning around. I have done nothing to them yet like they complain I have bearing in mind these things expose me to Political paedophiles bent on enjoying the first fruits of everything that comes from me and then setting off to see how it goes from there - which is how politicians have ended up where they are today, where they are completely unable to understand that when I tell them how economic recovery is to be made possible, it is because I know that what I have done has more to do with how these people have located and worked out how to locked away real entrepreneurs in order to set about using their lives and businesses to make more money with the money they got from the treasury through their various so called government initiatives, so they tend to spend all their time travelling around the world sharing and exchanging money among themselves with no resulting investment in years, only very abusive insolent bluffing on Public media which they expect my will to be bent to or expect Politicians to pick up on their behalf as a means to securing them privileges of injustice to help them make such a profit - hence those who wish to run economies in this way in my view clearly are free to do so, while they want attention - lots of it. I do get to notice them speak about an old Britain and the way things used to be, which I am meant to have been listening to as intended that I can be better predisposed to what they want; I could never understand what they suppose they ever knew about a condition where it was never unusual to see grown men with families sit with young children who seem pretty independent of thought to have conversations like they were equals, usually of course the prognosis is that when I have dug into the situation a little, I discover that according to their view that none in such a company is really a kid in a classical sense contrarily, since these children will be looking after their parents shop next door etc and will have been doing a good job of it. For them all sense of such things means fame and media based racism, a continuation of lucrative insults as a factor of their physical size, whom they can compare it to and things I must give them to help them be superior or to acknowledge such superiority otherwise as some of them put it, I must leave their country too since I am too selfish to, which they suppose is really normal and I love to indulge as well. It is a good time I should suppose, to get the head straight on economic conditions which further leads us to realise most children do not look after their parents shops these days because they will have been at school and most parents actually trade online and forget all about socialists and how their disposition of frustrated ideals means everybody's venture happens to have been stolen ideas from them - for me it is their game of using my job for things that will result in a reckoning, especially for the Americans.



It is a work in progress, I do aim to at some point gather up enough facts and pictures and videos which I can hand to the law commission for a recommendation, as well as all the dangerous situations I have created for them as well and I suppose that by then it will be seen as self defence too, so we might need to end up with a completely new and different society as a result of such an action but as I said it is a work in progress. For now the only serious issue is that they love to make claims such as that which suggests I get involved with them when they are not appreciative of the company of my person - which is rather far fetched but I have a problem in the sense that each time they have parties and drink expensive stuff on my property while I am to wait to and never get my books sold to finish the job, which condition they get on media take turns to use for temporarily human rights abuse developed power, until I can sell none, showing that it is something done in order to catch up with my own kind, in the understanding that they are discriminating against me and need to ensure I need their help so they can enjoy it. Regarding what I might do about it; it seems that every Politician who sees a silly cultural girl get involved with him or her knows why they do and that it is because they have selected me as target for abuse but refuse to do anything until they have me over a barrel but will play with and along with their plans anyway and I too therefore do not care what their problem is either, all I know is that these girls lie a lot and I am fed up with the vandalism and destruction here wreaked by them and their men. What people need to do seems to be another question and it is quite simple; there are products I have broken up and brokered equities with businesses to create and I need to cash into my property and desperately so, they can buy those bearing in mind the fundamentalism they serve but keep their vandalism parties and dirty sex and strange relationships with money which is then better expressed at my expense and on media out of my work and property and away from the products whenever they do, otherwise I will eventually get to do the party and the dirty sex as well and there is nothing else to it - to show them how to buy products for consumption and not the abuse of those who created and brokered equities for their making; it seems obviously that people like to roll with the bad company especially the media that ravages peoples personal lives and tend to feel much recently that I should be paying for it, therefore lie all the time – feeling compelled to lie about me frequently as well, to turn up and get connected with their dirty Popular culture. I simply feel that when I say people should not do a thing with my property they should not do it, I have the right to own anything in this world and do anything I wish with my own life, not have them get off their power fanaticism foolishness to tell me what I ought or not to do, to brag about injustice, they always suffer because the idea that things always at all times belong to others and unless sold or legally given cannot belong to them no matter who or what they are.


Now they say what my job means is that I will catch them all and stop them all - anything that is any kind of a problem. I have no idea what would possess anybody to get on public Television to make such statements about another persons job but I do know at this point that the next time they turn up on Television to have such ideas, I will resort to the physical option of dealing with their cultural elitism and the result will be that I will make the Television a very terrifying place for them to appear on at any point in time.  As for the other claim that what I have said and done is an impossible promise to fulfill, I have only set out facts about why people should not do their champagne parties on my equities and securities or have their dirty sex on them, as they can only buy products and that would have been the end of what connection they have with them, I have only set out what I am famous for and a site and books thereof with respect to the business that I make a living with and nothing else. I am not saying it is a problem either, the businesses I broke equities with understand my campaign and what my work is all about but for them this promises I make thing will lead to something else obviously. So with respect to how they are doing me a favour by not becoming racists, I don’t know where they get the idea from either; the people responsible for that is black people, they are the ones doing cultural elitism in the UK as well and while they are at it, they never do complain but like their white friends, when somebody dies as a result of racism it will be others that they suppose are responsible for doing something about racism. So I say black people create problems when they do cultural elitism and is it then my opinion that only white people should be doing it so we can have only one problem at a time? Clearly a person must be seen outside by 12pm to 1pm for example every single day and each time he is outside at that period creating himself lots of probabilities, he must never stop making out the reason is that he wants to gobble up my life, that he wants me to deploy my strength and my intelligence towards fighting for him so that he can have anything he wants, after which he then turns up to do that everyday with dangerous situations he creates for himself and ensures involves me, taking the risks and then turn out to extract an income from your work because he has not been thinking about his money needs, then make sure that he is getting from me thereafter politicians and provocative media moguls cannot keep their hands to themselves, he gets absolutely anything I own which he desires with that behaviour, more so based on the fact that he can beat up anybody he wishes and Politicians can ensure I am open to it no matter what I do to shut down that link and the desire is so intense that they get to do it like some form of fascism. Of course people die so that the rest of us can live in peace and I will never allow nor become party to changing the way the will of God works in society, so that they can claim there is no God as well, especially so when these activities are entirely built up around attacking religious people; they will die and those their parents who feel Children should be raised how they have raised them will cry and God will be honoured. I ought to think in such ways, I have considerable influence in Church and no body ever gets to hear me turn up in their Political party meetings to shoot off an opinion, so it is never exactly clear why they always think they can shoot one off at me and while I am at work. So do I encourage racists to kill people? Of course I do as it were – I try to ensure my church stuff reaches everybody; racist, none racist, green, blue, what have you and the message is as it has always been – respect another mans religion when you are tougher than they are and you can make anybody hand over anything they own which you happen to want. The biggest beneficiaries of this cultural elitism distractions or whatever is Politicians to whom it applies because I had come to the conclusion that their actions needed reckoning especially on the addiction to pricing my doors open for fun, claiming a Political position and an ability to change arguments at will means there is nothing I can do about it. Then when it is too big for them will not go away because they would rather set out claims that I provoke them, doing things along the lines of prognosis which says they can have it if they want looking for trophy power. All I said to them to effect of the fact you cannot keep telling people about economic recovery when the products are unsafe, is that I do not like it when people do their champagne parties on the equities and securities of products I have been party to creating and that it also stifles my book sales too and make it impossible for me to complete or earn from the Job. What they did was ensure the security of those products are available to every body at local communities to provoke me and that they are in place and position to prevent me from extracting a living from my property whenever and at any time they wish and it is for this reason that the next yap off from any of them on Public Television about me or my work will definitely earn them the physical response too. The retrospective on this is that of those silly things women do in public, conversations which carry insolent pragmatism by which they will determine who they marry as a factor of their career as well and I am not getting involved with what women do to express what shows they own and have worked for all they own, contrary to popular claims here, I am speaking of my business only. It seems proposed at all times that it is of major concern to me when as far as I am concerned it is something a handful of trouble makers do because they take advantage of other peoples property and in my case will keep me single in perpetuity according to them, for such purposes but which they do because it is never enough. So it is not that I am not aware they do it all the time i.e. I will kick you and hit you and wrap you up like a ball and bury you and if asked why they would ever want to do such a thing follow it up better with accusations of a condition where I offend them by owning what they want. So I believe no sex or dirty sex and no Champagne parties on Equities and Securities I broke with Enterprises and or on their products is good enough for anybody to understand, so they can put in perspective what I will likely get up to when there is no more state apparatus or countries I happen not to live in, to come between me and them over these insults and abuses that afford them false confidence on Media, what I will do when controlling or claiming to control my finances gets completely out of hand. I could never make out which one winds me up the most, especially with their men whom I have no interest in scaring and will not stay away from me yet seeing we are not mates; the fact it crosses their minds at all or the temerity, the audacity-the guts. These things happen because they tend to have ideas about whom they have chosen at random in society to meet its problems for classical history and anything else that they may suppose stands between them and the process of having a good life that is and when I say 'meet its problems', what they want is a person who gets into a fight with the evils of society, is frozen in time as he does while they keep the scenario and tap into it for cultural security and history but if they want to twig their lives a bit, then they make it worse by creating the issues all over again and of course the reason they complain is that others do it to them first but on this occasion the reason it involves me is because they will not do it for a Prince that has a black skin or in the case of people that have black skin a kid that refuses to serve his parents because he does not wish to depend on them for anything, which actually does not matter except that they want to make their point with my books and finances which is something they will do. I cannot keep living like that and need to get my books sold, even though I have no regrets for forcing integration and social institution out of their socialist selves and intend to see how it goes from there too - just like using my job and property for every dirty work in the world and showing it off on media (not to mention getting off to have conversations on such a basis claiming it is dominance to have such conversations all the time, which continually provokingly suggests questions of which is the bigger gang and which is the smaller gang while their irresponsible fools have opinions left, right and centre all over the place).




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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.