Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another, much as it would be pretentious to avoid them completely if I were involved as I am, in controlling the abusive activities of the Famous. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.

Disheartenment, faithlessness and inappropriate language statements have been set out here as a general platform for Villainy based Property Equity development, of which villainy is not considered to be a certain specific behaviour, act or art of human engagement detrimentally - their creative purposes require skill of application.






The Media, Celebrities and their gold digger communities with the relentless country ownership violent lasciviousness, like the idea that when they shared State secrets with the enemy, wars will be won through a business of being entitled to get involved with other peoples livelihoods unprofessionally, always performing this very annoying nonsense of flying into a fit of rage whenever I say that I am engaged with an intellectual property administration service. I am aware the idea is that I am afraid of and should be afraid of them naturally but it does not actually work that way; the way it works is that they are a bunch of social all round idiots with a need to interfere with other peoples concerns and have now arrived at a stage where they spent too much money and social standing at Industry than they would have liked, therefore believe that if they did not access leadership as a result of doing so, what their stupidities said added up to leadership and more so of a type where I lost something important – they do not control anything social, governmental or industry in this Country or anywhere else for that matter and therefore if it had a problem making sense of words in the phrase ‘intellectual property administration’ needs look it up in a dictionary and stop shooting off its insults at me, especially when it continues to show up here expressing all sorts of stupidities that suggest its foolish life depends on a process where it got to make sense of what I am doing.

I mean the facts of it were simple enough for any normal person to make sense of: I had a public Office, it was a Royal Office and Company CEOs picked me up like something from the streets to play with, as a matter of mitigating issues associated with running companies that were easily local landmarks, it became big enough to say that it was one of main ways that people engaged with me at Industry and if I wanted to release funds from a Trust system they had picked up and were already operating with it in a way that served my interests, I had to do such a work to that effect. The case with these fools is mostly a matter of popularity stupidities that have grown so big that it progressed from setting other people out as characters to be bullied when they got to be friendly with the wealthy, to a process of saying they hung up at Industry trashing peoples careers with rouge media and any prospect of recovery by victims was spent on social media stupidities and by sex workers – it has become serious enough to build a gap between employers and workers, we have ended up with inflation issues on account they are using peoples reputably built companies to develop what is really Officially a tax system for the private sector bullying people to part with money through well known products.

They do claim that I have simply failed to see that I had lost everything I had at the Monarchy which is utter rubbish – what we have ended up with is one of people running my life with systems criminals built for criminal gimmick, all the way to the Monarchy but if they have turned up to express the fact they thought I had lost something, I believe what they really want to hear, is that I am not doing a thing about the fact their Houses were being used for these gimmicks, they were famed for having Houses that are used for it, while their Celebrities and Media were famed for lending them a publicity heavy career to fool around with and I am doing nothing about it as such, those who think they will make me are taking a risk.

It eventually comes through to those gimmicks where they said that I simply failed to see that people at the Monarchy had it in for me which is utter nonsense too – they are always showing up here to grasp at the wind because they are chasing somebody who is not disrespectful towards leaders like they have suggested and have never stopped telling the lies either. The state of affairs is the same as led to a botched University studies for me, the part where they were superior sons feeding into a gimmick where incentives existed for people to tackle me violently as doing so would mean they gained something even if they lost, so it has always been vested in a knowledge of how to respect leaders and has always tackled me with it, showing up here a well rounded idiots to feed on my concerns and become stronger, then find somebody weak enough, on whom it may work any gimmicks that would help its stupidities kill off a sense that it was a loser. I don’t really mind as it is easy to eliminate the stupid incentives with an intent to ensure they were worse off and came to some serious harm – all I can say is that it continues to seek it like so whilst it is not a public enforcement Officer and its Celebrities are House proud twats not public figures, always entitled to insult people and run people down endlessly. I mean I do get told that the running people down is how they got by but its like it is so bad and relentless that I appear to have ended up in first grade but we all know I am not in first grade, so they may show up here to experiment with a range of existing careers at the open jobs market until they ended up with the one they liked. Their Politicians suggest I always had to have my way which is utter nonsense as they were the ones to leave the confines of parliament and show up here with so much disdain for me, that if I had 5 projects for a career, I was abused and insulted well enough for people to make sense of my 5 projects, then set about picking off the second and the forth, always somewhere in the middle for maximum profitable insolence – which I don’t mind as I am insane enough as well, so I clearly cannot stop pursuing project one as per the career had been taken but project two will see me bump into things for the rest of my life and so will project four, hence I devised a way to ensure those who began projects two and four were made to finish it and ended up showing society gits how their jobs worked, made too much trouble for my size, yet we complain on both sides and it continued still as we speak. If we imagined that the bottom chasing and tummy churning issues which are really the need of their superior sons to watch me on CCTV and do something that will make me shut up, was my creation and responsibility, they would be moving into my right hand to ensure I had no power for my position and Office, like their families were doing the National service in the Country. They do eventually point out that it is the business of taking up a bad neighbourhood to help me write Books, that has been the source of all the problems but so are we aware that people who do not want to get involved with it do not – we know that doing so had a counter effect for the gimmick where it makes a mess of my career, the gap between me and the recovery process is filled with prostitutes and sex workers, while it hangs about the city with famous idiots who had strange ideas about grabbing my assets and making sure I was unable to recover it, the far reaching effect is that a little inflation has created an outcome where years of spending time collecting money from the neighbourhoods to give to the rich at the markets, had made economic problems acute, we are now seeing the strikes and the industrial action and I am sure that they passed their exams at University as much as they made a mess of mine and can make sense of what is happening as well – the stupidities where I am a character it bullies and builds neighbourhood to finger the bum, with ideas that it can share with the wealthy to get rich fast has since grown too big as we can see. So what has been causing most of the problem then being that the landlord saw me do security work, its stupidities had never stopped running me down while I paid the rent, now it wants me to deploy my security experience to protect his house while I paid rent to live in it – ending up with a House that was famed for being bashed and banged up, whilst the Celebrities and Media have since ended up with a reputation for lending them a publicity intensive career that they can fool around with, claiming that I am still responsible for the effects of their decisions is only going to mean that I make sense of a need to pick up my Bookshop service processes for an entitled gold digger gimmicks by exacting a process of total destruction for the foolish show business. It never damaged the University studies in 2008, it has run me down for years leading up to 2017 when the business of crashing my Bookshop everyday because if it did not, there would be no real reason for me to kiss its celebrity bottom better for a living, considering the content of my Books.

They do claim that I am getting into deeper and deeper trouble but I am not in any way whatsoever – we are talking about a world where the famous will not let people be and people had a way to push back, worked in terms of security guards who want to stand at a red carpet and get paid a lot of money, spending 8 years of my time to build me a social reputation of society gits, me and my personal life, which allows them to trash my Bookshop and will not take a warning if it does not get off telling me I was talking about things I cannot do, if I walked away from a confrontation, claims an atmosphere had existed from which I lost all my finances, if I clear it out build a new one. Everywhere I go and, in any direction, I turned, they were there, getting involved with my finances, each time I engaged with people, ripping up public interest in my Books. Then there is the Media that works this nonsense on me every day, also being the group of do the most damage and issue the most threats about my warnings being a process where I talked about things I cannot do, especially when I warned about stopping their jobs for fun and games as well – their history here involved getting me caught up with goons who want to sell my personal and social life for money instead of getting a job, starting an incitement for it every day, claiming it is consequences for being disrespectful towards men and the Prince of Wales, which it isn’t, as it is mostly a matter of the fact their Heir to the Throne never stopped doing the wrong things and now finds it difficult to get back to the right ones, so he prefers to fix himself by finding a scapegoat, notwithstanding which I am also facing consequences for being disrespectful towards sound mind, body and soul famous idiots apparently; this was meant to ensure I am groomed for the bum fingering bits and a need to show up here and refer to me as a woman. Two things have now stopped; my career, since last we were students together, studying and mitigating student costs, now my personal and social life because I assisted a woman – we have a history from the fact I picked up all they did to control women since their teens, to make sense of the effrontery to get involved with my finances, then get off telling me what to do and say when I protests, by completely destroying all they did to control women and so they had to chose between abandoning the jobs to start again or sticking with the abusive jobs while continuing to tackle me – it thinks I am talking about things I cannot do when I am unable to pay the bills because it is playing with my Bookshop and now not even the gold diggers who build themselves a social profile for grabbing my concerns and property for others, in order to sell their own products, were doing as much damage to the finances, as me, society gits and my privacy were, so this is the new history since the University fiasco. It just needs to stop interfering with my Bookshop income and needs to avoid my audiences as such in any case or I will find new consequences until I secure the one that is really going to solve the civil stupidities of all round idiots with such relentless and violent lasciviousness that there is a clash with me every time we met and each time there is an outcome where their stupidities expected me to back down, if I did an atmosphere existed where I lost everything, if I cleared that out they built a new one and never stopped churning my tummy with a big mouth. Needless to say, they are half way there, finding a toy for their gimmicks, of a type that will let them play and fool around for eternity.

They do claim I always start a fight and when people want to get down to it I came up with a trick to bail out which is utter rubbish – what happens is that my poverty was never a problem in their world of celebrities that will not allow normal people be and normal people having a way to resist, the problem was the two part story of letting my finances crash on one hand and their gimmicks being the thing that crashes it completely on the other. It will complain about me everyday but that usually comes after it gets off inciting the social activities that its stupidities had built to be more important, where it claimed that work I do to keep people who engaged in ideologies that should be kept from mainstream living was discriminative, I was the social problem and such characters were nice people, then get off fingering my bum relentlessly – since last I rented a space from them after I dropped out of University, everything had stopped, including my love life, social life and personal life, I mean the time is taken up for other practical jokes bearing towards the way that it turns out that their security guards showed up near my concerns to assist the armed forces with something complicated or it had no reason to show up on it but shows up on it to make a mess and built its fame idiots a profile to collect my property for those who want to buy what their stupidities were selling. I have heard people talk about the middle child syndrome, I being a middle child it is said we kept secrets – I do try to dispel this naturally but end up with the same results, keeping secrets as per making a decision on whether the industry fools or society gits were the worst and since it turned out that the society gits performed exactly the same sorts of abuses but did not give jobs and money, they were the worst and then we will listen to those gimmicks where it suggests it was stronger and there was no way to move forward unless I went on the offensive against that stupid community and its need to finger my bum apparently was something it did because it was oblivious to the consequences. currently, it will not avoid anything it does which effect is that my Bookshop was damaged and it had become a subculture where people walked up to me on the streets to do it every day as well – so I want to go into the part of society where these so called nice people who engaged in ideologies that should not be explored exhibited most of their gimmicks and vanish from their stupid radar and they need to stay away from anything that gets them involved with my writing career and damages my Book sales or I will burn their world for them. generally however on the matter of being stronger, what really happens is that I let them gimmick run for too long and then the very things I pursue with a sense of urgency will give them an impetus to play up more abusive practical jokes – the benefit is that I continued to enjoy a lifestyle that was built on the fact they were incredible lairs and if their lies were to be dispelled, we would undo a world order literally; it needs to avoid anything it does to crash my Bookshop sales or I will stop its job to play up fun games.

They do say I loved to play a role where I am dead and buried while I am not but I am not – first case of wrecking the University studies churning my tummy and we ended up trashing their fathers and superior sons lifestyle – the new me, them and my privacy issues which has produced a subculture of people wrecking my Bookshop every time they saw me, while their security guards built up my literary empire for their gold diggers to fool around with, will have an end too, we have only recently built it up properly to work with into the future. Eventually the investors have ended up with the kinds of customers, clients and traders they have always dreamed of and they have been corrupting my wealth equity to take money from characters who spent money hurting other people every day becoming financially well off for doing so, as though their stupidity never had a tummy churning bottom chasing social life of abuses and insults to begin with – I am keeping some of these characters and expect those I keep to understand that attacking me as well is not a good idea, in the meantime, both industry and society were abusive but my Court, Coven and Consortium was free for all because their stupid civil rights looked like that, while they got off getting the Politicians to see why people should think I am insane going around in circles.

 The threats Celebrities issue alongside their abusive hoodlums who ensure that what I smell like was the biggest impediment to my success, is simply largely meant to ensure that I adopted a disposition where I thought my property existed in a legal no mans land, hence there is no way to stop it after tolerating it for the best part of a decade, to ensure it was clear what I did with my Publishers is not where their newly discovered fame is located, I need to run down all that allows them carry on their concerns safely as well and trash their career if I didn’t take it for myself and this is what I am not doing – the Purpose as I mentioned is to ensure I reached a point where I could either make a decision to cause them intense suffering every time they harmed me or I dragged some to a law Court. So they do say I had a better way to resolve it but would not take that path while reality of the so called better way is that I had to see into what happens when they think that each time somebody paid them to play a part in an entertainment project, if it concerned my work, they had patented bits of my life to their names and I had no chance of protecting what I had left from them with that as a background and their endless funding sources as compared to me – chasing a process of resolving it in this way will only create unpaid work for me and help them protect that stupid ego a little bit longer. The question of when I reach these decisions being a matter of the fact few people notice those who care about me think I will never recover, hence the need to make some of these statements as reassurance and to show partly why these goons believe they needed to tackle me like so. I can reason with industry goons who boast all the time but when it comes to it, they will be wrecking my career to blow off their big mouth about a confidence that nothing would happen if they got off the ‘one door closes and another opens, if you cannot do one thing you can do another’ that comes with the business world because whatever they did with my concerns ended up in the same monetary and financial system, to demand a confrontation, playing that stupid game where they tell lies, build communities to hold me down, when I come up with market they come up with products and a bank account – the Celebrities on the other hand are just destructive, setting out hoodlums to bully somebody whose work they found useful and deploying the persons livelihood to boost their fame, garnished with threats that ensure the victim is unable to keep a minimum wage job and might say that their activities have been propelled by mine, while reality is the nature of evil revealing itself in due time. Like we see that none built them this condition in which a Hermit must now show the world they are bad people in order to make a living, they claim there are reasons behind their actions; while we know it’s the same story about how a pipsqueak has gotten into the Monarchy while big brothers and sisters on the frontline sorting out matters of keeping hoodlums from getting imagination up peoples bums got nothing and we can see why I am always worried about it if this responsibility they look into for everybody is linked to a position they held at the Monarchy at my expense, feeding into an already disturbing problems associated with their insanity and the way my own living makes me a target because there is peace of mind in it. Apparently, stupid is always good when it has not been forced to learn something important. First round was the part where they never stop making a mess of my career to chase sex and I had no other way to show that they will make trouble for themselves and everybody on this reputation hey build to suggest women are nothing much but people who like things to be put into them – so I ran a campaign on the time that I spend on the female community for it, their wives hated them and they swore I will pay. They lived up to it by getting the culture and society mess with our culture and you will die gits to chase me about for years and secure their revenge for them, which suggested we were both wrong. Now its just the career bits and they have a decade and a half history of me pretending that ignoring them solves a problem, so they will not stop interfering with my Clients interests, such that perhaps if they continued in this way, I might end up being oppressed just to make sense of the fact that they made some money.

I am now regularly informed that current state of affairs have shown me where my social status is but then again I suppose it’s a matter of criminally disobedient idiots finding it impossible to make sense of what I am saying to them, so I bound to say it on this occasion again. That they hang around making statements on how their money rules the world which their stupid children pick up and show up here to bully me because of their perverted interest in me and I am starting to envisage a future in which I got about eliminating everything which the law had set out as rules on how they should be handled, just to ensure they had stopped handling my Books and my social life. The Media spends all day running off this nonsense to build me publicity that suggests I should be getting into a fight with peoples on the streets to boost their stupid sense of security which I don’t need to listen to or watch my media equipment to make sense of since culture and society gits target me all day for it and if that were to stop, then would I know a bunch of idiots that go home with their salaries at the end of every month once they were done spending time on such nonsense had stopped doing so. The Celebrities hate culture and society goons so its never clear how the trashing of my career on account I was doing what I could about it did fit into their vision of the way it should be handled but then again its always a matter of time before the nature of evil reveals itself, about which I have made myself clear on how they must know by now when their stupid comments wreck this Bookshop if it is not linked to a process of reviewing something that their famous stupidities had paid for. This is not a difficult matter for me as such, it is a comprehensive process to think about this hoodlums abusing me all the time because an idiot with media presence and money is putting them up to it and shows that without a process of hurting media personalities and famous idiots intensely, it will never stop, especially considering the way they handle my profession to boost their fame which no other group of people do, besides which if anybody were to have been able to accomplish such a thing it’s impossible to ascertain how much insults and abuses they needed to make it happen. They do say I would be in serious trouble if majority of companies employing people and majority of people who had money were in a way linked to them but its utter nonsense as we know what happens is that it deploys money made from a quarter of my talents deployed decades before I was born to buy shares in companies with an eye fixed on my social life and public image and since last it did all hell hath broken lose – it will not spend the proceeds to get itself a comfortable life just like its silly Celebrities, it will not keep it in the banks and allow the bankers to invest it, nobody knows what their stupidities are doing but we know that if they are saying I have been shown my social status, they are oppressing people and if I dragged them into a Law Court to pay for damage and vandalism through compensation, they would oppress nothing – we know how this nonsense comes about is that their perverted interest in me developed into something of my career showing up in legal and social no mans land but I have been insane enough to keep records so I can get things done when I needed to, now it seems I will be doing something else, such as showing that nonsense they rely on whereby I showed up at a Law court and they paid expensive lawyers and spent time running me down until the case was worthless would never pay off here as my website timelines for instance would have facilitated a process where we reached decisions very quickly on point and on the subject at hand. Besides which I have done this before, hurtling down a rabbit hole to show up at the backyard of industry closing doors idiots in suits opened up to the world in my name on claims that I was coming in with my talents while I wanted to do my own thing with it; preventing people doing my career, corrupt fat cats blabbing which fights I wouldn’t win because their money would not run out before I was burned out and show business twats setting me out as a character people bullies to rob shoulders with the wealthy. They do love their boasting but we all know I am likely to handle their case in such  a way that I ended up eliminating all that decided how they and their property should be handled by Law and there would be a clash between society people and the insults they teach their children as well, no idea why they cannot just trade and stop shooting off their foolish insults at me forgetting their place all the time because they wreck my career, set me up on a pedestal and get about making money with my little things to make things very complicated around here. The Media bits were the ones whose popularity I had shut down, so that they are now forced to get involved with culture and society goons because it would be amusing to see such an outcome after they trashed my academic work and finances because they were taking advantage of an instance in which these gits are always buggering me over money issues, so I stuffed them full of what I know which now makes them a very terrified people having been the last time they had set out the way they people can move into other peoples right hand to conduct financially beneficial abuses – it needs to keep from my Books and they talk too much. Just checking my social status I suppose. I have been told if I talk about this I became vulnerable to get rich quick gits but I do not think a handful of crack heads who really miss the 1980s is likely to be a threat around here, we know they have made a mess of my social media again and that it appears by the time I clear it out I will have strangled them in the process. The only new state of affairs is that they are always being seen distracting the Monarchy from State business and I did take up the task of handling them and the money issues, which I am doing very well with. They do claim that Its never clear what I really want but we know it is clear that they are now spending my time on the stupidities that they invent, hence it tended to show up on my Bank balance as a result of it but then again the pressure to act has been decided by the twats claiming that on account they were getting paid for being popular, they were entitled to set out hoodlums that got imagination up my bum and mock me for the damage they have done to my finances, while they deployed my profession to boost their popularity itself and the prospects of all moving on now relies on outcomes in which I was afraid of them. A hermit does not have an interest in Celebrity culture but they are now set to find out what an interest in it would look like if they had decided it was too difficult to stop grinding it away at him.

Hence it is said I needed to say something definitive about racism of which there is little to say about it – we cannot sacrifice civil living to get rid of racism, racism or not, we need to feel safe and secure whether the Police were giving us body guarding service. On the information side, it is very perverse to say that it is white people complaining that they cannot go home because there were immigrants in the land and not the other way round – immigrants were the ones that could be taken advantage of because they were in a disposition where it was possible to calculate their finances with a degree of accuracy and set about planning a business that is set up for harming people by which the Government could decide what Policy was meant to be. The reasons we have this sort of problem is the nature of African cultures and the fact not every people with negro skin are the same: there are cultures where once people attained a certain age, they gathered together to have group sex while their parents watched, where I come from having the sex was the problem, the group sex would occur if you were mad enough; we see the difference is that these sorts of black people found it easy to pick up another person’s business service process without compunction and set about building their victims a publicity that will draw on a crowd that forces the victim to exist as they wanted because they were solving their own money problems. Then there are the North Africans who live in a world where they enjoyed getting imagination up peoples bottoms but for some reason needed a disposition that meant they were to be seen as immune, none knows why they do but we know it is a pressure point with respect to how we controlled racism when it happens in the UK – where I come from the bottom chasing was something you did because you would like the local chief to send somebody out to give you a message from God knows where. Then there are the Muslims who loved to suggest they got the better of me being the real Men muslims who sooner or later had to make the most of a condition where they were always beating up women at the market place to chase financial matters and could not even tell the white lies better than I could, eventually which is a matter of criminals thinking the way Muslim communities were organised allowed them to do what they liked and I am still a fleshy man they can handle instead of attack women, should I have a wife who complains about them, I will do their own as well – I suppose it is what they mean getting the better of me. We can see them suggest that it was about making somebody pay for the crimes of the white race but I don’t think somebody who went out fishing in Africa and was rounded up by people who were responsible for the fact he never saw his parents again, his children never saw their grand parents and grand children never saw their great grandparents, would want a character getting off his tyranny and need to be looked after, to fight racism on their behalf; I mean we have seen an attempt to educate people on black culture in film, recent is the Black Panther Movies, where the social structure of African society is similar to the relationship between the King and Kill monger who in the Film spent most of his time making so much trouble that he eventually ended up in a fight with the King – in the real world, they will always prefer fighting racism on everybody’s behalf to facing the consequences of their corrupt activities with respect to other families that are bigger than they are and probably as corrupt too – we can see that more fighting does not solve the racism problem, we know world war one and two failed to as well. The start is usually a case of the space they had not being enough, beyond this the lies they tell will have painted people they clearly can beat up as villains.

It loves to make the stupid conjecture that I expected people to listen to what I said and feel sorry for me - the reality is the difficulty of getting out of bed every day to deal with messed up financial margins because their stupidities were real Men making use of me, so when it complains, it is usually an instance where its insolent foolishness wanted to move elsewhere I suppose but then again the option running through was that it would stop on its terms with a big mouth. It is a simple matter of a scenery where the famous will never allow ordinary people to get on while ordinary people had a way to push back, affecting me was the gimmick of those who decided which ethnic group was responsible for their problems and idiots from lower social stations whose imaginations could not be kept away from peoples private parts, garnished with a stupid media that ensured I was tangled up with the criminal communities that made the most of the latter and forced to show respect to the stupid men that ran it – all of which have no right to get involved with my finances and are seen doing so everywhere I turn.

 I am now told that my main problem was caused by a bunch of self-seeking lasciviousness idiots who were working oppression on me but I do not feel oppressed at all, just the call of a future where I will abuse, run down and criticise the men for everything they did but then set about spending majority of its benefits on myself never the less, the insults, abuses and damage done my Bookshop for their stupidities and the idiots who pick up my responses to improve their own lives, only need continue until the practical jokes were big enough for us to do it over the course of our entire lives, from which point it will be possible for them to find a real toy thereof. They claim its about the German influence gimmicks which is nothing unusual – the original stupidities where people can say their day was spent imagination bashing an Arch Prince started with South Americans but is now a fully developed gimmick for the Men and Africans to spend their time with, despite the outcome being very bad for the first – it will not stop until it really does and when it does want to stop doing it, it wants to stop on its own terms. They do eventually claim this was an inability to live in a world where once size did not fit everybody but it is really a matter of a world where aside their insults and the need to get close enough to others for it, as a form of power, it can never stop setting me up on a pedestal to get people pointing fingers and because the only thing we now have in common is that I ended up dropping out of University, while it got to make the academic system a toxic environment for me, spy on me and sell my personal life to sex workers, who manned a social disposition where I started a career that I did not finish, for their stupidities to make the most of at Industry, I have now begun to explore the fact that it was an all-round idiot, a real social problem that could not engage with any civil activities without doing this, recently begun talking too much about the violence its stupidities was capable of, needs to stop handling me as the abdominal discomfort due to the fact I am introverted is unbearable at this stage. Eventually we find their stupidities draw it all up on the matter of my sexual habits but what this means is that they engage in abusive activities to suggest that responding to the needs of their foolish girls with society crowds on my doorstep that will force me to give them privileges for being women and hurt myself on their behalf, was part of what I did for a living, to such an extent they picked up my Bookshop and spent 4 years of my time converting service processes into a profile for me that fits the purpose, only after do their fathers show up on Media and the Parliament to complain about my willingness to do whatever I liked as well, considering the state of my finances, which is primarily a result of the margins being picked off by famous idiots that were financially desperate, the last time we checked. So I want to make this business of characters that engage in unusual activities which should be kept away from the public, that are said to be nice people, while I spent my time trying to rub shoulders with them, into a part of society where I hope to disappear, all access to me from celebrity culture and the fame industry shut down, alternatively which I will burn the stupid show business instead, had nothing to do with my sexual habits. They are always doing this; fierce idiots bold idiots, something about a war happening and what I could be used for, builds itself a profile for it, gets a crowd on my doorstep and expects to insult me into doing it, not yet stopped because I have not built myself a public profile that will make the stupidities take with it all the nonsense it builds around my Bookshop service processes, which are not a part of what I am doing and go somewhere I will never end up finding it sometime in the future. They do claim this is all because of the Prince of Wales but the Prince of Wales is not a factor here – he has been spending so much time doing the wrong things that he had since ended up in a situation where doing the right thing was impossible so he found himself a gold digger and never stopped telling the tummy curdling lies; we have seen the system work as per the authorities showing up here to extol and flatter and prise bad people who want to do bad things on my social life and public image, so if that system already works, he needed to stop fucking my finances because gold diggers existed, as it was part of a whole. The claim I bring it upon myself is utter nonsense naturally – the truth of all this is all everything is under control, save the part where a bunch of idiots want to over work an Arch Prince and pretend the consequences were never going to occur, I have now built them a profile for it as well and as their abuses continue to become more intrusive and intense, when I get my hands on the stupid market, all the way to the direct trading money of the Celebrities as well, I will definitely stop once I started attacking it as well. It had to come up with a plan to overwork an Arch Prince, faced challenges that caused the plan to take up 18 years for fulfilment but it had to be done no matter what – now it is seen everyday at Parliament complaining about the way we get to discuss and immerse ourselves in the social lives of the criminals everyday, especially considering that the overworking part was largely a product of organised crime, where the criminals think my actions were a nuisance and when I try to make sense of the reasons it was, they became a nuisance for the Police, we have done this 7 years with Celebrities and media making it so bad that my finances crashed completely and then attack my Bookshop to fulfil their dreams of my public image and tell lies, I plan to end it badly too – nothing is my fault here. 

They claim their point is that I am a joke and I probably am as my finances are mess but its a product of their need to show up here and make a mess all the time - we are not talking about damage to my University studies anymore, that part and everything they have done with it over the 10 year period is obviously the only thing we had in common, complete with a new toxic study environment that will ensure they got to fool around with my social and public life while my studies remained incomplete - what we are doing now, is a matter of continued need to show up and convert my service processes into something that will serve them if they were backed by a bigger power and I now need to step matters that are crashing my finances completely, which implied providing it with a response, I am going to give them a real toy to play with and ensure they spent the rest of their lives on it too.




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British Manufacturing : Auto, Household, Others - Incubation programme | British Financial Industry: London City, Foreign exchange, Stock markets and General markets - Leadership, security, finance leadership


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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.