So they do say I have been trapped and put away by Liberalists and Democrats which is utter nonsense – they are always provoking me so I might get protected by violence, so I rather prefer stirring up some society person whom they have been abusing for years into handling them all the time while they use makeup to do jobs that involve exhibiting themselves on peoples public image to get rich and famous. It works all the time when you say to people at random that it is not as if they are moral or good people and works especially for the Women. They do tell me I am Royalty that breathes off my arse naturally, which is very well understood, except the problem is that I have always had this existence since 14 w2hereby I miss my meal and when I catch the next one I fall very ill for just some Hours and then return to normal health during the same day – in the UK the weather is cold so there is no need to worry about body temperature when it comes on, however which the rest is just as acute but where these fools fit into the picture is that this is usually the time when nothing else shows up on Media save nonsense that helps their community idiots to chase my private parts and it’s the same with their society fools trapping me at their society and telling me I will not write my Books there and now find it impossible to make me thereof. It’s never really been a crisis; I mean I have a Court and it seems I can never step back from it or be proactive about it – so that it’s impossible to say that a Member wants to get around with her male colleagues or get around with me and hence is always getting messed around, until when we start to hear them blab about female journalists that will lose jobs and I want the jobs of all the Camera Men too and its get serious like it is at present. I mean it’s not as if I drink the Beer off the Fridges of these Men or that I lay about on heir sofa, leading to this condition where Women are not allowed to buy my Books because they are in a society where Men are bread winners and I am a kid – so I like to say that it has to be because they know I have a penis as well, I am 36 years old but it seems they have got a bigger penis for their part all together. They however do say that their manhood which means Women should be stuck at home to fuel all sorts of nonsense and accusations about what I do with my sexual habits or my spare time extends to the part where they are the ones who have the most celebrity like characteristics and I don’t mind for my part as well; I mean the first time we settled the matter with the journalist ones it got to a point where each occasion of seeing them try to get around with the children of the rich results in an outcome where it’s not just that stupid self confidence I will extricate and beat down seriously for my part too, so all together they are approaching the point where they will get a piece of me as much as they want it as well. It’s a familiar case whereby I get told that I never speak of the main issues i.e. if threatened because other people’s business has not been making them rich, I can find a global Police or I can make them understand. They always say the problem is bigger than I am anyway and that I cannot handle it but I have already come up with a plan for handling the Russian ones and the really stupid American ones and the civil rights ones that serve the Politicians – so it’s not a matter of paying attention to how much I advocate the culture and societies of Europe so every idiots can get their Daddy’s little girl to make money on the personality of Europeans and create an American secrete service of insolence and abuse with it when they are stuck with every single thing in every part of the world that they now have to worry about – I am set to do something about the sources of extra income that belongs to Politicians and is the main reasons others cannot get a basic source of income all together and when I have done it and spent some time on finding out where the Diplomats keep the Warehouses, all will see and understand it is credible when I say I can either sell my Books or I will sell their nightmare instead. I mean nobody knows why they are always trying to get rid of the natural limits anyway – I developed my Books to recognise the fact somebody has his academic qualifications and another has his business Empire and the one with the power faces a certain level of public barriers when he takes advantage of the other to a certain point; it’s as though these barriers have become the enemy and my right to own a livelihood is stuck in the Middle, where they issue threats and send out stupid journalists to have a go at me all day every time they have failed to make profit with that big mouth and it’s an old story where they would love to make more money but have to scale back because there is economic uncertainty that they actually created, with respect to which problem they will get the answers from me one way or another with that big mouth – goes without saying involvement with me alongside a failure to procure a copy of my Book is where it will blow up in their faces as well. I have always had this matter under control – have developed Royal Office business and the Books Empire in such a way that there is always an activity that a Popular culture person carried out which can pick up any fall backs if I have a short coming but it’s something people do once in a while not something Industry churns out all the time, to set idiots on peoples public image perpetually, with respect to which the Americans are headed for an outcome in which I can sell my Books or sell their nightmare instead; its little nasty nonsense all day long for the last 7 years where even my Temperament Colours Admin and Broadcast Advertisement Assets are affected, such as not liking me and also the business deals and contracts of any who is associated with me being affected – impossible to stand back whenever my position is interfering with an Associates concerns over American populist insanity all the time, at the end of which they blow off their big mouth about revolutions and split up Countries and Books I write which cause nostalgia and therefore are a threat to freedom. The story of not having under control being the ever persistent one of making changes to my services when they have made use of it without even paying and the popularity fools and fashion idiots are really good at it but then again, as ever, it gets to a stage where one must decide it does not have any respect for me and need to stop, so I can stop breathing off my arse too with their big mouth. It gets to that point where I do not wish to show my services to stupid Americans anymore but cannot get out of it because people associated with me will lose contracts – the point where they make use of my services without paying and redo it to fit their taste because I am not good enough and I decide it has no respect for me and needs to stop showing its problems around and all over my concerns but it does not want it – it’s a bunch of idiots apparently where people will lose contracts if they don’t like me, as if they can actually take me on. On the other hand, it is said here in the UK that it has become impossible to determine what I want but this is because I have all I need i.e. the Celebrities I want at Court, Journalists I want at Court etc – so if I acted on Global Law enforcement and somebody made a Music CD, I can be rest assured I am in a position to act if it were not the right person as equally as I can feel rest assured that the right person would have been doing so. So they do say it’s all US Trading territory and that I have nothing under control but then again so is it all debatable which one is US trading territory as well; I mean the way it works is that somebody plans to sell a million cars in South American, contacts Obama and then tells me he has got license to deploy my Business Empire for it, concerning which I have only the one question i.e. if he has not got a copy of my Book, it will blow up in his face.

They say I regularly get myself out of the angry sentiments and then get myself back in again but apart from the fact there is really nothing in the world which stops me from beating their ruffian involvement stupidities up as well, there are other factors like helping every stupid girls they can find to my public image and finances and reputation, whereby dropping out of University and ending up on benefits does not make it serious enough a form of involvement just yet, to tell me the reasons each time I ask them to stay out of my work and concerns if they do not have a copy of my Books is both amusing and does not actually help them in the correct way is because I make use of their lives and history to sort out my own problems and it’s that same story over and over and over again; they show up, make me sick to my stomach and then it tends to affect them more and when they become sickly as well, they show up to make me sicker, so as to transfer the sickly feelings to where it came from and it’s that great old case of a handful of incredibly stupid people that really enjoy getting off to handle my work and then redoing it, to tell me my reaction is amusing, concerning which if it is they are free to blow their top as well not enough hurting bottoms, with regards to which the Court is female only and the idiots can get in if they want; as for the part about getting beaten up, those who can have not stopped lapping it while those who cannot have not stopped hurting themselves. I do not think it the end of the world as such; just reality that an average 60 year old idiot who is a real ruffian that has had his time and day would if he has a home to live in, be spending his spare time writing Books as well – so the point of such behaviour as hating reality based films and chasing about my business image to vandalise it, is meant to improve the opportunity that they might gain to sell their own Books and fulfil their ambitions in life – so it’s still the same question, without the part about the insults, when they complain to Politicians or Media, that they have bought my Books and paid for making use of my products first. I want them all gone, including the Fashion Models and popular culture Celebrities and every other fool that makes use of organised crime products or has friends that deal in them otherwise we have a Week and a half to find out how I will make them vanish for my part too. I have never actually had a problem with this issue and cannot understand why people are taken by it all the time but in the end, there are those who just enjoy killing off my leadership, who are actually a point of the measurement of tolerance – they were not the problem, these other ruffians who can perform acts like hate for reality based films leading to an attack on my entire business image all together have always been the reason for all problems and at the same time the biggest complainers when it came to the consequences for their activities.

I am thinking about which section of these wicked lying fools I have not got a history with yet – the ones who claim other peoples public image is their freedom cannot get the Americans to do something about me – the ones that are always taking up people’s lives and security and redoing it until bad thing happen don’t hold anything against me – the ones that get about industry blabbing about those who think they are recognised think I am Gay as well – The celebrities are always blabbing about whose own I have made a mess of especially when I need to ensure that Producers and Film makers and Fashion designers have a choice whom they select on the basis of competence and incentive, to make lots of money getting involved with their show business and products, especially when it is happening around about me as well and the list is endless but the question is still the same i.e. when they get involved, have they got a copy of my Books as well?

So there is always that story to be told of how the Media and the Liberal people will never release me, which is utter nonsense as I was never trapped by them in anyway; what really happens is that they come up with intrusive nonsense that makes their ruffian public attitudes profitable and it fundamentally involves a process of rather than taking some 2 years to find out civil rights idiots do not want your products, you will be cordoned off at the jobs market and made to take about a decade – so that when they start to speak of the reasons they want you out of your closet and comfort zone, to get outside and express yourself and gather as a community to require and demand it, you might feel it is actually reasonable thereof as well; so even though it was the case that I am actually willing to perform any stupid idea they had invented for any strange reason they see fit when I am not actually interested in them, the reality is largely still that it is not reasonable i.e. if I had a child when they had begun this madness it would have taken some 6 more years of spending time with that Child on their homework every day, in order for them to be ready for GCSEs; so this is one of the ways to work out how much times has been destroyed and wasted here. It’s never really been an issue in my view at all, same old provoking people and telling lies about what the people intended when they react in order to move into a place of power if they think they are bigger,  it’s just that it gets to a point where I find my work easy and that was not my degree or level or my size and it grows onto the bit where once they feel I am completely ruined for not giving liberalist idiots what they want, they start to express all kinds of nonsense that show it was all a matter of envy; so nobody here is playing envy games with them either and they can clearly see that to be the case too i.e. the only publicity I want is one that says I am a writer and what the title of my Books are, the rest are what people ought to keep to themselves if they are unwilling to give me the former – so it is obvious, most of what they think has been a process of hunting and trapping me is simply lies and abuses they will engage in so as to earn other peoples income and feed wife, kids and mistress and I am really tired of the public media involvement and the lies that ensure I am unable to breathe as a result of it too, so if not about the fact I am a writer and what my Book titles are, I like to see it as an advocating of the fact they want a reaction, which is not an indication I am trapped and used and abused by them in my view – only a sign that given the correct tools and the right measures, it is also possible to make them stay off other people’s concerns and leave people alone and this is always measured up by the fact they never work for anything, only pervert civil rights into making people share any incomes they have worked hard to save from them i.e. when they see a Mabach, the problem with cars like that is that these are cars that belong to individuals who own businesses they have been sending money to in order to get a product in return, since they were Children and therefore something they also deserve to have, which then means they will open up their own shop in the hope of buying such a car as well and there will be two results; firstly that Maybachs are a problem and secondly that business is not welcome – in the end where you start to decide something has to be done is when the fools have reached that stage where you are the one with a bad health that cannot get around with the wealthy who have been looked after all their lives and whom they are a fan of, while they who have not tried to find any jobs because civil rights will grab from others for them and all they need do is read and get academically qualified, are the ones who have the good health for it and this is where all that nonsense about people shooing off customers at my business in order to redo my services when they cannot actually damage it is developed. Whenever they complain on media, it is usually because there are consequences attached to making use of my products without paying for it, so the general assumption has to be that when people help them to my Public image as well, they are looking for a reaction. It’s never been a crisis, they will tell any lies and say anything and do anything to avoid working for their money and instead grabbing the incomes of those they are convinced that they can bully and I don’t want them telling me where I am supposed to be as that has already led to National and Diplomatic complaining about my behaviour as it stands, I want their conversations about me to come to an end completely in every way; so what has become the focus is that support and hoot has dried up and I am only left with Royal duties and myself and both belong to them, with that big mouth – whereas the most popular complain is that I hand my problems to others who are more superior to fix for me – that is whenever they go on and on and on until some racists start to chase the private parts of another guy who happens to work on Media and gets abused and irritated to a point where he starts to make resolves about what action he will take when he is training his camera on a stupid super model that spends all day about the personality of that Arch Prince Guy and same with the popular culture and show business celebrities too, while what happens is that I broker my assets with Film Industries and they claim I mess up their lives and families to do my business and are now deciding who gets the film roles and it’s the same when they want to make their popular culture talent shows as well and this is the beginning of the end of that too, so they can spend more time with their own lives and their own problems. The rest are black idiots that cannot live in a world without discrimination and after putting together all their twisted plans and ending up complaining about people who are tied to me in ways that do not necessarily meet the eye, it becomes a whole new level of discrimination all together in their stupid view. It’s the same story; stupid ruffians making their attitudes profitable and its nothing new either in anyway, I simply cannot tell if the more important complain about me is that the ease with which I do my work is not my size and level or that I would not come outside to express myself and be a vagabond. In the end I simply will not let it take over my life and its just time they started making fame and fortune on theirs too. It gets to a point where it is possible to calculate that the only way to secure normalcy is to ensure they never earn beyond a certain amount and they never have beyond a certain level otherwise no matter how normal, there will always be a way of perverting everything into mental illness for the general public, just like they draw attention to my so called sad story all the time and nobody knows to what extent that will take over everything when I have finished the daunting job all together anyway; the risk of course usually being that the younger generation will be left with another premise by which their civil rights nonsense will get completely out of hand again; it’s the story of how the problem of vicious cycles of oppression and retaliation works i.e. they always have the energy to believe stupid lies and carry on with violence because their whole lives are about ripping up peoples finances and taking any little people had left to go off and enjoy life and catch up with their youth and find out what the meaning of it all in life really is – so the first time they were shamed was when their mates became more successful now what annoys them all the time is that the young are more successful too, for my part, every time they complain about me, it means there have been consequences associated with making use of my Books without payment and all Media fools who help them with them and throw the effects in my face have been looking for trouble.


So they say I have a bad attitude and its utter nonsense, I don’t have a bad attitude – the problem is that they make up ideas of what I am like and portray me on public places in very abusive ways and it’s not a matter of what I have done wrong on not but a matter of a habit they wish to develop with respect to my person but have not yet done so. Hence there is an endless need for questions about me in public places; what am I like when I speak? Then they will say it feels and looks like the shoe they created and that will sell them shoes on my public image and same with my personality and same with when people meet me and it thus gets to a stage where its every little thing about me and my entire existence, which would not have been a problem if only they did not interfere with the Book sales alongside the other group of idiots who want to adopt positions of convenience while I do something about them or I get into trouble with that big mouth they have got and then there would have been no way for me to become stressed enough to react to their madness and we would not end up where we are now. Either way, winding me up easily means that it’s not just that stupid self confidence I will extract and beat down severely for my part anyway or in any case of which it does seem normalcy is a good thing – in my opinion of which it clearly is. As for the Women who control me on the other hand; one moment they do and the next they complain about their freedoms since they will never listen when warned that the need to have freedom that allows people to do a little bad thing when they are financially desperate and an Arch Prince with duties to perform for Church and State do not really mix – either way of which the same applies to them as well and if there are no interference with my Books there would be no problems. It’s never really been a crisis – apart from those who have expensive Cars and accessories, usually they band together and attack people at random all day long i.e. he who has a personality that looks like sales should expect that kind of support from sales people when required and same for shop keepers and the whole lot of them but they say my personality is like a shoe they created and is like a dress they wear and every little bit of anything about my person and public image and duties has been taken up by somebody who has created som4ething and it’s not the first time I have mentioned this behaviour towards my livelihood all together in the first place anyway – now the fucking idiots are talking to me about attitude all together and I am apparently the one that has a habit of provoking people only to get off and bring to bear an entire parliament – so I don’t want anybody to fancy me, I want them to like my Books or move off so I can move on too, nobody spends a decade working out if civil rights idiots have forced him or her to create a products they will never ever buy as it were, it’s time for clear decisions here.

They do say there are economy issues I have caused as a result of my behaviour when I say that the only way people can gain from my work or person is to actually pay for it through my Books and not hang around me exasperating me until part of me ends up in them due to the way I react and how that becomes an aspect of their minds and therefore actually get to back it up – they say they feel that they have not gotten less human rights as a whole but that is not the case; I have written Books from a royal Office and can get on the streets to sell it or find somebody that will get me a contract which will offer me the correct type of reach that I need – the downside of getting on the streets is the cascade of losses for absolutely every aspect of everything I do and the downside for getting a contract is that my Books are sold by and get told to people who have no idea what it does and I therefore get stuck at some point in future, the reason getting a contract is better being that I will have the funds to meet the expenses but that does not necessarily make it the preferred option since if I do not have the problem I do not need the funds, hence it’s a matter of which options I wish to select and which ones I wish to manage at any given time all together. When they speak of my attitude it does make me wonder if they are talking about the local ruffians and their foolishness about what I have not achieved to deserve what I have by and why they have the need to see me suffer for it just to make up for the difference or they are referring to themselves, the people who are just a little bit clever than the general idiots, either way which the main issue is still that they need to show that degree of respect for my person and intellectual property when it comes to my Books all together as well, not have their own groups where they gather to defend their interests while showing up on media to wind me up and push my anus and penis on a regular basis with incredible insults they say is largely about the existence of the Country, which actually does not make it any less insulting and will not therefore diminish the consequences I dish out for it too. the economy issues we hear them mention but I suppose that refers to Industry idiots spending money on popular culture fools which is supposed to make them profit if others are bullied but is not really a problem if a way can be devised like I have, to ensure they do not get the money back by any other means except legitimate work and so we are in this place  where they fight all the time and insult all the time and abuse all the time but the important reality is that they are doing their bit, considering the economic crisis was created by them and their Tony Blair/ Gordon Brown insanity and Political nonsense about squeezing and fleecing others with that big mouth they have. So in the end these are not things I do because I am interested in what becomes of the economy, they are things I do because these fools get into government buildings to appoint themselves on me, so I appoint mine of them as well especially when it hurts and so far I have not yet appointed myself on that National Treasury they love to cling to all the time and ensure I cannot breathe a free air just yet as it were. Nevertheless if I see that stupid culture and society around my concerns again, they will see it for the last time there again as well; In terms of being floor wiped by Media, the truth is that the Media does not want an Arch Prince as its leader but there was a time it was never a question until their main preoccupation became one about destroying my Books and using the trophy victory of me doing nothing to build a certain kind of leadership at the local communities, that meant when people have security guard jobs they cannot keep it because others have jobs on TV and when people have warehouse and factory jobs they cannot keep it because others have jobs on the radio. It’s the same old case of very twisted stupid fools clamouring around everything and everywhere in an existence that feels like hell on earth because they want to hit a jackpot and should have been famous until somebody came round and destroyed their dreams that is and I wish to see an end to an effect of their madness around any of my concerns – the reality around doing it myself if they continue to refuse me compliance is that the Media will be the hardest hit.

Nobody wants to end up in a den of 60 year old dogs loving their famous daughters and should have been famous themselves until others came along and stole their dreams or destroyed it but it’s becoming more of a matter of a fight they seek and a need to cling to government buildings for it too; for the Media it is the one where each time they show up to complain and it’s time for another person to play the ego fool having conversations on my work and public image that will make them feel respected and doing the talk to the hand routine at me for it as well, that has been the only way they wish to exist for the last decade and a half and generally means I cannot breathe as well, only comes full circle at this stage; since its never clear why people would love so much the idea of going out to bully kids because they have got media salaries and if possible do it in such a way that they make money which adds to it and why they will section a person and the most prized target for that sort of behaviour every time as well – I mean what if I sectioned them as prized targets for all these too? So they say what I am experiencing is called racism and it is utter rubbish as well; there are the racists and the racism on one hand and there are these idiots on the other and both are just as trouble making and just as insulting and just as thieving and just as murderous for everybody – my case is that the racism was a manageable problem before they showed up and began their games with their stupid civil rights insanity as well and I want both kept out of my concerns for my part as well if they want to stop complaining about me too – it’s an old story where it shows up like that to target you because you have something it wants to steal and it comes right down to that part where somebody has a country and because another has walked into it, he can sit around and fantasise some madness that allow him tell where the anus and penis of the other is, hence somebody who has lived a useless existence all his life and my leadership is not good enough for him as well, will get on media and start until I am like him and then when I solve the problem he will copy and push me towards death at the hands of racism which he has created on account he believes he cannot possibly be caught up in it if his disposition has been made clear on Media. Yes it said I never say enough about racism but I think they need to stop lying as well – they make use of the racism to steal people’s property as equally as the racists do it because it is a lottery into government buildings and to access enough money for an easy life, they need to stop telling me what to do. In any case if I am being nice so as to ensure I am clear about people seeing I do not think racism is a nice thing; it’s an old case of me and my Books and Girl with her Pokémon business, somehow making arrangements with a media scum to grab my Books and toss it to the dogs as a past time on a daily basis and tell me I am in the first place afraid of hurting them let alone do anything else about it while having trouble understanding an Arch Prince would think in exactly the same way concerning whether or not there are limitations to what he can do and where he can show up. So it’s an old story; they said it’s a matter of my attitude and I am asking if it’s the one where they are goons who know a little as compared to real idiots and are really full of their stuff with respect to the other set of idiots who always want to see me suffer for what I have already got in order to justify their sensations and tell me it’s the same way they feel when I don’t like them influence me to be important or indeed peddle my personality; I need them to clear my space and keep off my Books so I don’t have to make them all together, find somewhere else to get rich on peoples public image on account there is discrimination and violence by – I mean it really started off from the need to handle the preacher because they are really important and these are examples of the fact they never ever let people alone not a sign I am full of hate like that big civil rights mouths are seen blabbing all over my concerns all the time for. So it began with the need they had to see a fearless truth teller or preacher so to speak quake on his feet because they were famous and or important and it has now reached the stage where I do not care how they do it but need to see them remove my existence and my Office and Public image and property from their heads, and go off to get a job or I will remove it myself all together – hence the existing threat to their civil freedoms. They do say the problem is far bigger than I can handle of course which is utter nonsense; it’s a two part problem I share with the Police at the Office business i.e. half the time they are making me suffer for anything I have so I can look like I worked for it to justify their perverted Politics and the other half the time every one of them has a style of evil and not only does it work in terms of the fact it’s always about money and it’s not my money or money that has anything to do with me but I am always in pain because of it, it also works in terms of the evils by which people get jobs or don’t because there are some people who do not have evils and are always being made to smell. As I mentioned, I did cut to pieces that stupid culture and society before and at present rate will do it again, and putting up stupid black boys playing football to make work for me and put their own problems and filth into me and find ways of driving their fucking bull as far as they are concerned, will not suffice. Today I have finished with the bits about my attitude, so I am guessing that in the next 24 hours we will have automatically slipped into bits about not letting me alone because taking advantage of me makes money and there is no way they will ever stop while they need money with that big mouth. So whenever they show up like that, it means they have been making use of my work without paying for it and those involved need to stay out of the matter; it’s now come to a head and talk to the hand after winding me up to sit down and have respectful glorious conversations with each other on my personality had become the order of the day, plus people getting cracked up on account they are not paying for the Books and need to do the job as well. It’s never been a crisis – I just am going to put an end to all of it, from Celebrities and fashion goons taking photos of themselves only when they imagine they are looking at me which makes them look more beautiful and increases their value, to Journalists making conversations with people on the precincts of my Public image which then means they are always talking legal instead of Journalism and this is the beginning of the process, since I have to move from it to support Law enforcement at serious and organised crime for example; so all those insults and going right down to your bottom and smelling at the other end which does nothing to show we are fucking mates is not how they will actually deal with this problem, it has gotten this bad because I have not been paying attention to them, I have a week and a half to prepare for changes that will alter that at present as well and it seems their behaviour are facilitated by the fact they will never know or understand my problem and I intend to ensure the consequences I dish out when I am denied compliance matches it too. So they say there is war everywhere because of me, which is good as far as I am concerned; the reality has always been that when peoples business fail to make profit, I get threatened – it’s just reached a point where I can either get a global police or make them behave and since I chose the latter, have taken steps of my own to ensure Americans do not question me about their stupid freedoms which now means I can do whatever I like as well. I understand my view of poorer people to be appalling but the reality is a matter of what people justify i.e. she makes a video which shows her doing some modelling and another white girl who got a contract she didn’t, doing some modelling too in order to highlight racial bias; what it shows instead is that she comes from a world where she cannot function if there is no divide between rich and poor which is socially obvious and cannot thrive if there is no violent discrimination and wants to see me do something about those and get bled so she might exist and have the kind of career that she wants and ignoring her is not possible because they always work as a Community, all of them, even journalists and Politicians, so my finances are affected right away because she is determined to see some racism and to see me stuck in it while the stupid Men around her are waiting for other means by which I might want to handle the matter, which will amount to their own privileges and so when it is an environment in which they thrive, like the ones we see in Northern Africa, people win elections and get told the results are not recognised by their opponents if the opponents feel that they are about to lose contracts from companies that were hoping they would win and so it becomes a matter of what people justify all together and not a question I must answer. They are really obsessed with their ruffian image and I am fed up with being at the receiving end of it and hence getting warmed up for my part as well; I want them all especially the White and Media ones off my Books and that Public image of mine as soon as possible, otherwise the pressures I have to deal with will decide how it works instead; I don’t really look like one of those people they are so close to they sleep together and live together and bathe together and there is a part of their minds where they can see themselves naked but my bottom hurts all the time and my Court is free for all and the ladies in it will lose jobs etc; the Books will be paid for or people will do the job while I supervise and get paid. There isn’t really an issue with my attitude it’s a matter of somebody making a comment about an insult at me that indicates a contractor should not work with me and goes on and on and on about it until I cannot convince the contractor to simply ignore him, then show up on media to express the fact it’s what he can do when he is not sharing – an example of what people can do when they have eyes fixed on my property and actually think they can hurt me if they wanted to. So they are mad about their ruffian image and there is nothing stopping me beating them up for my own as well – great old story of competition as it were but it’s what they compete for, such as damaging your business because you refused to play ball when they needed weekend money to spend drinking and finding out what life is about at the local Pub without knowing it. I will never stop making myself look open to being inhabited by evil and they will never stop complaining about me having anal sex with Women; I mean I know there are people who were caught in a really bad place and had to make deals with evil and hence are always speaking of who says something which supports child abuse or domestic abuse and all that, these idiots are just out to make me understand their master the devil who does not give them his evil money so they can keep chasing my income instead, is not happy with my attitude that was his own to decide for, his body to inhabit, his money to live in the world with as it were and I am getting fed up with it too for my part – it’s really mad about its ruffian image and you cannot keep a security job because he shows up on TV, cannot keep a factory job because he shows up on radio and its stupid and evil and makes you breathless about the safety of other people because he is evil enough to take the law into its fucking hands with that big mouth.


So they say I never let others a moment’s rest which is in same par with the fact apparently that Patents are an invention of mind bending fools, since it is obviously clear that authors are completely harmless. I mean if we really give it careful thought; this would mean that when I write something on my websites unlike the Books which come lots of risk, it is only actually published and that those times I take an extra step to put some patent signs on my work or writing is rather an indication that I am desperate and would really like it to be left alone. So they say I think I am an expert at what I am talking about, which is utter nonsense – it simple empathy when things happen to other people – empathy when World Trade Centre is Bombed and over 300 persons are dead and Many still dying from Injuries sustained, not choosing me as the means by which the filth and sands or war will be cleaned and gotten rid of when Middle East people are unhappy with Western Policies and burn Flags and effigies of US identity, empathy when Iraq has been selected and invaded because of it and empathy for everything else, not a need to get on Media and see if I will be a broken human being so fools in suits dripping with corruptibility can have a life they want. It’s much the same when they speak of confusion – I mean are people Journalists or authors? I am not the one creating the confusion, they are the ones using their journalist jobs to tell me what to do for which they had authority and we were mates – I for my part have been clear that ‘I signed a paper today and he signed a paper today and you signed a paper today and we can sit down and talk about peace’ does not work when it comes to terrorism and extremism – they are the ones that need to mind their own business, they are the ones telling me what to do, they are the ones creating the confusion, they are the ones making out its enough problems to tie me down and let them extricate the conveniences I deny them, they are the ones creating the mix up and I am not one of their fucking mates.