I have not taken my eyes off the issue of changes to wickedness all around me everywhere I go and how people feel especially in places like colleges and Universities that my academic work is the place to have a go at me as well in order to rebuild, which they then show off with much violence on media. The real problem is that still of those that benefit the most from it which is further indication of how moral and good a thing those popular culture and popular culture firms really are and why young people, girls and boys go there and of course what they go there to do and more so to do with or about me more like too as it were.

Of course if the UK must be a tourism economy then we have to respect the fact that manufacturing is a dirty thing and if we must be a production economy we have to respect the fact that tourism is all about presentation. However I have already settled this matter with the empire trust held on my behalf at the Empire by Companies I broker Equities and securities with, therefore we are very well aware of the Popular and extremism, as well as we are aware of the if you do not do it for me, you will do it for somebody that has power over you that I am connected with so I can gain from it but you cannot keep it to yourself or do it for yourself business scum.

Naturally my biggest liability as far as they are concerned is the fact that my administrative renaissance is publicly operable and so Public service bodies have access to it, the result of which my position can only be justified if they buy my books but I face a lot of misunderstanding and opposition for something I could easily have done when I had no government office to look after but that if I actually get rid of the public service operatives, it will be possible for people to claim my administrative renaissance as their own; how that will work when the company is registered and the work copyrighted, I have no idea but it is the sort of necessary pain that gets me to justify not working as hard on them on inflicting as much suffering as there is in my power to because I am way to busy listening to the stories they make up on media as well, which if measured properly is actually the measure of their stupid insolent extremism. The issues around the misunderstandings are a matter of who I am and my office; for example, the measure of a leadership that is actually mine when some of these confusions come about bearing in mind everybody can read my thoughts if they need to basically, is measured by the level of success which of course is always above what the rest who work in an administratively political office come up with.

So of course the truth about it is that the fact it is impossible to say I got an idea from making others work while I claim it for myself is not based on the fact that people actually work with projects, processes and systems I have built for my job and company but the nature of my hand work which of course can be measured as something done by the Golden King in person as a factor of something done by others, it has really got nothing to do with them unless and only if they are working their stupid insolent cruelties which of course are usually settled by revenge as well i.e. there is huge amount of work to do if you want a clear shot clarity on what the Queens Arch Prince gets up to unlike other Royals that have a direct government office to fill, so those who do not like clarity in issues around other peoples office will get no clarity of issues around anything that concerns them and of course from what is always publicly available the victims and culprits rolled into the same people are always incredibly stupid girls that think they are really tough cannot stay out of other peoples lives and or do as they are told and like to think they can manipulate anybody because of course their sense of their importance is incredible when i actual fact they are nothing but bad company but for me it is their familiarity and its vandalism that really sets them out not necessarily their ego (their stupid ego that always has to do with knowing more about the business with my own company and on my own property, in order to set me up for their community witchcraft and get on media to play it up on a daily basis but still do nothing to stay off my work property and earnings. They want to compete with my women of course by so doing but it is them that had the idea of making out my livelihood is something that works when beaten by wearing stupid insolent skimpy cloths and never getting off the company of men by which absolutely everybody can be dominated with a big mouth as it were and it never ever goes away nor do their boys with their stupid beauties of the damned that must be offloaded on others both conditions of which will soon become the meaning of life itself as far as they are concerned).


I know I have economic and government matters which others can mess up and get around insulting me to show people they control me which I can say nothing about because it is something I have to do, until they become confident enough to use it as means to an end on my income and get to live out their insolent deviant rubbish which can be started off from anything especially claims of things I had done to irritate them in the past which gives them right to stalk me and means of access to what I own, much the same with their community idiots making out governance is leadership of the weak because there are other peoples personal and private property to be gained from any game of tyranny but still feel that a lot of people like them so much as it were. For me they have got their lower class problems of violence and extremism that I have got a round sense of and even now while I am busy with other things their men want to make money in no other way but that of a boy that is beating up people and doing gangs for them because they will tell him when to earn with his book sales, so I will have no choice but to deploy it as well and we can see it emerging that I sell books by making the problems of the lower class worse because when I actually get to say that I am responsible for making them fix it every time they do I can pass around any insult I please at anybody and make both political and business capital out of it. Of course it will begin in the natural stomping ground as it were; Church affairs where they will want a Christian who preaches the gospel and likes to see them do things that benefit them with their stupid lives, so that instead of benefit from what he does the desire becomes how to oppress him with it but because what he does is a good thing nobody will ever think it is right for him to stop doing it, so it is the usual stuff they never stop.