So they say I jeopardise relations with the US but clearly the President there has no desire to lead the country as much as he is interested in some kind of revenge for slavery and slave trade. Last I checked there were Britons and French and even Indians and Africans sold in Rome when Italy was an empire in fact Rome was more multicultural at the time than it is at present. So it is one of those spirals that people get stuck in but he has worked out in every way imaginable anyway. They say of course that my big problem is an inability to appreciate what must be done for black people and black children but I have no idea what makes them think that having a guy in government office with the same skin colour as a child has will prevent the child from growing into somebody that is fundamentally immoral and wants to make money and be nice to people using other peoples morals so people can kick him all the time and it is much the same with the rest and those rubbish they talk about doing well academically and being rich when they are fundamentally immoral people and have thus chosen to do these things on the morals of Christians whom they have deemed a slave race to them as well with that big with which always sees that it burns at the end and we have to call it Babylon – they always burn in the end anyway. Now the main problem with them however is the simple fact that they never once talk about their own; what they think about children has more to do with me, so is what they think about government and politics etc, the more I try to keep their politics out of my affairs the worse it gets and they need to leave me alone.

So with respect to how the way I speak is the biggest problem, the way I speak does not create any problems whatsoever and even if it does there is nothing they can do about it. Nobody likes to get exasperated each time they show their dirty black face in public. They spend so much of their time trying to show the world that black people are generally the way they are i.e. culture themselves haphazard, stay shallow and love to lean on people.  mean for me it started with notions I will go out there and speak their problems and when I make it clear it is the most stupid thing I have ever heard then I was to suffer setbacks that will see they get one of their shinny boys in that place to do it with my stuff, so when I tell them to suit themselves it means I cannot make a living with a big mouth. I am aware as it were for my part that it is a factor of how they have identified that somebody has not broken his life into the half that has to do with evil people and their cultural wickedness and the other half that has to do with all the nice people that he wishes to meet and get along with but the reasons that I have done that is so they can get off doing their own politics since I am not doing it for them, it is just one of the ways of solving the problem.

For the last couple of years what needs to happen has been doing so in the reverse instead i.e. gangs after me and I don’t want to get along with them, so I set up structures to ensure facts are available and Politicians do not end up making laws that make me worse off. In this case when you are bad there is your provisional second chance waiting for you while those that are religious end up in a tight corner with fewer choices than the ones their mothers provided them with the day they were born. Nobody knows why they suppose I am sort of spoofed as to how this could be a coincidence when they are at the heart of the matters and take every decision that needs to be taken or indeed why they are always doing something that costs me money to pretend when I speak I am referring to them as brothers.


Now here in the UK they say that Labour would have done a better job at the economy than the present government but when we had put the facts together what we obtain is that they would have stimulated growth to deal with the deficit and the debts when in actual fact they were the ones in office when the economy went burst and Icelandic Banks told them they will not be giving back British Government money which they did nothing about, hence signs they handle deficits very well indeed. The biggest problem with them is their vandalism and squander because the way they have planned to take care of these matters is to blame it on the rich and get more money off them but with no care in the world for what will happen when somebody else comes up with an alternative Policy of taxing the rich. No to mention being able to chase people around for taxes while unable to protect pensions hence meaning that this growth and jobs and taxes paid that they would create would have ended up paying for social security and then pensions and then the NHS and all other things but because there are more issue like Defence and others for example, they would have had to borrow more than the Government has, so it is not necessarily a sign that we would have been better off with them in office instead. My question however on a personal basis is that which pertains to the fact anybody would see that there is a link between their vandalism and squander and the state of the economy but why is it that they never want to talk about it or indeed like to give us a choice of choosing one way or the other? The vandalism does not just ends with parliament and the economy, it reaches everything, even their party; they are the party with a culture of rebellion but they are the ones that claim the conservative party is unstable because it has a culture of rebellion – in fact it is because of their culture of rebellion that they stick to their Prime Minister who is technically elected by the party and not the electorate directly unless he is independent, doing the country the disservice that they can work black mails with, which the conservative party is not doing hence they allow the party rebellion to fester in the service of the Public. There is on the contrary no such thing as people becoming worried that the Labour party has become powerful, the Labour party has not become powerful, what the Labour Party has done is cut open the hornets nest; so the real issue is that of the fact that if a group of people believe that they should pick up a manifesto, win elections and go into government office to fulfil the manifesto and create an even bigger problem, it is up to the electorate to decide then, down the facts about whether or not they wish to pay for it. As for the powers of the Labour party by itself on the other hand it is the same old story; Conservatives and Liberals will give us the idea they will look after the bees and milk the honeys and put it in the shops, Labour will go off and look after the hornets nest for us and when asked what sense that makes tell us we will be good to find out that if you do not do what labour says the hornets will sting you, with a big mouth, so now they have cut it open and like to tell us we are in such a difficult place we cannot make decisions without appeasing them and the vandalism goes on like that while they tell me that I put together ideas for policies which favour the rich but as far as I know I don’t find rich people at social security, I don’t find them at prisons swelling the population there, I don’t find them at riots causing us to spend huge money on security and so on, where I find them is when money is being spent on infrastructure and so unless I have a problem with somebody creating an economic policy of contraction which I will not tolerate, more so because there is no sense in an economic policy of contraction because somebody wants to get rich quick if they are already rich, there is no other issue with rich people and the question becomes how we justify the fact they pay more pound for pound than everybody else, to which I am told it is because they earn more as if that was a crime. A crime in the eyes of those who look after the evils of society for us and attack my faith because I want to split my life into the two parts of the one part where I meet all the nice and normal people I need to and the other part where I deal with the evils of society and it gets personal all the time because they want me to build a company they collect and share with their stupid children to make them confident.


Of course they do love the sound of their voice when they tell people that I avoid the main issues but I wonder if that would be weed smoking, gang rummaging, club life, popular culture, drug taking idiots that seek out alternative means of stealing to stay out of prison, who like to make out that if this were neighbourhoods or Universities where they held together gangs, it would have been my fault if I got murdered for coming up against them and their needs. I wonder if they are saying that this is the main issue because all these idiots really do is tell those lies they tell as if I am their equal or something, that I handle their society here and their culture there and handle them there and so on in order to latch onto my earnings and property to have money for their needs and leave me with nothing, that they make work with support they get for it from Government office that Labour Party MPs fill - I mean is it the main issue then? I mean they do their Politics of free loading get rich quick insolent abuse and violence very well, whereby they think they can handle anybody they want. I do not get told which are the main issues by them, I will easily recognise such things when I see one.

With respect to the never ending recent developments over security matters as a result of the existence of the female figure imagination that competes with me the male one that is supposed to do work but for talks like even bigger men than I am, It is not such a worry; I have to spend time to think about what I want to say about it if I at all do get interested. I mean, I am not saying there is no technique to it - there is; it is the reason they cannot leave me alone, my entire life and work will be explained away with everything that bothers them and then all I do will fail to match my personality and tend to match their own and the temporary handling of my income and property to get rich will become to become permanent in a condition I cannot control and they will make their regular gatherings where they hug the pulpit as well, especially in the US, make up imaginary work to go with the money they have extracted from my income and pictures of them will appear all over the internet for it and stories about success will be the reasons why it does. Such that anything I do to defend myself from it earns me attacks from community goons who re their fans as well and that is why I need to think about what I want t say about it because it will heavily involve OCD for them, in such a way that how hard they work will clear up facts about economic recovery whenever it is mentioned and probably with the use of their madness over fame as well. As for the media and the part where I get beaten up; I have no idea why they are always checking to see that I have been, when they can see that very few people will have me beaten up over confusions that I read people’s minds, when in actual fact it is easy for me to explain I am and look the way I do because I am a different kind of person and the difference of where my problems are, is that I use media peoples thinks to do things and when payment for vandalism requires it, I use it to do all sorts.

There are really no such things as big strong father figure men around me who rule and ruin my life and world on a daily basis, so much they are having fun, youth and good health from it to the point of sharing with others for a profit. These are all things these idiots build up on public media: they know the last thing I want to be thinking about every time I am doing anything is insecurities that women and especially those around me face in violent society and that is the one that like to play up all the time and build up on media, which purpose is to ensure that all I own and do is divided and squandered in some strange endless ageist attempt at career piracy of royal property - so that now I have mentioned it, it’s all gone already. The most popular claim they love to make, which is why it becomes annoying is that I am in trouble and very ill because I have been badly bullied and beaten, the reason it is annoying is that they make such claims because they have hope that not only will they get rich with my earnings but that ownership of my property and successful career piracy will take place; to which all I can say is that hugging the pulpit all over the west especially the US cannot be a threat to me and the only reason people attack me for no reason and for no provocation is the basic and simple fact that until that point they had been busy doing something with what belongs to me, in order to have money, which I have been unaware of - hence ending up in a place where I have said or done something I am not aware will change their fortunes. My point is that they get on media to express their stupid hope and show off their insolent violence because they were not listening me - that I have said really means that they need to shut it down or I will shut it down for them: this is what I mean making a statement with OCD in order to make what economic recovery means clearer each time it is mentioned by those who have the job to look into.