Now it’s never true I am in trouble with global leaders anyway nor is it the case that I am the guy that used to get around solving Global problems but have been reduced to this point; I have not been reduced, it has always been a matter of what happens when peoples wealth are tied to their human rights and when those who speak of wealth distribution becomes unquestionable because no matter how much they have not worked for the millions they have, they still got it from somebody who have got it and can always do so again while encouraging others to have a go, so that had to be a different thing from helping out those I thought I could. In terms of trouble with global leaders its largely peoples fundamental interest in my concerns and concerns here in the UK all the time – they like to say it is revenge for our interference but we all know that it is always a matter of money women and evil for them every single second and when they meet women who tell them how female society works we all end up with a problem and it gets better because the reason men annoy them is because when push comes to shove men react like men while they react like women. So we hear Mr Obama speak of the chance that the Monarchy in the UK might be on its way out considering the unfolding of recent events and it is an example of how they look for trouble all the time because those who are not Royalty have to be unemployed for decades as a result of their faith getting on other peoples nerves and its like that – I was there when it started and I am still here when my problems are affecting others and therefore building violent intolerance in my direction that is financially beneficially – so it still comes down to the question of whether the guy whose life and career is used to clear the air to find out if ugly people can get famous and used to do other peoples own for them, is the name that their parents gave them. We can talk about people keeping an eye on me to notice every single move I make and ensure it is followed by an abuse and some mockery of a violent nature which turns up as prerogative for idiots that appear on media and turn up at Industry so they can chase my anus and penis all the time or we can talk about whether or not the guy whose career is used to clear the space to make evil people look good in the eyes of the world so they can be rich and famous and ensure good people are not because they are take it, is the name their parents gave them – so contrast that will suggestions of getting into trouble with Global leaders. It has always been as simple as the fact they need to get off my Book sales and clear my space or they will complain yet again when I have trouble with a relationship with my parents and siblings and hand it to them the one where they got it too, so they can tell me I pacify extremists and racists when they are killing each other.

They claim I speak of relationship with my parents but I prevent them from having any but that is only when we are not seeing them extract an income from the perks of my job or turn up on media to talk through to me and get involved to ensure their superiority that politicians bank rolled at my expense is preserved and I am really, really, really tired of it – which is why they are now working so hard to ensure the rest of us understand they are working for their money when they really shouldn’t be – the one that kills me all together is that stupid phrase thereafter i.e. ‘beat that’. It comes down to the old matter of building an empire with a certain amount of providential equities that I myself have not been rich with and so if they can just own it they will have everything they could ever dream of but nobody asked them to get involved, they did because it was from here they could gather spare resources considering how superior their Politicians really were. They do speak of how nice it would be to live in a  world where people did not build a business on equities so others can want to control it to fulfil their dreams then get kicked out and kicked all the time but they will want to look into their insults and the mobility it offers extremists in society as well and then  nobody will have a run a business that ensures he does not sell his hear to make a living since they never ever listen and clearly don’t like it when they know disobedience is tiresome anyway. It happens all the time where the best need to be ruined so the stupid can turn up on their public lives to count pennies until they become millions and then get on media to maintain the superiority with everything the owners do to recover handling property without permission in a certain bubble that means justice is being delayed until they rule the world – it just got to a point on this occasion. It’s just I have never signed a contract with them to handle my Books or the markets in order to maintain their superiority to me which the Politicians paid for while paying to wreck my finances at the same time like we have ever seen them all give to the frugal as it were, so they can be free of people running business the way I do.

It’s about putting an end to being as stupid as people have already said that you are – where you have five customers today and then they waited hours due to controversy and violence and went away and it took hard work to have another and the same process repeats itself and then it starts to become the norm that it is how the day is supposed to be spent and it seems people will not do their fashion and popular culture and Music CD and News in any other way save your public life and personal life and everything they see that you do – then finish off with calling you names to ensure it becomes really easy. I am not running this business any other way as such, it’s just that they complain but do not want to stop being the reason that the sales here cannot flow due to that stupid media and those foolish threats and we all know it also means I have to play some game by their rule to get by and I have this history of expressing what I think of men who feel I look like fighting material but it seems I have not expressed enough of it yet; it is extremely annoying but they like to say I am being bullied wherefore it does not feel like it as we can all see they are the ones complaining.

We do hear them say when they know where my Empire is they can better avoid it but it has always been as simple as shutting down everything from fashion to media or even Politics that may involve addressing me and we are not talking about lies of what I have done with their society having a meaning they have made up either – we all know that one started with the fact if that Christian does not control that his God and his holiness I will murder him big mouth and community croons sexual abuse from a distance story – now it’s time to be real – if they don’t shut them down I will shut it all down for them; now they know where my Empire is and can certainly avoid it too. They do say the Industries do not need my products or services anymore but the first occasion from which we are all still reeling and I have to ensure I am more responsible with the use of my abilities is the bit where they will involve my company property with theirs right down to my aptitudes then decide at some point I was unable to do the job and was therefore taken over – this time nobody knows what will come of it except that we can tell they have no plans to be seen elsewhere but my Book sales and that they have products at the Market place as well.  It all comes down to the consumer at the end of the day, so much time wasting, wasting their own as well – this time I have to guess they have products and there are perks to their jobs that can be handled by others too, so that we can hear I don’t have anal sex if I can build up a global atmosphere of it to make people nervous.

I am not in any way one of them slippery guys – it’s just one of those realities I allow because the fact this process of Politicians finding idiots off the streets whose issues they want to bank roll at my expense continually gets disputed on media as fact by a collection of people whose business it is not – however which generally it is going to end terribly well too; I mean they do say I am being bullied and it does not feel that way either neither am I the one complaining anyway. I get the part where they say I am meant to co-operate with them to ensure Britain is a republic, one of which makes any sense as it only means the one reason I would not be the first President of a British republic would be the fact I am not White but that notion would have been built on the basis that the problems that would have been created it and if it were would be greater than the one a White person would have created and then it gets even worse with their media of media blackmail being considered i.e. every idiot from Africa who thinks he is important locating things he has seen me do to get on media and force me to do it for him to become important with, which completely replaces respect for me with their golliwog mouths. The Politicians never ever listen for the most part anyway, so we still have to get round the matter and it’s the same old case they raise about my behaviour which does not make any sense whatsoever: we are talking about their security staff who have no respect for anybody which allows them to turn up and rip up my finances and when I fix it threaten and attack me as I have set them a task when it comes to leading and ruling me and it is not made out at any stage what debt exactly I was meant to have owed them, except I should say as before if I shoot them they will claim it’s an assassination not a fight which they lost as it were and yes the security staff do like to make out they are a threat to me as well which they are not, we have only finished dealing with the bit where business cannot exist anymore on account I exist but it is clear they need to keep their fashion idiots and popular culture fools and media goons away from every one of my concerns especially health and financial ones and it is the reality that shows where my Literary Empire starts and stops and also shows how easy it is for them to avoid it too. As for the part where I never support those that are being down trodden, I wrote Books which they have refused to buy because they are busy gutting me and it is the loop holes that have emerged because of that which they suppose I am meant to have supported them for, some do claim the Books are too expensive too and I bet they are paying for the contents of my Websites too.

Those tales have therefore become far too common, that I am a typical example of how those who have things seldom get to enjoy them but I wouldn’t know anyway, it’s very rich coming from those that have  been unable to prevent me from enjoying the proceeds of getting involved with problems of female society lest I sit down thinking I have had it all figured to find a knife in my back so to speak and yes the response to that reality is always that my prognosis on women is wrong but of course there isn’t any more prognosis left these days anymore after a decade and a half of insults that suggest they think if they are in a relationship with me their insolent ageism will be tolerated as far deeply as their distant prejudices allow them as it stands presently or that they will be playing the mothering role in it. In the end these things are largely the behaviour of security operatives coming home to roost and I am not interested in whether or not they want to think, nobody gets paid to think around me and as for the story of sodomising me or doing it from a distance to extricate a figure of hate that those who may attack their families on account they work in the secret service, their insults will soon reach a stage where the enemies of the Country will be murdering them on one hand and I will be murdering them on the other – they are paid to work not think; any thinking around me the bubble that exists between them and the prison services will result in society and communities thinking-thinking as well for a start which is what is happening at present; it’s been a decade and a half of those insults too and yes they do think I cannot back up any of it just like they claim I will be getting into trouble when the US wakes up and all those other nonsense I have to put up with but in terms of backing it up, I am sure they know that jumping all over the place to build me violent enemies is actually not the job they were paid to do, except of course they have developed a sense of reality for themselves which suggests that I think that it is – and as for the US waking up however, as it stands, I have no right to feel good and the reason for it is that I am the guy whose life gets used to do peoples fame and fortune careers for them – the fashion and media and popular culture idiots, so clearly if people are too lazy to do anything when Politicians bank roll these stupidities at their expense it should not end up affecting my livelihood to start with and as for the Politicians, they have to bank roll it, so that these idiots can chase me around like that endlessly but I am sure they know what it means when I say I would like it if their media and fashion and celebrity and popular culture idiots did get off my Book sales and cleared my space and I am sure they know the entire world is watching me issue the warnings too.


The socialist ones do like to say I am suffering because I thought I was more important than they are but they could always tell Mr Blair to leave me alone while he is doing Middle East peace envoy then tell them to blow off their big mouth when he is not yet tired of it, so he can pretend the safety and security of his family should have been my problem. It’s not an emotive issue – I don’t have to clean up the mess their security staff make FYI – so Politicians and Monopoly violence and an intrusion for it that is legendary alright, when I say if I shoot them they will call it an assassination and not a fight they lost, I wonder if they do realise it means I have already created freedom for those that are likely to do it which is why their International monopoly games is not going anywhere and threatening me is not the best idea either.  It leads down the same path i.e. they claim business has not the right to exist anymore on my account, I say they need to keep their fashion fools and the popular culture ones and the celebrity ones and the media ones away from my sales and income and away from my public work – get off my book sales with their comments and interference and customer intimidation and clear my fucking space. In retrospect these activities are supposed to leave them with much to do something about those that are doing the wrong things because they think they are well endowed enough for it as it were. They do say the things I say really winds them up of course but they talk too much first of all and also the reality is that it is not a do or die affair – its  Country and nobody will find success in putting their hands up to say we don’t like that and it is supposed to vanish and we like this and it is supposed to stay but I believe I have made myself clear about their celebrities and fashion idiots and popular culture fools and media goons and how they will have that my personal life in this life or the next one with a big mouth – as ever, I would like it if they kept away from my Book sales and cleared my space. We do hear those tales that I think the security services are accountable to me of course which is utter nonsense – my State provided security is based on surveillance and I will get my respect from them their way or mine is more like it – having enough as it were; they do like to think they are the boss especially their fools from Africa but of course we all know they are not and if I say so will get confronted by the fact I am not either, only willing to live with another person’s right to be which is utter nonsense too because we are here on account of the fact all those years I spent caring about people were  the same years they spent caring about money – now that I need to pay my bills I find them in a place where anything I do to them or will them will always lead to an outcome where they are on top and the dominant ones financially with piracy media and popular culture vandalism which means another set of rubbish I have to deal with for as long as it takes because they were too stupid to make any of the money during those years I was more interested in people and by the way of which being the guy whose life and personal life and career gets used to make others feel comfortable is clearly the name that their parents gave them as it were. It seems to be a little known fact that what I really hate about them is that routine where my personal life and public life is used to clean up evil people and make them presentable so their filth might be in a disposition to get riches and fame; they think and like to think they can hate and we will soon have to put that theory to the test as well; over society needs and community needs and fraternity of Nation needs that they seem to have but in actual fact it should be seen never the less that all these needs are only the most profitable points at which they can express their stupidities around people’s property to destroy it and make money. The claim the issue needs to be settled as per what my position is, is utter nonsense too – there are no such uncertainties about my position in actual fact, reality has always been that I have not seen a lot of people appointed to a position like mine in the last 200 years for instance, so it is important to me and if those who do not recognise the rights of the communities that rely on my leadership to do so continue in the path they have chosen concerning how we are spare resources when they have not planned how to pay their bills the way they would have wanted, there is no point putting up with their accusations and complains as well, otherwise if they chose the opposite way of behaviour we can shake hands and pat it each other and go our separate ways; when it really comes to it, it seems the problem these guys have is with other peoples freedom of association – so that I could easily be the guy who built a big house in the Countryside and regularly invited young people in for dinner, to being the guy that Politicians want to rule which is getting increasingly violent and you will never be able to put a finger on where it started and where it is heading in equal measure. All we hear is that others have priorities on my property and that I don’t care about the Whole Royal family but of course my duty is to The Queen only besides serving the One that gets Tax payer funds for her activities of which I am pretty sure I am allowed to make my own money and have fun.

We see them at it all the time – it’s basically impossible to take a walk outside these days; cannot rely on them for anything – simple minimum wage rise means laden workers with 8 months work in three and lay off some to make millions and pretend you have been hard hit if you have minimum wage rise to blame it on – it only got better with recession and a structural unemployment that their Labour Party helped to create long before it took hold and they must employ as few workers as possible because a recession is a trend and unemployment is big business – cannot be relied on for anything, cannot leave me alone – cannot run with their own crowd – Fathers want to employ their kids and go somewhere in life. There is this idea that gets around really quickly that I am unemployed and therefore desperate enough to run into the hands of the Fathers who want to employ and get somewhere but what then again, if I was desperate, would it have been a problem they will have contained? Where I am supposed to be is a familiar insult and we have been there and done that and what stands now is a matter of whether I have the time yet again as it were and they know that if they do push it I will make the time too for my part – it is their offices that get used in such ways and I am sure they now understand how tiresome disobedience really can be. It is never true that I am miserable either but then again if peoples profitability is based on whether or not I am miserable, then I should be blamed when I have an inability to tolerate those who use my faith and public life to make evil people look good, so they might become more presentable and famous in order to escape a so called difficult existence. It’s nothing complicated – only the reality that I should be able to secure equities I have put up on the websites, so as to facilitate a means whereby people use them to run a business and buy the books on the profitability; so Fathers want to employ kids and go somewhere is the most obvious way of killing my business they have so far and if they kill it I kill their own as well – hence mentioning a reality whereby they cannot run with their own crowd anymore is just the start, the warning is that they think I am unemployed and desperate i.e. their parents gave them some money and they will now save it and find somebody to accuse and attack to make popular culture fame and fortune and so did The Queen leave me a Royal Estate which has exactly the same value; we already have to put up with them, so that when they say that they will create recession that will hit my type hardest, it’s a process of taking that story where I need to live in such ways as allows them more space to exist, which goes right down to the part where they take a stand on my life and tell me to move away from it while the violence is because my problems are affecting them being taken to a whole new degree – so I have been there and done that, finding their various lair from where they mastermind that nonsense and routing all of them in order to be popular i.e. if they were missing the point of the warning; I am not unemployed and desperate.

They do speak of a Royal Estate  I cannot protect from them of course which makes no sense whatsoever; I mean for instance that I am supposed to have considered that when American celebrities for instance attack my income because I think I can come to their Country and make friends with conservatives when they are women who actually need the protection of the men and have the money to afford it, that I think it has a meaning I should  be paying attention to; it does not, I only like to assume first of all that they are human beings and can be reasoned with before we get down to business. They do mention inequalities that I have made myself a part of and it will never make sense too anyway; I mean inequalities in terms of chance, chance that somebody who is alone will be able to survey other people’s problems and come up with a solution for it which people will have to buy into but then again comes the question alongside of why they are so keen to isolate people when they know that it backfires in such ways.  I do hear them speak of consumerism too i.e. I have money and a problem and I need to find a solution to it syndrome which was what the real problem was. All that celebrity stuff is a very well calculated ploy – what they are really after is the finances i.e. does my products cost 5 pounds and was theirs created just last night and plugged into my Empire because I will be delayed from any action against them on account freedom and competition exists and actually costs 1 pound. So it is not true that I feel that they are women who need protection from their warrior men and not me but I have the effrontery to come to their Country and use those men to protect myself while they need it to make fame and fortune, actually makes sense. I understand they say I have left things too late for some Americans allied to me which does not make any sense – those that are allied to me always do their bit for the Empire, these ones they speak of like to turn up on media and behave in ways that classify my personal life and my Company as the same thing then tries to get served by bullying me which does not actually mean that if they do get served so I do get paid for it – no I don’t, they do not buy books.

They do ask what it is exactly which means I don’t view these guys with suspicion but it does not make any sense; I mean they do their bit for my Empire as per they get involved with my renaissance and gather men and women and make a big show and at the end leave me some equities to trade with too or for the Political ones for instance especially when American, they help to run the world and make it a safer place. So there is a connection that is good enough to facilitate a means by which to explain what each part has been up to including me. Hence it’s never a love lost for those who like to take advantage of peoples clean spirit and religious faith to clean up space and persons of evil people to make a means for them to look and feel presentable enough to get rich and connected – never clear why people do that anyway but sometimes they do say it is because freedom exists and other times they do say foolish women have needs. We do hear the part whereby Police Officers have trouble dealing with black communities of course as well but it’s an old story of how I dare not mess with his Evil history of cultural wickedness and devil worship that likes to target me all the time too for good measure but still he takes a stand on my public life and tells me to move away from it and it is the result of that which he is now complaining about along the premise of how big he is and why people need to stop behaving like robots of the system; it’s never really an issue as such for the most part – it just gets to a point i.e. one moment my big problem can be that somebody wants to pick on me and get me to react on account I am a Christian and then with that he can then make rap music that rebels against the state of affairs because that is an easier option compared to picking on drug lords and gang longs that will shoot him and make him more passionate about his rap music in that way and the next I have to deal with when he takes a stand on my Government Office Public life and tells me to move away from it so that he can own it because he is really big and does not even recognise my Office in the first place anyway.

We do hear they say whenever they get a reprieve from complaining about me, that these things happen because I have made a lot of enemies from Africa, which they assume makes sense to me as well but it is an old story – these are just the rich ones of those guys that like to use the personal life and public life of a Christian to clean up evil people and make them presentable enough to allow them make fame and connections and they are not doing it here; I know they speak of lack of progress because of me in the US but I have made mention of the fact before that I have an inability to tolerate the society and its need to become US big stick thing but continue to see them around my personal life seeking out advertisement developed around whether or not I am miserable. So the last time I really caught their attention was when they lost vast amounts of money while the global economy tried to recover, so they are insisting on that stupid society and its need to move into my right hand, whereby they can issue insulting threats on the basis of a bubble that exists between their stupid lives and the prisons which clearly does not exist in mine as well. So it’s back to the old issues i.e. I had my gold and now they are showing me that being concerned about it was the least of my worries as the prized jewellery I have made it into is the point at which they must have their latrine; then they claim I destroyed their culture and society and that is why I am stuck with them being dragged back every day and that is why I am poor as well. We hear those question marks being brought up on matters concerning my real life and real world career which makes no sense either – the things I do are all inter connected and we have now done all the necessary experiments we wanted to as a people to find out what will happen is a Legal practitioner who had enough talent to boost the income of another in the employment market was off doing sales and factory work and security guard – I for my part will not get off to finish my legal career and then perhaps less might be heard of me but all these facts on how the celebrities of this generation behave on matters of the anomies surrounding their careers which affect other people will come in handy too; I mean I see the stir in their world of celebrity legal defence team all the time telling their advertisement friends to put in some internet means of discrediting my facts and figures here and a Television one there so they can move in but of course we all know it has worked which is why we are still here. As for the part where these things mean I have been forced to fit in due to my refusing to go along leading to a process where I drew attention of African trouble makers but of course I am not the one that is all sore on the matter, we can always play again the bit where I find out if I regularly get off to report them to bigger European Country Politicians because I am holding white people responsible for the problems they cause me. It has been ever so simple as a condition whereby they get off my Book sales and clear my personal and Literary Empire Intellectual space. They do say my downfall is that nobody else hears what I say save myself and all the other people who don’t mean me well but it really doesn’t matter; first of all which in terms of the celebrities we are talking about an endless process of fashioning their bodies into weapons and eating more food than cattle can because they know they can only get rid of it at the end of everyday wasting my property while looking after a body that will beat me up and protect the superiority of their children who are equally as stupid and then it happens all the time in fine frocks and paparazzi and plugging products into my market place to turn up and abuse me and completely destroy my public reputation, then take grand pictures of themselves and get advertisement contracts from large firms as well and it will go on over and over and over as physically and verbally abusively as possible but for their game players as such, they do continue that story of dragging me outside to confiscate my personal life and the result can only be that of what I will spend all my time outside on save that is the guaranteed fact I will be exposing the evils of their celebrity all the time until I completely destroy it as well. And then they can make out like they love to do all the time that the first encounter involved a case of self preservation and health preservation the plugging products into my market place to get rich and famous and the abusing and destruction of my public life with security services Industry goons that are friends of theirs and like to threaten me so they can do their distant prejudicial violence thing but since that is done they are ready to spend again advertisement and it is time to shed some responsibilities they never knew they had. The bottom line is that celebrities are about squandering other people’s lives and it is always said I get involved with them which really isn’t true, I get involved with those who are friendly with me, so in my eyes they are not celebrities just people being friendly – they do that stuff where they spend my work to protect me from trouble but they stop if I don’t want it done and that is the only area in which we used to misunderstand what was happening on both sides; the rest however have to be known to me as celebrities as such and they are here to squander and have kids they raise to preserve their bodies and energy my grooming me for squander, so it’s nothing new; same as ever the story of what I tried to do with the Monarchy which has no basis on reality, reality which is that people operated at diplomatic circles and needed my support when they got involved with celebrities and with it they are able to shake such things off at will.

I am also concerned of course about the Politicians who say everything I do always inadvertently serves their purpose and so they only need to get off and claim it to hold me down and ensure I never make progress but it is utter nonsense, does not make any sense; we all know socialists are the real racists but it seems everybody that wants to practice some wants to be superior with conservative ideology and that is why they feel they believe their lies so everybody else does too and have this need to have other peoples existence – it’s a simple case of not being angry at what they do only making sense of it and then you will find yourself asking them what they mean over every single gesture and find they are unable to explain. It’s like the story of collaborating with those who got around with celebrities at the Monarchy which is not an emotive issue i.e. racism is a curse at the Monarchy and we all know what kinds of ideologies got together to create such things in the end anyway, so they take it really seriously and some parents do get off to do the celebrity so their kids never get the chance but most inevitably always leave it at my door when finished as I am the best we have so far. For me however it eventually comes back down to tales of how most of what I do is embarrassing at international circles and that will never be clear as a meaning anyway – all I know is that I did set myself a few tasks and they were to operate between me and my Book sales chiefly of which was to breach the gap between female and male societies because I had a problem with my temper and men could not have sex unless it was made better with my public life and temperaments on account they are really big, so it’s not something I wish to dig up, all I can say is that they have wives at home and can chase girls at somebody else’s age for a change or bring it here to ruin and cherry pick my stuff again to test me and find out what I am going to do about it – it does not mean  if the cross the book sales I will not kick them again. In the end it turns out these are a matter of people marrying peoples daughters and having no respect for the parents whatsoever; but for me it has always been a matter of my sword being specifically designed for my hand to ensure people can screw around at a certain radius, not clear thus where they got to borrow it to slash, slash, slash their problems or what sort of insults those are anyway. I am not in any way the kind of guy that women control – there is  a way those who bandy such things walk around on the streets to ensure I am not abused and insulted by them for stepping out of my home, it is anyways a body language that hovers between being taught a lack of respect for other peoples finances lesson and a certain need to sleep around with men all the time but then again if I want to talk about it academically – the last time such things were brought up popular cultures and clubbing lifestyles vanished and I was accused of destroying peoples way of life, this time I have no idea if they have calculated the cost yet again because it always kicks off whenever it means I need to be gay so women might be powerful. So it is really annoying because I know I am a sexist i.e. do not feel very comfortable when I have something doing or saying and women get a look in but that said, it rather seems when it depends on me and somebody wants to screw around with it, their case starts with women. So in the end these celebrities and girls do very abusive things and those who curate it need to take note – there simply isn’t going to be any problems if they stop messing with my book sales; they said it was a problem they had with money now it is impossible to tell what they are after and on the contrary I don’t have problems with inequality, it’s just vandalism that makes me gasp because it seems I can only stop them by bleeding them and have not signed a Contract that says they can handle anything which belongs to me. I do not view the matter as a problem as such; there are series of tasks I set myself which work somewhere between me and my Book sales and one of them is this women thing; I mean people want to chase girls my age on my public life when they do have their own and nobody knows where being the kind of guy women control comes from anyway. I understand they say these things happen to those who actually have no respect for women over all but I wouldn’t know, all I know is the things I don’t care if they exist or not such as whether or not people are driving expensive cars when they have a government that enjoys setting out and opening up the best in the Country for the worst to have a pick at in order to count pennies until it becomes millions and drive expensive cars, so that after extremists had gained mobility with it and the expensive cars had played no small part, it is not the fact when you broker equities with those Industries they will find you out and seek respect from you to steal from that will annoy you as much as the fact a recession will happen and you will lose everything so a stupid women can spend time eyeing your bum to stick a dildo in all the time; so unless they want to tell me they are not a part of this game I don’t care if they have expensive things and they have to live with that fact and try not to trifle with my possessions or business as well. I hear they draft me in on media to solve problems and will not see it clashes with the fact my government security is based on surveillance – white insolent boys will draft me in for everything and cannot put their money where their mouth is, if they can tell me instead that I will not turn out for a fight if I can sit somewhere and pull peoples intestines instead which is exactly what their superiority does; so the one that got me thinking about it was migrant tide of course which only came after big fishing boats from Europe decimated livelihoods at the sea, killed some, took home the best to get rich and left the baby fish for the local people to make a living with – they are not drafting me in for anything and need to shut their trap; I mean there should be a society of foolish useless people and one of normal people and the two should not get around being mixed up – I have no wish to tolerate seeing them around my concerns black or white but especially whites, if I see that stupid society I will cut it up again and their communities will be free of me the day people stop getting good things from me by hurting me, the day people stop cleaning up the lives and reputation of evil people with my faith – they are not drafting anything in to solve problems yet. They like big names like inferior race whose business does not matter and can be handled if they wanted but I am not playing such games with their petty theft that we all know they turn on those who want to be like them to do racism with; I have warned them about the threats as it were; otherwise they are useless people seeking self worth and my Books are for sale – that has been made clear and obvious; so baby’s candy in my hand and baby must behave or lose it permanently ceases to be so amusing; the Books are for sale and I am sure that was always obvious. They do say when I talk like that I simply encourage these things but I have made myself clear too about the threats and what will become of them for my part; because of course we all  know the watermark is usually set out when Politicians mention that where I say what I say creates more problems than it solves them but before then were a lot more interested in throwing tax payer funds at any goon I have warned not to be found getting about telling tales of having done things with me in a conditions that meant they were my Boss at some point – it is usually because they are really stupid people and their idea of what an investment means is gathering some money and sorting out some really stupid and very destructive behaviour, then seeking out the personal lives of those who have things they don’t to express it on and sell things, so while I have to deal with that somebody throws tax payer money at them and the question they now have to answer is whether these are idiots or throwing tax payer funds at them is something that some people just love to do. So that when push comes to shove it is largely that old matter of getting protection from Politicians in order to tell me that I may have built an empire but it will be too much trouble and too humiliating for them to get back to the drawing board in order to recover from a recession and I personally always wonder where the idiots come from until politicians spend tax payer funds on them and tell me I create more problems as a function of where I say what I say than I solve the problems. So when I speak of it in such ways I get the feeling that my Empire is mine again but we are here to find out how long that feeling will last – I mean there are realities such as when Celebrities know I am Royalty but wish to hold my finances down somewhere and become superior to me which is a ride we are still on at this point for big business has always been a walk in the part to say the last of the bit that actually concerns them; now I am being told when I speak of anus and penis insults I should realise there are people who have no clue how to cope with such things while I give it away but we will find out, facts obvious books are for sale, if I am actually giving it away considering disobedience is tiresome as it were and as for the Celebrities, it seems the famous they get is the more problems they run into and they will be using my work to get out of it too and that we shall see as well – especially the bit where evil people will use their lives to clean up filth and mess in order to look presentable so as to try and get connected and or famous for their part too. I do get told I need to streamline my work and I really don’t; it’s good enough as it is – Middle and lower classes have their money and want to solve a problem they are paying to solve at The Royal Estate but there are a certain group that want to preserve themselves to a tune of millions of pounds at my expense; so that when we have companies at a certain area employing people whereby a community emerges and somebody is asked to turn up and sing some songs in a weddings organised in it, then we know that person is providing a celebrated service otherwise as for the rest it is not clear how they were planning to become more important than a Royal Prince anyway, so I am clearly going to destroy it for them too. They do in their defence say their behaviour is because I make them nervous but of course why do the Royals normally grab ordinary people and give them kisses; I mean it has no purpose for instance, so when they see peoples government operative they can inform such that being nervous of them will lead to a confrontation because they assume much about being important , so now they are not saying that anymore because they need to use my own life and work to make me nervous but even so despite the fact that doing it will lead to an outcome where I dig their culture and society and history again, there is no 24 hours yet at this point where an insult at me ceases to be found on National and International media as shot off from a Celebrity. So by the way I was Happy when the conditions emerged and it was them on one hand knowing their place and the Royals on the other being free of them while I was stuck in the middle but they have changed that again. Politicians have always been aware they were never going to be celebrities at the job but the Celebrities however when they gather in London and the Camera is everywhere and the pack mentality sets in that is when things will happen that will rip up my health and take me months to recover my person and image – so it isn’t true I am unable to compose myself, I don’t need to play up a bubble that exists between me and the prisons to confiscate peoples personal life so there has to be a way I get by which is part of me and there is no need to put up with the celebrities until it becomes a trend on account they have bad guys that can cut me in half.


It is never true all I do is poisonous; rather a case of how you take some couple of months to tell a goon on media that another person taking up my job and property being what is said to me in such intensely violent ways destroys my ability to communicate and that amount of time I need to reach them means it is pointless to stop it; so since I cannot tell them to keep off the industries because their involvement is a threat to my health and safety and well being there had to be a way to keep them out – i.e. I sell books and he sell products and I broker equities with him but what is their functions there? So it’s the same old story of Politicians wrecking finances to ensure I end up within their access, so they can use it to make popular music and popular culture no matter how much I do not want their disobedience to get it done, nothing to do with an inequality problem I may have. It is as though the reasons I do it are in doubt, so I have to reiterate it is because of a reality where I sell Books for a living and people sell products for a living but when I broker equities they get involved and their involvement with  Industry is a threat to my health and safety and well being, so since I cannot tell them to desist, I have to ensure the reasons they do it are always explained – when they complain business cannot exist anymore on my account jack the lad economy and spy ware at the secret services thereof we get to make progress. Now we hear more often than we really need to that time and again I get out of it then get back in for more but we all know that it is possible for human beings to listen to what you are saying to them when their politicians wreck your finances so they can have access to you which they normally would not have had  i.e. when I don’t want the popular culture done they are not supposed to have done it but otherwise happens due to their disobedience and all the various ideas it comes up with to replace respect for me; so it is not that I am unaware I am in charge here and they are not, it’s just the way it is going to play out that fans will only be happy when and if celebrities can no longer take advantage of my products and Politicians can no longer claim my public work or reputation as their own and what I say and do is not made into popular culture by an idiot who hears me say I don’t want it done but gets into a studio to do it anyway; for now it leads to that outcome where whatever I say changes nothing but that is because it seems I will only be allowed to sell my books when I deal with those that can have me beaten up – so it is still the same story – they are not supposed to do it when I don’t want it done yap, yap I get out of it then get back in for more. It never really matters what their reasons are chiefly of which is that I seek a conquest that is beyond me and they are not supposed to feel sorry for me which makes no sense whatsoever – the exact effect here is that of leaving my lecture room to get myself involved with a random goon walking around the streets smoking marijuana for friendship, only to stare down the barrel at the other end realising time is up and their world which is stupid has made them financially comfortable at my expense leaving me unemployed and my assumption I will pay my bills at the end behaving in such ways have not really come to fruition – so when I don’t want it done they are not supposed to do it especially the Politicians, I don’t care what their reasons are – we all know they only ever understand when their own is hurting too.

We hear all the time that I am an example of all that is wrong with the UK and it will never make sense since a group of people and their tiny tyranny at Politics and sociopaths aspiring to psychopathy with popular culture was never something wrong with the Country; now they have shown they have a need to tie me down somewhere until they had become important and I was not anymore which takes human rights abuses to a whole new level and I am going to ride it and see what the outcome will be as well. I mean a Monarchy exists so if I am selected and given an environment of my own to do as I please and complete an academic work to fulfil a government Office role in it, that makes me one of the things that is wrong with the Country and the insults therefore are unimaginable all of the time but I want to feel the role I have given everybody at the Royal Estate is a real one for my part as well otherwise the disparity will always need to be settled between me and them as to whom is the more successful statesman, idiots that got elected yesterday. It’s really difficult to imagine how I became an example of what is wrong with the UK. It’s never a crisis, only the society of make space for me in your life and your public engagements because I am too big and need to feel comfortable goons taking their stupidities too far and regularly turning up at Parliament all across the Country to gnash their teeth at me and seek how I fight for and defend myself to sharpen their stupidities with, while the popular culture ones that are ever so disobedient speak of how I am a feeble mind but complain all the time when I punish them for doing it whenever I want it done as it were. It’s not an issue as such, only the reality around our British need to tell others what to do as violently as we can from a distance while we complain about those who kick us when we groom them for it; cheap easy dictionary proficient insults we can never keep in the company of those who have told us they appreciate it, we share and get into trouble then cannot stop talking nonsense and I don’t know how I became what is wrong with the Country anyway.

They do speak of threats the UK faces overseas which do not exist since it is obvious that without their insults I would not be facing every scum in the Middle East and Africa that wants to pretend he is a Royal Prince fucking around all over the place but even so, it is their problem not that of the Nation and I would like it if they got off my Book sales and cleared my space; it is a well calculated plan to ensure they are out there working for their money, I am not blackmailed with the idea their society of stupidities can mix itself up with everything else that is going on in this Country where it really matters and of course they are in league with their Politicians paying off the deficit, when done then they can create me that economy they said they will that had a crisis in it which hit me hardest and at the end they will see that I will be selling books as a result and that there is nothing in the world that they will do about it; I would like it if they got off my Book sales and cleared the diplomacy space as well. When we are kids we behave like kids and when we are grownups we behave like grownups – why they expect me to hurry up and get things done lest bad things happen when I can always ensure it’s a matter of what happens and what doesn’t has not yet been explained. We hear it’s all heading down the wealth inequality line like it should but no such thing is actually happening, the handling my products and messing it up to get feelings that replace a process of enjoying it by buying their own and consuming it, even to a point of creating their version as well – it is an example of the reasons people like to hurt them as well and don’t ask when normal people get the idea for such behaviour from because I will not answer it too anyway, they are acting like they will not buy them products when I want them to. It’s the same old demagogues which are really stupid and make no sense to make me more comfortable the more important people I screw with and it is something they do to punish those who have ideas about why they should stop their wickedness – when they start to make out they can do and undo with me and will not buy the Books if I wanted them to then it is becoming something else too.