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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, March 30, 2013, In : Firm trading and Brokerage in the UK 


I am aware of talk of Politicians alienating Christian and how they say it has much to do with me which is utter nonsense; what has much to do with me is the question of how people like to threaten me because it makes them feel good and how on the other hand their corporations and their girls decide the way they want to live and make a living is attacking me in ways that means that I get to work for me and they get to have the privilege to taking it each time I do an...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, In : Firm Trading Premises and the Literary Empire Trust Politics 



Do I need things to be dragged out of me by the media before I can do them? of course not; it started from loving me and detaching me from the spirit of God in order to make me do my work with human beings and people so people can find some way to be relevant to God and be blessed by it too – now it has degenerated into a process of making me possessed by wrecking my finances, threatening me with homelessness and putting it in my belly an...

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Company Premises Hospitality | HH The Arch Prince's Royal Estate Hospitality ® | Company Holdings and Book Sales Customer based Hospitality The Popular culture, popularity and popular music, business and Political vandalism have come to a point where those who work them have found themselves a position where they can express what others make them feel when they protect their businesses and livelihoods; the outcome is that people do not see those things they do as a bad thing anymore and One is personally of the opinion that will not change unless he prevents a condition where his business is available to pay for it in one way or another from existing. It has even come to the point where they have enough lies, stories and publicity based on personal familiarity with them, all made up and claims that create the idea that the products of this company is not a product or something created for sale from a company created by a person who has friends and allies and is a person like everybody else. HH intends to retain full control of every thing; condition or situation that gives them incentives for these behaviours, those their cultures he intends to claim as personal and private property, not withstanding of which forcing them to peddle it for some years now is not hurting badly enough because of course they can only rebuild it, which will then show that they can for everybody as well and in this he will do so at a global scale and do the world a favour as well with that too. So the biggest idea is that the most out standing impediment to his work and career is the women he gets around with on media. Fascinating then One should suppose when the fact remains that all the older woman does is make you angry and there is therefore a lot that you can do with it. Its much the same with the old matter of how I don’t care if people want to be recruited to HH cause, of which there is not recruitment to be made unless One is being punished for things he did as a Christian, of which he really has no regrets and so the outcomes are clearly not hurting badly enough yet therefore. There are three issues to it, one of them is the cultural spirituality of HH The Arch Prince, which is entirely something the British establishment handles and the other is the older female journalists in The working Court of One's Royal Estate, whom they love to target all of the time and no body will understand if they are fighting them for his affections or fighting them because they will hurt him in the process or fighting them because they want to have homosexual sex with him. Then the final one is the younger female journalists’ ones that makes real sense of everything i.e. when One is in company of people his age and has nothing to be nervous about, things they do to make trouble out of nothing which shows signs of providing satisfaction for any narcissism or sadism based abuse and has no regard for those they call insolent names no matter who they are, as attacking the older female journalists does express their lack of respect for their bosses or indeed anybody else's boss. None of these three issues therefore tends to indicate or suggest that HH needs recruits. As for the part where he ignores friends in the US, it is best explained with the question of whether he is left or right wing i.e. He brokers intellectual property, sells packaged equities and is very sceptical about the value of the financial system and cannot possibly belong on the left; contrary to popular believes he does not like to get involved with people from a distance. If One therefore wanted recruits he would probably have set up a site to manage the logistics for that and if he actually has fans, he sell books for a living and there is no seeing any of those flying off the shelves recently on account of these who want to be recruited to a cause.





I am really not to be counted among those who think that Popularity and Popular culture vandalism have got anything to do with the way anything is or normally is or used to be. I already know for example that these is nothing about it that is not an evil thing that people should warn their children again. So the understanding they have with me is secrete hatred based very intrusively insolent discrimination that aid them to get rich with my earnings, divided into the three sectors of parents who make claims about their importance and are determined to ensure I get satisfaction from seeing any job completed because it is the route to insolent fathers setting in on the power that exist over all I do to gain money from my work with their insults and proposed stupid violence, their businesses that will do nothing else on a daily basis but extract an income from my income with any rubbish they refer to as products which is entirely typical of what deviance do to peoples earnings and savings, except that for me there is so much disrespect from them that they actually control mine or rather feel that they do as such because as they claim, they know where my books are and there are things they can do about me if they wanted hence I need to co-operate, while their stupid children that always endlessly have visions of what belongs to others belonging to them spend all their days on public television doing what deviance knows how to do with peoples livelihood as best as they can, alongside their gang idiot, football business idiots and football celebrity fools.


I mean, I am regularly accused of letting the lower classes get the better of me but it does not actually work in that way; what really happens is that they wake up everyday to plan out how they must manipulate me and no body who has to live with the idea of that sort of a state of affairs would fail to loose their temper for it. They never listen; with respect to matters that hurt you their ears are for other purposes and likewise matters that apply to their own benefit, they say I am not worthy to lead them but they are the ones making themsleves relevant to my job when I do not want them to be. For the lower classes, getting involved with them alongside other royal responsibilities in the royal village of the world is murderous and for the middle classes, they are the most filthy trouble makers imaginable that cannot live without mudslinging to get rich while saving their own jobs for money and the good life. The way it plays out of course is that mothers loose the battle to make their children better people on both fronts because not only have they got media but also once they had decided everything will operate through celebrity culture and that people like myself will be said to have liked them, then they have so decided which of course is infuriating beyond measure and when they are seen playing it off on the fame and fortune arena it is unbearable too. I do not like them in anyway; all they do with their time these days is pillage my income but it is still the case that they are not given Power, Wealth and Privilege at culture which makes them famous, they avoid culture and history to get fame and have recently changed to have their lives like royalty because of their confidence in their drugs and crimes and violence which is well noted too especially the fame idiots who cannot get off my Television singing rubbish to abuse me and singing my intellectual property for a living - most remarkably it should be noted is the fact they appear to have gotten used to it and need to be reminded to get out and get lost and find ways to telling stories about how Politics is the way to get things done to absolutely anybody because they have respect for nothing in their stupid lives, as early as they possibly can (the foolish men and women who support it in royal circles and the insults especially what appears on media and social media of their stupid children combined with access to my state provided security will soon see one more of their violence over absolutely every move I make mean I get to show them what their insolent stuff looked like in the first place).



 Of course it is said that I am one of those who sand to be shamed the most when women become Bishops but I do not think it is that much of an issue, I mean I know what the rules are and will not go against the ordinances, it is not my decision to make for others if or not they go against ordinances, they can always make their own ordinances up as well if they wanted, that is not for me to decide either, so I am at a loss as to where it came from that I will die basically so to speak if women were to have become Bishops. The fact of it is that it does not make it any less insulting when they are using the Church to do it; they feel like they always want to discuss my private parts, they feel like they always want to discuss whether or not I am homosexual, they feel like they always want to attack me violently and need men that will work with them to make it happen and above all make out my physical appearance is such that they feel they want to fuck me with a dildo, which then develops into charity work based on making sure they had chosen somebody that is at least the one person that is made to suffer like poor and unfortunate people suffer in the world, just to create a little bit of right into so many wrongs and that I am that person, so for these things thereof any fool that has media makes it available to them to do it with as well but of course we all know that it never going to happen anyway with that big mouth and we all know that big mouth carries on like that endlessly until there is a genocide which I suppose is how they mean I will die when they become female bishops. These things happen all the time i.e. he was okay and then he got involved with a certain women and then everything went done hill and they have messed up his business for him as well; in my case I don’t have to, I am simply so inferior the Politicians will impose it on me, which does not make it any less insulting when they are talking about Church either; what happens then is that they claim I get around with women and bring these things on myself which of course the reality is that I don’t i.e. the men need to save their stupid insults as well: they said I need to live in fear of them and that this fear was possible on account I had the means to work for important things that I do not have the strength to look after and so now with the help of their media and politics more so, my important things are everywhere and the second conundrum for them is in play i.e. how they will take it and how they will grab it, and if they have got the fucking guts to do as well.

 They can do all the Bishop stuff they want, Female or not, it does not concern me but doing it for me is looking for even more trouble - the Church does not make it any less insulting and when I want Bishop stuff I will get it from those who do it the correct way. Time ran way out for discussing that nonsense about Women being more concerned about what happens in male society in order to make themselves into Church leaders and yet when the devil and his evil works on men he does differently from the way he works on women - for of course if I were to mention all these female Bishops nonsense is the work of the Devil, they will say that is me dishing a punch below the belt, like we all know they make excuses about the evils that male bishops get away with, which I am well aware is something male Bishops do in order to set an appointed day for the scandal in their lives since at such a stage whether they operate for the devil or not, the prime target of the devil will have become the Church and not them as the leaders of it, hence it would not matter what scandals they suffered.

In a Personal way it will remain the same old issue for me i.e. the greed where people need money all the time and I am not a fan but they will not find their level; so I have a business and they use the income for me, I have assets and they push it into productivity and turn up to build their money madness nonsense around it so they can attack me regularly for behaving in ways that have resulted in losses for them, when I have food they eat it for me and I have a life they live it for me and I have a woman they sleep with it for me and turn out to make so much noise in public about how I do or am doing is a function of doing their own for them as well so they can continue, which will never change a thing.

They do know how to bring it out of you pretending they have no idea what they are doing too, especially for the Black ones and when done they do not wish to be the only category of black people to exist in this world because it would expose them to racism and when racists have a problem they will be targeted. 

It is never actually true I am any half as concerned when the issues comes up about British democratic hypocrisy and how it interferes with the business of the US which is the real deal – its like the problem we have at home in the UK about energy supply companies and various other public service ones – when you want your energy supply to be on call 100% all the time because those who are behind it are capable, what they want to talk about is how money isn’t everything and you need to part with it and tell you there is nothing you can do if they buy an Aston Martin at premium for example and all the Politicians ever do about it rather than get rid of such systems and get new ones if they are interested in doing their own stuff as well, is regulating it and introducing competition that will be carried out by another like group of idiots on the left. In terms of the Americans the huge issue is that of them doing things and saying things I used to do and say when I was about 16 and had very little facts at my disposal to lace what I knew was correct and as I grew up and gathered these facts realised how to temper my activities but the trouble with the American fools is that they add wickedness to the fact they are stupid and the downside is therefore the fact they are always trying to be somebody else and trying to eliminate the person, so we end up in a condition where they are always trying to be something and are always chasing something and are never there because the owner needs to be first before they can be as well and then money will become everything in their view. Next we hear a lot of the time becomes then things the bloody clowns will beat up with that big mouth and the first consequence of these kinds of insults was a section of my career dedicated to a process where every relation I have with somebody in business terms is tempered with a sense of how bad they are and how good I want to be comparatively and this they cannot get out of to this day alongside their black idiots with incredible and insolent intolerance about how other people make them feel which has obvious grown to a point of intrusion into other peoples affairs and depends on people tolerating them for them to feel like they would want and hence that big mouth we put up with all the time, especially from the social ones. It is the same old story where I will do them again as it were since this matter is largely a function of my actions being geared in a direction that avoids creating the sense that in handling them I have taken up American government systems and run it for the owners and those who are elected to because being elected is a little more promiscuous than not being so; this has led to the believe that I cannot show them their weaknesses by handling them to a point where they think they want to galvanise the size of their Country against me like they always want to, so that the result might become questions of whether they are democratic or communist countries which is one of those instances which explain why the British were able to colonise them in the past. To this they always say that the Germans were the ones the Americans had to rescue the British from all together but will never talk about German contribution being that of the realisation that the only way to beat the British was a mechanised and technological war which meant we got from horses and cavalry where you fire off a weapon to decide something on the basis of what you were saying, to simple machines guns and killing a process of killing some people over there, they know that mentioning this will lead to result where that process of winding me up to steal my style of fighting in order to deploy it and beat me will not longer be operable and this is what annoys me the most because this is not how things will play out when any fight kicks off at all and means therefore that people can only prove what they are saying through a war and so when I mention something about killing them if they touch me they think it is some bluff and I really do wish they see that I mean it.

The other part of this story of course is largely a matter of western governments being antagonised by me and of course there is no such things as the reality is more about men i.e. taking up peoples work and using it without their permission is stealing but what they do after that is wreck it because they want to have sex or are having sex with my girl friends – this is what is happening not an antagonism of western government and Barrack Obama is running a Government that thinks big deadly gangs of America is a good thing which I do not see as a disposition you adopt to avoid a complain on account of me while you do these things. The rest is a matter that is similar to the old issue of me encouraging young people to get online and live their lives there whereas everybody knows what people put online makes them leaders in a system that others decide to be a part of by consent and that they are out to ensure the good guys that people want to be with get no following whatsoever because they want to be peoples personal Gods and that is why beating up as well with that big mouth will easily be followed by killing on my part too because they cannot leave people alone; always something owned which one cannot protect as a result it should be seen and it is either civil rights idiots have the prerogative of television idiots or popular culture idiots – I mean my chest is tight and I cannot breathe every single day because I am being surrounded like an animal so it is no disposition by which to complain – those who look for trouble always find it.   


The story of threats I face is only a viable one when people speak of it in the right place, as in this occasion where it is more to do with homosexuals and clubbers and alternative lifestyle civil rights goons, their Politicians can always convince you are they are not a threat of course but the results always speak for themselves and when you narrow it down to the basics you are left with their mothers with scarves on and a real insatiable need to get out of their homes and find certain men they get pleasure insulting and hurling abuses at talking nonsense about how revolution for them in simply what living is all about, so that when I write my books I give them another major preoccupation as a result with a big mouth only to have them set up their stupid children to sing my royal property and public work for a living in order to talk rubbish about threats while we are dealing with the part where they are doing my stuff already which nobody understands, I mean we understand the part where it is about scheming through everything I do and extracting the financially beneficial bits to make fame and fortune in order to afford lifestyle and drugs at the very most to look tough and talk rubbish about threats but at the end of the day it is hard to imagine what they mean doing my stuff besides that and what it is they suppose they can do or are complaining about then as it were. These fools can do these things 24/7 without rest and suffer no consequences in their view as a result, threats are just talk of course a follow on of what they think they are notorious for when they have access to peoples Public office, chiefly of which is an ability to make them kill people just to make their offices financial viable so they can do their jobs without looking like objects of abuses and ridicule as a result of those they lead being superior; so the threats I face bit is all a wish – a wish they all wish. I mean what are they after anyway; doing my stuff – pricks; when finished we hear their socialist scum here in the UK talk rubbish about the general pretence there isn’t something wrong with their fucking values which needs to be resolved; their values they say, the mention of it provokes you uncontrollably.

I do not think that the matter of being attacked by Politicians and Journalists is a major crisis – I mean for example the Duke of Cambridge is older than I am and yet must wait for his Grand Mother and his Father to take up the rein of leadership and is doing very well, so we get by in this Country all the time and there are examples at the very top. In terms of Politicians there is talk of me being beaten of which I cannot make out how except I consider the issue of deploying public funds to wreck my finances and getting involved with my evil mum to find excuses which mean they are preventing me from taking up reins of leadership in the family thereby providing them an ally that does not like the Monarchy at an important spot where I can be controlled. In terms of journalists, I am not the only person in this Country that wants to take out their teeth and see what it looks like so to speak because you can simply think you have a matter to handle and are off to your concerns but will never explain why it is the worst day of your life yet again unless you piece together the intrusive manner in which that male journalists attacked you until you reacted but could not to do anything about it and then start to find out the reasons was that so he can mock you all day long on account he did not get the news report he wanted and needed somebody to take his problems out on, to that effect has been finding ways of getting himself into trouble with black people and using that as a yardstick so when you do anything about it he can mock you and continue further by doing racism for you as well and it can also happen because he has been having a bad day or because somebody burst his bubble and he wants to be able to feel his confidence again so he can ask people of facts around their lives to make a living with as a journalist and then you at such a stage really feel as though you want to have a conversation with them first before you show your face in public and decide you want to find out what their problem is. As for black people however, it is the half priest government operative story that they fail to understand, so they turn up from west Africa with bottom dances and twerking to get involved with every single one of your concerns mess up your public work and office and sit down somewhere with a sense memory of where you penis and anus is to prevent you from going anywhere because they dont want you to go anywhere without them which again in their case will end very well too. Hence all together these are the three main platforms on which I want to sell my books and get the company working which is why I mentioned an example of HRH The Duke getting by as normal hence it is never clear why people always seem to assume that they are such bullies they are supposed to constitute a problem for others absolutely every single time. In the end what happens is that these fools have determined that customer service to sell their popular culture when we already have a problem with their immoral way of life making profits using my public work that are set out in service of Church and State is that of being able to make me angry and make me happy at will and to show me there is nothing I can do about them with their money and it is on this basis I want to make my book sales out of them as well.

The more serious aspect of this issue concerns the question of whether or not I can delegate some of these things but that is not a question at all; I mean we are talking about Politicians and Media fighting the cause of Bankers that do not want certain legislations against casino banking and this is not the first time I have been targeted over it by idiots talking nonsense of how I handle their history and culture to provoke them with that stupid media either, it’s just the point at which I have had enough. A regulation or as may apply a legislation of which is never ever made without due process of which due process exists to ensure its primary purpose is to serve those who pay to have it made i.e. the immediate public, so that the only way a bank regulation would be a bad thing would have been if it is detrimental to the government itself but that is not what is happening as what is happening is a group of bankers that dont want it and a group of journalists and Politicians that attack certain people they want to hurt because of that in order to gain their favour and share their spoils every time they make millions in bonuses etc; so it really calls for a resolving of the matter of how I get my name off the benefit system and get them off my book sales in order to wake up every day to take up a fight with journalists and Politicians to help them put their money where their mouth is but delegating it would be recognising such realities as the fact that these idiots always tend to target gypsy women and girls and circular society women and girls each time they start their stupidities first and I cannot delegate anything to those as we all know of what it would mean as well. The story of the legislations being detrimental to government of which they would like to pick up right away, which is the same old issue with two tentacles and one of those saying something about wealth inequality while the other says something about Politicians being bullies. In terms of wealth inequality of which it is largely a matter of the early days when it all started and the smaller Politicians would benefit greatly says the bigger ones if that stupid idea of yours ended up somewhere in politics instead of trying to build an iPod to make yourself a business man and then you end up deploying the angry side of your creative abilities to extricate wealth inequality complains from them as well, the other part about Politicians being bullies having more to do with those who refused to hand over a personality that they wanted them to give up being faced by idiots that always want to travel the world and make friends so they can dominate others being hard at it making sure others cannot go anywhere because they are being prevented from dominating as well when they are being dominated about which I will confiscate that stupid Political personal lives of theirs again which is where we know they always win as it were.

Apart from all these we all know the state of affairs at present letting things run the way they should with Industries getting on and people being allowed to get on and government providing means and process for both, means that these fools have built up at atmosphere around me which is concerned with a memory of where my penis and anus is for their community idiots who have strange relationships with money to take advantage of and I am advising them with that stupid media and that stupid Politics making noise about parts of Industry they will own to abandon it and do so very soon indeed or I will detach them from it my way as well and we are not talking about those years of big mouth nonsense about handling my book sales and when I have an opinion I get hit and if I want to respond get hit twice and then I will in that way realise where I stand, culminating in a lot of noise making about how I think I can but their women can take care of me any day that they are still reeling from as we speak. This is what I meant when I mentioned it earlier, not a process of Political scum along with media fools fighting the causes of banking idiots who want somebody to pick on in order to reverse the effect of a regulation designed to get rid of their gambling with people’s money looking for trouble; as I mentioned earlier it can always escalate with a process where I get my name off the benefit system and detach them from my book sales so I can make time to make them put their money where their mouth is: in terms of which the story is always that I continue to show a lack of understanding for the fact that my activities provoke evil people, when the reality is rather that I have always know that my activities provoke evil people but what we must sort out is a case of being hounded by them like that to a point where I am pushed into such a corner as each and every one of my activities can result in physical contact that is about punishment and that especially concerns my books, so I intend to show them it is a matter of my service to God and their service to the Devil and physical contact will be punished - I dont do Gods work for him with my own hands and neither should do they the devils own for him as well, they have however still have not found out what the story of how they are the ones that need human rights when I am the one having my personality explored really means but I am sure they understand they need to keep off my Public Normalcy and keep of The Queen's Peace and put their money where their Mouth is. Specifically speaking of the Politicians of which it is still an old case of the notion when they are angry they can handle and be pragmatic with their anger and of course they can from a distance only as it were and as for my books being downloaded however, those who do it speak of corporate America coming to their aid at some stage but of course we all know I am content with the fact the Books were published electronically and I await the time I will be bothered by seeing them download the market Print copies which is the format in which it is being hold, as equally as I am with the fact the only result of their insults will continue to remain a case of popular culture millions and nothing else but of course we all know they want a reaction and I will collect their own as well and lean on it to make millions and corporate America will become a tool in that and they will not fear or stay away from the Company until it harms them permanently and irreversibly: so Politicians complaining of a lack of power is absolute rubbish - they have lots of power with communities creates by sales goons and full of idiots with friends all over the world who exist to dominate others and make sure others are not making friends so they do not get to dominate as well - hence their pragmatism and need to touch and handle whenever angry only works from a distance as it were.


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