I understand the fact Politicians expect me to be accountable to them for how I run my literary empire; I find it impossible to understand how you work for a business until it becomes a global force and an empire and people expect you to be accountable to them after years of a savagely insolent and consistent behaviour of coming up with ideology contraptions which ensure the money ends up elsewhere – I mean what do they want and what am I supposed to be accountable to them for exactly? I am on my own and have no business with them except the fulfilment of my own office which will soon become a weapon provided these behaviours continue. I am only accountable to those who buy my books considering that they are the ones that are actually paying for the job and not any National mistress supporting idiots who think it is important that people have extract money from my property and act in a way which affects my finances from a distance, then expect co-operation and not revenge for it because they have excuses which suggests they liked me so much that they could not resist doing it, when we have never seen their jeopardise their families to fight against extremism and other ills for example; even now of which all we have done is pay them to bring economic trouble makers to heel and if they had not created their own problems for us they will not as much as discuss it and of which we all know they are so stupid they will never get it done and do not need to find out first before we realise that. So in the end I intend to find out with all that talk of how my actions affect adversely our British American relations if those who buy my books that I will have to be accountable to will not consist of American citizens as well. It is much the same with the financial services of course, specifically with respect to the trouble makers in it – years before now I was spotted at the city centre doing things that terrify trouble makers out of their stupid cars that has become a meaning for other people’s lives, which caused them to find gangs they can attach themselves to along the prognosis that I could not do such things unless I was linked to a very powerful person and hence their new found yardstick for getting connected as violently as they always do with a big mouth, that I will clear out soon as well and that was to be precise 2001 and so since then I have lived this life feeling I am being watched but when I turn around they all start hide and seek and was soon to find out there was trouble brewing and by 2004 became prepared for the recession that I knew was coming because of what I found out, however the main issues have always been to provide people with security but today the reality of how I must work for and with these idiots is that of the fact they are now the ones deploying my equities and securities and so they have taken no note of what I think must have happened to the personal lives of those I brokered it with, that it should have become public property in that way as well, so they can make an economic crisis as bad as they wish with a big mouth as well – so what they expect is a condition where I let them keep my property and then we work together in a condition where they are superior and each time I think about it, it makes me feel as though my chest is about to explode as well. Manifesting in public therefore the expressions of their vanities because of their size and how they can handle what belongs to absolutely anybody with it, until it reaches the point of an attrition that will never be pacified as it were, considering that stupid media and their access to social media as well. So of course there is talk of how this is all richer economies playing their global wealth inequality games again – however all very well said, the fact remains that what developing economy means for small businesses in the UK for example is absolute hell and of course I have one of those too and we all know they can avoid the wealth inequality stories if those sort of things are not happening because that is all I know is going on here, if the result of my actions are to mean global wealth inequality, I have not got a clue why they continue doing it anyway. Of course I am aware most of my actions are mainly a function of things said which are provocative and therefore a matter of relative ways I feel which I can avoid if I wanted to but that is not the issue, the issue is Politicians who do it have a real lack of respect for me and my Office and I need to teach them a lesson they will never forget and it is the worst imaginable feeling of insecurity to have your office vandalised in that way and more so on a daily basis while their idiots make smash hit music to get rich and famous with your income out of it. The Pop stars themselves of whose actions are very well recognised too; these days they want to be famous and I am happy to deal with racial extremism that emerges from a process where Politicians wreck my finances to help them sing me for a living as it were but they will never be famous as people are famous with good reputation not pretending to be fans of other peoples work and passing it off as their own even when people know it is not which is called pimping. I have already seen to it that the culture is famous so any arrangement with their bullies and a certain recording studio will be useless, still they roar on and so we must continue from there as well until it stops. This brings us to the issue of how people hear me talk and feel I have become so democratic I am weak, whereas it is easy to set off a society where they are likely to be murdered at random on grounds they have a culture that another person wants to get rid of and then maybe I will become a fabled evil thing that is educated to the highest level, socialised to the highest peak, well connected and kills people, until then they can shoot off the big mouth too and all I can say is that they need to stay away from my income especially for the blacks. It is said of course that all I have said is entirely useless and a process of going around in circles, in which case I should set out what is really means is the parameters I intend to follow if the media and the politics and the society is not kept away from my income in another 3 weeks from now. I mean its the old story of being so democratic that I am weak anyway, the reality being that society is stupid and its not just a matter of finding how what makes me, me and collecting it as trophy which means they want to hurt me all the time which politicians take away my income to aid because I did not let them use me to make their career and then plan to make their career doing so anyway with a big mouth - society is stupid but the question behind it is always that first you cannot exist without them and then of course that if you do not want them then somebody else can have it - these idiots especially the blacks indicate they are the stupid society that are so clever they want to kill me and like to do that their thing all of the time too thinking they are the greatest force of financial squander ever. All I am saying is that they need to shut it down and soon otherwise I will deploy my methods as well - shut down that Politics and media and society around me and of course I know they speak of sexual privileges but that is because they think they can cleanse anybody of any faith if they want with that big mouth and the fact I do the things I have done to them because society does not have to be that stupid if it inconveniences me, besides which their women think they can have sex with anybody and discipline anybody in order to help their boys that ensure some men cannot protect anything they own to do their retarded violence. As for the story of my sexual habits on the other hand, the reality will stay as it is i.e. they bend me over by persecuting a Christian to the point where Politicians, some homosexual ask them if they do because I am an evil person and then planning to extract morals of democracy and justice from my life when finished, hence I have become intolerant of some sexual things, cannot stop monitoring the pornographic Industry and the fact the media used it when information was not yet out, to couple me and female journalists to create environment to do riches and fame with which I want destroyed by them or I will my way over my books - hence we see where the story lead on when I chase them around the world and bend them up the other way as well everywhere they go since getting up on media to make up what people think of what I have done to them was never enough hence provoking me and torturing me violently everyday with a big mouth. As for the thing about black women; I will not tolerate them at the corridors of International Communities and they can continue to discipline what they like too and see where it goes and the books and the finances behind them will be the water shed as well, so that when you tell violent thieving and greedy idiots it hurts they will listen and this is how it will be done - they will listen and get rid of it or I will get rid of it and teach them lessons they will never forget in the process of doing so. The part where they speak of my antagonism against the Prince of Wales is very well understood, he knows he has created a National stage squander for me in the form of the Prince's trust and it had better behaved or the owners shut it down or I will - I mean he has with his own hands stooped low enough to wreck my finances several times to help them with their nefarious activities over my books, so I have no idea what the complains are about anyway - every fool on account of it wants to be famous and so because of that much like the Politicians I can spend all night working on a project but within Hours the process of peddling my personality as though I am the only thing that works from home and writes books has already paid off and people have got money to pimp it somewhere and get rich and famous, pretending I am supposed to tolerate a process where they create communities of people they know that means they can use my property to sell products to those people to get rich at any time and therefore take everything as such if they want, which is why this idea of people buy their products and buy my books as the books are just books is not good enough anymore. I mean it is not news that he specifically married his ex-mistress on a prognosis of castrating my right to have a family because I am the Christian who offers encouragement that means things cannot change to suit his needs at the Monarchy, my antagonism is nothing new, its been 12 years of Him over my earnings because I will be controllable when I have no money when nothing I do is actually any of his business or has anything to do with him, hence from day one entirely manufactured, like that foolishness his people do over how their route to wealth will be that I see their cars and cloths etc and fancy it and so they will keep having a go at me until I crack and like it due to the fact I have none, everyday and yet knowing I am a Christian and that it is a sin to do so and hence are aware of the understanding it can stop because they listen when I tell them it hurts me or it can stop when I make them. I want it all shut down; the advertisement and the media and the Politics and the society over my books or I will shut it down my way; stories told of what I cannot do is well understood but all I have to worry about is how people who do not have what I have end up in a One bed room council flat while I have it all and end up in a single rented room that is supported by the Government; I want all of it, media and advertisements and Politics and society and everything else over my books shut down, I have the right to determine that, to determine what happens to my work and my property. I mean if we go back to the issue of the enemies I make as such, the reality is that a Process where a man as wealthy as the Prince of Wales would locate some Christian on the streets at random to settle up on as the guy who must be kept from having a family while he marries he ex-mistress has no reason, no purpose and no provocation, its just harmful and nothing more and it is the same with the rest of them who think their fame and fortune will be built on the things they have which I like because I have not got them, so that when I work for it all night, they have already gotten money from somewhere to pimp it and get rich, hence my antagonism so called, is something HRH is perfectly aware of and nothing like they say I invent it from nowhere and it is much the same with the Politicians. Where it starts is hardly fathomable; I mean it started from what would happen if I became the Christian that was unable to carry out the will of God as a result of what they read from the Bible and has since entered squandering my finances and personal property to keep it going and it still has no reason or provocation on my part attached to it and then we hear them speak of what happens to those who get around with upper classes when they are not and it makes me so angry; I mean how did a man as wealthy as The Prince of Wales work out how to peddle another persons personality to make riches and fame, he is the one with personality that can be peddled? It is however I must mention not the reason people are able to peddle my personality, the reason is the things I think I could have done differently i.e. I have been unemployed for sometime and it does appear I have become even more busy with a job plan drawn out for me as well when I could have done it all that time differently to increase my chances of getting work but it gets worse still because they then move down that direction to distract me from a job and control me with a lack of finances for their please i.e. things men do when they feel they are about to get into a world where they have a community for power and the worlds most insolent women do when they think you are supposed to tolerate their insults which I will not allow at International communities when and if it winds me up there as well etc. As for the issue of being the Christian that cannot do the will of God because the state has been deployed to ensure I cannot in order that people might make smash hits out of me; the truth is that football people and all these their idiots hate my guts so much and the reason for it is that you cannot lead the English unless you do from behind with a spike up their bottom which is what I have done - for it is easy to wake up one day and realise there are people at your door to flush your life down the toilet either because they are women and want to do things with your life or they have seen what you have and must have it and need to tie off lose ends when they do, they speak of an inability to fathom where I get these things and yet on many occasions have people deployed government office since it is impossible for them to do it by themselves, to wreck my finances to help the idiots that do these things; fans are always nice and no body takes my property without asking onto taking my income because if he does ask it will make him inferior with a big mouth - this is not a problem for me, you know when you make sense of when I say I will do them again as it were.


I can it is fair to say, see myself chasing up the monies that were spent on quantitative easing in the UK because it was all panic buying which they created from the Banking sector and the more alarming fact as well is that I have not even seen signs that the money is being deployed by them after they got hold of it and made it their own, in the mainstream global economy and what this suggests is a big violent problem looming, in terms of crime or even worse. Hence I do agree to some extent with the UK Chancellor’s economic policies; the reality of it being of course that there will be no agreement on the idea that austerity should apply to consumers because they are keeping more and more and more of their money for a rainy day, which is stifling the economy – I mean I don’t see any politicians buying my books if the economy of the world depended on it for example, instead they will set off economic crime as though we do not yet have enough problems by getting information out of the books for their purposes in search for vanity and the trappings of power and lots of insolent privilege, so I am a typical example for others to learn from and I do not expect them to jeopardise their funds when they are likely to be worse off than I am as well. The lines over Consumers is that I want to use them and their financial strength whatever is left of it from the games Politicians and media play with peoples income, to do my own stuff and anybody who thinks of austerity should come down and see what our version of the economy is first before they kick off. For the Banks however which is the main point of the games that Conservatives and Liberals wish to play, the reality is that we paid too much for quantitative easing and people should not be surprised I might be interested in chasing up the balance, for the construction industry which is the pain point of the Labour Party Balderdash like every other socialist contraption in Europe, the reality is that if more money is thrown at it the problem will get worse and homes will become more and more expensive because it has become a world where people are making up their own stuff and no economy is happening there and hence the reasons I do not see why the government should not make up its own stuff as well instead of talking about consumer austerity or putting up suggestions of it to claw power from my work which of course is the same old insolence towards me and anything I do for a living and a lack of respect for my finances that will see me handle their own in ways that will make gangs and criminals and murderers want them and their stupid money as well soon enough. By my standards the Industry ought to be broken up and reconstituted (broken up and facts settled on the operations of each bit and an economy constituted for it, along with regulations made at Government to sustain the economics in it and thereby eliminate inflation - as I always say, inflation is a condition where there is no economy at all and so I do not see any reason the government should not be making its own stuff up as well) and if I were responsible for that, reconstituted my way as it were i.e. there is no economy in there, so people are making up their own stuff, which means that if the cost of stock has gone up by 20%, since the trend everywhere is economic recovery the prices consumers pay must go up by 40% and we cannot continue to live like that or buy homes and property at that rate – more over which the main reason it happens so, that some people think economy is about the money stock in the world and how some of it ends up in your pocket is more so that they are more able bodied and those that are not are meant to like children do all the work, concerning which young people never listen with that stupid popular culture and fame and fortune nonsense of a support and acts of vandalism they perpetrate in support of them all the time and on a daily basis and they will never listen too in my view until it becomes something else and of course I can see this process of cashing into the fool they have made of themselves on the global stage run out of financial benefits and then attacking them directly will become the main course of action as well. The construction industry is in dire need of this kind of action because anything that is done about it will simply result in a process where the big trouble makers pocket the money and the smaller ones that have no choice but stay on the right path go down for them and of course we all know these are the ones that are creating the jobs because of the really tight link they have between their profit margins and market operations and hence they have to get things done and have to get people employed. I mean majority of businesses and Industries in the UK are honest as it were speaking of inflation and the need to lash the consumers with austerity but the small number that are keen on causing a lot of trouble for everybody are very determined in deed; this is what the chancellor needs to understand and all his party idiots that talk rubbish in my direction as well – these lines will not move and I need the consumers and their money to do my own thing and it is concerned with the economy as well, all budgeted for, of which in retrospect it is in his interest that we work to recover financially as well. As I have mentioned before, any normal person would be terrified of the idea somebody may want to confiscate those their insolent customer service which has been built on using people and their property to get rich, then preserving their own for exclusivity and deploy it to pay for any damages done to his property but not for them, they like to think there is something called Mafia History they can tap into and become strange things and I do not believe in free Country idea, have always lived in the assumption that this much was clear about me - I mean they hate people like me because we cannot keep our faith to ourselves without trying to work out how others need to be good and then get really touchy about it, today they are handling my finances because of the vanities and arrogance that their size affords them. So there is always that talk of people and power and how all the things they do to me hinges on it. The truth and reality however is a very different story, which is that we live in a Country where idiots really like to test me by giving me options, usually the one where my option is to rip to pieces everything that stands as a structure which enabled them to make my living a misery, while their options is to keep me penniless because it is only then that I can be controlled by them, as loved in equal measure by the current heir to the throne who patronises their services which is good for him anyway and this happen of course because they are incredibly stupid and I want them to stay well away from me and all effects of me - personal, private, public, career etc and tell my evil mother it is what I want as well so it does not blow up and blow up in their faces too. I mean there is no reason we would not be having a power or empowerment problem when there is an Heir to the Throne that gets involved with book printers to confiscate copies of my books to do his reign later on with, since when I hand what I own to my friends in trust for security they need and set off to work for money, the result of idiots and their plans to get rich existing includes Politicians that cannot show any human being that there is connection between their Political offices and perhaps 20 individuals who voted them into it having a good family life and a good job and a good income and more so without confiscating the prototype of another persons book and doing shit stuff during general elections to keep it and use it to build themselves up with and no body will ever work out what kind of Politics that is supposed to have been anyway. Their girls have these stories they tell put into overdrive which says something about how Monarchy has time limit placed on it and Politics is eternal and that is why they want to keep me cash strapped and take my livelihood over an excuse of serving the People better with it to make money with.So the question comes through all the time as to whether I am of the opinion that republicanism should not be tolerated and the reality is therefore in the affirmative since rebellion is the same thing as witchcraft and yes they say I say such things because we Christians are mad and people do not necessarily believe in either God or the Devil but now they need to look at the facts as well - I mean the world is a more desperate place but there are things that some girls would not dare to do in school which they feel they can do to me in the real world and it has something to do with what I work for and own and their need to subdue me and subject me and abuse me and then the Miscellaneous comes in as per me they hate because I would rather sit in Church and do nothing until somebody comes around to kill me than I would agree to pick up arms and form a gang and protect a girl, so that idiots can see the Church as a shield against the wickedness of the world and become bent on killing every holy person in it to help them get rich and therefore cannot get off my television or my book sales while their politicians and foolish men think these two things exist for them to have a means of talking through to me for the purpose of their insults with that are intended to be lucrative as well, as though I am stupid and cannot make fans nice as it were when I want; in fact they are convinced that their purpose in life is to be the ones that love my books more than anybody else and therefore get to ensure that nobody gets to buy a copy because they are making use of it and the earnings and markets to fulfil their dreams and it is for this I will give them the competition they normally like as well. I mean there is the person to person relationship question of how there is no God and there is no Devil we assume but what kind of human beings these are anyway and how I let it grow so big in the first place but oh I did not really, they got co-operation from my parents and deployed government property that was their own to ensure it did as it were looking for some of my own endlessly which they will definitely get too, especially for the Politicians who cannot leave me alone as it were, if there is no God and there is no Devil it seems to get worse and worse never the less and there is the larger question what people have to do to themselves and their thought process to feel that on account they want to do a thing, they must use the Country to do it, I mean they have devised a new Politics based on how my birth mother needs to adopt a child while they have access to prototypes of my books and yet speak of tolerating republicanism at the same time - so it applies as in serve the devil and destroy yourself and then use the life of others to make up for it because it is in your nature and you are trying to create a new country, which is just an excused provocative wickedness that will not find its level and hence I expect them to heed my warnings unless they know they have something I really need to be afraid of so I can do their own as well. Apart from the social and Political view of republicanism of which is the other matter of the need to have my personal views so that people can understand what I think about it as personally but I have been clear what I think about it personally endlessly when I mention they need to leave me alone; the reality of course is that it is all about securing my property for themselves when I do not even know them and have never met them, just like the issue with the Prince of Wales I have never seen before but handle his Inheritance and therefore his idiots all over my Company as such and to do so without asking, not asking of which is really crucial because when they do ask they will become followers and followers never become leaders at a later date and it is therefore very important to achieve that at a post which is concerned with media and then from there it will build up and the outcome is supposed to be a war, of which the army on their side will have been my army - hence half my army fights the other half - hence when I say they need to stay off the books as it will most certainly be their undoing; I am going to kill them over it - we are not mates apparently that they should cross my affairs everyday over the vanity of their useless business idiots who are convinced this is how to make a living and my actions are not hurting badly enough as well; when they wish to buy music CDs next time I am certain they will sing their own instead as it were. The Politicians on the other hand are very well understood, besides what I mentioned above about a Politician's Career as it were, there is still the issue of clinging to my book sales to fulfil their dreams; so I always say they need the co-operation of one or bother parents of others in order to use people to make their careers and can come and get mine as well if they feel they have got the balls for it: the books and their desire to jump on my earnings and get on my television to talk through to me will most certainly be the watershed; I am not the dunce they make out I am for their purposes, the reality is that they want to wickedness use me to do things and I will not stand any of it from the men or the women and I want them to shut it all down at the advertisement and the Media and the society and the Politics, they have decided they do not wish to do so on grounds they want to coax me into violence which I will never do as this is the point at which I am winning and will kick their arse as well and of course they had better be sure they will win at the violence too since that government property seems to have become theirs as it were; foolish retarded bastards looking for people to get self improvement from as violently as possible with a big mouth - I know what makes them tick and it is a process of being able to do violent discrimination against a certain beautiful me and they will never have it and can come and get some of mine as well if they want. I am aware of things said about how this Company is a con mans business where I feel I need to collect money from people selling them books (apparently another persons concern as it were) and then deploy the money to secure my footing with companies I have brokered equities with by buying shares with them - reality being rather that the Equities are already with the Companies which idiots can claim if they want so there can be hell since they are insolent enough to try and determine what happens to another persons purse to a point where they can claim equities brokered with a company; it is no bad thing to inform those who buy the books that this is what the Company does and what I use my earnings when they buy my books to do.