Now there is talk of how there is regular expectation from Politicians to get me to say something about the economy; I for my part have no idea exactly what they expect me to say as such; everybody knows that the problem the economy has is the Politicians i.e. one half of them are preserving the frontiers of the Country for their own personal ends and are keen not to hurt the feelings of their friends, while the other regularly travel off to poorer countries to spend tax payer funds making their own friends and promising them economic equality, none of which can be made to happen if wages in the UK is not affected, since we all know that wages at the end of the day are tied to the price of a currency i.e. if  loaf of bread costs £1 in the UK and a pound buys $1.5, if the loaf of bread moves from the U.K. to the U.S. and all factors are taken into account which got it there, the loaf itself should cost an American no more than $1.5. Those that are preserving the Nation’s economic frontiers for their own ends say they are expected to fight for U.K. economic frontiers while I mess it up and take all the glory but nobody ever asked them to fight for it since the history and the Interests of the Nation and its property equities were always obvious to the entire world, while the others that say they want to create economic equality between the U.K. and developing economies have not worked out the maths over how it affects wages in the U.K. think I should be so concerned about it to a point where it is important for me to be exasperated regularly into saying things I am trying to keep to myself, which is why it is so incredibly annoying when they know they play their stupid games like so with the wages of the people of the Nation and then turn out to expect to exasperate me into saying something that they can then deploy to boost their career; I mean they even find it funny and I do not think it is a subject that is quite to hilarious for my part anyway and more so from this position. The reality is that the only thing that moves me out of my thing with royals is the need to get my books sold, everything else I do are things I want to do as there isn’t a clown on this planet more so that can make me do anything like the believe they can presently and for these insults I will certainly do them again. I mean if it was so important to them that I be seen raising my voice on the streets over some cause, why then did they get involved with me insolently and wreck the finances with their stupidities? It is twice the abuse and twice the anger when they feel it is funny as well each time they exasperate me in such ways and I am going to do them again for it. If there are any secrets I am keeping it should be known, it is the part where I share a skin colour with certain black girls and that means that part of my life belongs to them on grounds their brothers are idiots and their parents have a sex based violence problem with me; they think they have boundless enthusiasm and there are people here that have that too as it were. The millions I have lost at my Literary Empire which loss began from my personality is a typical example of why the black man is always begging the white man for money and it has got nothing to do with Politics but the simple fact that they are evil; I mean it started from their hatred of my faith that gets in their eyes and since we have been talking about everything else for 12 years every day except that and the fact they express it by having a problem with my income. Working against the interests of the black race is what they say I do and I suppose they do not know me anyway, not really.


We hear this talk all the time especially from protesters of how I never let people grow and know what they need to know and make mistakes etc because I know everything; the truth on the other hand is that this is not true, what I like to do instead is tell them all about the consequences of their actions when they are about to receive them because I think it will cause the consequences to hurt so many times more whenever I do. The reasons of course being that people protest over government Policy and government policy is what they themselves had voted for in the first place and yet the Police must put their lives on the line and get caught in the middle but because that is not enough my income must be sacrificed to create the right energy and atmosphere and they look for trouble like so every single day with every fibre of their being as it were and make noise about how peoples very existence provokes them. So specifically in my case what remains at the heart of my actions is how they are better than I am and when asked if they have got their own government office to work from anyway which then puts them in my league first of all and then makes them better than me, they start the destruction and the process of what makes them better than me being invented. So it’s things like that which cause me to do the things I do to them and their politicians whose case works as per when we say in the case of stopping them from conducting their insolent self discovery, that the cost and damages will be too much; what happens is that they damage cushions people have in their lives first before they carry out their experimentation in order to cause maximum suffering and so I have to do my own as well where they are forced to accept the opinions of those who know how it will turn out at the other end when they are finished before hand, which works all the time and means they themselves are also caught between a rock and a hard case and need to get off my books. They speak of civil rights and it makes me laugh of course; civil rights where people have not attended church at any point in their lives, civil rights where those who have a religion, preach none violence and do charity work and stand the risk for it of having all they own and have worked for taken from them over an ideology and argument are bad people – what do sexually corrupt and morally twisted goons know about civil rights anyway? What needs to happen is that they need to provide leadership for people with jobs and then when they have to worry about whether or not those people lose their jobs for being involved with the cause, realise how much I want leadership to wait for me and what exactly their cause is meant for, otherwise the rather easy option where people must have jobs first before they get involved with their cause is the acceptable route because it is the only way that they can have their own autonomy and be free of civil rights if they wanted to. As I have mentioned before, when people mention civil rights the original prognosis is that they are evil and the reasons they get away with it is that most people do not know just how evil and cannot describe it and therefore largely get involved as a matter of curiosity and then it continues to get support and works in-house treachery to exist from there. The reality is that as a statesman your career is tied to the idea that the man who follows you must have a job because you have to provide leadership to ensure children grow up in the right environment i.e. basic stuff like proper sleeping patterns and proper eating patterns etc, so the big question becomes what civil rights idiots really mean and or are all about and of course I really need a lecture on it like they throw at me on public media every day to provoke me into saying something that will calm their foolish minds and have it interpreted as freebies from my book sales to stifle my income and talk nonsense about freedom. The talk about the education system exists within the same par; the Labour party remains its biggest problem and I totally welcome the changes that are being made to it since we can see it is impossible to stop the Labour Party and protect the system as it stands which of course is perfectly okay. I mean you walk into a Law classroom to be lectured about how wrong the British Legal system is by a teacher who expects you to stands in front of a Judge to represent somebody and that is just the start because in the end it seems they have some agreement with students they do not wish to harm with such stupidities and therefore turned out to push you out of your academic work because the world was never enough for them. So it is fair to say they do need to teach the subject as nobody wants to know for the most part; I paid for that time and besides which mostly you may want to back out and prepare before you return but because you have started the academic work having been you turned out in University to look like a catalyst for change by being lazy, everything about your career has been blown out into the open and so you continue to think you need a bit more effort to make the grades while they continue to intensify their efforts to push you out and grab the career and so you end up in huge debt and a lost academic qualification as well at the same time and back at job seekers allowance for support while looking for work. Then it gets worse because they get qualified but are not good enough and this is the prognosis of social change from the classroom. I do not think it is a serious matter but if the habit of calling me a dunce continues bearing in mind they have not given me back my money yet and student loans are cheap enough for them to play their foolish games with, it will blow up in their faces very soon enough since what I have done yet is not hurting badly enough. I mean every goon who has a black skin and is an ambassador to the UK automatically wants to play around with my earnings along with his extended family, so does every black count from a British Isles want to assume that because he is a narcissist and a sadist and his stupid children and mistresses with him, permission has been granted and access given to do whatever they like with my body as it were, so yes it really helps when it is assumed that lecturers determine what the student contents of Universities are before they teach the bloody subject that we are paying for; I do not think that I need to take it to heart either the issues are broken up for their information the bringing about social change with time I paid for which by the way comes cheap in the class room that first of all, if populous idiots do not keep their rubbish and insults among their populous selves including the racism and the problems and the discrimination, they will eventually begin to deal with really serious and very difficult social matters very soon indeed and the other is that they believe the idea of waking up and getting out of bed to get involved in a business meeting with somebody does not exist for me as a person and this is the world we will live in and when I attend Universities they will teach the fucking subjects as I do not want to know or it will develop into its own attrition as well.


Year date 13/6/2013 the Portrait of HM at my public work defaced by a Father’s for Justice fanatic; It leads therefore straight back to the issue of how your finances can never breathe a sigh of relief even on social media because Men have girls and you can never breathe normally because the girls like to see you overwhelmed on account it makes them money – getting better at the fact they have media and their media have a privilege whereby they get involved with criminals to report stories without having to be criminals themselves and cannot desist from linking my finances to these criminals every single day; reason being of course that it helps to ensure that when they make advertisements it has the right effect on me and brings in the crowd and the cash. Now the women have power and they have got these things and I do not know where my Portrait got into the mix but having been it has been attacked, it is fair to assume this is a declaration of war. It is issues like this that really set the trend for the access and irresponsibility with my finances that men, their idiots and their International organisation and media enables them to and it is way far from over like they suppose that it is; because I still cannot work out why anybody would believe exasperating others on an International stage is fun especially when it makes them money to do so and make out it is some sort of insolent competition as well; so they can continue to do the violence and problems as well while I continue to hold down the bad people, it is a state of affairs that will continue for a very long time indeed; after all in the grand scheme of things, lower classes have always been saints.