I am aware of talk of Politicians alienating Christian and how they say it has much to do with me which is utter nonsense; what has much to do with me is the question of how people like to threaten me because it makes them feel good and how on the other hand their corporations and their girls decide the way they want to live and make a living is attacking me in ways that means that I get to work for me and they get to have the privilege to taking it each time I do and then the problem is the middle of coward bullies on media who have a problem with my right to a dignified existence all together which is where the issue of Christian marginalisation comes into play. I am saying that I am aware that letting popular culture make a certain level of wealth at my expense when I should have had in place a campaign to stop them from day one especially the old idiots and their insults and lack of respect for my leadership which carries on over a period of time and means it has become something they get used to and will never change due to damages to my finances, creates a problem which means people can never stop attacking me violently because it makes them feel good on account they have got that money already and can make excuses about it to add to it as well but if I did that, what I would have sacrificed would have been clear understanding in society that when they get into their tall buildings or whatever to hurt people, they will not remain in it forever and when they come out they are to compensate the victims, all the way to the issue of the question of what I have done to deserve their attacks which itself is never enough to make sense to the number of them that do it just for setting eyes on me but the most popular reason is that of the Christain that is available for people to hurt each time they do not feel good in order to get a reaction that will make them feel good, each time it happens on that stupid media and of course that old matter of expecting consequences to come through from their behaviour at some stage it is the victims that will be held responsible, typical example being  their corruptions of involvement on my affairs and personal life and the idea that I the way I suck the attention from everything leads to attacks, the attacks of which is still the old problem of problems for the Christian that has none hence what makes him look like he does which should be me, it in fact began from waiting to gain access to my personal details at the civil service and  even now while they complain of Christians getting into people’s heads, they do not want to give that up either, they pretend my business at the civil service is their own and shall continue to be. So I need to ensure that instead of making sure they do not make any fame and fortune money, the way to go will be an understanding in society that each time they hurt people they come out of their big buildings and compensate them so that when they are fed up with that they will leave people alone and exist by themselves for a change, of which personally I am still on course to making a living by wrecking their lives and finances like I have always threatened to walk into their companies and stock markets and make a scene and a mess which they like to think is a bluff and so I can leave these things lying around as well in case there is somebody out there that wants to beat them up seriously for it too. The main issues started off as something rather simple i.e. that kind of Christian and the kind of connection I has with God is not allowed in their society with a big mouth and while they complain about Christians messing with people this is the question of course, that it has not stopped and there are people out there that are unable to pray or read the Bible anymore, so that when you ask what you have done to deserve it each time it happens its that big ageist mouth and plans to be rich and privileged in return and how you live with it or put up with it and how it is culture and continues until you decide revenge will follow as well. The part about how Church people are corrupt and I never allow anything to be done about it is just the part that shows how much they never wish to leave people alone and be by themselves because we all know that the mode of existence for them is find out if I have a life they want to peddle to get rich and then wreck my finances and get me stuck somewhere, so they can get on media to insist and get steadily violent about it too, all the way to female bishops which has nothing to do with them as such, only an opportunity for another Politics that will hand my income to them which is pleasurable and I don’t mind anyway, only making my points clear about where it will lead as well, which is wrecking their lives and finances for a living. These behaviour happens all the time and happens so often it has become a perversion.


We hear the speak of my lack of regard for women who have absolutely no respect for me and whom I have absolutely no respect for as well; I mean can a grown up human being really be so insolent with impunity actually; this is the question but I have warned before they cannot take me on even if they stood together as a Nation in their stupid lives for once and of course if I got around asking such questions of who they think they are I would not be having any fun myself. The bottom line on this matter of some secret behind my work which people share with me and will build their lives on to feel good about themselves and their bodies and their laziness and decadence is that of the fact I am a virgin and proud of it, so when people speak of how I talk about the insults with impunity which affects my book sales it does not affect anything in my view – the idiots need to get out and stay out. This idea they have control over whether or not I distribute my books or that it will take much longer to is utter rubbish, it never happens unless I allow it to, like the old stuff about their girls building their lives around me to feel good and so on; why do people want to do that is the question and the answer is that they are lazy decadent, civil rights scum, so of course you say nothing about it for the most part and even when they wind you up remember International law says human rights also includes not humiliating people, so you ignore it, until they decide a basic form of existence is finding work and violence to oppress you with and use you to get things done for themselves which is where you decide to do that and roll back their civil rights. The only part of their activities which affects me in any way is with buying my books which is a process of buy one copy and share around the world like they are saddled with distributing my work for me these days and I have checked their stupid fathers have not got a footing on Intellectual property attrition and very perfectly away it will go all haywire when I get out here – so for now I have made it clear I will soon be making a living by wrecking their lives and it does not appear to them it is a good disposition to start leaving me alone and staying away from my affairs, especially when I had made it public too, my hate for their activities which instead leads to songs being made about my personality and the intellectual property of my company because they cannot leave people alone as it were.

The part about being troubled by royal quarters is not a major issue either; I always tend to work alone and fight alone and do everything alone around her , no body creating a court with me as such but once I had used female journalists who are actually lower classes to do it, despite the problems I have to get around for that matter as a result, then it becomes their major preoccupation, like a stupid about an awesome bitch or something endlessly and its same old story they have no respect for anything or anybody and will have fear instead. I mean this countr is full of duchesses while I have to patch up all the time and they speak of anal sex with me because they are the kind of women that do it with men and once tried will see me fucking kill them as well for my part for good measure. Do I think women should not be having anal sex with men? Of course not, some men just do not understand the idea somebody might like another person and money might not have been a factor, so if women have anal sex with them in return for a relationship and money in it, I do not see anything wrong with that for my part either, most of the time from what I am aware of which they bring it on themselves when you think your spouse is likely to be the last point of treachery but he turns out to be, especially on relationships of shame you have with those who have no respect for your office desk or career on grounds they want things and want to be rich; in my case that person is my mother and it seems to be their biggest asset in life too for good measure as if they live here or this was their own lives  – however from what we know the main point is always that some men cannot understand the idea that somebody may like another person and get into a relationship with them and that money may not have been a factor, so it’s all stuff people do in a relationship; where they will say I have said it all and know it all of course but I do know their foolish women and stupid girls have access to my state provided security and if they were as clever as they think they are might want to get them off it too. I mean they ask what the nature of this lack of respect for women thing is which is rather ridiculous when everybody knows it’s about things like the Christian that is homeless and men they would like to hurt to feel powerful and so on, so now they do not want heart break and sense of nervousness and lack of confidence and insecurity and all my condition entails is that they get off my book sales, not doing so might make it violent as well, since I am completely fed up at this stage with their big mouth wagging all the time. The great story of a difficult thing I have to deal with does not apply; my conditions are simple; get off my book sales and there will be no problem whether or not the perception I to constantly need to say something that is a secret and important information about me or my work is financially viable. Its the same old issue of the part that never gets mentioned about the activities of media idiots and popular culture fools, concerning which they always have their excuses which means they are dependent on those activities so that if you do not want it they will mock you with those excuses and do it anyway; that it is all about incredible laziness, the problem with that being that the rest of us can be lazy too, except that when we feel like we really do not want to get off the bed and get down to it today, we either think it is up to us to decide what to do about that when we take sick leaves for example or we simply just plod on - in their case, whatever they decide to do must end with a process where somebody else is responsible for where the ill feelings are meant to be and so when I say they need to leave me alone or will my way, since it is the reason I get attacked because I am a Christian and my Christianity therefore offered my person to them for it is the biggest problem we are talking about here. I tolerate it of course and people complain about that but it is the bigger price I seek, I mean if they are so lazy then why surround me with violence and accusations and financial problems as well, why link every process where they cannot stay off cultural evils that plague them as well when they do, with me and more so all the time to extract privileges as well, why find out the ones at home will not wrap me up and therefore the need to get more from overseas? They always claim it to mean their means to power and control with a big mouth and we are therefore far off, very far indeed from seeing the end of it.