Now I have not been enslaved like peoples stupid girls like to make out to secure decadence at my expense which is their own version of things they do damage to me to make money with; it is what Politicians in the UK do with public funds i.e. whenever they feel as though they want to use my personality to do their careers then they do not even spend their own funds so they are not predisposed to the problem, they spend public funds to wreck my finances and hold me down in joblessness until I react to social evils around me such as the witch next door which the starting point in my case was my own stupid mother. So it has lasted for 12 years and happens every day for that matter as well which has set out its own set of cultural behaviour that I will apply on each and every body that has been involved with it. I do not think it is a complicated issue, what usually happens is that when you have been through it all and come to a point where you think the hole you crawl into at the end of the day is your home, never mind black people and forcing me to fight racism without a job as my community parents I deal with severely as well all the time and will die before I do as it were so we can see how far their big mouth goes, the Politicians will start to think about power over it because they simply do not want you to feel comfortable and then of course this means a prognosis that some foreigners want to rule white people in their own country as such and thereby social isolation but then they worry that will lead to self betterment and enterprising and hence act on that too; for me at the end they know that I can control how long it lasts provided I have a living wage and that is why the entire purpose of their stupid parliament these days along with media is to ensure that I don’t and for it they will certainly find out how I intend to get the living wage as well. I do not believe it to be a huge fight either – I mean last I checked I walked around their city like I am superior to them and need to be cut down to size, which creates that feeling of absolute desperation over being insulted and for it I acquired all that stupid fame and now whatever they do is a matter of opinion from which they get money which is what it was all about and if they wind me up I will rip it up for them too, no body owns my property. In the end it is a simple case of how some people think other people’s problems should be a famous eventuality while they are not bothered with any slightest of discomforts with a big mouth and so they create the problems for you and hang around you to be affected by it to create that publicity for it then make noise about acting on you because that problem affected them and spread it around the world and so I want my personality and property to be restored to the way they found it or they feel mine as well. I am not of the opinion this is the end of the matter either; they are still doing it i.e. graduates that do not get through the system unless they wrecked my academic work to do so along with their teachers that cannot possibly teach the bloody subject without bringing about social change in the class room, especially when I attend, so I had to wait for those at the jobs market and take care of whatever their problem is but now we have four to five year old children being raised to attend school only when they are better than me and it is obvious it is something I will regret when I have to condemn the lives of children that young. 


Of course it is suggested that the way I work jeopardises my chances and position and there is no such thing in actual fact; the reality is that you never get around with the lower classes because all they care about is some disposable cash and a means by which they can use it to bend the lives of others into a condition where its totality exists to serve them and hence not something you will like as a Government operative and you must realise that you do what you do and take sides with no body as firmly as you see fit. I mean I have mentioned before that especially the plebs never solve their problems because they have a progressive social policy that Politicians work for them as well which involves wrecking people’s lives with problems and then forcing such people into places where they will try to recover and move on, so they can extract what they do to do so and deploy it for their own ends and the purposes of getting rich; the reasons is largely that they want the U.K. to be an evil country due to the fact that they have enough money to go to other poorer places in the world to get treated as Kings and Queens and so they are really not as poor as they seem to the rest of us in actual fact. Now of course there is also that talk of my insults towards the Prince of Wales which makes these happen but I would never know what that means anyway; reality check is that the Heir to the throne gets around with popular culture people and as long as that continues I will not be responsible for my actions, as everybody knows they cannot exist without attacking me and each time they do will call upon him like he was their mate but most of all is the fact they will never be able to get the same relations we are able to secure with communists, especially the Americans, so you endure that ostentatious nonsense they do on media and names they give themselves which creates the idea they are royalty of some kind while they abuse us for a living and it’s never beyond a time limit of 15 minutes anyway, except of course it becomes a real asset when it turns out they are very good friends of the Heir to the British Throne, of which they always say I get it wrong and that he hates them but getting around with them has exactly the same effect anyway. The reality of course is what Middle rank security officers across the board do in their work and mostly it may involve being embroiled with some famous singer who wants to play around with my property as it were and so they usually do with conditions attached and we have that little pop culture war going on when and if the UK idiots on the other hand who are fans of such a singer have ideas about it, which are all entirely things that the Highest Authority in the land or those that are preparing for such a position should completely avoid and stay well away from – where of course they will site how the Queen does get involved with them when they are not the sovereign and then tell me I will get into trouble over my opinions which makes no sense because I have set out my parameters to spend what I need to spend on the Authorities and their work and where my office is and what I stand for and how I operate and have set out books on which I earn a living as well and it is never clear which ones the Heir to the Throne has a problem with anyway; the office, the books, myself? Bearing in mind he has on several occasions expressed how he wants me to be poor until he is king so that my stuff can be collected and used to do his stuff for him – I will not get into any trouble, it’s just that those who mention such things have a big mouth; This is mine and all of it mine and none others, which I have to deal with problems such as these kinds of nonsense because black idiots especially my foolish parents want to be able to be unquestionable and untouchable over what they do with it which really has no chances of happening in reality and can continue to get fantasised for as long as it may do so. Here they say these things were well set out before I came along to change them but the reality of course is that after all these years the effect my actions and activities have on the royal family is still a surprise not an unwelcome surprise as such but still a surprise to some people and it is incredibly annoying hence when the above question of which aspects of my office and royal property and what is personal property the Heir to the Throne has a problem with and how it means I will get into trouble any time soon is put into context. This does not in any way mean I am scared of my black ancestors because somewhere in Africa I would have no chance whatsoever of being Royalty; as I have always maintained, being angry at idiots like those is a good thing because one is being angry at evil and for those of them in the UK especially those who were in the past dragged into service for the UK security system, racism would never have happened if they were not so stupid and rather did act differently – they are not worth my precious and expensive attention in anyway, hence they are content with provoking me to get them by alternative means that causes damage to my income thanks to Politicians; politicians who now want me to talk about the G8 when in actual fact they know that where I stand is the simple fact that if £1 buys 130 rupees the government of India will have pumped enough money into the economy to ensure that if bread costs one pound in the UK after all the items that got it to India are dealt with it will cost no more than 130 rupees because of course they are a government who are learned people as it were, like some mystery that needs to be explained. So idiots always have their ideas about wealth distribution because they are trying to ruin the rest of us, they know that if in the circumstances one pound was made to buy less rupees things will be cheaper in India and would not be competitive hence hammering Jobs in the UK and then they will have carried out humanitarian activities of populous idiots as usual. I do not have a problem with these issues necessarily; the reality is that if you ask any tyrant from a poor country what he thinks about his currency he will likely as they always do because they are stupid, tell you it was better binned and they were better off trading in Pounds or Dollars, so the Labour socialist collection mad idiots is supposed to have been the UK subordinates of such tyrants. Not surprising of course in anyway and it is the insults I endure from them that causes me to hurt them so much as well. In the end it boils down to the need to stem losses at the company around this particular group of activities invented by men and their ideas about how things should be done; I mentioned they should on no occasion act for no reason to change the atmosphere or feel of any equity or business of the company which was never taken seriously because they want me to assess their lines i.e. the stereotypical frenchie guy and the kind of girl that frenchie guy likes whom if I fancy will cost me everything, the Germany guy much the same and the American guy and the Spanish guy much the same and so on, hence I always think they are playing games with me since I am the one with an entire globally stretched media based working Court that they have always wanted to have sex with all the time and will certainly not cost them the world all together anyway. They did hear me and yes it was an ultimatum. We all know these things are created by Politicians who deploy the state as a means of bringing into people’s lives things that a person would have happen to them if they for example knew they were regular church goers but one day decided to see what is around the corner by getting into lap dancing club to find out what cocaine and Heroin looks and feels and tastes like etc and what they get is entirely deserved as well for it.


Now I know it is said I have no respect or appreciation for what HRH the Prince of Wales is doing for me but it is all based on wrong information that is not getting to his office from my own aides which is something that happens when he is attacking me and so on. The reality as I said is that such things as the fact Popular culture goons may make videos with themselves showing big cars and expensive homes and names that suggest they are royalty while abusing us to make more money but they will never be able to acquire the same relations we have with communists are actually more important than a process where I might be protected from black idiots in sun shades who must make money in this life and have an eye for real estate business. Those always tend to make out I will have a real problem if I lived in Africa and hence HRH does it to show I am more of a problem in the sense that if he does not then he will lose a grip of the common wealth. The reality of course is that I will have no such problems in Africa and such things only tends to remind people of why apartheid took place i.e. you may give them the benefit of doubt in the sense that it was about white man culture and the white man’s idea that there is a link between hurting people and getting rich but again they are just as evil and as their activity shows it is no longer in their view between white and black south Africans but black South Africans against me with a big mouth; problem of course is that not only are idiots like these convinced that they have assumed so much of populous identity and told so many tall tales to the general public but that they have also done my thing so many times that it is impossible for me to prevail as my word against theirs which then makes them untouchable but the reality as I have mentioned before is that there is no chances of being sick with an organ disease like their insolent powers largely suggest but of course that being angry with them is actually a good thing because you are angry at evil, both white and black alike. They would say I have played into the hands of the Labour Party on saying such things but the hands of the Labour party is really a completely different story all together i.e. the only thing that is democratic about the UK is an ability to get jobs out of the Labour Party one way or another and they know that too hence you should always bear that in mind in case they wreck it for you. I mean I have never before suggested to anybody let alone any fact suggest and more so even when the Labour party is most informed above all other parties about where my parental ancestry comes from, that my parents come from or live in South Africa but it is where the Labour Party has continued to attend a process of bringing my parents to the UK to tell me what I can do what myself and what I should not do with myself to suit their purposes. You wonder where they go to get work place envy freaks all the time and then the drop it on your lap like that i.e. Ghana and South Africa are main hot spots; yet when they return, the idiots will then set about getting rid of Royal mail summer vacancies for students, getting rid of flexible working and making sure employers employ less people but more permanent staff and that every little job requires a pension plan, this will then have meant they have unemployed and angry people who will be ready to blame violently anybody that they want a blame culture to be played out on and it is an example of some of the things Politicians do that cause me to wait for them to build it up to the final point where they tell me everybody is racist and I should stop being deluded, so I can make them do it while I hold down the bad guys for them as well. I believe I have set out the matter clearly when I mentioned it is all split up and we have the European ones and the African ones and the Asian ones and the American ones but it is the American ones that you enjoy watching when they have sex and put it on video the most because they are the best of the lot – prostitutes who have the final say over your finances supported by hunch men, doing very well so far over my case as well, so idiots can spend money on them because they have got it and I will take away from those whatever it is that makes them a pain too, much the same with when I made it clear that the continued process where they barge into my affairs to explain to me especially via media how their problems have affected them and how I should spend on it which Mr Obama in the US does above all else among them will never stop being punished around here and it is much the same with when I mentioned something about tax evasion about which they are now doing very well all together, since nobody seems to notice what it means when idiots spend all their time taking care of things the government does for them, like welfare state that keeps control of poor people and so on; so that when they attack me because they have jobs and I attack them because they ought to get down to it and pay the bloody taxes the Politicians get off and give them anything they want and later have a problem with tax evasion, just to show them the way things are with the lower classes. Of course they always say the Labour party serves a purpose and it does not serve any because it is the only means by which Mr Investment sector banker knows what you stay up at night to do with your career and then thinks that if he deploys it from where he is, it will not harm you, so that if it eventually does he takes steps to finish you off and ensure you are not a threat, they are also the only ones, not the Liberal democrats or the Conservatives but Labour who has control of your parents and cannot keep their insults in their own families between them and their stupid children that will tell you what to do with yourself to suit their purposes, set out to pitch you against the same trouble makers who must have by such a time had all the money, so they can have Political careers, by the way of which it should be noted too that there is too much sexual impropriety around  and that for them being successful is entirely experimental, aimed at allowing them access to areas of life where they can turn tables and secure Policy revenge against those or any Policy that may have been made at any point in time to their detriment. So I know that it is impossible to find jobs unless it is extracted from them – I mean people do not wake up on their 18th birthday to work out how they intend to live away from home and nobody can tell me the Liberal democrats or the Conservatives are responsible for their finances lying in tatters at 25; I mean the Conservatives do play Politics with it which really winds you up but they never do it in actual fact. It brings us to the claim that I cannot prevail when I attack them and like the welfare state at the same time but I can; I am at present pushing for the welfare state to have its economy protected by the Government i.e. I get some money from the government because I am an unemployed parent and the people I buy my things from know me etc, however that particular aspect of the economy that exists for people in my income bracket has been replaced by the Labour Party that is scared of losing its power grip with a big black financial hole, through deprivation and structural reorganisation of the employment market and civil service; these are the reforms I am pushing for, to have this part of economy restored and idiots about how we are a country that faces its own back shut up one way or another and austerity at Welfare ended, so that we can make the Labour Party fight for its own upkeep; they are really not that poor.


Of course I am aware they say Labour stands for social fairness and not necessarily equality but fairness is clearly when parents do not have to deal with a three point fight over their finances and over Politicians and over the upbringing of their children; that is a fairness that even they enjoyed when society was not yet so advanced on civil rights and everybody else deserves as well – they need to fight for their own and leave me alone as they are not that poor. By the way of which I have not been manipulated into anything; reality is simple, that if I want to get involved with Prostitutes from my office that is what I have chosen to do etc, etc, and when people think I am not tough enough or seem vulnerable they can come round and get some like they normally do and need to stay off my book sales and income, so that does not blow up because it certainly will. It is the same kind of problem with have to deal with when they have their international economic meetings like the G8 which they do not seem to be able to conduct without taking international the threat they issued at me some time ago about how I will never get a job and I will never sell my books and nobody will employ me because of what I said which got them into the trouble they are in today since I had from that time decided to take up the economic crisis and run it for them the way it is supposed to be done and hence my book sales is what I get from that; they say I blow my top therefore all the time and it is embarrassing but of course we are still waiting for Politicians, especially the ones in Europe who took over tax payer funds on grounds businesses could not be trusted so that they can later use it to create employment for people, the money needs to be spent one way or another and I do not understand what they would have a problem with the idea I think that, doing what they said they took it over with is precisely the only thing they should do with it anyway. I mean there are two paths to follow to deal with the economic issues and one of them was the jobs route, which if they followed would have seen the other route which is the big multinational companies route come through, they followed the big multinational companies route to deal with the crisis of course and have since created limited jobs that are spread all over the world and will take longer to come through at the jobs market all together – so it is little vicious things like that which show they care about nobody; hence for me in order to be an authority when I say I have worked with a certain 25 Auto companies or maybe household electronics companies and this is our progress report and that is our debrief, it is not in my interest to let them do such things as they are doing at present with public funds. So they need to do their own and leave me alone to do mine and if I blow my top it is my top and should embarrass no body; not continue to have those International economic meetings where they assume there are things here that they want to confiscate to run the global economy with: they are dreaming. After all it was their idea to divide it all up into people who like things to be done the Politics way who will then get money and people who like things to be done any other miscellaneous way who will get nothing and so the rest of us had to fight for money for our people and those who have charities use their charities and those who have Trust systems like me use their Trust Systems. Now the idea I still have the problem of female journalists I try to get around with who are beyond my league is very well understood; after all it started off from claims I steal their style because I speak well and have since developed into a desire to cleanse me of an ability to speak well at least as a perception with media while making sure I am stuck with civil rights and anybody can do what they like with my finances - it is not new story about what happens when you let stupid ego filled idiots like those feel they can do anything they like with your finances and hence just them playing their cards to the fullest. However if at this stage and at this point in time my business is still a plaything for foolish ego mad female journalists, then it is fair to say they are one of kind some hell of a collection of bitches - since I have also made it clear that there is too much sexual impropriety going on around here which should indicate that being a Royal Prince that is of a black Race and has to deal with Baronesses and Diplomats and Counts that are black and generally largely think of themselves and perverts and can do whatever they like with anybody which should have explained to them why they have to deal with so much racism because of me when they get out of their white societies and turn up here to bother me - hence I generally do not expect certain women in the circumstances of who I really am and what I really am like to turn out to get involved with me and work with me on media and more so everyday as it were: Two issues standing out i.e. getting into trouble with Americans and the Question of whether the U.K. Government has done enough to consolidate its responsibility over its International work - for the former of which the issue is that American women like to believe in a right to play the woman that is too big for you and you therefore get into trouble with and she has got your property in her control and you will never get it back, which as I said I watch them have sex and put it on video because they are the best of the lot and therefore it is important they note before they push the issues beyond its boundaries that I have a problem with what I need to do to make Americans listen when I say I do not want my faith peddled and they have decided it is what the market and even the global market wants, hence its is rather the simple twin issues of 'do not serve me a peddled faith and get off my book sales' there is no need to talk so much nonsense bearing in mind they have already started off provocation of showing me I am light weight in that they can peddle my faith anyway but after they have a problem with it and get after my finances instead and wreck that to make me powerless, concerning which they are talking such nonsense at present because they have recently found their way out of a fog of fear I had created over my books, even though there are some who still complain the Books beat them up; the latter one is that it is not about U.K. Government necessarily but about me and the fact everybody knows that what people are doing in South America and the U.S. and Europe and Asia is braving with me over Popular culture and the need to fight them and claim and make public show of what belongs to me, hence it is the one and only thing I have not yet finished as it were, which is why popular culture idiots and stupid popular culture feel that they can do as they like - so the idea that you have no choice but support them while they get rich and famous and call you names on media which prevents you from getting a job or running a business continues and what they are trying to do now is find their way into Government; for both matters the stand point is simply that Money is not God alright but they will get some of mine anyway.