Now they want to talk about how I like to pretend I can take on the Media when I actually cannot but I have not been fighting the Media, I have been tolerating the Media and simply cannot understand how I have brought myself to do it for 14 years and counting anyway. These are a collection of people who started a fight with me on account that something needed to open about my heart so that evil spirits can take positions in it far back in 2002 and has since continued in that way, only that they have now given up on the idea my heart will ever open up for demons and are now after my tummy, hurting it of which it seems brings them results all the time because it is pain. So they know as well as I do that they are possessed with demons and like to boast about the eastern parts of the world where they acquired those demons and so on, they believe in God far more that religious people do because they are on the other side serving the devil but work ever so hard to ensure what everybody wants to do is hound down religion and religious people and kill off the whole thing – the result being this story they tell of how I am losing the fight anyway with terrorism being created by them as a function of my royal position while I was unable to do anything about it, when we all know what happens on the other hand is that terrorists start to get involved with the religion specifically in order to kill them, so this argument is usually a lost cause – they soon revert to the one about humanitarian crisis that shows I am losing the fight and various other nonsense about economy and crime and society because they live in a really stupid existence where people are responsible for other peoples actions and it is such that when something thinks about the deed and builds himself up to it and goes off to touch a person and touch results in hitting, somebody else was responsible all together as well talking nonsense all over the place all the time which indicated I am losing a fight that I am not actually engaged in. The reality of course is that I take them into account because the only problem I have is being bullied by Media idiots and the importance of doing that is the bit you have to carry through whenever you want to look after yourself – if I had started fighting them, the game would have involved a process where Politicians stopped ripping up my finances when I need to look after myself, me being free of Politicians and them talking nonsense at me like they normally do and then all three will play out in the same place and the idea would be that I would not have been human if I did nothing about it as well. They do say I am sadistic but I am not sadistic yet as it were for my part; I simply cannot imagine using my dream job to go about ripping up the life of a Christian just so I can get around the world contributing to the pain and suffering of other people so as to show them they are losing a fight; especially if my dream job involved getting on public media, putting a name to my face and telling others what the events of a day was in a condition where I constantly have to remind myself of those days when I had to be rigorous about my English at the University – it simply points out how twisted and evil they really and have become rather fond of talking too much these days, especially the part where Royalty looks like a child which can only lead to an outcome where the first time will be when I am toughening them up and the next will be when I am killing them in that condition of extreme stupidity they find themselves; so that if I were fighting them it would have been beyond doubt as it were, by the way which if they start a fight here I will show them no quarters as well. It’s not the one where they speak of where I say what I say and how it affects them, that part largely concerns what happens on one hand when they make Utube videos of members of my Court etc and splash all over the internet so that prostitutes can chase me around and look for my private parts to show their desperation for money through sex and the result where I have to look into pornography to resolve the issues which then becomes a statement they want to make all the time and has therefore begun to affect them in very extreme ways at that stupid media job too – but the one that has led to this conversation all together being the one where half of them appear on TV to attack me while the other hand go off to tell off women at my Court for setting me up for a fight I can never win – it just needed to be cleared up that those women are with me to help me prevent robbery of my Royal Estate on which their luck depends for the purpose of people having nice little earners; it is an evil that has broken Ireland away from the UK and kept Northern Ireland divided and is talking nonsense in Scotland today but people keep doing it still – those women are not with me so people can warn them about thing. So I have not yet started fighting journalists; it is not that I don’t know all these problems have been built up from a perception about me and followed up with violent media nagging of government officials all over the world, it’s just reality they need to keep away from me as we are not mates and starting a fight here will be a condition where I will show them no quarters whatsoever.  I will begin to empower these women to punish them with sex as well really soon and then the worst days of Media bullying being a process where they simply didn’t get the news they wanted or had to stand outside to report on a story etc will begin to make sense that I can live with but more or less it seems these days they have their own enterprises and it fundamentally exists to ensure their connections with desperate whores abusing me sexually to ensure they can sell sex, resulting me in keeping up with what they get up to with pornography leads to a result where people are always seeing me in negative mode and start to think my Books in that way hence never spend their good money on it etc – which reduces an entrepreneur to an angry Man.

Now they say I do nothing when entrepreneurs blast X Factor wannabes on my behalf until it leads to serious problems but there really wouldn’t be any such serious problems in anyway whatsoever. It’s the Politicians that have achieved this process of generic characters that make up gangs that shoot people in Las Vegas turning up on our Public media to get famous all the time – I don’t have a problem with it as long as the process of making sure Politicians don’t play up bubbles that exist between their stupid offices and the prison services in order to give money to these popular culture idiots to claim my public life with on the other hand is not disrupted; they however do say they are contributing to wealth and social equality, I however need to be hated for people turning up around my Royal Commission to steal things especially personality and public life and Company Market income. They do say I am looking for trouble but the first time they did, somebody ripped up that stupid culture and society and got them into a hurry to get jobs and make money – so I have to assume they are bluffing again. It’s like that story they have become really keen on concerning the image of Jesus and what He really looked like, when we all know it is the Orthodox Churches of the Eastern World that adopted the image of Rasputin to represent that of Jesus and during the world wide Missionary work that for the first time saw people appoint themselves and travel off to areas of the world that have not heard the Gospel – from Africa and the US to Europe and Asia etc, during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, taking a pause at the early part of the 20th as a result of the WW1 and WW2 and continued immediately after until the 1950s and 1960s, which saw other Denominations including the Catholics adopt the image as well; so they are always going to engage themselves on either side of these two conversation, the latter moving off to a tale of a controversy around the central figure of a religion when one of the central doctrines say what you do to the person beside you is much the same as you would have done to the Son of God, which makes it clear it does not matter if Rasputin is shown as Christ or not.  They speak of far right groups that will not necessarily agree with what I say and do but nobody here is asking any far right groups anyway; the reality is much the same as ever i.e. I have no problems with those who are watching none white people and are insane enough to kill if they behave in certain ways, those are clear about what they are after – it’s the ones that mingle, they mingle and create that idea around their body language that they await somebody that will come and say the right things at the right time, so as to make them the first persons that will pick up a weapon against none white people and so the result is that if you create a business, they turn up there and in a short period you are not in control of it anymore; the part where I mingle their own and sell it up, complete with failsafe mechanisms that ensure they have no resolve to hurt anybody should have been the end of the story, except there are media ones and it is the fight they are getting ready for at this stage that makes this conversation necessary – they have gotten out of bed to do things that affect my Book sales again and like it is that the doors of businesses may be wide open but it is buyers access only, it is Book buyers access only business here as well as it were. I hear I will be taken advantage of by black idiots because of it which will never happen – it’s the old story of things I get away with and the reasons for it being repeated and nothing more; I have already cut up all the parameters of popular culture empire pipelines that can be laid on peoples personal lives from the US to Japan, so they can start again anytime they want and it will lead to the one about coming between me and Politicians, media and the Industries, to splice in and  take incomes and destroy everything here like we were mates and their gangs are other peoples personal Gods as it were with that big mouth; so it is still advisable not to wind me up as it were – keep their insults where it is appreciated. My personality is nothing something God gave to the world to me taken at will and used and peddled by those who need money, free of charge and we all know I will take down the entire world to ensure this is not their fucking freedom. I don’t know why I hate it so much but I guess it is the sexual behaviours of very badly behaved older people putting me in a place where I am always seeing people the way they grew up to be while they are always popping questions about whether I have an opinion – so people can turn up and peddle my life as well any time they want as it were. They do say my behaviour leads to outcomes whereby people do not know which way to turn but I don’t care, I just never discuss it because I don’t want any Politicians or diplomats to stop this; Popular culture could have stopped abusing me and damaging my property when it had seen it had not yet damaged my academic work, it just didn’t seem like something they wanted to do – they have now set a new precedent on how badly a person can be abused over their needs in making me from Royalty to somebody that is less famous than X Factor and other celebrities for example – I mean it has not yet paid off but they have travelled around the world on my public life to make money by which they can now press me for the rest of my life over it and I want to teach them a lesson they will never forget because it seems when people don’t want it done that is when it becomes a main preoccupation and they never ever listen to anything anybody says to them as well. They do claim these are the dangers of journalistic work but my Court has never really been a free access for all Court, besides which I really don’t care anyway – they got out of bed today to do things that affect my Book sales again and blabbed a big mouth for it about a fight and we now have to get down to it – it is ever so obvious what young people need to do is work for money, the only interest in me they should have ought to concern buying my Books. There is nothing about journalistic work which tells them to finger my bum after making me globally hysterical which was the process that will never be punished which involved grooming me for that; so what happens is that they come up with a plan that beats all our imaginations of distant violence based of sexual abuses of religious people who don’t get about corrupting themselves, which involved getting involved with religion and taking over positions and in that way when they abuse me like that corrupt my mind to switch off the light of God and protect their neighbourhood wickedness, it will be inexplicable and nobody will ever understand – what then happens after is their racist journalists getting off to claims I sleep with peoples wives etc and all that nonsense they run with as well which means they get out of bed to damage my Books and finances and keep it damaged and when I  try to resolve it blow off a big mouth about a fight I cannot win; I mean I would be a happy bunny if when black people see me they leave me alone and do not get involved or do anything to or with me, except that they say they cannot comply with that as I am one of their sons whether I like it or not as if anybody here is playing around with them as it were – it obviously happens when I have damaged their wicked culture and every unholy power that comes with it for greed, corruption and theft but when people have not yet damaged that stupid culture, it happens anyway because they have to move into people’s right hand. I have allowed that process of listening to their complains to run and the result is that I have ended up with a Royal Estate Empire in which I go to the Office daily to find the market equities in other people’s hands running around on Media – it has never been done to a person before and nobody knows what they want to do with it; I mean don’t get the wrong idea, I had figured out the part where the culture and society had to be controlled, alongside all that nonsense about the profitability of violence and benefit of self preservation that allows them show off the muscles that will beat up anybody that does not give them what they colloquially demand or ask, whereby they have to get in a hurry to find jobs and make money by earning it like everybody else, hence the reason they have those stories to tell of those whose existence and all they do stirs off their desires which we know means anything that moves stirs up their desires as well and hence makes them behave badly: – never the less it is still a frightening result. It is not a matter far detached from the story of Government Housing and neighbourhoods; they do like to say people are not free but we all know the reality to be that, I may have my finances damaged by government because it is obviously government with enough range of vandalism to do so, if it is socialist and talks about doing so all the time but when I walk down the streets with my Empire all over me, they get involved and get affected and then I will leave that part of Town and get waited for until I return someday maybe and get punished for changing their lives without consent; so it is freedom people get interested in whenever they speak of it as it were not the right they reserve onto themselves to teach others lessons as they say.


They say its Americans that are the problem I should be thinking about whereas although Americans do it as well, Daddy wants your income driving around this Country in the stupid saloon cars with an inability to keep their fingers to themselves was always the problem. It becomes a topic for conversation only when I want to see what it is exactly they can do as well for my part as it were, otherwise the first time that big mouth had a brush with me was the loss of that stupid culture and society which has now had the effect of seeing them dress well for a change in their stupid lives and going out there to get a job but all together they do not hate my guts badly enough yet the world over and that is why they continue to know where my Books are as it were. They say I have a problem with people of course and its utter nonsense, I don’t have a problem with people, what happens is that they are not religious people and it’s not the kind where they have an opinion and end the story; it’s the kind where you hear them speak of religion and it gets scary when they don’t even believe in religion, meaning their enemies get involved so as to be able to hurt them and make them look like they were correct but then it gets worse because they soon go from a need to drive into their garages with a sense that there is immorality all around them that make them feel like they are business men in the right place and time to a point where they want the livelihood of a Christian so much that they appear as though they want to kill the owner and grab it all together. So it is a matter of competence handling them in order to make a business profitable alright but the problem is actually the squander still and it beats me entirely how a human being could develop themselves to such an extreme state of uselessness and yes I do get told when I say so Politicians gain from everything and behave how they like but what a Politician does changes nothing about the fact they do not live in a world where they earn money in real time – they have to stack it up and use it to splice into people’s lives to double it and triple it and so on – I don’t mind when Politicians top it up for them all together in any case, they simply have to respect the fact when they do that their behaviour is becoming a threat to my life and those stacks of cash need to be depleted. It’s not the end of the world that people do not earn money in real time; it’s just that the purpose of living in that is being able to show there is profit to violence when we all know there is and I don’t mind Politicians topping it up for them to create the sense there is for them to run away with my public life and income with, I am just saying it is a threat to my life and the process of running away with my public life and income is clearly not a form of stealing; the Politicians and Media do say I talk like I am racist but of course for instance the reality would be that I came to a land mark unprecedented one in a lifetime agreement with Oil Industries over climate and environmental protection Equity but it is all getting ripped up by people grabbing my public life and income, while they talk nonsense about those whose feeling I have hurt because they refused to recognise that the one thing young people need to do obviously is work for money and that they can either be here to buy Books or be here for some other reason that is never in my interest – they can say it is not stealing when and if they want but it has the same psychological effect. When they are done talking about how they feel like sodomising me which is really funny, what they want privileges of injustice for is the fact they like football and the jobs they do is a matter of physical strength which I do strange things with as well – so that it works in the sense that they hate my guts but still have not worked out the bloody reasons for it because they feel they are on top of the entire world. I don’t think it is a serious matter, I have always expected that being the guy who dared to accept a Royal Commission from the Queen will make me the eternal target of the Labour Party and they do say it is that I think I rule but I don’t; they are the people who have a problem with the rules and take matters from Office space and profession to something so personal it concerns their bloody feelings – so their problem with the rules leads to the same outcome, if a corruption is fundamental those of us who didn’t take part in it had better started looking for cover, they need to get off my Book sales and clear my space or other people will have to seek cover as well resulting from history they will have with me period. They do say I am not qualified for my position but we all know I was chosen for my talents and that they had wrecked the academic work and so I must now give up my history which will create more difficult situations, hence I am getting the job done and my academic work had long ceased to be any of their Parliamentary concerns – I understand the tale of how I want to run with government but am always complaining, it makes no sense whatsoever and is not actually based on truth, which is rather that I have been able to protect myself from a condition where I handled the Americans over my case while my Bank balance read £20, which will then have been further developed a problem by the British, so that the whole function and purpose of it being to entrap me so as to ensure I am responding to the needs of the crowd while they do whatever they like with my person and property had long failed to be counted among their achievements even while I am unemployed, so it is difficult to locate indeed how on Earth I should find myself in a position where I complain and indeed is the question of how on Earth they can make me complain as well. It is an example of a behaviour that leads to outcomes whereby I get away with things and if I say so they claim I have recognised a problem that will follow me around in the form of their fans in the local communities but what I really mean is that they have a problem with the rules and it means that I am a student government operative and nobody can actually challenge it, while what they have lost is what should have been the pinnacle of civility in the Country all together. An example how I fail at my duties being that they were supposed to recognise that people who have a problem with religion and live barely legal existence that is supported by financial help from trust systems run by Politicians at local stations, should not actually find their way into the House of Lords – the part where they got chickened and feel apart being the bit where they appointed them after they had spent years hating the legal system that has been developed around a set out moral imperatives that apply as common good for all tested over time administratively which makes it possible to track by social behaviour on the basis of evidence, what really happened when people bring their case to Court etc, to make their own socialist laws based on what they don’t want happening to them which they want happening to others in order to extricate a sense of being respected; so I am still at a loss as per why they are so in love with the idea that the answer for everything is picking on me – I want them to get off my Books and clear my space. I for my part have a history with social trouble makers that says I love the law because it set out a moral imperative that means having a bad history and finding violent ways of exchanging it with me through community bullying and Media is never going to work – it is their turn in that mad parliament of theirs to decide what to do with them after giving them money and other peoples public life to make fame and fortune with – it is not my problem. They do say I have a serious fear of leading and that is why I am happy to talk about laws that ensure what happens to others does not happen to me but I have no idea what that means anyway when they are the ones pretending it is okay for somebody to shoot another person when they have not got the guts to do it themselves – thereby sending out the Police and Military to cover their backsides without any proper leadership all the time and they don’t even know when the question was put to the person that was to be killed as to whether that was going to be his last day on earth or not for instance, the Police and Military have to invent how they want to do that all of the time. That silly backside of theirs of which what happens to it is a function of how many people they award tax payer funds to go about grabbing peoples public life to make fame and fortune with and when they feel like it do it on my behalf ex-parte all the time, which is why I borrow their National sense of fame only for as long as I need it to sell my Books and then hand it back as it were. The other part of my so called fear of leadership being the one where foolish women tell me they have seen me and will never get a job, which has turned out not to be the resulting outcome when I grab and sell the society and culture and they are in a hurry to make money and pay their bills; the Political idiots will then have said it is oppression but now they feel a lease as a result of these goons being under control they are telling me I have a fear of leadership due to their own corruption needs. It’s much like the case of how I am not supposed to serve myself which I am actually not i.e. what happens is people turning up to make trouble so I have to fight as a result and if that does not happen they wouldn’t be pretending they have an obligation to look after me and hence know that I have not had anything to eat all day long today for instance which is not a problem for me as long as people do not cause me to do any fighting as it were. These trouble makers who want millions of pounds they didn’t work for to own as it were do not live in a world where they earn money in real time; it has to be that somebody put it up for them to claim other peoples public life as their own with as it were – so I was meant to have depleted that cash stock pile of theirs because it was a threat to me but the Politicians helped them to more so they did more popular culture and got more money from corrupt Industry goons and now I have more work to do all together; then they send out the military to the Middle East and North Africa, claiming its Terrorism and Tyranny and in that time the tax payer pays each of them £65,000 every year for such utterly pointless and useless activity that brings no results whatsoever – of course which if the general public then runs out of money I will never get to sell my Books too for good measure. I understand this will make me financially vulnerable accordingly but I have no idea why anyway – the Books are a product of State Office and are meant to be sold on this prognosis; much like how wrong the story of being controlled by the Media actually when, when the reality is that it’s all a game of Media people living up to the 70s and 80s devised social corruptions of involvement that sees them get involved with peoples Human based organisations to work democratic vandalism – they have only met somebody they cannot beat and will never be free of me for only as long as I need to get my Books sold.


Now the crisis at the South China Sea is that which they say I will get into trouble for not solving as soon as possible and these are the kinds of media insults that mean people turn up here for other reasons save buying my Books – the reality being that the Americans will now have to stop supporting the idea media idiots can do whatever they like and Media idiots will now somehow have to stop doing whatever they like otherwise the answer for it all will be war with China or we have to accept that China will keep expanding into the area, fail to Police the waters, cripple structures that do so and organised criminals will move in through the window – no idea what asking me about it is meant to resolve, yes I understand these idiots have problems and pressures but they always do when they are pure evil and that is why a Journalist wants to seek some equality around the issue of the bad things that happen when he is prevented from doing his job as compared with that of a Royal Prince if prevented from fulfilling his role etc, no idea what their problem is with the rules all together anyway. I hear it is said they are not that bad a people but we all know its Mid level gangs who exist for nothing except greed and dominating people for creature comforts and perversions which is what Terrorists do – the real problem being that they have no wish to go down on their own and that is why they are very good at the familiarity based insults that know where peoples tummy and anus and penis is because they understand it to be so base it can drive people into becoming murderers and hence we hear them become homosexuals to ensure they are immune while spreading stories of religion being the problem of the world to make people get involved with it to kill them which will then create the sense they were right all along. The rest largely use their media position to tell me what I say encourages others to kill people and I would never know what it means anyway; on one hand it really does and I wish to find out what it is exactly they can fucking do about it – on the other hand they can address their children when they want somebody to give them a perspective on the left that is full of conveniences that showed they were more important along with their popular culture idiots and celebrities after ripping up the finances of such a person with their stupid media controversial scandals and helping themselves to Music CD sales and fashion world nonsense – addressing me is an insult that makes me think not enough have died yet as it were; so the bloody idiots need to fetch some news and get lost; in the end I will always be a Royal Prince whose failure to perform his duties will lead to social and political instability and they will always be Media nonentities whose failure to perform their duties will mean news goes unreported, so I will always be more important. I started off the day with checking where Celebrities at Court are and checking the issues that are going wrong and it started with hooray Books are good to go but went horribly wrong in about five minutes because they were off getting involved with me when I don’t want it and doing things that affect my Books again and so it starts that early even while I am still in bed that is and goes so badly wrong in just a couple of hours of waking and I think this is the intermediary stage between Market round up and Market security for my Company at which point it is actually supposed to blow up as it were. I do not think that the matter is a crisis; they have set out their own plan and that involves ripping up my finances in order to set themselves up as celebrities on my public engagements and public life and with that get everybody and everyone to acknowledge them as more important than I am before the entire world is allowed to exist and I have now reached a point where the fact such a thing can never be achieved and is simply designed to cause me the maximum amount of sadistic distress they can create and need them to clear my space, keep off my Books and clear my perspective as we are not mates as it were, otherwise it is going to be the start of it; it is far more serious than they give it credit for, there is realities like people being given the chance to travel out and see the world, see where those Companies that dominate them are actually based all over the world etc and cut down on that stupid wealth inequality gap and this is what I want the Government to understand is the main security issue and why terrorism needs to be stopped, those who cannot travel out therefore being able to decide what they want to do with the equity. These celebrated and media idiots may have worked out this is what their reality is but I am at a loss as to whether they are planning to enforce that only with that big mouth they have got – no idea why anybody would create such an intense daily fun out of this anyway but it seems they don’t know me and intend to find out as well; the answer for everything to them continues to be the tale of what I said and how people took it, completely uninvited and now they will have to start taking my words either as an advice or a warning of which I really do not care which one of the two does it for them either way - its not a complicated thing figuring out what I do; the first stage was completing the job which I did and had to sell the products, the outcome was supposed to be a certain percentage of people that are cynical and a certain percentage that will buy the products and a certain percentage that will use the services without buying the products, then the Economic crisis took hold and I decided to acquire holdings and Fund Economic cycle, finished the job now and the same prognosis exists again in a Books and Holdings Company here, except that everyday when I am served by own idiots get their spoons and take a scoop claiming the reason to be that they have Money and media exposure and fame that have given them rights and reasons to do so, especially as they did get it at my expense and it is never clear at what stage they would have thought it to constitute that level of daily fun we see them have all the time (They do say in their defence that my big problem is refusing to acknowledge the powers that send them out to do these things whereas we all know its the Labour Party making out I am Royalty and Politicians have rights to spend all I have if they can get their hands on it; whereas the reality is that no Country makes a head way with a condition where half of us create financial problems for ourselves as a result of our personal choices and then use government Office to ruin the finances of the other half claiming they are progressing matters of inequality because that will make a condition where everybody has financial difficulties to be resolved by the Government; they have however a stupid Party that has lost its way i.e. grooming and nurturing and taking care of those would be rich people, so when such persons get rich and do not share they will have their socialist ideology but continue to think their stupidities makes sense to everybody, I however am clear continuation will mean cutting up that culture and society very soon becomes the least of their worries. I mean the question is how a Socialist Party permeates the lives of absolutely everybody including those who do not vote for them and belong to other parties ruining health and causing intense distress, the answer to which is that its a matter of whether their recent vanity is largely to do with whether or not they feel like winning elections every single year, the destruction does not have a consequence that is as cheap as they suppose it is with that big mouth we put up with all the time and it is not as if I have no idea what to do about it for my part either; the reality is that this is an intermediary stage, progress from here will definitely lead to the part where it is what trouble makers inside the Company and the activities of some really difficult regular customers need to be controlled and I can see a case of getting out of bed to seek out what The Labour Party did to my Firm for the day become a regular occurrence.). So they say I do not actually think that either Germany or the EU is democratic but the truth is rather that I do not have to when it is bent on destroying itself and then blaming others for it; I mean they are democratic but its such a one size fits all democracy that it will exclude the British and the Greeks and believe that it is on the correct track as well. I mean a one size fits all democracy that is such that when you tell somebody not to peddle your personality, you end up with a cash flow crisis for him so he can prepare a fight with the crowd for you and it goes even further to a point where it is about the possessions he owns and how he will deploy your life and property to own more, so as to make you become interested in aspiring to be like him. Hence this idea that the UK is the first victim of his gimmick whereas the reality is that Turkey is and not Greece either. We hear I have contributed to a condition in which the issue of Europeans being one thing while Eurocrats are another got extreme but its an old story where the recession means the Politicians have to control all the wealth, taking decades of peoples time by keeping them moneyless to prevent rebellion against their plans and then sometime at a later date take up even more years of their time to decide what they want to do with it and then when ready decide people must now stand in a wealth and financial security queue; hence it fundamentally involves me for some reason and people become interested in a behaviour whereby it is my resources but they are deciding what the choices and alternatives are and so when we look back at economic texts, we see an extreme global perversion of the basic form that economy, personal or not, actually takes – when asked why they do it or pointed towards how I feel, it becomes a Machiavellian art of power that is associated with Industry and so I hadn’t the time for it as well bearing in mind organised crime all over the place, concerning which we now know their recklessness has been selling advanced weapons to terrorists in the Middle East to Kill Nato soldiers with. So there is really no need to go around saying they are not democratic, I can only point out that they are queer democrats who want people that are loved to be influenced by their power every moment of their foolish lives but I do not have to since they are it appears, already bent on destroying themselves.