Now there is no such thing as people who have won such great trophy fight around here like they claim with their music industry and fame and fortune celebrity rubbish. The reasons I do not respond to it are quite simple i.e. we need to decide as a society if we want to organise ourselves in such a way as we put a limit to how much we support celebrity culture vandalism because once it has progressed to the stage where it is being done aka a process where a person is set out by them for abuse that makes riches reaches a stage where it is being done using a certain group of qualifications and skilled attributed to the person, it has become a rights issue and of course we all know they have no limits as well. I for my part do not care if it applies to me either, I have been clear everybody knows they are villains and that their entire lives are based on making sure heroes are worse off, if they do not keep their culture and society away from me I will completely destroy it like a thorough work for Christ. Everybody knows it is how it works i.e. you work for it and then just when you think you want to decide if you want to deploy it to work for another person or indeed to work for yourself they swoop in, set up some journalist on media to get your attention and get around abusing and forcing you to fall for it, most of the time of which the journalists do not want to but only want to have the jobs of course and then they will find that you respond to it in a certain way and it is time for your life and everything in it to end up in the sex industry and thereafter they cannot stay away from the evils of society and cannot stop using your earnings to deal with it, so that they have now reached a point where they are making claims that their activities is a service to society as a whole and that they use to manage villainy but of course if they do not completely lay waste my company and extract all the income from it to have the money they need to start that off with, then there are no other ways in which they could possible raise money they need in order to do their service to society pop music with. Then of course the rest of us will turn up regularly to pretend they are not the devils work as well and this is all I am saying; that we need to decide how far we support them, no such thing as a victory or trophy victory over me around here and there never will be. My position is simple; they need to be informed that the reasons they cannot make use of my work to get rich and famous like they used to anymore is because it has become a professional thing i.e. when I sit up at night to work it’s a war basically with them and when I walk down the streets too but since the books got out there, then it was over and touching anything further is criminal; they should not expect me to ignore the crimes and go after the results because they talk rubbish about violence to bring it out of people and make people want to summarise a relationship with them into something of a making sure they do not come around here to make a mess of things or mess about any more and ever again, whereby they always tend to know so much about violence too. It has got nothing to do with whether they are pricking me to find out if they can regularly detach me from state provided security either, hence when I say we need to decide if we want to call a time where we withdraw support for popular culture based on abusing people. The major story of course is the matter of women around me; reality of course is that they are simply women at work, who do the Prince and the Women at work thing with me, so I built a court around them so they can continue looking after it for me if I am too busy, hence people having sex with them is something that is meant to be really provocative but what is more provocative is when I do something about it and those who own companies tell me my vendetta on politicians who get involved with business will eventually destroy their livelihoods, very annoying of course because these individuals know that the only reason a female journalist who understands she cannot be seen around their side of society otherwise she will always end up at the bottom, ends up in their side of society is because of their actions – something they do which ensures that a certain group of aptitudes linked to family life and skills and qualifications linked to work is to be destroyed and made a mess of because they are using it to get rich, what I cannot understand is why people complain when they are neither doing something about it nor am I damaging their businesses and companies when I do. They always say that with a little more tolerance these politicians in business would not be so harmful but that is better said than done because the goons have spent a lot of time on those sort of activities and know their way around it very well; they always have wives that are a real pain and want to appear on TV as well, then there is the part where they have conversations with get rich quick goons all the time in case somebody does a good thing that gets in their eyes and it needs to be beaten, so in order to make sure they get away with it they will pull a veil over people’s eyes like they did throughout their professional lives in order to get the money they have invested in the company; point being that I have always been able to predict such things will be the outcome of all their gains and cannot understand why people allow things like parliament or the cabinet office or indeed anything which is popularly the mainstay of the country and borders on being sacred like businesses and jobs to become their plaything so they can hurt people and run into it, then question me when I act whilst I have caused no damage. It is never a matter of whether or not these women in my Court are my class or not, I simply have my intellectual property deployed for public service and for security and for crime management locally around the country and so it ends up on media all the time and they help me look after it there.


Now the thing with media goons is what it is and people want my honest view on it since it is such a serious problem but it has always been the case they are anti-heroes, so that whenever you want to do anything you must set them out as people who need to be worse off, they know it and that is why they plan their actions out and cover their tracks and try to get important people to talk endlessly about the evils of wrecking peoples finances, so they can never back track on their words. Are people suggesting then that they do not have to have access to items from people’s government office and make a mess of it in public? In my case they always say I am responsible for detaching them from their women and girls and that what they do in my case is deserving but it is not the only reason that creates wonderment as to why they hate me so much because there are others such as the fact the more insolent their girls get is the more better off other women who are scared of a society that thinks men exist to be insulted, concerning which black women can steal all they want and I am not interested, then there is the part where they claim I stifle people freedom to make me say something about how this is my life and job and they need to stay out of it, then there is the part where they can no longer use media to claim people sleep with their wives and need to give up what they own, then there is the other part where I am never giving back those joys of naivety and then the ultimate where they like to take their problems out on me along with their Politicians which is brilliant because now I can do decadence as well and boast about how important it is a Price to pay for my success. The Pop star ones are another and it makes no sense to me people are talking about it since from day one the way it operated was more to do with the fact their lives are planned around and their biggest advantage in life are that some people are older than others; I mean I do not blame people anyway since I am a younger man and therefore find it easy to notice when I am being made worse off as it were, however for the pop stars themselves it is not just a process of being complicit with criminals over a period of years to ensure they spend all I own to solve the problem of criminals at the end, hence all that complicity was simply a process of raising funds, they are now in such a place on their media where they do everything I do first and hence the violent obsession with my personal life too. It reached a point where I had to deal with issues of these group of goons who have a problem with their age mates who are older than I am and how I must prevent them from what they want to do, of which it seems the biggest asset pop stars have these days is the matter of whether I am suggesting those that are older than I am cannot protect themselves. The result was all that villainy and all that fascism which has also become their biggest asset as it were; so there was a time politicians used to support them and now I am the one supporting them while politicians complain etc – they are the devil’s work and I will ensure when I say heaven help those who are complicit with them at attacking me I can back it up confidently. Hence when I inform their politics and union fascist whether or not they have found their way into the armed forces and it is much the same like it is in terms of church is society or society in church, where once it is them it is them and so on, that there can only be so much money in the world and nobody cares if they have found a whipping boy here and so there is no link between making that money and hurting me and it is still early days, not that my books do them any favours either. Every other miscellaneous villainy takes its point from the claim my books sound like they are written by a peasant and that I am neither peasant nor royalty; I do not think it a problem either since I have warned them there can only be so much money in the world, the idea when they hurt me I have to deal with what I cannot see is stirring something more dangerous because it makes me want to be famous on grounds their lives are difficult and that they are angry and that they are frustrated and that they are poor and so on and as it stands currently, my books do not do them any favours; those insults are the correct path to follow to make it happen. As for the matter of Politicians claiming that what I am doing is not a real job and needs to be abandoned for those who need it to govern the country with, it does not bother me as something I need to respond to for two reasons, one of them is that their sense of right and wrong is flawed and that they believe it is what the Houses of Government is meant for and that it is okay when they treat houses of government like their property and therefore I personally do not feel they need to take me on, on the streets if they are that keen – the other reason is simply that I normally ignore it because it is a means of measuring if what I have done is competent enough because if a politician can ruin it by saying such things then I am making things up; of course during a recession I make things up but when the recession is over its time out. So if they do not want to come round here to say it, they had better abandoned it, otherwise we imagine it is simply financial ruin for good and hard working people, in which case there lies the problem and I will soon have something to share with those for whom parliament is their business so one of these days they might be sent packing because of it. Of course they love to tell me I make it up but feel it is not okay for the financial system to, when in actual fact there is nothing for the financial system to make up since it is mathematical number all around and so unless they are making up bonuses and entitlements. People normally say such things because they mean a wickedness and therefore feel they have done enough to finish me off which at this stage is really far from it – like their fame and fortune fools and the idea of doing first anything I think about including the management of crime and villainy, when they have not yet finished me off and hence do get to think they never will. Thus what we are therefore left with is the idea that none of my actions and the results of anything I do changes the fact they and the fame and fortune goons can extract an income from my earnings if they want and I intend to handle them as well in way which settles the fact I can extract anything I want from them and whatever the altercation brings about will not change such a fact and then when I had made enough of the money can boast and dominate them and be famous and decadent and important and everything that gets in my way and stirs up my jealousy will have been removed. This is nothing like the most daring fools would have loved it to be anyway; it is a company that simply handles an International Intellectual Property emporium that belongs to the owner and exists on the basis of its products which are a function of property brokered by the company and Enterprises around the world that do so, because of the fact its owner is royalty, there is some government involvement too; provided no fool thinks there are places and countries where they can play around with ones property and pretend to own it as well, they will have no complains to make. Like I have mentioned before, I do not deserve to have the ethics and aesthetics of my career laid out and abused on media like it is happening, they are the ones who deserve that since they always get the big qualifications first before they find jobs; can they give to the frugal?