Now I understand it is said that I am being hurt by homosexuals – no idea what it means either anyway, all I know is that there was that time during my first job where missing meal times results in body clock working in one direction and bowels working in another and push, push, push and end up with piles was my deal – however if I imagined myself to have the right to rip up peoples career, hound them and find out what makes their Royal person different from that of everybody else and hound it until I copy it and commercialise it because he needs to co-operate with that on account he really does not have a clue how my friends and circles will treat me if I don’t do it, then I would have calculated that I am taking a certain amount of risks as well; so they are welcome to do that too – after all what happens is that they bring it up, society people tell them if they dare the way their own really is will have to be settled and they usually respond with a statement of violence about whether it was any of other people’s business all together, so there is a sense there that homosexuals all over the world are generally convinced they can fuck with me if they like and we are not talking xenophobia either. We all know they talk all the time about how I talk but will wither when I meet them in person i.e. the purpose of the job centres and that old case of seeing them around my public work and book sales all the time – the withering of those who wither when they see those who have money they made at their own expense as it were, so I can only imagine they want to become a major project around here all together. It is not in any way true that anybody has a problem with the idea that migrants may have settled down and are being help to do so quicker and in greater numbers; their good friends have a habit and it involves taking a public stand on peoples outdoor activities and personal lives and businesses and then getting about threatening the owners for the fun of it until they get used to the idea of instilling fear into a chosen victim, so it’s when you want to move them on and they make you understand that hurting you for doing so is justice that the problems begin. I don’t think the matter is a problem, funny ways of hurting me because people have problems and doing so makes them feel better is the only thing that is standing between me and the financial success of my books – the Politicians and media fools that do it do because they think they have the guts, so it is not that we cannot reason with each other, I don’t want people to do it to me and make out its a process of getting me to help them, there are more moral ways in the world to get people to help others far, far away they are from these behaviours. The case of others funding my needs while I have no respect for them but it will never make sense in any case either; we all know the reality is that every one of their black popular culture idiots wants to control his so called talented kids which contains everybody that has the same skin colour as they do in order to run popular culture empires where they become father providers and for that reason do nothing but savage my finances and continue to show public confidence which suggests they will get away with it while their idiots on the other hand get on media to tell me that I talk but never deal with matters in a real way as if they have a full understanding of what that would entail all together. It’s the same old story about these lower class idiots and their need to attack people for being successful and enjoying their success all the time – when they are being nice they say their anger is what helps them to be successful too but when not they say it is justice to hurt you and at the end of the day when it kicks off you really cannot tell if it is the anger or the damage or the fact they have turned you inside out exasperating you everyday to dig up aspects of you that is violent which you never really knew existed until you met them only for them to realise they are not as tough as they originally thought that they were in the first place and it is much the same as the most enthusiastic of the lot i.e. the Media where they think they run my life and my Company all together and it eventually plays out in the Entertainment Industry where all they want to do is put hands on the right hand side of my Empire and Celebrities on the left and sit in the middle to decide how both will work to rip it apart and we are not strangers to how those kinds of things are usually brought to an end all together anyway; I am certain they understand that they do need to give me a break – get off the book sales and stop being so stupid. They do these things all the time; have a need to provoke you endlessly and copy how you fight so as to get to a position of domination, due to the fact they are bigger and stronger than you are as far as they are concerned and as a result of which they should live a life of confidence that they can beat you up; there is this sense going around that I therefore have no plans to recover the violent aspects of my Royal order that we see them get on media to get themselves involved with and handle all the time to make me fear them and learn from it to do violence and so on and therefore the assumption that it is one of things I will let them continue to handle when the fight kicks off as it were. We all know they are the idiots that like to think they can beat up anything and so do we know that its only when they start to get violent that the lies they tell cease to make so much sense i.e. there is an atmosphere out there which I must consolidate, a function of be doing myself down when people flatter me over leadership in time of conflict and adversity which they cannot do without as an aspect of their personality, they think they will fight me with it as well; it is where it is obviously due to work I do with celebrities in my Court, these guys however do not feel they can exist without making it a part of their personality wherefore they turn up here to express threats all the time. They do say in their defence that I stifle other peoples freedom of course and it as no basis on fact; what happens is that when they see me broker equity with companies they must follow it on with a need to create their rivalry in peoples company boards which means somebody wants to get some film and music producer to have fans on the right hand side of my Empire and Celebrities on the left so they can get on media and rip it up judging and deciding where and when it gets to happen in the middle – looking for trouble all the time, about which they deserve everything they get, while their celebrities have come to feel they can sign up a media appearance and make themselves part of my Court at will. The part about the media controlling my life and work being the bit that makes the easiest sense of them all i.e. if I sat a journalist down and told him about addressing me and talking at me and raising issues in my direction over his self improvement, then showed him an occasion where I met a professional in the City who made me understand I am messing with the aesthetics of a career I know nothing about thereby creating problems for everybody, is it a simple language that a journalist can understand or not? I am sure they speak language like every other human being on this planet as it were. I hear they say my Books are offensive to them or that they want to confiscate some and keep for themselves like I have given some free to their rivals; whereas it’s easy for the lay man to see everybody does intellectual property administration and for each and every product they make probably as well – hence any normal person can imagine somebody whose entire business is intellectual property administration itself and thereby cease to screw around with his books and products instead of playing games and turning up on media to make a fool of themselves all day long at great expense that they are not paying for; they complain my books are untidy and unprofessional but of course it is not meant for the lower classes, the companies will understand me perfectly, they will not and if this is what I do for a living, I can align any other persons that does not live in that part of society to understand me as well so as to enjoy the contents of the Books but as it stands, to do that the media will have to be so hurt by me that they locate a corner they are most comfortable with, hence the warnings that they are persons and speak language and can imagine somebody whose whole business is Intellectual Property Administration and stay off his books to that effect and keep their publicity and comments out of my business; it is never true that I am trying to communicate with them – I am Royalty and those who are not afraid of me intend to do the bad things they do, the rest may have made a mistake and therefore have the benefit of doubt and this clowning around things I actually do for a living will come to an end their way or mine. It’s never true I have a great big issue with journalists which need resolving, the truth is that it has become a personal issue – their behaviour towards my business is handled in two ways and the first and most popular is usually ending them up in corner where they have to do everything I want them to while the other is the one where I get them to rectify the damages itself whether or not I lose sight of everything else in the process – the Politicians don’t want to play their games of putting Political offices in the line for them anymore, that was the one where I decided I was not prepared for the Politicians and now need to be. The part where they say we are going to get off and handle everything that happens when you step outside of your door and then we will make a mess of it handle your books while we do so to ensure we make scandals of it and hand over the good bits of everything we have found out to somebody else through the sale of publicity and I dared them and they took my dare and did it, is all done and dusted – now it’s me, me, me, all me; any more mess for me and those responsible clean it up and as for 90% of my time being spent on other peoples foolishness, they are paying and have not paid enough yet as it were. They speak of my sexual preferences but there is really nothing wrong with it – those who want civil rights from my personal life want to see what dirty violence looks like and that is what they are getting, nothing to do with my personal life and they talk too much too especially on that stupid media – as I said of which they speak language and can understand what complications mean, understand why they need to keep their stupid media feelings and comments away from my books, so it does not blow up in their face.


Of course it’s never true I overdo everything I do, I just want a relationship with my Court that is not being interfered with; the fact people train cameras on others is not to say that they run my life when I am involved with them and so it is about stealing personality for the popular culture and reality TV self seeking nonsense we see all the time, completely unworthy of the threats and abuses but as I said these are the kinds of things people do to show they are not afraid of me which is the clearest indication they have done it deliberately. They do speak of being specific about what I want like that is a really difficult thing for me but it is not difficult at all in anyway – every since they were children they have been living in an area of their modern country that means their parents train them up in all sorts of witchcraft, so religious people are a problem but they cannot keep their touchy violent hands and problems and laziness to themselves, I have a Court and they commercialise it, I have a relationship with my Court and they use it to make advertisement in order to make guests feel they are not missing out on something important and the list goes on and on and I cannot remember the names of the idiots that get involved with me to such an extent for my part all together while they believe I have no plans to harm them and will no sooner had gotten into trouble with them for trying and it is the story behind how a Christian writes books they want to make comments on media for – not buy the books, just make comments all the time to the effect of the level of disrespect that means you cannot chose where you meet people and discuss the contents of your books because you have to run after the media comments made by those who do not think it is worth a penny and it goes on and on and on and on like that all the time with a  boast about violence and lots of threats when we know there isn’t a thing in the whole world that they can do, but carry on being assured that the older group of idiots among them will buy their goods and services in no other way, then they tell me to be specific about what I want. By the way which I still have trouble tolerating the part where they must have a wife at home and sleep with girls my age outside and in order to maintain that with their useless salaries about which their mates had gotten way ahead of them and left them to civil right stupidities and media madness; in the 80s and 90s they even got to a point where they are telling people as a society whom to marry so as to leave memories behind that they can peddle to get rich and it became some sort of unwritten law with that big mouth now they think I am not being specific about what I want. They are not comfortable with the idea I belong where I belong, they would like to ensure I join their group but never rise to the top because it is a place where people achieve on merit, and it all comes together after all the offences from them have been piled up to a process of detaching people from areas they are certain to find jobs for instance needing to have a wife at home and a girl friend my age otherwise they cannot exist about which they need to savage my finances in order to gain access to girls my age who are not married and so on and now they think I need to be specific about what I want as well yapping and those who buy their stupidities obviously have no plans to buy their goods and services in another way as it were and it will end very well too. The whole prognosis of having a wife at home and somebody else my age to sleep with is not just a matter of access to build his contraption for getting rich using deviance and laziness and violence by handling my personal and religious and financial growth, it is not just the difference between a Christian and a married man that sleeps around, it is supposed to cut me off from jobs and give them a platform by which to ensure that they can and are wrecking my finances to ensure I am not married which is a contribution they need to make if they are to sleep with girls my age, now they ask me to be specific. They always say when they get hold of that kid they will kill him and stuff and I can understand but it is obviously killing only whereas what I will do is make that stupid money vanish and then kill them as well for it; I cannot be any more specific than the part where they need to get off the Books as it were. In terms of being specific there are a lot of things to be specific about; I mean how are you supposed to know that saying or doing a particular thing will deplete the profits of Music CD fools who want to plug the sales into your public life? I mean you can be told but that will mean evidence that may be used against them in Court, so for their girls to be rich there has to be this way of making contact with local communities where people have a visual of you in order to deploy at popular culture but not with respect to media violence that one works all the time when their profits have been depleted because you changed something about yourself for the day and they know where your books are, it is rather ever so difficult to locate why they are so stupid when we hear them speak of being specific. Then there is the special of the being specific bit where the whole purpose of training camera on wealthy women who want to make reality shows about their family life is designed to collect mine for them and give popular culture idiots the same privilege too otherwise their cameras be it for pictures or video really has no purpose as it were and I am not complaining either for my part, it’s just reality that there is the pornography Industry as well, the one where they did with a  sense they can do and undo and we will find out who will complain first as it were; so specifically yet again book sales has been bottomed out today because an idiot makes advertisement on the relationship I have with my Court and as per whether or not I am missing somebody or they are missing me for they have not got their own lives and if they do have their own lives have tucked it away somewhere safe to turn up here and play an annoying inability to be honest about anything they own in their stupid lives ripping mine up endlessly and of course there are bitter stupid men on TV all day long as it were. So that is sales for today bottomed out and tomorrow I will have to devise a more painful and destructive consequence for this sort of outcome. They do say I exasperate myself because I have been attacked a little bit and then made out it was destructive but it is much the same as the story of how I could have turned these into a money making tool, whereas the Intellectual Property Administration has been done and I have five sites that deal with the five sectors of the business but the sales have been bottomed out again by them in the last 24 hours and in terms of the former issue we are looking at doing what I do to keep civil rights trouble makers the way they are and abusive whores the way they are to ensure nobody changes a behaviour to rob me of the credibility of my Books and we are now doing more because they want somebody to be specific, it causes wonder as to whether they are stupid as well; the way it works is that the whores will abuse and the Politicians will damage the finances and the media will abate the violence and the whites will make you responsible for the morals in their families blaming it on your race and putting the problem at your door stop in the most vicious way imaginable, the blacks will decide it is your duty to fight for them when they have problems and to give them money and every one of them has a violent way of putting their point across to you, so you have to decide they will be that way permanently so you can have a writing career – it is great wonder what they suppose I mean when I say those who are not afraid of me have done what they have done because they pre-planned it, because it was premeditated. The issue at the heart of it is that these guys are really stupid; imagine having the sales for your products bottomed out on National Media because it is not as important as what you ate and so they will do everything to ensure you cannot breathe unless you allow them tag along in some way looking like they are really clever and then only moments after you had given in your chest is going to explode and blood is pumped into your brain and you feel the end of the world for you is close wondering what have I done but I am done for my part with the comments about the books none of which they will ever purchase, such that their foolishness and academic in-achievement does need to be detached from the Books to ensure this bottomed out sales does not happen in another 24 hours. In their defence they will say they are not stupid and that the problem is that I tried to tag along with them but that will take us round in circles starting from a problem they have with those that are less than they are but have good personal lives; those who have achieved nothing but have better personal lives than popular culture industry fools, those who have achieved nothing but sleep better at night than media idiots do and you can list them endlessly if you want. I am aware it is said the world has become an unsafe place all together but it has not - its a matter of a series and series of reckonings, ranging from society men that love to claim a need to abuse younger men that like to see development happening because they cannot chase their problems without doing so and soon after become the big stick things for the US and generally behave in that way so they can make money and chase down young women in a condition where they have the energy to keep up with sexual demands of young women and so on, so when I tell them not to do certain things with my books unless their Politicians are doing public work free of charge it becomes their main preoccupation and there are claims their daughters and wives can beat me up which goes with that too - then there are the women who cannot earn any money unless it is the one where small guy was beaten up by big guy who collected a career for them and they always want to make millions but without working for it as well - then there are the civil rights goons who want new freedom and civil rights from my personal life and they cannot be made to go away because their media friends will find it amusing and when asked if that is not an abuse they make out the needs of the many is more than that of the few and it is the few that will be their undoing thus, not enough have died yet as it were - then there are black people, those say the big problem is that I have got mine and hence not bugging the superior race but the question they will never answer is the validity of their claims that help them with entrapment which suggests that white men do all the destruction, they would rather spend time talking nonsense about my slipperiness, when everybody knows I have tried to a fault to keep myself hiding from them or seeming to be doing so; they cannot make money unless they lay their stupid popular culture pipelines on my personal and spiritual and religious and academic and financial growth first before they get to sell anything and it is their reckoning we are talking about too - as I mentioned they do speak of killing me and its that alone they can do to me as it were whereas they understand I will definitely take the money away before I kill them as well for my part as it were. We hear that need to draw strength from conflict zones in the world more times that we can remember especially for their Political leaders for instance Ed Miliband on Libya but has no plans to smell what Nicola Sturgeon has cooked and served him in Scotland - so there is always that need to express which part of hurting people they did deliberately by having no fear in places where people carry gun on the streets as it were I suppose. They do say I talk like a woman of course but I would not know anyway - all I know is that they love to get off and make out my Christian temperaments are rather a function of sleeping with other peoples wives and this is something their whores and community croons can then run with as abusively as possible but they think it is necessary because their reaction is inspiring, so its like when they have been there and done that on the neighbourhood yobs thing, they get jobs on media and back stage Politics and I am not the one complaining at the moment especially not with regards to when they stay the way they are permanently lest I lose credibility for my Books; the only ones I have missed out therefore being the party ones that do communist territory games and pretty much everything that all the others do as well and it generally means that they can with a click of the finger take the due of your unhappy spouse at any time and they can never forgive you for having an anus ever, mostly to punish you for needing their sexual services so much but deciding their business is a taboo for you, hence the world is a less safer place as a result of my actions when they have to remain the same permanently lest my Books lose credibility (the story of not not knowing why people harbour such ill feelings towards them is ever so loved but we all know they display incredible wealth they do not know what to do with which they made by pushing people to self inflicted and even illness based death so people can give up their possessions for that purpose, the problem being that whilst they claim it is perfectly okay if they live in a free and democratic Country to display those things like that and provoke people every single moment is perfectly okay, they simply cannot keep their democracy and freedom in their own villages lest others see how theirs looks like as well and that is how it turns up on media to become a global problem); so people clearly do not wish to spend their time and money employing these trouble makers they love so much, I on the other hand am no longer interested in getting any silly job from anybody but it is the Politicians and the Media that are spending this as it were, need to hear them complain when done being a nuisance and a menace. Of course the story of being stuck where I live has no bearing towards reality or truth - it can only get to a stage where I have to point out when asked to explain certain controversies, that it is largely about happy slap and happy bully journalists and it will become the one where I have to handle the personnel management problems of Media organisations for them before their need to attack me and get pleasure from my reaction to them actually stops: there has never been a reason for their actions save the bit where it is all about revenge for the damage that has been done to their societies and cultures, the damage that was born out of the fact when you do not wish to find people hedonism in your Christian personal life, it becomes their main preoccupation and its the same with popularity and popularity culture fame and fortune and its the same with masochism and its the same with every twisted sexual preference that their deviance furnishes them with, the men like the men pretending there is pater to the stupidities we see them exhibit in public all the time and the women like the women pretending you have nothing else to do with your time except pay attention to the stupidities of their feminism; I mean these are people you find at your popular culture geeks, people you find at your local clubbing joint and when they see others write books on Intellectual Property Administration it needs to be taken off the market until it is written properly - does it then mean that books they do not like are written improperly? Then there is my party piece where all these older men will grab my Royal Estate and I am supposed to settle for a lesser relationship with the Royal Family so they can have one which befits them: I would not know anyway, all I know is that they make assumptions about how quickly I will get down to business with them over their case if they made it real as it were, so that for now Books need to be taken off the Market and I need to be trapped where I live in order for them to grab a Royal Estate but that does nothing to diminish the fact they are always spending other peoples time to convince people that they are clever and each time you have been bullied into giving i, relief is immediately replaced by utter despair because there is no recovery from it and of course it is their comments around my Books that needs a reckoning all together, especially for the Celebrities who live for a life of taking over my business every day, taking over my business their villainy as they will exist in no other fashion and that is going very well at present; for while they are operating at the pinnacle of their celebrity villainy where they have no plans to destroy my person or possessions but plan to take it over we do not hear the stories that we usually hear which fill us with a sense of mystery about their problems, they are convinced others are not aware of the nature of their brand of villainy and that they can do it to any extent - it is the fact that they think it amusing that makes people breathless as it were and the last time I checked the air was free, before I happen to have been trapped somewhere with their big mouth (its always said that they have trapped Royalty and all his needs will cost him an Arm and a Leg at all times but it is utter nonsense; Celebrities it seems have a problem with the idea there is no permission for them to take over anything around my concerns and I know just howto communicate that too - they say I talk but am complaining about my anus and penis and so on but it is not unusual - sometimes I work for my Company and sometimes I work for myself, when it comes to their deviant stupidities and where they have been and why they need to shove others into it which is why they cannot leave people alone, I am working for myself and they will do well to take note of that too). Especially for those that think they have so much money I would not mind, I used to think these guys are really so busy with their money whatever they do to harm me is unlikely to have a far reaching effect but I was wrong obviously - they are prepared to delegate if they feel harming me is pleasurable to ensure they can get their pleasure but above all are prepared to integrate it into their livelihoods and jobs, just so that they can get to have that pleasure, it is difficult to understand why they complain about me but then again so it is to understand why they lie so much with their stupid Industries - all that really matters as such is setting out a processes of making them breathless, hurting their chest as well and causing them physical pain: they do complain I have a problem with Liberal People and it is utter nonsense - we are looking at liberal people the good looking thieves here who always feel that there is a right that means they can handle other peoples lives - so that the part where they get killed is the part where they want to end their reputation and losers and get off to handle the lives and possessions of those that are smaller in order to get killed on it but on other facts that do not involve fighting, they always start out as people who make themselves money without being academically qualified and that is why talented younger people such as myself who are noted and selected from the Crowd are always such a target - they need to make a show of my work and get industries to chase it, then tackle my academic work and finances and destroy both and sit about supplanting me on media everyday until they have the very essence of my existence and are working for some Industrial idiot like themselves with it; the outcome has been that Industries have been spending their money stuffing their companies full of these bad guys and now they think they want to offer me a job when I am obviously not interested in them anymore and so the result of the big problem of hurting me being something they find sexually arousing, developed from feminists that have a kind of satanic power that can defeat the defences of any Christian no matter how blessed by God and men with secret societies you can avoid getting hurt by if you stay out of their way which is a rule they never abide by because they think they can do and undo as well, hence the complains about those two areas so far but on hurting me because it is sexually arousing or brings about sales for them however the reality is that I do not want them to do it because it is the one last connection that exists between me and every idiot whose behaviour is disapproved by the Bible, clinging to me like that like I know them or we were related or something and hence the only thing that stands as barrier between me and a process where I sell my books and meet my friends (I mean its good luck to them if they do give me a job but I do not think that it will last for my part either, not when their friends in politics and society and media get involved and it turns out employing me is actually costing money - the part where I become unreasonable is when Mr go to hell wants to use my stuff which will happen in their dreams). There will always be a problem to be had with liberal people who take a stand on the possessions of others to decide which will become their own when the who fears who story has been decided and secret society idiots are done playing games that end with Mr reasonable being the one that sticks you at the end, its just that this is somebody else's property not an unruly market place where they could do nothing more so even if it was (they have developed this history with me that I want them to destroy which concerns their community croons living for an existence that involves telling me to stop anything I do to defend myself from them but everything outside of that is about threatening me and so they like to pass it off as indication of what they can do to me a lot of the time and it comes down to the old I will kill you if you get in my way tale and killing is all they can do while I can take that stupid money away and then kill them as well for my part).