The talk of my position on Scotland being either pointless or unclear is what I understand comes up regularly but there is nothing to be concerned about as the reality is that those who oppose independence have a valid point and I have never actually said that I do not support the point that those who are pro-independence are making either. I mean the Office of the First Minister is Scotland is the point in a newly devolved country where the biggest parties happen but we have gotten no sense that any of such things have occurred and cannot actually determine if the Country is corrupt at administration or not and so the people there have no sense of direction – the reason is the simple old reasons as well as the culprits the same that we had to deal with in Northern Ireland where they determine they will not fly the British flag at the Councils or the same reasons that Gordon Brown could not bow out of Service at the British Cabinet unless he became Prime Minister which soon became something of a deal that the office of the Prime Minister thus became, between him and his party members and the Unions. So they might tell me two things of which one is that what I say is laden with naivety and the other of which is that I am in a disposition where for any occasion where the public needs to decide on an issue I can chose both sides if I wanted. For the former the real case is rather that it is better to be naive at public service than to cling to public office when I already know everything about it in order to set about driving people mad endlessly. For the latter it is the issue that is right at the heart of the referendum and why people need to desist from making claims they have won it already – I may oppose some of the things the Scottish National party does like business and industry relations which is confrontational but it does not mean that I do not see or understand clearly what the political point they are making is, that I do not understand some people are in government specifically like the other three parties in the Scottish Parliament are, to cause disillusion and to lead people astray and to ensure people cannot get a clear sense of how they are running their affairs for example of which in my view they are nothing but change mongering Political scum with an idea of how much they are the ones that control the way things are in the UK and the way things have always been and how they will be kept that way when nobody is asking them to, which then becomes the basis of all the politics that everybody is privileged enough to get.  It gets worse when I mention the facts in detail and the reasons I never do is because I will have set out something that then creates the sense that the referendum is useless because it will have settled the fact that both the Nationalists and the none Nationalists in Scotland see things the same way although they have a different way they feel the issues should be handled i.e. that when a Politicians had deployed government office to wreck my life and finances because it is something a community croon told him to do to a successful person so she can have access to him and use his life to build them a future where they and their stupid children will be rich and important and hold positions of government office which is how people should relate with others in order to be successful, the general idea is that they did it as a function of the vanities they had as Politicians but even if I did believe them it is such a worthy use of them time too. I don’t need George Orwell to write any books for me to realise these things can only happen and then hurt me as well if and only if I am lazy about my revenge; I mean in terms of George Orwell’s Book Animal Farm; a case of a world where a man has a relationship with another man and they feel like the lime light all the time indicates something of the fact it is never necessary for people to reap what they sow, hence the prognosis they will now view government office in the same way is a delusion hence we will and were never going to get along no matter how much civil rights they have – like the case of how I antagonise Obama and Mandela when in actual fact the two like to turn up to create a sense of liberties taken with me when they dip me in some shit and thank me for looking into the matter publicly setting off the idea of the Christian being laden with something that he will never do to play up in public for idiots to do whatever they like with by which they can then create a state of affairs that will allow them that scenario they love to much of an occasion where we attend a National meeting somewhere and somebody turns out with the Army and the rest of us get arrested and he takes power and begins a dynasty; the threats they issue in my direction as well is one of the matters that will certainly ensure this issue ends as badly as it looks too. Otherwise it is not a problem for me since I am of the opinion that I do what I do because I love to and assume therefore they do their power mongering because they love to as well and the destruction of mine should be met with a destruction of theirs as well – I need no hindsight as a result of books written by George Orwell for that, I am not lazy about my revenge and they had better not lost the public office salary either because I will have hell waiting for them out there over my book sales too. The part where I am supposed to come outside and show myself in public for having a public life is something that I at this point feel am in a good mood enough to mention, since it does exist in the same par as things that the media make up to create their own version of what the Royal Family thinks about me and what I think about the Royal family that they can run with all the time; I mean there is a lot of discipline in the Monarchy from the most unlikely areas – it is the military that you get pampered but the stewards, which by the way can be a Characteristic attributed to a certain kind of Royal, which can inherit the Crown and will on such on occasion make a specific kind of leadership and era all together, will not show you any quarters whatsoever etc, while in their civilian case it is the reverse because they are famous and in this condition they claim they are just good enough to take my Royal estate from me, which makes no sense because we are where we are today because they steal people property and wreck their lives and finances to get rich and famous and then make contact with those people as well to turn up on media and pretend to be such persons personal Gods – which in their view is how they will take other peoples Royal Estate and keep their lives at the same time i.e. the Heir to the throne thinks they are good at something they are not and get off to spend time with them for some official reason and they turn up here to get it out of me for that purpose is how it will work and after that keep that stupid villainy lives of theirs as well. In the end they have not gotten it in ten years; that they are not to tell me what to do – I mean they have no experience on such matters as handling publicity for those whose office serves a Church and a State, they don’t even have any experience of running publicity for a Priest over his or her own private financial issues, so of course that stupid media is mine.

Now in terms of Syria my position they say needs to be updated, I don’t see that it is actually since the Syrian government is a collection of friends on Personal agenda and they controlled a country that was entire centralised in their hands but because they have continued to lower my standards for me, they have ended up with a civil war; we know they always say it is all internal affairs when you raise the issue of this friends on personal agendas running a country which could serve as means by which any goon can just get up and gather the army and arrest others while they are off to government work but the question now is how much of my personal standards they have lowered so far and how much of their own I have lowered as well and how much of doing so is linked to the civil war they find themselves in today. The other side is that of people speaking of the need to get into a compromise with the Syrian regime of course and I have no idea but I do think that if people are to get into a compromise with strange people that visit their community croons in order to conduct strange rituals and turn up at government to dominate people and call it leadership, then such a compromise should be based on how much of other peoples standard they have agreed not to lower at all at any point in time from then on. They themselves do speak of all the useless niceties that really rob people of what is important on one hand and then the problems that need to be handled on the other – in terms of the former of which we are talking about a control that was under their control totally and how many of its citizens are being killed by them at the same time and the social conditions they had created to manufacture that level of discontent and the question of what they are trying to accomplish and the disposition of the fact that whatever it is they need to remember they have killed many people so far – so this is what the shenanigans are all about, never mind the part where they never stop unless their subjects have been dominated, never stop no matter how long it may take unless the lives of their subjects have been damaged etc bearing in mind if you stop when somebody is 16 they have the opportunity to attend University at 25 but if you stop when they are 40 or whenever it is their lives are damaged well enough for you these are the sort of things that you have not been paying for: for the former it is never about a matter of problems and that is certainly not what I am talking about; what I am talking about is their nature as people, their nature which shows that tyranny is not something that is common to all but some people who are skilled at it and you cannot stop unless you do so early and with a social structure because when they get to government you have to get rid of them by blood and that makes you a tyrant but only for a while, we are talking about their nature as people and those community croons whose will they obey in order to catch and dominate and damage the lives of people so that those people can be used as a template that will be abused and fleeced on a daily basis to provide them an atmosphere with which to be rich and important and to rule the Country, their nature that involves a wickedness that grows and reaches a point where they expect us to believe that the purpose of the Politics is to ensure that if those community croons want to see them stick a knife into a person’s heart, when they have a knife and a person’s heart they will be unlikely to do it or that she will give them a break, which is highly credible. The part about those that want a Muslim state is not relevant in this matter at all since it is clear that you can always homogenise people under a banner which says they must serve God but cannot collect them like that under a banner which says they must work under a single religion – in the Bible these kinds of people are described as a people that are against themselves and against everybody else; since religion is something you have been given power by God to set up as a means by which you serve him to secure a specific collection of blessings for a specific reason and purpose and not something you deploy to force others to do it with you or for you as the case may apply. As for the part where I really don’t know my biggest problem is people that are superior to me I suppose the message has always been clear I don’t know them and they need to stay off my books – in effect I have mentioned before that the fact the NSA spies on everybody is not to say I am the equal of Politicians nor does it mean I am that of civil rights idiots or mean I am that of the media. Those that will have me beaten up had long reached a stage at this point in time where their lives are full of irrelevant things which I pick up facts to write books from like they wrecked my academic work and ran off after passing their own to do popular culture fame and fortune with my career along with their first degree giving me the task of managing that alongside the need to get a career going while I study at the same time. However the others that want to kill me can be broken into the white and black groups; in terms of the black ones the result of being forced to chase a cause in which I will die for the future of black people since they were willing to die to protect black women and children is now that they know those black communities are not their personal and private property bearing in mind we share the same skin colour, there is no way I would have been a woman so they can check me and ascribe to their stupid girls everything I own and work for. For the whites I have no idea what their problem is since when we consider cultures we can see Europe does not have to worry about east of west for example because they are a collection of very ancient countries that had conquered the east and had been conquered by the east and likewise the west as well but Africa for example has had no such privilege hence modernisation and migration could not have damaged their white Countries as it has the African ones and if they show any signs of moving towards those threats of harming me it will not be the first time we will have to discuss a process where they and their Politicians take away my work and damage my career so that everything I will offer another country that I move to will be second class which will determine how I will be treated there as well before I am told I must try to make myself the one none white that leaves their country for them which will help but this time it will lead to other results where the UK for example will become an African country all together; it’s not just them that feel I am inferior and need to be exterminated you see and they do need to leave me alone and zip it. The talk of greedy Americans is very well understood but they provoke me all the time and because I operate on the global scale there are things I can do which are out of this world, just like the former groups of people set out a liability for me where I have to wonder why I need to do violence to anybody bearing in mind what I already do get to do to them when they wind me up, which indicates I would have been a cruel person such that when others start to attach problems that gets solved to it I reach a point where I will now worry about and get down to stopping it as it were but for them of which everything else is their liability too never the less. What I am talking about is that they pretend damaging people’s lives and work in order to leverage it and pile things high to sell them cheap is victimless unless you make them pay for the costs at the global stage where it really gets to play out its effects to the full and nobody knows how much damage that will do to them and everything that is associated with them or even the US as a Country but they cannot stop provoking you either. Then we hear those tales it happens because of what I do with their culture about which I am an Intellectual Property Administrator and being able to handle their culture and do whatever I like with it is common sense because process where I am unable to ensure they face the consequences of their property equity vandalism by making them deal with unforeseen problems on account of handling their cultures and societies to that effect would mean my job makes no sense whatsoever. At the end of the day besides a process where there is simple decency and people buy a product or leave it and not try to benefit from it in other ways, considering financial improvements such as the fact that when I was younger you needed to know the seller very well before you can put down a deposit on a product and pay for it by instalments but today it is basic customer service for everybody, to avoid such problems as wars where they complain of how far I take my Intellectual Property Administration consequences for example, there is also the fact that this process of vandalising my work did not in the past have a connection with profit making but after years of popular culture and music industry and a process of gathering people for the high life on that basis and selling things to them while they are gathered, we are now at a point where they have established a connection between doing it and making profit and so with that happening I find it difficult to see what their complains about it – hence I am convinced that they would do business in no other way and set it up on media and ran it and ran it and ran it until they made it work to seek a piece of my own as well otherwise I cannot envisage any other reasons they did.

When there is a circle around me concerning an item about which I only have the right to determine if people can make use of it and people think that they can and regularly do without my permission, what I do with their cultures and societies is simply meant to have served as common sense as far as I am concerned and will not in any way diminish provided they carry on and make up excuses in order to all the time like they do as well, getting their superior idiots on media to bully me as much as they can by which they set out these stories they tell of their own versions of what the Royal Family thinks about me and I about the Royal family, full of abuses that are new because they are expressing their superiority – which is no problem for me as I have before mentioned that I am the way I am because I am a black Prince and there are some that are simply stewards by nature and of course all that talk of how they have done so much wrong and so much bad and gotten away with it so much they can do and undo and everybody now wants a piece of homosexuals they ought to know will not work with British Royals who are of that character content; what we have today as Royals like HM that is what is known as a Golden Princess and a Golden Queen when she became Monarch and even the Duchess of Cambridge is a black Princess for example so we are all full of Royals that will not pay them any attention these days which of course has its benefits but I am only making sense of bragging of the nature they blast off all the time and their superiority and the new abuses that serve to sustain it, about which I always think that when I mention the fact that when the NSA spies on everybody it does not make me equals with politicians or with them or with civil rights idiots or with the media, they think it is not serious because they want some of mine – again.

The story of people who live on benefits and like it because it is free and it is difficult for them to appreciate free things is one that I am aware of, especially the ones spread by black men but of course it is one of those things I handle the way I do because I don’t wish to chase it head-on because it will lead to a condition where the country may slide into a condition of intolerance. That said however it does not mean that it basically works that way, the way is works is that they vote for an entire Political party that positively spends tax payer funds to wreck the finances of young people and new adults in order to ensure they are a plaything for civil rights fraudsters like these and so this is what tickles them so much that a process where damage to your business and not civil rights happened has not yet begun to yield its dangerous consequences yet and that is because there is always some way to wriggle out of a process where a certain party must be known to stand against academic and financial success. It is never half as much of a crisis for me as they like to claim that it is in anyway whatsoever – the feedback I get from the people of this country is a nice guy that they hope and pray will get a job one day to release them from their misery, so it is a positive feedback. Now with respect to matters of Housing it is not my opinion that the conversations we have about House Prices is ideal because of the length of time it takes for people to save up for or pay for a House for example – what is more important in my view is the fact that due to the length of time it takes to either save for or pay for a House which creates jobs for those who work in that industry, it is one of the corner stone industries of the Country, not because it should be discussed all the time as there is nothing in it to discuss since most things about it are declared before hand at all times but because it is the kind of industry which determines that when anything happens to it we as a country and an economy are in big trouble; what in my view therefore is more important is getting off to the International world to ensure the whole world understands that the UK has utility economy which determines how it behaves towards its Housing market and this therefore determines the nature of National interest – it is considering the impossible task of looking into the matter when things go wrong without being asked what you are up to by other Nations around the world, no longer enough as we can see, to simply leave it for private individuals since we have changes such as the biggest Manufacturing base in the world being situated in China and so the chances that tourism economies in Asia that largely behave like ferrets on the financial system of the UK economy are going to hide behind anything that the Chinese may do to find out what we are up to and before they had done so we will have lost everything as usual, hence the need for government to step in – I mean I can always do it my Intellectual Property Administration way but that is largely a quick fix to ensure immediate problems are resolved in the immediate, there are better ways of course. As for the black people, I am not as worried about them as they like to claim that I am for the most part; they and their friends are really good with their social and cultural deviance where they are certain others should work for things they spend on themselves, which has nothing to do with the way reality works in anyway, at provoking people by playing games whereby they pretend to be peoples parents – winding up and mixing up and teasing all the time to soften you up and ensure all they learn from practicing child abuse results in a case where you cannot control what you give to others or control what others do around your possessions. Then they complain about me and my lack of respect for how the UK is their turf when we have always been clear rather about such facts when it really comes down to it as the problems created by females from say Jamaican or South African communities, cannot be something that I am responsible for and therefore has nothing whatsoever to do with me in anyway – still that said a process of being provoked by the fact the only relationship they can offer others is a homosexual one continues, especially on grounds they want to persecute me over my faith with it too. They are not a problem for me in anyway, it’s true that over the years they have continued to handle my work and deploy it as a means of getting connected with Industries and I have also allowed the Industries to deal with the matter to an extent because it is important to show that those who are selling products are dealing with their own problems and thus gives the companies roots, unless the issues concerning public image are handled by the idiots in which case it is entirely expected they will d nothing but hound me at all times and that stupid popular music while they do as well. Some do say it is a difficult matter when it really isn’t as I can always set out social conditions which mean it is not a indemnity to talk about women as problems and so that we can find out if when Mob justice becomes the order of the day and those stupid girls of theirs that can be told by their mother I am the kind of man they need to bully because it is how their stuff is done for them and more so that it is their civil rights which then means that they can plan their wickedness and apply it on others and there will always be a different meaning for it alongside a worst case scenario being that when people find out they can start to feed on people regret, then we will find out how much of the problems their females create is on my head while they go off to be rich and famous and important like they always do, when it turns out I will be doing their stuff properly and the insolent ones with money to spend will be dealing with mob problems all the time doing my stuff for me as well. As I said, the fact that black communities in the UK are run by them comes with a certain number and degree of problems and those are not a concern of mine.


I don’t think this matter of people attacking others on account they are successful is a new thing – the Labour Party is the biggest source of racism in the UK, the only party in the Country that positively sets out public policy to make people susceptible to it and so when they had handled my finances and career and spend tax payer funds to damage it because they simply could not by themselves, what happened to me was a damage of my livelihood and not something else and this is what they will all pay for. It does not mean when I had refused to handle it in ways that will lead to a more intolerant Nation it will not hurt as much anyway. As for the part where I pillage their culture, I will do it again for the two reasons that they are not my parents first of all those stupid insults and then the other reason that Christians have never really liked those who have secret rooms in their homes that they can bother others with and practice certain nonsense with their women who think they should be a threat to the financial security of religious people – the result should be that when they are through with their social and cultural deviance which you get involved with as  Christian because you are looking for trouble and as a none Christian because you intend to find out at great cost the fact that people do not actually like you as much as you may have supposed they do and a job emerges from it, then their stupid children can get jobs from that and keep me out otherwise expect that when they try to get jobs elsewhere and I win at the competition I will ensure they cannot get any stupid privileges of injustice at my expense – this especially applies to the whites, the blacks however have a system of setting me out as the kid they will abuse until a sense of the injustices they have suffered in life is made and that is why they are complaining about me and a matter of their stupid cultures and societies and an ungodly thing that comes with it thereof. I am saying that I will do it again if half provoked in anyway – I mean for the city versions there is that cheap easy violence of theirs that never ceases all the time and when asked they say it is about making sure you are not soft because people will take advantage of you but when they think you have been licked it becomes a matter of keeping you off the kinds of girls they normally go for and these are the sort of attacks that lead to a condition where you become interested in their society on the left and on the right – I mean for me my interest in it does not do them any good but when I say I find their secret rooms and how it affects me and those things they do on media to ensure I had approved it offensive, they think my threats that I will do it again and this time everybody will understand what is going on is some sort of a bluff – they are nowhere near my Dad’s league and need to stop making me feel like my chest is about to explode; save those stupid insults and go to hell, it’s been 12 years of it and they can complain but I don’t see that I will get any better either, I am certain of that.  

I mean things like Bank of England not raising interest rates because it thinks that it should be able to determine if the jobs people have is secure before it can being opposed and attacked because of those who manage it were not so stupid and raised interest rates those who are selling homes now would make more profit, so why should their businesses take a knock for others or a story of how the fact half the worlds wealth is owned by a small population is a celebratory fact or the part where I am an example so that when I get off to an arrangement with some female journalists with whom I build a Court people turn up to leverage it from the US to get rich and that means they wreck my life and finances singing rubbish all over it until they had created a community by which to link a process of hurting me and or peddling my Court to making profit; there must be a way to either get around bursting these bubbles that makes them such a pain or compulsorily retiring them – which they are convinced will fly in the face of all that is free in capitalism but is largely a matter of whose property is  being used by them to do things. Hence the story of the two part games they like to play here until it is time to play as well and all of it mine; one being that they are dunces and they are the kinds of people you get around with when interested in failure but how thy wreck you and get some small finance leverage from government to become more successful while that Government tends to think of you as their plaything from then on to extricate the same means whereby they claim when I deal with things that are superior to me as well on account that the basis on which they are is that I am the thing whose life and property is used by people for all sorts and to get anything they want to do done, it tends to have meant that I am digging into history of which the big issue still remains that the history they speak of is my personal life and not their own – The other side being of course that they steal my work and property to get rich with and then what they do is laden it with some fake work, knowing that not working for it predisposes them to making mistakes that will expose them and media attention too in their name to create sales and get rich quick bubbles all over the country where I have to continually bump into places where my property ended up and popular music is holding it in place for others to do what they like with and then you can never get it back which is why I have confiscated the entire process by which it is all possible too – going right back to how it happens because I was provoked by them on account they were aware I am not a bad person and after that provocation they realised they must now rectify that problem they created for me in their own way, meaning the gospel can never be a correct thing after that too. Hence the question not just of how I use religion to justify my support for extremism whereas they are the ones that never allow people time to sort themselves out of which most of the issues are of their doing first of all and then of course the story of how I am Christian one moment but the greatest supporter of wealth inequality the next, truth and reality of which is that there is a difference between turning the other check and being responsible for turning another person’s cheek – it is for these reasons they are light weight you see and kick their arse I will. Hence if somebody can work for it and have it taken away from them because wealth distribution is going on, I do not see why we should not start with them. It is never actually true I am concerned about whether or not there are enough jobs to go around, yes I may do certain things which show people economic insecurity is not a joke because they messed up their stupid lives and want to mess up other peoples own as well especially over wealth inequality but that does not mean I am likely to worry about job availability when the same younger people are working so hard with a group of Political idiots to wreck my finances and force me to adopt through so much hate and inflicted afflictions that could only have come from their foolishness a sense of relating with young people which they have adopted as a result of their own failures – if they piss me off they will end up with a reckoning over what they have built around me – I mean it exists in the same par as that old story of how I do not do what I am required to so I can be protected whereas in reality this matter of keeping a smiley face for public services is never going to sit alongside a process of being taken advantage of by Politicians, party after party, so that it is only when they are certain I have been abused enough that I can be allowed to move on or indeed the part where their society idiots are able to dominate me before I can be allowed to get an education as well; now they are all paying their dues, so I win again, there is no such thing as being concerned about whether or not there are enough jobs to go around – I mean the things people vote for around here in view of how business and industry are either run by those who own it or those who are operative shareholders or those who are sales men but because it is accepted that hurting me can be linked to wealth then that is what people want to subscribe to, this is something they are supposed to live with so these idiots can hurt them in the process and as for the Politicians those are paying their price well enough alright so they can spend tax payers money on ugly wicked idiots I abuse and take advantage of because they build it around me to make a career of reputation, then offer them friendship fame and importance to make me behave with a big mouth. There is nothing of fact to truth to that claim either that I say things and do things in an inappropriate way to exact revenge for these stupidities, the reasons I say the things I say is that when it comes to creating such social conditions as bring about matters that come around again and again seeking peoples blood on account power mongering insolent evil greedy twisted controlling freaks want things, they are top dog but then we have the whinging after that with civil rights and it is so noisy and gives me a headache and they need to get off my head and my chest and my tummy as this is not their own stupid lives in the first place anyway and as for popular culture holding together my equity property being used to create bubbles for them they can get rich with all over the country and possibly the world, that is another story entirely because if I said popular culture and popular music was evil their Politicians would speak of democracy and civil rights – now that it is a barrier to employment and job security and my livelihood for me I do suppose they have to rethink their plan and rethink their insolent intrusion as well. This matter is not a crisis in anyway like they would love to flatter themselves it rather it; simply a matter of making an effort to taste your own food and making an effort to feel your own bed when you sleep in it because idiots are feminists and the reality of course is that women are divided into the four groups of my friends and the younger ones that presume they can tell you whom to be friends with and the idiots who like to attack people all the time claiming people want to have sex with them and cannot keep their hands to themselves which will become the answer for everything and then those who will jump into bed with you in a jiffy – so there is no suggestion I want any nonsense from any of them for my part either and those stupid black women insults is seeking its reckoning indeed as well.