We always have to contend with that nonsense of their women who never go away ever and always feel I should be in a condition where I am a man proving myself as one and suffering violence and dishing it out as well, alongside their access to government structures and systems of security by which the entire purpose of their existence becomes that of jumping on my health, to keep tabs on me with which serves them well as it were since it does explain a lot about what they are doing anyway but it is the other part where they bring idiots onto the media to talk nonsense about how my work really means a post colonial settlement that will one day see me rip it out of them as well, since we all know that poorer people here have to work for their money and the richer ones have the ability to earn very quickly, may be meagre of course but because of their capital is a lot on average all together, so while richer people can handle a million and earn 200,000 which is not a lot bearing in mind but is still a lot of money numerically, the poorer ones only handle a few thousands or hundreds and that is where it stays and so these are things criminals rely on to do what they do – hence the fact somebody is angry all the time is not to say that he does not have a good imagination or that he has hit rock bottom is not to say that he cannot find himself a job or mean that I ought to waste my life taking nonsense from idiots who are the only ones among communities of unfathomably stupid people with a desire for access to peoples personal lives in order to make fame, that are the only ones who are able to take in academic work among such idiots. Criminals rely on these their stories and of course we all know the worst they can do is climb up the economic system with their media and try to make money as much as they can while the criminals chew away at the economy on the other hand and completely destroy the lives of people who have simply had a hard time, making them stupid as a matter of fundamental principle and the result is that they mess with me and get it while the criminals destroy the economy from the communities. I know nothing I say here or anywhere will make any sense whatsoever too in any case because they have got media so I will continue to maintain the position they want some of mine and will get it as well alongside their business idiots and those insolent demagogues of money making they cannot stop throwing at me; something I need to do to ensure it does blow up in their stupid and insolent faces and we are not talking about Syria on that either. There is no post colonial settlement going on here, I find it is important they shut it and stop jumping on my chest all the time.

Now on the matter of more kids becoming more clever and the big bad dunce of me remaining still while they turn out to pass their GCSEs and the government is setting up more tougher conditions for them to pass their exams, which they will again sail by, it is the old story of what I have mentioned before is the media paedophiles and the idea I look like a child and need to be hurt all the time because the law does not prevent them from doing so, however it has now reached a stage where they regularly turn out to abuse me like that to extricate money from my public work and company and with it buy expensive drinks they take in while abusing me because of course it has steadily become something they want to prove to their friends and company in public as well. So where we will start as I had already warned them and provided an ultimatum of 7 days from date 2/9/2013 is those stupid and abusive social media pictures of themselves on the profiles. Naturally of course they say there is nothing I can do but we all know what happens is that when I am bullied by black people and I set out fame for those since they are the only black people who exist and they know they are ugly culture freaks who do not want fame but have taken my life over because of it never the less, it will degenerate into violence which is as they like it too – so I can on their orders find a cause to chase and die for the glory of black people on account of their reputation. In the same way although it is the case that no such nonsense a random attack on media when these things are worked by individual journalists will apply, there is also the story that I am not innocent in the matter and that is not what I suggested, I am not innocent in the matter myself, turning out to ensure fame I give black people for bullying me so it can degenerate into violence is controlled and measured and used to help them with fame games and lots of money extricated from my property is looking for trouble and what they got from it has been entirely deserved. The other issue around media is that rubbish about how I am affected when or whether or not the US carried out military strikes anywhere in the world; when we all know their purpose is to ensure that government does not spend money on defence when it can rather spend money on their charities – not a problem of course except that they like war and want to see it happen but wish to ensure that government spends money it should on defence on their charities instead and so it goes on like that with talk about how there is nothing I can do if their social media pictures of themselves that are meant to abuse me and remain there for years at a time before they are then replaced with something worse is not moved on – hence it is where I am coming from as well. Bearing in mind their stock market goons on the other hand who think I need to explain the fact that when you handle the equities of a fully developed business because if you did handle one from a business that was not the person you abuse in such ways for what they own will not be available to be abused like that for long on account they will find something else to do, it does not mean that a fully developed business that is secured legally will ever have equities that become yours even if you have made money with it – hence the idea I handle peoples business which they bring up all the time is something they do  not realise will not stand up in Court and of course the rest of them and their social idiots have not yet realised my books were never things that were written by their mates and I cannot understand why they cannot keep themselves far away from those as well. I hear they speak of members of the royal family that I offend which is why things are complicated for me; utter nonsense of course because the reality is that of members of the royal family that are never loyal to the family as much as they are to themselves because it will mean being loyal to the Queen and as a result of that talk nonsense all the time when diplomats turn up to offer them undefined statements of power that operate as prerogatives they will make sense of by abusing me; I always think when they speak of things that will never work for me they are bluffing as well and I have had enough of these things I wish to see them move on very soon indeed. The Politicians on the other hand are just as well, those talk all the time about how most of what I do is power but it isn’t, it is a clearly set out career that is crystal clear to me and does not have to be to anybody else – it does not mean I do not do the power as well, I do it to prove a point, however I am clear at this stage about a career that involves writing books to rule them and they will need to take into account those books are not written by their mates or am I a close pal of theirs and try to stay away from them and I mean every one of them afore mentioned staying away from my books that is. It is not in any way to me something about some blanket attack on the media, it’s a certain group of journalists, that is what my fight is, they want some of mine all the time and it will not be enough to just put down roots and start another series of projects I thought I had completed over threats to my authority in my own world all over again so we can hear their squirm around the world again, it will have to involve a lot and much, much, more than that; making facts clear to Politicians about those nonsense people talk all the time about my cowardliness and inability to show I am a real leader by getting around with criminals I can then deploy to wreck people’s lives if I want; since of course I know I live in a world where I can write books to govern them sustainably, I live in a world where I hand handle criminals hence it is clear to me the only group of people there are, are those who are successful and those who are average and those who have hit rock bottom and are getting themselves back up again, I live in a world where I do these things with no major cash assets at my disposal, so it is a little known fact to Politicians I can tell the difference between normal people and thieves; so these thieves can always therefore in their case which is how they wreck my life and talk nonsense all the time and this is therefore the start of a process where it moves on thereof – they turn up to talk nonsense all the time which gives them enough attention to make money that allows them to pull a certain weight over the economy while proving a point about the nonsense of government staying off their business, they do it to a point where they buy their own phones and it becomes the means to more wealth just the fact they have them and can talk nonsense for having them which helps them steal, they buy cars and it serves the same purpose but the Politicians cannot see that although they have not committed any crimes they are thieves and that there is a difference between them and normal people and so we end up with politicians and media serving their cause and talking nonsense at me about how I cannot pull my own weight or am a coward, so I can do their own again. So when my ultimatum runs out the media will find out what I do; I am full to the brim with these things and they need to move on – no piece of literate here is written by somebody in their league, I do not wish to see any of them around it anymore. The story of how I am an advocate of war is utter nonsense; first of all of which the reality is that I am an advocate of nothing like that because I am Christian, secondly of which is that the defence industry is a good Industry and can only be dangerous to those who want it to be and thirdly of which is an ongoing issue that must be resolved – where people fire nerve gasses at their own citizens i.e. people need to understand the dynamics behind the use of chemical weapons; maybe what happens is that somebody killed a person and the owners of the person did not come round to pick the body and it rotted and stank and he remembers he has chemical weapons he can fire at them as well, maybe it was a case of meeting a rebel who had lost an entire family to the war who provoked him by farting etc – nobody knows what the idiot who would do such a thing is trying to accomplish either. And we know it gets worse because the UK has no right to exist on account of developing economies – they say its emerging markets stuff but the reality is that small businesses get clobbered by them, so that if that is allowed to pass big businesses will get clobbered as well and then when we decide they have gone too far things will fall apart since it is never good to serve the rich and powerful who have the means and power to take what they want, because they will be served twice in the process and hence it is not what my service at HM looks like thereof. Nobody knows who tells these idiots to slash the range of the UK as a country anyway; is their Country the United Kingdom and how by the way did they get the access with which to make such changes like they do on a daily basis and run on their stupid insolent media – there is no point telling me I incite this and that when they know what the truth is; these small businesses and small people know their local ministers and those in turn do know their Prime Minister speaking of which but in my case I will be allowed to keep an entire literary empire that is mine by the way if the Country is settled on its economic model. They know what the truth is and I incite nothing; the entire prognosis of their existence is to threaten people and demand things from them that makes no sense to give or share, not because they think they will get it but because it opens people up to stealing that is not quantified by law, so they speak of colonialism but that has changed nothing in them, not even the desire to work for a living and the Politicians cannot tell the difference as it were even when they buy the latest phones and latest gadgets and latest cars and all those things had become the means to more wealth as the good things in life just because they bought them and regularly require the Police and the government to stay out of their business claiming all they do is a matter for them and a matter of their personal choices, they would rather say when I mention that if I get hold of them it will be one more task when they start selling that ugly culture over a fame game to get rich and famous and it is the only choice they have got and then it will be one more task – it is beautiful or funny. I mean a typical example is Robert Mugabe, I mean not saying the opposition is okay as such, but they are one of the most open display of the dress code of a thief, the body language of a thief, the things a thief says for a political statement, while his hands are firmly settled on your property until he breaks in and appropriates it for himself; the worst possible feelings of insecurity imaginable and the existence of people on the other hand that have built a civil rights by it too.

There is that story told of how I am referring to all of the media when I say these things but we all know it exempts my Court whom I want to detach as much as possible from the process where they are involved with any fights to make things easier for me. The other stories of what first of all the idea I am suffering from an intelligence deficiency is utter nonsense however because it is clear looking into the problem of fools like this and developing equities that deal with it to be brokered takes a toll on your ability to think properly, however that it is mentioned it is not measured by something my parents are still doing to me to the benefit of politicians looking for a piece of my own as it were but also the fact they want trouble since we all know that it will have meant making them behave and making them keep their dirty violent and insulting hands to themselves and perhaps try to punish only their close family and talk nonsense about prejudicial progress thereafter with it when they are done thereof.  The socialists by themselves however we all know are a group of trouble makers for the most part and yes I do wonder what people hope to achieve attacking and wrecking my finances in order to create a sense their stupid children are catching up and getting ahead of me as well but it does completely blow me away that people would give their general public support to the public funds that are spent to do that by idiots that should do so by themselves and at their own expense. The part about what confusions there are about my work really comes to the bottom line of the fact that the Labour party is a party of devil worshippers that turn out in parliament to abuse me having debates with Christian members of parliament from other parties so they can make things like homosexual laws on the basis that such persons have become a minority voice in the Country – however I mention it for my part because it is one of the things they maintain to make themselves retarded because they believe that getting involved with me which is bad company and will bring nothing but failure is a spiritual power that they have and hence important for people to know next time they think laws on same sex marriages and matrimony is correct. I do not think that any of it a major challenge; there are a few matters to it i.e. that there is no way I can fulfil this their great laws on equality because there is no way that I can tolerate people stealing my property to wreck my finances as a progressive form of discriminative and prejudicial progress – I know which laws I can go along with on the basis of the size of my purse and the question is that of whether they can make me or not, rather than all that noise we hear all the time and yes they will claim that I cannot afford multiculturalism which is a mark of their leadership but we all know that multiculturalism as stupid as it is, is never violent towards them as it is towards me and I have the right to ensure it does not turn up around my affairs to that effect which they claim does not apply if they are superior enough to ensure that it does not; so the outcome is that I give them the fame they seek so that because they are culture ugly scum do not like the fame but want to play fame game of vandalism with my life at the same time will degenerate into violence, except that the media turns out to help them measure that and spend my work being rich and famous and for that I must set out the question of an understanding where we all know racism is an act and a process of setting out a certain politics the end product of which is murder but the question remains how wrong most of the things they say in the process really is.

The reality about my work therefore is not just that of how what The Queen does in my direction is something people feel is to be ridiculed when we know it is the highest level of government business what The Queen does with Her Parliament but also that of the fact there is nothing about my work that attracts the interests of socialists who are really people that need to have that their thing taken away and done for them otherwise they will kill off our small shoots and we will continue to squeeze balloons when it comes to economy and they will continue to have access for familiarities that bring about the nonsense they talk about all the time which is actually the problem with their own ideologies. In communist territories there is no worry therefore of whether or not people can work better together or any of things associated with making Industry work in this part of the world, I do not appreciate any involvement from them at my work, never mind the fact it is abusive and like I have mentioned before there is no such thing as an inability to afford multiculturalism but a matter of the one I will go along with based on the size of my purse and they can try and make me otherwise if they feel they have got it too. It’s like it is in the US and how they tell me I want another British Parliamentary vote on Syria when I have told them it is seven days from now to take down those self gratifying and insulting pictures of themselves they put on social media for months at my expense only to take them down for something worse whenever they do otherwise I will start mine as well and have another series of books from it too. It is a little known fact of course that I am aware the media is never interested in whether or not the US does anything about anything because what is more important to them is making sure Governments want to go to war and then are stopped if they find somebody to sacrifice so they can spend that money on their charities instead, while I think the defence Industry is a good Industry unless people want it to become a dangerous thing. Hence all that nonsense about how I send mixed messages whenever Washington asks a question; whereas what I have actually done is take up all that history over Iraq and pre-emptive strikes etc and ripped it up because it is utter nonsense. So we can all understand what a more peaceful world looks like and free us of all these games these idiots play not just over the fact they are always warring with each other and I have been able to create a peaceful life for myself and friends which politicians really want to get involved with but also over the environment, as we all know all that they and their political goons in government office do is always meant to end with grottos and smoking weed after they had destroyed everything fighting anything that makes sense. So if you said you went into Iraq on the basis on the need to spread democracy we know that will never bring about a peaceful world but if it was about the environment based economies, then everybody will get the sense you have a clear understanding of what a peaceful world is really all about and so even if all you did was blow up facilities that the Syrian President deploys to build chemical weapons, being able to communicate these things to world will ensure things go a lot further than expected and achieve their aims in the process without regime change in Syria. My point is that on the basis of socialists getting involved with things because of their disposition of cash to spend which we now know we must waste and exhaust if we are to get a grip on economic issues; the idea will continue to spread that the problems they create has meant that communist power and influence has changed or grown around the world when everything is exactly as it was and the US will be unable to defend the small Islands under its authority while it is bombed by Islamists and North Korea until it is too late for them there because they are the ones that are always likely to take up socialists stuff and do it for them to make these facts clearer. So there are no mixed messages sent when questions are asked at Washington. I have been clear about where I stand; nothing like an inability to afford multiculturalism, there is simple clarity of which laws they make with it which I am supposed to go along with on the basis of the size of my purse, so I guess the big story is making me otherwise if they suppose they have got it as well and of course try and stay away from my books and nothing I write or put out there has ever showed itself to be something written by something within their league; for the evil and the bullying and the abuses there is always an end and we await stories on media about it too. Eventually it boils right down to the simple matter of getting out of bed every day to ensure anything that unsettles my literary empire in anyway feels my wrath to the fullest and then the losses will begin to stop as well. Fair to say therefore I do not have an intelligence deficit problem unless I take things really seriously which actually does not determine how much work you put into anything; just like the claim I bring these things on myself if I were to mention what will happen if I decided to stop it and how it will mean rolling up their lives like a carpet and moving it on so they can keep their hands and insults to themselves and not feel they have perverse evil sex with anything they see and go on and on about it including the need to punish anybody they wish on grounds they know what African culture really is and more so that I bring it on myself by trying and control people I cannot control, which is just as well of course because the truth about that is how I must dress and look the way that shows the UK to be a modern country because they need it to get rich before they complained like they are today. Abusing others because they have something they cannot protect and making out your community croons watching them all the time to create a set back into every personal development of his which drives him crazy because it is prejudicial progress for you that you are by the way paying dearly for as well and on that stupid media means he has got an intelligence deficit problem, looking for more.


Now the idea of a Syrian opposition that has nasty bits is something I would advise us to kill off; I mean it does not make logical sense in anyway i.e. people who rebel against a system of government that wants to own everything between it and its supporters forcing them to look elsewhere and punishing them to looking towards the US and Europe can only do one thing at a time i.e. turn up to fight to secure a country where they go to theatres and play fame game to wind me up all the time like the UK ones do or do racism like things such as Islamic terrorism and suicide bombings, unless we have been playing up a process where the trouble makers get involved with them which last I checked we were doing as well; it is much the same story with Iran, we all know nuclear contamination can be a weapon of mass destruction and they are not clear about what they are doing either. Naturally I would be told that I come up with these ideas from nowhere but of course the truth is rather that they don’t come from nowhere as the Political aspects of these terrorists groups are given the highest level of quality time they could possibly desire by media organisations who desire other peoples possessions, so I know the two groups of people and their societies are just as insulting as each other, so it never surprises me on any occasion whatsoever, I am a writer not somebody who talks facts to solve their problems and if I did, it would be something I had expressly chosen to do as there is nothing they can do about me but I can assure people I am not confused about anything I say. I don’t think about the insults all the time its just that every time they do it, it propels me to teach them a lesson or two on so called wealth inequality; I mean it is not easy to handle a man like myself, it costs time and money and lots and lots of energy and resources but they do it anyway without the need to be organised and even deploy government office when necessary – there is no such thing as wealth inequality, it does not exist, we all are perfectly aware of what the priorities of these goons are and we are not a Nation of thieves and will not run a government that steals for them to that effect either. In the end there are other major arguments that come to play as well such as the need to restructure the nature of the British Economy which we all know even as lay persons has been done four times in the last five years alone and this costs vast amounts of money while those responsible are therefore telling us stories about wealth inequality; is there then any normal person that would think it makes sense?

Now the only way that any wealth inequality gets to make any sense anywhere of course as we all know is a process where the government for example had not done enough to protect small businesses, so that Mrs A the single mother lost her job because her boss lost his or her company – otherwise we will never know what it means to stop somebody who has got a product nobody else in the world has along with some 200 networks all over the planet from making as much money as he likes. Yes they say I work in a team with businesses I bad mouth all the time – the reality of course is that they are a collection of trouble makers who need to understand my position on rich people is that you only think they are okay if you like being insulted so others can be successful and since I don’t, if they cannot control those their girls and boys and popular culture I will rip it up for them too, along with those their stupid shareholders from whom I intend to take away that stupid filthy fascist society and I mean right across the western world all together as well, provided they continue to get on my books and turn up in public to talk nonsense thereafter with the same filthy fascist nonsense about how the UK needs to become a republic. I mean I know I do not wish to write a book that is miscellaneous, so that I might add value to whomsoever buys a copy which will create the idea it is a deal from a Prince that is too good to be true and therefore his fault if people take advantage of him but there is no day we do not hear on public media that it is what my career and products are all about because they believe the way things should work is a case of extracting an income from my work and then insulting me for it while I do geek stuff or basically become a fool. And we all know it is the same attitude towards the sales as well that will be stifled until people settle in on trading with me by using me like a  tool and an item, so they can get on media to talk even more filthy evil nonsense than they already do at present. There is a link that has not been fulfilled, the link that people pass through to make money which means when they have it, enjoying it is really all they care about, these idiots still have the energy and propulsion of anger to do the wicked things they do because they have not fulfilled that link to have the money they have and that is an evil thing for society; for now I am not yet at a stage where I pressure the Government to establish on them and enforce that link to be fulfilled and all I need them to do is take their clowning with them and stay off my books. It is much the same story with their authoritarian leader friends all over the world and their stupid children that cannot keep their mouths and their hands to themselves and of course cannot stop stealing too. I mean you can find among people who have hit rock bottom but will not go into crime to get things done and are working hard to pick themselves up, a condition where some goons can get up and rally a certain group and send them out to murder the others convincing them they are superior but you will be hard pressed to find that kind of behaviour among these fools with money to spend and I can only be helpful too for my part – they don’t stay off my book sales and it will blow up in their faces. I mean they say there are a lot of things I get involved with that are really not my business and I do nothing about them when I get involved but destruction but of course that is after scaring the Christian with homelessness and the possibility that media might make a statement about him should he be homeless that will lead to a condition where somebody turns out to stab him at random was the latest thing in town because the purpose of it is so they can move into my right hand and stay there. That was before it appeared that such intimidation and abuse which I only see women that are addicted to pornography and Labour Party idiots and paedophiles do, was the only useful thing they can do with their stupid lives; I am only being helpful, I am not the one complaining at the moment.


That my books are a collection of gossips is very well understood but what is not clear is where those who say so are coming from i.e. was it the academic undertone of the books that suggested this or something they do simply because they have appeared on my television and are therefore convinced it is a means by which to talk through to me as it were. The reality being of course either way that the men and fathers who want to find out whether or not they can take a royal estate away from a boy and make it their own now have something they like about him and the royal estate so much, the rich idiots whom I cannot lead now have something to brag about and the powerful goons that I dare not confront now have something they cannot see to deal with. The black girls however who are very fond of this sort of thing we all know of i.e. whenever I have an opinion about you it cannot stay an opinion in my head on account I am insolent and do have a thing about insulting you to meet a certain need in specificity and for that reason whenever I have that opinion I feel a pragmatic need to ensure it affects you physically – all I can say is that we hear of the end story to the bullying all the time; the party life that degenerates into relationships with powerful boyfriends and then the stabbing and then the shooting and then the end and this is what we await of course, not half what they suppose we are. Yes I know I am slowly becoming the biggest impediment to the freedoms of black people in the world but everybody knows that when you have something others don’t and tell them it is ear marked, having been they have barged their way into your affairs, what they are supposed to do is surround you with problems and keep it up while monitoring when you have to deploy that stuff you have which they don’t so they can they copy or have it as well, that is always before they complain about what the ending story for the bullying has become but before then even the Church ones are evangelists of bullying and stealing and vandalism, to the point where the civil rights ones are convinced I cannot possibly see through their lies and deny them absolutely anything they want around here and of course the girls by themselves can always run away from the shooting and the stabbing which makes their insults and abuses such a fabulous use of my time as well, makes no difference; I have put up my royal property as security for my friends to work for money because it is ethical and I know it means I can fulfil people’s dreams too, there is not a chance in hell, in this life or the next that I will allow any black civil rights scum get anything from me or chose any self improvement around my work – as I mentioned, I don’t know why they waste their time so when they know I can see through the church ones. I do put my hand up on why people suppose I am unpredictable; I fight my enemies like they were old friends you see and have recently been informed such processes of creating a means of understanding is supposed to lead to conflict resolution and not a process of seeing what an ending story to a bully will be. However they do need to keep their insults and the process of touching my possessions which makes me angry and tired so they can call me names to themselves before it does blow up in their faces as well – I mean the reality of that nonsense is steal, steal, steal and beat up which is something low lives like these can only do in their fucking dreams. Of course the idea some people have that they control my work is utter nonsense; I mean they expect a story about men in the sense of somebody getting around with men that will get them into a corner and punish them sexually so they can tell stories about sexual abuse, otherwise those games will not be happening and therefore become the answer to every little nonsense in their stupid lives when it so turns out that at certain stages my boss The Queen will require work to be handed over to Her. Although I am not knocking it still because we are bound to hear complains very soon indeed about how I have taken hold off and ripped up their female society, which is actually where they ought to be in the first place. I don’t mind their men promising me they will sexually assault women that are affiliated to me either; for that this society will be altered completely too, so that their women can keep their insults and their filth to themselves and if they do not, it does not get to have meaning on media and Politics either (bearing in mind that an ad-hoc system of managing that stupid society for them, to make them behave how I want entirely for my purposes and without official authority like those stupid insults, which has created a mental illness pandemic is not hurting badly enough yet)


Now I am aware of the talk of how I support a process where the US is allowed to Police the world by any means possible but of course the truth is that I don’t; the truth is that the US is a democracy and in a democracy the government allows its people freedom and power to run their own affairs and so for that reason they get around a lot, the result is that the chances that a person seen doing his affairs how he likes anywhere in the world likely being an American is as high as 70%. The other side of the story of course is that when other governments do not run their business consultatively and in a Legally lawful way, their people get around a lot with problems and so the actions the US does take therefore can be classed as Policing the world by those who wish to call it that. Where the UK comes into the story of course is that of such matters as Kings of Syria that are elected and alongside whom of which were elected an opposition that must now be effectively murdered too; so it is trouble for everybody, including Nations like Saudi Arabia or Qatar or any other Country in the Middle East where I have royal fans and freedom idiots with a quest for riches and pocket money feel like wrecking my reputation every blessed day for their insolent purposes. So there is no doubt that those far flung relatives that these royal families have are getting themselves into conditions where I could be rewarded to deal with the problem of their stupid pocket money far from those insults having developed into a violent insatiable desire for appropriation running off with some story about how the UK government expects other Monarchies to do what it wants. They cannot stay off my book sales and my income you see and there is always a bigger and more powerful relative that will collect it for them and of course we all know they cannot stay off media for that too and have no plans to legitimately work for money in their lives, only call me names wreck my finances put a smile and a party to their faces and then media and advertisement and my property and income does the rest while they increasingly get violent which is maddeningly provocative and they know it is too; much like the tyrants that have children who steal money from their countries and travel to the UK and cannot keep their hands to themselves or shut their mouth let the insults die down so to speak and cannot stop stealing, while their foolish parents pretend to be royalty as well. The other part about how people have had the need to understand how and why I think the way I do is very well understood; after all the Labour party which is full of block heads expects me to know everything so they can turn out to create me an 11 year cash flow crisis with their intrusive and popular stupidities in order to make themselves Political success and talk nonsense all over Parliament – their protection is nothing but the fact we live in a tolerant society of course and it does say you should never mark other people and write them off as a done deal.