The being a world power conundrum is really not a conundrum at all. The fact about it is that if people want to be world powers can they start by creating and providing security for people to think about what to do and work their ingenuity in a secure economy and then they will be on their way, otherwise if they use my own I will be after them and there is no point talking about colonialism when they wish to work intellectual dishonesty with the interests of another country and nobody knows why they would drag the entire economy of their countries into it either. I personally always think that people do such things with the interest of a country and drag the entire economies of their countries into it because they are either monumental idiots or they really do believe that they can enforce it.

I mean even now as I mention it, they have already deemed what I have said to mean that I am their slave who in variably has served them which is something they will pay for in cash as well because it is really insulting and I have already warned it is deviant besides which I am not their mate anyway. I personally have no idea how people could run entire countries and Political systems that are based on religion when they practice these kinds of behaviours to a point of institutionalism.

On a professional application, it is easy to see that when people behave and a government makes more money as a result, it gets to reward them, like it is when a company pays its workers a bit more because it has made more profit. They speak of the desire to become world powers of course since it is the clearest indication of how much time they have on their hands, it is marvellous actually.

I am not suggesting I cannot enforce my own stuff either, for me there is something namely freedom of religious belief to think about, otherwise when people want some of me they ought to know that stifling their ability to communicate has always been the most effective way of preventing genocide and so when they continue like they are it is very likely the genocide will be taking place against them and the world will become really confused about it.

As for the British and American people that sit around my income and business to do price of power, we have been settling for a process where they play bad fish and bad eggs with the due consequences for it, the process of challenging me will mean that this proceeds to the point where we have to have conversations about it and even the pornography will become a major issue as well. 

I do not mind being told by their stupid children that the reason I cannot sell my books is that I was destined to be a priest who existed at the mercy of their generosity while they get famous, after all we are all aware they are more busy with playing out their price of power insults around my business premises which I intend will end as they expect it will as well, hence cannot understand their complains, as it is not up to me to do so. They complain even when they love to stand beside their Politicians to make out if they were able to be the cause of my death as a result of what they perceive me to be as a person due to years of their abusive insults and price of power vandalisms while they keep their jobs safe, that it will be a worthy price for the injustice that they had to suffer in the past- which I think is because they cannot leave other people alone and I therefore simply need to make living and they all need to find a way to completely disappear, especially for the blacks.

They will do these things and complain at the same time, while I am the one who has been trapped with the help of politicians among people who hate my guts mortally because I am a Christian and like to make up excuses everyday to harm me with, knowing it makes nothing make up excuses to earn income I work for in the company of their stupidities because I need to move on and claim their main problem is the kind of racist language I deploy such as describing their mad insolent golliwog mouth. I am the one that has been physically and violently made to suffer a 3650 days of not knowing where my income is coming from, on account idiots are playing price of power with my business  premises and like to make themselves out to be my fathers as violently as they possibly can. So it is fair to mention as well that I am aware these complaints stretch all over the world too. Maybe they do want to get off my book sales, I for my part have not institutionalised with their insulting problems, I have institutionalised with the idea they are a problem.

They sit around like that on my empire and wreck my finances everyday for fun with their stupidities and the purposes has more to do with providing for girls that they get to have sex with which further progresses to a point where they sit around the premises doing the price of power at me to stifle the book sales, they pick an apt reason in the form of what I do with their personal and marital life with respect to the price of power as well but that obviously did not get them as focused as they needed to be on what is really important to them at this point, in fact they have got media and have thereof found their way out of that hence after me again, bearing in mind intrusion into and leaving violence all over my court that they get to manipulate on the same media as well - then they speak of my language.


I mean I would be hard pressed to find any man of means whose livelihood has to endure that level of assault on a daily basis. They say most of it is a factor of what I have done to their Politicians and Political parties but before now they were claiming great victories which made my condition very funny to watch; it’s like they say if they were able to be the cause of my death it will satisfy them over years of injustice and as the case may apply, years of colonial rule as well, which for me as well applies that if I am able to stop them totally from the practice of violence of those who have and practice moral imperatives that can form the arguments that stand between them and violence which aids the process of getting what they desire, then I will be satisfied as well. So I will chase them around this world for this and the insults will come to an end one way or another. They do this with all their time especially their insolent women and claim I act and speak the way I do so that when somebody wants to hurt and kill people to get rich, he or she will kill me instead, then make mention of my description of golliwog mouth for their part, it take centre stage immediately and becomes more important.

I mean the customers cannot enjoy the contents of this site or hospitality and products of this firm because they are hanging around it like a state of affairs bred from lies of unsuccessful wickedness, trying to get rich with it without buying the products on account that there is too much of it, they own it they say and nobody will think like a normal human being should think about his problems, nobody will have a normal life and nobody will earn an income from a job and I am not complaining, they are - especially the Americans. I have no idea for my part how they could believe that deploying themselves for the purposes of physically wrecking a person’s finances to a point where there is publicity created into the act of doing so, could mean they have become invincible, more so on account that the person now has publicity all around him which says he is poor while they have one which says they are rich. What have they set off here exactly and what do they suppose should happen now that people know that no matter how rich you are there can be no respect unless you have enough property to acquire such things? I suppose they have media in their view and can change facts with that on a daily basis, I for my part am being told I am weak and beaten whereas I am lapping up a process where my property was the bone of contention because they have respect for nobody in their stupid lives and now they want a fight that will cost them nothing as well.