Now the case of getting into trouble with the men does not apply in any way whatsoever, they are all underdogs and need to stay off my income, not talk nonsense about journeys of which there are one stage and bound to be other stages at a later date. I will not stop driving through the case of their underdog status until they have to disprove it, provided they continue to think they should talk through to me via my media equipment, so I can kick it out of them again. Yes I know these things are done by Americans that have deeper ancestral ties in the UK than I do but that is beside the point of which is that it is impossible to sit down and assess matters at the office and decide maybe that there is too much prostitution around, or too much pornography around or too much sex or too many badly behaved women and so on, I cannot even have sex with my Court without American interference for God’s sake by the way, let alone settle up securely on what I wish the Consortium to do for me on any occasion. Now they speak of their ancestral ties with the UK of which we all know that if what they seek which is to have a better cultural disposition in the UK than I do, were to be given to them, the problem will start off from hyper activity and destruction and move right onto insults antagonism and abuses and then we will have to deal with mass murder and serial killers, that said of which I am still confident when I get hold of them they will have it and then they will finish it as well and therefore finish something for a change in their stupid free bird lives and so I can have some rest as well. I have been clear about where I stand on the matter for my part in any case by the way; I cannot engage with my own Court and my own women and so on without American interference and they have had to travel past the houses of government in their Countries, travel past the media and the borders, travel past the media and borders of the UK and travel past the UK parliament to reach me no matter where I am hidden or how and have therefore travelled a long way to look for the trouble they are currently getting like all stupid men do. The women on the other hand have a story to tell at all times about how the British always take care of women and how they can handle me or practically own me, they even make out I am supposed to have abusive sex with them in payment as well so that they might recover their homes which I stole from them and so I am not too troubled about the need to avoid conversations about this matter since that is basically another issue of people who feel the British have to right to exist to settle in a big grand and global way with a lot of pain involved as well like I have the European ones. Yes of course they also say most of my problems are brought about by the things I say about HRH The Prince of Wales but of course they are for he is still toeing that line of making me poor until he is King because he will not settle for any less than what the Queen got out of my life, so it is this question therefore of whether what really happens is that a Monarch passes away and another starts the Country from scratch or that a Monarch passes away and hands the Crown to her successor.  It is not a scary thing, just an old hate involving scum that believe his place is the safest environment to pitch their tent of insults in my direction and nothing more, they can steal things as it were and have stolen too much apparently; however the reality is that HRH it appears wishes to be the future King of Thieves and so if I am not tough enough it is clear I ought to avoid that part since it will bring about Political instability that I do not wish to be responsible for, however they keep getting out of their circles to attack me which was the original reason they got there and he opened up the doors and royal business to them in the first place, to toughen me up and for this they will soon have to steal everything including what they cannot see and it will, promise, end very badly indeed too. The African ones they say and of course that is an old story; the women believe they have found an insulting way to my finances being the bullies that have stories to tell about my life involving how I used to be scared of them as a child and so on but we shall see, since this is not the 1970s where they get around diplomatic circles sleeping with tyrants and eating snacks and thinking they can do whatever they like with anybody. In the end the reality is that all these foolish women and their idiots will never stop attacking me because there is no route by which they can steal anything anymore and what I have cannot be stolen because I have put it beyond crime and made it therefore cost ineffective to it as such, it is the Politicians that give meaning to these attacks that want some of mine all the time like foolish lazy and destructive men and so economic recovery should have been a financial securitisation of the financial markets, stimulating of the jobs market, bleeding economy free of bad debt but it will now be a matter of wrecking my business to pillage Intellectual property for good feelings that can be peddled and shared and getting of lots and lots and lots of free labour from me, so we can only go back to the same old issue; for the women it is a simple case of the fact I will look after the Pornography industry for them to see what they have got since these things tends to mean they are always likely to lean to the right to deal with me after their insults and incessant attacks on account they will not live if they cannot steal my earnings to have money, hence can look after the gangs and criminals and extremists for me as well if they have got the fucking guts for it, for the men they can make money by humiliating me if they want and work it until it pays off and find out what will happen to the west as they know it as well.


Now I know they say I say these things to the hearing of these evil men and then complain about the effects, which of course do on account the way I run my affairs is a process where they think they have wrecked my life and climbed up the media and hence anything I do will go from being a threat to constituting a warning they can chose to ignore, hence I give the warnings and stick them anyway by putting it out in public because they never listen if they did it would never have come to this. Hence it rather seems such issues come up as a result of the existence of the goading and the bullying with media either which part I get around with of which I cannot win and so since they do it to find out how I will deal with problems, the problems are always therefore dealt with so we can find out what next will come from it – however it seems that when I tell them and their parents who need money more than anybody else to stay off my book sales and the Industries and keep their popular culture away I can see in their eyes they do not understand one single bit of what it means on account they are invincible. They ask those questions of what it is I did to the Europeans of course but everybody knows that your entire life will be taken up by idiots on account Europeans are socialists, who think invading your personal space is fun on account your Christian none violent behaviour encourages them to be angry and to do things that are hurtful to you, as a result it is impossible to keep any thought at professional work, at Royal work or anything else without a process where they bend it into a condition where all of it is about fighting them on grounds they know there are more white people than there are black people and that even if you did get around with black people you will lose and that is all that matters to the cultural evils they are orientated with, hence create a means by which you fight them and lose and that will cleanse all the things that serve as a curse in their lives and stick it in yours using the media and then they will prosper and so I have gotten into my stride to rob them of everything by being able to distract them unto failure and penury as well and toughening me up because they are thieves who never listen when I say I do not want info about it, will continue to make that as bad as the fact they should relate with their own leaders like that as they can see I am somebody else’s own as it were; now the main fear now is how much of a threat to them this is, if it is combined with American craziness for surveillance as well or just becomes something they take up and use on account I write it out for my Industry partners and other associates through my websites and they are sure the European Parliament will come to their aid quite right but have no intentions to stop it since this is just the 12th year of a daily affair of this behaviour from them and the Politicians complain but never stop the insults when they know who I am and if they don’t will find out soon enough as well and of course are therefore well aware of what feminists and other idiots will do with every little insult from them with media and for how long they will do so – hence I am done with them and am off to making an example of the American ones as well. The others are supposed to be stupid Tories which offer relevance to the American ones, they will handle me by themselves after getting the Country out of the EU but they could not handle me by themselves without their EU friends and so the same stories carries on that everybody expects this fight with me in which they do something terribly unfair and win in order to prosper and if economic recovery is not therefore done by the book they will not have the west either for my part since it will not be good enough to live with and they can eat shit instead of that kind of living. I know I have handled them in every possible way that the only way out of them is media and advertisements which have gone from making statements about pushing aside Mr Best friend of the government so they can do what they like to building up this interests which suggests it is in their interest that I do not get a job or make a living and that they have to fight for such an interest as well. Hence we hear the talk that I boast all the time but they can kick my bum anytime of which nobody disputes either but clearly it appears nobody wants to kill a load of cowards who with their media and Politicians get around creeping up behind people to stab people to death when there isn’t a war going on – nobody knows why they forget they are cowards all the time or assume nobody wants to put them through an education as well. The story remains the same; they stay off my book sales and stay off the Industries and we have nothing to worry about, otherwise we have to assume there is nothing to the media and Politics except the goading and the bullying so I do not have to respond to it in order for them to have false confidence and professional energy to get through a job in a given day. I mean I don’t have a problem with their insults, it does not prevent me from getting out of bed, so I don’t see why they should be bothered either – I am not giving back that stupid society or culture and they can come around here and get it and kick my bum while they are as well. Or they can continue to invade my personal space and turn out to talk rubbish and then rely on my fear to get things they cannot do about me done in order to get through life, like the men they are who have no sense to imagine themselves in my position which would have helped them to understand there is no need to have any as it were and never ever stay away from me or my belongings and hence explore the outcome as well. I do not think it a major crisis either; the fact of it is that they can either stay away from me and anything I own or continue to have cultural arrangements that make money through a process where they secure compliance from me, which has never before worked until the Labour Government went around spending money on it to create the idea the money should have been mine but has passed to them and thereby forge a process where Christian compliance in a violent setting whereby he has no choice but to comply, makes them money, so they can get on media and seek it every day, take over my life whenever I have done anything to move on and attack me for behaving in anyway which affects their sales of Music CDs and other corrupting influences around the world among many other nonsense of that kind. As we can see it is the thing about culture; what they must have discussed today was probably how they can drag Christians and Princes out of their homes and take it over and if they cannot own it shut it down and peddle it to get rich and so they have turned out on media to make that operable as well and of course it is not enough, we can see at this stage there is only 3 A4 pages while I need at least 7 to make an equity property blog on my websites, otherwise the blog itself will be shorter than the side show columns which is not aesthetically pleasing.


Now I understand they say I have made all these things into what they are today but I don’t know about that anyway since they have continued that behaviour of a life where it is all about clubbing and drinking and stealing money from somewhere for the high life and the drugs and the travels and the gangs and the violence sometimes, then men that can squander and destroy people’s lives by knowing whose pocket never dries up until they dry it up but we see them in Church chasing me on account they have developed an interest around confiscating all I own because it is not in their interest for me to earn money. So provided they do not go against my own stuff of the time when “We are h-a-p-p-y: only when I laugh” was trendy and most homes were beige and getting around with others meant meeting granddad and his little brother, then we should be perfectly alright and they might want to keep their hands off my book sales as well and keep their insults to themselves. Yes they do say I sabotage my security and make enemies at Royal circles as well but there is really no such thing; the truth and reality is simply that they want to be able to get around doing something about things women do because they want to continue to peddle me for a living at Popular culture i.e. they know I may not buy the products whether or not they abuse me but women might because those are the kinds of cultural things women do sometimes so the big question becomes that of why they never do something about the ones their socialist idiots do even when those think they should be doing it without other peoples personal lives as well in order to seek self improvements and ensure they can do it without any consequences but regardless of the consequences there are of which they cannot be caught dead stopping it, to a point where they are doing it with high level public offices and even NHS offices as well? Now I have reached a stage in my life whether or not Americans know of how much we like to help women which means they own me and their excuses can go from that right across all sorts of nonsense which do only the one thing of spend the proceeds or market equities of my company on themselves, to the claim I make out whenever there is violence women are always at the centre of it, which then becomes something they wish to disprove on account they are feminists and on the other hand HRH The Prince of Wales thinks I should be poor until he is King, where I think that these cultures and societies need to be kept in places where people are more appreciative of it since it is so violent towards me otherwise I will take my own measures as well. It’s just the way I see life i.e. some people call it prejudice but in my eyes it is largely a question of whether I can sit down to work in an office without having to contend with the evils of the society of the idiot next to me – so there is really a lot about me that these goons do not really know and yes they always say I suggest the need to do something about things that cannot be seen or touched but it does not work that way, the way it works is that they make a point of duty offending you, they also know you have a choice as to how you react to them, so they are geared up for all kinds of derogatory nonsense which means that each abuse leads to a reaction or one they make up with media so they can creep into anything else in my life but the evils that are going on and by that get under my skin and determine whether I can get angry or not, soon it gets better of course for the socialist evil Politicians come through to help them on the prognosis that they will never succeed over a Christian that way and that it is my finances and the basics like food and water and clothing and comforts I have legitimately and legally and lawfully worked for that need to be taken away in order to ensure that even the made up reaction are valid as per what I would have done but chosen to do otherwise – it takes up all their time but they explain it to the public that believes them on account of wealth distribution, it carries on for five years and then six and then seven and now 12 years and is still going strong with public abuses everyday; so it is not just about imagining things that you can then decide you need to do something about, they really want a piece of me and cannot stop handling my property in order to get it. They always say on one hand that it is about making me deal with the men while they get freedom from it on one hand which they do to continue that old wickedness of making use of my work without buying them on account I shut down the route to that of peddling my faith and so they continue to make use of it looking for trouble, on the other hand they say I rub shoulders with world leaders when they are nowhere near my league but of course they can restore all they have damaged here and then say that again. Otherwise we assume the main point is that they need to get away with it to make fame and fortune and tell me what to do with my life such as getting into politics to get paid peanuts and it is the impudence that will be their undoing as well regardless of what I chose to do, reason being that this whole plan of continuing to use my faith without listening to the gospel and or repenting which was shut off but has been transferred to using my books without buying them has something to do with how I am in league with popular culture but wish to deny some people access whereas the truth is that people are famous for doing fame worthy things and not for being culturally notorious with a story to tell and the fact I am paying the Price of this power is a lot of tough talking – At this stage of course we are still 2 pages short of our blog and they have a blog here to finish for today and tomorrow is another day too by the way.


They speak of mental illness but instead of staying away from my products and property, they speak of it because they think that if my work is associated with mental illness their own will get attention and they will have done something to damage the finances of mine. It never makes sense since it is clear that they complain of mental illness when it is not in their interest for another to sell their books to somebody else and earn a living, so the question is therefore that of what they will complain of when people begin to buy the books to teach them a lesson – I mean I know they view my life and work as a pivotal point on which to start building up jobs that require alternative lifestyles to sustain them in order to attack morality itself that there might be no truth but why do they need other people’s lives and jobs to build alternative lifestyles or jobs that will depend on those anyway, perhaps the assumption is still that nobody will buy the books to teach them a lesson as it were. Now they say I am one of those who thinks I should write my personal diaries so that future generations can benefit from my great wisdom – the truth of course is that they are the most insolent and twisted evil things in the world where you act in ways that benefits them so much that you lose a footing on how to handle children and women and a wife and your children all together because they are busy using it for prestige when they get rich and famous and they cannot understand what it is about when people say they want absolutely nothing to do with them, its impossible to understand and move on, simply impossible – they cannot leave people alone and be by themselves. Its like that old story people tell of how if they were to tell me that having sexual fantasies about others intensely enough can give you access to their personal lives and personal spaces and so on but that if they did, I would be going around having sex with women that are older than me and more successful and beyond my league with that power but if they don’t I will continue to wind them up and mess up society with my claims that there is a God. So for the women and their foolish children the reality is that they set me a challenge and that was that if I were to build a sanctuary to my God since I cannot stop them from coming and going they will come and spend its divinity on a daily basis until it was all gone and so now they have to because they want it so badly that I am in pain from their pragmatic insults everyday and are complaining about mental illness but not yet dead so their own is not so bad anyway, the men however have suffered a few deaths so far and it has always been that way i.e. they were the ones that fantasised about me and played tricks on me which suggested that they were God and I took it and have since believed there is a God, time again they do it over everything I do and cannot allow me earn a living and time and again the result for this price of power I have to pay and that power they have is that they lose their lives if they do not get enough support from Politicians that is as well, then the reality is always that they lose their lives and that being I got in touch with is still alive – so that even if I didn’t know that turning up in Hell to see the devil must suggest that God does exist supposing their heart was not taken away from me and hidden away where I can never recover it so that my brain becomes as stupid as a brick and I rely on the wickedness of Politicians for everything and attack people all the time and make noise about racism and so on etc. However being that I have met one side, it is unlikely to have been the result that I would turn up in hell and say that God does not exist even when my heart has been taken from me and hidden away so I can never recover it and my head is as stupid as bricks and I rely on the wickedness of politicians for everything instead of work for it and thus talk rubbish about racism all the time. Do I believe I am looking for trouble, of course, for the most part I am as it were; the reality when we take a closer look is that a certain high percentage of Internet bully victims that have committed suicide are Christians bullied for their faith, so yes I am looking for trouble because they cannot leave people alone and each time you mention it they find another one to latch onto as well and we really cannot work out if it is more annoying that they do because it is associated with their civil fucking rights or that it is something they do because they are evil. This is about the job and the books not the way I would do anything if it were down to me, if it were down to me the reality is that these idiots would have been selling their killing services to those that might want to buy it because it is important and relevant that you control the entire lives of people who love to threaten you so that you might decide what to do with your life and a big problem like them. As for black girls and women on the other hand I have been clear my personal life might have been open to people around the world who can get in touch with my media associates to get information that will require me to help them with what they need but that it is not and I have mentioned that on several occasions, expressly not open to them; they do it all the time and feel that when they had consumed the lives of their stupid insolent siblings every other male is a plaything for them on account their siblings are violent and the only thing that is relevant to do with my personal life that is clearly open to them in their view is to toughen me up at the tummy so I can do a man’s job and leave a lady’s one for them and they cannot be made to listen – for now they are not dead yet just mad as it were and it is not enough so far and of course they say there is no prove of that and it is where we started off earlier in the day with losers and underdogs fighting me with my own stuff to make noise and get connected because they cannot leave people alone – so of course I now have to clear up I have been a good leader as it were and that I have been making sure they sell that culture for a living since blocking off the peddling of my faith means a social obsession with making use of my books without buying them – that culture is my biggest problem and it means they are perpetually on the precipice of something which means anything I do has been stolen from them; they need to sell it and make money doing so, I am sure they will find people that will buy too, their attitude will see to it as it were. At this stage of course we have just about a page and eight lines to get out blog ready and then we will be done for it and they can handle the books and the company and the Industries and the book sales and ultimately my person and finances tomorrow and cook up another group of things that we will work on, however I can tell you we were able to finish work today at around 9.00 pm and of course tomorrow is another day.


Now I understand it is said my actions are not gentlemanly and that this is no way to treat women but of course that is a subject for conversation as well; since people women or not need to take into account the consequences of making use of products people have created from making their lives and that of those around them cost ineffective for criminal activity, without paying for it, because they have been promised the chance to exasperate such persons and grab their fame en-route to quick wealth and fame. As I said before, they are not dead yet, just mad and being women has never before constituted an excuse for behaving in absolutely anyway people bloody well like. Of course there are no more cultural content to all that rubbish they do day and night 24/7 they name popular music which is nothing except exploring other peoples personality to get rich and make fame every single second and nothing else and naturally of course, not only that it appears being famous is actually not that easy but corrupting everything they come across and people continue to buy those things as well for their part which is just as well, except that this is that for it for today, tomorrow is another day.