Of course I am aware it is said I need a lot of help and support which I really do not - it’s like when it is said people would like me better if I were more awesome but which I am not since it is not what I do for a living as it were; the rest is just reality around the fact that these goons think racism is a good thing whether they are white or not - it is usually the best means to get rid of people they do not like because they have not been getting things off such persons and this is the public service part, mostly it’s just a matter of how they have gotten others to a state where people want to kill them and how to find somebody that can be killed instead and groom the person for it to such a state that if the person were killed it would be enough to satisfy the general anger people feel towards them and yes they do like to say I speak of such things but continue to push people towards their enemies that murderously seek their blood about which I need a holiday and seeing them off my Book sales is the way to make that happen, so if they do not change me with their insults none of the consequences devised on this desk as a counter measure will be applied and I am aware too when I say such things I have told them a great secret but in the end if they extract an income from my Empire one more time there will be their entire Communities on one hand and me on the other. We are all very well aware of the defiling other peoples social groups story but that was before my classification was the ugly people that look after culture so beauties can get rich gave way to the guy that teaches people how to fight and defend themselves from those who mess with them or he will get into trouble story, right up to the University; they are still hanging around to make it operable despite warnings I will change the west for them as they know permanently if such nonsense ever pays off.

Of course there is nothing wrong with social mobility in the UK it’s the same old story of how there is a need women have to see men especially when religious dealing with the fact the world is an emotionless and moral less evil existence – so we need to see them deal with the fact it has not continued to take sway all the time because there is nothing their victims can do about it too. They like to say they have shown me what it feels like to be a woman and those male idiots with a need to spend people’s property will make out it was fun while it lasted and I wouldn’t like them to tempt me any further for my part as well, the question here is that of where social mobility has gone not hurting badly enough yet when people raped them they loved it too – let’s see them deal with that. This is the response you get every time you deal with 15 years whisper based unemployment and Political bullying showing up on media all day long to chase me and laden me with so much problems that I am now living an inferior version of their lives which technically means I have gone from the leader who wouldn’t let those who wanted to make use of me without going along with the rules to do whatever they wanted to being inferior to them but above all has created a new reality based on me being used to suffering, it is what you get when you need explanations as to why peoples disobedience applies you stole your person from a culture they were saving up for the future which is a response to the fact you will never let them pillage your faith to create new beauties to be decadent with on the left and they are showing you they will squeeze that stinginess out of you with a big mouth, it is the one response that the men find it amusing and the women are showing you what it feels like to be a woman and so their case here was that social mobility had vanished which is not hurting badly enough yet as it were. Apparently it’s all associated with their lives and the way their lives are and the way the people they live with are and as usual if I catch them extracting anything from my Empire again there will be trouble. there is normally nothing unusual about it; it’s either some Police Officer will kill them as there is no way I will agree I need to get myself killed by bad people so they can get away with bad things they do to good people and the continued stirring of society in the wrong direction with their bullying will continue so that might happen or a criminal will kill them one day and tell them it’s nothing personal, just collateral damage to get the job done and I bet on that day they will be wearing a T shirt on which it is written I hate the Police too. There is nothing wrong with social mobility, only a problem they have with the rules i.e. if I played out my life in a certain way people would wreck it and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about that but if they turn up here then I can at all times, nobody knows what their problem with the rules really is.

For now it’s a problem with the fathers and their insolent children where I have a thing for setting out vengeance for the abusive insults that runs along the lines of taking respect that is deserving of the Fathers away from them and then the kids can turn up here to get it as well and a dog eat dog world will emerge and I will be blamed for it, that is usually the start and if I see them extract anything from my work and property any further there will be trouble, after all it could be I am bluffing too. The world is an evil place they say and if they piss me off it is not going to be anymore too, I need them to stop being seen around my Books, this is the most important thing at the moment; it’s been 15 years of that crap and they keep getting more prejudicially violent with that big mouth. There is nothing wrong with social mobility in anyway whatsoever. The only way to resolve everything is still the same as ever – nothing said or suggested or raised or implied about my Books by them anywhere and for any reason since it creates an alternative to sales and we hear them claim they do it because they have problems but how stupid, how stupid really does anybody have to be? The white ones like to issue threats when their girls claim my very existence makes them nervous and yet I have cleared up in many ways, I had made it clear to them they need to live their stupid lower class lives as though I never existed and then that will work for everybody whether or not I am writing books about their lives but they have continued to prefer the threats talking nonsense about how black people treat them which does mean I am not treating them the way white people do me yet too as it were at the moment – this is still not the only pressure point, there are others about how I interfere with people I don’t know and have never seen but have messed with their social lives whereas I am the one having my finances ripped up because if I were made to g through hell, when people buy cars I will think it matters and it didn’t end here either, it went way down the line of idiots setting me out as the guy from whom they should learn how to fight their battles with honour which damage they do with that leads me to issue the threat they can turn up at Industry communities to blab their threats where it really matters but it goes further from here still, to the bit where I don’t care what they do on media or anywhere else but the bit where my existence makes them nervous means that something of mine needs to be spent and they know where the Royal Estate is as well, the one that means I am an Arch Prince that serves the country out of my own expense and has a system that provides me my own buffers so they don’t have to worry about what it costs me because it is the blessing of God and we all know what that means as well – so the shoulder robbing with me and a means of getting involved that they have devised have obviously gone so far as the point of threats and we all know I am wondering still what to do with their stupidities on those foolish threats as well for my part. The consequences lay on this desk and they are not there for trivia either; so I will stick to the plan and the next time I see them extract anything from my empire there will be trouble.

I can understand they say the shoulder robbing was invented by me which is utter nonsense; they talk too much, lie too much, whisper too much, gossip too much – I had to put something else on my account into them while I made sure every media fool thought he was curetting my relationship with my Court in order to control what becomes of it. It’s like the endless tales of hoe unacceptable my actions are when they are all of them a response to matters about which I have spent ample warnings and given them ample time; it can start off with the claim my personality is indicative of the reality that I am homosexual and when that had run it cause to all kinds of destruction and damage, it is immediately replaced with claims I am in love with them and that it was all forced on me and that it is the meaning of civil rights and anti-discrimination. So it’s never clear what exactly they mean my unacceptable actions anyway – we have not talked in detail about the onslaught on my empire because they are collecting it as spare resources for men that are more violent than I am whose respect I have stolen, we are not talking about grooming me for hate crime violence as a victim so they can do whatever they like with others and get away with it, which is usually only matched by the hatred they have for those who sort out such things in other ways – so it’s a matter of telling them to keep off the Books and then finding them damaging it to send out a message that organise criminals can run over and over and over again about how I never did do the right thing which is why I never got public support and will never sell my Books and it all comes down to such realities as the fact the only crime I commit against them these days which completely beats the imagination, is that when I have problems I solve them at my expense and when I have something to do, I do it with my own resources but it is this part about being so pragmatic as to touch that has now resulted in my actions being unacceptable as they need to keep their hands to themselves – there is nothing new about the fact that they are pure evil and do these things because of a need they have to deploy other peoples government offices – government offices where people have access to Law enforcement and do not deploy it to kill some guy that is messing with a little beauty like them because such persons are being selfish and therefore must have it taken away from them so that the security can be deployed for the good of all, all of which has not given rise to bum fingering me to change my quality of life and bring about social equality for all as well and making claims about some Royal they can beat up and I have no clue which part of history has actually informed them like they appear to have been, that it is my Office that they can mess with anyway especially the American ones. So we end up with tales of a society and a culture and a way of life that I am not giving credence and freedom to but I rather need it because the problem has always been that they never ever listen to anything people say to them; it back fires you see when they wreck the finances and you end up in their part of society so that you can change it anyhow you like; in my case it is the insults and bum fingering especially that changes me and every time they do it changing a society or a culture or a politics or a media or a way of life is usually the best way to vent my fury and in that way I change them too like the insults do me. The question they say is how they will get Royals to abandon their position so somebody else can have a go with it and I don’t know what it means for my part either; all I know about those statements is that it is developed by them and supported by their Politicians who want to have peoples body parts in vases that adorn their houses of government without which they cannot run the affairs of the day – because of course they can have their government back if they wanted, not demand peoples Royal Estate that will never be their own as it were and of course we all know the Politicians that encourage it are doing very well presently too for good measure. They do not get to touch me and need to keep their hands to themselves otherwise unacceptable actions from me can become the least of their worries too.

We hear that talk of segregation when they think they have got a scapegoat all the time but it is still always the same old case of what the law means of them and why it is that when they have a problem settling their case with it in order to move on with what they want to do with themselves since they are not legal practitioners and have no use for its knowledge, they find that it is somebody else’s problem to at all times and we are not talking about religion either – it is always somebody else’s religion set out to take up their time which means people should be attacked for the religion they practice in their own personal lives because they are preventing segregation from happening to them any further and it goes on and on and on and in every turn there is a layer of repression being worked only successfully through a degree of involved stupidities that beats the imagination and it is not clear how long they expect me especially them loquacious American ones to put up with all that very abusive ways of replacing respect for me and what I do for anyway.


We hear those tales all the time which never fail, that I play around with peoples wives which is utter nonsense as we all know they are staff and if I sell books and build an alternative Court that gets involved with me directly they will be worse off, if I remove them from Court they will be worse off and so on – so it is either peoples are interested in State matters happening in this Office and whether or not these journalists are doing their jobs or they leave us alone and keep their opinions to themselves – these women know that playing around with them is too good to be true and they do ask if it is over when I show those tendencies to get violent and their purpose has always been to ensure society gives up respect the fathers have carved out for themselves to me depending on how provocative it is and some are just there because they target me and other are there because they target Politicians and young people – I for my part have made it clear the goons and all of them for that matter do not get to touch me without consequences as we all know when we speak of touching we are talking about anus and penis insults and abuses on which making money is founded and so on. They however do speak of the things done to foster friendship and cohesion being slaughtered but I get along with the lower classes to well they make songs about me and have been doing so for the best part of the last 14 years and it’s the same with the Middle too – they know they want a piece of me and will definitely get it too; people do not take a bath and get dressed and turn up on National TV is fine clothes so that the equities of fashion they broker with a Royal Prince can be cut out and laid up somewhere by idiots that are planning to get rich while they are made to feel filthy all day long, somebody was going to take responsibility for it and they need to stay the hell away from me – the part where they are guardians of the Politicians as well is the one that makes the most sense of it too because when this frenzied process of ripping up societies and communities is as a result of frenzied process of hurting my anus and penis and it becomes a big thing the truth will be undeniable that you cannot just get through life being unemployed for 15 years because a dictionary idiots got into Parliament and thought the role fitted you. Those that have lost partners on the matter are always to claim it’s my fault but it never is.

They do speak of the strength they have in my overseas friends who are actually my ancestors and yes take a guess at what caused me to establish the arrangement that exists now even with Communist Countries, save the fact there comes a time when you need to prepare and create an ability to ask an important person where it is applicable for an opportunity to defend yourself. They have lost all they had with communism and the south Americas but are still tongue wagging. We do hear all the time that the Labour Party and its foolish members have a reason for their activities but the only reason I know is that they are really stupid people and that their activities beat the imagination which causes them to enjoy it way too much, that is when we try to make sense of it rather than get angry at it. Otherwise the facts are supposed to have been that they do not recognise my leadership because to them I am the guy they pick on when other bully them at Politics so as to look like they were never losers which again is incredibly stupid and does not have any meaning and purpose but none of it baffles anybody since these are idiots that will not attend school until they have a hate figure which preferably has to be a religious person. They do say I am like them perhaps which is why I pay so much attention but I am not – they have spent so much of the Nation’s time and resources to make me react to their activities so it has reached a point where I am obliged, it does not mean I am the same thing, just means lots of hysteria that means they can chase my anus and penis if they wanted and again this too has no meaning or purpose. You get to pay attention to those times when you are looking at yourself and then 70% of what you do is a process where they are forcing you to be like them and you are reacting in some way – so it really boils the blood so to speak when we hear them yap that such situations have become normalcy and therefore a test of their power – it happens all of it because they are really stupid, stupid beyond other people imagination. They do say my actions are incredibly stupid too but they are not; it’s an old story of how they must lay me out and allow their idiots to make money at my expense because their version of success is respectful when they know  nothing about me and like to boast that doing so would mean a consolidation of their stupid power even further – so there was always a need to ensure those their stupidities and things they have which others do not have become our outlook and then perhaps I might be able to chase anus and penis as well in my time – it’s nothing to do with my faith and religion it’s all provisional; the part where people were thankful that I took up the matter as a Christian and resolved them which they spend tax payer funds to bring to noughts and make out I am just a number and they are likely to get worse from generation t generation was the start of it; it’s all just provisional, how we have agreed on both sides to treat each other. Of course they do say we never agreed to treat each other in such ways but facts on how they turn up over the period of the last decade and a half everyday to keep me unemployed with testify to the negative about how much they have wanted it – we are past the point at this stage where we watch what we do lest society is affected by it and that is because they started the prognosis that their victim has enough going for him to pay for it as well – those kinds of questions really do blow me away. It’s like when they say I take my problems out on those that simply want to force me to give up more and more information, which is utter rubbish; those especially when American like to think I will be punished in one way or the other because evil will find all kinds of reasons and disguises to creep into my life for the damage I have done to society and culture and take its revenge – so they are always here to bring the pain in their time and need to fight their own battles with their own bloody or make enemies on all sides so they might have to chose properly –I am not getting punished by anything save media yapping which I will get rid of again if it winds me up – so these kinds of questions when exactly we agreed to treat each other in such ways really does blow my mind. I understand the tale of social mobility but I don’t know why people are always saying it to me either; I don’t share my leadership of either middle or lower classes with anybody at this Office and it is the lower classes that are drifting away further and further as a matter of the culture trust that existed in this Office and it does not do to simply had it to the violent and twisted trouble makers then return to remember where the buck stops every time. every popular culture songs they have made on my public work has been found on Tube and displayed on my Twitter profile by my own hands, so I know it is there and check that it is there all the time, including those that have joined us at the Royal Estate as guests especially from the US – so there is no social mobility problem going on, it’s just that when these kinds of issues arise it tends to mean that people have made such mistakes for a matter of years and it is beginning to affect them jobs wise and career wise as a collective and we should let Politicians and the media compound the mistakes we have already made to waste our time and our resources of the likes as much as they bloody well wish, they are not trying to accomplish anything important they think it is amusing and do like to brag at me all the time as per what it is I suppose I can do but I don’t know if those insolent gestures to the left is what their own Offices look like either.


We hear them speak of Parliament getting rid of me to move on and make progress and it’s all very well said but the old case remains i.e. if they are more important than I am, does it mean their Popular culture idiots are too? So my only concern is still that getting rid to move on should not mean extracting anything from my empire any one more time since doing so will obviously lead to trouble. they do say I need to take terrorism a lot more seriously of course but as far as I am concerned, what has really happened in this Country is less Muslim men boasts about respect they deserve on account their kids are bad, as we all know that no matter how hard you may try they will find suicide bombings wherever it is hidden and bomb themselves which of course in a way makes a nice change – I mean it permeates every aspect of life including the job centres and the Blacks are up next. These people cannot keep their insults in the company of those who have expressly declared themselves to have an appreciation of it and those abuses and curses are meant to be amusing – something that gets them a lot of attention thereof and when they kill themselves they expect others to feel sorry or else and I will not be taken. Then we hear those tales that I stand in the way of those that are fighting it whereas everybody knows these are the fools that do nothing else except attack my finances and try to push me into a gang on account their lives are screwed up and they have ears they never deploy for the right reasons and I know their own gangs is civil war too, the one I will push them into as well; only that if they get off my Books and clear my space the situation will improve. They cannot do anything without telling me what to do on that stupid media and it becomes more abusive on account they are stealing beauties to make popular culture fame and fortune too and you cannot move away from them and start all over again somewhere else while they complain about the consequences and expect a privilege of injustice for their part. I am in charge here, I decide what happens, they don’t and it is never true they have gotten the better of me, I only started acting on it since 2007 when it began and ran on and on everyday on National Media since 2001, reality would have been when I explained that the reason people like to attack me is because of God all around me and hence the explanations they have created for society pertaining to the reason I am the way I am to make me target for violence but I am not going to, so that for the umpteenth time perhaps I might not get told others are already fighting for what I am doing while I am notorious for getting in their way when we all know it’s a lie. It’s the normalcy is when you mention that these are very stupid louts that like to attack moral people all the time and I am not going to either, like they say my actions are unacceptable – unacceptable my backside – how was the ride? They do say my actions counter the very ethos and ideologies of cohesion which does not make any sense to me whatsoever for when the Politicians were busy exasperating people and making us into a Nation of shrews that cannot talk without bumping into others and cannot do anything without leaning on others there was support for it because the fathers could bully those who affected them with a problem for pleasure – now they expect me to bear with them when I have refused to let them secure decadence with my personal life on account that they have problems while their society is bullying me because my problems that is dumped on me by their insolent women actually affects them and it is worse more so if it does without my knowledge knowing perfectly that paying attention to such things to get knowledge from the fact it is happening is insanity – how are they going to bear with that too as it stand? So it’s a big world and they can live out their lives without paying attention to whether or not I or my people or my Books do exist and then eventually everybody will be comfortable at some stage when it’s all moved on from and that will happen when they stop it too – I do like the cost that they incur when they are made to I have to admit. So it’s an old case where they stop and we live away from one another and take a breath and let it all go away, that is if they are happy to stop it as such; otherwise they can always pretend my problems affect them and fill the shoes of the biggest social policy clowns I have ever seen considering I have a personal life which means people need to bully me to get good feelings and good things; I mean they have big homes in the Country side built with money they toiled for at my expense, so when they say such things they can explain what they mean and in the same way there will be trouble should I see them around the Royal Estate and or Literary Empire extracting anything, that is what this is all about. I understand they say I do not wish to play ball with Markets and Industry people anymore but I was never aware of a ball I was playing anyway; it’s the old story of having a Court of female journalists for the male ones to turn into a social group they can join and invite others into because I am just a kid, this is of course something every person at Industry has, something about the community of those that are crazy about what they do and the products that they create – now they cannot get in and cannot get out and are wailing and lamenting and calling for a privilege of injustice from the Politicians. It is much the same with the Politicians themselves where I am the only one making concessions over the fact they have set me out as somebody they wish to oppress financially i.e. if they leave me alone and stop damaging my work, return to their own, I shall forget all about everything and carry on but if not then there is every likelihood I will change the west for them as they know it permanently too – an old case of their involvement with industry being when you see grownups cry on account they have not sold anything at the shops between 6am and noon  and its money all the time to a point where they are so stupid they cannot work for it anymore and start to attack those who dare to have things that they don’t. So I am saying if they stop my stop and not their stop, stop when I want not when they think they have permanently changed my quality of Life then I will move on and if not it will blow up in their face. They always say its fat chance of course but we all know society is entirely made up of bullies who feel their money lies in the hands of kids they can beat up who have not given it up to them yet – so the normal thing would be that when either for Politicians grooming you or media doing it or they did it, they bang their cars or doors at your or chase your anus and penis and body bits violently, it ends with you picking up a pebble and bursting their heads but if you did that it would lead to a whole new precedent so I chose to wait for them at the Industries instead and that is where we are meeting at the moment, so they can touch their kids at home instead as it were. There is nothing new about it, they might say it is fat chance but we have not even done a week of the fact the guys want some of mine and will definitely get it yet as it were – they need more so space, they are really big, it’s me they need to target all the time – soon we hear they are more interested in people who live in Africa and have completely forgotten the footing by which they get out of bed to persecute me every day over my good personal life that they use to cleanse themselves as violently as possible then share with others, make excuses, grab my income and bandy around insults about doing things with me in which they were the boss to keep me out of work as it create the sense I am unreliable; it started with the fact they need to get off my Book sales and cease to arrange those stupid music CDs to help the public with their daily grind on my personal life – it is still the bone of contention and I will cut it for them as well. They say my head is full of my own shit and I say it likes to change their stupid culture and society all the time too; when I don’t want it done people should not bend me down and move into my right hand and do it anyway then make up their own excuses so they can get away with it – everybody knew it would end with financial bullying because I was not behaving in ways which facilitate their way to the top of music charts which is why I did not want it done – its time out and if it does not go away I will cut it up. They are such a collection of bullies and when you hear them issue threats while they take a stand on your livelihood and personal life and tell you to read their minds and move away from it you are left clicking something in the brain which gushes reality that they think these acts are their rights and that those rights are absolute. There is ever really a point actually for Politicians to play up their routine where it is said I am using the entire Nation to get rich and make money, it will never make sense since what happens is that I might be at Court with the People in it working out what our next move in a Book sale business is to be but a male journalistic idiot who wants me to enquire of his partner who will assure me he always gets what he wants is involved too and bring along company too talking nonsense about the origin of things, so does a black fool playing the role of my mother, never mind the male ones who will turn up to lay down the popular culture and do it when I don’t want it done in a music studio anyway – so nobody, not even the wealthiest person on the planet actually lives like that; it does come down to making them understand how it feel like their mothers and the origin of things as well. We all know about the part where Politicians are not the only ones complaining about me the one where Industries are too but it is an old story – I am obviously not the one that set about chasing around the aptitudes of peoples children and ripping it up, right down to family life and when the owners develop a product and show me what it was all about to tie off lose ends sack them from their jobs by closing down their companies and making sure another who is better is doing the job because he belongs in sales and popular culture and fashion and media and fame and fortune celebrity, so when I find the person is no walk over, then I start to complain to the authorities over property that is not mine – I am not the one that got rich by being so stupid.  It’s like the sell up land developers are in story – the goons do not seem to be able to do their business in any other way. As for the Politicians and the Media, it is obvious even the wealthiest man in the world does not live like this – they need to get out of it. Obviously in the end this whole vandalism of doing it when I don’t it done the popular culture people rounding up their kids to manage them is done by racists as it were the last time we checked.