We all hear their Politicians speak off my work a case of a situation where people have to accept that Hamas plays a role in the ending of the Gaza Strip conflict, which of course I do not have a problem with as it were, it’s just the like it or not aspect of their story when we all know that Hamas plays the second most important role in bringing about all the things associated with the reasons that war is a bad thing which is happening in that region but for their part however, the reality is a case of speaking to the right people to end the bloodshed of which they have not yet stopped their American friends from selling weapons before they had decided to deploy my work to speak something that will end the bloodshed – I mean if the Americans wanted to renew Israel’s Iron dome system we should be seeing them in an active role to prevent bloodshed so that we can start to talk about preventing the war but the question they think is more important is why I didn’t say that earlier but have decided to pillage other peoples progress to make my name whereas the real issues are that when I am not nice I say they need to stay off my office and career and business and I can say what I want whenever I think I must, the other part about being nice is rather the question of why it is that American never ever, ever, do anything that happens to be the right and moral thing to do which would not have needed me to say anything as it were. In the end while they do my stuff as it were when I have not asked them, we were hoping for Israel to save some of its bombs if it need to run a military at some stage which will force both sides into talks at a later stage but prevent the bloodshed in the immediate, this is not what America has agreed is the way forward for the crisis over there, so the story of like it or not does not apply, to say Hamas has a role to play to bring about peace in the middle east is utter rubbish: we all know terrorism started from Yemen and other places where the US has gone off to ensure freedom is more important than Islam and we all know there was the ever present threat of terrorism to America as a result years when I was a teenager reading Time Magazine and coming across stories of the terror attacks on the world trade centre and so on, long before the destruction of the twin towers which coincided with a point in time where these fools had thought they had found the right personalities to pillage for what they want to become for the 21st century hence the level of conspiracy theory associated with that particular terrorist attack as it were but today there is a replica of Yemen between Syria and Iraq and there are other smaller pocket of it all over the world with the US Government playing games with everybody else’s security because its own does not look so good – my point being that they have failed to control terrorism and unlikely as it may seem have actually made it worse and I have never actually looked the part of somebody that encourages them to negotiate with terrorists either, all I have done to give them that notion is set out a sense that their idiots must be aware of that they can do anything and go anywhere and there will be no problems and yes they might want to take it up with their Politicians too since I personally do not care: now they can boss me around as a basic form of existence as well. These idiots are always really fond of speaking of a history where people gang up on them and like to think they can make everybody suffer like the consequences of their stupidities but we all know that they have simply marked out a victim through which they will exasperate the wider society and wider world even further by getting rich by being bullies and have this over-bloated sense of their own importance all the time that I find really difficult to tolerate especially the blacks.

The story of them women I control or think I rule wanting to teach me a lesson is nothing new – these women we see think they exist in a bubble where their behaviour seldom comes to public attention and hence being they can do whatever they like have marked me out as somebody that looks the part of people they like to bully and boss around and I have no plans to change who I am just find out how I will get bossed around as it were. When push really comes to shove it is always an old story of them and their boyfriends who think they are mad about money and modernity and you are going to end up with a left and right conundrum while they pillage your property to make riches and in my mind it has always been as simple as me coming outside when they get off the fucking media first as well and then we can find out from there – otherwise I will boss them around and pillage their business to make mine profitable at a much grander scale than I am already introduced them to so far. I dont think that it is a problem, as I mentioned before we see they are bullies and have  a story of wider society picking on them all the time but they in that complain have already marked you out as somebody they will bully to ensure that they get rich by being bullies and continue to exasperate the wider society more and more: so as it stands in context, their Politicians are doing nothing about it but off standing up on my work to talk nonsense about ending the problems in Gaza of which as I mentioned before if ending the problems there is what was being done then American would have been seen taking the logical step of restocking the Iron Dome in order to restrain Hamas while preventing the Israeli government from attacking Gaza but since it is not what is being done there I cannot see why they cannot leave me alone. As for the women, they say they will teach me a lesson and I am prepared for that as well and specifically want those boyfriends because they give them the fucking wrong idea all the time and cause them to take those stupid risks: I mean I have got a private army that HM controls and can do anything without my knowledge at any time so it is really difficult to see how people who have not got one cannot shut their big mouth as it were. For the most part it has always been rather simple i.e. I see them around my concerns and they are not there to buy books, they simply have to move on but we see them, become fashion bullies who buy one copy of my book and read all over the world instead and now talk nonsense about teaching lessons and there is a good chance they will get their fucking wish too: they are not interested in books at my company, they move on, that is the way it works, otherwise we will hear another set of complains as well very soon enough. I am not saying so because they are unaware that is what it is about i.e. I take care of myself on my own but at the Company the Company takes care of me, I am saying it because I am drawing lines that will create the parameters by which they will teach their stupid lessons here the next time girls that are after me comes up as an issue, so that it might be bloody exciting here as well; they need to get off the media since every time they pillage my business and I theirs, it fixes it for them but that is never enough, get off the media and then I will come outside too and we can find out.

I dont think it is a major crisis – its simply the reality that if you do not want to live like the next junky fan of rich people that must make his own riches attacking people to make it at all cost, there is no reason people should force it on you bossing you around; we already know we have a condition where I boss them around about what they should be doing with themselves as a society because they want to be able to tell me what I should be doing with my faith and temperaments and looks and style and so on and have this notion of a Royal office they do not recognise with a big mouth. So this can only make things worse; they know what matters is as I mentioned – I see them around my company and they are not there to buy books, they need to move on; it’s like the story of complains about civil rights where they always claim it’s your fault but they are their own worst enemy – I mean I fast and pray for five hours and I get my faith right once I step out of my door some stupid girl will get my attention from a process where there is a public frenzy over bullying me and bossing me around created by them, through reaching for my penis which expresses what I should be doing with it and so on and then they will pick up what the community croons have explained what has been seen about me as and go on and on about it, if they had it they would be rich and they would that and they would this and they would have that and soon enough what we find is that it gets violent as well until I get hold of them as a society too and measure the security of my business from what I do to them as a follow on daily.

I hear it is a problem associated with the fact my act amount to a process of solving problems of tyrants which is actually never true; what is true is that these insolent fools expect to get off to other countries to do business so that when the leadership shares the problems there with them they share that with the man that can bully here and so in order to prevent a process where these scum handle my finances and travel off to Africa to find my relatives who will tell me how to behave to suit them, does not result in European leadership on regional matters, they can stand up on my work to talk nonsense about solving global issues the day they have their own figured out and this is the last recorded occasion I will deal with insults concerning girls who are probably married or related to tyrants being said to get after me because I think I am the boss of women; if I see them around my company one more time and they are not there for books that will be the start of it. they do say it is some problem I have with people and it is not in any way such a thing; I mean I have a Court of Female Journalists and all white – I mean it does not matter when all are white, in fact if it does the reason must be that it is a prestige thing, a means to show off my white women and so on, talking nonsense and bending people into a life they dont want to live to make more noise about freedom and civil rights but of course when push comes to shove of which the question is always what they are scared of when they are so tough anyway but the part that a social issue emerges is largely concerned with the part where peoples personal lives are laid to waste so they can come up with products and show others how to do it as well because everybody wants to be rich and of course it is never enough until you lose it and decide some were meant to be producers and others consumers and it has become a question of who owns what and who is supposed to buy what and what is just and what is reality and what is truth and it leads to a fight over superiority that they lose every single day as it were. so for me it’s the same old issue, it appears they can be quite a collection of idiots who fancy themselves bullies and need to do it 24/7 none stop. I hear a story of my arrogance of course brought about by idiots who claim to have seen women and known women and had women, a story of arrogance at me when I am one of few to be allowed by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to get involved with his Wife – so it much the same old case of, they not being here to buy books I write means they should not be here at all.

I do hear that other case of how I jeopardise people by getting involved with them too and I cannot actually express how much it annoys me because of course we all know that they are not involved with Church Business, they are not involved with my Company and they are not involved with the Government – so if they are violent it is because of the things I do for my own daily concerns getting between them and their needs which are to be found in my life and work, hence when they speak of getting involved with them to jeopardise them it makes me so furious; I mean these are people who have no sense whatsoever of how to get involved with others and how to work a relationship with people and it is absolutely baffling that they are so full of themselves that they can easily sit down somewhere and decide I get involved with them, which they express on media as though I buy my media equipment so they can talk through to me as well – these are fools who are so stupid the only outcome of their actions is a complete destruction of other people’s lives with leaves them with only an improvement of their stupidities as a result of the involvement that they can deploy to make some academic proficiency operable in order to get jobs that help them make more money to cause more trouble with and they think I get involved with them and jeopardise them as well in the process. If I am being helpful the reality is that this is me and me and church is me and me and my company is my work and the rest is other peoples rubbish, where they fit in is a spot that should never actually grab my attention let alone do so every day and yes they do speak of how I mess with their culture to which I completely understand but that was the result of a case of them and their girls friends with my personal life, them and their wives being happy with my personal life which will never stop as it were and in the end we hear them talk nonsense everywhere about how I drift between white and black and Asian and even Muslim communities whereas the reality is that at this point everybody actually has a good reason to hate my guts and their big mouth about jeopardising them by getting involved with them or either of the two will make them my next target since it does appear people are not yet hurting badly enough as a result of my activities do far; apparently I took that stupid culture and they can come round here and get it along with my personal life to make their women happy being they are the big beauties on the left and a big mouth to show for as well. It is never true I do anything with the aim of seeking deterrence I mean they have seen the Court and can get involved with it if they want the question is still that of what they are scared of since it does not matter that all of them are white as it were; it is an example of what we do to get around with each other and the things these bastards do to pillage it and as it applies looking after their stupid children to peddle it and talk nonsense of jeopardy, so it is never clear what they are scared of since the last time I checked if they are so important and we do what we do because you can only deal with one problem at a time, then the white trouble makers should know them if they are white and the blacks if they are blacks and the Muslims if they are Muslims and all should be alright but if they are not here to buy books  write they should not be here at all and that is simple enough for any idiot to understand.

I hear the talk of their stupid children and how I insult their parents which is no new story; I do wonder if their parents tease them the way they want to tease me like my dad used to or maybe such great goodness from scum like them is reserved for me only; so apparently these goons put names to their faces and get on media to make the trouble they do because they think they have got it and this is the last time I will ever have to deal with this matter; one more occasion and they will kick it off as well so we can put their claims to the test and they can bring their stupid family along with them too with that big mouth. It has always been about leaving peoples possessions for them, so they can turn up and find it the way they last left it in public places – the big beautiful people on the left do not follow these rules and I have continued to supply ample warnings about them cheap, easy, flimsy insults on that stupid media as well, insults like getting involved with them and jeopardising them in the process for example – now they can pick their own up as well and shut that filthy mouth for a change for a while. I do understand they claim I have become the greatest friend and ally of corporations and rich people but it is not an emotive issue, I simply have no idea how they turned up on my Emporium anyway – these were systems people spent their hard earned money on to build a system that matches my temperaments to secure creative equities at my Royal Estate brokered with them and since had become free for all – so what are the kinds of people and the kinds of issues which lead to the crushing of one empire and the building of another in its place? When I broke my equities it can be for people at Royal circles and when corporations are involved, it does not mean they dont have their own people in the same corporations where people I broker equities with own shares or manage for example, it’s just that they feel I look the part of somebody that should be dominated and that they look the part of people that should dominate others and it is this kinds of crap that end up taking up your time and making you uncontrollably furious about it in the process but above all those I broke my equities with and took the risk of leaving my property with were people whose achievements matched their work and as a result were vulnerable to distant fascism and were vulnerable to the process of starting with society afresh and not idiots that have the energy for all these things because they have never used any of their own lives and property and even energy to do anything to have the money they have; so they have lived a useless existence in their time and want to turn around every aspect of their stupid lives and I am therefore available seems to be the big answer because of a very flawed sense of how important they believe other people think they are, how much others think they matter; they should never be seen anywhere near any of these things, not my empire and not my Royal Estate if they are not trying to buy my books and it has always been that simple.

The story of somebody being concerned about the rising of Africa and people preventing Africans from fulfilling their potential has never really been based on fact; the reality is that these guys on every time they are seen must be manipulating people and attacking people and the reason that comes through at the end each and every time is that they have worked out a way of getting rich with minimal exertion of energy imaginable and simply cannot accept human beings should not be handled in that way and doing so leads them towards reaction which will come with consequences. Hence the outcome is that of smaller countries that are richer than their bigger countries wanting to do business with them but while they themselves cannot handle their trouble makers and therefore tend to share it with those who actually are there to trade with them – so for my part in order to prevent Politicians standing up on my work to talk nonsense, they have to have their own figured out first. I mean an example is what we see in International communities; question being whether international appointments can be seen as another person’s possessions to the extent that black people want it and desire it and go for it the way that they do, so it has nothing to do with people preventing them from trading with others, what it is concerned with is a process where the rest of us would normally think if we need money we get a job or set up a business or both but they think there are people they need to hate that will be profitable to do so and the reasons for that is that these are all the various sensibilities around being committed to violence as a basic means of existence and has nothing whatsoever to do with reality – in order to make it work of which it has become a matter of what I let them do with me because I am scared of them and not a matter of whether or not people want to trade with them and so if that game pays off we can easily see a condition emerge where I remember I was supposed to have been scared of them and they ending up in a place where it is put to the test as well. The point is that they want to live outside reality and find ways of making their stupidities cause people around them to work for their needs and that is not going to happen whether or not the US is playing games to prove a point – nobody is either angry about their greatness and or development or preventing them from trading with others. They do say I myself do these things without being paid for it of course but that is after 14 years of a need to savage my finances to prove this point and access to me on the basis of a skin colour I share with them which serves as something they claim I hate but can never get away from; so I have a duty to serve and be served, write books from public office that I cannot sell to those who follow it because of them, all my friends are Royalty and my actual job is to serve The Queen and serve the Church in the process and Obama has got me on his list of those who are to be spied upon so they can play with it, about which all I always consider with respect to is that when they kick it off modern Church will not suffice; after all these are not a position you adopt in order to have an idiot wear a pimps hat and find ways of bending his twisted nonsense by media into getting involved with you in order to beat a beat and make you dance to something popular but seems to be their only preoccupation with a certain black boy and a big mouth to show for it on who does not want them to trade with others – cannot stay away from me as we are not mates and it is leading to the desired results too as it were. Obviously I judged they would do this and they are having something to complain about presently and it can only get worse as well: it is not a part of the real world and nobody is preventing them from trading, they mostly think they have got their evils all figured out especially when they establish Churches and attend them and hence become unquestionable because they probably attend Church more than others do; they do say what they fear is the part where I ignore them because it means nobody gets to pay attention to those things that have nothing to do with reality but at the end of the day they are convinced there will be no consequences at a later date for whatever they do presently and that even if there was they are happy to ensure I am suffering it as well and that is good enough for them, so for me it is still an old case of twisted scum of civil rights goons and not enough have died yet.

As for the story of social enterprises in Scotland, it is much the same old case as clans man who turns up to shake up your business and put his own products into the markets to get rich and famous and when I say it some people think it may involve some effort on their part but that is not what I intended; the reality is that the damage bearing in mind the stalk and keep an eye on you and continue to have a desire is always so small but so far reaching you it causes you to run back down to basics and is so small it requires minimum effort from them so they have the energy left to chase the fame and fortune with your livelihood; it is incredible that the whole thing has now resulted in an independence referendum at this point, I am still mortified myself but it is typical that they are off to it again as it were; while we work on relations with Europe and the East and the West they are getting independent. The other story is about me being attacked and abuses by Muslims which I dont mind anyway, it is rather remarkable that the innocents die in Gaza and Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria while superior Muslims live, it makes sense because it then means you can have a conversation with them about exactly whom they are fucking superior to as it were – I mean better to be a beggar with no legs and a Muslim is not, and a beggar with no hands that is superior with a big mouth and insults that cannot find their level. It is always said I am a worthless individual hence I am so tangled in and know much about a world that has nothing to do with reality but it is also presumed that will stick on the Christian people like to abuse because they live a useless existence and history covered with violence they want to improve in order to get rich and famous and important which led to a confiscation of that stupid culture in the first place and the insolence they now believe has forged a way of life especially the Politicians – hence largely very rich coming from them. I mean we have communities of people that beware of me because they cannot function without the family setting and of course the story of them trying to ensure I clash with those and especially the racists ones as well but even then I am still that guy people love to pick on and those perceptions were all created by their community croons and the fact they have taken it up as a fact to live with everyday is an example of a case again where when I am angry it does not matter and when they are it does going too far. I am perfectly aware of the part where these things I speak of is a sign women are after my life but it cannot be measured how angry it makes me too: I mean everybody knows when they measure that stupid cup of violence just for you thing I am the one that tends to make people drink it around here not the other way around and in my view they will not leave me alone and not enough have died yet as it were; it started off with the Christian that was going to be chased like that onto death so that he might take all their problems with him and die and the result will be a clean slate on the fact that they have no plans to stop bullying others to get rich and making out some people still give them what they want anyway in order to be powerful which exasperates the wider society even further and that never ended with a Christian giving up faith to become homosexual and so on, in fact it ended in the destruction of their homosexual societies that now survives on media patch work, so since I am still alive they are still after it i.e. if I am still alive there is no reason they should continue to make use. I know it is a passage in the Bible that is concerned with God telling his people if they wanted to have their sins forgiven they can consecrate a goat and lay hands on it and send it into the dessert and it will be penance for their sins – so I am that goat for their self improvement as it were but when I move off and find myself a life they follow me around because in their view that was not how it was meant to turn out and so I am well within my rights too as it were – not enough bloodshed. I dont think these matters are a problem, it’s an old case all together of evil people doing what they do best i.e. the Devil is powerful and whatever happens we will be the ones that had decided it and rule you, we will be the ones deciding between you and evil etc and when it does not work they will use the civil service to extricate the right effect on me and then the media and then the parliament and keep going and it will lead to physical contact as well at some point but for now the Politicians have had their fill so far apparently they said it works anyway, so I cannot get my head around that either. It beats the imagination that this is the position from which these goons expect credibility when they claim I am at my best when I have people to blame for the problems I am supposed to solve or am trying to deal with - the reality of which is rather that they are the ones who have problems for a currency that is guaranteed to get them my stuff every time they dish it out and we are getting to the point of the really big issues and seeing them around my Books when they are not there to buy their own copies will lead to great problems - for now they are blamed for the problems in order to solve them and it is possible to understand what it feels like without it costing me my religion and morality. As for the story of how much deference I encourage, there is nothing that is new about the two facts surrounding the matter i.e. I am not and even if I were who is asking, besides which there is nothing he can do even if he showed up and as for the matter of their civil rights, they are always their own worst enemy and a typical example is that they simply cannot leave me alone and have found somebody they get pleasure from bullying, all made up on media so they can better prepare themselves physically to fit that role and it causes much wonder of course: financially of which it is not a problem in anyway since we all know that if we look at racists for example its a matter of at the very basic level people who cannot do without the regular involvement with their immediate families in absolutely every aspect of life which then creates a communities that allows them to exist without wondering if others are threatening their exist but when some of them are really corrupt they become racists - I for example am separated to serve HM and if I think of anything less its about The Church so it is a world where all I do will always unravel all they want unless involvement is well informed and well organised, which of course seems to be the power these other idiots with the best house and Communities that know how to look for trouble and bully people for money have and of course I am going to make an example of them that the racists will take note of as well over those stories of being afraid of them, I am going to wring my book sales out of the blacks and make myself the biggest problem the whites have at the Global Markets, otherwise it has always been as simple as being seen around my concerns because they are trying to buy books I write. As for their opinions and a certain social issue emerging from it about my books and everything else - the reality about their opinions is that they cannot keep those where it is needed and nobody will ever know what their big idea behind being seen insulting people every single time all of the time is supposed to have been all about but as for the social issues however there isn't any; they get shaven and dress well and people start to think they are clever people but this is where I am the enemy because I know they are not; they are a group of fools that read the dictionary all the time to find insults there to pass at others hence examples being their stupid opinions about my books and how they will never let it sell because I could do better for instance and of course if you prick them a little you soon find the anti-semitism show forth as well with that big mouth and I am not going to tolerate all that nonsense from them forever - I always think it is a matter of their twisted belief they were the only ones that used to have and wear the kinds of socks that you can show off with in school hence having an opinion about whether or not I sell my books; so these are all the facts there are and people do not have to go on and on and on about something I said - apart from the case of how they do not matter with respect to the need to push the Christian to a point where he spends years of his time ignoring the nice things they buy until he needs them to a point where saying they are nice will mean they exist in the same stage as God or even better, which lies at the heart of the provocation responsible for a need I have to rip up their civil rights in terms of societies concerned with decadence and homosexuality to make my own statement as well, its been 14 years so far of these fools handling my possessions illegally and get off to that stupid media the owners let them play with to make broken dream guy out of me claiming I look the part and it is the sort of thing that I being a Christian should be doing or worrying about because they are trying to be famous or rich or important and when you pay no attention to their entire communities it can go on for eternity: I understand my activities actually rummage around society stifling peoples plans for their sexual activities but that is always the assumption i.e. their insults mean I want to make friends with or have sex with them and it is such a good setting therefore to set out I only want to sell them books and they need to get on if they are not interested or stop bragging when they are not in trouble yet.