The case of whether or not Politicians want to be powerful does not apply here; what applies is that this is not their property, this is not their own personal lives, this is not their own homes and this is not their own lives and boy do we know that or what? I don’t care how heavy it gets as a result of the fact I can get about explaining the contents of my books to them and then force them to buy it in order to use even the contents of it that they have in their stupid heads – the rule is that I sell the books before they read them, I sell enough to make it acclaimed before they can make a media spoof about them otherwise I will stifle everything and I have warned they will never recognise the west ever again if that rubbish about profiting from my work actually pays off anyway, so it is up to them to keep playing around to talk rubbish about violence as well with that stupid media. I mean such things as sit in your home without a case and realise an idiot was giving a speech to his party today and ended it with how he does not know how I take up his stuff and then do it to pretend it is mine – what sort of insults are those anyway if they don’t mind the question and what do they expect me to do about it then if they are interested in reason? They always invent these things associated with their greed and need to spend other peoples possessions as well to make sense of the money they would have made through it from the point of view of the perspective and prism of their social and cultural deviance about which they think they wish to incorporate wickedness and violence with as well, all of which they think makes a collection of things they can do with no plans to stop unless you had killed them with a big mouth, then turn up on other people’s lives without an interest in their religion which then makes the personality or their profession which then makes the personality or their studies which then makes the personality or as in my case all three which then makes my personality, to peddle personality and get rich, the personality they round up and stifle finances and academic work to treat like a possession as though the owner has no feelings then we hear the noise making after that too in pretence I have not had enough of them as well for my part – it does appear they want a piece of me and I implore them to that effect to keep talking nonsense of the violence which will ensure they definitely get it.

They say they do these things because they want to feel like they are connected to their culture again but given half the whiff of a recession in the air in the next 50 years or so and the thing with Politics will again be that they can do whatever they like with anybody’s personality on account they control the majority and facts and figures therefore show that they should be the people that are richest. If not then it is the one that tends to happen rain or shine about how their women can beat up men like me but it is mostly about talking nonsense everywhere and all over the place to create the sense that I steal women’s beauty and all I do and own can be ascribed to their stupid daughters that are deployed by media idiots who want my earnings and can never have enough of it; hence I must always contend with problems so I can solve them and offer things they can deploy for their ends at all times through these fools that turn up to talk nonsense all the time. The part about everything I do being a function of how I am manipulated has no basis on reality too especially for the blacks; in terms of that, they are only able to do those stupid things they do with people who do not know how to settle in on the fact all they own belongs to them on account they have gone and handled it but I believe I have been clear about that stupid media and that stupid pop culture and that stupid politics – it is when they have made profit with my books before I have and it has actually paid off that we will find out and whatever it is they want around here they will find as well. I believe they wish to find out if we can develop backwards on civil rights and that is one of the things they will get from me as well, especially over provocation around the corridors of International Communities they have come to think of as their personal and private property too, so that I can leave it for extremists when I am done as well. The claims they are making me vulnerable to extremism is utter nonsense – they are the extremists and like every such organisation there is leadership and they are being insubordinate and hurting me is on the line and I will milk it to the end; I don’t mind the insults and the gossips and conspiracies they talk nonsense about and turn up in public to prove either, the blacks have no shame and think they can mess up other people’s lives whenever they want to. Those stories about what I do and how I run my affairs coming to light as a result of their actions is nonsense – what is important is how much I can milk their insubordination in their various extremist groups and how far I can go milking it too, like everything I work for an own disappearing in a jiffy every day with a big mouth and an excuse to support the idea that should continue whereby I allowed it grow so big because there is nothing I can do about it with that big wagging we suffer the listening to all the time about which as I said it seems to them nobody can ensure we develop backwards on civil rights and leave it for extremist groups to manage when finished as well.

My case with Pop culture people is not a matter of a case with them as per a case with them but the fact that they have a philosophy that says using your own life and working to make money hurts and it is a bad thing to hurt yourself in that way when you can hurt others and use them instead and they plan for it right to the highest level of government they are able to reach. The other side of the provocation is far from how I it is claimed get around with them and their homosexuality which cannot rest until other peoples career had become something that has already been done by somebody else and the civil rights idiots that are supposed to have been the militant wing of this organised wickedness funding organised crime thereof as much as they possibly can. So the community croons of mothers they have fee like living in the company of warriors they manipulate and control and that is where their social equality philosophy comes from as well and the problem being that they believe they can channel it at absolutely everybody too, which of course is the point at which they tell me what to do since ageism of their wicked community croons works best and build up media and popular culture to that effect, however if you scratch the surface of the fame and fortune by pillaging my finances story, then you realise that they are actually the violent sect that is just like racists in white communities of the homosexual communities and generally like to assume control of people who have already suffered so much violence in their lives at their present state but worse still if you scratch the surface a little then you will open up an incredible world of modern day slavery as well, which of course is why they are so bold as to pillage my finances to deploy my personality and make fame and fortune then get involved with me and establish parameters for communication – they think they are my personal Gods you see.


On the matter of The Labour Party’s great fights won as it were, I don’t see what the problems with it really is anyway; all I know is that if I saw a young person and decided the community needed to help hold him down so I can peddle his personality to make money and actually deployed government office to make it so I would have been as proud of myself as they are – so would I if I followed that young person all over the world to wreck his finances until he built an empire and the money was gone so I can continue to peddle personality, then remember that I have not worked out how to pay my bills and get government help spending treasury money only to turn up later after the recession to put forward an economic plan that is concerned with spending more of it. I mean the idea of going from mom and dad giving you what you want when you ask because they have jobs, to thinking that money comes as a result of spending treasury funds first of all and then the facts about how many it produces at top NHS jobs and councils and government office, stupid women who kink their bottoms at an angle, cross their legs and spend out their stupid boys for force me to do their jobs for them so they can be powerful and of course how much of it I will continue to tolerate and we are not yet talking about whether The Queens Family is their family or indeed my family is their family therefore this great victory of theirs from the point of how I will never be lower class anyway no matter how hard they try and they will always continue to be completely insignificant and this matter and its provocation can continue to a point where I take it up and grind them to the floor as well – clearly of which it seems it continues as a game all the time until it is time to play too. For them they have found a word for these activities and that word is civil rights but as far as I am concerned there is not another definition of war besides what their community croons do to them and their wickedness on public media which they claim is designed to p4rovoke me into debate and the popular culture idiots getting rich and famous with my life so they do not get hurt using their own lives which they should preserve for decadence during fame to work for money – which of course is how spending the fame money on patronising people who sell cocaine for example has become the norm in their sordid insolent little world and therefore gives them impetus to turn up on TV regularly to show how much of a twat they can make themselves over my finances every blessed day; I mean it is all accidental as it were but we all know that you needed a journey to go from spending your money patronising local businesses to spending your money being a regular customer of cocaine sellers; so one more occasion of that stupid talk of their great fights with me and great victories and I will express how much of their community croons and their wickedness and those stupid media scum and popular culture idiots I am willing to tolerate any further, I will express how much of those stupid victories they have won. The first occasion was the one I never asked them but the fact that politics is the way to get things done turning up here from Africa and the Caribbean etc to wreck my work and talk rubbish all over the place and that has now led to the other face of this their stupid war as well all together i.e. the part where they desist from all things that they do to stifle the economy such as anything that works for money being attacked so I don’t have to have a cause when I am after them as well and stay the hell off my book sales as well with stories that ensure all I own and work for disappears and there is a reason for that to be the case endlessly. I mean define a war; when you speak of people pillaging your personal life and finances for example and that big mouth on media all the time, there is no provoking me into anything and I have never done anything as a result of being provoked at all – they are pure evil and one more case of getting around with my family to turn up and talk nonsense and stupid insults about how they do not know how I take up that their stuff and do it will decide where this heads and that is a promise too; I mean the purpose of these things is wrecking my life and making sure I can never sell anything to their wives and kids which I have not been doing until now anyway in the first place and I believe my warnings are very clear as well; about the popular culture celebrities and the community croons and the media and the need to control people and their MPs need to wreck your finances so that you end up in their side of society and exist as an instigation for their beneficial bullying. Those stupid bullying have their purpose of course and it’s to ensure people are in wonderment so they can take anything they want but the threats of violence come as well when they have become greedy and that is when they want you in their civil rights movements as well because they want to ensure you cannot kick them as well, knowing you will not wait for those who can crush you with their bare hands and a big mouth to come that close; I mean define a war? It’s now a war on the economy which I am trying to avoid because I really don’t need a cause as well to kick them for my part anyway.

The case of talking the way I do about peoples bullying reaching a stage of a barrier to progress and stability for the National economy on account people cannot reason with them over what people actually own etc but entirely expected after having gone off to stifle Media Industry profits – it is largely meant to be something they do as a form of very lucrative bullying that is developed around the prognosis of being the best decadence in the Country has to offer which gives them right to bully their fame and fortune out of those they consider as kids and developed around the prognosis of community croons abusing people and building up peoples personality as free for all so that they might, which is what I specifically referred to as pure evil and not something they do to provoke thought and debate which of course I will not tolerate for my part anyway. The original problem is that having been they own my personality to do with as they please and it has been going on those insults like that for a decade so far we have reached a stage now where there are crucial areas of my company that I cannot attend to without bumping into them and what I do to their decadence and fame and fortune is a matter of fits a rage each time I encounter one of those since it purpose is to ensure I am financially trapped and any move I make will show them even more things to copy and get rich and famous on media with and any reaction from me will lead back down to total financial destruction as well and then the teasing and bullying is not just when they are being greedy but the need to control me with a big mouth, like their community croons. So what they want to talk about is the results that came from this i.e. their revenge for my actions leading to less media profit for them and of course the counter revenge from me which means I want total control of that media and have taken steps to securitize my property equity right across Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. Hence speaking of the things they do claiming it is good for their confidence like threatening and abusing and bullying me financially, that stupid confidence is just one of the things I will change about the west should that need to make profits from my books before I do actually pay off. As many do fear a case of mentioning I cannot sell anything to their wives and kids is a problem gives away my career but it does not; that was cleared up about bullying that spends tax payer money on itself and has no other economic plan but that and has become a problem for the economy itself because people have to keep fighting for what they actually own and the fact an inability to get off my personal life, save their insults and stay off my book sales will result in that issue being a cause about which the government does not have to come up with any draconian policy that can later be seen as racist. The other side is about my general attitude to giving away information about my work and it is as simple as the fact it is vengeance for of course all these things bearing in mind the incredible fact that I am cash strapped and that it continues to ensure they want to find out what I can do if I have state security at my aid in order to get money, are all a function of wickedness they started years ago to ensure that I have to run after such matters as my personal life and basic person dignity which will open up a world of things they can copy to be whatever they want and a world of energy they can deploy to get rich and famous and that is what they continue to extricate to this day wrecking my career every day and giving me the worst day imaginable as blackmail that will allow them use my work for anything that they may please. I mean normal people ask others for what they have in such ways and normal people think this is how to communicate with people as it were.

Now there is talk of course of how my methods of dealing with matters mean parliament has more problems but of course the reality has nothing to do with that but a simple condition where they spend government property to wreck finances of those whose well being they cannot do by themselves and this means putting them in areas of society where extremists have access to them to make assumptions they are required to deal with those extremists when they become a problem which is something that only happens in la la land; however I have been doing around preventing the extremists from gaining that sort of mobility into industry but rather than make them better that I have the parliamentary idiots get worse and worse and worse, so the matter needs to be tied off properly and I am doing it over the assumption that when I deal with them extremists they are the ones that are still in charge yapping. The other part is where they say my relationship with the Monarchy and in fact The Queen is deeper than people are led to believe but of course I don’t see what that has to do with anything when what is more important is that I only work with what people give me; they give me violence, it is what they get as well, they give me votes for goons that get into government office to spend tax payer funds on bullies and extremists that understand the world to be run by a tiny minority of decision makers who make up the leadership and Industries, they get a feel of my own as well – so that wealth equality might mean stealing all it wants and in my case they can round me up and make me one less rich person in this world with a big mouth, hence the books that are just books but will become their nightmare soon enough – I mean if you deploy such tales as people coming to the UK to make it seem it is easy to get rich here, how many occasions do you deploy such argument on public media and expect the victim to pick up the problems at the end? It tends to happen around here every blessed day and there isn’t a plan in their stupid heads by which they can earn a living without making such I am breathless in that way, one accusation after another leaving it open for extremism and complaining about the action I take for my part as well; this is what is more important than whether or not The Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh will pass away first, or indeed whether or not I am actually more important than I seem, that part is about alienating people and I don’t have to discuss anything to achieve such things. It’s like a matter of female journalists who see my Intellectual Property administration business and immediately assume I am supposed to use my position to help them with security against bullies but everybody can see what they do on that television, everybody can see what I get and any normal person would understand it will always be what they get as well. The popular culture ones just want to peddle my life because if they did their own it would hurt and they are saving their own to ensure they look the part of famous when they are and that is why we see their games all the time a problem with how they will do it and keep their personal lives at the same time among many other things they want to peddle around here which they equally have to peddle in their own stupid lives as it were. I am going to give them a proper civil rights fight through wealth inequality too – I mean their counter argument is always that this royal guy pretending to care about peoples civil rights was something they wished to find out whether it be genuine or not but of course the truth and reality as they have always known since they can read what other people write perfectly was that I have a job for life and whether or not I keep it depends on getting it right all of the time and for that reason where their riches lie is inconsiderate nonsense in my direction by illegally handling my possessions and finances as a result – I was out to find out if they are for real, find out if they are genuine as well.

As for the matter of problems I create via my rudeness which I refuse to recognise, there are no such problems but a matter of what people cook up and how they get served with it too. I mean such cook ups as beating up a boy which does create the idea that they say it on account they would never address their own stupid children in that way, the last insult of it never any lesser than the first but there is always an expectation of another one and therefore I must be breathless all the time with my chest hurting so that I might never know when it is hurting for real as I grow older and I for my part would never have worked out when respect for me for what I do for a living got replaced with that either – so they cook it up and I serve them with it and they go on like mad dogs. Cannot shut it, cannot talk properly and it would be preferable if they simply left me alone. The other story they tell right beside this is that of me being hung over on journalism which is clearly not a profession for beautiful people but I tend to think otherwise, whereas the truth and reality is that of my work dealing with bullies which means I also have people that take care of me as well – as a result of which civil rights idiots for abusing me there will get their wealth inequality problem so they can have the fight they wish to have so much about it too. It is a different thing from what is happening in Ukraine which is largely a matter of a Government that makes a statement concerned with the fact that they stand with the Russians on the fact promiscuous capitalism is something they take over as privilege to govern the Country with but that flies in the face of the opposition who are having negotiations played out on privileges that they deploy to govern their own followers with as well. The result is of course a standoff and what is happening on the streets is largely people whose standards have been lowered so much that they have no other point to turn and that is why the extremists have pushed them overboard as well by their violent acts – so when we hear statements made by the government about illegal protests you get the sense that somebody really wants a war to occur there. Now the bottom line in the end is therefore that the Russian Government only stepped in to secure its interests in the Country by choosing the government there because somebody offered it to them – now the realities about that are that they would have done such a thing because they must be thinking their standards are low enough for it. The part therefore where I say what I say and it falls into the hands of Politicians who then take advantage of me is utter rubbish; the reality of it is the only case of why I hate their community croons so much and it goes beyond insults of claims I have sexual fantasies about them which must cost me everything on account there are female journalists that look into my interests and I notice the sense they have of me is that all that happens in my bedroom is sex and there is a level of abusive and controlling insolence that brings that about too which I personally will get to the bottom of for the fun of it; the part that really brings on the hatred is that before all that happened in my bedroom was sex I was the guy who steals beauty from women and so my personality must be fleeced off me and built up an atmosphere for their media and popular culture idiots to make fame and fortune with, so we see how this develops from MPs thinking it’s a bit of fun to savage my book sales and set me up to be abused by them which will bring to light the plight of poor people; however the part that really matters is the bit where they besides the homosexuals and idiots who like the idea of another person’s career being done already because others are more powerful to a point where it is for them some kind of a fix like a drug, is the fact that they destroy peoples possessions and destroy those they have made out they can trample on, get government funds given by their idiots who are as much an insolvent and abusive vandals as they are themselves to be important and finish it off with running various rackets of modern day slavery, all over the world, made even more powerful by the hopelessness as a form of leadership developed by black idiots in the US at the very head of which is President Obama.

Brings us to the matter of efficiency drives at Buckingham palace of course -  I mean if I did ask what the Palace’s purpose was and brought into light examples of government contracts that are given on estimates, drawing from current state of affairs which is that you get government and not private sector contracts if you want to be rich, run by socialist idiots who have given us nothing but a 0 ÷ 100% government in this country, settling up on their insults and great victories won alongside the fact that if the case is that you get rich getting government contracts then it must apply that things are so bad that the fact government contracts do not pay very well has become a smoke screen for the complete opposite to a point where people are so confident about their gains that they boast about it, I wonder what response I would have gotten anyway. However I will talk about it from the point of view where I seem to have been their icon of efficiency which has no basis on reality, since it should have been clear to any normal person out there at this point, that the only reason I would not rip up this Company I have built from Royal Estate property because they turn up here to express their idiocy for lucrative benefits on the other hand, in order to start again is because doing so would mean spending longer on benefits, which does mean they have taken care of everything for that one which seems to have been the only occasion and hence are doing very well for now. I mean I used to rip up the books I never did write well enough as a result of working with what I am given to publish all over again because of their insults and that is not the only occasion since we all know the Company itself is built on the basis of walking around the streets meaning that my personality which is a function of my talents is my curse and they therefore feel like making me chase a cash flow crisis without any respite in sight so that they can deploy it to their own ends and therefore turn up to dig it right down to aptitudes concerned with personal and family life and it does not appear to them their savagery has gone far enough, so they dig further to aptitudes concerned with my studies and career and profession and now it seems that I have an inability to own anything that belongs to me as well. Hence I established the company on the basis of setting it up and breaking it up and putting the equities and securities in public to build structures around it so that it might not be because they could not steal it to make riches and fame but because they are definitely going to do so this time around; considering 15 years of my time could only but mean that they need it as much as they did from the first day but it is actually getting worse as well for good measure. I am not their icon of efficiency and that hope is misplaced – it is always a game for them until it is time to play as well. My prediction personally is that since these things were supposed to happen around the premise of market forces and time frame but happen to have such a relevance to the general public because MPs are supporting it, all that such stories and such games mean is that there will be MPs missing out on a sustainable career, since they must be able to bank roll and career sponsor their own power vanities as much as their insults can bear. These days we measure such things along the lines of new tales that can be told about whether or not couples in the UK are better off living apart – like I check the blueprints of my company to find I am bumping into media idiots all the time and the things I do to that effect could never have been deservedly provoked on account they own it with me. Hence I wonder if the answer they are looking for with respect to the question is that of the fight that in light of a process where we can marry at 21 but will happily vote for a government that says we are a backward facing country and should be financially and emotionally pillaged until we are 25 before we can, that being in a relationship with another person is not an easy thing or perhaps they must have had me all figured out and had the matter all worked out anyway, along with their American friends, with a plan to marry into the Royal Family which cannot occur without me or my own lover, looking for trouble all the time.


The stories emerging about my handling other peoples Intellectual Property without permission is one that does come up often I have to admit but of course the reason it does is that they think they have had the loose ends tightened in the sense that a private investigator would find nothing if they went off to the Companies in question and gathered evidence that their method of practice is not in the Company code of conduct, hence they are sure there is no way a judge can throw a case that shows it is a worthy use of his time as per the date when they started troubling my business and the date when the names of their companies and public presence of it turned up on my affairs and therefore also on things I did to fix those problems about which the only reason it has turned up in Court is that they want a judge to personally give his seal of approval to a plan they have to claim all I own for themselves. Naturally of which it leaves them only with the option of tying me down with litigation until I cannot move a muscle at the Company which then in any case gets to mean they can take it up and do it so I can put my hands to something else I want to do, by the way of which doing so does not prevent reprisals for any occasion whereby they handle my possessions from being dealt with accordingly as well. The reality is never that I handle their Intellectual Property, what happens is that they fail to note because they have never worked for a thing in their lives and all work they do for what they own is fake, fake designed to ensure that it is impossible for others who own what they have stolen to challenge them to a point where they crack, so they cannot see that Intellectual Property behaves like a person and if you don’t want trouble, you do not drag it into trouble with others either. I mean I hate the civil rights goons as much as anybody else but they specifically want a piece of me because they have got a business and as long as the stifling of my book sales by playing around with a condition where my work and property equity is deployed for public service which is public service and not to serve them as it were, we will continue to have this problem as it were and it will continue to get worse and worse too – in their case of which I don’t mind very much because it is easy to get 9 page blogs out of them at any given single point in time. The part about my sales job revealing that the company I work for will lose a lot of millions as a result of advertisement that costs a lot of money being put out there and there being facts about my talents and how much it can damage that is one story they are very keen to tell – they say I stifle media profits on this basis but have no wish to get off my book sales, a simple oversight of which those who work for their money can see i.e. that if I know a bill board costs £50,000 and I pay 1 Million pounds for mine, I am creating an atmosphere around my products, for most of the time of which the philosophy is that one customer that will buy 50,000 products is better than 50,000 customers from which I will only sell 30,000 products – there are by the way so many various forms of marketing out there in the first place anyway and yes they say I have a temper that I need to watch but I know I have a temper and that it is my temper and that their insults the last of them is no less as insulting and annoying as the first that may have started some 10 years ago, hence it is my temper and I know I have got it as well. The part where I say everything I think which makes me vulnerable is utter nonsense because it’s me and all mine and it will become the thing that clogs up their stupid lives and businesses because we are testing out that theory they have that when they see something it can become their own – they will know all about it so that we can find out, I mean such things as the fact I never do or say anything on account they media wickedness push me to do so but they have created and are living the dream through the idea that this is the case on account it will allow violence against me to make sense for their purposes; I have not become a plaything for the media it’s just people who think they have been able to convince the world that the devil does not exist and nobody knows they are pure evil and an inability to stay off my work and or earnings tends to mean the wrath of God against them for my part as well. We do hear them say that I was a sales man at heart all along but of course I am a Christian and do my sales man in a Christian way; I mean securitising your own property equity all across Europe and into South America and Asia would have shown any sane person that there is a salesman inside of it, hence they can see what I mean when I say I do check my habits of waking up every day to wonder why I get so angry that Politicians give them a lease at my expense every time I kick them so they can show those their stupid assets to the effect of violence that they love to show all the time as though it isn’t something that everybody has got. It is a habit that I want to try and stop as well and simply move on, as I have reached a point where I am satisfied with handling them for my own case, all I need from them to avoid me and avoid trouble is staying off my book sales. As for what is required of me at government all together, the reality is that of being expected to make myself successful so I can look after those who are under my charge and for more high; profile duties to keep watch and get feedback that others do not interfere with from HM over my part of service and my work and life being used to fulfil that service. I can understand when people feel like whispering nonsense to marketing firms that employ me for example but unlike them I did not kick them for absolutely no reason for my part either; so I win again and they are still out there thinking my products are a plaything and an end to that so it does not become a game I want to play as well is all I require. At this stage they have moved their stupid drugs and custom for it into customised routes and that is good since the chances of people building guns with a Prince’s renaissance that is used to murder people through organised crime on account of their pillaging my property will not be something that happens in a public sense as per damage limitation but I personally have no wish to see any of it otherwise there will be more complains definitely. I have been clear about the three issues over their self expression and the insolent processes of telling me what to do and those stupid boasts that have nothing to do with what is actually fact about me; as long as it is not blasphemous and as long as it is not a barrier to my right to worship my God and as long as it is not a barrier to employment for me since it appears they cannot let other people be, then they can express whatever they like – if it progresses to a case of them being the middle power and people like me being the lower power they can kick if frustrated, middle powers who influence the world in their own right away from leaders and rich people, more of these sort of issues will come again and that is a certainty; test case is not just that for me between me and them things are black and white at all times because civil rights talk does not make them any less the bullies that they are in anyway but it will get worse the next time I walk down the streets and people pillage my personality to make fame and riches, I write books and get published on media, I set up an Intellectual Property Administration Company and deal with claims I handle peoples Intellectual property without permission. The result of this so far is the stifling of global media profits which is what they are about on the matter but they cannot be seen any far off from my book sales either, it’s about problems I deal with and how I have been trapped by them because they own the benefits of those solutions you see. Their Politicians speak of how I need to deal with the matters from the direction of the wickedness but I believe it is quite clear for anybody when I make mention of the fact they have rerouted their drugs business and now have to rely on media pillaging my books for them which has got to be the best examples of business support by custom in the whole world and besides which we all know that as a sales man I am perfectly aware of the world they create where all I do about racism for example means I am their slave and hence if the surface is scratched a bit they talk nonsense with their social and cultural deviance and the need to teach people like me a lesson to cover for tales they tell about emancipation because of course they are secretly running gangs of organised crime that deal in modern day slavery. I don’t think the matter is a major crisis nor is it that I run faster than my own security operatives can keep up – the reality is competition, I am very competitive and find it impossible to sit down and watch an American turn up to pretend he is God’s gift to the west and talk nonsense about American financial precedent for example, claimed to have been set for countries all over the world that are bigger than the UK and want to be able to crush the UK as a token of some of their newly forged alliances with the US; I mean these are things they can express provided they stay off my book sales anyway and of course the general story is that I know nothing about homosexuality and corruptibility as it were, even though my business is Intellectual Property Administration all together – hence it seems these are the things that my Sales Man job with APPCO LTD (via MOMENI Marketing Ltd) ® (January - March 2014) - Kleeneze April 2014 to date - will reveal to them thereof. In the end they might have plans that say drugs must be legalised but clearly there is another way to look at the matter of people pillaging your work to get rich in order to wear the latest leather jackets and be man of the people; it is not my concern on the contrary whether or not the history of colonialism had been undone as normally claimed by media idiots, it rather seems to me that I need my own structure that creates the same effect on them and black people because they are incredibly destructive - they are not as vulnerable as they claim they are, the social and cultural deviance is powerful enough to pillage my company, extract the equities because securitising them is the next best reaction from me that suits them with media, make deviant songs with it along the lines of the need to deploy other peoples lives to earn a living so they do not get hurt, hold down entire communities with those songs and a good feeling that comes from pillaging my personal life as well and sell things to get rich (a pop culture bubble for attrition that I must now go about popping - never mind its purpose being to control me - those stupid insults); so those who think I ought to act otherwise need to define a war in these kinds of circumstances and tell me why they do not deserve a response in kind.