So we hear this story of how I need to be checked when it comes to living on benefits whereas at the moment I have 20 hours employment and hence am on a reduced benefit as such and by the way of which getting organised for work in the last three months alone has cost me £750 and I don’t even have my one month’s deposit and one month’s rent at present – it is not something apparently that the Labour Party and liberalists are to profit from either, those will use the welfare state to determine what the crowd other peoples roll with is at all cost; so what it really is about is how and when Mr A’s idiot son who got elected or ended up on media in some way over the last few years is going to stop screwing with my finances whether or not he has got problems – the part where they claim they are more important but what has really happened is the bit where I let them make some money at my expense so they can talk nonsense about friendly capitalism these days everywhere we see them; no respect whatsoever for they have got their own finances and have got problems alongside it looking for trouble; fair to say it costs me money to train and organise the same way it costs their idiots money to be shareholders and it would help if they remembered it at all times; watch the next episode of this matter as it were.
It’s like the question asked about why I want to destroy everything and I actually don’t; what is happening is that there needs to be a distance between me and my business academically on account others want to use and share the income while keeping their own to themselves as well and for that reason Politicians and Media have intervened on their behalf physically in order to damage my finances and academic work and job and the business to allow them have a bit of my personality and a bit of my skills as I walk down the roads, as I get to work, when I am eating, when I am working and so on – it happens all the time but the physical damage to my business and academic work and job means it is not a problem which I can set a time table for, so it needs revenge. Thus the poorer ones always make it clear the friendly capitalism, that they will not mind killing you to take over your property – so a certain amount of it always ends up in their hands inevitably because you don’t want the fact they didn’t do it to you to mean they did it to somebody else – which only works when Media idiots do not have a say in it, it’s the richer ones that have raised this question of why I want to destroy everything; doing a bit of what you don’t like done with your property all the time; so trading should have been a matter of how I feel and what I think about myself and products but it is not anymore because of the damage done by Politicians and Journalists and this is what I want to destroy not everything; we do see them cover their tracks all the time making up stories of how I sleep with peoples wives because they are aware a bit of what I don’t like being done to my possessions is an example of a fight their wives can win.
They do ask about why it happens but there are many reasons it does and one of them is because I am a Duke and others who have wealth but not the same as I do, don't like it; so there is that sense I am not a Duke in Europe and also not in the UK if they wanted, like it was their territory as well - so they are getting their insulting conveniences from their own living room these days and the UK is not broken up, while the Celebrities are going to wail a lot more than they are presently; there are many others but this is the most important. The first part was the case of what they would buy to rid themselves of the 'what have you' and they are still buying to this day not enough, so this is just the fall out of the insults making sense. There is nothing unusual about it, like when they claim I am finally coming through because Men never ever listen as it were; its much the same as going to the shop to find chocolates at detergent compartment and thinking its neighbourhood goons whereas when you start to Police it, the first culprit is a guy in suits who is manager of local high street bank for instance kind of person and then you have to enforce the conveniences regime so vigorously – since they keep chocolates in the detergent compartments in their homes as such hence the reasons that somebody else should buy that.

It’s as they say I enjoy doing other peoples jobs so much I seldom have the time to do mine; it will never make sense when the fact Media bosses are so insulting they have their own international aid dependants and their own custom Asylum seekers attacking me all the time because they are evil and at the same time persecuted and there is nothing I can do; the idiots are beginning to gasps and grapple with the difficult decisions around here as well and this is the reality that is hitting them not me, I simply engineered the process that got them there and this story about my love for doing other peoples jobs comes up too often so it has set the stage for another eventuality that will hurt really badly by the time it is over.

It’s not a crisis as such; they are really stupid people who live with really stupid women that are evil and since it is not my problem, always ensure they get into my personal space and make it my problem. The reasons are very well known and one of them is that I think I am important and they will use my own race to create problems for me while ruling it in order to show me that I am not but by far my favourite is the claim their jobs were simple before I came along while my anus hurts even when I am not homosexual and there shall be no consequences because they are my personal Gods as it were.

Now they say I smile at Police Officers but set about hurting them when it comes to supporting government Policy but I wouldn’t know anyway since nobody is talking about where they stand on the fact it is the Labour Party that got off employing Police Officers to a point of National bankruptcy, so as to force the other parties to make difficult economic decisions which will make them unpopular – it is the ever so scared Labour Party of theirs which stated party Politics with the Police force not me. In the early part of 2002 I did myself try to recruit as a Police Officer – what I found was that you had to be told even for inquiring, that the job of a Police Office is for life – now I am aware you can only upgrade into armed forces or armed security guard from a Police Officer, so it is even more so to me not something to play party Politics with. Then again we hear those stories I think the powers that be do not know how I am doing it but that they do and that somebody will show me how I am doing it as well one of these days; it will never make sense since what happens is that I am the one who has a bit of consequences for every single one of them as a result of the damage to my finances and this unbreakable co-operation among them which allows them to round me up like an animal and train my attention on their popular culture to make themselves fame; I have finished with the Politics and the Society and the Culture and I am now off to the Media so all they have to do is wait a little and when I am finished with the media, what I will do next will determine what they know about how I am doing it – that big mouth likes to think it has the expense for the price of violence all the time and they will pay it when they are asked and when they are not asked on my account to their satisfaction as well, so until then. Speaking of the Police of which you don’t have to be competent at such jobs bearing in mind that when budget cuts happen and you are let go off, somebody else is responsible. So the real issue here is the question of me building violence for whose societies and yes I have so they can keep off my anus as well and remember whenever they want to set people out to gather themselves as groups and point fingers at until it gets violent, I am a Christian not gay and they need to imagine that you can only attack a person to such an expect before you by yourself are predisposed to imagine that he might respond; I am a Christian not gay, when they turn up to peddle personality, getting into my space and attacking me because the way I live is making them uncomfortable ; the outcome was that Media bosses have always been ever so happy to build them a means for it on public places, which has in turn created a sub culture of its own that this behaviour and the violence of it which makes that is when they are taking it from the heart alongside – so I do not see that they are in a position to complain, pushing me means I will offset the whole pain and start the game all over again, I will have been taking it from the heart as well; since we all know that when media bosses use their jobs to experiment as per whether or not they can keep me out of employment unless they peddle my personality and faith to make fame and fortune, which I will be kept out of employment if they did so and I allowed it never the less, making it impossible to ignore them bearing in mind it is a worthy use of time, that it will never stop unless I bend them over as a society as well into uncomfortable positions where peddling their lives will make sense, so it does not mean I feel I have done anything wrong for my part, I am answering a question as per whether I have built violence for whole cultures and societies – this is where it should have ended except Media bosses had an easy job before I came along and that job needs to be easy again otherwise I will get into trouble, but it is always easier not to be a media fool that wants to get gangs to beat up somebody whose personal life and art work you wish to deploy to make yourself fame and fortune, in order to make you feel the way women do and they have not listened to or heeded that warning in 14 years so far. They have no idea how I am doing it and even if I told them how anyway and need to keep their money where their mouth is and remind their foolish women about the insults too – I know they say I get off to urinate these days more often than not due to the weight of the fact that they are larger than I am but the fact they are as well recently is the reasons we are having this conversation. There is nothing unusual about it in anyway – go to a shop and find chocolates in the detergent area for instance and you might think it is the local neighbourhood goon that has been unable to steal something from the shop that is doing it but it is not, it is an idiot who thinks he is really clever and wears fine cloths to come to your shop that does it – it is not that he keeps detergents and chocolates together in his stupid house, it’s just that he expects somebody else to pay good money for it in your shop when it is kept that way and that bring home the kind of leadership their media bosses provide which means they are fundamentally out there to protect the interests of men by wrecking your finances and pillaging your personality because they need to escape the part where their wives got on their case because money was missing from the bank account due to extra marital relationships.

They say they their civil rights have never been beaten down so badly and that the whole situation needs to be avenged but they have never had the high privilege of having somebody to hold down financially in public places for 15 years until the need to peddle his personality and public life which is not happening because he is stronger leads to a result where the history they have with him is just as good therefore can be used to ensure they have it in the end anyway regardless. The part where I talk but there is nothing I can do is not reality – reality is a situation where you hate them as whole communities and regularly set out to ensure Mummy’s boys do not set you out as the guy they can get themselves together as groups to point fingers at until it gets violent, hence round them up regularly and beat the shit out of them from time to time and nobody really can tell what on earth is wrong with you as it were. I hear it would mean war but I wonder what they were thinking would be the result in the first place all these while as well. It’s very violent stuff to be twisted into such an uncomfortable place because people want to deal with a coward they were scared of but are not scared of anymore and now it has reached a point where it is clear what they expect to do with it is an outcome where I am too old to grow out of the issues and hence it stays with me and changes my quality of life, which will allow them peddle a history they have with me to make fame and fortune to that effect because I refused to let them peddle the fact I exist all together. So it’s as though when the fight breaks out I know how I am going to do my own kind of situation and I would like it if they kept away from me and took their insults along and above all cleared my space and were never seen near my Book sales. They need to chase people anus and tummy and penis at all times and for me it seems they need to keep me out of employment until they are able to have sex with me: we hear them claim its women that do it when you mention it has gone from the part where you say if they are done you will get on with the job as it were, to a point where your question has become if when they did that a million times it would have been enough and yet they dominate the women even when those are not in a relationship with them thereby getting their own pound of flesh too; I really would like to see an end to finding them anywhere near my Book sales as immediately as possible; it’s not a matter of if I can handle them, it’s the one where they leave me alone and clear my space of which they do say I complain thus but end up in other peoples own whereas the reality is that they have needs and that means they know millions of people and can only peddle my public life to know more, millions that they will keep away from my Books because those were friends of theirs, hence when I get into their space as well and will like to see a condition where they are not found near my Book sales as soon as possible.


It is not an impossible problem; it’s just their inability to understand what I think about them and I have said there is nothing good about the communities they live in and that can be easily measured as per where homosexuality is being practiced i.e. you think about being a man and that they have built whole communities along with media connections that will teach you a lesson for making their jobs more difficult on account they use it to find gangs that will beat you up to make them feel like women since last you refused to preach the gospel and live at the mercy of their generosity and sexual needs and this Community therefore exists to ensure they do what you should have been doing with your enemies and have half of your empire or more depending on how they want it – then you get to think about the fact they are always doing women’s own all the time and then think about the point where they need to tell you women are bad or show you what you should have been doing in a violent way when you get around with women, which produces the stage at which homosexuality actually exists  - so it’s like having to deal with all these things to get to show to find chocolates in detergent area like they keep them that way in their own homes – they cannot see how useless they are and it is becoming such a problem. Whereby they claim I am afraid of them whereas it is their government that is far more interested in ripping up my finances while giving them access to academic systems and financial cultures so that they might build up their confidence – it gets to a point where you set them an ultimatum about the stage at which they will have to get the politicians and the point at which you will be ready for a fight but I would like to see an end to their presence around my Book sales and Literary Empire. As for the bit where I talk but women control me however; the reality is still that this is the bit we never hear them mention – we hear them mention the fact they are victims all the time, not the one where the need their women have to have sex with a Christian before he is allowed to get a job is so intense that even the government will not be free from anus and penis abuses to ensure that they do and my literary Empire has been detached from its finances due to familiarity and insults; so the Americans do get to hold their horses sometimes over freedom and capitalism as it were. They need to spy on me to read what I write and what I say, in order to break my heart on media and find ways of making sure women interfere with my concerns and keep me docile with abuses and insults and deceits while at the same time I talk but cannot take them on and it’s that fine balance between those that beat them up and the person they feel they can bully but is important enough to afford them a public life they can mess with and such things are more important than getting a day job, if I am the one walking around their stupid neighbourhoods as though I am their boss, for reason of being aesthetically proficient in what I know and do. They like to claim I follow them around to dominate them which is not true; what is true is that today they will handle my Books and get to know 200 people that they will turn up at media and popular culture to ensure never buy it and in the next 24 hours they will handle it again and know another 300 and its like doing so has become their answer for everything before they then complain I have ended up in their homes.

So they say my big problem is a function of my failures, especially academically but its utter nonsense; the only thing I have to worry about around here are my Property Assets and what HM provides for me plus what the Court of Female Journalists provide and in terms of all these things I have done well enough to manage a National system – so I don’t see how my academic work was any of their business but it’s very close to another question frequently asked about why I have chosen the path that I have, of which the answer has always been as simple as the reality that I face in the sense that Politicians are not being shown how useless they are right across the world, so they really enjoy this process of threatening me and threatening to take away my Royal Estate too, so it was about time and they will not be turning up to rip up my possessions and stage a position in public where they can allow every fool in the land to turn up at my public life to count pennies until they make millions for a very long time. They really like this militant socialism bit so that the result might be what it is at present i.e. that the reason they are so angry is that their civil rights have never been beaten down so badly before but then again if I lose a Royal job it means that in a free world they would have built my very nature would have been shut down and there is no way that I would have found something else to do with myself and it goes on and on and on like that endlessly – when they see these results they will not take stock about how useless they are and how much of a problem the idea they can just set out a paper and sweet talk a crowd into letting them assume government office that will help them hit somebody else that the crowd will love to see them hit and get into a government office to get a job done; what they become more interested in, is con us all out of our time, take out takes and do not get the job done and seek out convenient choices and decisions as if that cannot be taken away as well and now that I have they have been able to catch me too as it were. This talk of shutting down my person and nature being the sweet genocide of course and sits right next to the one about how much I like to have a go at them so that African leaders can copy their homosexuality which is a problem I will not be able to handle and hence is being put to the test too here as it were. It’s like that old story of what the Royals hate about me, which is utter nonsense too since I am aware of my use of obscenities and so on which I had carefully explained the reasons and hence should not offend unless these idiots are making up their own version of my relationship with the Royals at Popular culture and media and showing up in public places to enforce it and secure some revenge against me but even while they are doing so, the subculture that preoccupies them is that they would want nothing more in life than to be able to rule and dominate somebody as well, which is the kind of leadership media bosses love to provide and set out to threaten me and abuse my Court all the time looking for trouble. They are so useless and evil and narcissistic that they are prepared to create a condition where the Middle East burn long enough to make people angry enough to come round and make Europe burn as well, which will set the stage for getting rid of the Monarchy and then they would rather I were discussing something else such as a lack of respect for them when we all know it’s a matter of leaving Downing Street to chase others all over the street of the UK and con the Nation out of the job you never did sweet talking them all the time into wealth inequality issues while paying for a job that is not being done, of which you have complied with since you became Middle East peace envy and have made vast amount of personal and family wealth through it all together as well –so it is an old story of telling me about the fundamental incompetence of Monarchy which I suppose means the whole idea that they are to get their conveniences from their own living rooms actually does not make sense to them yet but for most people, running an Office that is 50/50 split between Church and State service considering the number of things people need done which when done they will use and then damage in order to create themselves self improvements and create me crowd based problems, that the way I run everything would have made sense in that respect at least; they are to get their conveniences from their own living rooms – it’s a right down to the swear words story; I will consign those to the history Books all together by the time its over me thinks – the swear words are mine and they will want to think about not threatening me anymore not that I care anyway. They do say where I say what I say and who hears me say them will be the undoing to the British Monarchy; what they do not wish to discuss is whether or not their African idiots want to build clubbing and partying lifestyles on my Royal renaissance before they have it – so it will never happen; I mean the Dukes of the UK and of Europe have been breeding these Celebrities that end up in a Court system with me to a point where it has become a mini crisis I have to manage, so it is pretty impossible, when I say there is a very little chance of black people swarming the Monarchy and making trouble for everybody I am being realistic, it is actually pretty much impossible. They do complain of course that I have no plans to review my co-operation with Politicians and realise mocking and abusing them can lead to problems but I have no such wish for my part all together; the way it works is that they will see me do my security job at a shop for example, then turn up and tell me I m doing very well with crowd control acknowledging these idiots can do these things 24/7 for millions of years none stop if allowed but soon they show up in parliament and mess up my job pretending they need information from me on how they are affecting me so they can better work out how to lead and when I tell them about people they must exclude from the working of Council services and the shops and leisure services and the utilities, then they tell me I am a threat to the House of Commons – so it continues because they know where my Books are and how they can act if they want to see me live on benefits; so I have made myself clear that these guys that live in communities where the only good thing is women that live in it for sex and babies while they have no plans to do the homosexuality themselves which is usually one of the first indications of endemic poverty, do what they do because they are able to make too many convenient choices and decisions and somebody needs to make them take the difficult ones but then again the Politicians always complain about them and then tell me I am a threat to the House of Commons, as such Policy will make them less powerful. It’s not a problem as such; only when I am down on cash and put myself to some security job at a shop, they should refrain from turning up to mess with it knowing if I asked them about any of the issues they would tell me I am a threat to the House of Commons; there is nothing preventing people from being corrupt if they wanted but they ought to count the cost of being corrupt so as to undercut another person that has some power at his disposal, at the basic of his instincts – it’s a matter of whether or not the corruption is fundamental. Like that old tale of black people making sure I cannot breathe until I am serving them which is nothing new – we all know its popular culture and that there isn’t a Country on the planet which has not experienced civil war because these idiots have a thing for money and their need to dominate other human beings while complaining about a lack of civil rights and a society that is not free hence they are unable to get what they really want all the time but the bigger question is what people think about them – so in my view people have always known that when people become more predatory in the seeking of personal conveniences knowing they are after possessions that does not belong to them in the first place, it is an evil thing that is happening or that they are doing but have always chosen to plan their piracy on and against religion and morality, getting what they actually want in a Country which isn’t really free and having a problem with those who lose for each time they get involved with how useless they really are and cannot leave people alone who would otherwise have been angels if not threatened. So now they say it is nice when I am being squeezed into speaking up on social issues and it would never make sense because even if I had manipulated them into a condition where they either abandon and sell that mad culture of theirs they like to tell me will lead to my death if I touched but nothing will happen to them if they touched market for my Books on the other hand, the thing that will please them the most will still be the tale of whether or not they are able to rule and dominate people as well and whether or not doing so as a people has become a social craze – so this idea they spread all the time that I am doing the wrong thing is actually beyond me but it’s the distance between reality and all that madness. Like when they claim I benefit from the service they provide for society but have no wish to share my wealth, whereas what they do is build whole communities that will run around Industry and media having half or more of my Empire because they have been beating somebody up on my behalf and will invent the violence in my life that will foster it so they can get in and make some quick convenient popular culture wealth – so they really want to stop doing my stuff unless I ask or pay them for it.

They do say it is my lack of respect for those who lived in the UK before me which needs to be punished and I would never know anyway; all I know is that it is respect we are talking about – where I am not their fucking mate and they need to get their conveniences from their own living rooms; it’s not a new story that mid level gangs have always driven a Country into civil war but they simply cannot screw with absolutely everyone in that way too. I understand the violent bits, it is usually a function of violence I have created for whole societies when they will not keep off my Books so their media and popular culture can peddle me while I am unable to peddle them and will not realise its criminal damage; so no Court proceedings just raw justice and their bottom hurts as well because I know why they hate the Police so much – is usually the part where I have to make them understand that if I stopped hurting their bottom it would be five minutes before I had started again from the scratch which began about 8 years ago or so etc that their anger knows no limits and inability to do anything about me can be measured from it thereof as well. I am a Christian and we are taught to be respectful and to do right by others, it does not mean any scumbag can regard me as the kid they mess with to make progress with their stupid lives because the respect is forth coming and so on, not reality but the way I make people feel and what I make them want from me story – it shouldn’t be said I spent time talking about being insulted anyway, they will feel me too either way; big ideas they need to get off my Books and clear my space – seek their conveniences from their own homes and living rooms; we have to note as such that their celebrities are deciding what they want to work on and are working on it at present and it is usually a person and not a thing despite the fact the money they want so much is actually material. None of it has ever been a problem and it’s just clearer when I explain it from the point where I am told the security is still inadequate which it is not; the reality here is that I do not want people to peddle my faith and personality and it becomes a 15 year fight due to existence of freedom and capitalism and that is why we are here; they misconstrue what I think of them all the time if they can spend my time telling me what they think of me instead – the one where the poorer ones live in communities in which the only good thing is women having sex and making babies and yet have no plans to do the homosexuality that is the tell tale sign of the endemic poverty they bully others to create by making lots and lots of convenient decisions and choices that they will defend by violence – the richer ones get involved with extremist groups whenever people go around doing their stuff in order to share their Empire when they have enough money due to the fact these extremist groups ensure people don’t get involved without buying, that they are not spending to buy their own private army; so what would be the next big path for somebody whose mind worked in this way in the first place anyway – I mean the one about Media and Politicians? So again it’s still the same story; I say no to peddling my faith and personal life and it becomes a 15 year fight with a big mouth; is it their own?

They do say artists and Media are fighting back but I wouldn’t know anyway since what happens is that gay master will then get off to take pictures of models and popular idiots and splash them on magazines in a way that can only make money if their stupidities are inserted into my business and the market deployed by them and when done, he thinks I cannot make him get off his high convenience horse and make some difficult decisions as well because if I did everybody’s bottom will hurt right up to the Monarchy but when I don’t he will finish off with white women and think I have come full circle then get off to black ones and make his advertisement of mockery on public places to rob it in my face; when are they going to listen when I tell them not to take anybody’s pictures on my equity or public life? They love London City they say but I have no idea what they suppose the name gay master I dub them is supposed to meant anyway. Most of those years they got away with it were because I tolerated them and not because I felt they needed more information on the effects of their stupidities. It comes down to that old tale of things falling down around me whereas the reality is simply that gay master and his black and white idiots have access to my personal life and will use it to make trouble that will create a diversion whenever they are after the objects of their desires and greed and that trouble will run right up to security problems such terrorism as well designed to target me. It’s rather difficult to believe how much money the goons have lost so far; I mean, are those women they do these things with their children, and are the parents of these women unable to provide them with millions that they did not work for?

I have never had an issue with it – we have only just come through one part of this story where I have been very concerned about a process where I am breathless from the insults and abuse of an idiot who looks far cleverer than he really is and the reason is that he attended a manufacturer’s show that was hosted by a Mobile phone company some weeks earlier and has just located a personality that he wants to go there on the next time he does and then there is the Media one and the Politics one and the popular culture one and the society one etc – so where we are heading is the bit where I will take steps to ensure any money they have saved up to ensure these kinds of things especially their popular culture and its need to copy the life of Royalty and then ruin it to ensure they are the only ones that have it, is not a threat to me and if it was before it is not anymore; like when they tell me Police killed people in US and it had to do with me of which my question is usually whether they think I believe those were the criminals that the Police were actually out looking for on that day – like chocolate in the detergent area in a shop due to a need to steal a personality by assuming a right and telling some person what to do violently, as if they keep chocolates and detergents in the same place at their stupid homes. They do say it is the path through which I will destroy the customer base of peoples businesses and then fail to make enough money to match their spending power thereby ruining somebody’s business but that is another example of their inability to listen i.e. we all have our various little cliques in which we sit together to whisper and tell our side of the story and there is no need for them to be as violent and uncivil about their own like we see them do all the time – running a business is about all kinds of people and when they know they are not a main customer base and are just there for a bargain or a good product, what they need to do is take what belongs to them and leave – otherwise we can be civil about it my way and I would really like to stop dealing with their involvement with my Book sales. So we are back at the main issues now i.e. they ruined the economy and the party here was long over – when I see them in my business premises with their clique of friends getting around making a mess, the reality is still that of those who need exclusion from the fundamental nature of Leisure services and Council services and Utilities and the Shops because the reason their whispers and abuses can become more than everybody else’s is because they have too much leisure going for them and need to be made to take some very lasting difficult decisions.

So they say I get after women that are beyond my league and that it is the main problem but I wouldn’t know anyway since most of the violence I contend with is a function of how many exes people think I have and can therefore measure if I have had any; it is therefore the best disposition from which to find women beyond my league to get involved with. All of which is much the same as the other story that I have done everything whereas in my view its only what I needed to do for today that has been done i.e. this Week alone I had an agenda for building a sustainable relationship with society, so as to curb this widespread invention of violence that is the rage these days – it’s as though these goons build it from my faith, such that when I do a thing they will do the opposite and then that would have been the powerful decision and disposition and they cannot leave people alone to that effect too; it seems the only way I will ever find somebody to settle down with will be when and if I rescue one from them.