They say the new problem these days is society and how much trouble it has in store for me but it is utter rubbish, there is no such trouble with society unless and only if I have been driven to the point where I have to tell a Politician to stay out of a matter, considering that this is their own life and property and or that of society itself. I always like to put it the other way i.e. when people think they should be giving tax payers money to idiots to make their lives better, they should do so after doing some administration on it, so nobody damages my livelihood to tell me which side I am supposed to be on and whether or not I need to be on the right side. They always do these things because they think that people are supposed to pass up the fight with their Politicians and then and I am not one that will pass up any such fight in anyway whatsoever. It has got nothing to do with what goes on with their media over the matter either where insults are rife as it were, so you always realise each time it comes to that point that they have been working on you and the idea that you may take this stand and that they might need backup alternative arguments to subvert facts and of course the only reason they always offer for that is that you have been fundamentally immoral and that being fundamentally immoral means belonging to them and they can do whatever they like with what belongs to them and their fame freaks civil rights scum are actually all the same thing you see and have incredibly twisted ideas about what other people are in order to drag them and all they own out into the open to effect their robbery. The main matter is that government is somebody else’s business as well, so naturally if somebody is a thief and the population decide he should be Prime Minister, whether or not he steals while in government office depends on peoples civil rights foolishness and I don’t have to deal with them as well, it is not up to me. Contrary to popular believes and the idea they like to walk around the streets thinking it is possible to impose on absolutely everybody violently, I always think they have the effrontery to approach me when they have fed off abusing other people so much that they have lost their way and I always feel as though this is supposed to be where it stops. So generally I do think the Police have been doing a good job as well on the matter and we are doing okay as a result of that because I wouldn’t mind it getting ugly when they pull weapons on me either. It is a very difficult balance keeping tabs on people without abusing their human rights because of course the small criminals ranging from thieves to murderers always make mistakes and get caught but it is the big ones that do it like an art form that are the problem; so that each time I write my books, an idiot thinks it is okay to turn up in public places to subvert my Crowd by deciding what impact my book makes in the wider world with his media and they all do so and cannot be caught dead doing so with buying a copy of their own. So that the stock market and media fraudsters will be on my case while offering them fame and fortune in return and so with present state of affairs continuing, if they do not end up offering their own lives and property for their media, politics and stock market fraudsters to experiment with, I will be offering their lives and property to them myself, so they can do their worst; I mean when they assess their age and decide which generation they belong and how to sell it out to offer criminals the future in return for fame and fortune, what do they suppose it means, civil rights and what are they thinking, that nobody will ever get offended? They can come round here to start a fight of course if they want, it is clear they will leave completely intact as well. It is rather important they stay away from my books and stay away from my market place, as far as I am concerned the complain about the culture part, it is not hurting badly enough yet obviously. I can see events mean that things are returning to normal, I do not wish to give this up since I get a lot of fun out of it but let’s see how it goes anyway; all I can say is that they need to stay away from my books and away from my business and market place and if they do not they will not be okay. Their culture idiots and insolent demagogueries associated with the idea I interfere with their desires and greed and will soon get into trouble for it, like they love to claim to have in their possession matters that will cost me Which I can do nothing about because by the time I had finished talking about it when it is so complicated they would have had what they desired anyway. Africa is not burning yet and the insolent Yankee ones can come round if they have got it cutting my business to shreds on account I am a Christian and making demagogue noise it is the things I said which harmed their culture that was always the problem. When done we hear them claim there is no definition of morality; the part that beats me all the time being how they could set out clearly that they hate the idea of a person or anything inflicting harm on them but actually decide there is no definition of morality and yet if I deduce that what they have failed to put forward correctly is that there is no definitive school of morality, they tell me what they really mean is that there is no God. I have nothing to say about it, I am not saying I do, all there is to be said about it had already been said in the Bible, in fact that part was written by a King; he said a fool says in his heart there is no God and I do think it is enough said too. Like I said before, it is a matter of when you have come to the point where you need to tell the Politicians to stay out of it while they itch to get involved; personally I have no idea when the idiots will take it all and then it will become their own from then on and I will have nothing, so they can get lost but I suppose it has now reached a point where those who own them need to warn them in an obvious way. They speak of the sense that justice has been done over all the things they do to harm me and I suppose that should come from black idiots who think everybody is happy with their left wing rubbish and forced friendships they make with their younger left wing idiots whom they turn into objects of assassination but if we have to talk about it fully what we are referring to here has to do with things I have not done to them to create this sense that justice has been done when they attack me, that is just their witchcraft they can practice on their children who are young fresh and supple enough for it until the problems of their lower class hell hole makes them all grown up, for the rich ones, those always have enough money to keep it going for longer thereof. The only injustice I am aware is practicable is that of making sure they have no society, only the fantasies that their Politicians create during election period because like they love to feel they don’t like their jobs anymore and want your own, they will feel exactly the same way about a society they own. For the American ones it is not yet Wall Street v church of England and when it is I will be hated and vilified as well. I am not one to tolerate the Jezebel stereotypes and the men that continue to get on their side to pillage my property and equities to get rich will soon have to put their money where their mouth is, like the African ones who do not have their continent burning yet hence the attitude issues. Being a Christian does not mean people can handle your property or without permission or get away with doing so; the idea I feel I am one of the architects of war is just as well from their friends in the British parliament but what we have here is a process of working for money that men take off you at the pleasure of women who want to run towns; last I checked they were complaining about women that beat them up seriously because they like to pretend that they are awesome bitches, beat them up so men can come to roost, the only connection I have with it of which being that I beat them up as well so that women can come to roost. However the prognosis is always that despite how evil they are the world from certain calculated facts will not be seeing any big wars soon, we have seen all there is to it of protests in the middle east and maybe some war there that will try to shorten as much as we can and they try to gain as much casualty from as they possibly can. So I always think I have got the facts from the support they get from certain admin authorities and talk on their behalf by American Politicians, with others around the world especially Europe getting prerogatives from it to play socialist tricks with, so they can get to tell me that they are getting powers that are beyond me on their side and will soon be able to do what they like with me and need to put my head down and get to a day’s job but they always decide  that since they want to run towns, that is not possible for me in particular. I am not saying I am innocent on the matter either, ever since I decided to consolidate all my property and the liabilities of the British currency at my office about which they make noise there are things about my firm that belongs to other people which has no link with facts, it seems the fact about money being something people have by carrying out activity connected with paid employment and not working on their stupid self esteem has become more profound and all they can do is use money they made before to throw around and bluff to get me to make way for them to have more which will happen only perhaps when I am no longer walking this earth alive. I intend to hunt them in every country in this world to make sure they do not have that stupid money, especially the American ones and the reason is that they are supposed to buy products not pillage the equities on which they were created in order to get rich. I mean you can never do anything right; first customer is king and Christian is dishonest with service, now when you serve customers with precious metals so to speak, they fashion it into instruments of war and fire them off at you, to talk rubbish about business and it has got to end and end very well for me indeed; I believe I have sent out this warning about people pillaging my equities and securities for long enough as well. So in the end when they brag about insecurities Police officers face I make little sense of it, for I ought to remind people that there are two sides to it; one has to do with their social political, cultural and media filth and the other is the Police force; so it is not about hiding somewhere to shoot dead Police officers as it were generally. It does not mean that when I say so I hand back that stupid left either; its only purpose is some dunce who found time to pass exams in school getting around to pillaging my business, academic work and finances – I am not prepared to stomach the idea that it became funny at a point. The sense that justice has been done; I mean you wonder what they do with their time but that soon becomes a secondary concern when it is clear that the Labour party is very good at going overseas if we do not have it at home to bring it in; a process where people can feel that justice has been done against another person when they sit down to smoke weed and have a desire for money that they have not worked for; tally it with pillaging peoples academic work and business to build confidence for their stupid children and you understand why people behave in the way that they do. So they can tell me that I am all over the place about it but I want other peoples to end up in such ways, when in actual fact they formulate laws after handling people’s property illegally where you are forced to do what is being done to you and do nothing when you can do nothing and then make up stories about things they do not have. The other side being that I do things to them I deserve to, when their MPs refer to me as kid for example knowing when I finish National service matters I will try to earn some money and somebody will pick it up and anybody in my shoes will not want to stomach a condition where it is funny. I am still going to hunt and round them up globally anyway but it will not be to ensure they do not have money it will be to distract them from their jobs for fun. The part where they say it is all my fault is the best bit, for of course there is really no way of telling people I am a Christian and that popular culture and pop music is an evil thing, until it wrecks my finances and business in the way it does and twists society into somewhere where murders take place, until it wrecks my business the way it does about which I have made it clear it will all end when I am no longer penniless because of them and until then they will never see that stupid left wing and civil rights. So those who say such things on account I am being bullied are good to go when they start; I mean especially for the politicians, I have means to securing their public lives to pay for damages that are done here with. In the past what usually happens is that when they do such things lack of info means revolution takes place; today people will just die for nothing on account of me and we will all evolve. They love to think they can do anything especially when they have built juxtapositions around a person with their cultural wickedness and Satanism which they can manipulate; but really, is it really the case they can do anything and have no regard whatsoever for the rules? The rules have always been the rules; you do not attack people who hold offices of state because you will be attacking the state, when it happens most of the time it is a worse case eventuality where those who hold offices of state are abusing the state in order to create treason as an accusation against them. For these idiots they take advantage of when I respect their offices of state to gather tax payer salaries with which to hunt me and abuse me all over the place with; what they want has no way whatsoever of being successful but it is a worthwhile venture as long as it causes me violence, pain and suffering hence that is why they do it and I will continue to send out the warning that unless they treat my market place in the same way that I treat the fact it is not my intention to come to their societies to seek out respect from them, this world will become unrecognisable to them very soon – it will not stop and has absolutely no way of being successful and continues like that unless I get hold of and bend them up the other way round as well. We had finished with stage one on the matter where every bit of the electorate is concerned either with being fans of mine because they want to or concerned with being fans because they hate my guts and so I will find out when I will do underground work for them to be famous when it is so expensive too; I always say it will not end and we will continue to have socialist tricks and alliances with popular culture until it goes badly wrong.


So in a nutshell they say these matters arise because I antagonise civil rights people of which the facts say that they got into trouble with politicians and that is why they do civil rights, then got into trouble with me and that is why they do culture and the record by the way also says that they are winning. For the politicians we have alliances with popular culture, socialist tricks going on and a sense my humanity is being taken away from me to the point where I fail to perceive the idiots as other people’s children. They are Politicians you see and I bet they do not have names either, it is important to them that when a silly DJ tells people about stuff he is bringing to them to dance to, he is talking about the privacy of somebody else and has been able to extract what they want from it. Hence the brief over view of the things that are my fault as well. It’s not a new thing; it started a decade a ago when walking around the streets meant being ,located by people as the guy with the privacy that those with dreadlocks needs to have and deploy to get rich and famous and when I tell them to get lost they are off to female reporters and when those bug me and I tell them to get lost they get support from Politicians and every other idiot who think they want to see me get into a fight for them while they enjoy pleasures of drugs that their media money can buy and so on. The first time I was provoked with that alliances with popular culture and socialist tricks in Europe they complained about their secret societies and what I have done with it, so we are entering phase two now I guess. So I am aware of the threats and how every scum in Europe wants to sit down somewhere with violent boys to feel they have clan feeling and the Moto on my crest has always said something they fear but soon think I am not aware of my own Moto as well at the same time. As I said better when I said it before, the business and better life get rich insolent ones have enough money and can therefore provide for their children to make them look good enough for their witchcraft and enough of it to satisfy them too. I do not believe it to be a big problem either I have always maintained the reason I seem to get out of one problem with a politician and into a problem with another is simply that they think I should be bullied into a cultural abuse figure whose purpose is violence to protect them and their silly children who are great and good and important and successful and as punishment for thinking I can rub shoulders with them and I do not remember rubbing shoulders with them either, which of course is the part that winds me up. So it’s a case of harm me and get off to handle my products and make themselves rich and return to harm me and do the same again and again and again and I am not passing up the license it gives me too, such as the right I have to handle peoples companies at the stock market being that I know them for example when last they came round to my place and the experience was not good. These kinds of behaviour is supposed to have been expected from somebody who has been given a royal commission by the Queen; I can do whatever I like here and if I want to, with anybody I wish too. So what right do I have to handle peoples companies at the stock market? There is the answer; they can handle my books and nothing will happen as a result, after all when the popular culture ones put distance between me and them they have become invincible. This is not the pinnacle of my achievements either, I want to be able to walk into people’s establishments to warn off their employees who have a go at me and when the employers do not want that, they will sack them whenever they do instead’; I mean these idiots have never done any violence in their lives but they have now seen me and it is suddenly sweet like the cowards they are. Where we are at the moment is the position of their stupid daughters and an obsession they have with the city centre where I have the entire world the Queen had created for me when she gave me my commission out there for me to earn a living with but cannot get to it because I am being punished by idiots I robbed shoulders with who found it insulting that I did when I have never seen them in my life; so as it stands everything I own and do is split into two parts one to do with violence which is mine and the other to do with money which belongs to them and their men talk rubbish about what I cannot do which I will not go into a contest to prove and disprove because when stupid girls that cannot leave men alone with violence and rely on their stupid money to make it happen through advertisement start falling off television screens all over the country they will understand that I can. So in my view if it is not possible to walk into the media and the stock market to tell off a scumbag that has been having a go at me another of the economic crisis we have just seen will most likely happen and they will most likely handle my work to make it happen as well again. My view of the big boys however as per the big boys by themselves is that the big boys are so big that you can never miss when you shoot; all you have to know is the basics of economics and then the big boys will be all over everything that you touch and then you can do whatever you like – I can train up my four year old child to take down the big boys any time. So of course they can train their own to take me down instead but that will not change the problem here of being bullied into coming up with things they can get rich with everyday and the end I have planned for it as well like the damage to my personal life business and academic work as a result of the other two, to delay me and create a chance for the big boys to make money with all sorts of things, most notorious being popular culture while the Politicians claim it is a good thing. It is not actually true that I speak in such ways but sit around and do nothing; fact of it is that walking into a stock market to tell off somebody that keeps having a go at you does not involve whether or not another has a civil bloody rights, like they make out I have too many friends but cannot control of them. Lower class goons of course that are made for each other and I just want off my empire trust so I can earn a living like everybody else does; they say they buy shares in peoples company and I will rip them away from it before this over, they say they own companies and I will destroy it before this is over as well. Stage one of this matter has been complete – equities and securities consolidated, firm properties displayed on a market place, books in the market place and I am still having trouble waking to a job like everybody else in this country, so the question has changed to that of whether I will sell the books or not? Big boys my arse – they really are a handful of clowns. It seems that most of the things I write as simplistic thereof and if I wrote them in a complicated way people would have much respect for it and I cannot figure out exactly what they suppose they can do about it when and if I don’t anyway.

So the politicians claim the bane of my problems is that I interfere with their business; first of all which they are not the bane of my problems like they think they are and of course for the UK ones I don’t know why they feel they have or should have unfettered access to me when the rest of the commonwealth does not have such an advantage. Then there are the rest that like to think they should talk into me as well and that is after it is actually settled that the main issue is that they always tend to pretend they should have having my job, so that when they damage my books and the sales of it I get the sense tax payers are paying people to damage my livelihood and last I checked it was the exact feeling that counterfeit traders and drug barons get when Law enforcement affects them, which is something that I do not deserve. Their stupid daughters on the other hand are something they will not withdraw and I cannot remember myself in a condition where I rub shoulders with them like they claim I do when they are nothing but idiots who pass exams in school and then run off to international communities to wear flashy suits and pretend that other people’s children who find themselves there at a very early age are supposed to wait on them hands and knees not address them like equals which is a matter about which I will not get near their society to ask for respect but they should never cross me or complain when they do and know that they have; for their women on the other hand, the violent and insolent prostitutes making videos about my so called insults are one thing and then their stupid children and the idea I am a front to the fact their parents have insolent business that have now matured and need to bloody retire is quite another. I am not a novice at what I do and will not tolerate the Jezebel stereotypes, their games over my books and the sales need to be over or the Politicians can stop complaining while it is not so. As I said when I come across books their children write maybe I will decide how they ought to write it if it is important to me and not decide on whether I want to show some regard to them for their achievement but then again I have made myself clear about any Politician from any country crossing me while this continues to remain the state of affairs: they can get together and go to hell – after all I don’t see them own a Royal estate and break up equities of a firm in it to broker it and get the global economy out of recession so my wife can pillage the products to create riches and fame for idiots and talk rubbish about power and my children can think they are robbing shoulders yet; I just do not suppose they want to complain successfully when they cross me as well.