Do I need things to be dragged out of me by the media before I can do them? of course not; it started from loving me and detaching me from the spirit of God in order to make me do my work with human beings and people so people can find some way to be relevant to God and be blessed by it too – now it has degenerated into a process of making me possessed by wrecking my finances, threatening me with homelessness and putting it in my belly and making out it is funny on National and International media then attacking me with sex. So I always wait for them to bring it out of me before I do it and depend on them doing that before I get to work every day, they have wanted it so badly.

So when people ask the question of at this point in time with respect to my work, what should we be looking for? The answer is simple: the company has a Literary empire and a Literary empire trust, the empire belongs to me and deals with my books and the fans and customers, the empire trust is held by businesses on my behalf and a holdings system is created from it, which can go either way of financial services or even Legal services etc. There is no place on the planet where people can mess with any of it without a profound effect on my earnings and my temper as well. Those who think I am talking bull shit had better gotten off to it and stop talking rubbish as well – they think this is the 70s with lots of socialist gatherings and Gyrating and a profound institutional lack of respect for structures and property that belongs to people from which they make a living and of course it will not be the first occasion I have warned that the recession is over and they need to get off my books since there are no more excuses that can form a basis for ignoring it or doing nothing about it or refusing to take care of it and so of course the stubbornness is very well recognised and they are practically deaf as well, especially when they have media to play around with and need to handle peoples work and property, for my part they are not yet complaining about civil rights either. They like to claim it is my fault that these things happen as it were, when there is always an excuse and in a matter of second of it being formulated, the end product which is basically something that comes forth from them and their communities every single second is to harm me; the reason is as simple as it has always been i.e. that they want alternative explanations for wickedness and violence that they have a desire to work and practice and what instigates that need for that wickedness being the fact that somebody else is a Christian and that it makes them angry; so of course people can build an economy on this – good luck to them. I am only mentioning it because people ask the question of what they should be looking for; otherwise I have really had enough of them for my part as well. I mean their MPs and other well to do idiots are the crucible of it, somewhere above the girls that spend all their time knowing something about men who would not complain if people were to hurt them to get a good feeling and so it develops into something that affects your finances on the basis of hatred for those who would rather be killed than kill another person to protect them because they are girls – last we checked despite all that noise making of which the claim criminals are the best men and that I stole my personality from them didn’t end very well either. For the politicians and their people power with other peoples income and the stubbornness they work with it alongside their well to do goons who are basically criminals made financially better off by a bent corner of getting things done through politics, the game is to create a millionaire they can manipulate and that is created by making sure they make the millions and then have it no more, so that when you ask about those who made it and lost it they say it is not good enough because they have already gotten the money which serves as evidence and history that limits how far they can go with their wickedness, they want the one that found out at an early age and followed around to wreck his life everyday and then after a period of years put it together and work out if they didn’t he would be very rich and now they will find out how to get rich – the worrying thing for the things people can bring out of you as well is that at this stage 12 years so far, they are not yet rich, they have only just found out how to and like to tell me things I say about my book sales are me talking bullshit with a big mouth and it will not end very well either – even though I have done nothing about it, the signs have always been there all along and at this stage it is not funny anymore. You react to things according to the harm that the activities of those who harm you has caused you of course for the most part but it seems their interpretation of that will have more to do with what you have approved – which puts into context what I mean when I say I want my own corporate power and will crush any others that cross me, with it to establish a two tier society of the capitalist one and the theocratic one, so there can be a real fight in future. I mean how is it possible for a person to be cash strapped and unemployed for 12 years so far because foolish girls with parents who throw money on them think he fancies them with his royal office and global Intellectual space as well for good measure and needs to pay for it – like the media, especially for the Americans, every interaction with them must end in violence (which will be very frequent indeed – all those stupid advertisements of financial and income vandalism they somehow find a way to profit from which shows power their money has got and of course getting closer to the royal family which is personally provocative) and then in a short while yet it will go away, otherwise I am only considering what I have not done yet to avoid the extreme.


Just like the matter concerning me and wealthy women; no idea how I would marry somebody to marry their money for example or indeed how their money makes them the boss if they were in a relationship with me when I am a government operative and they are not for example and so the list continues, while each thing anybody does to blow kisses at me results in financial damage for me because they find time finding out where my finances are to drive their stupid points through and of course remembering it clearly of which is how people end up marrying those they do not want to marry in this society when they have money and how they always tend to be the ones that get married and how it tends to mean the attack on my finances are meant to ensure I am homosexual. I have on this again tried everything to avoid the extreme and cannot understand how somebody who wanted to marry me would end up marrying them despite warning them with those insolent violence I am not as square jawed or high flying as they are and my physical features are not the same as their own and I do not fancy them when I think I have a type, so it will naturally degenerate into something else as well because it shows absolutely no signs of coming to end especially because they have made to play around me and nobody here wants an education from them about the fact they are the deviance of this society either. The part their Politicians play on it is just as well, it helps to clarify the issue of why my relationship with wealthy women is the way it is and why they handle me like I was some kind of father figure because of which idiots think I must be gay while they get married and what other people want is irrelevant. It is the royal order I got with the estate and the alliances, which means my place at the royal village and the support for the armed forces who do its bidding and politicians that travel a long way to look for trouble like making something of a soldiers achievement or among others including this matter of relationships with wealthy women and so on. In the end the outcome is the same as it always should be that corporate idiots have girls and that those girls are concerned that they are out of my league while I want to get around with them and will do whether they like it or not and therefore my finances need to be eliminated to protect them and so it is the same story all around where you tend to worry about the fact that when you had taken up that corporate world and put it in its place what the main concern turns out to be is that of media and politicians running way with money from the treasury. Concerning all these things therefore of which they are making a clear tyrant out of me and thinking their politics will be enough to control me as well; I mean I am raised at the bed chamber and this means the power women have over politicians and their personal lives in the country is incredible but the lack of respect for the dignity of service personnel continues to grow in strength, they complain but the purpose of their offices is more about going out every day to mark somebody out and handle things that are important to him to make trophy victory out of fighting him, which means this will get worse and I have already started off the communities with sleep deprivation because for every insolent and sex based abuse is a prerogative and so that prerogative has become my privilege for years and years now that it has now created a state of affairs, then there are the fools on the left and the corporate world and so on whom I have saddled with the responsibility to dealing with both the problems of their society and that of the Christian society since last they want to wreck my life and keep raising me all over again to live like them because who and how I am irritates them with a big mouth – concerning which they will say they have caught me bearing in mind most people in society always think of their deviance as a process of making somebody work for something they can then get rich with, so that for the men people confiscate their right hand side and for the women people take over the left and make use of them to make money as well but in my case I allow them use me with the eventual result that their entire lives now depend on the need for them to be moral and church going people for it to be maintained, which of course is the best way to control their behaviour since I am not their mate and they have been warned many times I am a sexist – so we can see them do that their stuff anyway, get me they say; of course they have got me good and those their behaviours as well is a major issue and it is much the same with the communities – not the first time it was a major need to determine whether or not people deserve to have any rest or be at any peace which on occasions ends with police tapes around their homes of Police helicopters if not tapes instead etc. There is no such thing as back stage media gagging going on here; these goons simply think that my livelihood is a plaything and so is my earnings and so if they go to their offices to do such things then it is fair to assume they understand that it needs to stop or continue to the bitter end. I mean there is no body that does not know that it is either they have somebody in the communities that keeps taps on me and reports to them or they are using the communities as a whole and that they get violent about it all the time as well, so they can have facts on me to brew controversies and make advertisements, same old stuff with idiots who want a part to play in the corporate world and their lives becomes something that exists all about hurting a person they have marked out, otherwise they will not feel able to do their stupid jobs – once they then buy shares in a company and own part of it of which you will have to deal with their entire families as well, then they ask me other stupid questions about why I hate their method of business when it is all about tax payer funds being split down three ways of people investing it and earning from it and using it to pay taxes back to the government and do not do anything else but. Nothing I do is counterproductive whereby I will soon have to seek out to acquire the left hand side and make a country that has a local identity and an international identity; I want my pain that comes with dealing with fools who get discount electronic from Japan to turn up and wreck my life making riches and fame with all the things about me I don’t want them to handle and the other idiots in the US who always want a politician behind them in order to make capital out of their violent insults and I want this pain to be where I have placed it otherwise those who subvert where I have done so live with the fact they are fighting me and need to fight back when I fight as well not complain. I do not want any respect from them, just a process where they leave me alone or I will have their behaviour managed at church and it is not the first time I have mentioned a plan to create a two tier society in the west of capitalist and theocracy anyway, so we can find out how they do that their stuff when they have no choice but to attend church. Nobody needs education from them concerning the fact they are the deviance of this society and I am not mates with them either. I am aware they are the managers of what HM does with my work these days, when of course there is the cote of arms on the Company website and everything else associated with it, they speak therefore of giving up essences of myself – like the old stuff about the fact Americans have got their own order when they meet to have their parties and do their tall buildings and rich cocktails and so on but mine seems to be their only preoccupation these days all the way to my books and earnings with a completely flawed sense of what is right and wrong all the time.


I mean take video games for example; they have their own evil business families that emerge from their actions and will never make video games with that, they want to make them with my life once finished with being rich and famous pop stars and so on and so at no occasion do I buy a toy and come home to get happiness from it because they have access to my privacy, it is either it is a wickedness they love or it just ends up making them more money when I feel I must buy more and more of the games that are made by those I have permitted to make with my work and so on, which makes no sense whatsoever but at the end of the daily attack on health and finances have taken place and that is all that matters, so the big boys are off to their stuff for the most part and there are foolish corporate world female idiots who think I want to get around with them when they are out of my league and will do anything to do so and need to have my finances stifled to protect them, which the big boys love very much and so the attitude extends to every electronic ware I buy where they believe I buy them so they can talk through to me through them and I cannot get happiness of any of my toys at home whatsoever as it were; that considered the fact remains I do create equity brokerage and Intellectual property administration but it rings a bell only with others and never with them as well, nothing about it so far and nothing i say suggest that there is their evil business families on one side and me and my empire on the other and that I will not tolerate making products or video games or films or pop music out of my life or anything that belongs to me, at least none whatsoever in an emphatic sense at this point; they think they have got a lot of people power along with media, advertisement and the manipulation of the crowd with a big mouth. And it is the same story all round where they complain only after they have endlessly sustained violently the idea that what you own does not actually belong to you over a period of years and then we hear them talk about their rebellion thing and how people like me come from what they describe as shitholes to offer the other side which is the government the man power they need to win – before then of course apart from the girls and stifling my income to protect them from me, which means that by the time I am finished with them what will emerge will be a process of chasing politicians around the world over the matter of running way with treasury money – by which time I must have put them firmly in their insolent places, I needed to bring that my life here so that somebody can use it to be rich and famous otherwise it is clear I am on the other side. As I mentioned, it is not that I am not going to make myself available to them to get rich with, I will but it will be on the principles of the Bible and I will shut off and destroy every other alternatives as well, so we can see them do that their stuff somewhere in Church at some stage, which will enable me to control their behaviour of which the respect I do not want from them either – same old story they need to get out and get lost. Everybody knows the access to my privacy thing is meant to ensure there is a tit for tart no stones left unturned response of insults and abuse toward absolutely everything I do, with that platform of money mad insolent and discriminative rebellion that gets them into trouble all the time and the purpose is to present the idea in public places that where they are as compared to me is the best place to me, which always, always is guaranteed to make them money and is therefore what I need to kill off as well, when I see they need to get out and get lost.