Now I am perfectly aware of talk that I keep away facts about current fights in order to deny people the fairness of the knowledge of power they need to have about themselves; I don’t know about that, all I know is that it is likely the only information I keep from them is that they continue to try to bully me with the middle man and supply chain economics and I will crush it for them as well. It’s like the old story of why I am scared of Politicians when I am not; as the reality is that it might be fine with them all including their society and media but I find it insulting – where you know more and do more and are stronger temperamentally and everything than people are but they prefer to make use of your life and work and insult you for a reward that is put to you which further provides them with self advancement as well, looking for trouble; I want my respect back and they will have to lean further to the gangs and the extreme right to deal with me at some stage – I am aware of what my UK Publisher branch does with my books and I have mentioned before of course that they need to keep their insolent and nasty selves from following me around as a Nation or it will blow up. I will sell my books by myself and do not need anybody to do it for me; whether they think the Prince of Wales should be the King that was a Demy-God or not or are rude bearded idiots that we know to roam around Westminster thinking everybody wants to be their power plaything before we hear them complain that is or are just really expensive fools who have the interest of a Royal Personality in mind; I have asked no body to distribute my books for me and there is no more explanation for it than that – evidence being their media and their politics and their advertisement and their girls and the fact they cannot stay away from my income and profit margins. It is the only thing they think about all of the time i.e. align themselves with a power and from there grab other people’s property; all the time, they breathe this and talk nonsense all the time about people hiding facts from them that will tell them how powerful they are while at the same time seeking a fight and it brings up that question of what people would do in my shoes; bearing in mind they also believe I buy media equipments so they can use them to talk through to me every day and in each turn when they want anything. Nobody knows exactly why it is so important to replace a simple respect for what I do and the fact I know and do it well with some incredibly stupid modern way of doing things anyway but I believe I have been clear my respect is important as well and since this is my property, what I want on all occasions is to matter 100%. The idea as such that dealing with tax avoidance would be a difficult issue for me is completely misplaced; I mean Mr Idiot from only God knows which hell hole has just been elected Minister of Parliament and as such cannot do a simple character check when he puts people in charge of HMRC not because he could not necessarily try but because he is the same thing as the idiots he employs to be the first point of contact on the financial affairs of the country; I mean the person regularly shows his displeasure for the attention young leaders get, it is not that he is angry and frustrated about the idea young people want to get around with him either, nor is it that he is angry and frustrated about being a play thing for popular culture idiots, he is just greedy and angry period and is the first point of contact for the financial affairs of the country as given him by another fool who thinks the fact he considers himself to be the biggest civil rights bastard in the world I am either particularly interested or really want to get off playing insults to desperation with him which will make tax affairs a difficult thing for me to handle when they know I have mentioned before as they say, that it is easier to build from scratch than to renovate, when I have mentioned before the biggest problem between myself and their followers is that their followers have jobs and their attitude and the prognosis of possible reactions from me which are likely to ensure they get down to it and pay the bloody taxes while they are at it so they can avoid it if they want, creates an environment that employers do not necessarily appreciate as a good condition to do business in however their insults and big mouth will soon enough has seen me find a path around it as well. I mean it’s like the old issue of getting the general public involved with spending cuts which will never work since Labour sees its Politics with the treasury as an asset however the fact remains that there is still the sense that a cultural conservative has no right to exist or run his business next door while declaring where he stands Politically for example and this is a campaign ground that needs to be cracked not more austerity over the welfare system; this is what I polish up and everything when I make mention of how well the tax payer gambled at the polls and how much it paid off since Labour too would have had to make deals with the Liberal democrats in order to get into power and hence the Liberal democrats would have had an opinion over spending cuts and the budget etc, to give the fools means of being able to tell me they have forced me to care about the plight of the poor because everything and everybody is certainly a plaything for them and so are peoples time meant for such nonsense.


I do not believe that defence redundancies will likely create Political instability in the UK like those who created it in the House of Commons mutter all the time; reality is that things have happened so quickly and left us very little time to get anything done – here things that needed to be done was a process of ring fencing the defence industry and allowing it to exist of its own right without being fiddled by Politicians, in much the same way as it would eventually have needed to be settled that defence budgets should not longer be a plaything for Politicians. I mean don’t get me wrong the commanders and the guys at the Monarchy will figure the issue out but I do not in any case believe we have anything to hide from the rest of the world or indeed any one for that matter and the defence industry should be allowed to be an industry and not just a place where people go to become soldier since it is possible that soldiers can be laid off whereby it should be possible they can find jobs easily elsewhere in the Industry and not something that plebs that never solve their problems use as a means of having money and power with the same stone basically (I do not have a problem calling them plebs in anyway; I mean a Politician picks on them and instead of fighting back the reasons they are lower classes is down to what somebody else is responsible for hence find somebody else to pick on because the Politicians are Gods and so on and even those who decide to help them always fall on the wrong side of having their lives wrecked and all they do being used as a means of social progressive Policy of idiots who want lots of money to play around with and from then on self improvements endlessly to secure decadence and alter their class, just because they have made life so unbearable for you within their hell hole that you always want to do something to get out and so it carries on endlessly and I will never stop using the Plebe word). They say then I say such things after advocating the need for government to end austerity measures at Welfare, which shows the idiots never ever listen to anything anybody else is saying because they have fantasies and human being to play it on; any normal person would have noticed I was talking about a scenario where 20 families on benefits would buy baby food for example from a particular shop and that shop normally goes to a specific place to get the cheapest deal to sell to them as well, so they have their own economy going on, hence a Politician will suggest that fixing those prices from the Government since it will currently entirely a matter of demand and supply at present will help and not make things worse, so what’s more the scumbags do is get around making sure those that spread work among their work force over the year in order to spread jobs and income and then ensure these means of supply cheap quality stuff for those on benefits who are their customers runs a thriving business, get to employ less staff all around and then keep a single set of permanent staff, just like they got rid of royal mail jobs and the reason is still the same i.e. that there is too much financial mobility in their stupid country without people appreciating how much they had to fight to bring it about. The questions of an inability to listen to what I say and then ask stupid questions later on of which is a matter about which I have had enough and will soon set up a specific aspects of my books and trust and holding system of a business to cater for this particular group of people and then they can come round to play those stupid games yet again; should it be emphasised any further they are not that poor and need to fight their own incredibly stupid corner in life and leave the rest of us alone. The defence industry on the other hand should be the safest place for a government to create jobs, especially for an administration that wants to create economic recovery via the private sector and not some mad strange stupid civil service whatever that means. I mean it’s like the two questions of how first I do not see the Police as part of the Armed forces when it is obvious they handle deployment of temperamental colours at their side of industry, where they work to provide security for Government property and for government itself and for public property and for the public, which of course creates the other necessary industry I do not understand why people oppose all the time of the Policing of Industry and business communities as well which as with the territorial armed forces should be allowed to blossom into its own industry and the idea their budgets are for Politicians a plaything killed off completely; the best part of course is that I intend to tie it all off at the Church where its affairs will be handled by the Bishops at the House of Lords and of course they always say I cannot do anything so yes this is another one of such occasions too as it were. Then the other story of how people are forcing me to join the armed forces and I am a coward, whereas the reality of course is that senior soldiers are more level headed and it is the junior ones that are crazy about things and I have mentioned it because they bring up this issue all the time and do not notice that they need to leave that industry and its merchandise and video games etc and stay out of it, wherefore it’s not just me but a general fact that people will do them up soon enough as it were and all I really can do is hope it does not get violent.


Now I am also conscious of the issue of how I give away government information to idiots at local communities whose homes I rent but of course the truth about it is that they are still creating hell for me, stifling my income knowing that I am not treated the same way everybody else in their hell hole lower class and so the reality of it being of course that economy has a supply side and they want power and hence will never have it. The warning part was the part where it all blew up on the media and international communities and I always put out the info so that he who does not go for it hands a scoop to the other and so they must always agree to disagree and that means sharing the proceeds through market, which again I will create problems that will mop up as well, hence they get to run a business with equities in it for the first time in their foolish lives and thus unleash their media on my business. It is therefore becoming a fight seriously and I was always famous for taking away the luck of my enemy, while they have always been famous for big mouth claims of being bigger than I am and therefore will not stay away from my book sales which I have never authorised them to work at. They do need to fight their corner in life and leave the rest of us alone and I for my part have made it clear it will blow up if they do not keep their stupid nasty selves from following around the world. The part where I am vulnerable in the sense that terrorist groups are beginning to emerge which think of me as their Prime problem is utter nonsense too; I mean for such terrorist groups they ought to know I did speak to Allah sometime ago and he said their terrorism was rubbish and of course the usual reaction is that this is not true which I guess is so because they really can tell Allah whom he can or cannot speak to. In the end the supposition is that I do not know where they are whereas in actual fact I am certain there is enough respect for everybody around my affairs; Muslim, Hindu and every religion imaginable – there is always respect around here, hence I do know exactly where they are. I am not trapped in any respect cycle where it is never enough either and certainly not at the hands of those of them in the UK and their British Politicians friends for that matter; its much the same like that old story of how I sit around flattering the British over how good their society is because I have no intention of creating one like it for black people in Africa – reality of which is rather that there are simply more people such as myself in the UK than they are in other parts of the world like Africa for example, people who build Cadbury Factories where they make Chocolates and build residential areas for their staff and schools for the children of their staff in it, if you have enough numbers of such people it is easy to think up a Welfare system and an NHS, there is simply not enough of them in Africa even though such activities are happening there anyway. I am just an armed version of the same old British story and nothing amazing as such i.e. I do the things I do because the people around me bring it out of me, it is more difficult to keep it to myself than it is to simply give it to them whenever they do; I would have to destroy what I have, shut down myself and keep myself open at the same time and then make sure anything I have to back up my great plan does not in any way benefit me, so that when they bring it out of me, I keep it to myself and have it all and it is simply too much work and those who have such ideas need to fuck off and leave me alone. Of course there are matters like really silly evil Americans that are largely convinced they can easily create sides over my work and property and then hand one of those to me and the other to themselves and start a fight endlessly which they can provoke me into on Media – it will never work because I think them to be Anti-Christ and there is no such thing as tolerating any side they have created over anything that belongs to me but above all the main issues are that they do not seem to take the hint that I do not wish to turn up anywhere in this world appearing to have been having a conversation with their stupid selves at some stage and so none of the fighting they seek with me will ever turn out as they suppose with that stupid left hand side etc.  Now on the matter of GCHQ surveillance, the reality of the situation remains as it has always been i.e. is there a neutral ground in the world where you can conduct surveillance without being criminalised and of course the answer and reality is that there isn’t one, so there is every possibility to suggest that a process of lending a service to Russians and Chinese to lift the quick finance economies out of crisis for the sake of the rest of the world has changed so much of the west in the view of some idiots that they are completely deluded about what British Interests and Territorial Integrity and that of the Countries they come from or govern really is; hence safe to say that if people do not get in under the nose of GCHQ it is unlikely to want to find out how far deep their hand has gone into the cookie Jar; especially the French who are completely mad about their superiority and its connection with having insolent girls to sleep with doing fashion and getting rich with other peoples intellectual property and especially like to target my income and company with a big mouth, same with Germans who never learn so they are off on a tangent about the benefits of the superiority of their race on the left which they cannot have unless they decimate my company as well with a big mouth and the Americans I have discussed above, close to whom are the African ones that will never be understood, destroying what they want because doing so will make it their own and then blowing off their big fat golliwog mouth about people they want to do incredibly violent things to yap, yap, yap all over the place about which I intend to crush it for them as well, since it is not the first time I have warned about the ease I find I am able to handle the matters of the problems stock market idiots and financial services idiots and banking idiots create for others picking up their property and dumping it in another country and telling them to go get it there if they want it so badly while it is being used for something else - it never goes away until you invent things such as your own stock market platform which purpose is to control them and the very sight of it takes their breath away and until it it has to occur every blessed day, I mean has anybody seen the social networking sites and the social networking profiles that these idiots put up and attack me with endlessly, apparently absolutely nobody is likely to get offended by it as far as they are concerned as it were. The British have the best plan for economic recovery and anybody that is interested will simply have to use the correct route or stop complaining and there is nothing more to it than this. I can only be as helpful as to mention that to me there is nothing clouded about the fact we are split into idiots who are really destructive and want to be rich and feel like controlling society and public services to their ends all the time; which is why here in the UK I want to take away from them the story about racism in order to furnish them with other more efficient ways by which they can kill each other, since we have now reached a point where not enough of them seem to run out of time with those lucrative insults over peoples possessions and person yet, not enough seem to run out of time while they are at it and die because socialists have been spending tax payer funds on them and providing them other general political insults at people which help them to move around – it is not necessarily the case that I cannot live with their destructive and very abusive nature and its popular culture, its just that they target me insistently every blessed day and talk nonsense about making sure nothing happens if I were to die which of course is supposed to express the very height of their disrespect of which I have told them before to keep their stupid cultures away from me, not that I will ever stop trying to sell up any new ones they come up with whenever I find it anyway and keep their nasty stupid selves from following me around the world.