Now to settle this matter of class once and for all, what I ought to say is rather simply that there is no such thing as working class because of course if you are upper and ruling class then if you day job is scrubbing toilets there is link between that and ruling, if you are middle class and your day job is the same there is link between it and enjoying the theatres and travel and all that stuff middle classes do and if you are lower class there is a link between it and buying your own home and having your own car and all those things lower classes worry about. This problem of class therefore extends from the fact some people like to use their class to hurt others, right down to a certain group that love to pick up the fallen from the classes even if they have to manufacture their own, and then sit around ruling and abusing them to get rich and famous, whose nonsense I personally have had enough of as well; one more talk of it since it cannot do without me or my work and whatever it is they seek will really kick it off too – the claim I talk big but am full of other people’s problems is utter nonsense by the way, the fact of it is that first of all I keep my relationship good with politicians as I am required by the Monarch and the system to do, so when I make my own mistakes and have my own problems and do my own mess, I do not put it on the Politicians or indeed seek self improvements from doing so, let alone feel it is funny but there are a group of very provocative socialist idiots that get used to doing that to me instead and so their people get to copy them and make noise all the time too. They bring the Prince of Wales into the story and the Prince of Wales makes himself available of course; this is not a thing that scares me in anyway whatsoever, the reality is that the Prince of Wales along with city idiots and these fame and fortune fools have had a habit of wrecking my finances to do things they know nothing about and for him specifically it is rather about the royal that becomes more and more Political everyday; I mean why does it have to do with the bottom line of my finances when he is behaving in such ways anyway? So eventually it turns out I have a policy of how it is my disobedience they want to do something about when the books I write about them which the Heir to the throne is not exempt is about their disobedience and not mine and I will write as much as I want about it i.e. they have got money and make noise about that all the time so they can clean up their own mess with it and I will spend as much of it as the mess they make for my part anyway. I mean when do some people get to give ear to things they are told anyway, at what age and at what time and why does it always tend to have something to do with bottom line of my income? I intend to play this behaviour out with city idiots as well, those ones think it is enough to prop up the mess they make using women and then turn the women up on media to squander my income too and so there is enough mess for them to spend the money on as well and I will spend it for them – all they need do is hang around and hand me access and the license to do so like they pretend to with that big mouth. The part where it is a racism thing is just laughable, it has better not been one; I mean I expect some problems with a relationship so close to the Queen and now that the foolish men have worked out how to ensure I am not in the favour of her Heir and that they are and that they are at my expense and that while they are my finances are completely wrecked, it does not appear to them they have pushed me to the wall and left me with no choice; for now they are to deal with the books they seem to have a problem with anyway and more of those will be written as well and it had better not become a racism thing because of course it will become something else as well all together.


And we will find out if their own looked like Germany so they can racism; yes I know they always say British racism is alive and kicking with all that nonsense talk about stealing the stories I may tell to kill them as well if they start, when in actual fact I would only have stolen the stories they made from stealing my stories and then the killing would not have stopped until it becomes something we do because we know each other very well. For now I am content with a condition where everything I own and do belongs to them or was something they thought about first which has now created a result where that culture and that media and that fame industry is mine as well, where I need the media and fame industry and that left hand side because I need to ensure when people handle my property it stays with them provisionally until I claim it and I need the culture because they had their time to back off and refused to take it and can write anything I want with that culture too – I don’t sell books, they don’t sell music CDs and let me get out of here yet as it were. The fact Darwin came from the UK is not good enough either; I personally think that Darwin was correct because his predictions have turned out to be true; the only place where people are dying of hunger and drought and not some sort of unexpected or unforeseen natural disaster on this planet is Africa where he predicted inferior races were and the culture extends to my income as well where the black idiots are actually spending my person until it is completely squandered without reason and are stifling my earnings with problems and violence in order to gain the access for that, in turn the white superior races according to Darwin had long since created a mystic Electricity for all system and a mystical water for all system, I mean this is a specie that can take care of its future, so it has nothing to do with racism whatsoever; I mean you may think of the two aspects of cutting people a slag here – religion requires generosity towards those in need and homosexuality requires the process of being allowed to do what you like on grounds that others are a specie that have failed in their obligations towards themselves and on none of these two fronts even so have you seen another cultural system of Africans that create food and money, only those that destroy, so I do not care what people say when somebody has put forward clear scientific evidence to prove it – I mean why would we think we are better than ants and dogs and birds and bears that have become extinct anyway? The same brains that watched the dessert encroach day after day until he starved to death is the same brain that sells out good people because an idiot has got money etc and how does it eventually come to the point where they are that desperate anyway, not to mention social interests which will in itself even if we were to deal with these human problems politically, which suggests that they are available as an army to money and any who has it; this is not a specie that wants to survive, if it wants to be an army for idiots with money when it has not got enough brain power to seek out water, which you need on a daily basis. The Darwin story is based on fact and peoples racism is based on how Germany works along the lines of how you are as inferior as you think you are when there are laws in the land until people get killed – If they are doing racism, they have my books to deal with and had better not made it into what I they think they are doing with racist talk so it does not go hay wire for them too. For me anyway the cultures will remain my property so I can write books with it and if the books do not sell people who peddle me and my person and intellectual property of my company etc will not sell products or fame and fortune or music CDs as well – I am aware they claim they are terrified of what happens if I own the culture and then become educated to the highest level, have friends in high places and kill people regularly but their behaviour does not show that they think it means I have the right to exist and live and be a Christian and not be one on grounds that I am in fear of offending them or being hurt by them with that big mouth. Everybody no matter how powerful know that if people have an office of state and you like to mess it up for them and mess up their finances and intimidate them, at some stage it will cease to be so funny because it is the worst and most distressing thing that could happen to anybody and they will start to deploy their office of state to defend themselves.


Now I will be accused to speaking of state office but thinking only some people are entitled to it; reality being of course that they are really stupid people and so because of the idea they have some social interests going, they want to talk like me, think like me and act like me in order to represent and protect and vie for these social interests, all very well said of course, except that it reached a point where they have established a link between hurting me and getting all those things and cannot give a word of thanks or show any respect for my source of income because it will make them inferior and hence bring up such things because they think I will be stuck and shown to be a bad person with an evil ideology which is utter nonsense, since I still believe we happened to have dropped the ball with all those black idiots and Scottish Nationalists and so on finding their way into that Parliament. I mean a Professor will spend at least 70 thousand pounds on his education all together, then he will have spent years working for several people and training several others, so that when I puts it in writing somebody wants the information because he does not want to buy the books on grounds his opinion of the writer is so disdainful and thinks his excuses for it will suffice; I had warned it is a kind of rudeness that can make an animal out of a perfectly normal person and they can carry on too and show absolutely no signs of stopping anyway. For the ones at the Monarchy anyway; I have no idea how many times I should mention I depend on what goes on in my head to make a living and therefore would not like it at any stage or occasion that they should turn up there and more so to do damage, so that when they find themselves in a book have some sort of violent opinion to express as well. It is never a difficult issue; when you hold high office you are aware of fools who did not make it past school or ones that are more deserving, so they always want to ensure you do not have it anymore while they have it forever as such and of course you should note your obligation to keep them out of parliament; socialists my arse, of course the only thing they really know is looking for trouble really intensely. The part about removing the Prince of Wales on the other hand has something to do with getting around with them, like they were his class or have reached his level of academic achievement or are his mates or anything like that, which then always tends to have something to do with my income each time it takes place too; I mean if he does not feel up to the job, why not leave it for somebody else? I need all these things and after all I am talking to people and am not the guy should not be allowed to need them anyway. I am aware they say my academic work is in tatters while I look down on others; it is not, what my academic work is, is what I have made it – I am still a very young man and intend to handle my studies in a way whereby I get used to how people want to relate with my academic work and my career and my finances to talk nonsense around their society and politics etc with, which is what they want to do with their time, when I am perhaps married with my children running rings around me, not when I am still in my 20s, for now the fight is on and they can come round and get some. I do not have strange and extreme views; these people if you were to put it in context of teacher says it, students take on board and pass exams will have normally become those fabled stories you leave school with who have never made an academic progress in their lives and then their MPs will secure them the hate figure they can abuse to make academic progress and pretend they are not fighting people who will fight them as well for their part – what they seek with me on the other hand of which is even more strange; I mean I did put up with some during my school days and decided I would think my GCSEs are serious when I am ready but the career ones are a different league entirely. About how I expose my career and then complain on the other hand, there is not a condition that appears to be the case; reality is that it’s all my career all together i.e. that culture is mind and for each time I walk past people on the streets and they annoy me very intensely over some indicated space on the left I will destroy it, such stupidities and foolishness, whatever on earth they are referring to and I bet if I inquire I will find its power and a process of dominating me as well and hence to hold onto the culture which was mine in the first place; I mean I was the one that came up with an idea that says I can invent a culture that makes me rich if I abuse certain people before it got stolen from me and all that stuff people do with culture is what I wanted to do before they stole it that is and so I must now sell the books and if I don’t, people will lose music CDs they make from singing Intellectual property of my royal estate and company as well until I do.  I know it is the route to becoming one of those fabled evil creatures people talk about, with an educated mind, ownership of culture, connections and the desire to kill people but I am a Christian and my book sales are the way out for me and for them too.


I mean if we put it in context issues turn up such as the cultural legacy of Baroness Thatcher for example which I know nothing about of course; all I know is that she took really seriously above every other leader we have in the UK the issue of big evil countries all over the place and the fact it is sorted when America takes it seriously and hence some things you do because you do not have to worry about them on grounds the US wants to be an empire etc. The whole thing went wrong with Blair and the relationship with republican Bush and their War in Iraq and so on, so they sort of became the dynamic duo with Blair and his party with its strange relationship with communists that really do not exist. So they speak to you as per their relationship with communists on grounds we have a special relationship with the US and then speak to their party members respectfully enough to indicate the fact they are a British party seeking British Interests and it is not just a one off or anything but completely out of control and is the way the address and speak with other Ministers in parliament as well – so that it tends to mean a relationship with communists that does not exist which will now start existing if you misbehave and it has nothing to do with whether or not they are a party seeking to get elected on certain Policies, just the old stuff of buffoons seeking government and abusing you for it and talking nonsense about real leaders who are not afraid to lead but of course deploy your own sense of justice and democracy to cover their tracks and accuse you of being tyrannical as well and go off to build on a politics that mocks you over it too, to gain dominance. It will get worse once I am out there on a book signing as well. This other story they tell where civil rights fools in the US throw up words at me with their media is very well known too; for those ones my position of Mr Reagan is unacceptable while my treatment of Thatcher is divine; strange of course since both were clearly two different people and Reagan on a person basis mostly spent his time making out it was a symbol of strength if somebody abused me and built on it while at the same time trying to control socialism, so that once things had begun to look up for me and others like me, he suddenly died and people asked me to help with a profile and I could never understand why they did: these fools are still out there confident in the fact no matter what the outcome is for their destruction and idiocy, the result will always be that I as a person will be made extinct as a form of mercy fascism because of him and he started all those things because of course the time the Berlin wall was still on anyway – not to mention his good bye to cold war and welcome to arms race policy thing as well; it has reached a point obviously where these idiots have catalogued each of every single possible reaction I might have to anything that they come up with how I have treated Reagan compared to how I have Thatcher when they are the same thing, whilst they really are not. So it still comes down to the same old issue of their civil rights oppression where they ask me regularly if I am prepared to make concessions on homosexuality which is think is just as well because they always say they do it only on grounds they want to have anal sex and not because they want to play a game of its mine and its already been done with everything I earn a living with because it will be nice to see a government official work without being paid on grounds that they want easy life and immorality and decadence and a grand plan to be on the right side where they will get all their hearts desire. I stand by my position that nobody is born homosexual anyway and they need to get off it and get off me and get out of my life too anyway they can because of course I am getting prepared and once I am it will be too late to stop from then on. It’s already been done, its mine and I do it because I am gay and nobody has ever seen their Politicians do government work for a decade without being paid either ; all the things I did as a teenager because my parents were there to support me being brought back into my life while I have to get a job of my own – feels like being set out on an operating table and cut up without anaesthetics for my own health, it changes you as a person and they do it because they are gay and whatever talents I have has already been done. I do not think it is a problem, just setting out facts on a specific matter, its only that taking it down is the only route I am left with to sell my books and consummate my job, unless they will offer me an alternative and do so soon, it will be the only way too. I don’t mind my opinion about Thatcher story which will make me enemies thing; I am not so certain they will not hate me as much as they did her as it stands yet as it were anyway – besides which anybody can predict or gain insight into the fact that with all these facts considered and the relationship with communism that does not exist considered, they could foresee Thatcher would react like she did if they got into a habit of doing ugly things and shoving it at her face. There are no extreme views here just a middle ground with me on one hand and these gay idiots on the other – so what happens is that they get comfortable jobs and then set out to run publicity on that middle ground which keeps my book sales stifled and there are so much of it that I cannot reach the customers and they cannot reach my books even if I could clear them up I cannot clear up all it on any given day whatsoever; they would not have done it if they were normal they say but unfortunately for me they are gay they say with a big mouth and we will see and the US mainland is not exempt from my plans either. I am very well of their clear the political mess I make after me with your faith and your good talk, to provide me with personality disposition I need for fame thing but of course I for my part have taken over all those trading relations with Japan and Communist Countries because they would not have done it if they were normal people, only that unfortunately for me they are queer.