So they say my actions rarely come through and when they do are late and never seldom enough; sounds like the usual other peoples fame grabbing rubbish of course but I do feel that my actions are adequate for my part anyway, however for them it seems hurting them before I do anything is not yet enough to inform them about how much I hate that criminal collateral damage attitude rubbish I have to put up with, where it is okay for somebody to be robbed because they were on their way to fry bigger fish, it is okay for somebody to get shot while it does not even exist anywhere at the corner of their heads that they will deserve to be snuffed out too, on account it is just part of the process of getting it done and therefore necessary collateral damage etc.

The girls feel they know me as it were which is an old insult but the worst any society can breed as it were they are, with plans to be rich and famous and then get to help people when they are and so will not get the hell off my books but think they already hate my guts at the moment, especially for those of them that are popular and cannot get off my Television screen.  It seems to them that the way it works is that once they want to peddle people’s personal lives and faith to make money that is the way that it always turns out.

Of course they always say I will eventually walk into trouble but in actual fact the way it really works is that once they get themselves cross bred with a white person, then they suddenly begin to feel they are tough like money a lot can dress flash and can do whatever they like with absolutely anybody and then tell them what they are supposed to be for the collective benefit as well, despite the fact that technically they are neither white nor black and are in no position to know what the collective benefit really should be, even though you would do things for them, save steal or kill etc, if they asked, nicely that is, in a hearts beat. Hence even when you are older than somebody he still feels he is more rooted in the land than you are and that he will beat you up any time soon. I am not going to walk into any trouble whatsoever, what will happen is that I will completely kill off stone dead that stupid fame and fortune and then we will all live in reality. For their insolent parents anyway, I at this stage find it difficult to pull my head out of my arse because the desire people have for seeing what I eat and stuff is so intense and they need to get a job and are not currently working hard enough either from my point of view, contrary to all sorts of nonsense about which side of society I am meant to be and how I need to move there as well. There are many more important things that prevent people from walking round the streets daring them to have a go if they want so a statement can be made of it and the fact of it is very important as well. 

Protecting government is what they say we do these days when it is ordinary people that need protection. I myself am also aware of course that some of my actions are not taken within my own class but there are reasons for it because if somebody gets up every day to go to work where he uses his job to ensure another has to look over his shoulders for where his income is to come from because he has beauties that are good for his political style and media style and on whom he says he plans to do things he would not dream of doing to migrants because they are covered by International law and doing so will affect his Political style in a grand scale and then gets off to boast about it on National television everyday as well, he must be doing so because he or she considers himself or herself to be a god. So I have not got any issues in that direction or context either. On the other hand of which I know they are the side of society that have been beaten and I have no right to handle the leadership of that the way I do but they handle my property and finances as well and as I said boast about it on International Television too – hence being the black man who is not on the beaten side, they can come and get it if they want.

So there is concern I get off on a tangent each time there is aid coming through for me but I don’t; they are immoral and evil boys and girls you see and I always feel they have parents to get money from instead of making my life to painfully difficult with them pushing me on the left violently as a community and their community croons fancying me on the right and last I checked it was a well thought out plan to make a public affair of my privacy and claim it for themselves then make sure I don’t exist and it hurts every single time it happens in the most insolent and violent way imaginable and of course the last thing they tell people when they complain is that they pillage my finances, attack my faith and then tell me to shut up and stick it each time I talk to others about it.


Hitting the nail on the head is another question but if that were to happen I wouldn’t be talking about the good stuff that will happen when I try to ensure I am not complicit with cultures that could only have existed through the shedding of other peoples blood by pretending it is not harmful and has no right to exist but we will also be talking about the fact that people who practice alternative lifestyles do because they are evil people; the first question that comes to my mind is always that of whom their so called mercy is supposed to have been meant for but the fact about it is that they practice those lifestyles because it is all about money and so they cannot say buy my wares or else because it will make them poor but that then means it is okay to use my Christianity and books to do it and ensure I never get an income from it as well in order to own it all together and so when in the circumstances I have any regard for the economy, like they always seek privileges of injustice from the Politicians they honour themselves and I will never allow a process where I happen to want my work and property back and they claim they want to build a replacement alternative first before I can to exist, it does not belong to them, it will always remain a way of provoking me in a big way as well. Somebody was always going to work on my property, either me or them, they are not richer than me and do not own any of that money that happens to be my money made from my property and more so without permission as well. For now the last thing they will let be is the books and the warning that the only way all these can come to an end is when I am no longer penniless because they exist will not be the one they accept.

For those daring enough for a fight, clearly my business is a limited company and their own is a Public limited one where anybody can buy shares; I am certain they want to have go and it is good to boast because they cannot get off that media and off my TV screens and my book sales. I mean why are they so evil, so destructive, why are they the way they are, is it their own? The idea when it kicks off claims of war on socialism I will be in trouble is utter rubbish too – I mean the much fabled process of getting rich is based on putting something in front of people that is actually worth less than they have to pay for it, so being able to make a living with it is based on being able to do so many times to many people; hence the pillaging here and pillaging there and using here and using there and using to smithereens must suggest it cannot run out or that the idea that it can is funny.

 They say people decide to live on benefits here in the UK and I have no idea where they developed the idea from anyway. You expect to wake everyday to some necessary exercise that prepares you for work after which you jet off to work but when you are unemployed you tend to wake everyday to postpone absolutely everything about life itself, then fall asleep, then wake in the afternoon, then have a late breakfast every day, then become depressed and unable to work all together, while the Politicians have their fun. It is a certain arm of Parliament that makes people unemployed in order to keep them tied to benefits and it is the socialist arm – you can never make out what they are saying; it is necessary, it is a punishment for defiance, it basically becomes everything including the meaning of life itself. Then they think they want to fix a problem they have with being able to rule at the fame everyday from then on and have ample stories about the brutality and nastiness of other parties to support it.

I do not say such things because I have been beaten up by the labour party so to speak. The fact is that the Labour party is a party of the biggest buffoons in the world, it takes people that are stupid in a very special way to make themselves victims of extremism all the time, ferment it and make sure when it happens it affects everybody. So the natural thing is what happens here i.e. they like to chase me around and get involved with my affairs knowing it does nothing but damage to it and then it soon becomes funny because the purpose of that is the power to ruin peoples finances and so in order to win when they turn out to be just as ruined as the person they have ruined because ruining the person is more important than getting a day job, we have the lies about people who have handled their history and culture which eventually ends with Politicians helping them to money so they can win which I have no idea how it is supposed to affect me anyway. I don’t mention such facts because it is humiliating to claim people are communally stupid as a people but here we have some kind of vendetta set out in the form of that becoming their power to ruin my finances in order to have other forms of power and wealth when they get attention from so doing. As I did instigate earlier, I want to use this opportunity to entertain as much racist sentiments as a society where people do such things on grounds of wealth distribution and social equality to a point where they are richer than you but continue to do it while seeking out means by which their wealth distribution and social equality campaigns will gain publicity at the same time allows and they too can set me out as the person to whom they can do things they will never dream of doing to migrants because it will affect their political style in a grand and international scale. It is not true I need their help on social extremism – people just have to be stupid in a special kind of way as I said before, to create extremism and then set about dealing with it as well for attention. In the end it seems that it is the same problems they create for people to effect their career piracy that is responsible for their panic but that is what kills me all together, how and how they could dip their hands into the evils of society to create them and even spend money on them to create them in the first place even if they are creating them for others, the insults by which they will make me do something about it does not wind me up as much by the way.


I should suppose it means that no matter how much a thing hurts it is better to shut up but I have no idea who is making the noise anyway when I am not the one talking about people living on benefits out of a personally made decision to do so for example, among other reasons to and how this comes about is even more impressive, because of course they are experts at spiritually and fundamentally hurrying up people who are temperamentally sound, they say it is a means by which they share some of their temperaments but clearly we can see that the process of serving wickedness for a long time takes a toll on the intelligence of a human being. Then it gets even better when the reasons they do it is all about dealing with the problems of crimes and gangs and then it goes from there and get worse and worse and worse and the feelings of destitution inflicted on others becomes funny to a point where it creates them a chance for advertising campaigns but clearly they seem to have been more destitute than their victims are, so we are certain to end up with buffoons that have money to spend if those they harm do not do something about it, even if they are like that and cannot change from being as stupid as they are.

In the end it’s the question of whether this is wealth distribution and social equality; only they know and I have never been properly orientated either. The most important fact is that life itself is so short that as far as they are concerned that they will never actually find enough time to pretend to be oppressors and so called 'rich arse holes' like those who are tend to be and so there is really no reason I should tolerate it, especially for those of them that cannot get off my television screen. This is why they fear me the most and like to like about and have alternative explanations for my actions all the time, securing a means of practicing over enslavement on others, excuses ranging from the fact they are nice to those they meet to the fact they are vulnerable and there is no reason why not and all the councils of the devil in-between. I for my part just have a little bit of a problem working out how all the things they are only able to do with treasury money gets to become something that dominates or oppresses me or bothers me when it is not my money and I do not feel any loss therefore in anyway and cannot make out what they get frustrated about, especially with respect to the fact that I am not bothered. The only connection they have with me therefore is the offer to do some unsuccessful violence against extremists 24/7 and when I tell them to wind people up somewhere else leads to clinging to me for everything because of my skin colour and of course moving onto how insolent I am when I have no regard for anybody and can tell anybody to do violence for me.