Of course the popular claim is that I am the rudest person in the world imaginable, it is not actually based on fact, what is however is that they want my job, like they ruin their lives and society which is why all must always be done to ensure they have none, so that another person’s life and society might become what they want to handle, spend and share. So it is not enough anymore to just say that if I let them be and they let me be all will be well. Not so at all, I must always be out there as their boss at all times. The other matter is that of my academic work; I am not too troubled about it bearing in mind pressures of office and status and the fact every fool wants to jump on my chest at the precise time I am reading a book or revising for an exams and like to push themselves and their society into my personal life to do so in order to work their wickedness that can help people do well financially and politically. So I believe I have done considerably well handling them as well as my academic work in institutions that they run; the only thing that is failing me is the antics they pull once it is exam period and they always keep tabs on me for it as well. For these reason they know I tend to handle academic work a stage at a time and like to shorten my study time as much as they possibly can before exam time. So all is well generally and I have held my office and status without the misadventure of any kind of adultery or fornication or anything that might ruin an arch princes royal estate; all that is left is the suffering and violence by which they continue to push these things on me and once I will past the hurdle will become the only thing there is to talk about and deal with. So I will continue to give them the chance to get lost and if that does not pay, once I am ready I will certainly find myself treating somebody’s child like an idiot from a village I don’t want mentioned around me, who like to handle me painfully as well – we all try not to handle peoples children in that way but it will be the only thing I will be doing for my part by then.

So there is this talk these days about how I am at the centre of a Policy where the British never come through for their American allies whenever there is trouble. Whereas the fact is that they simply set out to do really stupid things, get their consulates around the world torched then all of a sudden decide that allies stick together and they definitely do not on such occasions. I mean you will not catch American government doing anything about its economy these days, they are more interested in ruling the world and if they do not have it anybody else will not, whereas last I checked they actually had no competition whatsoever. Then there are the left wing idiots; the good side of them is that women like to be with them but do I want to be with women, do I want to see women get around with them, do I want to get around with them? The answers to this question is no, absolutely not. The bad side of them is the bit that I cannot stand, apart from the narcissism that you have not given your consent to have practiced on you but they claim is desire and fanaticism, there is also the fact they want to handle your faith and do it their own way and that would be right when you say not what you say about your faith but the system itself, looking for trouble before the Politicians back them up that is as well. In my case it has now reached the point where I write my books and set it out on the market but the campaign they want to run about the books becomes the most important thing to them, so that they can simply just make use of my work and create the idea that I indulge in sharing National interest which is something that happens when people have no ounce of regard for the persons they behave towards in such ways. So that idea of wrecking things and then making out allies stick together is costing us, not the idea that the US hammers us with their power from time to time like they claim with their media and if somebody else does not severe that link of interests, I will severe it myself. The part where they claim their biggest problem is the royalties of the world is just as well, it is the crucial part of this matter because there is always some abuse from them because they are modern and flash which applies that royalty exists as cultural taboos that get to see dangers that the rest of us do not see, should not be associated with because everything about them is self limiting and hence know of all the filth of the underworld which is not good for flash modern guys who do not have to tolerate it: they want your crown and your royal estate and your throne never the less and so they continue to think those their fools especially the media ones are things that I will not cause harm to and that if I do they will not sit, watch and do absolutely nothing; they go too far with these things all the time. In the end British interests are not American interests and this is becoming worse and worse and worse for us by the day, especially the abuses too. Then of course is the media, the media where they think I should be scared of what I say which is utter rubbish because of course it is run by human beings who know that somebody will get hurt if you go out hunting for news and took pictures of somebody being raped then felt it was okay to plash it all over your front page because you are reporting it. In my case somebody has to get into a work office in which he earns money to edit stories that help people to find means of earning my income because they do not like their own jobs anymore to leave me penniless. They have to do that every day for a decade but change nothing because they have no scruples whatsoever. I myself decide too there are things I can do about it i.e. first of all I do not believe their stupid news and can act on it to damage the ratings and deplete the advertisement revenue and then cost them their silly jobs as well; however for now they are in good shape because somebody in Authority wants to use their news brains, they will have to keep messing it up to exist. Then there are the other parts as well of the fact that they always want to stir up those violent sides of society in order to ensure that when they refuse to be bad somebody had to reward them with fame and fortune and because somebody will always die from it and they are not currently reporting news about criminals so people can shoot them hence find authority to pick on, you always feel as though you need to do it and very quickly as well. Then there is also the part where they feel as though they want to manage the affairs of government down to election day where they decide everything hangs on the balance of the MP that is nice to them, not to mention issues between MP s and whomsoever they do have those issues with which they think should involve a process where they decide who resigns or not, hence the business of government is no body’s concern for them to ruin as it were because they are running their media and I need to be careful what I say to them; hence the question or else what? In the end mostly it is said I say so much on these matters it is impossible to act; I cannot possibly say too much actually – the fact remains that those who think treating Americans as equals when their civility is about the claim they have the toughest feminists and want to be popular for it, their relations has more to do with using the same disposition to hurt me because they believe what the media says about me than what I say about myself or my work but think media are bad bed fellows for government operatives never the less, therefore somebody needs to take hold of all these savage cultures and manage it for those who own them and if he kills somebody over the matter turf. For the media part however I cannot say too much because there is the matter of the fact they think I cannot catch every single perversion with respect to the media on account they always have something to say every second: so I do it for a show off because he worse case is that if I do not preach the gospel peoples souls are led into damnation by their own sins but what I have to deal with here is an alternative campaign with and on my faith being enforced, to lead peoples souls into sin and damnation and you need to hear them complain.

Contrary to popular notion therefore, to address this sense that everything I do is completely random, I have a very set out schedule around me and what I am supposed to do with it is settle all the tasks, look after my books and finish my academic work but with these kinds of things and more so especially the part where they want to extract fame and new life from worshipping my God how they please on account it is a desire and the follow on abuse on media about how I get around with women that are outside my league, it is impossible to handle a condition of people on media doing their sexual promiscuity without the consequences at my expense alongside academic work and that is what continues to create the annoying draw back because it also seems they have worked out like all hoodlums that like to use people’s lives in such ways claiming to be freedom lovers and fighters who know a lot about what happens to those who humiliate them with a big mouth, handling my work in a process of making sure they set out their own products to sell in place of mine without reason or provocation, is really difficult. Hence the process of doing these things and then setting out their own celebrities on International communities to rip my office to pieces has been the last straw; I know it is a form of disobedience when and if I put up with them, I am just really tired at the moment so that if I do anything about it I will be doing so over the top and that creates its own set of problems. I have set out my tools and need time and funds to recover and then I will completely crush the media and popular culture with it as well.


 So in general the idea all I say and do is a farce which has come by through media is not exactly true; what is true first of all is that I am allowed to interrupt their conversation when they insult and abuse me with it or when they pillage the careers of my fans and friends and then of course they like to try and probe my life and therefore get around asking people who hold me in high esteem questions they know no body will give them answers to. So even when those answers are not given they still have spin and that is also used to drive people into sin and damnation as well. So when we hear them speak of a black boy knowing more about their culture than they do it is supposed to have been the basis of their media games which is no longer about the news these days but sensationalism. I for my part have always warned them about turning my books into a culture point of conversation since it does not necessarily mean I will give it up if they had the world on their side. I had issued the warning I will stomach it no longer and that this is not a warning anymore; I need to say good bye to them and run my business as a normal business that belongs to a person without any other alternative explanations into what it means or is and if that does not happen very soon I will rip something as well; this is not a warning anymore it is an ultimatum; so is it on the matter of speaking much about this which gives leads those media goons on, all I want is to wake up to my business about which I have put up with so much rubbish from them and will not anymore, it is somebody’s livelihood and the traumatic activity they indulge is that I wake up to it to try and make a living from it as well everyday – and besides which I do not shit where I eat and they are mad.