The realities of these matters always being, besides what is academic the facts about how I do not play a part in the persecution of Christians in anyway whatsoever but the same goons who raise that point carry out those acts simply because of their own wickedness and nothing else i.e. the reasons they do those things they do which are insulting is not to secure the response from me which is about how we are all adults and insults do have far more consequences than it is given credit for because we all have to get out of bed and face our various challenges necessarily – but more about the outcome being that of the fact that their insults are mainly insults of dominance and for those in the Middle East its always an expression of the fact people are lazy and people are selfish and people want somebody they can blame for their problems but for Africans and Americans its always been that of power and dominance about which there is nothing wrong with backing it up as well instead of getting on media to make trouble for the entire world all together.  It does not mean that for the Americans and Africans I don’t know it is the kind of deviance they want to have and enjoy of course mostly to do with this sense they can have sex with anything they like from other Countries which will give them the sense they can fuck anything they want and give some rebate of respect to those they consider to be allies and that is before we hear God and the Devil do not exist while I am the one that plays a part in the persecution of Christians when we can already see that this is the sort of nonsense that Obama’s Government bases Policies on and hence generally means he does need to solve his problems by himself. The European ones like to speak of the British having less respect for Countries that are bigger of which the reality is that the UK is not made up of Four but 7 Kingdoms and nobody knows how they know which one is bigger yet as it were but that said, the reality has always been that of Europeans thinking once they settle up on their greed and absolute lack of respect and have made a route into Industry and business with it then they can do anything they like and more so with anybody they want and I never asked them whether or not Germany is the power House of Europe for example and need them to keep off my books. The Muslims do say that people like me had a good life and a good blessing i.e. those who do not make out the reasons they attack me to be that I need to keep my problems out of their need to settle a good life that is, but I tend to mess around until it becomes an instrument in the hands of evil all together but what has become obvious since what I say does not matter is that it is their involvement that creates a condition where these other idiots can turn up here to run their evil campaigns to win the hearts and minds of the world and the backdrop of that still is that reality that people can have their hands cut off or get killed for becoming Christians if they live in the Muslim world and that means the only way I can stay out of trouble is roll back my life right to the day I was born and start again in order to ensure I avoid being a Christian so I do not do all the things I have done right up to this day which can compromise these people at any point and because of it I cannot breathe and they are in no position to tell me what I have done to make my life a tool in the hands of evil to that effect as well.

It is usually at this point that the question pops up as to where I am heading and what I am after of which the reality is the same as ever i.e. This whole Obama people games is something they do right from their need to attack a Christian not for the faith they hate so much but for their finances because they have a sense that Christians have no right to make a good living and so on and it has now reached a stage where they have worked out what the economy will be and how it will operate to serve them, right down to their Popular culture villains Industry idiots that get out of bed to secure servitude for big businesses but to add to that have worked out how I for example will fit into their picture and make it work and it therefore develops from simple insults to insults of dominance and progresses straight onto the part where their society and culture and media idiots need to ensure they and their president are solving their own problems by themselves and leaving me alone within the understanding of the following reasons; I do tell jokes a Christian would find funny and the number of Europeans who find those jokes enjoyable as well is incredible, so it is never what they make it out to be – in my view 3 out of every 4 European is a Christian and two of them will have very strong views about their faith pass down by family, so it does not mean that because some people pretend that we buy our media equipment so they can talk through to us and build it up somewhere that reality has changed about what economy and economic recovery means to us or that the history we have had right up to this moment has magically gone away to that effect, it does not mean that 50 year old baker does not at any spare time he has to think for himself outside his job think all the time about his mother and whether or not he wants to go to Church with her during the weekend. In the UK is where it is a bit different i.e. I have my head phones on and I am playing my classical music which I quite enjoy and I play a Beethoven first and then tracks from 101 Strings Orchestra and then it becomes obvious what people and more so younger adults are missing out in their lives that I observe they seek to fill in every time is that part where they are supposed to be out there doing their good deed and moral deeds and Christian stuff so people do not take it up and do it for them; so that the outcome becomes that of entire neighbourhoods making peace with themselves sometimes which allows people to recover their focus and chase what are important in life – hence right in the Middle of all these sits HRH Speech on the Persecution of Christians.


We hear this talk of where hate for me originated of course but they have their own ideas which has nothing to do with the facts about whole governments and whole parties and whole parliaments and whole unions tuning out to keep me financially bound and crippled while they help their goons to media incentives and give the media the means including insults that disturb my temperaments and open me up, including stirring racism and conducting violent integration in my name including accusations and threats concerning what I have damaged in culture or somewhere at a superior race every single day – the reason was to get me possessed by some demon first before I am even allowed to finish academic work and it has become a sub culture in its own right all that jumping on peoples chest and doing irregular heart beat TV and telling tales about how it is my fault it is happening to me and to others which means they are devising a new kind of racial discrimination, that will push this matter until I am possessed by evil and of course in light of which it does mean that they speak of where it all began because they think people always buy into their story that they are the oppressed. There are actually no crisis what so over popular villains running adverts on the basis of what money they want due to their vile nature and need to damage people’s property, nor is there any concerning thanking people first because there is nothing they can do about their property being deployed which is why their Politicians think financial damage done to those they target will never be punished because they are fabled creatures and therefore not looking for trouble: it’s the same old case of when I do not get what I want from you, you are looking for trouble, you are stirring the devil and of course Whites are involved with my finances because the Blacks help them to it, the whole thing has only but gone global and not altered like some passive villains want to make out in order to create their own means through this.

On the story of the part I play to provoke people into this by itself, the reality is the same as ever i.e. ‘he is something we feel we will never be gratified unless we get to rule’ ‘if I don’t get what I want from you, you are stirring the devil and we will see what comes of it’ always at the highest possible levels of government as well for that matter and they do need to shut it too at a point. I am aware when Politicians after Politicians after Politicians feel like getting into government office to deploy it as a tool that is their property to damage my finances and tell people it never existed in the first place, the reason far from those assumptions they make is that they are softening me up for bunny boy teenage murderer who wants to pass something hard through an aesthetic in order to feel elated and free his mind well enough to pass his exams in school or fulfil his dreams of being famous or find a means to clean off on somebody that does not matter to make his modernisation profitable so he can turn out on people’s lives to count pennies until they become millions and get a good job and then continue in that habit, so those stories they tell about how I will get after MPs I cannot touch when they want some of mine is wholly wrong; I don’t like their City to that extent and I would help them burn it down given half the chance as well – I know I have behaved in such ways previously but they are speaking of those matters again at this point and so I need to let them in on the facts of how it worked in case they need more on what they feel like they want to be able to rule recently, otherwise Politicians can keep their insults where those who would appreciate them live and let me be. As for the part about something they want to rule however, I am perfectly fine with it but if it hurt me then it means they are incompetent and I can do the job better. It has never really been a huge matter, always the same old case of Ministers softening me up for boy killers and homosexual relationships and now that the parliament is full of it as well it has become more supreme than ever so that their story of my pitiful self thinking I can interfere with its supremacy really has no credibility whatsoever while what does goes beyond women and problems and sodomy, and enters the realities of a 12 year history of being publicly insulted and abused by Politicians who then build publicity after that specifically for it in order to make me a hate figure and build a new richer modernisation that will make their boy murderers happy and I am saying they need to keep their insults where people would find them appreciable, put their money where their mouth is and leave me alone; otherwise we do reach the stage where I want to address MPs by name and tell them to stop it so we can find out what happens after that too. I hear they say I am the one they can catch when they are putting in hard time for government work while the upper class has a party but of course that is never really the case in actual fact and they have not been catching anything besides the fact the Tories although expected keep on getting from bad to worse without reason or provocation so that it does actually get to a point where they almost beat the imagination however which as I said that parliament is now full of insults of sodomy concerning the stirring of the devil when certain fools are not getting what they want. So they do say I am in a serious difficulty I cannot get out of at this stage which is utter nonsense – I am only in a dilemma i.e. should I continue to act on the abuses of their industry fools that are designed to ensure I am made to maintain an atmosphere that allows them to make money when they make themselves the side kick of Industry idiots at my expense in an Industrial way – while I find a job and raise funds for my books or should I chose the raw option of raising publicity by social media and pushing them and their modern society hard enough to make a business profitable? Of course it is never as simple as girls and problems and sodomy which means if I don’t give them what they want I am stirring the devil and will find out what the outcome will become when I continue to be hard headed – nothing about it is surprising either when we were all there to see fashion idiots make statements about parliament all over all sorts of media at the very sign that the Tories were ahead of all the other Parties at the polls – I mean this case of how they have specialised on handling me as a service for Industry people as well is an example; when we all know it is nothing like selling packaged equity to people who have been indoctrinated not to work for the economic recovery of their Politicians that they can then keep in writing form forever, followed by a condition where I create myself a CV to justify my position as compared to the need to raise funds and sell the books to those the books have already been marked out to suit, those who are involved in the trust systems and emporium and broker equities to that effect too, sell them without interference with the patents coming from the highest levels of government where they wreck your finances and build up publicity for it as if there wasn’t enough publicity that such activities were being done at the highest levels of government in the first place, to soften you up for bunny boy murderer and pretend they are thoroughly modern. I mean these are not the worst I can do either when there are options out there such as having plans to wreck peoples Political party and Industries because they damage my goods but it perhaps is due to my Christian faith that I do not feel I have been offended to such an extent but that said we do have a history here about insults from Politicians and it is my intention to draw their attention to the need to put them where people they know will appreciate them live and not here. I hear they say I fight dirty which does mean they have reached a point of a certain confidence levels of which their Politicians damaging my finances to ensure I am in an area of society that will mean I wear suits for a punch up was not dirty enough but in any case of which they are now talking about those that fight like women which besides the case of feeling I will go after MPs I cannot touch is yet another delusion. Just like the story of MPs working hard while Monarchy enjoys parties when in actual fact they do nothing whatsoever and if I were an MP their current performance would not have satisfied me regarding what an MP should be doing with his time for up to 30% of it; however for me it’s a matter of these bunny boy teenage murder figures in their city and how I have completely altered their modernism so that they are now the ones that are being put to the test and the ones people want to touch all the time assuming all I have done is provisional and temporary when it actually isn’t on account they think I will be convinced by the argument it is a society progressing backwards.


On the matter of interference with peoples activities which is why these things happen; the reality is that a Christian here cannot retain his right to chase his academic work without interference and more so his earnings without interference and yet the same people who have built these interference into a profitable means by which they get to ascribe my qualities to those who have money in order to make money are now issuing threats as a result of what I have done to tell their Politicians and celebrities to tell them off – never mind the fact they have been there when these people started it all and have continued to make out it is a process of my involvement with their greatness each time I try to act to prevent the damages, so now we have an arrangement where they can work with me on fixing the damages these kinds of fans do to my work and income we do understand I will get into trouble because of the interference which is something they cannot back up. So we always end up with the other side of what my Literary empire emporium has been reduced to which is utter nonsense – it is as perfect as perfect can be and I don’t want to be provoked by having to deal with their girls and celebrities and popular culture goons around it either, otherwise there will be even more trouble. It’s like the old case of the economy where they would latch onto this and make out having said it, it is now free for all – whereas a visit to the world trade centre in the US for them cannot be free for all in the first place and hence nobody knows why they think my Empire emporium will be thereof – it is nothing emotive as such in any case since the World Trade centre for example is to the US what the rich culture we have in Europe is to us, so that is our sense of economic success, thus the other story of them complaining about interference one moment and the next boasting about squeezing all I ate out of me is largely concerned with no such thing as squeezing anything but the reality that having made this obvious, this was the part that paid off in the general economy. However the case of down beating what others contribute to successes I attach only to myself does not enjoy that light hearted manner I have gone about it; that is concerned with down beating only those who have ideas about who should be producer and who should be consumer of which they now know that if they had decided right away I could make the economic processes operate really quickly indeed but that they need to decide first and then they can bring such things up during and economic crisis as well and have still not settled on what they want 6 years into a recession of which we are all fed up; this then operates along the lines of the realities behind it i.e. that the process of socialists and Industries becoming bed fellows was always going to achieve this outcome i.e. the need for girls to secure men with small businesses that help them to look over everybody’s shoulders and secure servitude for big business about which I am always told my work is rather random and it has created an economic crisis and is looking to wreck everything else and I understand I must sell my books and consummate a CV around fashion idiots doing what they do best and likewise celebrity goons and media trouble makers too thus which there is nothing random about either their activities or mine. When it does come however to the matter of conservatives causing as much trouble as possible and the story of how I dodge the European Migrants issue; I have not dodged anything – the Tories are not even a majority government before they had already settled up on the sodding Policies of you are stirring the devil when I don’t get what I want and those they can get into league with in order to have it, so that it turns out that while the rest of us are fitting ourselves into the EU, they are busy being able to find out where the group of boys that walk around and are likely to be the first to respond to a Politicians or media goon making statements about the public life of somebody on offer for them to make popular fame with think about travelling to the UK to make money and whereby their outlook is that if they cannot earn it they will steal it, the Tories seem to know which Country they came from without fail all the time – I suppose it does not just happen in any case anyway so these things have their reasons and as for the other part about their Conservative villainy, that was to do not with their complains of my provocation but of course the fact that there might be 10 persons in the board of an oil company and 8 think environment issues are very important of which three think there are opportunities within it too but it is the other two that want to destroy it that the Tories are most interested in so one of their idiots can get to tell me to leave them alone and solve problems in Africa which is the kind of provocation that leads to actions I take to ensure each time their villainy crosses me there will be gained and dividends for the Natural environment as well and that is I suppose the reasons they cannot see the rest of us fitting into the EU because it is more important to see deviant young men chasing money into the UK benefit system in order to decide the Nation needs a referendum. It is not a problem for me as such, it’s the same old case of freedom and democracy meaning that people can turn out to do these things that they know are clearly abhorrent, until it turns out that for those of them who are Industry sidekicks, we hear complain from them and their daughters that are raised to get ahead of their chosen victims in life and continue the games they have in mind to play in order to secure servitude for big business applying to me more so and then we hear the case of how these are  nice people getting involved with best of intentions whereas the two realities are first that the whole game of getting servants for big industries while their daughters become sidekicks that appears on media and magazines for a lot of money leads to the result where when it is my fault they want to get into a fight with me without reason and then leave with a privilege of injustice and a parting shot that the Politicians must help them secure around the need to move into my right hand and live there, then build popular culture on my possessions when I have expressly informed them it will provoke me, only to make it their major preoccupation and turn out regularly to bully me into creating an atmosphere in order to make their vile bitterness profitable on one hand, while on the other when it is their fault then we are looking at realities such as war in the Middle East for example. The second bit however being the popular culture one that Politicians like to pretend is wholly random when we all know there is method to it i.e. if they get it from me they have no plans to allow me control any part of my life so I don’t simply get out of their reach or shut it down at any time, if it is to become a career etc and so that the outcome of that being their need to abuse me and make popular culture millions based on the law and the state staying out of their business of moving into people’s lives to disregard what they do with respect to creating products which nature as products must be preserved until the customer comes for it no matter how long it took to create it or how long it has remained in the market, to pillage and lay down popular culture pipelines for their money empires and now we all know they want to become fully paid up members of the British Establishment too having begun with a hatred for it and their Politicians are not yet finished with things they learn about imaginary pitfalls of being a Politicians such as if people assumed they should work for free because they are serving themselves while serving the Country, to inflict me with for example never mind each time they are confronted about it especially when it becomes numerous in number and overbearing, with a statement of an insult of dominance and their mean issuing threats that lead to bad outcomes so they can get after those that look like me and wonder what my problem with their disco lights diplomacy is all about among many other things I am unable to tolerate as it were is all about, something they are beating and the result then becomes the story of how I do not raise publicity around these activities to draw separatists but the attacks on me are impossible for them to ignore as a problem, so they can turn out to do my stuff for me, hence the good people innocently getting involved for good intentions. It’s like the other side where they claim I rubbish the contributions communities make to the Country and so on when it is largely about everything I wouldn’t get involved with in a destructive and sinful world being used to inflict dominance on me by women after which they ask why I grab and cut to bits their society as it were since these popular culture goons doing broken dreams and your career is done by other with me everyday never did spell trouble for them in the first place with it bearing in mind they were nice people innocently getting involved and then doing these things so that the female side of society might be more powerful than the male one. As for the story of my service being unreliable, it’s a simple old case of how I do everything on a provisional basis and don’t see those who ask for a personal service buying my books and hence have no idea what they suppose is in it for me as well anyway and yet to this they always say I really don’t need to be super anti-corruption which I am not, just think that these games they play that they have found a Christian that is so rooted in his faith they can do any evil and he will still find his way around it is a crisis and there is no point complaining if they do it – it does seem they dole out crisis in parliament these days anyway and it is not just about the faith, there are issues like the Labour party having a need to deploy its international development work as a weapon on me without reason or purpose only the excuse I look like something they want to rule and hence have only ended up wishing they never did and the understanding is that my ancestry is African and I must be able to travel there and back without interference so they can do it and complain about racism or I will end up with the one I wasn’t born with in the first place – while the Tories on the other hand are playing on and off with such matters so far yet. Then there is the story of Royals that antagonise me concerning which their position as the big resistance of HM actions is all gone now and they have free range to be angry at me as much as they want; it’s always been up to every incumbent Monarch to decide what the platform on which they will talk to the people about being Monarchy or all – Parliament and Establishment, Media and Popular culture is, never down to others to chose for them and complicate matters but mostly from here chose for them in that old characteristic way of being really stupid in a condition where the effects of their stupidity like the society and popular culture goons and so on applies on me and not them to expect the outcome to be that they wreck my finances to create a career they can pirate and then expect to make enemies with me while I forget all about the damaged finances and get killed by HM Army for them. So that when it comes to the case they have with Africans the reality remains the same as ever i.e. they have played their destructive democracy and freedom here and have also been able to see what doing the same with their economies will look like, so the last conundrum is whether they have made popular culture music CDs millions from it or not and I just have the feeling that all these people who will enforce the will of those who have found a Christian around whom they can commit any evil and get away with it because it’s a massive one are people I can tell anything – I mean it’s there like an atmosphere, a state of affairs. It’s never about being super anti corrupt but a matter of British Kings that will be beaten up and beaten down.

Of course it isn’t true I spend my time trying to recycle a career that has been pirated already into a career – what is true is that their need to get into my vocation when they know I am not a teenager has resulted in access to vocations of career and personal life and family life and so they are able to pillage a company that exists in my head and that is as far as that claim goes. They speak of preachers they like only when they are blowing their lungs; I am and there is nothing they can do with it. The reality is that they have been making l popular culture millions with property that Industry people who give them the money already know belongs to me, so the Monies they have are technically not their own and we should expect someday the big Industries to say alright there is no such thing as a free lunch but having said that what is going on etc and I cannot allow them to make money with that money at my expense because that will be them earning real money and nothing actually works like that. We do hear them say my situation is becoming more bearing desperate but of course there is nothing desperate here except the Public attention they have which means I can never really harm them enough to change their behaviour towards me if they have a means to control what people think I did or did not do to them which then implies they can get around and do whatever they like to that effect too noting all I can do is kill them if I wanted etc etc - at least they come up with it to lace their nasty behaviour, I do not. They do say it is all the Welfare State that supports me to allow me do what I like when in actual fact the reality is that they think they have a reserved right to teach other peoples lessons, so that I might say something they heard which changed their lives but because they did not consent to have their lives changed and heard me by accident, they will save it for years and years until I get around that area of Town again and then they can give it to me and teach me not to change peoples lives the next time, this is what they believe would have become a story if the Welfare State never existed as far as they are concerned and of course that is half of it because the other half is easily explained by the reasons black people like to attack me i.e. changing their lives pointlessly by something I have said or done has always been the issue behind it and so this is their version of the need to be able to do the same things black people do when they feel they need to be seen around my livelihood doing some damage or another to make me feel the way they feel since last I changed their lives and for the most part they did not even know I had - thus nothing here is being allowed to do what it likes by the Welfare State and these issues sit at the heart of small businesses being a means to living that is safe from both socialists on one hand and on the other the idea that the meaning of small business is some market gap that the big ones overlooked which an innovative individual can take advantage of to make a quick million or two: I mean an example of what can be corrupt about it is this case of five years of people taking it on themselves to work hard across the world to bring my products sales number to zero because they must be able to determine what the service factor in my business is before I am allowed to trade as they are already forced to live tolerably with people they hate and will not be able to put up with those who do not know what they are doing that sorry clowns like them who were born into the world first and have been in the work force for a while want to use in order to be rich and important or famous: I intend to extend this Equity that exists as a result of owning an Empire which products are books and effectively meaning I run it on a small businesses format to all else so that people can see small businesses as sustainable livelihood secure from socialists and idiots like these and not means to quick millions as a result of loop holes that big ones have overlooked and then people can teach lessons and The Empire can be worth unemployment support which then lets me get out of hand: we have to do this time and time and time and time again - socialists will cut my entire empire to pieces if they must move the entire world to do it, just so they can collect bits that are trophies necessary to their Politics and spend at least three decades of peoples lives if they worked really hard to provide them with sustainable livelihoods or even fundamentalism by which it can be built - it was so in the 60s and then the 70s and then the 80s and then the 90s and so on and it beggars belief whom they suppose is this desperate individual that the Welfare State allows to get out of hand anyway but then again which a measure of their insanity should not really surprise anybody on any occasion; they think I do not have any plans to make fame and income from sharing my cultured person with Dads getting along with their sons when I meet them on the streets, that I do not plan to make fame from realising I just gave a 50 year old the best day of his working life when I met him around 6am in the morning with my Half Priest Government Operative Office behaviour etc, they think things like so are not that important, so that if I take a Bus ride for trivia and peoples lives are affected by how I spent my day they are certain they ought to deploy that notoriety as far as they are concerned: living with and tolerating it does not necessarily mean that it has become normal hence the Welfare State letting me get out of hand thus. I do not think any of these matters are emotive; the reality about me as the CEO, owner and founder of Tunnel Light Books and Holdings ltd is unwavering i.e. what Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration really is, is the business of trading Rights - it is impossible for me to have a different view of Civil Rights activities other than that of pure evil that comes from the need to put a public face on the activities of those who hate the existence of the Presence of God around me and nothing else - so maybe there is another explanation for their activities but I do not care and need to ensure they know it will only be safe if they keep it away from my Property and my income - I mean such claims as that of every child deserving to have the world and not just the children of the privileged for example is one of those realities that mean they must be confronted with the need to cease doing the devils work for him with their own hands as others are not doing Gods own for him either: there is really no such thing as an inability I have to do things without having somebody to take it out on like a homosexual genius which of course is what I am explaining here concerning the squeezing balloons prognosis - Civil Rights is pure evil in a Business of Trading Rights like this one. It is not true that I undermine Communities to push my agenda in anyway - what is true is that they think they are dealing with somebody that enjoys arguments with them but in reality they are with somebody that will move their world and the world around them to give them the same feelings of being oppressed any time he is treated to a case of an independent adjudicator deciding what happens between me and them over any issue: I am never comfortable jostling for power with anybody more so not these goons for that matter - it was that way in the 60s and then the 70s and then the 80s and then the 90s and I grew up in that world but the fact it does not seem to have damaged me like most people means I was saved in some way so I might challenge them which has nothing to do with the fact I am better and more intelligent than they are which is how they have made me into their Intellectual fountain in the most abusive way they can claiming it is an important factor known as power and pretend that is what my business has become and that they own it, so in my view they have this time gone too far. We are all know what it feels like to do something or get something wrong and how it can make you feel down beaten for hours and those who feel like making others feel down beaten for days or permanently should never assume whether or not it is not getting them into trouble recently that it is perfectly alright before they start to modern and pretend somebody is tolerating it as well on his income as a result of stories about past oppression; so their version of undermining local communities to push my agenda is entirely the wrong idea about what the real me is like - its not that simple, its much the same as the old case of people seeking to have these Communities of low lifes whose abnormal activities are explained as Culture and if I oppose it they would say I am evil but everybody knows if they successfully create slums from it for example the reality will be that when you drive a car you have not washed for two decades everybody will think it is your culture when we all know it is a public health Hazard until somebody gets hurt and then whether or not the infection that would not have otherwise killed them if the situation was different becomes a hidden story about your power and facts of reality around the case of how you have killed a human being before - so it is an example of when people get it wrong about what I am really like especially on occasions when they think they want to bully me with it and I end up with a license to attack it and disregard all the excuses made for it by the entire world.