The idea that I am being neglected is not necessarily a validly checked one; as I have always maintained anyway, it’s the fact you get to find out how far it goes reacting for every rubbish these idiots come up with and then over time it turns out that your finances are in such a state due to maintenance costs etc, that when the really important stuff comes up you have no more money left to do anything about it; the reason for taking such a risk of course is that it is not about that stupid claim that your work and property is their own in order to get rich and famous, as it is about something else entirely. In their view facts being considered such as their entire existence now largely depending on me and what I do, when they believe people cannot get fed up being insulted by them they think themselves to be racist as well and I intend to get hold of them and teach them a lesson they will never forget too, so I bet it will have something to do with something else entirely when I do that. Bearing in mind also I them I do not want any of that insolent publicity I get from them but their response is always that it is not about me but about them and they say that in such a way that there is reference made to some new money they need to make to add to existing money they have already got and then they build public media publicity for it as well and threaten me with racial violence and death, while the black ones want a reckoning over their evil cultures they threatened me with in the first place to handle me and all I own without permission to create the state they find themselves in today and their MPs fermented it to ensure I am stuck in a violent thing after another so they can get evil privileges. In the end they claim people like me with my status should be doing advertisement worth hundreds of thousands but I do none of it and run my affairs on a shoestring, when in actual fact it seems that their insolence that is never directed at their Political leaders means that when you build an empire the money and earnings simply ends up somewhere else, which then makes so much sense of the idea they expect you to get money from another source. At the bottom line of which it is clear and obvious they think their welfare state exists to pay people peanuts while they handle their lives and property and causes to get as rich and famous as they want and so this is what I mean when I say if I do them as well the explanation they will give will have nothing to do with the insults and abuses that bring about the way I act, they will continue to delude themselves that they are famous and have the right to keep that money they cannot account for. I do not think that it is a serious matter in any sense; it’s that idea that I cannot control who gets famous when they are politicians and media scum and fame freaks and get rich idiots whereas the truth is that I can and they like to turn out on media and delude themselves all the time at my expense that they are famous. Then there is the other part of a process where I am being manipulated by stupid women who love money sort of thing, like they are taking everything from me including my very existence and when I ask them what it means tell me they are evil and greedy and nobody messes with them and therefore cannot shut up; we have always had deviant women in this world and I do not suppose it is expected I should be the one to think about whether or not they have the right to exist, I am only warning them for my part – I bet if I handle them as well it will have something to do with something else but the insults and the abuses. It is not compatible to say politics is a violent thing, when you believe that  a Christian who later proves to have more than was expected should be tied down by society and kept from a job and an education until society idiots are able to dominate him but it is what the Politicians will do even if it takes a decade and the need to do it daily which has now creates a status quo onto itself as well – It is not compatible to say you are doing wealth distribution when you are so certain that those who are good at what they do should be destroyed on account you have respect for the fathers so that you can deploy their appearance to get riches and fame with media but it is the only thing that people want to do and then they all gather up and pretend I am not good at determining who gets famous and who doesn’t and like to get on their television to make out I get involved with them or like them all the time, deluding themselves that they are famous. When I do not want the abusive publicity from these things they tell me it is not about me with a big mouth and these kinds of violent get rich idiots are things that media establishments have in top positions in all their branches in the world, so they can talk rubbish as well about some threat I am to media freedoms. Nobody knows where their personal lives are or how much money there is in it according to them and now they have media they have it so they can cling to other people’s lives and property to do wealth distribution which is why they come to London from all over the world and sit around the city centre, cannot get off that stupid phone so it looks like they are doing a real business, talking rubbish when they are frustrated about my actions bearing in mind those process of wrecking peoples finances always starts with the fact people are Christians while they are the ones who have a lot of respect for the fathers and need to sit around people property to count their pennies until it becomes millions and take up peoples time with their stupidities, talking rubbish about how I kiss arse and do all sorts of odd jobs and dirty work which helps their confidence in the sense that it needs to be an atmosphere that I do not interfere with my work and fame which people need to deploy to get rich and I bet the idiots come from well off families as well for good measure with a big mouth. Next since I will have no respect from them will have to be a process of worrying about the casinos and nightclubs and then they will fear me indeed and stop acting around my affairs and business like they are unbreakable. Who said those Mr sunshades media demagogue of using peoples stuff to do things and do their own as well where what I do not like is unimportant because it is not about me but new money they need to add to money they have already got which has built up its own sub culture at this stage needed to be tolerated?; It’s not as if they are doing too well with the drugs and crime get rich quick aspects of their stupidities anyway and do need to get off my books.


By the way of which the idea that the UK is a soft touch for immigrants especially from the EU is entirely the doing of British Politicians; they were the ones that started their own permissive fascist discrimination that means UK citizens are not allowed to take part in the EU and establish themselves and their footing there, so we ended up where the smaller countries had immigrants that decided that if the British will not do it they will do it anyway and started to travel to the UK to get jobs and so on. For my part, a lot that happens in the EU happens around my work; so that whilst clubbing is not necessarily my cup of tea, people make the clubbing and dancing songs about my work very often and a lot, then there are the Politicians as well who make use of the work to handle and work EU rules and prerogatives and so on and then there are the businesses which will then have involved talking about richer people and enterprises in the UK and hence my Empire trust and Intellectual space and so on, concerning which their decisions become important since they have ever been seen making contributions to the process of creating laws and securities by which products that the consumers will deploy in their households can be manufactured, which will then justify the sense that each time I have something to say when UK Politicians do their usual distant fascism of securing my income for their idiots to spend with rubbish like Scottish Nationalism or getting out of the EU and I have an opinion about it, they always do violence in my direction which is why I tend to say nothing about it so that when they say we need to get out of the EU they can come round and make me too. I mean the only thing that signifies my existence when Royal families gather regularly from Asia and Europe and the Middle East is entirely hear say based but when they talk of getting out of the EU it is as though making reference to me with it is the most important thing to their insolent selves. As for the black people on the other hand; it does seem there are black idiots who have no shame for failing in everything imaginable in the world and holding out on their stupid money they steal from others to have all the time and look like the gods of violence thereafter, who think such rubbish about breaking their records means nothing will happen when I own an empire and the money ends up somewhere else, while the reason that black people are poor is a white racist; it seems that when I had made myself clear on where I stand at a global stage on the matter of globalisation and as a specific sense to their existence their insolent and vandalism will cease to apply to me, especially that of their stupid girls who would recognise it as my doing as it were without a doubt – because of course they do nothing else with their time but think they can get around with absolutely anybody on account they like to get themselves involved with jobs they know nothing about when they think they have found he that knows everything about how they need to get their needs met. Otherwise I think that at the moment I am satisfied with what I have already done to them over the matter of following me around to sit around and abuse me curse me all the time. I can understand when people make reference to what I have done with respect to their relations with the US as such but of course I am aware that in the US when you want to talk about matters you perhaps easily count the number of big buildings that are involved in enterprise in area and then you will locate those that are influential, this is the best sense of understanding the US as a village, as a society and as a country, hence it is an entirely different thing from what we have here – I do not live in the US and nobody knows what I would have done if I did, they never learn and have no idea how bad it will be when I am ready to trade my books yet. It appears that British Political deviance does not necessarily play well with Europeans and for me the only way to survive will be to settle in officially on the fact they are robbers and of course they can racism if they want to cover their tracks. Some might say it is me resorting to extremes, I say it is the point where their theft and a process where they do not understand earning money to be linked with work they have not fabricated to cover their tracks as a means of earning a living. Like they claim that I speak of being ready to market my work all the time and never will which is utter nonsense because the fact remains that they continue to think the purpose of their welfare state to be a process of being able to wreck people’s lives and hold them down somewhere to pay them excusable peanuts and use their person and property for anything they wish and it will cost them everything for their part while the money I need to run my business with will be saved up from what I get from that stupid welfare state and will be saved up and used to run the business however long it may take to do so. It had to be done because they talk too much rubbish about the third world where people like them are more interested in stealing government money and living in metropolitan towns than they are interested in people’s lives. Of course they tell me the purpose of all they do is to ensure it is impossible for me to be royalty because I am supposed to go out and do politics, I don’t mind for my part as such it’s the old question of which part of my work or what I do in service of the Queen and the country has got anything to do with them – they never explain this is what they are doing unless and until I have no more money.  I am not of the opinion it is a serious matter either; it’s that they like to play out their insults where they believe you are at such a place as they have insurmountable advantages over you – so in my case they tell me there is nothing I can do because if I act they will be better off and so I like to ask them where the fact I am a royal Prince fits into their civil rights as pragmatically demonstratively as I possibly can, the result being the ground work for being able to collect the civil service for female journalists to do what they like with. Of course people say that is already happening as such, I am talking about doing so in an absolute sense – when the structures I provide for them to be able to determine the outcome of people’s lives and the nature and content of the fame of fame idiots and politicians pays off and they are able to determine whether or not people can get jobs, we will find out if they would not have been running the civil service itself. So yes they say they will put up a fight, I say those insults as it were, now they will put up a fight; just like it kicks off from the fact you are a Christian and being one gets in their eyes and progresses to things they will enforce that they think you should be doing for a living as opposed to what you are already doing for a living and the claim it has something to do with the Monarchy a fight they have put up successfully in the past as history goes as it were. Most of these are especially for the blacks, a matter of years of neglecting stupid insolent political demagoguery because of course if a sense was established that the idea those who do their work by moral authority will not be allowed to exist is not tolerated as well, nobody will have to speak to me about their psychopathic tendencies in anyway whatsoever and talk rubbish like trouble I get into for breaking their record after barging their way into my business for it as well. It’s like the wars that are fought over the matter of being either incredibly wise or being the fountain of all knowledge as it were. Hence when I mention stupid good looking political scum I would have been referring entirely to how they see themselves. They like to claim I put my people in jeopardy as a result of my actions and what I say of course especially the American ones but of course it has been allowed to grow too big and they need to keep it in their country where I will be unlikely to come to bother them about it, which is an old story as it were. Otherwise if a clear was clear that the idea people do not tolerate those who suck the energy out of things by doing all they do by moral authority will not in turn be tolerated as well, then none of it would have become a major issue either – they say I put my people in jeopardy I wonder what with anyway – stupid good looking political scum; I bet it’s a war on the problems associated with some people being incredibly wise as it were.


I am not getting into any fights with Americans per se, the fact of it is of course that supposing you decided to look at the US like a village and a town and a trading areas; then you consider people who live in it that are not necessarily cosmopolitan kind of civilised and then another group of idiots that love to abuse me to get rich – these are the individuals in question. They say they are getting married into the British Royal family but of course as I am aware the fact they cannot let me be means that those they are getting married to really do not want them to play any roles at the family or at government, so it is never clear why they cannot just get married and leave me alone, except the old issue of really intense wicked twisted greed. Just like when people tell me that my views on matters are never consistent and that the politicians need to expose me for what I am, especially on things like nuclear arms disarmament for example, whereas what I have done about it is basically more to do with the fact I do get fed up with a process where people barge into my business and find out all I know and then abuse me for a couple of years and teach it back to me; so I twist them as well and then teach it back to them all over again, the genius part being that I do it and hold together sustainable policies as well and it is not the only occasion where I take away joys of naivety from abusive idiots, because I do take it away from their insolent children too; for those when I say they are selfish I feel as though I have explored something that should have been left where it was without being touched but they do not care about anything and I continue to reiterate that they have got their own and can go to their pop culture overlords to get them a career and stop making out I want to sleep with their mothers because I am a Christian while their girls do all they can to tear up my reputation and finances to keep me from their mothers, the effect on the economy and more so that part of economy where their parents work and co-operate with each other to get by and even more do things for them of which they are convinced the damage they do to it is likely to earn them jobs as well – which is why I wait for them at the jobs market especially when they have done damage to my work as well so that the end product of my actions might be that they want that stupid left hand side like it was their property and then I can get beaten up as well. I do not think it is such a huge problem, it’s simply a case of the fact that you must be concerned about the wickedness of the lower classes and stop pretending that they do not know what they are doing when they carry out their wicked activities – so that leaves the one biggest problem of irresponsible media because it is only when this fact is lost in translation that they make fame and fortune out of it. They always say that what I do is wasteful because nobody sees me in person, I am aware of what I am doing for my part as it were which is why I do it, I do think that I have enough to see that people decide on what they really want in life; I mean I write a book about managing criminalities as such and a girl with her study materials in front of her cannot study on having access to my work unless she is making sure that I am doing the job specifically with respect to her and then the men that support her will turn up and claim I complain because I have been given a job that is meant for the men about which if given to them they will do heart disease because they have not got the youth and strength and even if they did have the youth and strength have not got my training and experience, hence when I reiterate that what I say cannot possibly come from any person below 30 years of age or above 35 years of age and the issue remains that when anybody is in doubt they can listen to what I say instead of pretend they are the boss of me and turn out to realise things like the really corrupt Silvio Berlusconi of Italy does where he then asks himself questions after he realises things when he knows he is older than you and at some stage did go through the process that you are but yours is getting attention because you are something special, whether he has enough power to take it for himself. For the girls however I should have taken away their money so they can look to the criminals whose pattern of operation is always the same be it fraud of drugs etc like they will settle for less than they really are at all times and then maybe they will not study only when they are certain I am doing the job in my book. It brings us back to internet security as such, I mean they say I have made mistakes and placed them on the internet and that is what haunts me on media; this is not true, the truth is that the mistakes I have made were an acceptable risk for what I did which involved placing series of answers to possible questions they ask in order to breach peoples security – I mean it is something I took time to do because I conduct myself well on the web and stay out of trouble and do things like update my security when I know my computer is infected with a virus instead of scan it because I know the information goes to the security people who develop the software and so on but trouble comes to me anyway and it comes especially through things like social networking which are actually classified forums – they say it is free and you understand there is that tendency for sharing to happen but soon enough it is all about what people do to stifle your livelihood and what the owners do to say it is okay because you have things people want and so you begin to tug it at one end while they do at the other and the chances of getting together to rip it apart increases; on several occasions the most notorious of them being twitter because of its access to broadcasting media workers have found me in this condition and pulled off a compromise but ended up at the other side to continue the statement that it is okay for people to abuse me provided I continue to have what they want which I wonder exactly how okay it is supposed to have been, hence they continue to claim they have been able to manipulate me and I continue to wait for them to make a mistake and rip it to pieces as well. It is completely logical and nothing special I act in this way because the internet was all about file sharing as such and these twisted individuals are seriously corrupting it with crime after they have been able to set out procedure for power where people are made to settle for less than they are worth by fame idiots; so the wonderment over how I handle it without a problem is not really deserved, it is a process of setting out where I stand in the real world and setting out series of probable answers to questions they have to crack peoples security with which I have built up on the web over a period of more than 7 years, this means that I am able to raise matters through writing such as are concerned with security and residency or residential areas, be it in the Middle East or the US or Europe or anywhere else in the world, so I know they do not hate my guts and love to attack my work because they do for the sake for it and are so aware that besides social media community vandalism for riches and fame there is no other way of attacking me safely. At the heart of it is the one issue of why people think I am so naive that on doing a job which involves being an intellectual property administrator who sells books he writes for the services he offers, they can grab my work and go off to the media of Hollywood or the UN to get rich and famous – I have no clue as I always say, who told them they were famous anyway: the process of working how I do is intended to ensure that there is more dignity to go around in the sense that I can recover any property from a fame freak first of all and make them pay any due price for it if necessary. In the end there has got to be a way whereby government property is secure on the internet and I am not discounting that of private industry either because the reality remains that there are really very few industry based attacks on grounds of competition going on out there. I am aware it is said the biggest reasons for attack against me is that I come from a poor background and like to make out I am rich but in actual fact the truth of it is largely that these fools love to try and explain off other people’s lives with the way their own looks – hence what I have left out of the talk above about the matter involving their parents is not just the issue of bad parents and I am not referring to people who try as they can, I am referring to the whole idea of a child having a second chance as referred to the parent is something the parents take over and send the child out to attack people who have what they do not and then find ways of doing civil rights to depend on the state for money – so they can claim it is rebellion against their parents but has something to do with vandalising my business for power as well, I have also left out the matter of the idea that because I come from a poorer background and like to pretend to be upper class I am now having access to aspects of the world that my parents could not afford and like to dig up their history and make it out to be my idea and sell it to them all the time; so that like their leaders I twist and do what they stole from me and turn up to teach me all over again, then write the medicine academia as a book and refuse to worry about it for much as such, in their case it is the big story about the fact there is nothing wrong with sitting back to watch me grow up since the fact I am a Christian was never good enough an up bringing for them, I am not saying I do not deploy their history like it was mine but if they want to bend people’s lives to suit them it is exactly what they will do no matter the cost and besides which Christians are half a person at a time and of course happen to be the weak links; so I just want them to go away and then I can have my life back of which they always say it is impossible to let that happen and I like bets as well, I mean they make up the joys of naivety and I bet they can for everybody too.