I always get told the Media problem will for me last forever but I was never aware it was a problem; it’s a group of people who set themselves out as vulnerable and wish to smear everybody else thereof but are being looked after by gangs and probably criminals – so we have the ones on the right hand side go from a need to make me share what I know until I dropped out of University, then tackle my Books after and spend a lot of time telling lies at my expense to make themselves look like victims while claiming it is all my fault to facilitate threats that get me to understand I may likely be ambushed by them, hence the need to settle all their problems by threatening me – the rest on the left simply spend all their time pretending there is no way I will likely completely rip up the popular culture and celebrity culture for them if they continue to progress with the current bully behaviour and its need to cling to my public image and finances for money the whole time. I do get told they are not my enemies but they are, its been more than a decade of destruction on account I seldom do anything about it, while their goons drive around public transport with a need to pass off abusive lasciviousness around me, so when they meet me it becomes a case of a need to stop doing it but if they stopped they would lose their minds, so they come up with some life threatening behaviour that will ensure common sense becomes a process where I find a way not to provoke them either into moving off or not doing the abusive gossiping in the first place because if push came to shove they would win the violence bit and so my whole life comes to a stop because of it. besides which apart from issuing warning after warning that I am starting to think of doing something about it in the last 17 months at least – tired of nauseating financial complications associated with tolerating them, I have made it clear I wrote my Books as a writers work and if I do not have the Library environment by which people can read it not being disrupted, it becomes a disturbing piece of work, concerning which they would want to learn something about commitment at some point in their lives, of which I could not care any less if they did.

So I do get told I jump in and out of character on the matter which makes it difficult to work on and I do not; what is happening although the setting has changed really has not changed in context - its still the same old Men with a need to see a Christian kid that is me grovel for money in order to feel good and at the time it began I was 21 years old and that was far back in 2001. It has run its course now, gone off to University to rip up my academics and tell me my Mother does not want me to graduate from University but to learn a trade and that they are the idiots being respected by Her decision, now we can see the sorts of stupidities being exhibited all over the civil service to call me smelly man and find their stupidities are unable to have another form of amusing fun. I have given out enough warning over the last two years to make them understand they need to get over me and move on ASAP, make them understand I am starting to think about acting on the matter. I have not done a thing about it up to this point, letting all that boldness and public image concerning a life that is lived to see a young moral person grovel for money because they lie a lot and are very slippery on one hand, while on the other it is never really worth it for me but now the whole business of how their main problem is the Books I have written has become something else in its own right as well.

They speak of this case where there is a lot of instability brewing around me and my Office, something to do with being untidy and unable to continue with Royal duties, which has no basis on reality. What happens is that The Queen gives roles to Members of the Royal Family if they think I am the wrong thing to have happened to the Monarchy at Her decision and each time they fail to go their own way and it plays out as something about which they may operate with me in a Team - the Team has not formed yet but is showing signs of dissolution already - the other being that of the nature of my Role was to Marry the Spare - so I am doing well with the Yorks for now and Prince Harry is going through this process that emerged from his personal decisions regarding if he wanted my Role or wanted to be the Spare; not that I mind if when these goons find out this is what is happening, it does them any good anyway. In terms of my position being usurped and various Political instability emerging from that on Media, there is no such thing. So it all comes down to Politicians teaching me lessons and bullying me etc, which is a matter of the fact they will always tend to tell their party members that a certain behaviour adds up to what it means to say the people were powerful and I do not mind anyway: the first they had to complain about me was when I complicated their Political jobs right up to a stage where they had to work with Celebrities, over the question of why they are socialists while they earn more than their constituents at the same time - the next according to facts will have to be the complete destruction of everything else that facilitates their fingers going up my private parts every time I show up in Public places.


Now they say  the Men do not fancy reduced engagement with the USA but I would not know anyway, they are just very twisted and really evil – the older ones have a problem with diversity in other people’s lives, while the younger ones have a whole existence based on an ability to drag you out of school and then by the time they were done with your public image find their stupidities able to blab some wise words about how it was to show that at some point in everybody's lives they will suck at something – I mean I can easily fix any damage they have done here joining forces with Politicians to make money into something I cannot live without and never giving up after failure, now that their wickedness has been detached from mainstream living all together anyway and this is usually where they come alive i.e. the mention of damage and so it is incredibly stupid too. They always tell me I am storing up problems for the future while there are so many facts out there which prove that I am not considering the above facts, my personal position of which is that there is nothing they can do i.e. they are narcissists and as people say goons like these thrive on status because they have no wish to put in anything near some 20% effort towards what they want or need and this is why they rely on status that will ensure they feel as though they are more important than other people – my point is firstly that people I got around with are being squeezed out, I mean the skirts are getting smaller and smaller and in the end somebody will have to wear some clothes anyway, I will never stop hitting them until I have my arrangements looking like they should, secondly there is nothing they can do, as my status is not on the menu. In the end, giving careful thought to these would have shown that perhaps 12 years of age is the best time to try and show somebody that at some point in life they would have failed at something, since they very unlikely remember a lot of their life's experiences, not 25 when every memory comes to stay and they are studying at University but we all know their mantra and that they shall not be described as incredible stupid. They are something of the boldest of a whole lot of scum who have a thing for feeding off my public image, damaging my person and changing their personal life decisions by abusing me, spying on me, threatening me and telling lies on very public places and we all know for the ones that are really ambitious about fame, it is important for me to find the predicament I have placed them in amusing, for the politicians it is important that they are never ever important being stuck as I am with foolish women at the Communities and get rich quick fame freaks who just have a desire so see an important person work really hard for nothing, to facilitate the future they want to have on media as insultingly as possible and for the Industry goons it is important they understood that they owned nothing whatsoever and that somebody on this planet has such an opinion of them - it is the method by which it is possible for such evil and wickedness to feed off my Public image and personality along with friends in such abusive and violent ways profitably - personally of which I believe their insanity means nothing especially that of the women and those who like to think it does have not yet seen enough blood basically, we hear the complains and insults all the time as though it is an item of being a living breathing human being but nothing really changes, what we find is that I think aloud dealing with all the interference and then get an open secret that whole communities hold on my account, that I am mentally disturbed and its all about my anus and tummy.

They have just done mine you see; set out my whole life over a period of evil time that belongs to them and then spread it out to make the bad people in the public comfortable, this will facilitate the environment they need to live as they wish and make as much money as they wanted and a pacification of a public that allows them sell goods and services to people, followed immediately by their insolent fat cats setting out trading pipelines for another period of years and me feeling sore all over, heading to the loo not when I need to but when I am told with their big mouth. Then we hear talk endlessly of how I adopt this position that suggests I can solve the big problems and means I never do so it blows out on everybody else one of many cliches we will not see them blab around their own concerns until it winds me up in a really big way. Same old case, retarded fat cat has built a trading pipeline on my public image for the next couple of years and they are here to ensure that I behave in a way that makes it profitable and then they claim people do get involved with me to make money and we can see that for it they have taken up all I do with friends and admirers and used it to pacify the public so they can sell things and get rich quick too and are starting to blab threats for being prevented from doing so like the things we normally see them do just before their stupid civil disobedience becomes another persons personal problem. I am not their mate and should not have to put up with those insults that appear to get results all the time of being told to move over to their left hand side and be the guy who fancies their wives like that big mouth everybody has to tolerate all the time. It is not a matter of rights where it is said that this is just a little thing and I could let them have it if I wanted; I dropped out of University in 2009 and they are still having fun screwing my life in 2018 and it happens everyday too, presuming that dropping out of University is in a way linked with what people do around my Public image to make money – they will have to fuck themselves on this one, they are not getting it in hell; we all know the narcissist celebrities are doing the same things as well, except their own involves setting me out as the character people deploy to make money and hence the guy everybody wants to abuse and ensure behaves like he is made to while people acquire privileges over him and so on, chasing my bottom, which is why I am perpetually tired – they always do it before they talk about their heroes such as Nelson Mandela. Speaking of which is the case of how I cannot deny that people are handling me to make money and that everybody should have access as well, while reality is rather more a case of a stupid evil that shows up here to damage the personality that puts light in its eyes being more important than the money itself that serves a s a front; so they will damage the mental health and the personality and everything else and those who always make a show of themselves for having him will have nothing and if they are complaining we see them do more, especially when they are complaining about something I said about Obama or Mandela. They always say I think this is something I can handle while I cannot; reality of which is that even they are aware I am in a position where I can do wicked things to them everyday if I wanted to and the only reason their stupidities are all over me is the fact I am not doing so; so lets damage him and make a fun case out of it that will mock his friends except the problem is that his wrote this Book where he mentioned something about Mandela while they were at it. It is all something a Christian ignores when he is getting a life but it will show up and spend its stupid time on deviance and when messed up with these enemies on the right and or the left comes up with those great solutions where he makes a mess of somebody else to get out of it with media and then picks up another mess after that on and on and on and the whole business of ignoring it keeps building up to the idea that he can always do this and go round and round and round in circles but the big idea at the centre of it being the stupid Politicians that spend money on it all together; they say I am afraid of them whereas its all very dangerous stuff as it is impossible to tell the guy that does the National accounting that what these kinds of stupidities make in the form of income amounts to a legitimate part of GDP, for instance and it feeds into that case where they say they have been pushing me out of my comfort zone when they do not even know where my comfort zone is i.e. speaking of my comfort zone, we are talking about the fact it all depends on other people – whether or not they play practical jokes if people are wealthy enough to tolerate it depends on others and they have no decision about it to make by themselves, same with whether or not people have going jobs and a home over their heads before the practical jokes are played on the fact that it is not necessary to feel as though being rich should be an obligation and the list goes on and on and on and I have never seen anything so stupid in my whole life, talking about my comfort zone but the part the Politicians play in it is even more stupid because they then engage in this years of doing nothing with the small businesses they will get rich by at the expense of others and the business empires alike, take the same attitude into government office where they tell the public one story and then get into government office to make friends with fat cats and block economic recovery itself, while the media picks off my equity property and spends the derivatives in it making interesting news and interviews and then telling everybody because what people become when other people listen to what they have to say before others get a hearing is arse holes that I am a trouble maker, doing more damage like paying for it was not part of a contract of human rights the state had made with them. They do not know what my comfort zone is and I have been clear about my position here; I have never seen anything to stupid, they need to spend time with their own mates. I mean it is suggested I have options in this matter while I do not - this is about better options for people to threaten and abuse people when they wish to deploy peoples lives and property withing signing a contract, other than racism, otherwise those who would have been in a position to do so especially need not complain about what they do with racism even when they are not white. It feeds into that case where HRH Prince Harry plans to replace me and it is nothing out of the ordinary, One has always had this idea that others spend their time getting preferential treatment off from the Crown rather than serve the One that wears it and that the era of the Duke of Cambridge promises t be very different and so whilst it is impossible for people to simply be trusted to get a thing done at an Office, what happens is that he stirs up problems and fails to deal with any of them and it is more complicated than the time I said I do not have any respect for him as well because he started out his way in the world with a statement about respect for Men. There is the bottom chasing stuff and various other serious problems while he has made out that diversity at the Monarchy i.e. when the Queen does it, means getting along with the Obamas and this is where I am going to do his own as well and blow it over at black marketing and Counterfeit trading running wild around the world that we live in. We all see that the Duchess of Cambridge married the Duke antagonising me and made my whole world a living hell and it has not been explained too, we all see that Dave Clarke got into a relationship with the Daughter of the Duke of York attacking me and it has not been explained too, now we know Prince Harry's Wife to be is set to tear up my whole life without meaning; so it needs be clearer that an Arch Prince is not as interested as Celebrities as they have made out is the case when he is far more interested in Church concerns – it can be said I am taking what matters to them the most away from them as well. I am aware of controversies that is responsible for controversial decisions HM has made about me as well and it is to do with using swear words especially but it is rather complicated handling such things while the Monarchy works diversity, without getting involved; so I might write it on my websites, draw attention to matters that lead to it in my Books but it will never really show up on a speech or an Official work not least academic work as well. I do get told I pretend I know anything about the Upper Class and I am there when I am not and do not but the reality is more a case for instance of hearing Politicians say they want a greater sense of Men being allies of Women, the worry for the Upper Class will be that Culture is being Politicised, if the Politicians have not explained that it is about Policy for the work environment and a process of tackling extremists and then we will all agree that it is the main thing - this is an example of what is actually relevant.


Firm renaissance, Environment Project and other Subsidiaries securities  


The bits about things I cannot do are an old story; where this matter is concerned, people can only make so much trouble for me until I had started to see them as a classification as well and this one is mainly Society and Celebrity with optional extras such as using my career as Torchlight to get the best Girlfriends and female celebrities where the one I feel as though I cannot bse free from unless I dished out vengeance for was the part where they caused me to drop out of University all together while they never really needed to show up there to do the popular culture and Celebrity in the first place. So it does appear that mine is an influence that is leading to a bad end of course but the reality is mostly that each time people are open and truthful concerning what is happening around them, the Politicians become expensively and obsessively interested in practical jokes that will ensure they are in charge of peoples lives; so what we find is that they do damage and then they give money to these really stupid and mentally unstable people to make fame and celebrity with and then realise that they cannot even tell them that what is being done by them is wrong – so they fall back on the one with less money that can be bullied and tell me they are using my state of mind to resolve any madness which results from it because they are the boss of me which each time they do will lead to outcomes where I use them and abuse them the same way they use and abuse mine too (its the way they do it you see; the first few years is usually filled with abuses designed to find out if what you studied for GCSE is Science or an Art and then after that what they pick off is every single career path offered by the subjects that you studied and by the time they are satisfied and are certain they can talk demagogues at you which makes sense, they have taken a toll on your whole life and next to a decade of your time – so if they say these kinds of things to me, I will use and abuse their own in the same way as well – it is therefore not ideal). So they say my activities are really amazing whereas they are not; it is when they say that not believing in either God or the Devil is choice, then it becomes a matter of modernity and what you do not think about most of the time does not affect you, when it is not a matter of choice, it becomes that atmosphere I have to respect while I pray in my own bedroom or else with that big mouth; such that when it does not have it any more I will be punished for the rest of my life if another group of fools have media jobs to mess about with and if it has it, I will be fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods. When I was younger I used to think most of their civil rights money loving madness and its wickedness are excuses derived from bad experiences they have had themselves but now I have seen the Celebrity culture and the Popular culture, it is clear to me that what happens is that normal human beings get up and pull out some spridget in their minds in order to become mentally disturbed, then cling to other peoples lives and make themselves into huge responsibilities – in my case those responsibilities are a matter of how they would have been more important than I am save for one thing or the other half the time, while the other half the time its about moving into areas of my life where the wealth and sources of it is located such as my right hand side. So what we have is the same case of the reasons I want nothing to do with the men who have insultingly insisted on setting me out as the guy that learns about women and returns to tell them about it, their problem therefore is a function of the fact they invite themselves into my concerns and then make trouble for me to establish their position as dominant force and those threats are only as good as their cosmetic freedom civil rights money loving madness, which is why we hear them complain about me all the time; the threats that come with it only means that the issue of feminists and the Men becomes increasingly important to me. On the whole of which by the way these things do not actually matter to me in a wider sense; as per who I am, they are not supposed to be my main preoccupation, just thinks you react to when you allow yourself to become reactive to them instead of reading the Bible and attending Church in a proactive way in order to manage how it affects you but we are here not just because every time I get out of bed to feel entire neighbourhoods striking my anus it is because of what has been going on with media on my case, where people will not deal with their enemies first before they get into a fight with me for the sake of their ego, so that when I shut down the left hand side and get them to, they might complain about a lack of justice but also because the Politicians are usually interested in such things and need a whole Parliament and  whole National Media and a whole Civil service to get neighbourhood prostitutes into my personal life and so these are the things one faces at school and University whenever their stupidities attend, which is usually especially for the blacks, every time that I set foot in an academic institution – the outcome of course is that I have set up their own bottoms for neighbourhood prostitutes too and they perpetually feel as though they must get on Public stages to make a statement about how they expect me to regret it; I mean its nearly a decade since I dropped out of University for it and they are still having fun without a passing 24 hour break for me the whole time. It therefore tends to suggest that the rest of us are completely devoid of a sense of culture whereas the reality is that these sorts of stupidities are a matter of society and celebrities and even when it is a Church environment, if I do not want them doing it, it will become a main cosmetic freedom money loving madness preoccupation issuing threats which are as stupid as themselves alongside the whole time; so it just ceases to be something they have set out to do with their own time and takes up my time as well.
Their only gain in this matter as we can see is to take up bits of evil things I could have done which I have not done, make them into an impetus to carry on for eternity basically and then get up on public places to mock me for thinking they are stupid, while the reality is that they are and need this flurry of activities that create the idea they are making money even though I do not allow them peddle my faith and personal life and public image to facilitate media and public place bullying. Does it mean then that I am disrespectful of Celebrities? It does not; the reality is that whenever people make public appearances we see them pick up literary work I have been through hell to create and then try to make use of it without payment and when its turned me into an animal since it costs that much, they cannot handle the beast but it gets worse because they think they love their practical jokes so much that they must get privileges of injustice with the help of Politicians - so we do think about what people who appear on Media do with authors trade thinking that being able to write makes them authors but I never thought I would see the day I took it so personally as this - I mean I cannot give myself 6 months of unemployment in order to find out whether there could have been another career path for me because I set off to write a Book, I cannot give it to myself in anything that remotely looks like peace, even peace of mind and then we find they had built a community of gossipers and a sick atmosphere from it too talking rubbish about people they think they want to beat up in which category I have found myself without reason or purpose consistently over the last decade and a half.
My Books are written as equities and not the stories in it for this reason; so that those who want to write my Books might write it and those who want to trap me somewhere and get my inspiration to make me insane might do so - it hurts so much the effect each time they try to deploy it as a tool for stealing somebody's fame or making sure I earn peanuts while they make millions and although the pain and suffering causes them to show up and issue those stupid threats, it is so dumb it will do the same things again and again and again whenever it has an opportunity.
They speak of this lack of respect I have for women when its a matter of insulting practical jokes where they take pictures of themselves being me and make a certain little unnoticeable Publicity out of it until they start to get to the bigger parts of my life where they can keep it if there are other peoples I need be afraid of - the British ones like to help me with it too knowing that helping Royalty makes the issues worse and they do not need any help all together - so they always become so surprised when I get about making sure especially for those of them who live in federated systems of government, that their society people have no peace until they have lost the fame, so they might tell me that the result will be war while the result will only be a better understand of the system of unbridled corruption they come from where they have a need to tackle peoples lives, just to show up at Fashion and Celebrity culture and popular culture to ensure one item they buy allows them to bottom whip and tummy whip members of the Public anyway that they wish, except when they see a British Arch Prince they have a go at that too and it marks the beginning of the end. I do not think the matter is a big problem as such, its none of my business most of the time; the problem is usually that they are narcissists and so if I for instance came across a Millionaire Couple and they were having a party and the theme was tight shiny leather and lots of glitter and they were interested in what I am doing, then I say what I say and keep an oversight where I know their reaction will be one which suggests that I respond to their antics and give away precious things which then adds up to an industry they have created - it is usually not a problem save the fact another group of idiots have jobs on media where they put a name to their faces, goad me and explore which forms of discrimination I am vulnerable to everyday, by clinging to my income. They say I am disrespectful of Media even though I need them, which is utter nonsense; the only business I have with Media is to know I can trust my Court completely, mostly its a matter of being done with those things I needed to do to them to a stage where they think I should regret doing it. Its pretty much the same with the idea most rich people do not feel the way I feel towards me, which does not apply; people have their big bad boyfriends and big bad girlfriends and if they will not stop stifling my finances with insults that allow these goons to pick up bits of my public image to male collectors edition of magazines for instance, which facilitates their money laundering as well, there would be no problems; besides which they need spend more of their time with the concerns of their mates and not mine, I only get involved if it concerns me, if people have taken my Clients and the Job is not done, if people have showed up around my concerns to please themselves without knowing what it is about, if they run away and leave me a mess as soon as they had found out.
We hear then that I speak as though they were stupid while reality is more a matter of the fact they are really clever taking pictures of themselves on my trading standards to claim it makes good fashion or good advertisement and so on and when told what it is and what trading standards are used for we find that they bail and also leave me a mess so I cannot catch them, which is an activity that is performed by people who got rich through being clever as far as they are concerned. The first the Media complained it was about their community croons tackling and abusing me and once they found out I would tackle them as well for it, they made the abuses so relentless it would be pointless to try and recover some sanity by tackling them too, now they say I interfere and its about getting out of their beds to explore which discrimination I am vulnerable to everyday - they speak of people protecting me but what really happens is that other suffer needlessly because they have media jobs yet they are unable to spend their time with their own mates - for my part it is not that I find it such a complicated matter as a whole, just reality that their jobs gets to their heads and they are in such need of somebody who would hate their success that I cannot be myself, so there is an atmosphere that says I sleep with peoples wives to gain my personality which I must respect each time I pray in my own bedroom (first I was said to be sleeping with peoples wives thus Husbands could take advantage of me and questions asked later, thereafter I had to be desperate enough to try and make money from civil rights so others can show they were there first, it has now all given way to a process whereby each time people wish to gain talk show host salaries, they have a go at me and its amazing that they are making the complaints while they find it so difficult to spend time with their own mates, blabbing about what has been happening when I am protected - very stupid individuals obviously and of course I do get told they are being silly for me, which is utter nonsense - we can see the same gimmick play out here, where it picks up things it cannot do and attempt them in very difficult circumstances to bellow revolution at a later date and in my case we have features in it such as National service being completed and played out alongside providing me protection I do not need).

Of course there are complains made that I just keep getting at the media and everything else that is linked with it like their abusive popular culture and so on, which has no purpose whatsoever and makes a collection of career demagogues that makes no sense whatsoever which entirely depends on other peoples work, hence those who run it do not like to be told so and take particular offence at those who actually do ask those on whose work it depends like my Celebrity fans do but of course the reasons for it never gets any attention i.e. I do not wish to get around cleaning up publicity that encourages more and more and more of abuses that require me to spend all my energy just to keep calm and yet it is the only thing they want to do and it bottoms out my finances all the time and no matter what said they never listen; they say the problem with my case is that they find it so easy, the American ones really like the idea that simply getting on media to address me which is insulting has that effect, publicity I do not want and will take lots of times and resources to clear, while the British ones I really strong at the bit where they simply have to press a button and they can only look at it for so long all day before they are overwhelmed by temptation - so while the boasting about ruining my finances and keeping it ruined everyday is their forte I find it difficult to figure out why they complain as well when I had long stated I had given ten years of my time to their stupidities and will give no more hence I am in the fight and we shall find out how true it is that you can never win one against the media when we know they are as notorious as hell but because they have publicity to play around with get to give themselves fame and this for a start is what I wish to destroy completely. 

They say the problem is that I handle peoples business and market as well but of course that was before they decided the way to handle their mature businesses was to take equities out of mine, completely wreck my job and academic work to ensure what I have given stays given and turn up to keep that up for the rest of my life to ensure what I have given stays given for life, then drive it all to economic ruin on account I try to find a basic job to earn a living and turn up here to start again talking nonsense about those they will ensure the economic crisis hits hardest who would then be set out as the person that must be defamed each time they want a process of securing the attention of their audiences in the easiest possible way and also serves the purpose of a fun game with a big mouth. 


They always say I give no thought to what I do to others but we all know the way their foolish lives operate these days is a process where my business is settled and secure and that lasts five minutes and it is gone with that stupid media on account there is something they gain from hurting me which nobody will ever understand and until that damage it done and they make popular culture fame and fortune over it they can never rest. Hence I feel at this point like causing them intense suffering as well, need to mention I have had enough of them and one more of it will be one more task from me as well and then they can deploy their cultural wickedness on me and share with Politicians as power based prerogatives to talk nonsense over my profit margins about how they are good people that works out as a plan to attack the politicians and do civil rights as well which is also supported by idiots from the US White House - all I can say so it is that I will no longer allow those perceptions I am afraid of them to flourish and if they need to harm me had better shut their mouth and get on with it so I can do their own as well again. Their big mouth civil rights idiots need to stay away from me as well or it will blow up in their faces; I know they have my books and so do I their freedom and we will find out, I believe my warning is clear, just one more of those book sales from this company being stifled and then me looking worse off health wise at the end and that will have kicked it off. The Americans clearly do not like it when people keep an eye on them but it is a little evil twerp having a swipe at me to get rich and powerful with their help everyday which is how the any clout my company has gets to last for a maximum of 2 Hours on account people like to hurt me. They say I steal peoples women and that is why these things occur and yes especially for the blacks, one more damage to this company sales and I will play out 100% of what I have in mind. Besides which in any case it happens all the time that they can get involved with any thing and squander whatever they chose when they want until somebody lets them delude themselves and decides what he has with his women is for him alone at a point where it will cost them the most - as I mentioned; that stupid media I have had enough of as well. They would say they take a look at their CD sales and it is not doing very well because of me which is why they exact their revenge as well which completely destroys mine and this of course is the sort of Provocation we are talking about; bearing in mind they sing those stupid songs about something else or sell those stupid CDs I don't approve around somebody else - what I have in mind by the way is a global reckoning of that stupid freedom and capitalism as recompense for the next time I have to restructure anything on this website to ensure this business runs like one.

They always say it is a need they have to see a Government that is a fan of the people it serves and not the other way around - evil scum and a violent need to spend other peoples property and earnings on themselves of course and so do I have a need to see a social and legal lid firmly placed on their Godlessness and religious antagonism; they are not my followers and need to stop harrasing those that are otherwise I do not find those stupid things they say to provoke me and show how desperate they are to fulfil their stupid dreams mentally stimulating in anyway whatsoever. 


I hear this story of how social media is a problem and I need to respond but it is an old story of people having such difficulty understanding I do not have a problem save people wrecking my Royal Public image and making use of my Books without payment, to show up and complain about problems and have conversations with me aimed at making me acknowledge some problem I actually do not have. Social media is not the real problem; if somebody picked up something I wrote three years ago and used it to make a mess that will build some sales, over 90% of how that was possible would have been first of all created by my salary is not enough because I have an ego money loving media idiots who have no respect for others and anything that belongs to other people. They speak of this issue to do with how I have disposed people or made them feel that way but that is largely because they are the most insolent scum I have ever come across – there is no way of responding to any method of involvement with my concerns that does not involve bringing myself lower and low and there is no way of talking about it which does not involve dabbing into ideological sensibilities that should never be explored; it is the reason they are dispossessed and will stay that way for the rest of their lives too without there being any stupid war for it; I mean it is usually assumed a person must have done something wrong for people to strike his anus and press his chest all day but I have done nothing except people grabbing my work to go off and get connected with rich people, secure the best news slots and make friendship with Celebrities who will give them pictures and stories to make money with by getting famous, then attacking me because I look like I want to stop them from doing it having been I had disapproved it, so it is not going to get more serious if they ever confront me over the matter as well. It’s a case of what it takes to get involved; the number of times and of days and years a Politicians will handle your finances and property to make you go from thinking about it at all, to thinking about the bubble of stupid activities going on around you which you can reach out and touch if you wanted to, right up to the point where publicity is built that says you have had an ego and gotten yourself unhinged and then gotten involved, right up to a stage where it means that all your own and your person exists in a condition where anybody can do anything with it and where telling people off certain behaviour amounts to having actually gotten involved which then sets the stage for the beginning of anything they want to do; the same incredibly stupid political scum are the ones who complain about the effects more than anybody else and if I see that stupid culture and society it will be the last time that they see it as well.

Company Assets for HH The Arch Prince's Diplomatic work: War, Economic crisis, Crime and organised Crime Assets and Book sales Property Assets securitised, written out in Functional Aesthetics  


The general behaviour of finances and investments are going to be determined by the actions of the media is the mystery continues to be upheld that such things as advertisement which suggest that people buy products if they are shown to have expressed enough done on my part to provide people with privileges through them when all I have done is broker securities that companies comply with to provide them what they need is actually what an advertisement should be especially when the excuse for it is that of what modernisation for our times and a process of not doing yourself worse off has become. Noting also that the way the media idiots that do it has more to do with the condition where companies open float their affairs to attract shareholders who buy shares and provide funding for a profit, which somehow makes for board meetings that becomes their opportunity to vouch for advertisement contracts which are paid for with enough millions that ensure when Companies do not comply with what they want and stay away from those they demand should be isolated and abused for riches, then they can deploy the money and take over the firms and companies anyway and do the advertisement the way they want to do it. It does nothing but set the stage for a reckoning after I have had so much of my time spent on showing me how to leave on meagre resources while fulfilling a government office, in which condition I have nothing to loose if I feel like handling their cities and offices in within the same prognosis of behaviour as well. This is not to say that I do not know that the Literary Empire and its global Intellectual space and the Equities brokered in it is perfectly safe and that people can see that through the products no matter how the advertisement is arranged, it is to say that these facts must be made obvious and that no body would tolerate such advertisement as that which determines whom people get involved or associated with as well as determines I have by royal property done enough t provide people with enough privileges through the products if they buy them. Hence the state of affairs of the general question around the world of what it is the media can do if I do whatever I like with them.

The victims of media abuse it must be seen are not a problem on account that the media is made of of infantile idiots that will not get out of using peoples lives to get rich and will not stop hurting them if they in anyway do something consciously or not to change their lives which changes the fortunes of especially advertisement industry goons, who happen to be the most vicious of the lot. Handling human beings in such ways is criminal - I speak less of it because what I think about it will be better displayed by what is left of it when I settle matters of my right to legal personal security, peace of mind and finance. It should be seen that it does not occur unless a government has spent public funds to ruin the finances of a person, so that there might be no sensibility which suggests that such activities are a bad thing by a third party, hence the idea of having your finances exposed to the evils of society being your fault ought to be completely banished, not that I in person care if it is, the matter of people who defend their livelihood from my behaviour which changes their fortunes because they will not stop using me to make money will have to be settled anyway and the violent they get is perhaps the better too, so there might be less to argue about. Reality being that I watch TV advertisement in order to settle a sense of affinity with a process of detaching my finances from the Nations Mistress which is what governs the media but each time those advertisement come around which is every second, there is very intense violence against me by pre-pubescent media fools with power to play around with, hence the miffed sense of comprehension I have over their complains about me because of course anybody would have been able to figure out that such activities will get a response from me too: the fact is of course that the Media Industry globally where idiots that do not fathom what the word no means operate and have grand master plans to secure their desires on other peoples possessions while staying out of the order of the Law is the only force of violent squander that this Company has to contend with on a daily basis, so my actions are never really unwarranted as they like to claim it is when they are finished. 

An outstanding eventuality of this matter is expressed when we hear people say such things as Americans trying to settle on what can be salvaged of a Relationship before they severe it. The reality of course is that no body is working towards the severing of any special relationship around here; only a project of which the results have come through i.e. if they have money to spend on themselves, will they stay away from criminal activity - the results have come through as negative i.e. if they are being nice they will want to keep the crime around as a sign of where they have come from and it does not work that way concerning which they need to stay out of here, besides which they can yap like that until they yap their way into the hands of the Police and then we will hear the stories.


 What the issue with the Media is, is a simple process of somebody attacking me violently to lay claims to what I own and because I have refused to respond to it needs some publicity to carry on those claims he is making to stir up all kinds of extremism and wickedness they can work as a society which is then later attributed to the need to grab things that belong to people and own them, usually with a big mouth only of course, except that they make out if they lose everything it would have been satisfactory that they were able to do it to me never the less and so it carries on forever despite warnings being issued I cannot tolerate foolish old men getting famous because it is always a useless and wicked lifestyle and I want nothing to do with it. The Media problem must be taken care of as a result because of the individuals who practice these things on one hand and on the other because of those who make media establishments available, those will not stop doing it either knowing perfectly how provocative their actions are each time they do. It is the only means by which the need to deal with idiots being complicit with publicity over others using it to harm me can be confronted as well as those who attack me and get on their media to choose self improvements which means using me like a rag to wipe their stupid lives and lends nothing but pure agony never mind the financial destruction and subsequent abuses to keep it all going, contrary to that great idea they have that it is some Political ideology that must be respected; when we all know that is, that the only way these activities sustain any sort of benefits for anybody on the part of the perpetrators and victims like myself alike is when they had settled that they cannot make profit without harming me and they cannot make profit if I am not made to behave with those stupid insults.


Some speak of this need to have a debate on the lowering of age of consent for young people in view of the increased sexualisation of young people; I do not know if such a debate will prevent such things as people turning out on National and International media to play up capitalism and freedom all over my earnings and Office, so that they can build popular culture empires and leave me with pornography to deal with from happening. What I do know is that if they suppose having a debate will rip my yarns, they are deluded - I am gearing up to take over the Pornography Industry itself because I have noticed that if the motion pictures we animated instead of acted, it would be more decent and more imaginative. They speak of actions I take to stifle useful debates of course but besides the name calling and the abusive insults that can happen at any time and without reason depending on how people wish to feel with their foolish media, there is a need everybody is aware of that they do have which is about how being a Christian that people want to beat up or get somebody that can to do it, has in turn created further as a result of his attempts to carry on with his own life an extrication of a process of pre-emptive activities which ensure that when people do wicked and evil things they can deploy media to ensure others suffer as a result of it even if their chosen others is a Royal Prince and they are nothing with that big mouth. So if this is actually what they feel they wish to have a debate about I fail to see what it has to do with me in any case.



Important guide to these equities of which it should be noted are such things as regular use of language which suggests that I need to grow up. Its implication for those that use it of which has nothing to do with what I think of it i.e, no body knows why anybody would get up and wreck peoples lives and property to make them do public life that another gets to claim as his own and I do not care if they exist either. What I do care about however is that when the need for me to grow up is mentioned, it should be realised I am always ready for a re-run of the entire show and I mean it is important to remember we will definitely be doing the Asia and Japan aspect of it as well. The British ones speak of how the importance of such insults is that it is a privilege of the Monarchy but in actual fact what happens is that they issue arguments at me and deploy it with HM Public engagements to make it work and so when I do not respond to them, the idea that results is that I do not because I think I am strong enough to defend myself against Queen and Country, so having been that were what it was, the question is why they must have it all rosy and good and sorted out necessarily. For their Americans, their thing is playing around with peoples income for power and I will make them sell the democracy for it too, since the money is so important - as I have always warned, it is the book sales that will be their undoing (in retrospect of which I have never before required their opinions over any of my affairs and this matter is therefore not in any way a major crisis either, just the part where they do the devils work for him with their own hands i.e. things the rest of us will think of as evil to do because we are immoral or evil to be frowned at because we are not immoral and the reason being that they want to be a threat to somebody and that person is me and hence the question of what more nonsense they suppose the entire world must put up with from them on their great plans to get somebody more worthy to own what I have: I have been clear my Working Court is comprised of white women and that I am a black Prince who has to deal with evil foolish black idiot in the world that thinks he is a sadist or has an alternative lifestyle from which he wants to get more power and wealth, hence it is not an abdication of responsibility, just the fact I will not take any nonsense from them ). Of course it is the same old story of Paedophiles and Media and the feeling with abusive help from their stupid girls that I was abused by them and all I could do is take some random action over what media does which is nothing but an active imagination in my view. There are a series of tasks I intend to set them on the matter but I should state it will begin from the need for them to change or take down the abusive social media profiles of themselves directed at me which appears to constitute their answer to everything in their stupid piffling lives (Although it is true that HM The Queen does mention something about people staying away from the media, it does not apply in my eyes that they are untouchable contrary to their view of themselves which allows all that name calling to extricate money from my property, then turn up on media to build violence on it too with a big mouth). 

The natural outcome is what is happening at present; new campaigns by the media who feel everybody and everything is a plaything for lies and complicity with wickedness and their position is all about what security and spy services must now consider to be most important to them because I tend to stifle anything that has to do with people who have fame and of course the reality is rather that they wish to be able to ensure that depending on their mood on a daily basis or something at a whim, I will be forced by them to deal with social issues that are so difficult nobody else can. So the question does not just relate to the damages they do to anything that is a effect to me to keep that up and lies they tell about how I steal their culture to galvanise people, it is a matter of why they never do anything they think should be done and the old answer is the one they always give i.e. somebody else knows how to do it and so it is a simple matter of the fact I have been taking away everything that creates the idea there are things they are unable to do since I am Royalty and they are not and this idea is something that will not happen in the real world so they build it up on public media in order to be able to do it anyway even so as a fantasy. Hence if it does not come to an end I find it difficult to understand what they are complaining about anyway. It is not a major crisis; only that it is them that can do anything depending on how well people make them not me like they try to make me out to be to create the best place for people to be in their foolish lives. In retrospect they have always wanted this, they have always wanted it to happen, they have always wanted 9/11 to be settled and they have always wanted all those with similar ideas to the perpetrators or exhibited the same tendencies to be sorted out out and now they have a problem and so if the abuse and they might want to call it bullying all they want, does not stop, I will continue to take away all things that suggest they cannot do certain things because the truth is that there is really nothing they cannot do; homosexuality and rumours, lies and sex based abuses and unemployment of which is an indication they have started again as usual, handling my book sales to make it work is an example of the reasons things will get increasingly worse; and the Christian that thinks about the well being of the West so they can turn up to dash my good fortunes to pieces in order to provoke me and create a fight in which I will be beaten and humiliated while they keep their stupid jobs for money and hence will be capable of changing his position as well without any loss to himself whatsoever contrary to all that bragging.They love to ask what has brought it on too and yes it is my increasing inability to tolerate further the fact that my Women have no security whatsoever on account of being employed by them, managed by them or being their colleagues which sets off all that nonsense about how I do not have a real business all over the place for them to play around with - the black ones claiming it show they own me and have power over me with that big mouth and their foolish women with it all the time as well. There is no shred of truth to that claim I have plans to control peoples lives and the media is their saviour; the reality is that I am being bullied even though I do not feel that I am because they have not got it - if I were to have been required to share my personal life with the media, the first instance ended up all spent, gone and done on popular culture fame and fortune idiots, so if the demands for another occasion is being put into context the question is whether I am supposed to or am required to spend my personal life on the media; I do not find those stupid things they say about which they expect me to defend myself before hostile crowds to be mentally stimulating - the piece of advice here is that this is not their lives, the prognosis that they need to fight and stop talking nonsense when they start like they always do.

I. Uno I



One has chosen the mode of describing this equity as something declared because he has his own media friends but the basis on which "our friendship" operates as he had stated before is that his preference of women are those that are older than he is and when these financial fools see him, they love to tell him his history is something they want to collect for their daughters, while their wives love to vandalise HH's earnings and their sons love to talk so much insults based on physical violence in public, that he would have rather preferred they said to his face when they wish to because One wanted to breathe the free air.

Leaders may be afraid of violent criminals, Businesses may be afraid of uncertainty, business cycles or market sharing, the Media is afraid of the bad news that happens in local communities among poor and very disadvantaged people, which they are also party to creating that of a personal nature and this is what people burden them with, each time they usurp people's importance with the use of the disposition of a Stubborn White House in America or Spin breeding 10 Downing Street in the UK-where they are more often than not sent out to pass around insults to those that the political idiots there want to ensure are not more famous than they are, when they already are and the rest of the world can see it already too, they just want to be one thing and use another persons importance to be another and it is when people fail to see that they are people like everybody else that they begin to think ways up for things to operate, which are completely outrageous, especially when they drive people who help others in need underground, destroy their lives completely in order to make up ideas they are heroes in order to have sex with women in the local communities.

The gain they have been offered by a White House and 10 Downing Street here in the UK since 2001 after the destruction of the World Trade Centres and the War in Iraq has made them more destructive to local interests and Diplomatic interests, Rural living and Financial security (danger to diplomatic interests  which began somewhere around the later end of 2003) because they can now set people up as scapegoats who take the fall for the problems and bad news that people burden with which they create as it were looking for obscene interests and powers over other human beings especially when those they do will be less likely to get over the shroud pulled over their eyes and having worked out how to make people suffer on their behalf through fascist based violence and insults which are faithless and always must be inserted in a means to defeat religion, of which their most important Leader was Tony Blair of the UK; they use this power wantonly and indiscriminately at all times  endlessly (HH knows this, he watches advertisements all the time for security of One's Equities and Securities he brokers with those who own those products and businesses and have a disturbed health to show for it). Recently it has turned out this problem has now extended to Protests and Cyber crime (of which as this website will indicate One has commandeered and on the sidelines of his written and packeted equities, copyrighted most of those protests and cultures and societies in his name, all the way to environmental issues, Cyber crime where you have the largest number of well off, other peoples business and livelihood attacking older hooligans, of which is the difficult nut to crack currently and therefore still work in progress); of which it is clear that if people know that a website for example is a means of a persons livelihood, no matter how much power or indeed how much bog nets they have at their disposal, they are unlikely to have enough gall attack it but because these boundaries have been tampered with by the media, who enjoy going from strength to strength with this new found power to set up scapegoats who will suffer the bad news people frighten them off their lives with, we are gradually moving to a point where people will feel that it will help their cause to attack things like Government websites (the boundaries if we must remember them being that government is an organisation that people pay taxes to and a group of people are selected to manage these taxes and make the laws of the land, while the protesters have a relationship between themselves and their livelihoods and whatever they are protesting about) or websites which provide other people their income and on which such depends, which does not help anybody's cause in actual fact in any way whatsoever to attack especially yo harm their earnings.

This is of course a very dangerous trend because HH can for example testify to being able to draw a chart at any given point in time of possible routes that an attacker of One's business may have used or the source he or she may have come from, based on the results that cannot be hidden in public; when people just hate One's books on the media and Politicians on account of having ambitions turn up to try and do what he does as well just for the sake of glory, stifling his income and making out ideas it is funny and in order to send out a message and protect himself, he could venture to attack all that lay within such a route; in which HH will be sure to have hit his assailant as well and of course it may also be mentioned that if all do these, the whole game of a lack of respect for boundaries played by the media over peoples livelihoods could get very ugly very easily in a very short space of time.

The eventuality is that HH has given them warnings never to get on public television to address him (naturally), as it is difficult enough to hold down diplomatic work with evil women whose interest they foster with their media villainy, hence think the city belongs to them as well by the way and their friends from the east who basically exist on friends with the US and having the Lion share of other peoples aesthetics because of the evil nature of their societies they presume is also safe from absolutely everybody and therefore of which I must get into a gang fight, otherwise they are never doing something about the drugs market, criminals, gang lords and con artists that they shelter from the law as a community of people, which is why they always attack HH without reason and complain of his retaliation perpetually but underneath which is still a point being proven in the idea that having refused to have sex with them, there will be enough bullying to push HH into a very bad company and a fight that is too great for him if they hold out on messing around his finances through making sure distant insults from them create a condition where One has no control of whether or not friends and allies of his get hurt, to get him  seriously injured or killed alternatively of which he must languish in the vanities of their fascist violence they name power because the city belongs to them but they have rather progressed to naming him a bigot and extended too some kind of violent public media perception based control and connection on and to the manufacturing industry, never mind making sure HH cannot raise funds from the sale of his securities and equities which are being used by them to make people happy whenever those people are their guest to cover their filth, as they advertise and sell them products, then get connected with any authority higher than the one they are currently assaulting.

The news that media report these days has nothing whatsoever to do with their jobs; after a decade of reporting HH's life and books instead of the new whenever they are at work, it is rather about some rumour they heard that somebody is about to be corrupt, it is about their racism and discrimination bearing in mind which does not make sense at all to work on public media when people feel that way, it is about other peoples government Policy as well but from the way it relates to One's office especially, which means the creation of suspense by which it is possible for people to extract an income from his market place looking for trouble, which then means it is about sexual revolution, idiots doing what they like with HH's earnings in order to gain access to his personal life, as well as feminists doing what they like with his property. 

So for security purposes, it does appear that One has to do something to ensure they stick to their jobs which involves finding news to report, so they can stay out of trouble too. Not go around spending his health on Polygamists around the world to seek sexual satisfaction at my expense and insulting him with trying to do things too which they see people do with him, giving prerogatives to American Politicians-then lie all over the place claiming to know the culture of One's ethnic origin, seeking out insolent wealth grabbing methods of bullying they can find anywhere.

To be clear at the bottom, the media and its goons are not a matter of strict concern for me, they are simply a collection of really stupid people. For those of them that do not appear on television, what comes to mind readily is when they speak of academic work and the need to make high grades and get good jobs. It is always operated along the prognosis of the fact that while everybody else views academic work as something that whether or not they are actively involved in culture, gets to detach them from it, they view it as something that people cannot be successful with unless they have some hate figure on which they take out the effects on the culture; so they know that when they do with some racist somebody will murder them, so they choose people and make them look like racists claim they are racists and know that they are not, for the purpose. Where they really get to shine however is when they get the important jobs, at such times you see them return to demand the culture from you as though when they dump it on you, you get to keep it. I do not get myself into a state for it; the reason I get myself into a state has more to do with Politicians seeing to it that they surround every aspect of my life and when I tell them off for it defy me as well with a big mouth as insolently as they can. For the media ones, those are the ones that got qualified to work as journalists and I do put myself in their shoes as well and cannot figure out exactly what would make me climb up on public Television on a daily basis to stifle the book sales of somebody whose life I have been messing up with corruptions of involvement whereby each contact I make with him which he shuts down sees me get on media to prize it open again with accusations that buy me time such as claims he sleeps with my wife or steals my culture to try and get famous with, attack him for his faith and get after his job to make the point, claim the church to be the icon of prejudice and so on, which gets even better when I attack his livelihood on the sales monitoring him daily for the purpose because I also think it is funny on Public Television, so make such statements as that his livelihood that gets in my eyes or that I have a reputation and that I will steal all of it and so on, then make up stories which suggest there is a political reason and purpose for it as well. They wish to live like animals and I intend to handle them like those as well, so I cannot warn them enough to get off my book sales ( Progress report: already as predicted, the existence of gangs has become an opportunistic opportunity for them in the circumstances and used 24/7 ever based on how greedy they feel recently and the idea of somebody that they can force into dealing with it - however it is the last thing they will mention whenever they complain). One does not mind the social media insults either, they really look the part of people who want to have their mouths shut for them and of course there is a day of reckoning for that too. The part about acting like He do not affect their business is rather obvious, he does and that has more to do with things such as the fact the rest of us as still in recession while the media that is responsible for that are trying to build those lifestyle that media organisations always build up for their media in order to make lots of money through advertisement and so on; this will never therefore happen as such - it has not yet come to waking everyday and walking into office to look into a problem of advertisement and the problem those who run it have with HH's book sales or indeed reducing the income of pop stars everyday yet and there has been ample warnings out there that it will (as no body knows what it wrong with them and why they cannot understand what people mean when they do not want it to be about them or indeed why they always feel their purpose in their lives is to familiarise with those who have been saddled with responsibilities, which they and their business fools try to make out has become a means to an end and power on grounds that Firms that Broker ones equities leave him with publicity to make a living with, where what happens to that cannot be blamed on other; people should co-operate with them due to an existence of 'kids out there that no body cares if taken advantage of' even when they cannot and its all a big mouth, which seems to justify all kinds of rubbish thrown around in public on how He thinks businesses like him but they really hate him, where the part they really hate him is peoples low-lives and relatives with bad behaviour appear on advertisements run by the media wanting Ones earnings for it too with games with play alongside their media buffoons that people tend to look at and think of as better people when they are just really foolish big oafs whom HH has really had enough of as well). 

I mean you have your public image attached to a Public Office and somebody else gets off to run their broadcasting advertisement on it as stupidly as possible and while wondering what they are doing anyway, in a short while, those stupid women that express their socialist nonsense all over those advertisement have created a new community with it and will not hand back your public image – its only ever serious and truthful when it is a German complain obviously; telling me it’s a problem I cannot handle is a bit too stupid for their intelligence I may say, I want them to shut it down as soon as possible before I do it for them. As for the part about black people, it was an old story being trapped in an African society in the UK where there weren’t other aspects of African society that works for you as well, except it is not such a good idea and the disadvantages are your liability when you handle them as well to create the same effect. It is the same idiots we see on Media everyday trying to find out whether I have written a Book and the fact they have ended up in the public mind can be used as a form of power that restricts my financial well-being of which I am left wondering when it is going to go away, spend time with that job that gets to its stupid head all together but it seems that it will not unless something is done to correct its stupid mind for it all together too. I am trying to get Books sold at this stage and do not by the way need peoples stupid patronisingly insulting nonsense they call support that is a process of exasperating me and offering some to pass insults at those who guard me to seek profits that their stupidities can make in other ways, I want them to buy Books especially as they can see it is not going anywhere and that the fact that it is not going anywhere is clear on both sides; the pinnacle of my career is still that of finishing my BSC and having gathered enough history working and broker with the Companies at the Estate, being able to inform a Market operative about the Assets of the Firms and where it will not be a good idea to exchange them – but I dropped out in 2008 and it is 2017 at this stage, with idiots when Germany complains it becomes truth, playing with my feelings and talking rubbish about their comments which stifle my Book sales on that stupid media amounting to a problem I cannot handle. It is so evil that it knows that my name is a problem for its perverted nature and spends all day abusing me and calling it to ensure the effect dissipates and we are not even talking about the process of using my own strengths to fight me completely uncalled for to recover and add on its stupidities and look strong enough to threaten me again with that big mouth all day long just yet. It is such a gimmick for them that it generally is discussed as something of my inability to accept that they exist and have needs – same old case of the reasons 6 million Jews were gassed and killed during World War 2 i.e. finding and murdering people who were none the wiser about evils on the left and on the right; on the left associated with scum using peoples personality to make fame and fortune and on the right associated with fools running business when they know nothing about it – I am still all about the same old rhetoric for their case; it’s the job in hand issue obviously to bear in mind before their insults and involvement corruptions become unbearable for them as well.


They speak of the number of times I have mentioned the thing about people protecting neighbourhoods and second sources of income whenever terror attacks have happened and nobody knows how many times I expect to keep saying it anyway – but we all know the reality is that they are aware of what the fact are and we see it on their new papers, meaning that the terror attacks for them is nothing but a massive scoop split into seconds and is to last for weeks, while others who need them to get off the false news grapple with a livelihood over it as their sense of fun intensifies. I however am prepared to say it as many times as necessary since it is gradually leading to outcomes where hitting my Books will translate into those processes of not being able to detach from an access to my Court resulting in a loss of those Media jobs as well – otherwise it is simple to edit it out when it is too low for you as a journalist and stay out of other people’s concerns. It’s the same thing we see in the US; the women can get off and make those Films on my Estate and Public image and it’s all good but for no reason get off and hammer my finances at Merchandising because they have men I need to defeat before a single copy of my Books are American insults going anywhere, so that whenever you hit them at Merchandising, the Actors have their films especially those allied to you and the Films continues to be made on the equities you brokered for it, they earn their money making the films and you keep your property, so that because everybody is happy whenever you do so, it becomes a really important thing to do. Same with the men over Industry; his name is Obama and he runs the white House like African American gangland stuff and want to get into Industry and see products made on equities brokered here to speak of how nobody knows who the hell I am because it is getting a lifestyle that is costing me an entire Royal Commission and of course is wearing a T Shirt for it basically, feeling like a Daddy figure – so when you hit it at Industry really hard, since it does its politics well after that and the Community croons that will run your life for you and decide which aspects they will own to a point of killing you are powerless as a result and your friends are safe from being touched at random too, kicking them Men at Industry becomes a very, very important thing to do, since the result is usually that they end up with a Man that will do his career like a woman thereof to play stupid popularity gimmicks with. Hence I am willing to say it as many times as possible since it is obvious that each time a Journalist who is not Royalty and is not a Politician and is not a Trader and is not an Industry Tycoon feels his stupidities apply to all these other aspects, things like people clinging to my Books every day for fifteen years to make me very frustrated an angry and a plaything for schizophrenic community croons will become common place, unless that is they lose the journalist job all together so they can spend time on the rest instead – only then can others feel a sensation of anything that remotely appears to be normalcy. The threat usually comes from their stupid black girls of course which is one of the best expressions of how much of this nonsense for the last decade over me is nothing but a gimmick to them; those with their social and moral corruptions like to assume I am going to be handling them the way it is done in Africa. The way it is going to play out will likely be a case of knowing I start trading by 10.00am and must get out of bed and start hitting Media and losing people jobs from about 7.30am to be ready and then again around 5.30pm if I close by 5.00pm until I am ready for bed and then it will go on that way for eternity; otherwise they can heed what I am saying way too much of now as it were; we see it every time – the news reports nothing real, the newspapers will tell us Journalists are aware the people who are getting attacked by Terrorists are Families building themselves memories but that would only amount to 30% of what is written while the caption and facts direction goes somewhere else to keep the train Bus running. I am only explaining how the whole business of finding out whether turning up on Television enough times to end up in the minds of the Public will translate into picking up the phone to call a friend and decide others cannot have or keep their jobs will likely end; it shows up like an idiot in suits to stand in Public place to simulate beating its fucking mate all the time obviously. Same as the Politicians who say I need to be fighting some enemy and I could not get my head around whether it is fighting enemies or being helped by them that they are after; what I know is that if I ran this business and made an area available where according to what frequently happens historically I might be asked to assist with Government matters; first the Politicians insults will start with taking it over and it will progress through many forms from there to one about rejection that allows other government around the world to make a mess of my life so they can pretend they are in control of me and have cynical plans of their own as insultingly as they possibly can. So what I need is for people to buy Books not help me, otherwise they too have a question to answer as to whether their case is one of helping me or one where I am to fight an enemy - it is all meant to be terribly insulting and abusive so people can find out where my anus is all the time as it were and I do not think it is unusual either, just pointing out I need Book sales not their help: I have made myself into a lazy cove at this point, since everybody has ideas about problems I should be solving while all I am really required to do is sell my Books, so it does not bother me at all.

I mean they do speak of the bits where people are worried I might influence government when they do not want it, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they attack me because a group of fools that set their time out to make themselves poor between the ages of 17 and 35, so as to develop a blame culture and wealth inequality violence that let their Political madness target talented people like they were animals to tie them down somewhere and help idiots show up on people’s lives to count pennies until they make millions at popularity, hurt their bottoms; so what I did was to set the scum on a path and threaten them with wealth inequality so Politicians can do what they must at government Office, what the Politicians said was that it is not the desired action, the desired action was my subservience to them, followed by my faith being built up somewhere to allow fools like them secure sensations of convenience and this is something that will never happen, that their stupid pervert wickedness being the biggest problem we have here, something that will never happen if it were their own fucking lives they were talking about using in such ways; hence currently just a gimmick but mostly a dream and will stay precisely that way (I did set them on a path to correction and threatened them with wealth inequality - the stupid shitty Toilet faces in Parliament ripped up my finances claiming they wanted me to offer my servitude to them instead).



'Crowding out' and its opportunity decisions should only happen when there is a Crowd and I do not think I have been giving myself enough publicity or earning enough for a Crowd to gather yet. 

So what it means is that rich hoodlums are not longer stupid because they much prefer to be described as rich instead-supervised by Republicans that want a serious Country on other peoples property, seeking other peoples jobs to please their stupid kids with giving them a great future which will help their arrogance and all that is ungodly in the world ; hence we have a problem over the matter of offloading their past successes on me, so they can open their hearts and seek higher ones.

My Empire will stay open as it is and people will walk in and walk out and if a penny goes missing from it the planet will not be safe for any that is responsible.

Whilst it seems it is what tax payers money is meant for, funding such nonsense, it applies that it is the old reason behind why we Royal beat up rich people to grab some of the money because poor people never allow us any peace. As it stands they have already begun to make these deeds their family tradition together with their impudent and insidious wives.

It is the insult which has to do with how they have gotten so much money they have reached a point they should not be denied anything they want that makes it personal for me.


Here the evil ones who have shrines that the others consult for power tell me I am a boaster; while they are the ones who claim God is a white man's culture because they are petrified scared of out of their wits really. 

As for stupid middle class men themselves and access to my security they say they have got; when it comes to black women pulverising my life because they are trying to have sex with me they are top dog when it comes to when they ensure no body buys my books because they intend to be the only ones that buy it, while actually at the same time making sure they don’t buy it until I do certain things that do not make sense. So it seems when I say nothing about it I don’t know this is what it is all about. Their wives are doing well for themselves to protect their children and since it is in my interest to care what happens as they are using my office to provide themselves these such kinds of securities, whether or not they are racist are doing well for me as well, I just don’t want their stupid opinions too. I am an equity and securities trader and they do realise this is my specialism whenever they want their stupid lower class and middle class fights. Its like those their nonsense about how the black guy wants to have sex with white girls and how the Christian has become the daily boaster rubbish, which they think means they have defeated many things here. I am perfectly certain they realise I am an equities and securities trader and will not be expected to loose such fights.

I am not a rock star who has bad behaviour by older people who hate being respected and make victims of injustice for dominance those who do because it hurts them, dumped on me so I can get away with it being rich and famous, choosing self improvements based on vandalism of the finances and property of those that are respectful like they are am I? And I put those their stupid mothers that have been given access to my work and finances by Politicians, so they can wreck it to dominate me with sex in their place all the time too, after which I leave them to make all the noise they can in public about victories won etc, in fact I have been making sure lazy insolent men who get themselves into trouble with women who ruin their lives and keep it ruined, do not follow me around as well for good measure. So it is actually hell out there for everybody except me.

All stupid media women that want to be safe making me too tired to defend myself effectively obviously-because somebody they know or their husbands are handling peoples products and brands in the commercials and media industry but of course cannot on any one occasion even when they handle my intellectual property in the process refrain from attacking and abusing while at the same time using me when they, no matter how much of a reason they do not have for it, hence the notion their insults and distant fascism are paying off.

(I am still waiting to see what the White Fascists, Black Genocide experts, American/ Western Anti-God Money freaks and Muslim terrorists together with their Politicians will do next anyway: as far as I know they spend a lot of time like they always do on the only thing they are good at i.e. make a social problem out of other peoples lives and creating a seniority crisis out of what they stand to gain when the problems are being solved out of it, to make out they have become important and respected, as if those they take advantage of in such ways cannot barge into their lives and put them in a perpetual state of realising things to drive them mad as well, especially the Muslim ones who are terrorists anyway but can use peoples energies and body fluids gained from a process of spicing their blood up with suffering that makes no sense to the p9oint where it is possible to make money out of it hard enough through abuses based on the effects their faith has on them, to get rich, like their White counterparts who scandalise it and make themselves leaders on the whole game and the black genocide experts who set people up when they are Children or teenagers. I mean, as far as they are concerned, I am the one with the problem here obviously because I sell securities and they have got media. 4/6/2011). It appears that they know not how to fix the Iraq problem which their friends most of whom are get rich freaks based on the United States of America would like them to do, they know not how to sort out the matter of poverty around which most humanitarian activities in diplomatic circles are based, all they know is what has now resulted in a process where I must punish them severely for each and every attention they have extracted from me whether or not it has been done with provocation, of which it is for most of the time. Personally, I have no idea whose idea it was that copulation should be referred to simply as sex.



Whatever they and their Politicians mean around about and by insults which change the course of history because those to whom it is applied cannot be allowed by others and their American friends to move on from the damages it has caused, When are they planning on getting off my income bearing in mind I have other Royalties to catch up with and Royal duties of my own to fulfill, how long do I have to put up with all these information on discrimination which have nothing to do with how I grew up or my job from those who claim Royalty is unfair, what world do they think really exists where they can become more important than I am? When is it going to find its level and mess things up somewhere else, when is it going to stop? Yet they complain all the time, which is when they are not boasting about winning a great battle. I mean in the case of the American President Barrack Obama, he is black and cannot join the tea party over there unless he becomes a certain kind of black person, since I am now getting to the point where I must do things to them and that their stupid western Satanism that cannot stop hurting me because even when the devil has no more powers and serving him has become irrelevant they will find excuses for doing his work for him with their own hands and try to get the payment from me as well-things I have seen the Royal Family do to them in past, just like they feel they must do things to me that they see other people do because other people do, on account their lies against me as if we are equals supported by their insolent American friends have changed history and my finances have been stifled to the point where in the eyes of the world they are more important than I am which needs to be maintained for the rest of my life with a big mouth, therefore are still determined to oppress me for satisfaction and so called (insolent) restitution over fights they have lost in history such as slavery and slave trade if they are black that is yap! yap! yap! seeking careers, ideologies and fame to steal and maintain their fascism or any other fight they have lost as a race or group of people.  If I were to draw sense by speaking of the fact over 25 million died in the world wars just 70 years ago who were more worthy to live than they are they would make out I am serving them which suggests they would have either been on the side of the Nazis or the Nazis would have been killing them because they were somewhere else. I am not doing anything unusual here; they are all fascists, do not wish to repent until somebody is giving up an enterprise he built with his hands to them first to seek self improvements with, after which they will drag me out of my life and kill me over theirs to bring about peace among their disagreeing factions which they say are the service people like me are put in the world to do (and of course find people like me by searching my personal life and then that of their society scum as well) and now it is becoming something that seeks to happen by force and they will feel me too.


HH's prognosis "They do love to tell me I control everybody else's priority as a result of which no body else can get any attention around here. It is completely laughable as what is happening is the complete opposite. The fact is that I get raised as a Child in a set direction and once I get used to that, somebody radically changes it and then when I get used to that as well somebody radically changes that too, when they wreck my academic work it becomes a matter which shows things that pass them by when the Boy is not currently doing magic. So the State gave me some reprieve aged 18 but by 21 they had barged in messed up really important things and started me all over again from scratch. So I built up capability over Stocks and Shares of their companies, built up capability on the Media and built up capability on the Civil Service, now when I issue warnings to them along the lines of what they have pushed me into becoming, it creates this idea that since I have not become the bad guy yet, I am taking over everybody's priority which means no body else can get any attention. This is a taste of what my revenge will look like when I lose everything, for none of my books which I really want to get sold are written on their lives, their property, their life's work, or from their own literary archives. If the Law cannot stop them, the Law should not stop me."- "the reason they hate me so much and their children are always getting involved with me in ways I cannot control by simulating it until it is real in the minds of people which constitutes bullying, hence violent corruptions of involvement that will not be seen as a crime according to western ideals, is because they serve wickedness and evil for all kinds of tangibly applicable reasons; from self protection to the mystical power to be rich. None of which I begrudge them so as to put up with those insults about kids that react as if there is anything they can do about it. It is rather the audacity to touch me or touch my property that gets me to harm or hurt them otherwise which I or they would never know they or I exist respectively. Except that is for the jobs we do which throws us into the lime light and of course this is what gives them power over me, so it could be nothing but violence and the Politicians always talk rubbish all the time. In the end these people have their clear reasons for the vandalism they conduct and the public pressure they stir on economic problems to have the power to make them worse. I do hope businesses will not get me to create one such history as the ones I have with these people for them, bearing in mind the wicked attacks of the money idiots that serve them, especially the abusive and daringly insolent females.

The matter with charities have largely been inconsequential; I for my part have placed it here because I mentioned on 12 April 2012, the behavior of the female side of Charity fund raisers towards my income. The reasons for doing so being that I had protected myself from generation gap vandalism from the male ones and in the same way protected my generation gap leadership from them as well, so they were doing whatever they were doing to hurt me which still raised them money without effects, which therefore meant attacking my books was malicious and will be settled along such a line as well. So what they did was to get on TV and scare me over changes to charity fund raising tactics to avoid the council and hurt me, of which we all know was already based on very unproductive games of hurting those that are likely to give to get those that are not to give more and more and more. About which I can always decide I don’t want to get hurt by them anymore thus say something about it. Here however it simply meant that I was to be made to run out of breath between the male and female sides while they vandalise my business like they love to do to get attention and brag about too; which simply means they might think that they get angry when CD sales are bad and sales of all that celebrity nonsense no matter how much money they have at my expense, are bad but this is the one that will certainly set straight the record and rewrite the books.  

They speak of Politics as the one thing that will beat me and I have no idea what is wrong with Media fools and this kind of a game anyway. I know every Politician wants to trap a Christian somewhere and starve him claiming he is making him fast to bring about his success in the Political arena, I don’t want to get involved with Politics but I am being forced by the Media, physically and violently – it is incredible and I am sure they are not deaf; I don’t want to get involved with Politics or they will have themselves the worst enemy imaginable, one they really would wish they had never had.

Much the same with those stories about people that will beat me up about which when I move from my position in their direction I will be doing my violence until I do the money and when I get hold of them they will be doing that stupid money until they do the gangs; they do need to stay away from me, stay out of my property, leave my books alone and keep it out of their minds whether or not I am selling it and generally piss somewhere else. I am not giving back that stupid left that enables them to get off and say things about how I walk around in their city like I am superior to them, just because I am good at what I do – the attitude has not changed but they tell me they want it back; they will have to come and get it or leave me alone and imagine a new one. The big thing with it is that media is where I have fun so nothing in it in the UK is ever really serious because of me and therefore, for most of the time, the main issue is that of being distracted from important things by media idiots, which is then further used for provocation socially over what happens when I have fun until it hurts, which is claimed by them for the most time to mean the signs of being treated unjustly" 


The Sermon by the Arch Bishop was very clear and nothing to do with me as such. There is a huge difference between people wrecking my finances to mix my vision up with others for those that will ensure it ends up in their ageist hands to do whatever they like with, completely with a process of expecting me to become the hero that exist at the mercy of their generosity so they can regularly make a decision to take that mercy away is a very different thing from a society that depends on heroism which brings about dissappointments and an inability to be realistic about facts which the Arch Bishop mentioned in his sermon. I am not going to forgive the part where they wrecked my finances either because when they started I was in my 20s, although an adult, most of it could be put down to what is happening on grounds of what I can do with myself, but it has continued for long enough without boundaries or respect to constitute a direct attack and they do it every single day with that foolish media as well, which also tends to suggest what I have done to them is not hurting badly enough for them to avoid me and anything that is an effect of me and is therefore completely fine by me. Concerning which their attitude ranges from direct excusable destruction here for a basic form of behaviour to the idea that my business is funny when no body wants their opinion i.e. they hear intellectual property but mine just winds them up that I mention it in their ears all the time while it is they that will not get lost; so that unless 20 people are involved in a business with 10 from a particular family and five from another and the other five from another who get together to agree on a name for a business and the technicalities that follow thereof, it cannot possibly be Intellectual property to them and those their attitude they believe are so worthy and becoming that it happens everyday to my business in a process where they think it to be funny, which is what creates the anger. The part about complains I stifle their lives is one very provocative activity of course because it pays off over my income every single day; reality of course is that you see somebody on media who looks well enough but in actual fact he might but is really a buffoon, a big oaf who likes to stir up racism and get on his media to bully you in the hope of manipulating you into doing violent things about it, especially when black and those can never go away as it were. Then every view you take of it whereby if you as much as twitch story applies, there must be response of more as there is really nothing you can do about it and no means by which you can do anything about it too; reality of course is that I regularly wreck that stupid culture and wait for them to come out to kill like their big mouth suggests too and all they think about doing is getting on media to make up ideas of stories they can tell around and about me to manufacture the idea they have got the culture going and then once they have acquired feeling that is the case it starts again and every time you tend to give the threats of violence the benefit of doubt as per defence mechanism that means they are making sure you do not handle their culture again but the fact that we live in a modern country and when they are determined to spend or shed peoples blood there is a social argument that allows them to go on about it for eternity which also implies you should always be ready to defend your way of life and violently if necessary tends to prove right all the time because those threats of violence and insults develop into things their popular culture fame idiots pick up on and want you income with all the time and then we are back again right where it all began before I stifled people’s lives and goes on like that all of the time too. It is the same old media deviance of course where they are not invited but they are in and their purpose is never to do as they are told claiming they are dominating you and the end result is always a process of making sure they are never wrong by finding out how to and applying a process of wrecking your finances to share the prerogatives with financially well off people and then talking rubbish about how they are preventing me from coming to their country from overseas to do elitism, while their cultural elitism is never in itself their prime preoccupation either way but the question of what I am going to do about it and how which also applies when they stir racism and link it with me and I do not respond because I know what it is, they are impudent enough to move to doing it over homosexuals because since I am not one it will completely confound me – I guess the me and them and businesses/enterprises relationship we have there therefore is not hurting badly enough and so those insults continue to take the biscuit so to speak. I do not suppose therefore they actually have anywhere else to go or anything else to do with their time as such, especially when they are black as it were and share a skin colour with me for their insolent part - like the old story of hatred left in me for community buffoons, sounds experimental too.

I.Uno I


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