It is suggested the wish that many public dignitaries had was that I was able to make some career progress but my career is rather perfectly fine – it is the same story all round with the popularity culture people and the Celebrities; they will pick up my Bookshop service processes, structures I had built up to develop my social life by and my career publicity, to do something else, once I had stopped them, then anything which added up to the reasons I had stopped them will be meaningless to everybody, no matter what had been accomplished with it. The Parliament Ministers are the most despicable of them all, always something to do with supporting it to trash academic work and finances because of something their stupidities claim they wanted to be a part of at Industry which victims got off antagonising, now we find the ‘fucking idiots’ believe that they will solve this problem after a decade and a half of engaging with it by showering me with insults in order to win elections, thus it continues while their stupidities were complaining and I have never seen this sort of problem improve for the better if people like this did not have serious action taken as to affect their bank balance, so I needed to start doing that.

What I am doing presently is more a matter of reaching a point of no return on the business of attacking famous people and according to my schedule I still have some work to do but what we have done so far involved the way that they were real men, getting around Town and asking criminals and hoodlums to get in touch with me, while their boys opened up my personal space so people might be able to get imagination up my bum safely which abuses are happening in public places while they complain of the mess I had made of the stupid society as well. Hence, I had pointed out before that the reason it continues while they were complaining about me is that they were real Men and their women were wise ‘arses’, all selling Celebrity products that involved fame idiots blowing kisses at criminals on my social life and public image to make their stupid point when none is asking about it as such. There was no way I was going to bail out the government office twats on the other hand, by pointing out it was about Industrial infidelity from day one, after I had dropped out of university and people laughed at my CV before they read it, to wonder why they did after had lost the job etc. I rather think it will all end in a process where attacking their finances gave way to a very brutal process of getting enough respect to sell Books as an Arch Prince who owned a Bookshop, then will there be a stop to it but for now, what I do will provide me a handle that I can go to every time that I had to do so.

Company Property Assets at Trusts Management - HHThe Arch Prince's Bed Chamber  




My side of the story on Satellite Technology & Space 

There is rumour that have been going on for years now that HH is against space travel because of his stand on the Environment and his opposition of a vast number of things Americans want to do but naturally the reason for the rumour fits the rumour anyway; it is not based on fact.

HH is not against space travel as Intellectual Property broking and management would be an absolute night mare, even if we without space travel had air travel and usually by the time people had met to broke equities, their values would have been consumed by time and Society and only Money would have been talking but the nightmare would be far from over because criminals and evil dictators that are incredibly violent will simply become more and more powerful too. HH does not stand against Space Travel when such a vast proportion of my job depends on it.

The reasons he opposes things America wants to do is because the state of affairs currently is that there is the West, which is the west with its corrupt socialists and all and has America as its leader, then there are others like Muslims who do everything from family life to economics around their Faith and Religion, which is completely different from the bigger west and then there are others like HH who do everything from family life to commerce and economics just like Muslims, around his Christian faith. If Osama Bin Laden was a personal Friend of George Bush and the World Trade Centre was blown up during his time in Office as President, in view of the previous facts, then what exactly is terrorism? Then there is also the question of what was the unnecessary deaths in Iraq meant to have achieved bearing in mind we have more criminalities and criminals now who are busy showing how much they hate HH all over because of it, never mind the fact their British friends ensured the Iraq war was Intellectually bankrupting for HH and for the UK for their part as well anyway?    

Its is always a thing about media bosses talking about grabbing his Global Intellectual Space and for which they love to damage and waste his Economy orientated Intellectual property pleasing business men and women that like to show up for them on Public TV for obvious reason and his Equities and Securities all the time because they have Media Organisations that operate as businesses and go on air everyday but in actual fact on the ground, he always thinks their problem is that they do not seem to be able to distinguish between a Corporation which is what they have and a going concern which is what HH has; hence does not trouble him at all because the threats have never become tangible. They just have a way of completely destroying his earnings and finances with impunity and presume that the UK does not have the problem of those that wreck peoples lives to copy or share their property even in Royal circles which of course is incredibly provocative and insulting, which propels HH to the methods in which he restrict their freedom too, which he also fears violent people may emulate socially but does not trouble him any more too recently because they have not shown any signs of stopping their insults or bullying.

Of course they can always invent new broadcasting businesses which are going concerns, One thinks there will be a fair world when he has taken them all down too so people can stop creating highways to wealth slashed right across his life, so it does not bother him therefore as much as they suppose that it does. It was impossible to have a radical or modern sector out of One's faith and that will never become possible in future.

When it comes to enjoying the securities HH has provided those who buy into and or broke it with him, other business think people don't know it is some kind of subculture for them to snoop around peoples personal lives, especially when they are Princes that are looked after in specific environments and to grab their property doing so, while also detaching them from their Royal Estate and personal life with media publicity of abuse, in order to try and peddle it, together with their wealth distribution friends on the Media, which he provides from his Office and has operated with giving them a stake in Society which is none spendable as what goes back to broking with the Monarch from his work thereof, that he also manages from his Office, which protect them from Industrial Espionage for example and other things and expenses which will cost them millions, hence he does because he is trying to get people employed, so they get all over the place to enjoy it and leave him with pain from Media based bullying as well, which is to suggest that they could have taken it even if he had refused to give it anyway and nothing is really going on with a big mouth and so the stake he has given people and society as well in their businesses, especially the Banks and Stock Markets, does not seem to them to mean that society can act against them with it for example and for his part, it does not seem that they have lost enough money to make him Popular yet.

It does not mean they are not educated, it is all a product of abject arrogance worked on the prognosis they own this property, they own this one, which they don't, just blinded by their insolence and nothing more; the kind that means when he sells Securities, they can give their Children and their Wives Pocket money to hijack HH's business and income with, using media and the advertisement industry and Popular music. It is not about them you see, none of it is; it is about HH's Leadership in the economy in which their business makes profits, not such suggested nonsense as the idea they own his empire like they make out, it is about his Office and his job, it is about his leadership in the economy which means they do as he tells them to, it is about Her Majesty the Queen's Economy, it is about Her Majesty the Queen's Currency and the share he was given in it. Nothing whatsoever to do with them and they don't own his income. Just the things people do to start on every occasion all over again, their "feud between Your Father and your Rich Uncle games," with absolutely every part of my life, which makes meaning all because they are greedy and very uncivil, which is not One's problem, in that the only issue is their desire to stifle his earnings, so they can keep doing it because to them it is the only way they want his money and his property for themselves and want it to be available to them too.

Clearly there is no sense of respect for anybody where they have come from and of course they and their Politicians always want to consume people like they were some kind of item, so that once they have done so, that is the end of it, no body gets to see such people anymore and I have had enough of them as well.



The issue of those who operate and watch the satellite systems of the world and what they do with it in Public and some of them that think their children are better than everybody else because they basically act in such ways and they should thus spend all their time locating people to collect stuff from for such children does not trouble me as much, unless my fame became theirs of which such robbery and even ideological dishonesty will never be tolerated. 

What troubles me is the actions of other stupid lesser people who are lazy and feel a Prince should never be allowed to legitimately do anything except he suffers on the cross like Jesus doing it, in order to save the world and when I have settled my finances and those idiots that watch the satellite systems whom I have cut off from every means they relieve themselves with, such as Pornographic industry, drugs industry and so on because they issue those lies they tell at me all the time while the social gap between me and them is so huge and then think they will either marry into or determine whether or not I do into the Royal family which is a front to what the will of God is (of which by the way there is nothing in his instruction for now, which suggests I am to marry into the Royal family), so they have done these things to ruin my finances so that they can do that their fascist insolence of getting angry at anybody who reminds them I am not their mate or anything that works in a way which suggests that. 

For now I stimulate myself a lot my trying my hands on getting governments and ministries of defence to take those jobs away from them because I don’t like their kids insulting me on public television as well, whom I will never give back stupid insolent steal from me all the time and mock me while wishing me dead to extract millions from my property to please stupid fathers in society who talk rubbish about success that offends them joys of naivety and then again having been that I have recorded it here; year date 15/5/2011 it has become a publicly debatable issue: the matter of what those who are obsessed with moving into other peoples private lives and generally spend all their time debating peoples importance do it for and where their parents or relatives work, so it should not be that much of a problem from here on. 


For me however it is largely an issue that has to do with the fact that people should not feel comfortable with messing with my office and never again should they be.

I have no idea who gave them the aspect of satellite systems which are involved with my State provided security to operate anyway and I am not giving their stupid kids that stupid left. They have to imagine a new one and the base reason is that I have seen people who have not got something special like I have and therefore have not been forced to open their hearts to the world like I have, move left and do very well for themselves by global standards, so now they understand me straight and perfectly.

I mean at present, in their view we are discussing these things currently as it were. So get off our land they say, I say for which I have always told them they ought to stay out of my faith, otherwise the land will be no where to be seen and then they will have to kill me soon. 

I mean my global intellectual space is there for the taking:- the process by which it is somebody’s property but will become a social issue because they will create fights and come at him from all corners, so he can never defend himself from all of them and the property will be used anyway. And the same behaviour is wrought on peoples faith too before they complain an evil world did hurt them and a Christian is the one that can fix the problem and must.

They tell me a Global Intellectual Space is something laughable. I simply think it is a matter of education. When somebody creates a product that costs to the consumer about £300,000.00 a piece or more, under the banner of a multimillion pound Brand and the aesthetics of somebody that walks round the street aimlessly is what he has used for it, certainly either party are stupid, especially when it works for the first economic cycle and then the next and then after four economic cycles decide to give this so called walking round the streets aimlessly and useless person an insignificant share of their company for security purposes. 


I have told these idiots those things they play around with is my property and they have told me it will not be settled amicably; their educated idiots for children think a Global Intellectual space is funny and I need to sell my books.

In the end, they still think that other peoples personal life are a plaything; so here I am, I sell securities and really do not want to go around talking about my personal life. I understand this but it is precisely what I want to do because they want a spectacle, hence the things they do to me. As I said, I don’t have a problem dealing with these things while keeping in mind I must complete a programme of study to chase a job with and still don’t understand why the way my life is, is still such a subject for violent and abusive scandal with respect to this particular issue. This is why I write books about my personal life to broke my securities and describe them on the other hand to do the job for a living; 

So they can tell me about a problem there is with innovation and trends, for somebody that sells Intellectual Property does not think about those; you see, it means that each time they fight, there is more and more of those, while selling out their media friends to Rich people means there is more and more than we need, so I might find out who will then become other peoples shrine for wealth and glory. 

They think they are evil but are not, invariably I am, which is why they are always after me and I don't want them to. Especially with respect to and along the lines of bully Media idiots and trades men affiliated to them and their silly Women and their girls doing something in public which abuses me along the lines of detaching me from my brokered Equities with businesses and large companies and the world which is all they do on media whenever they see in public and publicly displayed products; it plays absolute havoc with my book sales and therefore earnings and they never learn or listen especially over the matter of questions unanswered when they have attacked a government Chief of staff in such ways stopping him from fulfilling his office and of course get involved with him against his wishes as well for their vandalism, while getting confused so they can ask banks to lend them Money for it as well because they do not have Banks of their own and it is therefore easy to ask, which is even more so annoying when it happens because they  express their envy and stupid dreams but where I have revenge is insults which suggest those their Children that do fame and fortune have done better than me or when they are off to their stupid vandal sexual revolution which they think is impervious to any argument that might stop them from hurting people with it and they never shut up too. Worst of all being that they do it to detach me from my securities and Equities and collect my empire for their men who like to use my work in ways I warn people not to all the time, to make profits with because they are bigger than I am and therefore presume themselves to be stronger. 

Of course they are not in charge of anything and more so not around here anyway, they just do these things and then complain to me about the things I get into peoples countries and move into the right to do to them when I offer them the same level of intrusion into their families, Fame cultures and societies and give them the same problems, especially over insults their fame freaks do better than me when they spend my securities making people rich and famous with cash they got from God knows where.

My acts with respect to them are all about the intrusions and the process of giving them the same level of problems. I know nothing winds them up like somebody else having prove all their fame is owed to another and nothing that actually belongs to them-and this is precisely what I want to do-besides which they stifle my finances because they are evil and not because they need money; they have been here for too long, beyond what I can tolerate, it is insufferable and in actual fact I am not being bullied by anybody. Just the things people do to start on every occasion all over again their feud between your father and your rich uncle games with absolutely every part of my life which makes meaning because they are greedy.

I. Uno I


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