The claim that I have no respect for victims of genocide is nothing of consequence, only a sign the culture insolence and abuse of those who do it will never have limits apparently. They may speak of such things but will very much omit the part their Politicians play with respect to creeping behind me when I think I have nothing to worry about because I have offended no body to make enemies and at that precise point wreck my finances and set a stage where I have to recover it as they watch the process and procedure and do whatever they like with it to be powerful and go down in history as idiots who were brutal but took important decisions but of course once you think you have got enough revenge to worry about for a life time it simply gets worse because it turns out that they did it to provide for idiots of their own who steal peoples causes to get rich and famous with and those talk too much and want to have access to every valuable thing in your life and personal life as well once they know they have the backing of a fool in public office for it but then again it gets even worse because these fools in public office have done these things so that they can barge into your affairs and sit around to over work you despite wrecking your finances around a prognosis of things that you have already done which when they make you do again and again and again because they were not there when you did it, working their insolent corruptions of involvement they like to think they want to make violent at absolutely everybody with a big mouth, it is funny but it gets worse still because the reasons they have done these things is that they now call the shots on your life on account there is nothing you can do about an idiot that got elected but it gets worse because the shots they call on your life means that each time they want you to do anything and you refuse bearing in mind your finances are in a mess, you will have to deal with competition that can get to work on it in a matter of seconds, being drunk with their stupidities and the power from it at your expense for what appears to be a desire they have to do it for every single second of their stupid political lives. However on the matter of genocide itself and by itself, the way it works is that a soldier flies his plane into enemy territory and gets shot down by the enemy, so of course he can bail out and parachute and everything but sometimes some people refuse to and let themselves crash and die so that those who create wars might understand that they will have to be responsible for killing people when they do and then put these facts and scenario into the process where Nazism was the enemy and make sense of all those murders without making yourself really angry in the process, so that when an idiot gets up in Israel and feels like setting out his stupidities in your direction because of your Christianity, I do suppose you might tolerate him but since I am not white and have to put up with all of the above already from blacks and whites alike, I always choose the other option of twisting them as well. And of course there is also the matter of the huge big problem where I am always being hacked and attacked unexpectedly and viciously by media and fame idiots whenever their profits are not going as high as they want to create controversies that will ensure that is happening on a daily basis, they never tell people that is what they are doing, what they say is that I refuse to live like a normal prince and so it is a problem that not only discriminates against them but needs to be stopped, first of all which they were responsible for doing the damage that has placed my finances where it is and then of course there is the problem of the fact they never seem to get it i.e. that I say my products are books written from a half priest office but all my affairs are run my fame and fortune media and political popular culture idiots as violently as they want and of course it is fair to assume it will lead to bigger problems yet still. Of course it really comes down to the same old matter; secrete accesses that are more important than getting a day job or an education unless people have a hate figure to abuse that is and the wickedness that can be performed with it which those who own anything that it is being performed on can do nothing about. My position remains the same i.e. what I have done to them, especially the black ones who have no shame is not hurting that badly enough yet. There is never really any need for any grave concerns for any condition I find myself financially - there is a definite pattern to it i.e. I pay attention to absolutely every one of their stupidities, the perception people have about me tend to reduce my ability to earn money, after sometime any cash reserves I have are spent and then the really important stuff come through and I have no money to look into it but of course I have taken that chance because we can see that what it is about is not the fame and fortune but the fact that on account they exist, I will be dead. It only makes sense never to get involved in a business of those who do not like me, that they keep their insolent democratic corruptions of involvement out of my personal life which doubles as a sanctuary I share only with my God or they can never return to or enjoy those stupid societies and culture and I ensure no old coward who thinks they have a one-up on me financially handles or runs my business in anyway. more over which  some vulnerability to media has always ever of course been a matter of idiots who think you can never respond to being insulted by them (especially the Politicians and their business idiots) and the look on their face when their own looks that way as well becomes so priceless therefore.

Its never a matter of authority for me as we hear them claim it is; the case of authority is as simple as the fact that the way they do things is not the way I do things besides which we are not mates; all that messing things up was something they wanted to do with their time but we are now all of us in a very difficult situation because it has been taking up my time complete with insulting features like them taking over public life and property and Royal Estate with that big mouth that was never good looking enough to be a celebrity in the first place. The blabbing about which issues I cannot handle is an old case of the gangs that became fathers and grandfathers and the kids that intend to grow up to be gangs and the young gangs that exist at the moment constituting a threat to the Public wanting somebody to ask them which day they want to pass on all together as it were, otherwise they will continue like that, stay away from my Books and the Royal Public image, try to keep their big mouth shut and stave off moving into my right hand. We hear the stupidities of the Politicians everywhere even when these scum have gone on to make statements about a law that exists to allow weaklings become successful and make existence difficult for the fittest and yet somebody is spending tax payer funds on their needs to breach wealth gap, talking nonsense at me about emerging problems I will solve because they are having a great party and have the ability to control me too – their sense of what is right and what is wrong is that what is wrong can be good sometimes, which is why their Political stupidities must do what it wants and ask me the questions at a later date; what is wrong can be good sometimes and somebody else will not let you breathe on account he wants to peddle your faith and knows that you have a family and he was a coward that wanted to stop being such a loser, what is wrong can be good sometimes and industry scum will slaughter every wildlife on the planet on account people are not co-operating with their needs, while the liberalist and socialist bastards who come up with these ideas do nothing about it save have stupid Political arguments with me that they are convinced is bad for my health while these scum blow off their big mouth all over the place and then have trouble agreeing that Law enforcement operatives are doing a fabulous job. 

They want change we all know that but they do not want my Books and this is becoming clearer by the day so its really impossible to tell which is which and what they really want (it will spend five years to build a business and on every first day of trading the bum will get struck until it thinks something else is important - so because this needs to be kept up they need to get after my Books as well to secure their change). The other tale being that I find it impossible to stop punishing people and yet I have already mentioned above that it cannot be an impossible task for people to see that the way I do things is not the way they do things and vice versa - impossible to locate how difficult people could possibly find a process where getting involved with my concerns means its the way I do things which takes precedent and not the way they do things, to show up here if they want a Book from a Literary Estate and not to play with me; personally I think that writing those Books from work done to manage what becomes of gangs that have become grandfathers and gangs that are still young threatening people and threatening the Public and gangs that are children who want to grow up to be gangs is a good way to manage my authority - if their bottom hurt from screwing with the Books, it cannot be that difficult to stop getting involved unless they want their own copy. 

The only thing these idiots want to do around my life which they have factorised along the lines of accolades people who have paid a higher price than I am deserve but I am getting instead, is to show up here seeking privileges of injustice playing those stupid games that Politicians lead from the front by, about where I am supposed to be, then packing their own in really quickly and showing up on media to complain and issue threats too the whole time while the overwhelming but obscene question becomes that of who started it; I am trying to sell Books here and when they complain about my inability to stop punishing people, their clowning needs pay attention to more important facts such as the way they do things being very different from the way others do it and a need to see that when involved with other peoples concerns it is the way other people do it that goes - they cannot be that stupid, they are not the ones living on benefits, they are not the only ones in the whole world who have careers. It gets to a stage where One must decide that it is what we are going to be doing for the future, which is why we are here dealing with those insulting complains on media. In the world of Politicians leading on the case where people screw with me and pack their own in so as to be in a position to tell me where I am supposed to be, we find them make out it was fun and that I am now smelling badly as well but the reality about stealing Royal career in such ways always tends to show forth a bit more when they claim I will never sell my Books and it makes me wonder if they are bluffing since they were meant to be the most insolent Politicians in the world, who burden themselves with second jobs that they have no time for and set out to torture others with government office in a bid to make it profitable, something that a person who was other people’s slave would not have inflicted on themselves as such. We see it all the time when they claim I am incapable of showing respect towards other people, while that is just them being dumbfounded over what is going on with me when I walk down the streets and their goons who simply become ageist bullies when they make use of people to boost their income instead of show some respect, walking around with personality and body language that wants other people’s lives and careers 24/7 and feel it wants to play with me over my Book sales the whole time – the 3 to 5 bedroom flat people who think I am something special but they are superior with parents who bequeath them money to go about doing my career and finances through Popular culture and the problems that come round after that; hence they would respect their children being Arch Princes but for me they will build a rival public image and tell me I will not sell my Books. I do not think it is a crisis as such; we all know the reasons European Politicians are so insulting is because they are always likely to be the persons who owned the biggest employers in their local constituencies but I really have no idea what they expect me to spend in order to set out this case in a way that will get them off my concerns, that I am not running a business on the effects that their business empires have had around the world but even then we have seen them at it since 2008 – they know the public finances pipeline immediately after the economic crisis was the only hope for recovery and that they were supposed to protect it while taking financial measures, what they had decided to do instead which was waste it and start the economy again from scratch in the hope that they will have some people banging at their door everyday in search for job while some will have jobs and they will have power – all I did to provoke them and call for a process where they have been stifling my Book sales since was to go beyond the effrontery of thinking about not wanting to be dominated by them to taking measures that means others realise it is a waste of time to tackle me and spend time on their jobs, which even they have agreed is a fair way to get things done but continue to tackle my Books and blow off such nonsense as how I will never be allowed to sell the Books because I had the effrontery to challenge them by writing something that will protect my small finances from going to pieces as a result of their stupidities, Which I apparently wrote on their websites to be handled over a leverage they have at their bank accounts, whether or not the websites actually belonged to me all together. Eventually when they say most of what I complain about is because of black people it tends to make sense to me; we all know these are fools who started out as party goers and then the party got to a stage where they were having conversations about what is happening in the world and became a quasi-cult that talks nonsense about its kid that it wants to own and control in order to get involved with parliament and monarchy and end up in positions of power and influence; so get myself involved with activities concerning paid employment and I will have been doing something that broke the record they set for being the first and second of third black person who achieved this or that and so on until it got serious enough for them to start clowning around when I dropped out of University; that bit was mostly the Labour party enforcing the will of my Mum who did not want me to get educated so I might get offered up to any idiot who flatters her own stupidities and makes her feel like a woman, while that continues we found the younger idiots show up to seek their fame and fortune telling me to control my mother and so on which they are not doing anymore as well at this point just like their parents are not controlling any kids around here anymore because they are running out of money and cannot trade too. I mean I dropped out of University and it took five years and counting still to clean up and get it done because others are enforcing the will of my mother who gave me to them as a tool they can use when they want to be important for the sake of the wider community and the reason for their problems in their view is still a mystery which is why their stupidities continually claims racism was the issue and we see it all the time with their foolishness showing up on media along with their stupid children to tell me how to exist, which is how we got to this stage where we are talking about the fact they need to respect which one is other peoples ways of getting it done as well: it will likely have picked up a rock three times its size and rolled it up a hill western absurdity stuff but has no wish to pay the financial price and the career price and the personal happiness prices associated with that finding a kid here that was their mate to begin with.Its nothing new, we see it every time; the bits from Posh Universities especially in the US will show up to be correct in everything they say to everybody that is their mate, to a tune of a case where those black people that are not making trouble that they are complaining about are the ones that will get into trouble if something is not done about it on account they have somewhere really important to get to; this then develops sensations of convenience and means of self-glorification that can bring about fame and fortune for them all over my public image and makes a mess of everything that is organised and professional around here. So when the Europeans say they have got a plan and that plan is to ensure my Books never get sold it makes me wonder if they are bluffing as well, to which they get to tell me we are moving closer to a state of war while I think there is no such thing since I have explained enough times that I do not have a literary agent and that I am running a Royal Empire all by myself and thus need to get off sitting on it having to deal with financial difficulties which inadvertently means getting them away from the income margins – what they have said about it however is that the Empire does not exist and so this leaves me thinking they got rich by being so stupid.

They speak of their money getting the better of me which it doesn’t; what happens is that they cannot seem to exist if they are not handling my Books and doing something on media over it to take value out of this Estate and since they work it with a sense of getting Politicians involved so as to deploy government office to keep it that way and set about with very violent narcissistic happiness that brings about sales, I end up with all that work that does not pay and yet each time I rip up those stupid popular culture canopies at Industry, we find them build new ones and the new ones are all about me and my public life and which part benefits somebody else, looking for trouble, the trouble that means the only point at which I am Royalty and it is okay with them is the bit where I am caught up in some death dealing activity associated with the government Office which they love to screw around with insolently, such that when I tell them to stand their ground and do the government work, each and every time I do that leads to outcomes where somebody has either attempted murder or actually have carried out a murder or had become a victim of it, led by Americans. Same goes for the stupid lesbians and an unofficial version of my Office associated with absolutely everything I do which allows them control what happens with a part of my life that is actually private and personal finance blowing off that big mouth as well about what I have said on my websites concerning the stupidities of women leading to outcomes in which I had lost everything, chasing female overs around here with a belief that its foolishness should be financially rewarding and if I did anything about it I would get into trouble for so doing, which of course is ever likely to happen apart from media and likely to happen when I take that stupid media and its unofficial version of my existence away from them as well. Its really difficult to locate what makes it so complicated for their federated stupidities to just keep their mouth where their money is and let me be and then it can have power over their madness from there as well, blabbing about which one isn’t Royalty until they had said so - which is just about how much power their money has over anything around here.Of course we hear them speak of their hate for foul mouthed people but its all in the mix – foul mouthed people and lairs whether it happens early in the Morning or late in the day is completely irrelevant and they must be telling those lies we have to put up with and so early in the day especially because they have got backup should anything go terribly wrong. Its an old tale of the lies making me feel as though I am jelly and the abusive threats making me feel fucked, so I respond to it by making them understand they will fuck when we meet and not from the distance between us, so it might be nice to keep a fantastical finger off my bum and lay off my tummy. Its an old case with the media as well; none of those activities affect their families or finances and none are linked to their job description – I have made it clear to them I have had enough of the methods they believe is acceptable a means of competition and chasing their headlines without success, those threats of violence can only cause it all to go terribly wrong when they least expected it. apparently they are making preparations and of course the reason we are here is their toughness against my weakness and the problem of the fact it is taking it up my time, which their preparations should not be done on. They do say I negate the main issues but that would be the issues but that would be the issue of goons who do everything they can to see other peoples career end up where others can push red buttons on Media, the issues where there are idiots that want to ensure others can issue stupid threats on peoples career and get them out of the Office where more important things are being done for it but these fools talk too much, if it gets to their heads need to keep the mouth where their money is. I mean we are having a heated conversation with idiots lined up as far as the eye can see, alongside their Politicians because I have stopped them peddling my personal life and my faith and my public image – it is clearly not completely unbelievable, they rather think it should be tolerable a civil and criminal disobedience nonsense full of idiots making statements in public about how they were supposed to have been super stars with a big mouth; so I got away with it alright.

Company Property Assets at Trusts Management - HHThe Arch Prince's Bed Chamber  




My side of the story on Satellite Technology & Space 

There is rumour that have been going on for years now that HH is against space travel because of his stand on the Environment and his opposition of a vast number of things Americans want to do but naturally the reason for the rumour fits the rumour anyway; it is not based on fact.

HH is not against space travel as Intellectual Property broking and management would be an absolute night mare, even if we without space travel had air travel and usually by the time people had met to broke equities, their values would have been consumed by time and Society and only Money would have been talking but the nightmare would be far from over because criminals and evil dictators that are incredibly violent will simply become more and more powerful too. HH does not stand against Space Travel when such a vast proportion of my job depends on it.

The reasons he opposes things America wants to do is because the state of affairs currently is that there is the West, which is the west with its corrupt socialists and all and has America as its leader, then there are others like Muslims who do everything from family life to economics around their Faith and Religion, which is completely different from the bigger west and then there are others like HH who do everything from family life to commerce and economics just like Muslims, around his Christian faith. If Osama Bin Laden was a personal Friend of George Bush and the World Trade Centre was blown up during his time in Office as President, in view of the previous facts, then what exactly is terrorism? Then there is also the question of what was the unnecessary deaths in Iraq meant to have achieved bearing in mind we have more criminalities and criminals now who are busy showing how much they hate HH all over because of it, never mind the fact their British friends ensured the Iraq war was Intellectually bankrupting for HH and for the UK for their part as well anyway?    

Its is always a thing about media bosses talking about grabbing his Global Intellectual Space and for which they love to damage and waste his Economy orientated Intellectual property pleasing business men and women that like to show up for them on Public TV for obvious reason and his Equities and Securities all the time because they have Media Organisations that operate as businesses and go on air everyday but in actual fact on the ground, he always thinks their problem is that they do not seem to be able to distinguish between a Corporation which is what they have and a going concern which is what HH has; hence does not trouble him at all because the threats have never become tangible. They just have a way of completely destroying his earnings and finances with impunity and presume that the UK does not have the problem of those that wreck peoples lives to copy or share their property even in Royal circles which of course is incredibly provocative and insulting, which propels HH to the methods in which he restrict their freedom too, which he also fears violent people may emulate socially but does not trouble him any more too recently because they have not shown any signs of stopping their insults or bullying.

Of course they can always invent new broadcasting businesses which are going concerns, One thinks there will be a fair world when he has taken them all down too so people can stop creating highways to wealth slashed right across his life, so it does not bother him therefore as much as they suppose that it does. It was impossible to have a radical or modern sector out of One's faith and that will never become possible in future.

When it comes to enjoying the securities HH has provided those who buy into and or broke it with him, other business think people don't know it is some kind of subculture for them to snoop around peoples personal lives, especially when they are Princes that are looked after in specific environments and to grab their property doing so, while also detaching them from their Royal Estate and personal life with media publicity of abuse, in order to try and peddle it, together with their wealth distribution friends on the Media, which he provides from his Office and has operated with giving them a stake in Society which is none spendable as what goes back to broking with the Monarch from his work thereof, that he also manages from his Office, which protect them from Industrial Espionage for example and other things and expenses which will cost them millions, hence he does because he is trying to get people employed, so they get all over the place to enjoy it and leave him with pain from Media based bullying as well, which is to suggest that they could have taken it even if he had refused to give it anyway and nothing is really going on with a big mouth and so the stake he has given people and society as well in their businesses, especially the Banks and Stock Markets, does not seem to them to mean that society can act against them with it for example and for his part, it does not seem that they have lost enough money to make him Popular yet.

It does not mean they are not educated, it is all a product of abject arrogance worked on the prognosis they own this property, they own this one, which they don't, just blinded by their insolence and nothing more; the kind that means when he sells Securities, they can give their Children and their Wives Pocket money to hijack HH's business and income with, using media and the advertisement industry and Popular music. It is not about them you see, none of it is; it is about HH's Leadership in the economy in which their business makes profits, not such suggested nonsense as the idea they own his empire like they make out, it is about his Office and his job, it is about his leadership in the economy which means they do as he tells them to, it is about Her Majesty the Queen's Economy, it is about Her Majesty the Queen's Currency and the share he was given in it. Nothing whatsoever to do with them and they don't own his income. Just the things people do to start on every occasion all over again, their "feud between Your Father and your Rich Uncle games," with absolutely every part of my life, which makes meaning all because they are greedy and very uncivil, which is not One's problem, in that the only issue is their desire to stifle his earnings, so they can keep doing it because to them it is the only way they want his money and his property for themselves and want it to be available to them too.

Clearly there is no sense of respect for anybody where they have come from and of course they and their Politicians always want to consume people like they were some kind of item, so that once they have done so, that is the end of it, no body gets to see such people anymore and I have had enough of them as well.



The issue of those who operate and watch the satellite systems of the world and what they do with it in Public and some of them that think their children are better than everybody else because they basically act in such ways and they should thus spend all their time locating people to collect stuff from for such children does not trouble me as much, unless my fame became theirs of which such robbery and even ideological dishonesty will never be tolerated. 

What troubles me is the actions of other stupid lesser people who are lazy and feel a Prince should never be allowed to legitimately do anything except he suffers on the cross like Jesus doing it, in order to save the world and when I have settled my finances and those idiots that watch the satellite systems whom I have cut off from every means they relieve themselves with, such as Pornographic industry, drugs industry and so on because they issue those lies they tell at me all the time while the social gap between me and them is so huge and then think they will either marry into or determine whether or not I do into the Royal family which is a front to what the will of God is (of which by the way there is nothing in his instruction for now, which suggests I am to marry into the Royal family), so they have done these things to ruin my finances so that they can do that their fascist insolence of getting angry at anybody who reminds them I am not their mate or anything that works in a way which suggests that. 

For now I stimulate myself a lot my trying my hands on getting governments and ministries of defence to take those jobs away from them because I don’t like their kids insulting me on public television as well, whom I will never give back stupid insolent steal from me all the time and mock me while wishing me dead to extract millions from my property to please stupid fathers in society who talk rubbish about success that offends them joys of naivety and then again having been that I have recorded it here; year date 15/5/2011 it has become a publicly debatable issue: the matter of what those who are obsessed with moving into other peoples private lives and generally spend all their time debating peoples importance do it for and where their parents or relatives work, so it should not be that much of a problem from here on. 


For me however it is largely an issue that has to do with the fact that people should not feel comfortable with messing with my office and never again should they be.

I have no idea who gave them the aspect of satellite systems which are involved with my State provided security to operate anyway and I am not giving their stupid kids that stupid left. They have to imagine a new one and the base reason is that I have seen people who have not got something special like I have and therefore have not been forced to open their hearts to the world like I have, move left and do very well for themselves by global standards, so now they understand me straight and perfectly.

I mean at present, in their view we are discussing these things currently as it were. So get off our land they say, I say for which I have always told them they ought to stay out of my faith, otherwise the land will be no where to be seen and then they will have to kill me soon. 

I mean my global intellectual space is there for the taking:- the process by which it is somebody’s property but will become a social issue because they will create fights and come at him from all corners, so he can never defend himself from all of them and the property will be used anyway. And the same behaviour is wrought on peoples faith too before they complain an evil world did hurt them and a Christian is the one that can fix the problem and must.

They tell me a Global Intellectual Space is something laughable. I simply think it is a matter of education. When somebody creates a product that costs to the consumer about £300,000.00 a piece or more, under the banner of a multimillion pound Brand and the aesthetics of somebody that walks round the street aimlessly is what he has used for it, certainly either party are stupid, especially when it works for the first economic cycle and then the next and then after four economic cycles decide to give this so called walking round the streets aimlessly and useless person an insignificant share of their company for security purposes. 


I have told these idiots those things they play around with is my property and they have told me it will not be settled amicably; their educated idiots for children think a Global Intellectual space is funny and I need to sell my books.

In the end, they still think that other peoples personal life are a plaything; so here I am, I sell securities and really do not want to go around talking about my personal life. I understand this but it is precisely what I want to do because they want a spectacle, hence the things they do to me. As I said, I don’t have a problem dealing with these things while keeping in mind I must complete a programme of study to chase a job with and still don’t understand why the way my life is, is still such a subject for violent and abusive scandal with respect to this particular issue. This is why I write books about my personal life to broke my securities and describe them on the other hand to do the job for a living; 

So they can tell me about a problem there is with innovation and trends, for somebody that sells Intellectual Property does not think about those; you see, it means that each time they fight, there is more and more of those, while selling out their media friends to Rich people means there is more and more than we need, so I might find out who will then become other peoples shrine for wealth and glory. 

They think they are evil but are not, invariably I am, which is why they are always after me and I don't want them to. Especially with respect to and along the lines of bully Media idiots and trades men affiliated to them and their silly Women and their girls doing something in public which abuses me along the lines of detaching me from my brokered Equities with businesses and large companies and the world which is all they do on media whenever they see in public and publicly displayed products; it plays absolute havoc with my book sales and therefore earnings and they never learn or listen especially over the matter of questions unanswered when they have attacked a government Chief of staff in such ways stopping him from fulfilling his office and of course get involved with him against his wishes as well for their vandalism, while getting confused so they can ask banks to lend them Money for it as well because they do not have Banks of their own and it is therefore easy to ask, which is even more so annoying when it happens because they  express their envy and stupid dreams but where I have revenge is insults which suggest those their Children that do fame and fortune have done better than me or when they are off to their stupid vandal sexual revolution which they think is impervious to any argument that might stop them from hurting people with it and they never shut up too. Worst of all being that they do it to detach me from my securities and Equities and collect my empire for their men who like to use my work in ways I warn people not to all the time, to make profits with because they are bigger than I am and therefore presume themselves to be stronger. 

Of course they are not in charge of anything and more so not around here anyway, they just do these things and then complain to me about the things I get into peoples countries and move into the right to do to them when I offer them the same level of intrusion into their families, Fame cultures and societies and give them the same problems, especially over insults their fame freaks do better than me when they spend my securities making people rich and famous with cash they got from God knows where.

My acts with respect to them are all about the intrusions and the process of giving them the same level of problems. I know nothing winds them up like somebody else having prove all their fame is owed to another and nothing that actually belongs to them-and this is precisely what I want to do-besides which they stifle my finances because they are evil and not because they need money; they have been here for too long, beyond what I can tolerate, it is insufferable and in actual fact I am not being bullied by anybody. Just the things people do to start on every occasion all over again their feud between your father and your rich uncle games with absolutely every part of my life which makes meaning because they are greedy.

I. Uno I


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