Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.





I have no idea what the Politicians mean when they say they wish to make a success out of Brexit; what happens with Europe is that if a student has lunch at 12 noon everyday and it is linked to how the student lives, this is also inextricably linked to the way Europe works, so what the EU was is an organisation that gathers the Countries and gets them to agree to co-operate to make these sorts of social and cultural links more of an advantage – this advantage has not been working at an advantage for the UK in the last 15 years causing Brexit, the Europeans have been clear that if the UK wants to keep the only advantage it had, we need a workable Border Policy, the one job these goons had to do was to negotiate the border Policy as either Open, Partially open or closed, not show up to play with my income and talk so much nonsense each time they think they have me in a difficult situation and if I do not wish to get hurt again had begun toeing their line already with a big mouth. It feeds into that question they bring up about whether it is the actions of the French and Germans who think they own and run the EU that caused Brexit, while there is the wider question of whether the actions of the French and Germans also involved the actions of a collection of scum in Government Office here in the UK who have an obsession with running the lives of those who are clearly their fucking mates, causing damage every day and Political instability in the process and then bragging about the value of the blackmail that their position exerts as a matter of leverage – whether it is the fact they think the EU interferes with the processes which facilitates an outcome whereby scum like these get elected and become interested controlling the lives of their fucking mates that has caused Brexit, of which all I can say is that I do not have a habit that affects their salaries too as it is not being taught at Church anyway but I am learning from their stupidities very quickly all together as well.

They are now on course to get off a life of political and social indemnity and make a success of their stupid selves and apparently when it all depends on other people to make people sick, not only have they built the Modern British economy, but their stupidities were being nice too. They do tell me I am the talk guy and they were the action guy and it will only continue until I am able to find an insult and an abuse that works for their case too and then I will never let go of it. It has apparently befriended all the Factory and Warehouse Managers and the Shop Managers and has since made some money from it but cannot drive the insolent saloon cars on the roads without chasing my bum for instance. And do claim I depend on other peoples property to get done what I have to do, while I could easily start another campaign to recover my market time, wasted since 2007 because they will not ‘lay off’ my income margins, just as we see they love to say when Brexit is over I will find myself in grave difficulty as soon as the border is settled, leaving me to wonder if it will be all about getting involved with security services jobs to tell me I need behave in a certain way because the enemy is dangerous and blab about how I never do the hard work thereof - while the last time we checked, they were not responsible for giving birth to and nursing the enemy to adulthood, it was not their job, besides which these enemies are not mine, its their enemies they are tackling with the use of security services jobs but it is clearly not enough and this nonsense is how it will plan to keep the salary so all the useless scum in their neighbourhood may show up on my Public image and income margins to rely on me. 

If they wreck my livelihood, the outcome is always that I then have to get involved with the working environment where every goon that has been attacked by them on the way to their top will act towards me in a manner that means everybody wants to do the same as well, meaning that wrecking my business is not in their interest as I will be getting involved with the work force to return to them on a regular basis with a feedback about their stupid background affecting me but the idiots will do it anyway and can never stop insulting people about what will happen when Border issues have been settled after Brexit - its all good blabbing how I am talk guy and they are action people but it can only lead to outcomes whereby I find insults that affects them the way I want and then find I could never let go of it too. Like we will find their fellow goons at the Monarchy who are obsessed with my behaviour and the use of my temperaments and personality, speaking of foul language I have used here while everybody else can read clearly that the fucking mates the Politicians have is what they cannot control here while the EU has been preventing them from handling those that actually are with a big mouth.

The story on Media for Today, is that I have learned my lesson about not being to stiff about Public rules even so when I am not an enforcer of it because I think I can handle people. The reality of course goes beyond Politicians continuing with the attacks they tell people to launch at what I do and at my person because they want to own my talents and becomes a process of dealing with the rules that these goons make up and gang up on people as a community to enforce – it is a rules which let them do what they like and all those abusive nonsense which I have to say is all very well complaining about me being petty but has targeted me ever since I left home in 2001, eventually succeeding in making me smell like my loo every time they wanted once I had begun to attend University in 2004, about which the bullying ensued and I dropped out, which in application means we have never seen a single idiot who professes such nonsense as they have mentioned on Media show up to prevent them from making up their own and enforcing it on me if they started first, until they were able to simulate all sorts of nonsense which means inserting popular culture products on my Public image and therefore become too important to be questioned (too important theoretically).

So the follow on is that I wrote a Book and the fact they show up on my television and perceive their characters to be one that is famous if it is the sort of thing you try to keep your children away from, to build me a history of insults on my Book and follow it on with a series of nonsense I have to comply with or do before I can sell it – the Books yet again were written in 2009, that has continued on International Media alongside any foolish leadership they wish to supply with it up to the very year date we are reading this i.e. October 2008, so we are only just dealing with Todays business on the atmosphere they build up at the Communities to allow them do whatever they like targeting me while they are complaining about how I respond each time its stupidities does, to wreck the finances and career, build up some lack of organisation because I am on the basis of immense violence being made to spend most of my time on a decision regarding people I need to hate as though anybody has invented such similar nonsense to take up their time as well, whether or not it would have meant their stupidities could not achieve anything by and large all together and cause a bit of a stink looking for more.

In the end a careful assessment of this by an objective person would reveal that if all these behaviour that are meant to create an atmosphere that lets them do whatever they like and regularly take a stand on my Public image or pass insults at me they hope will make me into an outcast, nosing around my concerns in a very abusive way because they might have found their stupidities amusing to themselves, if these were to be considered, we can see that atmosphere does nothing save creating crime, gangs, destroy schools and academic pursuits and make it impossible to just sit down with somebody and reason on a point of religious concern or believe, to just sit down with somebody and reason on a point of morality. So this behaviour including the adage of being obsessed with criminal activity is the business of Law enforcement, what I do to them each time they handle me is meant to displease their Politicians who love to upstage me and is not the business of Law enforcement unless it applies, unless they claim that it applies – they are out of their depth, I am not learning any stupid lessons and we are not related, I do not know who they are.

I do hear I am a war monger to some but I am not, it’s the story behind the reasons these things happen i.e. the Politicians have gotten into league with Industry goons who have decided that going back to the drawing board to plan a new relationship with consumers, in order to run a business after a recession and wait for Government economic Policy when it is not working, was too much for them; so they decided they wished to confiscate property that belonged to kids after the parents had chosen not to buy them a house but spend the money getting them a University education instead, so here is my one and they can take it; the idea is usually that I cannot take on the Politicians but the reality is that they are now hopelessly reliant on me not to do anything about a business of them upstaging me and making my market smaller and smaller while making it difficult for me to keep a regular day job or complete the academic work that will improve prospects of it as well and if I started to upstage them over my Books as well, this problem would go away in a short while – so it may be said that I cannot achieve such a thing while I have made it clear that since I have not, its not okay for people to peddle my Royal Arch Prince’s personal life and public image and faith, if they do not wish to see me start as well. The German ones just basically are completely obsessed with spending time in the company of criminal incidents, then find out that familiarity with criminals is not compatible with career and job even though the importance of doing so is that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty and then begin to invent tricks for domination – where it applies to me is bit where I think a company brokers equities with me seeing and deploying my assets for its own innovation all the time but it turns out it was using their need to familiarise with criminal incidents and leverage that will help them express something of how important they are all over my income margins, so one must rise above the savagery and move it on and out even though I could hit them hard when they least expected too, so we have a sense that I am subservient to German business people running off completely uncontrolled because of this and then the added crisis of German influence and everybody else’s bum to deal with alongside.

I do get told it’s a huge crisis and there has to be other ways of resolving it save the confrontational ones that mean when people have set themselves out as the icons of success and showed up to damage what I am doing with my own time, I can do such things as take the city from them bearing in mind it happens on account that they have bad neighbourhood boys cliques to play with, the one that gets them chasing me around over what I know until I am mentally ill and then when I write a Book from it there is a mini war because they felt more English if they decided to make use of it without buying it etc, which is the same thing that is making my Book sales toxic on social media, especially so because some of them are planning to start up their own businesses as well, hence they have got themselves a punching bag for every bad behaviour they have seen company CEOs exhibit – or when Politicians have set about wrecking my finances to spend tax payer funds on them helping them to build their own, which then makes a case for chasing my body parts and grooming me for sexual assault, I can sit around curing myself of the fear of it while I sell their culture and society for a living – which is what the question of when other peoples career will be just careers to the Media for a change is all about; in my case I developed and mopped up liabilities of currency where we trade all over the world, wrote a Book on that and am now working to sell my Books and run a business but I am still not successful even though I have a Royal Office that I attend to every day. So all together it does not mean I am going to fall flat on my face and take all sorts of nonsense from them when they chase the bum and make a mess of me as such but when it comes to the processes of doing something that ensures we are able to live in a municipal society by controlling them, that was the job of the Politicians (it creates the sense I am a war monger since Muslims like to make a mess of pretty inferior people all the time but Christians do not like the body defiled as it is set for God and the Holy Spirit, they do claim that we contradict ourselves while reality is for instance the fact they do not fancy Pork but Christians do not mind, is a matter of law i.e. the law was a means by which to communicate with the spirit of mankind, since the atonement that Jesus Christ had performed, the gift was one of the Holy Spirit, of Faith and of Hope and of Love – this then meant that technically since living in this world was a temporary existence after that which entire purpose was to be nice to other human beings, every Law was obsolete depending on how you had handled matters of Faith, Love and Hope, hence I may refuse to eat Pork because the Bible said so in the Old Testament but so may I eat it because it is what I want to do – my point being that I appear to have created something to test those who test me as well, hence those who think they like to dig ethnic minorities out of a hole they call home and those who like to tell people that are smaller how to exist, now have hurting bottoms too, even they who are not moral people, have hurting bottoms).

All together it is indeed a waste of time but what they are saying is that I would not own up to trying them down with me until they are past it as well in Public, which is not how it is about to play out altogether. I do get told I might want to change a life that is surrounded by problems but I do not think so for my part anyway; what we have is the Celebrity madness because it is performed by goons who have also claimed that they were the icons of success and incredibly clever people at that too, such that when a Celebrity has her Photo taken by people who expect to make a living from it, such persons have a way of telling the Celebrity when an action is hampering the money making process and if the Celebrity wants to do one better she or he will target a Government operative; I could handle it that way but the sheer quantity of bullying opinionated scum that are telling me how to exist, inventing a fight for me, getting involved in it and seeking to move into my right hand thing everyday like they have nothing of their own which I can cling to and ensure if I do not have they do not have it as well, which will draw attention to my needs and ensure I get what I want, like that stupid life savings invested on the high streets and so on; every other option when it comes to handling them save the part about tackling the finances of the kids who want to get close to Celebrities and Fashion Icons and or tackling the local community society business incomes is usually a difficult one and they are leaving me much less of a choice about what to do because being a bully is incredibly important. I do get told the job has not been done but it has – 13 years of making sure people do not peddle the Royal Arch Prince’s Personal life and Public image and Faith has now given way to a bully society and Politics which wants to make me understand how they feel by showing me what I will be if everything I did was being monitored and made to conform to other people’s ideas about how I should be doing it, if this was their fucking life or I did write their Books all together as it were.

Now the Politicians say I am one of the most prolific supporters of racism and I could never make out where they have secured the facts to support it, which then gives them the confidence to go on about it like that threatening me with intent and big mouth, seeking Political advancement by having a toy they can exhibit treachery by in such ways anyway. At this stage nobody knows why it is considered that the sad and angry racist in the local communities is more of a threat to us than the group of idiots at Government Office who spend their time showing those that work the problems of society the new ways in which we have come to feel safe, after years of spending tax payer funds for help the same goons build up a sense of confidence that was based on feelings of importance; the truth is that these goons have no idea what being an A Grade Politician or a B Grade Politician or a C Grade Politicians would have been, so they have not got a clue whether or not they are an F Grade Politician which is what they really are.

What actually happens in the society we live in is that of the adults, women are the vulnerable, so they are the ones that always talk about going behind your back, moving into your right hand and the finger of power so they can beat you up as well all the time – so nobody really knows if it is the fundamentally evil nature of the Socialists and Liberals that makes them such a notorious source of support for absolutely everything that wants to take this away from Women and then control it for other purposes all together anyway but we know that is all they use Government buildings for. So, if this is the only way that women can create their own sense of security, the question is what you do at Government Office and indeed what exactly has gotten people claiming time and time and time again as insultingly as they possibly can address me, that I am supportive of racism because they do not feel as though they are superior to me while their big mouth is rather convinced that they were.

I do not think that the matter is a problem as such, only the part where they say that I support racism time again without substantiating it; so the last time there was a clear sense of direction as per whether I am learning a trade or getting an education was in 2005, since then these fools have wanted to own the ways I handle sociological matters around my career until my Academic work was destroyed which is all they do with their time on Public places and the Government buildings they have come to treat like private property these days. The case with their followers is that the idiots have no respect for me as a person in anyway whatsoever, so the disrespect has built up to a stage where I met some people who are suffering the same things they do to me at the hands of racists, we then got together to build a life of our own and they had since decided time and again to run off Political campaigns and chose leaders that will ensure each time we organised our lives, we had it opened up to them for usage as they do believe it is what their civil rights actually looks like with that big mouth they have got. So perhaps they wish to get rid of the moral fabric of society to prove their superiority and show criminals or racists what the ways we have come to feel safe as a society looks like due to the access they have to government buildings, but it does not make me racist or a supporter of it. The need that their schizophrenic stupidities have developed, to show up all over my income margins and my writing career is thus becoming less and less tolerable; they have not been able to stop the academic pursuits of the racists they know personally right down to family members and neighbourhoods but they have stopped mine while they have no relationship with me whatsoever - they complain the most about wealth inequality but destroy my business and can do nothing about those who want to be the ones to manufacture all the needed goods and services in the land but actually have not got time for it and therefore need trouble maker friends who have money to invest and the list goes on like that pointlessly without end.

They say it’s a problem I have with authority that they wish to handle and I could never make it out anyway; Tony Blair was not the worst they had, he was one of the best and yet they have learned nothing from his mistakes about how I will respect him the way I regard God because I am a Christian and they needed my Public image. They always say there is not much I can do but reality is rather that National mistress only knows how to destroy all we have worked for and hope that when there has been no consequences a sense of convenience will emerge, which everybody wants to be a part of, making them rich, powerful and influential; I have been clear they need to express their clinical insanity somewhere else as I am rather aware of where they start and where they end and how I may go about stopping it if I needed to. The part where I always win and must always win is clearly one of their best moments, while reality is rather more a case of the fact they show up here to threaten me over money and will be stuck here too until they are past it, the same way they think that people who need support from Government concerning how they had organised their lives usually have vision and energy and time to commit crimes, threatening me all the time over some great difficult and life threatening and heroic Government work that they have to do – where if they are unable to show their children how to behave and allow them continue to target me like we have presently, the outcome will be one where I got my hands on that too and got off deciding what they were going to do with their time for the rest of their lives as well.

So they say I am Royalty, therefore have everything while they had nothing which has nothing to do with the business of expecting me not to respond while they tackle me year after year until they are able to have somebody that matters whom they have oppressed because they think they were oppressed for being important – we see that theory play out on that sense that those who need government help have vision, time and energy to commit crimes all the time and we find that the way these people expect government to tackle them first, so they might learn and adapt is the reasons the wish to tackle those that are smaller than they are all the time but when those who go into Government office to take away how the smaller people adapt and make the smaller people more vulnerable claim I am a racist supporter, they need to substantiate it – the same way it is said that I pander to everything that racists and criminals tickle me into doing while they were rather convinced they will stop tackling my income margins at a time that was most convenient for them to do so, same insults we see where women can never be allowed to pay the bills on time but the sexual assault justice never gets delivered as well talking nonsense about those who have a problem with authority because they believe their stupid selves to be incredibly important. So I am meant to do nothing about it until they can confidently oppress me which will allow them have something they have never had, giving way to that question of why they tackle me which answer was that they were evil and because they have made time to tell everybody religion was the problem we have ended up trying to make sense of the disillusionment the stupidities that they invent everyday causes i.e. there is really nothing wrong with responding to it violently but because it is a world where people make plans to hurt them violently as well, you must endure it sometimes and take everybody along according to each persons pace. They do claim I complain about Royal duties which I do not; its always expressing an insult and then what I have lost because I did nothing violent about it while its Politicians got all over my income margins years before to facilitate it without reason and stop at a time they find most convenient; it is text book criminal syndicate nonsense which becomes a question of how I live with myself if they do not hear from me as well and for them a matter of how they wish to escape from the fall out of the fact they enjoy nothing more in this world than to make an announcement that the criminals have been striking my bum and that I have been getting myself all over the difficult issues that important Ministers of Parliament should concern themselves with, which to me means they are claiming its all my fault and therefore implies I will be getting them complaining about something new with me as the centre piece pretty soon as well.

They do also claim that I break Royal protocol all the time and will be made to pay for it, at the same time they also claim that I am a coward and that this was the main problem while I could invent in 24 hours some way of getting the people who were never really as successful as their mates off my back and the business of showing up here to lumber me with their history of bullying people to get to the top alongside it too, so we all know that supposition is not based on reality. However in terms of getting into trouble for breaking Royal Protocol, I do no such thing and the business of me getting into trouble will reach HM and then there will be new Russian Missions for them like the one before they claimed support I were providing for Armed Forces personnel where it mattered around my concerns meant I had gotten up to accept liability for what happens to Armed Forces Personnel in the field, to run off their nonsense with. I do however like to be helpful so if they wish to win favour back from HM having been that for some reason Political instability ended up somewhere at the Monarchy and they are not the ones complaining, I suppose the Media does not plan to stop its gimmicks any time soon and they might want to answer the question of whether they hate them or hate me more as such. Its an old story about their insults and what they have taken from others through it all day long as such and its not a problem for me save the part where they are always talking nonsense about black women getting the better of me while we all know that if women can only make their own security by going behind peoples backs and having a finger of power, we can tell from the facts I have presented here, that I am very well aware of what it is black women are fucking around with winning this for stupid women who want to use it for money and give them privileges of having babies on peoples public image; I for my part was first told I am a psychopath when I was a younger person because I used to catch spiders and light matches to burn off their legs, so we can see where the stupidities of black women who have no wish to keep their insults where it is appreciated and their fingers off my bum for it fits into the matter winning the finger of power for people who are three times my size to move into my right which is not just a problem in its own right but must be that I had done something wrong hence their need to handle me 24/7 looking for more of what they are complaining about as it were. There is now this sense overall that I am in such distress I wish to go back on the support for the relentlessness of women issues which is utter nonsense – when women are relentless, society goons have to decide exactly how they feel about Media and you are not a loser when you defend yourself or a loser when you had chosen to do nothing all at the same time, hence I do not believe it is ever going to work. They do speak of an absence of a dividing line which is rather not applicable since the dividing line is clearly Books written by an Arch Prince of a Country with overseas Territories in South America, which does suggest we are geographically closer to the US and South America at the backyard than people think we are and it is probable that the proximity of the UK is closer to Argentina than it is to Europe. 

Its the same case as ever; every time I had something important to concern myself with, they do show up to lay out their money issues on it and all over my public image, prepared to break any rules in order to get rich quick, soon had gathered up Men that will threaten me over it.

I understand the tale is rife of how people spend their time listening to the twaddle of some fear mongering coward like myself but then again I suppose cowards do survive in any case and while everybody dies, the important reality is whether or not people get it done that needs to be done, before they leave this world; it is the reasons we have tyranny in a Country but people get by anyway, we have racism in a Country but the Government can afford to ignore it and so on – I my case I a quite something because I get it done all the time without as much as burdening people with the guilt of risks that I may face, so it really does make me such an abhorrent coward. Either way we know if I said women have the right to chase the bottom, they will get off on the villainy and tell me women do not and it will kick off all over again with the world being blinded to what civility really is and where their stupidities place us instead, partly setting them out as people who need to be seriously beaten up. In the end they speak of me being well looked after which makes the violence something I can do but we all know the bottom chasing means they have got freedom and that they can never do without the aspects of culture that can decide what should be happening to other peoples lives which I had by the way made very clear I do not want them doing me favours with on grounds I am a dedicated Christian and such things should be seen with a sense of fear, before they got themselves out of their depth each time they see my Books and want to handle my income levels, talking nonsense about cowardice out of their depth. In the end when talk is talk their very important stupidities do not like it that way ; they do not like my Books so they set about stifling my income and finding me a real job because I am likely to listen to what other people have to say – we Christians believe Christ sits at the right hand of God and I do not want any idiot moving into mine, thus it becomes their main prerogative to try and do so, talking nonsense about what I would not do if they were dangerous criminals that were a threat to my life – then there is the part where they target me all the time because private security industry goons had put a bounty on my head, promising rewards to any who can calculate me into a difficult position so I might be taught a lesson, which had resulted in this outcome whereby the fight between me and Public transport operatives is popular already. In the end I would fancy they stopped handling my Books before I get to handle the one that gets to their heads too – 13 years of my time I have given to their stupidities to see if they will simply move off since I am aware of what these sorts of idiots will do if given the chance to, it will not give me a breathing space unless it has to as it were.

I am told that I say what I say because I seek affirmation from others, which is entirely wrong; after years of being told what I do should be a Woman’s work to make women financially and physically comfortable while I got myself involved with some violent activity, which reasons are the basis by which I am always insulted and abused to ensure I am angry all the time as they kept a watch on me to ensure I never recover from it, hence look like a character people can love to hate or attack all be it in secret if they wanted to, so the Men are now off on an angle of their own as well claiming all I do are really things which should be deployed to make characters as important as their stupid selves comfortable – I have no idea where they get the theory that I say and do what I am doing to secure affirmation from them anyway. I know however they claim my actions are disrespectful of women and the prospects of me getting into violent trouble is improving; the truth of which is that in terms of the violent trouble, the first time they had to complain about me to the Politicians that suggested they were nice people who only needed money, the reason was that I had a personality they wanted to get rich by and needed to be able to deploy media by which they could detach me from it and if need be stab or shoot me when I try to stop them from getting rich and decadent on it, it did not end well because I shut down access and they had to think about the sorts of extremely violent situation that brought no dividends, which would have emerged if I were attacked – now they have recovered the same situation again on account I have not done a thing about it for years now and believe it or not are right back to exactly the same stupid behaviour, save this time the threats have become more spurious with a big mouth and as for the case of being disrespectful towards the women; we are only just seeing a fraction of what I have to put up with but the main areas as that I am so less of a man that they took my manhood from me and are using it to get along with men that will make them feel protected and rich, so the abusive and violent sex is constantly despatched on me like a daily test, about which I too have damaged the way their orientate with their culture and society, believing that if I got my hands on the culture and society all together they would see it for the last time and can come round to my case with a weapon if they had a fucking guts for it, whereby they may learn what my name is and who I really am before they started off such nonsense and ran it off on me everyday for 14 years the next time it became so appealing. So in terms of my religion that they will not let me practice in peace there have to be other options for dealing with their need to handle me narcissistically that do not actually involve self harming and this is what the matter at the heart of general state of their global stage complain about me was - especially for Black people whose need to get on public places and address me is something I have to stop. Hence the question of me behaving as if I am very tough when I am not answered.

Of course there is that tale of how life sucks and I need to suck it up but I have no idea why people think such statements will disturb me anyway – the truth is that their civil and criminal disobedience reaches a stage where it makes them feel like they are making their own laws and I have not been selling Books because they have consistently showed up here to decide how I am going to earn money. So we know if I detach them from the stupidities that have become like their nature to them, they will tell lies raise a civil rights issue and depend on me and I will feel uncomfortable about that is a huge way, so I suppose it is better people were reminded to keep their stupid comments off my concerns and stop chasing my Public image as we all know they are no Royalty and certainly not an Arch Prince.

So now we speak of Politicians getting off at Government office ripping up my whole life and having fun doing so, which is meant to add up to a matter of grave concern here but it does not actually – the reality is that it has always been a rather dangerous behaviour to speak of Politicians in terms of an entity that does not actually own the Public Offices or Government appointment that it gets, to draw up a fair sense of the wreck free attitude of vandalism they have as a mentality towards the general public and other people’s property especially dangerous so because they cannot do without offending a lot of people very deeply to make out that adds up to the idea when you do not wish to do something and they were able to make you do it, then the result of compliance would mean that they have shown that having been elected by the Public, they are in charge. So what we see the outcome to be is one of claiming the US spreads its influence around the world dangerously, which is utter nonsense as the biggest problem is that the average criminal is never going to take the risks of running their concerns in a way that draws the attention of the Police, if the Government of the day is helping them rip up peoples lives to make fame and fortune, it is actually easy crime and has not yet been written down in law as a crime all together – the problem therefore being the Media, Political and Celebrity corruption being played out on anything associated with somebody having defended themselves on the matter and not how the US spreads its influence around the world, I like to test it with myself in the sense that I have had enough of these goons showing up all over my concerns to groom me into a character that people can take advantage of to make money as a matter of their civil rights – I and my Books were not vulnerable to such things at 18, I was not even vulnerable to it five years after writing the Books, so they have taken their time to do so and so have I tolerated enough of it too. The Media ones claim I watch them all the time but what happens is their corruption of involvement generally meaning that since they had decided Church people make themselves out to be powerful while all they can do is build nice Churches that people may fornicate in, I opened up a Court to Female Journalists and they had taken it over for their money needs – the Politicians say the criminals I speak of are hurting people and I am the one with ideas on how the problem is to be solved, while it would have meant that we are back where we were in 2007 when the Prime Minister showed up at University to help me drop out on behalf of the same idiots, back then it was my bottom hurting and the problem was that I had a view of peoples barely criminal existence, now its their bottom hurting and whilst they have not restored my career, I will be doing something about it in their view with the big mouth they have got. So the other part being that the main frustration here comes in two parts and one is to do with their Political followers creating people a new lifestyle for stopping the theft at the shops, such that it is when I am not doing the security bits that my whole life gets wrecked and it will show up here to make an oaf of itself challenging me to a fight and making any announcement of my tummy ailments all the time – yet if I should go by the motive behind the reasons they do it, then the theory they are not practicing antisemitism at their Political parties will be killed off, since it is wholly based on the fact people are not co-operating with their needs and there will be Public problems such as racism that they will not be helping with; they do not get the better of me at all, they have stopped complaining because I am not doing security bits, since the last time the industry fools I am meant to have done it for were more interested in running off a campaign of announcement for my tummy issues instead. Hence we find eventually that the main problem they have with me is that for the last 11 years, my Books have not been doing as well as they should because they have decided that it must make them rich first otherwise I may leave their Country – which stupidities have now permeated Brexit to tell tales of the white people that were here first and the ethnic minorities that are making decisions about the new kids on the block, it is the insulting and disobedient reasons that the frustration being expressed around here is psychotic in context and I have tolerated it for long enough as much the same as we find them pick up my business and skin it with a history of insults to extract and deploy the assets for the purpose of winning their own contracts in the city, human beings are really not as stupid as they are. It then feeds into the case of Industry people saying that it teaches me of the difficulties they face in order to be successful and I find it hard to see what difficulties those were when all they needed to do is disobediently and insultingly pile it high and sell it cheap on a Prince’s Public image, hopefully their stupidities will pay for the Books first before they invest my equities that is and not rely on being a group of civil and criminally disobedient pathological liars. It does all exist like some expression of me getting off to mingle with crowds that I am not familiar with, show myself off as a big spender and sleep around to attract some gold diggers but they had for some years now decided to tackle people with these things at random and now I must live two lives in which one is about everything I work to protect and the other is about them, which is what it is all about; so if there was need to set out differences that people may recognise at Public service, it is easy to see that Celebrities have no sense of commitment with respect to fame and personal life, while I have to clear with the Monarchy as per whether it is okay for me to chase academic pursuits if I think I need the tools while HM had decided that it interferes with Royal tutelage and then the way I organised my life, such that the other half will do the financial aspects. Not to say the least of the fact that their disobedient selves are not in charge resulting in sexual assault when women want the dignity back.


The threats are good but in my view its a self promotional stunt put together by a collection of goons who want promotion they have never earned and I am not sure they are prepared even to deal with it as a conversation while I have to deal with all those stupid threats and whether I will likely get into trouble with their families story that comes with it; all I can say is that when I do tear up the party itself all together, I suppose the outcome will be first of that they will catch me and then after that they will do all kinds of things to me as well. People do ask if I am aware the Labour Party is linked to Russia these days and I am aware of it, the old case of what exactly their business with an Arch Prince's Office really is, why they cannot keep off it, their foolish Children running around with a disobedience and a greed and a need to handle other peoples insultingly and violently a tribalism they have no money to support and who will likely build the stability that they are complaining is non existent when their main preoccupation is still the Office of a Royal Personage. I do get told the main problem is that I need to get rid of the sexual habit and I have no sexual habit; its the rock bottom that hits a single Man when things are not getting done, only becomes a habit when he remains single while the situation persists for too long and I do not see how insults and threats while people make good their disobedience that lets them make money by bulling me from the Labour party will likely resolve the problem; it is the reason I think the main problem we have in this Country are the things people can handle to secure fame which really should be a lottery lest people are unable to select and experience the best talents. This feeds into the other facts that I spend too much time with women while what I do with women is a well calculated plan to ensure that if I have a Royal wedding coming up, I can avoid inviting any abusive black people and invite people I have met on the internet and Television instead, so as to ensure I do not have to deal with any more of this nonsense without losing a grip on the Office and yes they do claim I am lowest of the low but sometimes the greatest do those things that may suggest they are, like when I watch Pornography and then make a statement that I did while I kept a Royal Office at the same time and others cannot do it as well. The point is that I am in a relationship with the Daughter of the Duke of York and have been for over a decade, all I do is designed to ensure I am able to serve Her and Her Family as most we see her do is designed to serve me, not least when people complain about the consequences of intellectual property breaches but I will not have a relationship when these financial matters persist on account these practical jokes around my Books do not seem to abate no matter what and so those responsible will not be free of wrath as well.

They say self service is really the name of my game and power is also the name of their game, difference is that they have no evidence for self service while I have the fact its about pillaging my finances and building me a reputation for being a hate figure while showing no regard for HM decisions at the Monarchy, likewise for the Politicians a matter of wrecking the lives of young people and then I suddenly get blamed for things that have nothing whatsoever to do with me after the stupid are helped to be financially successful creating problems for everybody else. They do say I should be a little worried and I do not think so anyway; its all got only to do with society idiots teaching me lessons and nothing to do with me all together and I have put up with enough nonsense from their Muslim friends who show up here to dream of me putting my body between everybody else and some racism and gang problems, starting one and finding a way to get to high authority and play the games they are really good at playing for their cowardice and need to unite under their fear for it too, which secrets they are actually not paying me to keep all together, even though they are really keen on blabbing somebody else wanting my Estate all the time with no recent plans to pay attention to the Media jobs that get to their heads; I do get told not to throw it out with the Bath water so to speak but I am already aware not to do so anyway - old story of suddenly being surrounded by Criminals because Politicians build me a reputation to that effect and then being loved with security services providers, Community support Police Officers and Plain Clothes Police Officers, which again I must mention here lest I risk peoples lives and more importantly lest I risk mine - lots of very abusive insults, lots of inspiration and channels for distant abuse granted sex workers, lots of criminal children loving communities sharing my personal space and an assumption made that my relationship with the Princess of York may be terminated by those who had failed to perform their own duties.

They always say that I am completely overwhelmed by these things, which is utter nonsense; its just Media power, with the ones on the right blabbing all the time of how I do not want to get into a fight with them while the ones on the left cannot let go the insults all together but at the end of the day; first it was a matter of persecuting me with very violent perversions because I attended Church and then it progressed to pushing me out of my academics in 2008, since then, it has not been good enough for them if I got a Factory work or a security guard job and of course my Books just happen to be something they cling to because they do not like how they are unable to take advantage of it with civil rights movements, Media and cosmetic freedom, so we are now in 2018, with them following me around to do it everywhere I go, while at the same time telling people not to inform me of what is going on lest I come up with sweet tongue arguments that dispute their foolish superiority – perfectly fine to spend even the time of the whole world doing that and not okay if you say something bad about Nelson Mandela - no idea who does these sorts of things or what it is exactly they are complaining about if it is so pleasurable, if they are unable to be real girls when they are not doing it (so between 2001 and 2003 I was persecuted with incredible nastiness, after being stuck with matters that was going to make me into a goat that carried everybody's burden for stepping into Church, bearing in mind they sooner had complained about my inability to stand their civil rights movements for it as well, I was then set out as a Man that would be homosexual so Women might be powerful and we see that they have to do it otherwise they cannot be real girls or real women. So between 2004 and 2008 was when they could not stop following me around at the University of Greenwich with it until I dropped out and its been 10 years since that on Today's year date. I am not in anyway overwhelmed by it, these are just idiots that simply cannot keep themselves and hands off other people, stupid Media power and its going to carry until it ends really well, then we will find out what alternatives there are to showing up at Church if you turned up in a modern Country such as the UK. Its meant to be racist obviously if I set out the part where I am stuck with their deviance everyday each time I want to spend time with my Church activities but they wish to make use of my need to have a job or sell some Books to ensure I am concerned with my good looks instead and I remember this sort of distraction being the practical joke that made me so angry I ended up dropping out of University - so it becomes clear it will complain again if it tells me how to exist lest it is provoked into going off to stir up some racism for everybody; so I should be clear when I tidy up and re-engage with my academics and it shows up again, its stupidities about how I think women expect a certain behaviour but what happens behind closed doors about which I cannot decide what happens with my tummy and am always sore all over because they are having a laugh will blow up in their stupid faces.

The others on the left who are really good at getting in on the act will say I am not handling it without making trouble for other people but we see them, same size and the girl friend, show up on my concerns all the time with media to do unfair things and select people in their lives as though they were preserving their Genes and then they tell me I should have sorted it out if I am so wise but we all know what I am to sort out is a process where Politicians give them money and help them to media to communicate what is actually incredible stupidities to the Public on it, then make sense of themselves by issuing accusations my direction, later on which the Politicians will complain and claim the problem is too much for them and yet if my Books get anywhere near Parliament the sales get worse; I mean any body can actually explain should I ask, why I would be attacked by people who think they need to make a statement out of me because Law enforcement thinks it has the right to discipline members of their Families, anybody can explain why Politicians want to see them chase me about at academic institutions.).Its always been the reason people hated me i.e. every time I have some huge unusual blessing from my Church activities, I suddenly find myself in a place where I am being rounded up by women and the outcome is that I will be a goat, when I try to find out what they want to use the goat for, the purpose was being stuck at all angles with the difficult aspects of their lives, then take their problems away with me and make it magically go away, so when I accept I am a goat to them after all and accept problems placed on me after all, I cannot move on because they decide my life is not my own; I get a Royal Commission from The Queen of England and it gets worse and worse and worse and worse and worse, while they get bolder and bolder and then the Men want to get involved with me for the sake of getting involved as well but had started their own off with a case where they wish to find out who is the best Man aesthetically and therefore more deserving of the attention I get from women and it got worse and worse and more and more abusive from then on as well; so I am now in a place where talk of me being homosexual will not help anybody - we are about to see what with the women think I can never be by myself and how the Men will get involved if my Finances are not looking the way they found it. Its like when they say I need to avoid those complications with peoples women but I do not need to avoid anything; Men are too fond of picking up women and saying everything that happened in their lives past belongs to the new Man - so a Socialite has always had this arrangement with Me - where my Office has to have a Bed and a television and the necessary Office Equipment and she works the Bed bits only and we had done well long before she got married but after marriage there now has to be an issue with what the Children think of their famous mothers when they want to do something around their personal prestige because their Mothers are Celebrities and the outcome especially for those who wear my face for their Celebrity careers becomes that I have to explain myself, becomes that they will be broken by breaking up our Court and of course I do give it time since it was calculable that those who come into the lives of those in my life are always likely to hurt me but sometimes it goes too far; socialite plays with the Bed Chamber of a Hermit and he can no longer sell his Books but he is not the one complaining.I do get told that I hurt myself with all these things unnecessarily but the truth of course is rather that my whole life was never about the problems of Liberal people, which is something they do because they have Media to play with, save if I shut down the Media and wait for the complaints as there is usually a perfectly logical explanation for every occasion we hear them say people are unreasonable.If I said I had a Court and was friendly not sexual, I would have satisfied a lot of people but never able to tell which is fucking with me - like it is said the UK is losing its Diplomatic skills while what is really happening is people engaging in a Global Campaign to open the population up to Matrimonial violence, which means that British Diplomats are doing exactly what they are supposed to - fighting back.

There is much mockery and abuse about work at The Company which needs to be cleared up of course - to make this clear straight I should draw a disparity between those who have committed themselves to violence for a cause and hence find it easy to tolerate moderate villains because whether or not they must hurt others is a cleat decision for them and those who have not and therefore speak of futures, plans and inspiration stolen. Beyond this apart from my only problem of insulting women, it is easy to see everything here is all copyrighted Creative and Creativity Equity Property and Property Systems. 

It is rather impossible - truth be settled, that people are not interested in Books written by a half Priest Government Pundit who has holdings at Industry - the alternative meanings and reasons those who support these women create into One's work are the Liability in question and so are all who support it. They are here around Company Operations because of a service they perform for those who created the economic crisis despite a history they have of damaging other peoples business already and the money they have of which is never enough too, nor is their media hugging and advertisement based abuses, they say they perform those services because they are getting connected and are here because we already have a history where they are not wanted, so they are here because they want a new capacity as customers, which again are not wanted as it were: it is never true thereof that I am judgmental of the extreme fanaticism of my Customers and Fans, right up to when they are whole Governments.

It is never really my intention that people take seriously what I have done as the purpose of doing them is a job that has already been finished and is therefore solely my concern: the reality is the same old case of Businesses and Industries taking advantage of me so when I settle that some busy bodies do their share as well and when I settle that Politicians have a go and when I am done with that the Communities too and then when I am done with that the Media and then the Businesses and Industries are back again - when finished they claim when they make Twitter handles for their company I presume it exists so I can control them which builds up the question of who started it alongside the twin question of who the hell are you concerning all the other idiots involved. The reality remains as ever that I have had all of them under control at this stage and that is why I don't like it when people make a case about my work looking for trouble as once they are done they are solely about me as it were - hence it really does come back down to the issue of those who think that my mind should be thinking about getting to the Office to write books that serve their purposes and not write books that serve those who buy them and I guess they have heard me mention as well that another occasion of seeing them anywhere near my book sales will lead to an outcome where they put their money where their mouth is as well: people behave in such ways for two reasons only and one of them is that they have got a culture with which to apply pressure on others in order to acquire their attention no matter how they would have behaved otherwise and the other is that a personage like myself will very likely respond to somebody saying something about revolution and these are the two things I have broken before and will again and probably them along with it too as it were because they continue to find people on whom to apply the amount of pressure they do me since it is completely useless an activity to respond to any of it and hence emerging each time another eventuality by which people can trample all over my feelings in order to get involved with others as a result of that overbloated sense of their importance.

So where we stand is where we stand and in terms of the socialists it is an old story of hounding me over how much larger than my portion relative to my size I have been taking and this is when they are communicating of course, the part where they do not is more concerned with deploying public funds and National media to wreck my finances because they are making a figure of beauty they can abuse and extract good feelings and beauty from for all sorts of purposes including fame and fortune and sex; so I am not bluffing and at the end of the day we do hear them speak of how the only business any person should have with a company is a process where they are customers which is very rich coming from the fucking idiots as it were, considering their Politicians are by the way also the fools that will go off to anywhere they like in Africa to find my parents that will make me behave how they want, while the shopkeepers and bankers with their laziness continue to think it makes perfect sense to believe I am responsible for the activities of black people who really do love to stalk me around places where I shop in order to cause lots of trouble and find somebody they can supplant.I really despise it like I do all of their abuses when they turn out on media to spend time ripping my yarns over work I have done on my own company which amounts to a process where they are paying me a complement: The Books are what matters and not the Company.

I do have to clear up this case where people get to think I spend my time getting caught up in problems which I then set about solving to make myself look the part of something that matters, it is not how it works; the way it does work is the bit where I have to decide on the pressures people appoint themselves to place on me, which pressures are going to help me and which ones are not but the ones that are built up because I have written a Book and a group of self-seeking idiots want to please themselves with my income being done with impunity is the one that gets me interested in the reasons celebrities are so destructive, gets me interested in whether such a behaviour is the acceptable way to get involved with peoples Literary work, gets me interested in whether celebrities take up publicity that others have developed for a product because they consider themselves to be products and so on – they however believe themselves to be a threat but are apparently not the flash boy type that thinks he is really good looking and needs my public image to get rich or indeed the bad person type that pick up guns because there is senselessness in the Country, they are the queer gay type in the middle whose stupidities and need to re-establish control of me and continue to work towards the prognosis of the link between bullying me and acquiring higher paid positions on media jobs leads to the threats and abuses we see on Media Publicly all the time. So we hear them complain I clip their fame of course which is largely a matter of the variations people create of my literary work and how much of a threat to my income those are being curtailed but we can see here that there was nothing suggesting I was talking to them when I mentioned giving people assurance I do nothing as stupid as get out of bed every day to get involved with problems and to sit about solving them like I am making something of myself – what happens is this madness being performed by these celebrated idiots and media scum with such impunity I have to get involved with those problems and see what they are made of as well; the chronology so far started in 2003 when there began the Iraq war and I was set out as the means by which they will clean up their messed up lives when the war in done but the bit about a link between bullying me and getting a higher paid job at media establishments and film industries began in 2005 which has now progressed to publicity that involve such nonsense as the very people who have published my Books being a problem for them, never mind that my Books cause nostalgia and I should be thinking about tearing it up and writing something different. So if I said I wasn’t talking to them I would sound like a racist, since these things are behaviour they really need to perform, linked with their pay and their job description as it were, not the fact it churns my tummy because people keep hurting me badly and I keep doing nothing about it; so talking to them means making out the bit where everything I do, ranging from involvement with journalists and celebrities and members of the Public builds up to Publicity which only purpose is to sell my Books and this publicity does not actually belong to them; this is me talking to them, let’s see what they are made off starting with a process where they get off my TV to blow off their big mouth.

I do get told I am not handling these matters thoroughly but I am; I am not just never giving them economic separatism in anyway whatsoever; Companies should be able to decide where I matter and where they matter, they do not get to decide by beating me down to please crowds of idiots and forcing me to serve customers in ways that will bring about social equality otherwise I have no right to an income with that big mouth; so, I win again. I mean its Royalty and a Wealth, Power and Privilege prerogative here if I must supply information to move them and disincentive these stupidities – I have been taken out to see high society and taken back down to see the bottom of it and it is not as if I have not pulled off conditions in which I can run a successful intellectual property Administration business empire alongside either, I am being what I am, they need to be what they are and spend their time stupidly-waste their time somewhere else. The denial of economic separatism works really well of course every time it’s about my turn to beat them down and ensure they are being humiliated by the customers they get to serve and yes they do say I should not be spending time with poor people but we all I am not spending any time with poor people – its again being helpful here supplying information about a half priests office that can either fulfil its purpose or not; other pressures may come in but the most important that tends to take over is the one where people want to face the world and do what they must in it without getting involved in something bad by using my public work and office as an anchor and I can be an Arch Prince or not be one; they can always mess with this too – it’s an old story about whether a prostitute being seen handling my public image is defiance and public disorder or the fact she is aware prostitution is a dangerous job for instance, so it’s well playing with it but nobody here wants to tolerate the stories of sexual assault either.

The Politicians have this very offensive things to say about how they need to work on the aspects of society they have not been paying attention to, thus the reasons I get out of hand and we all know it’s the kinds of behaviour which means they have trained themselves and acquired some skill on that, so the only way anything will be a serious matter to the fools will be when I acquire some skill of my own on their case that will suit them really well indeed. It beats the imagination that people get off running into government to be safe from dangers in the open world; we can see that if I got home from a long day and somebody abused my wife and I lashed out ended up killing them, the Law Courts will not necessarily think I committed murder but so we see the reasons these militant political goons express themselves at Government buildings like they do all the time is that they are not aware that is where it is actually made, even when they complain about me often due to their insults. What we have here really is a small business of paying attention to my bottom, so those who want to strike it might get my full response but nonsense such as these mean I can never do just that, end up with abdominal pains and an inability to concentrate on anything important, angry and frustrated and they end up with complains because of my actions but continue the interference that is causing it. Like we hear we British behave in ways which means we cannot control what our tummy does while if what I did was carefully considered, it would be seen as a process of stifling the expressions and freedoms and music of this goons since the theory is that they have these things and it helps them ensure their tummy is never a mess while the British smell due to a process of their involvement stuffing people’s lives full of what the victims repeatedly express as offensive or distressing or unwanted and then they play up the racism to ensure it got under our skin and decide what we do about racism at the same time. They always say I work in a very uncivilised manner, which is utter nonsense as I use swear words in what I say and do because it is supposed to set the stage for the question of what connection they have found between chasing my private parts and making money, why it is they believe it will end very well for them if it is supposed that when they owned my Royal estate Homosexuality will be gone for good in the world and can blab some violence over it if they so desired too, why it is they believe those threats of theirs will not lead to outcomes where I might become very interested in places they are seen chewing snacks and sleeping with girls in order to show them I am good at watching my back as well; the point is, some do say I need to take the matter seriously but if I did so as to strike, I know I will never stop i.e. I am a Christian and the teaching is to worship God, love your haters and be good at what you do, so I know what happens with business is a process where I am to go into partnership with consumers, decide what the Capital is supposed to be and when the profit has been made after I took charge and provided leadership and sold a service they could not do for themselves because they were busy with work, how much will be ploughed back into the services to optimise their earnings because the more they earn is the more income I will get – that they are running business that tells me how to exist while they strike my bum and distract me from everything important over the power of their money – the power they do have by being totally reliant on a process where I waited for them to damage and destroy everything around here, so as to get into a position to ring friends and prevent me from getting or keeping a job before I classified their behaviour towards me as damage that must be responded to accordingly, the power they have by being tolerated. So obviously its another style of business and industrial leadership to chase peoples private parts but I am lost as per which part of keeping off my case especially my Books, not showing up around the Royal Public image they cannot pay for with money they claim to own but I can account for better than they can, that they fail to understand anyway; the women are pretty much of the same attitude – 24/7 clinging to my public image to pass insults that will ensure their children can make boy bands and each time I challenge it find them appeal to public transport operatives, all good of course but now they hate my social media profile and I am making an example of them to stream line their quasi criminal activities in order to facilitate security service jobs, I have no idea if they have noticed their behaviour is a form of career crime yet. I do therefore get told I am at odds with anything culture which is not really the case; what happens is that I spend 90% of my time responding to that thing a Celebrity or journalist said on my public image, which society responded to and then share the remaining 10% between study, work, Book writing and self-care. Like it is said the media is a threat to me or that I am wrecking all that was done for me which I am not and the media is not as well; its all culture obviously and we have not had time to enjoy it before we have ended up stuck with the domination, violence and oppression bits, which then also determines how I respond to it and the reason my response is always one where they are done already as well and yes they always say this will lead to future conflict of course, utter nonsense in my view, as there is nothing CV faking, women hating, bottom chasing, society loving goons can do with their evil if you had not let them in. The rest of the time my civility is measured by the effects of Obama’s surveillance systems that were built to help them gather money making information from around the world, which I always handle in a way that means they attend some errands for me as the reality of their insults are usually that they do not like to be cracked but they love to be nasty – I set out 3 years to support women on gender inequality and it takes a decade of my time as they got really busy exploiting the weaknesses for example – does not like cracks but enjoys doing this sorts of things, right up to the point where doing it can determine how it dresses up in public. I know I can get around Industry and ensure I am saying what I need to say, doing what I need to do to impact their profits and ensure they listen when I want them to keep off my Literary Empire and the Royal Estate, so it is apt that I had spent some time tolerating them first; I am rather certain it is not too much to ask.

Now they say extremism especially the racial ones are completely out of control in the Country because of me; reality behind that of which is that the Royal Family has never been seen attending Church of racism, if such stories continue I will never see my love and should we meet each other we will both have no quality of living – for the blacks however of which the case remains the same, that when it is not needed it should not be done as it were, done along with other civil rights fools hanging up on media to discipline, discipline, disciplining what is their mates here with a big mouth all the time, something they apparently really have to do, linked to their job description linked to their stupid livelihoods on that foolish media. It is usually stable when these goons are not involved, usually stable when the Police goes off to investigate who has been handing Police work to some goon that has appointed themselves in a racial group. The case has always been that I need to talk about real things happening with me and not all these sad and bad nonsense; real things of which would be that I have a Court and there are Celebrities and Journalists and people from all backgrounds in it – the difficulty of administration then being that of which one has been informing their whole family who are now a part of it at home as well, which one has been informing their parents that are now a part of it as well, how far have they gone and at what stage would they feel they are comfortable with the way they want to be part of the Court system and then you can say they are in it and you are on hand for their needs and they may be for yours as well; what then happens by the way side is these goons inviting themselves in everyday as abusively as possible which means people are always in pain on the inside and everywhere smells like everybody’s toilet and they cannot be made to listen unless a tool or measure that has been known to be effective is being deployed to make them. They have mentioned I never have taken into account that my actions are causing suicides but its an old story where the Court is happy for me to do something about security matters without getting involved with violent situations but the Men who invite themselves into our concerns, on account of being the ones that are better suited to a life of security being sorted without violent bits so they can seek a higher paid job or a position that pays more in the establishment they work in think it is not good enough: so I can never get it right because I am always stuck with them followed by insults and abuses to bend me into perverted situations and corners all day long like an atmosphere that is taking over my real existence, hence while my own question is one about how long people do such things and what they are trying to accomplish by sharing it with other crowds, their own becomes one about whether I am accounting for the fact that I am causing suicides since I do definitely turn their own inside and out, bottom it out all the time as well. we hear that bragging I cannot according to them find another way to respond to without them gaining some prerogative from me that puts them in a superior position all the time, which has to do with me getting myself out of a difficult situation that I cannot actually free myself from in order to have something really difficult to do which will not be paying me imputed into my concerns in a way that means I have to clear it out before I can move on with that stupid media but it’s nothing new about the fact that they have no other way of making money save the way that is not civil – targets pregnant women that are not likely to win a competition against them, targets University drop out who according to them do not know anything, even targets government Officials who have their hands full with state concerns, then we hear them tell me I care about the poor people that are the reasons others lose their high paying jobs; whereas the reality is that although it wants to trap me somewhere and see me get into a gang fight that will make its stupidities feel special since we were mates and the idiots should have won a competition against me for being better human beings, it does not actually want to buy my Books even though it should be the one deploying processes of dealing with security without getting involved with violence to seek positions and jobs that pay more than its stupid superior self is currently getting at the moment because everybody loves to serve its stupidities the last time it checked – so when compared with the fact that a Prostitute thinks a Priest should exist, thinks an Arch Prince should exist, so that when the fact it is a woman and its job is about sex adds up to a process where it has to tell some people it just wants to have sex not get involved with all sorts of things associated with getting close to people, it might make sense, thereby creating the probability that she might read my Book, these fools clowning around with important things at other people’s lives expect me to make a choice. So, it seems that it cannot get on with anything unless it is ripping up people’s lives and has linked the process with how his mate for a quarter of a million-pound salary, creating these two spectrums where that is how it increases its salary from 5 to 6 figure sums and leaving others with a broken home and a broken life and broken finances at the same time. So it eventually does come down to whether or not an Arch Prince can enforce his own rules, which means that we are right on top of the story concerning the bit where they need to find ways of making money which is actually civil and do not do it means do not do not too as it were and need to do so very soon indeed; otherwise it’s an old story where you can avoid a certain part of town to stay out of trouble but the processes of childbirth means women cannot avoid goons who link love with the anus and hence you are always likely to find trouble when you go down that route – the reasons Politicians are authorised being that it is government business to be authorised to, the reasons I am being that I am an Arch Prince and there are behaviour I prohibit which some people have made into a main preoccupation which is to be followed up with trouble as well; so the bit that should not be lost in translation is that we are now where we need to make money in ways that are civil not make more excuses that may even involve young people ending up where trouble can be found knowing that somebody at Government is always likely to create an environment that is full of Women and growing children which is likely to be messy and fun, as I have my hands full and cannot keep dealing with this nonsense like this all of the time, especially when I am trying to study. Now they say people like me who think abortion is bad should be taught a lesson and I could never understand anyway; after all when we consider it in legal terms and public terms, we find that the child has an equal right to life as a woman who has been sexually assaulted has an equal right not to carry through with a pregnancy that came forth from it – which is pretty much the same as a nursing Mum who has been raped throwing a baby down the drain; we will have had to decide who committed murder and who committed rape. As for the story of little brittle men like me making decisions, its usually the case before people need entire National civil service and parliament and media to handle me while I have not actually done anything to them – Its usually a case of who I convince people I do not like Celebrities and that there is good reason for it; we see the Media ones who cannot stand the sight of women are good at fighting and this means they are always making a mess of my whole life each time they appear in public places, we see the mainstream media Celebrities like to pick on me in order to feel they are important and likewise the society ones both of whom do not get along with each other but for some reason I happen to be stuck with their gurus, never mind the fact that these things rather indicate each time a criminal activity has affected me, there was a celebrity working with it somewhere at some time to such an effect being attained. I mean we are all afraid if they are afraid they ought to do what everybody else does i.e. look after friends and family and bear in mind the risks, hope that security services will extent to you at a needed time and when it does not, it’s a long line anyway and you have to understand that you have your own personal decisions to make thereof. It’s the usual stuff you get when you have not spent time grooming them into a position where they are ripe for the kicking as well; so, I do get told there is need for sustainable solution to the problem which of course is the one I had given before i.e. that they are always seen making out that the school people attend and jobs people have and careers people own and pay attention to are a process of people accepting culpability for whatever it bothering them, a process of guilt acceptance, where we find the media latches onto it and will not let go, whereas the reality is that nobody is actually making out their insults and violent abuses are happening because there is a reason that propels them to behave like that, the pinnacle of course so to speak, is that Politicians Liberal and socialist have now spent tax payer funds to let them walk around in fine clothes and jewellery looking like characters that do not deserve some violence for their stupidities because they were successful, hence it is usually construed that not grooming them to be ripe for a kicking is the wrong thing to do as their need to go from character peoples want to beat up for its stupidities to characters that are the worlds most prolific bullies, is a defence mechanism – my opinion being of course that this is usually the wrong way to look at it as we know a criminal who gets away with it and deploys the money in mainstream investment at my expense does not necessarily stop the bullying because he is twisted and evil. So yes the question of peoples minds is how they ended up stuck with either mainstream celebrities or society celebrities and more so how people ended up with a social disposition that suggests something similar to their gurus and studio owners and managers etc but for me as we can see I really do not have an answer to this question at a Royal Office, it becomes a case of what I am meant to do to them to clear my public image space. So I said abortion is wrong and they do need to avoid getting on my nerves for it; besides which I was not talking to them when I wrote it in a Book they were never likely to buy in the first place anyway. Either way of small man making decisions or feeling among in the company of strong people that can do violence when he is not worthy and they have never had evidence of him doing so anyway; the reality is still the same as it has always been the idea I am a lot of trouble which I am not – its their insults and it’s a cycle that continues endlessly picking up things I have done to create problems for themselves and more acceptance of culpability for being the source of those problems means they make more of it with more insults for themselves and for the Politicians it was a trader and then it got elected and wants a fight with those who get to the job and then get called into Crown service for prestige, wasting my time, whereby Party leaders can no longer control them all together and they always respond to me when I clip those stupid profits they make at my expense, just as they need my strengths to fight me with – the bit about interfering with a writers thoughts all the time using filth of mediocrity is what decides I cannot control what my tummy does obviously and means I will get beaten up thereof, notwithstanding which I do interfere with their own using my religion as well anyway; the point being consideration for their need to get off claiming my academic work and job and livelihood adds up to things I am doing to accept blame for their problems and making out reasons that cause them to behave the way they do, caused me to drop out of University and that was in 2008, they need to move on, just in case it might become a good idea to get out of here and build a public image on it too. They however are far more concerned with the idea I might get away with what I have done which follows on from complaining all the time about the consequences of showing up in my life to take up my time looking for acceptance of blame for their problems, claiming my academic work and job and livelihood and everything else I have adds up to such things all together - so it is complaining but cannot be caught dead stopping; like we see the claim I am in trouble with Americans works i.e. beside the business of getting off foolish black people I hate to be stuck with exactly the same thing from the white communities churning my tummy all the time and wrecking things around here - absolutely no way in their view that I may think of these activities as damage - since last I wrote some Books and their stupidities became the obsessed with the point which exists somewhere in the Middle of the two main Political parties over my earnings; as mentioned above in any case, the fools always respond when that stupid profit has been hit and if they wind me up will find me make it very dirty indeed (We all know apart from their House of Government getting shut down for the first time in history, how I ended up in such a situation proves how stupid Americans really are and proves their thirst for twisting other peoples noses but then again for me the question that applies to a reasonable person goes beyond being asked by people all the time whether I have done something to offend their stupid selves, is that of the stage at which I will hope to start thinking of it as a form of damage). Everybody I come across has the same question to ask; of whether I have done something to offend them, as the part that lets me raise funds to pay my way in the world from a Royal Estate disappears with the use of Media and Celebrity everyday.

They say my Court is a place where all the things that can be done to people by an extremist group is being practiced in order to hope for such an outcome which has no basis on a reality that is more about the insults of Lesbians and how Female Journalists get into an Arch Prince Court where they can have a relationship with a Man they are not actually married to which will last forever and the same for an Arch Prince that is always dealing with insults from Men having a Court of Female Journalists he has a relationship that will last forever; their behaviour will not stop the continuation of such things in any case but it is being practiced as part of a daily evil associated with a contraption they call a job. So on context everything they have done has not actually ended up improving their lives because of my actions and I am very well aware of that i.e. if this condition they claim exists whereby economic conditions are bad for all except them is allowed to continue, it will add up to another daily evil that they can deploy to ensure such an outcome is linked with reality, making up facts on that stupid media as they go along - so I have made myself clear about why they need to find a way of making money which recognises that others want to do the same, a way of getting rich which recognises others have their hands full with difficult matters and may not win a competition against them, a way of making money that is actually civil, otherwise I will be kicking it up a gear to ensure every hurtful thing I experience from them is felt at their financial well being and then they can tell me to sort out Women from there, like messy business worthy of their mates as it were.

I mean even now they say I should be able to see that a religion that preaches love even for enemies is an affront to female freedom since it is likely to contradict everything that supports the fact that women have to get into difficult relationships and get themselves out of it by means of contraception, than risk the route of violence but I am completely lost as per what it has to do with me when they spend most of their time making sure everything around me except my finances is working as I had intended because they need two things in their lives and one of those is to get rid of the Monarchy while the other is to get rich and famous and I am the key to it – I mean I still have to put up with neighbourhood scum picking up on their stupidities at Media along with the male colleagues which spends all day doing horrible things to me until at atmosphere emerges by which to churn my tummy and tell me I cannot have my Public image anymore and therefore somebody else can own it as such with that big mouth, which is precisely why I dropped out of University while the matter is so simple for me to resolve. The American ones have come to this point where they say I think I am in control but am not whereas reality is that the recent move to shut down the dark web is such a massive boost for what I may have to do to prevent everything that either putting up a product there to get rich with and establishing a link between bullying me and grabbing my empire to do so, or having already put up a product that has made them a lot of money by means of the same process, leading to outcome whereby since Obama had a great idea I will lose the Film Industries and the Auto Industries and the Fashion Industries and the Media Industries and the manufacturing Industries and every interest that was associated with my Royal Intellectual space simply because I am spending my attention on selling my Books and they have found that it is a possibility I can be bullied into a condition where I am unable to protect my clients from them on account I need to get the products off the shelves; so it would without the shutting down of the dark web have led to outcomes where I run their stupid lives for them and follow it up with a campaign that suggests somebody else is always in need of their shares or their companies, topped up with putting noose down the noses of those stupid celebrities to drag them back to sell my products and pillage my Public image to make money that they can buy me with from there, like the fucking idiots they are – since these activities are contained in their job description and they simply have to perform them as it were. The big problem is still that I dropped out of University for something I could so easily control whenever I wanted to handle my Public image, to sit around getting made a mess of everyday by these fools and now they are after my Books as well, to create their sceptic Media who have doubts about my Royal abilities with plans to report news on absolutely nothing else looking for trouble all the time. I do not provoke people until they become disturbed human beings - what women do with risky relationships and contraception has nothing to do either with my religion or with me. So they say I am contributing to this game where peoples incomes as a matter of public pleasure on media but I am not, it’s an unusual situation that has called for an unusual response that involves peoples salaries being revealed; what the Journalists and television personalities have been doing with their salaries is spending the money on goons who cannot work the shares they own in companies without pillaging other people’s lives and public image for being beaten back, for the fact that the victims protected themselves; so it’s not a matter of how they were either financiers or manufacturers as such, just a matter of the fact they considered their salaries to put them in league with the great and good of the world of rich people – so somebody else got fed up and revealed how much the salary was. I for my part as seen do not have to reveal any salaries if a Royal Office gives me enough power to control the lives of traders who will not leave me alone and keep their insults to themselves even when an exasperated version of such a sermon has become the norm – then after I run the lives of celebrities and Journalists and some industry goons and trouble maker Politicians, I can set out a campaign where somebody in an Office always wants their jobs, somebody in the company always wants their shares and then the outcome will be one of those occasion where it becomes obvious that Royalty is the bigger and more powerful one before it stops. Some people say they wish to work out the extent of my power because they want to be fans but I am not interested; I am mostly preoccupied with the worry of my Court – to stop those who get off on public places claiming to be a part of it and to ensure everybody that is a part of it has a specific role to play, so I might be free of the incessant worry about affairs at my Estate, while they can be free of a suggesting sexual impropriety and deviance. I do get told controlling the celebrities would be very difficult which it isn’t; the celebrities only exist in the world of the madness of men on the left and on the right in the middle of which service people are doing their jobs and if it is not happening with respect to my Office specifically, then I need to stop any celebrity activity being done in such ways, therefore I have to ensure all celebrities have their specific roles; the rest of the time its mostly local mongrels who should have been the famous ones because they were better looking, making trouble for everybody and the neighbourhoods, which is what women tend to handle well – so I can spend my time with them superior industry trouble makers corrupting every service in my Intellectual space to gratify their madness and their wealth and I shouldn’t tell them they are stupid because I do not stand a  chance and I will get into trouble if I did.

Now there is talk of me having inclusion problems and an inability to get along with people and it is utter nonsense; I do not have inclusion problems in anyway whatsoever, what people have been doing around me most of the time is some way by which a moral person can be trapped somewhere and then sacrificed and killed to create a better world for them and to do that they have a plan to be more important than I am using media that deploys my public life and public image to that effect and then when they have given themselves the right to rip up my finances, if added to a process where they keep their own, such a dream will be fulfilled. Today they think I have gone along with it to a point where they are on one side and I am on the other and we are equals which could not be further from the truth and we hear those stupid complains about what I have done to them to deserve it as a result too, which relates to a loss of that stupid culture and society by which they build up these senselessness and then when it gets to a frenzied point and I am stuck in the middle anything can happen to me and they can have anything they want from me and the devil will be powerful. I have made myself clear about where I stand on the matter and the month of July of 2017 was the last time-period where I was willing to tolerate this nonsense they call a process of making money and if they are unable to find a way of making money which is civil and respects others who have problems and therefore unlikely to win a competition with them, there is going to be serious trouble over these matters and I do not in any way have an inclusion problem thereof. We see it every time telling lies such as my opinions being uneducated whereas I could have known their opinion about the law is that it serves to protect so called cunts and weaklings from them and now their stupid bad reputation will take over everything on account somebody knows that the bits of the law that says they should be guilty only when proven serves to protect them from other people as well – we see the stealing all the time that we used to see about 3 decades ago when gangs ruled the streets of the US and Capone was famed, the women linking their feminist madness with some stupid imagination about a sexual habit of mine they have never actually seen and you can never leave your possessions somewhere and return to find it the way you left it, even if it was something said or thing in action, provided it is valuable, not because they need it but because you are being punished, made to feel sick all the time, being punished mostly just for existing and of course if I see that stupid culture and society it will be the last time they see it as well, any new ones created after I have plaid waste to it so far and they are always clear not to find a civil way of making money from the start of August 2017 and blow off that big mouth about violence as well while at it. It’s never true I am scared of hurting people as such; the reality is more a case of not wanting popular culture because I do not fancy it while those who have turned civil rights into a means by which to spend the stupidest of their times around other people’s concerns when they share a skin colour with people do other things with it like ensure I am facing racism when I do not want them making popular culture fame and fortune money with my reputation and public image, then send out their stupid children to tell me I cannot handle them or I will be looking for trouble when we all know it’s the evil next door neighbour situation whereby I have to drop out of University in order to show it is important not to build up popular culture around my concerns while they have not lost anything yet save a certain part of their big mouth so far and it’s all going to end terribly altogether too - they are very well aware I am not the one complaining at the moment and that they are riding on abusive insults that are possible because their victims do not have the time that can be spent on them yet so far. So they say every Political entity in the world hates me which is understandable as I need people to keep off my Literary Empire in the same way I do not know who is the most popular persons in their neighbourhoods and have not been shown to care if there is one anyway; the Americans are most prolific in this matter, it’s as though the existence of my Books that puts Royal property in a Public place but in such a way as people cannot pillage it to solve personal problems and get rich means that they cannot move on with their lives and it’s never really clear what they want from me anyway – just that it happens because they live in the most powerful Country in the world which is completely irrelevant considering that their behaviour gives me a license that means I can do pretty much anything I liked. So it comes down to this case where the British have to be made to control me in some way which is never going to happen and there is nothing of me to control; their celebrities have been showing a lot of respect when if they want to spend their time on being more worthy to be Royal than I am, they will waste mine and my property to create one on media and same with when they want to run an endless media scepticism on my ability to fulfil my duties too – they rip up my academic work and finances to create their news and so on. So, what we see as a result is that they hate a Book that is written in such a way that those who steal in this way, not because they need to but because they are punishing those who have what they do not and making those who own things they don’t sick all the time, means they show up around it all the time as well, looking for a privilege of injustice that they will never get. They do speak of me being some sort of shapeless Royal which is utter nonsense – I am an Arch Prince and one that is good enough to support an entire government thinking on his feet if it is required of him, my Books will not appeal to them and they know that being seem around my concerns is damaging; I mean opening the Bible in the company of Boys who are smoking marijuana and have not asked a word of you is a calculable risk for a preacher but when they come into your house because you open the Bible there, it’s another story entirely – their celebrities have been showing a lot of respect that then indicates there is anything they can do about me too. It’s sort of those situations where they have done it and when I ask if the next turn in mine; which most time I ask, is because I just want them to go away and not because I mean any situation that may amount to a threat on account I have since it is not approved by the Church, they usually say it is not and then I will start to think they are joking as well but then again of which the abuses and attacks will continue to a stage where a hypothetical condition exists where it is said supposing – supposing there is nothing you can do and these are the reasons I am not the one complaining, particularly because if I grabbed that stupid culture and society and put it to celebrity culture as well, we would see that they would be chasing their lives so that people can pick on their weaknesses with media and make a mess of them and then find such abuses amusing like they are doing with me presently, thus I do fancy the history they are building here all together. We hear them speak of how I do not deserve to keep people off the finances and publicity attached to the Books that others clearly wrote as it were but even now; they are using my personal space and temperaments and personality for something that is so important to them that I do not have a resting space and a bedroom and a study space and an Office where I can do anything I need to do to run my career without thinking about being accommodating of others – so it is an empty agitation in my view as it were and I would fancy they moved their abusive evil senselessness and its disobedience somewhere else too

They say I really love to have the last word and its not a matter of having the last word as it is more a case of having my work, rest and sleep environment to such an extent that I can do anything I want to do with it in a way that does not compromise with the fact that other people exist and then there will be no problems; as for the fact I cannot face up to the Celebrities, the big idea goes beyond showing up here to punish me for the fact that people heard they wanted to get involved with me at the Monarchy and it did not end well especially around those bits where they would do anything for money and hate those who have no ambitions and aspirations but want to take or take over the lives of such persons whenever others have given an opportunity of a lifetime, only to find that when it comes to it, the accusation I play too much and blame others is never really enough since the reality is that the Bible teaches against being a loutish playful person but does not mean that their narcissist happiness that is willing to do anything for money will suffice when I feel I am being threatened by them either: the point is, the idea is that if I rented the venue next door to Glastonbury and felt it interfered with my gospel I could not fight for it, which is not actually what truth, reality of history says.



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It is never really true that I have been detached from the British Monarchy by those who do not wish to see me anywhere near it because the world has always been full of ignorance and abuse, the truth of it is that of Politicians and the general public doing what they normally do which is incredible and sometimes evil stubbornness whereby the exact thing they have come into your life and business to find out you do not want done is precisely what they will do all the time; so no body likes that to happen to their personal lives and property as such and hence whilst I show off all the time for being able to catch all of them all of the time, I have to accept the Media will begin to think itself my Achilles Heel (it is of course a world where people cannot keep their hands to themselves, are angry all the time and feel like handling another person because they are all the time and there are things I do to deserve it and things I do after I deserve it too). 

The idea then that I have therefore created a means by which people have become uncontrollable because they have been given the chance to feel they can do anything they like and that it will lead to bigger problems, is unfounded, entirely the fabrication of insolent fools that always have ideas about what my property should be used for, especially when the excuse is freedom and Politics they expect. The truth of it is that these goons are actually little Kings and little Queens somewhere in the world where people are poorer than they are and so they get to make people worship them and their money as though they were Gods – they want to hide this from the rest of the world, they want to preserve it and of course they need to ensure others do not treat them in such ways as well. I have made it clear I don’t want to see any of the culture and have taken steps to see they spend anything they might be saving through it which may constitute antagonism towards me and anything concerned with the pioneering nature and condition of my Royal Estate, if they get out of this condition to do the culture they had better done it far and far away from me. They are very selfish you see and that is why it has been impossible for me to sell my books to them and of course very destructive of other peoples property too which is why I am unable to sell the books to anybody else – this will be their undoing. When I say they need to stay away from me and anything that belongs to me I do refer to the UK as a Nation and all its local ad international allies and trading partners where my Office is concerned not pretend the unleashing of a certain group of their corrupt idiots that have physical endowments on their side and love to deploy it for the purpose of fear that will tell others what to do to ensure they are continuing is ever going to prevent me from doing anything I want to do about it. Again there is great obsession with bully stories about my madness, when in actual fact people wish to ensure fear of not finishing things set out everyday becomes their power. Plausible then I need no more explanation for why I take seriously what niggles every idiots who claims they are good people around here. Equities at the firm and company product mobilities associated therefore settled as such for western economies, note made of course of the fact they are not necessarily friends of Communist economies, its just the most important foreign power to dominate people with that is available to them and that is until western economies recover and they latch onto that as well and make light choice of the Communist ones. Most of these activities do not actually trouble me half as much as is made out; I mean all I have to loose is Political idiots hounding me for these trouble makers all the time so they can take cheap shots at me until it becomes power for their society to attack me all the time, then they can get on media and complain about things that are missing from their lives but for them we have to look back at the numbers these fools like these murdered during the second world war for example with their collaborations and strange decisions, to see why they are not nice people around here and the start of the trouble for those who continue to insist on my work and property is just the part where happiness, health and normalcy is relative like they have claimed it is, otherwise if it is not they can force me to be a God they beat up into giving it to them and continue to complain on media for that. There are other matters too like when they claim I make rich people less excited about their money so they can get even richer which of course is not their real problem as their real problem is really the reactions they seek from me which will begin from the process of how they know what money is and the importance of money and I will make them into Gods I can beat up who will ensure it ends up in my pocket all the time as well. Then we might have to take another good look at what being an evil greedy wicked violent secrete societies freak of a person really is. Thus from Politicians to Journalists and even Celebrities, they all feel like putting their feet up and having a lot of money from doing so while another does the hard work for them whether they like it or not, claiming to have created the world and a successful civilisation and or lifestyle that they must now enjoy, knowing the kind of vandalism they can wield on other peoples property with it among the un-built and yet to be built and or so called developing civilisation looking for a sacrificial lamp as insolently as possible do they can bid for tyranny like they normally do and of course I don't mind if most of the things they do has more to do with me than not either. The stories about how I believe my actions are hailed and loved among government and royal circles is entirely deserved. I do not believe my actions are hailed and loved anywhere, I just made my actions the meaning of the lives of those who insult and abuse me all the time so I can find out what they intend to do about it bearing in mind it is not possible to have friends, have enemies and at the same time have a working career when they are around because they are lazy and feel an impulsive need to make you do things for them and of course it is the bane of the health and well being and financial insecurities therefore, especially when I am never going to. It is clearly supposed to be their new found journalist, advert industry goons careers and fame freaks and Politician careers where they claim claim I have no respect to their vanities, where they have egos they display because people treat them like something special at their jobs and I have no respect for it nor do I have any regard for their vanities. What they meant to say however on the other hand is that I do not recognise their fame and that they are not happy about it but they have made mention of their egos and vanities because of course in my view, they are becoming a lot less sporting than usual. I was never of the deluded opinion that the world is not full of greedy evil scum with shrines they claim has an evil power to make them rich and people they think they want to sacrifice to it; so in context these idiots are still the biggest threat to a merit society, where if I have a royal commission whether they believe it or not with claims they know who I am, their biggest problem is that I do my academic work and write books that help me release equity from it for much needed cash – if I said they think of me as a genie that would not do it because this would have been a genie they can beat up if he does not do what they want and if I said they think of me as a cupcake it would not do it either because I would have had to be a cupcake they can gobble up and feed to their shrines that make them rich and important with an evil power source. So their behaviour is insolent beyond what words can describe as such and it seems they complain now because it has come full circle as well. Naturally therefore fair to say if it goes beyond me I will definitely have to bottle them, bearing in mind also they do that their thing that means people can never be happy and healthy to make them do something about the evils of their culture they can never be seen dead giving up, so they can play around with peoples work and make money through high life irresponsibility, for what appears to be every single second as well. I mean I am being kept out of sight and bred by the government according to its needs and what the future holds generally, they tend to decide that this should mean my existence becomes a scandal and the way that I would have been worthy of any respect so that I do not become the important 'thing' that others want to abuse to increase the privileges of their stupid leaders or indeed deserving of any respect for having a government office while I am still a student would have been if I was one of their really stupid children and we never hear complains about that, all we hear are the excuses that help a process where I am abused so their leaders can feel special because they do not get any of such respects and mine needs to be collected for those that are more worthy; my name is always on their lips and I am not their mate and a place where they are so free to practice theri wickedness because civil rights is more important than religion and modernity means they can do whatever they like will not exist, not while I am around, whether or not the US is an ultra democracy and its influence needs to be replaced because people there are not playing their game recently - support is not required from government for this part, I want a piece of them here for my own purposes i.e. consideration being that of the fact putting up with their wickedness when I am not dependent on them or on their payroll is one of the most imaginative nonsense I have ever come across; it appears the civil rights was a problem for them as well. 


Never the less of which it should be instigated for customer certainty, a certain degree of animosity with those that are Loyal to the current Heir to the Throne of the UK on the basis of corruption have a problem with this Company Operations and their activities show up on media to stifle its income for what appears to be a really insolent perpetuity that really does nothing but help to distinguish my readers for me fuelling further their insulting ageism - inventive deviant women and their male counterparts and the underworld underbelly of the media industry seeking its own culture of privileged paedophilia with peoples career and property as usual. 

The American and Popular culture ones are not as much a concern as they think they are, its all a matter of being aware of what they think they have the right to do with your sexual behaviour in your personal life and matrimony and of course the things in my case I do or more things I am supposed to do with the freedom and capitalism that is the yard stick for the insults; its a matter of being a Royal Prince and the fact they will never reach my level and speak all the time of how they are a Country that is free and hates morals but do morals when others are about to take it up and do it for them - yet it continues to apply that their insults towards those who achieve these things and run a daily affair with it is astounding and for this reason I will never spare them a consequence for any of their stupidities, more so because they have their own version of what and who I am that they wish to enforce and this particular provocation has not moved in in more than 13 years so far and turns up on my Television every time they have an opportunity to appear on it from their silly Military and Secret services and The White House of Madness that we have these days. It is all about a lack of respect for who I am and what I do and an availability to perches of insults that ensure that respect does not exist when they gain from either my personality, my achievements of the aesthetics of it and the things I do to make them pay for their savagery.

They always say I am one of the biggest supporters of Government Tax Policy that places burdens on the Wealthy, which is utter nonsense - I neither support government Policy nor make them; what we know however is that when somebody works in a Farm he earns money in a way that the Government can track, when somebody own a Marketing Business with a 50 strong staff that go into the neighbourhoods to force people to buy things whether they want to or not, the Government cannot really track how he sits in an Office to make Millions on pounds in income - therefore there has to be an assumption that the Government is working for such a person, an assumption that can only be disputed when they invent work for themselves like we see Celebrities do. They do love to boast that it would be a difficult task to enforce it but I do the same things privately all the time i.e. when I write Books, they become more interested in me and not my Books and for all the wrong reasons which are invented by their Media goons, when they see my Equities they become obsessed with grabbing it to run off to places in the World where there is less interference with their freedoms and less taxes to pa, whenever they make money in that way they do nothing else except put their feet up at a resort and pass insults my direction that a Bird can carry all over the world. So, the difficulty with enforcing Government Policy will occur when they mess with Government, it will occur when making them pay more tax is the only way, it will occur when they keep snooping around peoples concerns to seek out new reasons to build some vandalism and keep up the lifestyle by it. In the end of which the Conservatives will always find it difficult to enforce Policies of making the wealthy pay more because they thrive on nudging people but that is also because their main competitors enjoy nothing else save making people poor to make their wealth inequality dispositions a viable one; hence somewhere in between are lots of talented people getting trapped somewhere, so they can be made poor to be used by Labour and Liberals just like the Conservatives always do the bit about helping people into activities concerned with paid employment better and somewhere in the middle still are hard working people getting trapped so they can be nudged by the Conservatives. They do boast of how I do it because I live in the UK and would not try any of it in the US but we all know I have only just spoken of catching Celebrities at Industry and Merchandising which ensures they keep their job in hand which is heir acting, people have the entertainment they need be it brokered from this Estate or not and I get to keep my livelihood as well - so such boasts are usually an assumption I would never have done it in the US if I lived there. It is an old story where there are a group of goons that enjoy spending money to fight others and I have caused them to lose this money handing it to these trouble makers ever so often by means of popularity, to a point where I am popular for it myself but because they have got so much of the money to spend either way, it does seem I am wasting my time - which is not to say they get the better of me as the Celebrities have claimed either; it rather concerns the bit where I have to do my Book sales numbers in a condition where somebody needs my products but wants to play a fun game of cheating me out of the process where they actually buy it until they get their hands of a movement that will help them acquire it without payment, along with excuses about the provocation I caused a totem; so have I informed them that when people people start paying for their stupid products as well, I will burn their world for them considering this condition where if I share anything with them it will be the end of me, which has emerged from this rubbish. They have always done these things - they call it creative equality most of the time; where they show up and take up peoples time claiming they want the victims to share a life with others and then when you write a Book and hand it to them to take with them, it is the actually process of paying for it that will require the entire world all together and then give way to an insulting need to build a crowd that will pillage the Books and secure their newly discovered sensation of power. They are not my challenge, the Politicians who complain about hurting bottoms and then set about ripping my finances when I set them on a path to correction and threaten them with wealth inequality to keep them in line are; the excuse Politicians have given is that they wanted me to hand them sensations of subservience with those stupid shitty faces we see at Parliament and for it build up a Crowd to rip the sales every time there is a Public function.

So eventually we hear them speak of this process of complaining I do while I continue with behaviour that is causing me problems. The behaviour they are referring to of course being the one about their hardship cynicism insults and how I give away my information everyday, which by the way I do because of my priorities being a process of controlling Royal trouble makers not dealing with my bottom on account of the existence of trading activities - so the information are used to stuff full the minds of Royal trouble makers who then sell my Public image to Celebrities whom I catch at Merchandising and Industry to keep my livelihood like they do have their own too. Their ideas of what should become of me and my possessions which involves running off with it to get rich where there is less interference with freedom and less Taxes occur because they have an arrangement with tourism economy goons who do not actually believe that the British State has a right to exist and have come to find this believe to be very convenient financially too. They say I provoked them by calling them stupid but we all know I may refuse to say it but dropping out of University was the ultimate form of tolerance for their corruptions of involvement and we now know even their community croons want beauty sleep that is extricated from my personality to sell to idiots with money that can be spent on evil people - before I called them stupid, they were the saviours of the entire black race and their security achievements had to be paid for by the beneficiaries who had to be made to understand. Each time I do not want them building Popular culture pipelines around my concerns, it becomes such a main preoccupation to do so until a threat to my life emerges from it, never mind the obfuscates built over my person, such that if I do not become a popularity vagabond they can manage to make money, somebody else can own the one attached to or associated with my personality instead and even after I am cash strapped having dropped out of University they are still having fun with it at my expense regardless of being aware of how I feel about it all, since I apparently deserve to be put in such a position because somebody else enjoys exploring their unfathomable disobedience and seeing how much profit they can make from it. What happens with them is that if the UK has a Tourism Economy, their own will fundamentally exist because they do not recognise the right of a British State to exist and have over time built up revenge popular culture on the lucrative aspects of these stupidities, to a point where it is being convenient to carry on with it at a global scale due to the fact it is becoming industrially popular - it tends to target me obviously because I allowed some girls get involved with them to make popularity music and fame and fortune from the way that getting involved with my concerns affected them and also because doing so stifled their criminal businesses considering it was becoming a threat to me and other general public safety concerns, where they have become bold enough to start telling me I may say what I say but I will soon get through hell to sell my Books and then I will have need for a Public image and then they will be waiting to do it again with that and a big mouth too - hence especially in terms of offsetting themselves as Parent figures for me which I find incredibly insulting, they do this because the really stupid American left is providing leadership and other general Media and talk show based insults that will facilitate some form of career piracy and Industry of gambling, have been providing some support leadership for it and like to say I do not stand a chance which is quite true when viewed in terms of very abusive things they do to build prerogatives that will be sold on to industry and money madness idiots with media to play with, however which tackling the male ones at Industry and Females at Merchandising to look after mine does give way to the question as per why traders should trade and let Royalty rule, then we will see how far the big mouth goes too. At the end the Idiots of Industry chasing people private parts is associated with Traders and it is never clear why I have to deal with it all the time anyway when I am not a trader - they have explained this by saying it happens because I have written Book but apart from the fact it happens as a result of the insults of Liberal populist led American Democrats, we can all see the reasons it happens are completely incredible. It is also said I am the most unlikely character to have resolved this matter about which I am lost as per what their reasons for finding it so difficult to comply with the fact I do not want their popular culture on any of my concerns anyway; which is usually better explained by the tale of Middle Sized gangs that tend to have ideas of what the world should get together to do with Money in order to make them feel comfortable and will carry on abusively to ensure they gain access to all sort of stupid things to do with a human being and openly flirt with torture to create pressures that let them have what they want from people, which usually carries on until somebody is killed and then they realise they will be required to stop it and soon move on to cling to a persons livelihood to build a fuzz that offers distraction and lets them continue doing it - wherefore I do not want to experience Popular culture on my Estate and when they have seen me drop out of University because it is getting involved never the less need to stop screwing around with it too since the complaining and the threats will never change a thing. As for the idea I am all stuck with Politics, we are dealing with abuse of aspects of my work that involves making way on my concerns in case The Queen needs me to perform any duties, which every body at the Monarchy does, except for some reason mine gets targeted so often for the purpose of cynicism that will create sensations of privilege; in my view of which it usually means somebody wants a personality to sell to Celebrities and I can help with that bearing in mind the process will likely cause no suffering all together as it were.

 It really does come down to the need they have to tell me what to do and how to exist when they know nothing themselves and the whole ladies first thing will kill them already; they always say its a matter of people I have provoked in the past which is basically also all about organised criminals and really stupid men especially the Muslim one talking about hitting those who will not give it up until they see why they should if it hurts badly enough which are of course not blabbing like that these days anymore. So when it comes to making a mess of my work it usually leads down that line of where they claim I hate Celebrities who are being nice to me while reality is that when people affiliated to me take jobs at acting being that they are a part of what I am doing and have inside knowledge which is their advantage, what happens is that this faces competition with no regard for me whatsoever as well, when people do not have to handle my property or any derivatives associated to make films all together; thus producers cannot keep producer Jobs, Actors cannot keep actor Jobs and I have to fight Industry and Merchandising to preserve my own livelihood because it is being done with malice; these are not unusual, same old pattern of the processes involved in provoking Men who have things that mean that being in possession of such things generally means that they do not have to show any kind of decorum towards others, hence have they also started to find out what I hate as well is the 5.00pm routine that usually means the headlamps are on and all over the roads and the Men are returning from work and its like the evils of the day have been done instead of work, so that they might tell me it means I hate the world all together as well considering the very provocatively expressed interest in what I hate which does not ever seem to go away.  They love to ask what the thing about Women is all about when there is really nothing to it whatsoever - just a comparison between the issues when it becomes a threat to life to be bothered when others need to make money they have not worked for while another group of people depend on their parents and then husbands who can throw them out on the streets at any time only for them to pick themselves up and face the world and come through making a life and living for themselves which the latter cannot do, being applauded i.e. making money they have not worked for and inventing things to do to cover those tracks when the need to commit crimes and create problems for government because they have that hot combination of money they can spend and energy that has not worked for it, asking me about Government tax policy all the time at which juncture we hear those tales of people like me who cannot get by in the real world whereas the real issue was the weaknesses I have been in exploited even when they know most of them are created deliberately over this matter with Women I need to get to the bottom of and see how deep the rabbit hole goes etc - these weaknesses of mine are none of their business as it were and they need to start complying with civility, asking how I pay the bills while they screw with my income everyday and more so have started making a point of doing it for entertainment with their stupid media, Media that makes their minds up for them as it were, while I get blamed for my actions all together, as if they cannot make their own minds up and always have to do everything stupid journalists desire. The other talk of creating me a crowd problem that concerns those that are older than I am to show I am not a real leader is all very well as such but that was an old story about the fact that if they are older, then they have experienced most of what I am talking about, hence the destruction and vandalism we see them wrought is deliberate and mostly supposed to have served as an amusement; hence we have seen what they can do with money and celebrity and media and need to clear my space so I can get cracking with what I can do as well - the respect issue that they are so fond of raising is itself the reason we are here all together since it is clear that if I am not stuck in the worst aspects of African culture with none of the good parts to help me with them, I am stuck with media based ageism instead, thus obviously none for me whatsoever, to a stage where my academics and finances is a toy for whole societies because they are certain they can get respect from a christian that they do not get as a point of satisfaction from the children of this day and age to boost their energy and ego which allows them the effrontery to discipline those who are not contributing to their income all day long. 

Its mostly an old case where it is said that my actions are hitting hard US/UK interests, which is utter nonsense: the leadership in the US says Royalty and Celebrities and Traders are the same things and we are meant to think they are thinking about our Interests as well and its just when they are being nice so Market idiots can screw with British State Property - when they are not, then the whole business of a British State existence not being recognised goes right up to the Oval Office. All the while the Germans who lead on the issue will be far busier picking up peoples public image to help foolish socialist girls express themselves through Television advertisement selling commodities, telling others what the meaning of life is and blabbing about how the owners will not recover it - its not that we British do not sell Commodities as well as such, its just that we are far too concerned with actual Commodity selling and not pillaging peoples National Interests to pretend it is something we deserve as a breakthrough we have to have to do the world a favour of getting out of poverty and there is a lot of Asian involvement. Every time that I happen to see advertisement made with my Broker not being done properly, it is the same problem - Public image in other peoples hands and a case of how I will not be getting it back - eventually developing into a story not just of which parts of dominating me is being sold on by the stupidest of female communities but also how I am being beaten down by real Men who are getting the kind of respect that gives them their ego and energy that is lacking from the kids of Today while I am clearly their kid as it were and not once does it ever matter to them how I am paying the Bills as well anyway, thus since last it got serious enough to develop from it not being how I want to behave or what I think I should spend my time on to a point of daily media using it to take up my time; the little bits here have also begun along the lines of selling Books never likely to be successful when Rock star daddy figures can create the seller any public leadership problem that they may fancy. Drawing these parties at the end of the day thus tends to express the fact that we share a lot with the US as such but it is actually a very different place to live in from the UK, hence its entirely a media gimmick that they find amusing but this is better publicly expressed due to leadership matters. It knows something through which it can get to me and wants to use it every second, I cannot breathe and will not live till 60 unless I put a handle on it to ensure I can decide exactly what to do every time it happens and my Book of Liabilities have been transformed on Media into a support system for mental illness and sexual prowess on account of the factor that suggests dealing with your liabilities can aid these aspects of life and its already decided on the stupid media and Politics that it is what the Books will be known for and I want them to stay off my concerns until the finances are fixed or stop complaining about my behaviour needs to change to make people comfortable as there is no way that they will ever acquire that sort of exit - it not that I cannot clear the mess obviously, its just that there is a tendency for them to return if they have it; so at the very basic level, among other things they are complaining about access to my Court will continue to threat jobs.

I. Uno I - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Speaking empirically, having always had it suggested largely by those who first of all seem to hate my personality and then realise later what they really hate is my book sales, hence deducing from that the fact that not all persons agree that what is wrong is wrong and what is right is right and we all know that what is wrong can never be right and wrong as the same time, if the bane of all that you do is based on the sensibility to act and work in a manner in which is that you consider it to be most fitting and acceptable according to the standards of a normal and reasonable person, then I can and must easily assume that such a person, you must have come across one of those points in the course of making a living, where the thought that freedom is not that which you have been able to attain occurs.

I for my part had personally come to the distillation that freedom has something to do with a given indefinite leave, given by those who understand those who follow them, although I am also of the opinion that it does not necessarily have one answer, even though its principles must always be common to all. This feeling must therefore be normal, as it is to be preserved that we human beings always strife to remove all that does not allow us to be in control of the entire operation of everything that we do and some live for nothing but mockery and insults.

The reality however is a lot more complicated: some might even say interesting. This breeds a freedom by need: the freedom that comes from believing in something special, like God for example, which helps with inner freedom but then principles alone will not be able to ensure that a person does attain all that God requires of them to do for example, without a miracle with every occurrence and activity, if the certainties of the world we live in still elude the person: this is therefore freedom that must be acquired.

Retrospectively therefore, to justify the Company property here displayed; the thing about how I take over things that people have been trying to be for all of their lives in an old issue i.e. does what happens to you in the course of your life get to change who you are? The answer to this question is yes, if you are trying to be somebody else. Its like when Christ was to come to the world to separate the wheat from the chaff; the chaff is blown off by the wind and the wheat stays because the chaff is light weight and can be blown by any wind – has no principles of his own, wants to be somebody else and always has bag logs of things he thinks he wants to be to take advantage of others with. The result of these is that he is seriously flawed as a personality and has huge inferiority complexes which he then works really hard to take out on others violently as well. Its the old question; why does everybody want to be an emperor, did you notice that their symbol is always the eagle? Now I am also aware that the biggest problem for this firm with respect to sales and profit margins is that the middle falls out of everything I do due to my language and the way i carry myself through and hence the impression I create thereof but that is actually supposed to happen in a Local Equities and Intellectual Property Administration Firm - especially at the negative equities securitisation properties, Property wise and Market wise and especially so without giving regard to those who wants to scare and intimidate me for the successful spiritual wickedness of some lying community croons to occur. Hence there is naturally a lot of unique faith coveting and the desire to have no other means of earning money except that which enables and works through fame and fortune by connecting with consumers through the perversion of a unique faith on standby, which gets increasingly violent through expectations and practices of distant fascism. There is really no such thing as securitising my human rights and selling them off as derivatives; such confusions come from the insults people through around for their purposes which serves them right too - the truth is the alliances that HM the Queen built for me when I got my Commission and of course the ones I built for myself as time progressed, what they want, what I give them and the process of selling my books which is becoming such a huge struggle due to such insults media and a problem over money. There is therefore a sense that if I am in London and somebody finds my books being read by others in another city, there will be some kind of a mini war and so it gets to that point and I must act accordingly so they might get to think they make sense when they suggest to people that securitising their human rights and selling them off as derivatives does make sense. I am therefore as such aware absolutely of a matter raised in public places all the time about how people use my work to make trouble all over the world; however while I acknowledge that it is a problem do not think that it has anything to do with me - I am not of the opinion that those who bring it up are nice people especially bearing in mind more so the abuse I have to endure from their type on account of the nature of my work with respect to every Nationalistic idiot from economies that want global power status around the world, showing their muscles all over my work for the British Government and my Literary empire which they tend to think they should use their silly media to express all the time.


The distinctive item of freedom in my books are that of the fact that having been given a Royal Estate of my own, having been removed from becoming neither trader who owns millions to buy huge lands and property with or indeed a worker who serves a trader to earn a lot of money for the same purpose or indeed a Politician that is chosen by his or her people to govern a State,  it was then possible to become one of few families that own a piece or aspects of the world and the way it operates; which exists as that which is  a general and direct pass only to family, ownership of property and Title that is an aspect of the Planet we live in. It is from this I still own over 90% of the Entire Planets Economic intellect and Intellectual Property, from which I create my books to give equity to those who show me equitable behaviour by buying them to help me release cash from my Empire Trust and thus helping us run the planet in a way which is seen as fitting and moral (disputation of this this thereby being only a factor of what people feel they must say; as considered from their point of view of who people are depending of what they want or decide, I would not own over 90% of the planets economic intellect if leaders of different Nations in the world had not decided on the convenience of sacrificing me to get rich because it was offered them by underground workers from the west, especially those that show up on the media and give them prerogatives, which is on the basis of that which I am not currently coming forth with to accord to them, hence providing a disposition where all can only get better if there is rivalry between me and such persons, while they do nothing about the State of their economies. I would not continue to as well if they have not decided that my life and work will be the template for the future at no financial benefits to me as well. Therefore such disputes are only set to have validity if they are not against the Law and in cases involving the use of the apparatus of State, the Laws of the International Community).

Those that cause the most trouble really have done nothing to make their economies fruitful in the last ten years or so. Hence even if I did not want to, I have been forced to own over 90% of this planets economic intellect, while they have pretended to become more dangerous the more they have their backs to the wall on account that I make it so, as a preamble plan to what they decide as the fact that they want to collect tax payers money into their pockets as capital or ruin everybody at the stock markets to gather money to themselves and more so as capital, in order to grab it, as a show off of their modernisation and sense of rebellion as well as deservedness of all that is worthy to be deserved. Contrary to the idea that they are peoples Princes which they love to bandy a lot, really are Traders, Politicians and Workers and make up their lies to assume already thereof the air of Kings and Queens, Princes  and Princesses around them; for which in their view there can only be one in the entire planet too because of the fact they Govern entire Nations. The fact on the ground is that they have refused to do anything about their economies and gone about grabbing money to dominate people with, thinking I am a state of affairs of something they have recently located as worthy of acusition because their insults know no bounds especially Americans  and I will not let them learn from or choose self improvements from or find out what they can do for themselves on my securities and equities without due permission or buying the books here in order to spend only what they have bought thereof. As I too do have the right to exist and do not wish to be peddled in such ways; so there is the question and will continue to be maintained this question of; what it is exactly that suggests I don’t own over 90% of this planets economic intellect then? Besides the fact the world understands that having had their backs to the wall to choose a future based on how my earnings inspire them, that they plan to use their freedoms of expression to own, these really are derivatives which belong to me and my Company, so I still own those derivatives and the responsibility to deal with problems involving and associated with them always fall on my shoulders as well. Typical example is when some Americans have trouble understanding why people would get along with people like me; which they say baffles them on account that I can just get up and tell people how to spend their money and people would go along with it - the fact of the matter being that even when somebody is famous enough to have a public life, they still believe in a process where it is possible to steal their fame and so confident that they actually set out to do it, such that succeed or not they will leave such a person with dehumanisation, therefore always a matter of the question of whether they intend to brainwash people in order to steal the fame of those who are already famous, hence giving off an understanding of what some Americans mean when they say each time they take a look at a person they get intensely angry because the world was not enough for them. For me it seems that when I say the white communities in the UK look a certain way and the none-white communities look a certain way, the white American communities and the none white American communities are well placed to make as much money as can be made from other peoples lives as a result of it, so it seems I am going to hurt them seriously before it ends or goes away. For now I have however worked out a way of dealing with it by administration, so most of my work Media wise is complete and most of my work Internet wise is complete - next will be the public life as well and then the whole process of ill health teasing I have in store for them which are a product of a life itself not worth living will be made publicly visible on the global stage.



There is no known way of letting people usurp my securities and equities like people do without an accountability or remission and more so for my books. Even though going through great expense consolidated them on this site and more so to secure the Political History of the World, where which Communist Countries where I do not seem to have much of envy based attacks have enjoyed the most benefit, without jeopardising my health, safety and well being. I am a Book seller not a Philanthropist for rich people or indeed for would-be rich people: so it is naturally supposed that there is a massive insecurity hanging over this Company which is not actually true, what hangs over this Company is the fact that clandestine crimes by men must be successful against others because in their view, earning a living is not a crime no matter how much they hurt those who can hurt them back as well and it is desired by them that I adjudicate because I am too much of a child to understand for convenient purposes. The result is that sometimes not everybody wants to be victims to these crimes or their Women, especially that of theft and revenge for black market rejection, which operates by access to some contact point such as personal details which are most of the time acquired through the Civil service or other important business items, that they extricate proceeds to lay claims to as theirs in revenge against those that always recover their property from them. All of which their American friends think providing support for, for a while and condemnation for at a later date when they have already gained what they wish to acquire changes anything. So they end up making claims of New Democracy to confiscate property, in this case confiscate or replicate in a condition of the original my property, as insolently as they know, with consequence that I lay to waste those saved up cultures which they do save up because what they really expect is that what they deem to be lesser human beings will work hard to sort out any Financial or Economic problem there is in the Country and indeed the world, most of which they have created, while they move into such a persons right hand to hurt them in order to play games of trade and violence by which they get rich. So the saved up the cultures serve the purpose of gathering up money that such a person and in this case myself owns, to enjoy the high life with during the crisis to make it worse and ensure it is the only thing that I do with myself while they make a lot of money therefore from means they know nothing about and use it to get rich as such after the crisis, in order to secure the laziness they are known for and the enjoyment thereof of more of the High life, which appears to be the purpose of their existence. I had to manage my Office while looking into this problem, so the only way to do that was to ensure their hands were 'on the deck' working the stupid saved up culture really hard and paying taxes from doing so. The wider outlook is that it appears that a person can be offered by a group of people and their media and community subjection, to the worst of the common enemy we all share, as an offering which will ensure that when he dies and in this case me, people will have no desire to be as bad as they would have wanted to because he has, only for me to progress from it to become a Statesman, then get harassed by continual general interest politics based death threats, only to turn out to sacrifice myself and all I own for the Globalisation plans of the same group of people, if the Government of the United States of America says so. In 2008, they elected themselves a black President on this premise, which I must suppose means they are yet tired of killing their own - not that I tend to make it easy for them these days anyway, bearing in mind it must be shown and expressed yet that I do not have enough money to buy my own life from them as such. 


Other questions asked is that of how credible my equities are, besides the matter that is born of claims I commandeer other peoples businesses because I am the most daring idiot in the world, by incredibly stupid and insolent money mad girls and men who have access to media and always like to compare themselves to me with respect to my property on the platform of their insolent rebellious modernity; the fact being rather that no property of this Firm belongs to another, what is being confused is the obligation I have to provide negative equity securitisation in a condition where the recession has created a process where Political authority interfere with and manages the National economy, which in effect means that what becomes of the economy is no longer determined by market but by administrative authority, thereby creating a situation where any business or enterprise located in this economy is run ultimately by Political leaders by and large where the buck stops; hence for running peoples businesses for them, I had to provide the service such that it must be made worthwhile to afford them free secutitisation of their negative equities, so that Politicians can justify, first of all getting them to co-operate and run the businesses effectively under government supervision during the crisis and  also the process of demanding the creation of jobs, by which the Politicians get rewarded for their jobs when the electorate is happy with their performance. I should therefore compare it for this purpose to a 2 kilometre marathon; where I aim to raise £2,000, which means I am selling each metre for a pound. What I must do is run it and maybe make a video of myself and then go around raising funds from those in whose interest I ran it, so I must have worn the vest with their logos on it and so on and must have made a video to make that happen but if somebody else did so with a replica vest and went off to get the money because he has media, some might still give me some money when I authenticate my identity later but some will not, however if that process where it happens carries on over and over and over, at a point, they will know who it is that does it and will tell them they know who they are but because such have media, they will bully them until they give the money, which means they give it to them because they expect the owner to do something about it and it will go on like this until it becomes institutional if nothing is done about it. Not to mention the fact that if I set out securities, an example of which is the one I have mentioned here i.e. for example a piece involving a process of setting out information about fundamentalisms of the far right, so they see less reasons to make enemies and hurt people and somebody wants to create a Car on that, bids for it and takes it, after which I have to go to my sites to confirm, or the kind where white boys will see me isolate them and set about peddling that stupid culture so that my office might be respected and the blacks will see me cut them off from the left and become the worst thing that ever happened to their sense of justice in this country and or the world over, which I will set out to package for example and then trade them away in the same form, when somebody has his wealth distribution plans in the circumstances, he completely ruins that for me too after the intrusion and vandalism. So the idea I steal their culture has no bases on reality, it is one of the matters by which I can very pragmatically show them how many products have been created with their cultures, so they can hate my guts with it. As for their women, they always really, really love me whenever I have difficult work to do and then will get media idiots to gather the income based equities for them as well, while they turn up on TV to show their faces and do what they can to make me angry enough to spill some sex (as they put it), about which it soon becomes a matter of how I speak to people because it helps me manage my mind claimed to be the case by them, which has nothing to do with reality that rather operates on the fact I always do so to return their filth back to them as I will only be possessed when they no longer work on media but I need to look after myself until then, each time they toss it at me and the camera man does things for them so they can have a certain kind of sex and have access to the Kingdom of God without repentance, by which they will turn up the day after to introduce themselves on National TV and get it back. They ask whether I understand what people are actually saying to me and I find it bewildering that people will think I don’t understand what people mean when somebody is the sole bread winner in the family, has a good job and starts to tell his wife about buying their home and in 4 months looses the job because of the recession, about which I ran around the place spending my own property to create equities and securities to make businesses profitable again so that they can employ but they cannot buy the books to confirm what I did is a good thing because they rather prefer that accolade to go to drug lords and Popular culture idiots and thereof claim to have control of my finances, by which they can ensure I do what they want, bearing in mind I promised to create people jobs and they are here to ensure that is precisely what I do with myself. The question is whether they are harming me or themselves, since businesses on the other hand not only see them do these things to create expensive security questions on and or about investments i.e. somebody sells equities and securities meant to ensure I am profitable and therefore employ them but they say it is a bad thing and therefore my right to invest but also to employ them, bearing in mind it is a centre stage, made up so they can play junior sibling that has access to the money, while I become senior sibling that knows what must be done and is therefore ruled by the richer junior who is one of the world worst envy freaks and more so because there are campaigns of wealth distribution in town as well by which facts and truths and ownership can be subverted. I was only referring to my problem earlier on i.e. that I have got a wife and kids and a mortgage is not criteria for an entitlement to jobs. With respect to politicians, every time I say something about being forced to own over 90% of the planets economic intellectual property it gets to mean the right to take hold of and split all I own among themselves which is what the unauthorised handling of my property was all about in the first place; however based on the above two prognosis of which it is clear the method they are pushing me into deploying against government operatives of a certain kind.


I understand that they claim the way I work serves Communist interests which is really senseless stupidities; what really happens is Communists fantasising that I am serving their interests and it’s the good old case of trouble makers doing what they do and then stealing your fighting abilities because they spent so much time making trouble they do not have the energy to fight anymore and so have to rely on the big Country gimmicks, the Russians being the only ones that have stolen and applied my Royal order so far, a corruptibility that I need to snuff out if I must be able to get my international tasks performed and of course it has not given me a days break on social Media and the Computer since all together either; when I speak like this the tendency is that it will dig deep into the deep recesses of its mind to seek out the violent bits that will scare the British and then it can fantasise that I am solving its problem from there all together. On more mainstream matters it seems to be the case that I am always antagonising socialists which I am not, the reality is that I have had them spend tax payer funds that was their property to spend in that way, for the purpose of chasing me up over 12 years to wreck finances and academic work on account they have a desire to see me respond to what passes on their left hand side and right hand side even when I knew from day one of their projects of stupidities that it was schizophrenia to do so – I guess then that I will never stop antagonising them as long as the stupidities surrounding this matter has not ended alongside the matter itself. They do say it’s a matter of the powers that rule the world and where their Loyalty lies but it is irrelevant to me what they are loyal to; if socialists show up to take advantage of our Political system to have their way with us as a public and solve some wealth distribution problems for a job role in our Capitalist Government buildings, they might at least try to solve some of the previously existing problems before they had invented some new ones; I mean their lives are never affected by crime and for all their claims to the contrary, my tummy does not give up on me when I am in the Company of my extended family either. So it is then suggested that everything I do comes with a good and bad side while the truth is that everything I do comes with the good of doing it and other peoples insults making an appearance to pay off without purpose and then setting off theories that I had engaged in some form of corruption due to an abusively profitable ego they wish to preserve.

Its as what happened to the Transformers Movie Franchise; the Canadians were making Films on what happened when Security services got into a fight with some very deadly and dangerous gangs especially when it happened overseas but since last the Americans saw the Films, the structures that allow people to enjoy those kinds of movies were then taken up and dismantled while the problem was allowed to fester and generate its own pay back; so I gathered they did because they were the biggest Market for the Movies as such but so am I rather convinced they will not mind if my Film equities looked the way they saw it when they first found it as well.

It does leave me wondering why the Media goes on and on and on about educating people concerning the perils of war; I mean anybody would know its pure terror to live a life on the run and that the reason was actually life threatening and was completely rampant – to sleep in the bushes and to eat in the bushes and to bath in the bushes along with your parents and then each time the attack comes to the area where you had previously felt safe, you have to run and it’s embarrassing to see your parents run for their lives but the embarrassment is soon replaced with utter terror associated with them being shot dead by cross fire and the madness gets worse and you run and run and run into an area where people speak a language you have never heard and then you wish it was over already. The reality is actually that people do not need this education, they know exactly what they are doing like when they claim I am complicit with racism not by means of what I say or do but by my thought pattern and what my mind set looks like with that big mouth they have, we see the same in the US where they need to get the government forcing people to put away the guns while they want to be the ones picking it up first once that had happened. So it builds up to this case with respect to me that concerns the business of making sure everybody knew the one thing they dreamt of, was to get the British Monarchy handing my Royal Estate to them as per they were better human beings than I am, about which I shall me obsessing over their popular culture and Celebrity in the same way as well needlessly, probability being that I will completely destroy it by the time this is over; so its an old story that goes way beyond such realities as the fact it is dirty filthy bullying asking me what I will do while it clings to my Books to manipulate me into gaining access at Royal property in order to make money and get rich quick, it also goes beyond the claims that I attended University which explained most of their actions giving their stupidities needed mobility in the process, it goes beyond clinging to my personal life and public image in the hope that when they had twisted, evil possessed by demons made enough trouble for everybody, Politicians will decide none of that would have happened if I just shared it, same as the destruction of peoples lives and property because they were seeking out the best life to enjoy and then the process of telling those lies and issuing those threats, such that we know once they begin to obsess about the media as well some victim is about to punish them for it; for my part which I do not think of extreme forms of recompense as a whole, it’s a simple matter of issuing the warnings until it’s time to ensure that it was never pleasant when I had to build a family and run a livelihood by making them very uncomfortable. They do claim my whole life is now filled with problems but it is not; it might seem surprising to these guys mostly but it is the business of not dealing with the problems which make me feel stressed, same as the fact that I find it easier to fight back than to look for trouble and those who start will end up finding I had gotten myself prepared for them and then realise they do not fancy it as well; I mean we see what they are doing with my academic work is wrecking it to set up my personality as the atmosphere they immerse themselves in when they wish to be successful as a community and that I must be prevented from shutting it down by completing the academic work all together with Politicians talking nonsense about what I must do to make people feel safe by handling them otherwise I am inferior looking for more of what they were complaining about themselves; so I write Books of create equity and we already had a pre-existing issue associated with the fact these guys could never show regard for peoples thinking space, so I had decided to apply my real self and get them bringing on the problems; we know it usually comes down to the wire when you end up talking like who the hell do people think they are showing up here to make trouble all the time and they know I am never going to become some fly on the wall for them; so it looks like time and again I do not wish to get stuck with a jobs market that had to do with people they bullied to get to the top and what those want to do to me because they would get there faster but time and again once my back is turned the fucking idiots are back in that atmosphere of my academic work they think they want to confiscate for their communities to make money and progress by putting labels on me seeking out some popular culture, Politics and stock market gimmicks all over it, that will help them get successful at dirty sales; the media does not need to keep educating them about the horrors of war like that all the time. its all filthy dirty bullying and the only thing that will stop them is an understanding that each time it happens I will hit them where the money is, hence I will run off these warnings for the above ascertained period and then get myself a life at the end of it.

It is now said there are matters concerning Brexit which I am not actually aware of; the truth of course is that a workable arrangement between the EU and the UK is a given, the big question is whether the Eu will use sheer force of majority to force the UK into dealing with its own Immigration problem. So the Germans are the ones who have a biggest cause in the matter I.e. they were trading well with parts of the world where the UK is hated and then the UK started to interfere with the whole thing but that was after and not before the matter of being an ally of France and Germany meant sharing National interest to a point of being intellectually bankrupt because you were being threatened to share it like that, besides which each time the UK looks for trading Partners France and Germany plays up practical jokes. I personally could never tell what the problem with the Politicians was; German Businesses simply showed up and decided the UK is good at doing somethings, so they wanted to take it with them to areas of the world where the UK is hated and do their business there – they have been doing well since with the EU Partnership in that way but the Politicians somehow still have a lot of problems. I mean at this point here in the UK, the second biggest financial decision you must make being the business of buying a car that is second to buying a House, is virtually in the hands of Germans because they are the ones who own the most expensive Car Manufacturers in the UK. Some say I support Brexit as well and it is a bad disposition to be in but it is not bad to me at all; it seems that in the business of those whose behaviour are the reason for insecurity which befalls them and engulfs other people around them being a low priority on certain public matters, people can never pay their bills unless they get sexually abused so these popularity goons might gain access to popular culture through it and you are then left looking at the nature of a thing and how it plans to get itself out of the mess it has gotten itself into and allow yourself to be made a mess off because you feel sorry for a creature that you should really feel nothing of that sort for and in my case I happen to have stopped access to fame as they had decided my Public image is about to become something they own with the big mouth they have got – I do not oppose Brexit, it has its purpose. I mean they always say have set out a time frame by which to handle these matters and its never clear what I will do but I am unlikely to do anything unusual as such for my part, save ensure I got myself a life and my Book sale business ran like a job and not some social play thing no matter how hard I tried due to idiots making it toxic and inventing violent things I am to get myself involved with so they might feel comfortable because they are twisted and evil and have no conscience while being rather convinced they were very important, talking nonsense to keep the delay up all over my concerns for it. Its an old story behind the reasons employers usually employ me and then get rid of me to get all over the media; I do not like very much employers who take advantage of my so called personality because I work for them, knowing perfectly they are wrecking the academic work that I spend the rest of my time on – there is nothing out there stopping me building up my own means of being the darling of my shop manager employers by setting out insultingly abusive ways through which I may boost sales by running of vicious abusive popular culture, Politics and stock market gimmicks at the expense of Celebrities and their Popularity goons, so I am sure they understand I do not care what their problems is as we can see sharing what I have makes them physically and financially comfortable but does not give me anything and therefore needs to be stopped in its tracks, I am sure they understand why I want them to stay away from my Books as they have not contributed a single sentence in it. I do get told I know these things but allow them get the better of me but I usually spend my time around it chasing National Unity matters, which I do not think I have to chase much these days anymore, so the end of November 2018 will mark the point at which the business of issuing warnings that deter them so I might not end up running a career and a family in a way that hurts them intensely is to come to an end. 

They do claim that without Brexit I would have done nothing; reality is that I would have taken necessary action when my Publishers publish my Books and build me a market for it and my whole life got worse on account a certain group of scum had decided I should earn nothing from it which damaged the prospects of earning from other jobs like the sons of perdition, along with their American friends talking nonsense all over any weakness they find around here and looking to ensure the Books were some leverage which affected me deeply that their stupidities controlled without permission. Hence the warnings are important as the first plan in mind when I ended up with googly eyes on account the State declared I was 18 and if my parents kicked me out of the Family home they would get support from the Civil service - Its not really clear in a Political sense why it is important for these fools to be so stupid at my expense yet anyway, in a spiritual, religious and morality sense however it is as clear as crystal and I am fed up with it. They do claim it is the way they fraternise with Country I have taken up and claimed as a career but if I wrote anything personal diary to help with cope with their need to make use of my temperaments, wreck the academics and wait for me at street corners for ageist homosexual sex, I would be repeating myself i.e. the personal diaries were full about 8 years ago; so it appears that if I said its a social issue, it goes on without being checked and if I said it was damage I would have to deal with a crowd and a power that shows up at school to wreck my bits whenever the kids are waiting outside to be taken home by parents, it shows up with the Politicians to do it all the time and now it has built a public place sensibility out of it, spreading like a disease for each employer that I meet is soon affected and then I could never keep a personal or working relationship with any person while it had made money on my public image to dominate and abuse me with and then had it stupid hearts desire, while their children claim its the new form of Happiness they must have, without which the mental state that is the result of always trying to be something others have had as a character and personality years before they knew it existed thus has inflicted on them, damaging my Book sales and making my whole life toxic in the process (I am fed up with it and will be done by the end of November 2018; Its a simple matter for me and I do not think it should become other peoples preoccupation i.e. its always trying to be something that others have had as a personality for years, sometimes even before it was born and then it will damage its personality and decide it wants to make use of mine, to a stage where it wrecks my academic work, passes its own exams and returns to Public culture to make a living from the academic work I did not complete and build a community on my Public image that uses it as their ecosystem for getting by; so its not my fault any of these happened and happened to them, there is no reason for me to pay a price for it whatsoever - those who love to ensure they got involve to bear bate will also ensure that I did nothing about it, so when the goons get off on Public places to call me out for a fight while I am busy with other matters until I fall ill, their own stupidities will fall ill in the process as well). 

It all points towards the leadership being supplied by the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave which is also apparently the Land of Scientology and the Land of the Church of Satan - so it will show up like that to invent a contraption it says it wants to make a living from which while purpose is to see me fail at what I am doing, then spend time inventing excuses each time reason points towards the fact it needs to shut it down as soon as possible, while everybody else whose finances have been affected by both the victims abusiveness and their intrusive stupidities claims there is a job I should have done which I have not and their lives have been badly affected bearing in mind having money keeps them from doing bad things and then we end up with something that looks like moral fabric of society where they cannot keep their hands to themselves if they assumed they were incredibly important. I do get told they feed on my fear and that it is about National service operatives but they do not; what happens is that they are incredibly stupid people who are also very good at making money from other peoples Public image, since if they did from peoples Public life it would leave the victims with a sense of dignity and not make the victims feel victimised or make them feel powerful at all; so they have Celebrities who do them the favour of building up what they would like people to think about them and use those are shields behind which they attack me all the time, which then gives way to another group of idiots who although they might have had adult children at home to pass the insults at will rather make out that whilst they do not have the time or stomach to read my Books, there is a job I should have done which I have not done, that is trying to take away from them the job that gets to their heads, after they got all over the Public image to continue the business of keeping me from shutting people out of it by completing the applicable academic pursuit; so its all incredibly stupid like we find their threats usually mean the Politicians that support them end up complaining about hurting bottoms as well, hence I do not have a comedians Career otherwise I would have loved to just sit about describing these things in a jovial way and then get paid some money for it that was decent enough to get a life with: they do also say I could never win and technically it could be true since it is clear that if I started tackling it I would tell them to deal with the National enemy if they are making use of the Public image bearing in mind they are usually show business millionaires and have continuously pointed out that their money will never run out but it usually means they then tell me its the path through which they shall confiscate my Royal Office on account there will be other busy body goons fighting my battles over it to mock the Families that exist at the bottom of British Society in the Monarchy but then again, if it is not to go away and let me be, we will find out by testing this theory either way it goes. I mean they do claim I get about looking for trouble which I blame on others but reality is more like my academic work of which I would not end up with a personality that gets them telling me I am stupid for not deploying it at Celebrity culture to get rich quick if they had not been following me around at University where they ended up wrecking it in the process - sometimes it completely incredible, since it will show up where it sees me spending time with a job in hand to do it.


 There is that talk of course of how what people do to me is a function of what they had suffered in the past while fighting for their civil rights and it is important to people to ensure what has happened to them does not happen again. The reality of course is that their Politicians whom they have never addressed in such ways set them up on global media to feel they can get involved with absolutely anybody they want and do whatever they bumping into anybody they like for as many times as they might want to in any given day. So I have got this sense I can get involved with anybody and it is all built up like at atmosphere on the Global scene as well, for if it makes people money it should make anybody money and I will not be the one to jump on their stupidities since it is against International Law to regularly humiliate people, although they do me because they want me to return their civil rights back to somewhere around the 60s and the idiots among their ranks who talk nonsense with their foolish media about their violence and more so due to their greed want some of mine as well. I have a Media based working Court for this reason and have before warned they exist as a deterrence but are things I can arm at will never the less since this sort of self defence was never going to sit well with Politicians, especially the American ones and their really pragmatically insolent media.  Besides which it is entirely normal to consider the matter of ideologies of evil being associated with Ones business and of course the matter of publicity that those who patronise it give to it over ones trading activities, Property Equity, Creative Equity and Temperamental Equity. I am aware for security purposes it is said I jeopardise myself over my work but in actual fact I really do not; I simply do not expect people to find out what the Queen of England thinks about me and then get off to do the same things she does to me to me as well, I bet they do get the same thing The Queen gets from it too anyway. In the end I do not want them around my Office and person life as it is the worst possible feeling of insecurity and for the sake of violence happening right now, I should dispel the idea it is guaranteed I will be beaten by stating for their information that those Pop stars and twisted kids with an eye for fame and fortune are not their age mates the problem that those create of which they should be dealing with and it is important they stay off my book sales, my finances and earnings and stop tempting me.

Now I should mention that either by direct Equities and Securities written out or Live Equities and Securities that are set out as blogs, I have in certain ways aligned myself with some of the most evil and mortally violent behaviours in the world on This site or on the subsidiaries sites, to secure Equities and Securities as may apply. The Main issue therefore shifts to the matter of being insulted by media and Political idiots who then claim I cheapen their lives and businesses and it is a little known fact they are so important that if I wanted to do something to reduce their fame and importance it would never have ran out - so this is what must be put to the test as well, bearing in mind they have insulted everything here to destruction and continue to seek out personal and intimate forms of abuse as the answer to everything in their stupid lives as well and the media ones cannot show regard for wars happening anywhere in the world, which I think is indication they are seeking real problems in their lives as well. The other side is meant to apply to those who got too close to the Monarchy and therefore endlessly feel as though they want to secure a condition where the Queen regards one person or another as their favourite in other to find out if I can leave up to my boasting and for this I have finished stage one of detaching them from a Monarch that does not want to get around Her Business choosing sides and positively intend to finish up and hence to replace them completely all together. Remarkable it must be noted despite the destruction their insolence causes, how much ideas you can get from them. 

It happens all the time, getting vibes from popular culture idiots with a tendency for crime that they handle intimate areas of my body as so on, especially when such fools are black and then you hear it from them while they are hard at it, the idea that have access to things, are media connected and want to be rich pretending my Royal Work is a walk in the park, destroying anything that looks like finances and then giving off ideas talking nonsense about people cheapening their stuff and they say they work for The Queen or other Members of the Royal family as well. I am not saying it is a problem, it is not a problem; I could live on state support for 6 years and the fundamental reason can easily be that a Christian will not give a toss if people are driving expensive cars or not, unless they are at a state when they are wholesomely desperate for a bit for cash and the fathers can play with their feelings and threaten them, it is after this they turn up to pretend we ought to live in the same life at my expense as well while they carry on.  It is eventually a question of whether it is who I am i.e. somebody who gets his bum fingered like popular culture fools with a tendency to do crime put to me all the time because this is the back door media connected secret service information they send out and discuss with their idiots all the time? They say my books hurt people and those people think they must act; first of all which they wanted to control me before I am allowed to get an education and a job on account I don’t like to be served a peddled faith and they like to be free and love to use their ears for something else over how others wish to live their lives but then again apparently people can tell me to take my books off the market if it hurts their feelings – this we must put to the test as well; they are clearly good for and good at violent and destructive consumerism which they claim they do for power but nobody knows why they are adamant that they must get rich or be served by the environment that another created integrated into his Royal Property to trade and serve his own people and customers with, then again it might be one of those issues about which the very end must be observed. So do I work surreptitiously at the Office because I am scared of the Monarchy and strange things will happen to me if I commit? Utter nonsense of course because where HM is involved the two matters are to ensure when I am incapable One can take back Her Job at any time and the other is to ensure I am always doing my part when required. Where HM is not concerned it may have just applied that I enjoy a lot of affection from the British People that I have reached a stage where they feel comfortable about my cashing into it which brings us to the other story of how miserable I am in the UK for people spend their own private equity to administrate intellectual property for companies for a living when they are miserable, or perhaps, just perhaps, too many idiots are putting their opinions through - since it is actually clear One is having too much fun in the UK, so much that it does affect the bottom line which is a problem that needs be rectified. The other side of the story that does not involve Royalty is about those who know conspiracy and backbiting and slander so well that they can do and undo, it just so happens I know justice so well that I can do and undo as well and there is no pressure there when they feel I must be beaten; I mean they do say One does not care about people when they are the ones that want to count heads and settle numbers and play a few greed games here and there to destroy peoples lives and get rich and just because I cannot be beaten I must be beaten by any means - so if they wind me up I will definitely do them again. 


 The Holdings of Nation and Land of the Island of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its Common Wealth is entirely a matter of Wisdom and not power and right. Yes there is right but not in the way that men and cursed Royal Inheritances in all kinds of God forsaken places will be able to understand or fathom.

It remains therefore that such corruptions as extremisms and bigot politicians and their Popular Campaigns must never be condoned or accepted, especially because of their desire for Gang based violence.

No body owns the Lands of the United Kingdom and its Common Wealth but the British Crown which is the Government and privilege of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II.

The Arch  Prince Ikpe Uno is a recently adopted Prince by Her Majesty who is given the commission to operate an office of a Half Priest Chief of Staff as a Government High Diplomat.

In this Office he is charged with 

  • The management of the corruptions of the retribution of people power .
  • The Management of Economic insemination, incubation, propagation, production and its twin problems of con activities and the National front. 
  • The defence of the Financially weak and economic survivalists whose condition determines the margins of the welfare of Her Majesty's Subjects.

Being first of his Estate and Bloodline, the major problems has been the Global positioning of anti-God rebellious, anti-Faith and purity and adversarial elements and fundamentalisms; he had completed work on securing the Globe from this in the early half of 2004 under incredibly difficult circumstances and the on going Iraq war. The secondary matter of corrupt media and socially obsessed Political influences and the fake marriage they have with their spouses now remains as the major issue. 
In terms of which Individuals that work these ideologies and seek to corrupt the world with it and through the pioneering of his Royal Estate in order to gain some form of ideological and or fundamental establishment or the taking over and radicalisation of it in order to move towards Western corruptions, especially corruptions of involvement for the purpose of destroying it, have come to settle in on the confiscation of his income in his work and to keep this up, is the increasingly violent nature that media has adopted all over the world thus always one problem after another targeted at him to separate him from his work and income with promises he will never get it back until he gets into a fight and thus beats up somebody for them (this has progressed with support from Politicians for the better part of the last decade). 

The result we have today is that the Arch Prince has devolved society into a condition of uncontrollability and since he is not fighting for anybody after causing that, while making sure they are doing all possible to rob themselves of justice, has certain sexual and sex based habits which make media studios very violent places for those who work there because his neighbourhood is always violent due to public media accusations of infidelity with Housewives, worked by those who are doing because of corruptions they can have with tribal back stage media, Society and Politics, In order to also manifest having sex with Housewives and having somebody to blame it on for the pleasures of powers their situations can afford them. Now they spend a large proportion of their time scrutinising HH's sexual behaviour that largely does not exist because they plan to insult him and get away with it because it also affords them the means to grab his income and fame for the pleasures decadence and evils of their stupid children, who feel when people have certain kinds of sex they will live on Housing Estates, have no limits about anything in their stupid lives and presume to punish One for it in order to make friends with fame industry idiots, by which they are meant to take advantage of him and his property to get rich through bullying.

So HH gets informed rather regularly that he does not fancy when people respect and adore him which is utter nonsense, for their stupid girls are always interrupting his conversation to insult him with their problems, then commandeer his hospitalities in public places to entertain men and get rich with it, after which they make accusations he has had sex with them to stifle his income-especially through identifying with him. They also tell him he is always angry at people which drives them away, which is utter rubbish too because what he did was gamble his property on economic recovery, tried to get people to buy my books instead of waste money on the waste called recession and they preferred, to ensure he cannot do anything else with himself until he is doing otherwise while they make sure my books are never sold, as their older men prefer making sure his market place was savaged by the millionaires in their age group because they are older than he is and will find favour among them-this has resulted in a condition where he has turned their businesses into a matter of numbers not marketing skills and their plight is likely to get worse the more they get on media to threaten and abuse him. The real problem he has  had with them however is their hatred of him because of his fame which they need to be very evil to find the strength for and their wickedness through this which besets the Nation. As for wealth distribution; when HH speaks of some small person getting through to him through media because their boss will loose a 50 year old company if he don’t help them and they will never have another job because they are seen as hard working slaves by most people they have met, then it is time for their politicians to mimic him and dispatch the expensively insolent, hard, socialist,  stupid bad upbringing girls that control him and all he owns for the good of the less well off and the black race and those who have had to put up with slavery and slave trade, as well as those who have problems; the result is of course that they will wreck the economy and he will wreck their Politics and hold the economy together with strings from his Office which will mean he will get wealth selling his books to millions and the process of making progress by denying them things that will likely make them content in their hearts is still one of the most useful tools he has got for his work and to make progress where and when necessary. Bearing in mind Slavery is something that those on whom it is inflicted get to forget, whether or not it has a real effect or is somebody else's fantasy. HH's prognosis: "I am not the one that is made for and knows how to pay for things or is the most skilled at paying for things people need, more so with insults and immorality of which with what I own, which really belongs to everybody. I now need that part of my property by which such nonsense is possible to be under my undivided control; this does not as such speak well for their insolent fame industries."

With respect to the decency of a human being, it is still not a major issue at this point, its simply a fact that when One gets published online it is publishing and does not mean that it has not appeared on TV and therefore somebody else gets to own the book and royal property, all be it as a function of the fact the owner is not publicly present and thereby own the book that belongs to him that was meant to appear on TV because if some do not get their seniority bully broken dreams out of others to foster their favourite greed, money freak rubbish, they can never give such things a rest and move on without travelling around the world to seek violence. This has been going on for years off course, where writing a book at home means that taking a walk down the streets suggests somebody can therefore grab your aesthetics and use it on media to get rich, after which he knows what people should not do with what he looks like because he is a reporter etc which simply suggests he wants more money to hide himself with, then starts to pretend he owns his victims as violently as possible and begins to decide when one starts to deal with him as well when it supposed to be over. So one is to say ‘I want them off the property and book sales’ and they are to say he is joking and the fight is supposed to have intensified because he had decided the only thing they will have is that stupid money they were born into this world before he was to earn before he was born; which is how they come to the deduction HH does his job because of the fear other children will have what he has while he is deprived i.e. all he is being stripped off him because they are incredibly insolent people who make others commit crimes while children will grow into and be nurtured with all he is, when he is rather comfortable with the idea it is good luck to those who want to grow up to have what he has as equally as it is good luck to him who wants to beat up the fathers for a living - nothing whatsoever therefore to be concerned about. In the end, the economy is a typical example that nothing gets done in government when an idiot is able to feel he can determine what you do or what you do not do and so clearly it is the book sales that will have to become their undoing as well (HH's prognosis: when we say we need to ensure small businesses serve big businesses and big businesses are held to account to serve them as well, it becomes an impossible task because some stupid girl and or woman is a bully that thinks you are something she does hurtful things to in order to get good things in return and the errands never go away either because she has greed and ambition too - nothing gets done in government while that is going on, I want my class act on the matter - they will fall over the book sales. The claim I want everything in the world does not apply on the matter either; a half priest government operative does not write books that gets him involved with the worst that exists in society to the point where they have such access to his personal life and office to wreak such vandalism as they might wish - at the end of the day a writer has his own crowd other wise every other crowd will be killed off to limit the damages. The Labour Party really has no policies whatsoever and more so on nuclear deterrent; all they know is the next point of terror that they wish to run their Politics on the mentality of the UK people with and they love to choose communists as that point regularly, only recently been going after the Americans. It is never clear how anybody would have an ambition to be a prospective tyrant, I mean who are this his mates that he intends to rule here and rule there and so on anyway? They have simply become more evasive over the years and so have I developed an appetite for destroying that stupid party as well; I mean these days the damage I have done to it is such that it can no longer credibly be the party that promises wealth distribution unless it self harms. It is the things expressed I am most proud of i.e. that the price we pay for wealth equality in this country is socialist racism and fascism and genocide. It begins from school days where the reason others are successful is because they are being given preferential treatment by society and not that they put in extra hours at their academic work etc, which means such things as how they would do better if the society in the UK where they find it impossible to make anything work was the one in the US where they like the way it works and this is how they normally come to the deduction the UK needs to become the US and so on and then it is when we get into the real world that they are certain this has paid off and as much as they believe their lies is everybody else’s belief of it as well, so they start wealth distribution etc. It is not a problem that they find it complicated to make anything work for them in the UK society that is the main issue of course since people do act to share such things when others are fans but the fact they are the most hatefully insolent scumbags in the world and I am not sharing mine, not even as a derived sensibility, that will rip to pieces my equities and securities too by the way.  Hence it should be borne in mind therefore the claim that I speak of economic recovery but me and my actions and my work are the biggest threat to business confidence on the global stage, this is a matter of a lack of respect of course but then again I would have to pay for their stupidities if I made it clear I am not their equal and they are in no way my class and need to get off the royal property and the books. They really expect somebody to take a stand and tell them to do a thing or not to do another when it is clear that the bottom is to fall out of their activities because it is the only platform on which the process of training a workforce, the process of an education system can be sustained. I am not such a person and they need to do whatever their choices tell them to and pay the full prices for it too. 

There is therefore the matter of how destructive of other people's civil rights I am or indeed damage I do to it by taking up civil rights matters when I am a royal Prince and should not and thereby should be made to give it up when I have spent all my life doing it without knowing I am doing it or accepting it is somebody else's work and not mine. It is the same old story of what I need to do for revenge or deterrence when people take up my work and set out to do it the way I should have done it to create the correct civil freedoms effects by which all their Popular appearances and meetings and protests is a destruction of my fan base and my followers and my customer base, which they then show off in public as well as an evidence of their anti-corporation and anti-wealth inequality campaigners, after my personal affairs with my friends had become public property of course in the first place, with really insolent media getting a reaction from me everyday to acquire inspiration and energy as they put it, by which they keep it all going and will therefore as they were determined to, never leave me alone. I am not of the opinion that it is a major problem either, as I said, it is a matter of revenge and deterrence and I hope to begin by showing them how striking the Shepard to scatter the sheep really works and of course when I mention such facts it becomes obvious I am not the first to have done it.

The great idea of threats I face from powerful people has no basis on reality; the fact of it has more to do with people who are comfortable with the idea their jobs are not things other people will want to compete for which means it is a safe bet and an advantage, so the violence they speak of means for the most part that they want a story to exist between them and my job and so of course the dimension that story takes is not up to me - they do need to get off the Royal property, get off the books. The part where they claim I speak of direct action because I am really a very weak leader is the bit where the truth of it is that I just have property that is worth a lot of money and because I have been preoccupied by things like George Bush and the media and other idiots in the same form of activities as well like Tony Blair and Berlusconi of Italy to mention a few public ones especially when they have the same skin colour as I do, I am actually cash strapped in possession of the property which means every scum things that they can take advantage of me with any money they have to get rich and so the only way to solve their problem because they are so stubborn is tie them up somewhere and hit them so hard the pain distracts them from the books, otherwise I will like to know first of all why they are so stubborn and then what we are waiting for as a planet if it is possible for people to do government work without being paid, especially so because some human beings are just corrupt and cannot be corrupt therefore with their own because they have not got it and of course the part story about how One's activities have shown people have to hit the British Monarchy at its resources is much the same as the fact their Politicians have ambitions to be rich and powerful and people should never expect professional politicians to come anywhere from their quarters, their fellow African friends regularly have ambitions to travel overseas whose nonsense  should never be tolerated either, especially the part about respecting their money which they are likely to have stolen from Ones Royal Property and or public work and pretend there is a political excuse for it which makes them unquestionable and untouchable as their media especially desires above all else to be able to hurt people in a condition where they will never be stopped or questioned about their decisions to, then make out their freedom and liberty of fools where they are known to gangs and extremist groups who are their friends is more important and that others do not wish to stand up against the Government on Freedom of Privacy issues because they are cowards and of course it is much the same as the claim One's work is mediocrity concerning which they do not seem to be able to demarcate between an opinion of such and something they have turned into a daily campaign over property that one has never given them permission to run such stupid campaigns on or with, so that when he handles them as well and their stupid community croons alongside they might want to get the American President to wave around a big stick in their favour.). The Thing with and about freedoms and civil rights fools on the other hand is entirely the regular occurrence; the issue continues to remain as it were, that One does have the right to enjoy his own freedoms as well, so that when they spend their time getting around with gangs and racists groups and other extremist groups they might fancy in order to be powerful and feel safe and also to be able to take anything they might like from those who actually own it, it is important for them to remember due to the consequences of thinking or applying it, that One is not that busy as claimed, spending time sleeping with their wives, especially when they are journalists and the beginnings of these things years ago continue to get worse and worse with each day they wake up to throw it into the air and make references to HH and so is it important they keep themselves away from the Company business and the Arch Prince's Book sales and we are not talking about how One's personal and government funded security should be left to the girls who need it more than he does because he is a man and can fight to defend himself, that can always rather continue endlessly until more complains are extracted over civil rights from its operation and processes as well - results from it being responsible such as working for a Country without ever being able to get a take home pay at the end of every months or week because idiots with fame and fortune and decadence and gangs with their media have an opinion about you, have access to you and your property and books as though you were supposed to write them and then hide them under a rock so that they do not and yes we guesses it too, they send time with gangs and racists and extremist groups as well to feel safe and powerful.


  •  The world has changed, such that what was once secretes are not secretes any longer . This means that some things that some of our leaders  think is very clever and indicates the reforms they have made to government are simply consumation that they do not understand because they are corrupt evil and wish to live in another person's personal life. These secretes have been consumated and we must accept the new world we live in especially those of us who love to be party with such evils in the name of democracy and the majority, for convenient and violent discrimination.
  • Democracy really has nothing to do with fundamentalism in the Eastern Part of the world or indeed the West, rather it has been a means by which those who do not like to be told what to do by those who have no wish to obey the law and so see themselves as the leaders of everybody, when they are not yet settled on leading their own people properly, those who don't like to be told what to do by lewd or strong people, so in search of a new life. These group of people have always belonged in the Global Naval community because until the 1980s there was no real sustainable form of Air travel; that have never spoken about its fundamentalism until now, until HH, because of his ability to make people settle in on their future as a function of doing all they do for their benefit as something the evils of society disagree with otherwise they will not be allowed to have, do or keep it. 
  • Democracy has been borrowed by other people in the East and the West as a means of ensuring that they are able to serve their people; since it is clear that the only way to stop corruption outside the means of democracy is to be corrupt-as the histories of both fundamental blocks of the world have expressed. The Irony for them remains however that these purposes cannot be served by periodic elections which help to secure the opinion of the people, however that Monarchy unlike Naval fundamentalisms will be able to wield too great a power to be allowed. So we are fortunate with both, the longevity of Monarchic Love and the security of representation without arbitrary power.

HH books here displayed here to intimate you to these facts, protect your quality of life, which you have worked for depending on what you have been doing with your time and to others and even remind you in some cases of who you are, which may go a long distance to avert certain violence, especially when you regularly seem to have all you have done to keep yourself away from it taken from you, which raises issues in light of the three opened up declarations above. These books are also created to ensure that he had kept ideologies of evil out of his life and set up a business on the conveniences of fighting them and it is the derivatives of this that he shares with those who buy them, which is also what they are really buying.  

These days they seem to say that the stuff about black people that follow HH around to make sure the entire world is sharing his life and everything in it so that stupid girls and women that know how to wreck peoples lives and finances can move in is a new thing in their mad country which it isn’t. HH has mentioned before they like to pretend they are the only ones that appeared on a play ground, which is how they get to think when they hurt people those are suppose to spend most of their time thinking about the evils in American society instead, so they can do whatever they like with them, which does not actually work with everybody. What has happened in HH's case is an entire Parliament holding him down and stretching him out for them to do it and those now have a condition where they have a hung parliament currently and One also knows that whenever he wants to make them have another one, he just needs to whack the civil service and wind up the opportunistic Unions before they find a way to arrange a compromise between him and them, so their entitlements are not affected because of his insolence and they will have another one, which he can do because they have been ruining his finances, which keeps him single for way too long and the result is that he has control of absolutely everybody hearts in this country and want even more of it, so they can try to win elections in a place where people are so loyal to him undividedly which is really tough, so it does not do them any good either.

On the contrary their claims, HH is not stuck anywhere by the way; books he needs to sell to make a living from over the next 30 years have already been written by this date 17 June 2011. The real problem now is how he must raise funds to do things along the lines of marketing and other forms of Publicity and that is so difficult because it is all they do with their time i.e. keep me out of employment and cash that is and now the economic crisis has come to play as well to make that even harder but the job will get done anyway one way or another. The problem you see is that when these kinds of individuals have something to say to their superiors about One, it has something to do with successes he has not earned the right to work for or have by working for, which he could have by making them happy, so their superiors have no health issues to worry about. When One complains about anything to anybody, it has more to do with the fact somebody is threatening him and so this is not fair. Hence when people are determined to tell him how to exist but do not want to do it in the right way, he is bound to make their lives very miserable indeed-it is not true his attitude towards Politicians is all stick and no carrot; it is Politics not a wine bar and he is definitely not making himself vulnerable in anyway whatsoever by saying such things here thereof. The way it applies therefore is their cultural wickedness on the right that makes progress by destruction of all that is good in sight-as if they can give to others and corporate greed on the left that only makes progress by making sure people exist who have things they do not have any more as if there are real people in the world that actually wish to tag along with their arrogance but it is the Politicians that handle the process of lies and accusations, manipulated to improve expensive self improvements for the destruction that these two sectors of their endeavours creates towards HH as a person and His Business and Property, which they have made quite clear has no means, process or way of ending while it continues to get more and more expensive and violently abusive at the same time because they believe their own lies daily.

Already the out come has expressed a condition where It is largely suggested therefore that Ones actions and deeds amount to a process of fighting the enemy psychologically, which is a type of fun that he is not interested in seeing anybody have with him, bearing in mind the real facts with respect to economy especially are that banks have collapsed, businesses have folded and the remaining ones are making losses but with respect to the question of how to recover, people are more interested in turning out to enforce their will with the money they have. It is therefore incredible how they expect there to be any kind of recovery when they are making losses while they are enforcing their stupid will with their stupid money which sees that people cannot have jobs where they stock products in a warehouse which others will come to collect and pay them for, that because they will do nothing else with their time but wickedness and collecting other peoples inspiration to get rich with no body knows how the corporate world operates and that small businesses are employees while big businesses are employers because they have money to enforce their stupid will with. Hence the effect here is that they bring up the matter of economic recovery all the time and when one talks about what really matters, they go off on a completely different tangent, vandalise his property and completely destroy his finances down to the last penny, claiming they are asking for more which is not a crime or a sin because he is the slave from which they collect inspiration to get rich with a big mouth and therefore should stay hidden like the property he is which is what those media insults are meant to preserve until they have to stop in an unpleasant way, so that even if the fact they are making losses was removed from the equation, it is impossible to calculate any hope of economic recovery when their idea of that has to do with smaller businesses giving up things, when they could do something about their attitude instead, to make more profit.


 On the contrary nobody is trying to detach Terror activities in the UK from UK overseas exploits; the reality is that people just continue to feel things and when they feel that something belongs to them then they will not stop themselves from making it their own on seeing that the UK government cannot stop them if it does belong to the UK Government and it is not just an international attitude but a domestic one as well. We are not talking about British Interests and property of some 50 years ago, we are talking about live operable property and interests that the whole world saw us work for within the last 8 years at the very most – within a period of time that is a living memory of those who were in the work force before we began and are still in the work force even now when we have decided how we want to deploy what we have worked for, hence there are no excuses for all those things people do whereby the British want to create a fight into their affairs but get people to give them a discount for it – yap, yap, yap all over the world. The part where they say we suck and try to do things we cannot which is some weakness that affects everybody is very well said of course but the reality is that we have set out resources to deploy with regards to those people they have said clearly that they do not want, people whom we see potential but they have gotten rid of and thrown away of which One is here a typical example, over issues on things with black idiots and Africans and hence fact that these issue has reached the highest possible levels of British Government authority. These fights they set out all the time is largely to suggest therefore that people are not going to fight them as well as it were. What they want to do is run down the resources we have set out for these issues as a Government until it is no more and then they can dominate and win and have completely forgotten that other people may like bets like that as well. The part that causes the most bafflement the most is how much effort they have put into stifling One's work which really has nothing to do with them and to note therefore that they have not even gotten anywhere near having the structures to effect financial frauds like they want to but want to apply it around the affairs of somebody that needs to get around gathering equities in the financial industry and in every industry he is involved in to securitise and broker in order to sell his packaged books. One does not think the part that media goons play in the matter is of prime concern anyway; the matter about those is that they are very well paid and it does not necessarily apply therefore that it is okay for people to give them bigger mortgages nor is there any good reason for anyone to sit around and tolerate nonsense from them - of course there is always an alternative and really insolent argument of defiance while they stay on over peoples work and property like they do with HH here and more so anything he owns and of course play stupid games they find funny but it is naturally those that hand money to popular culture and media products that have got the money that people can play around with, in the end their real problem is a matter of respect for a Royal Prince they seem to love to abuse and what He does thereof and the fact that He can do what he does, hence it is difficult for any to fathom a clue where there is an atmosphere that expects him to take these sort of nonsense from such idiots either. The function and purpose and sale of Books at this Firm are never lost in translation even though such nonsense is the foremost preoccupation of media fools; the truth and reality is that HH does not necessarily have to declare a big building in the City to show people that if they touch products of this Company and property any one more time be it Royal Property and Public work and my person all together, it will eventually very quickly degenerate to a condition where there is a clear cut decision to be made about how either his company stays and theirs disappears or they do exactly what He want. Apart from that, those who have opinions about how much books HH is selling and what they can do to his earnings need buy their own copy and from there decide which one is lost in translation, otherwise understand in a general sense that One does feel frustrated when people do not seem to understand a Company because they have made a choice not to and their insolence will become globally profitable or what happens there when it is said that the owner writes books and purpose of the company is to sell books that the owner does write; so that there might be no respect for the sense this is a Company with Products and those Products have the right to be Products, so does the Company the right to be a Company as well, which any normal person would be hard pressed to find common place anywhere in the world. It is a marvellous consideration to note they are a group of fools that seem to have serious problems when they do not have money to throw around, just like HH does when his aesthetical proficiency catches up with some cash flow crisis and how this then means that they at the same time have the worst unimaginable habits of wrecking peoples finances and telling tall sub culture tales that make it into a big problem is never clear but we all know that at this stage they feel they have prioritised their foolish women over the earnings of this Company and HH's personal finance and are off to create a bad reputation for women in business and Industry to settle their own share as well - hence some obsession with Communist economies for example and of course it is never really over and HH does not necessarily want it to be. So such nonsense as the idea that One has not fixed anything in Areas of the world where people who share his skin colour live but want to fix things for white people in their Countries is very well understood but the truth of it is that their opinion was never required - besides which you cannot make a head way in your life if you get around with lower classes, when you are actually a member of the Royal Family: the fact is that there should be no problems to deal with when people write books and place it at the market place for sale - it should be a sale or no sale issue, hence they are not a problem for a Prince who has an issue about men doing conspiracies and whispering and overwhelming him with their stupid problems to deal with; as it is impossible to work with Children while dealing with the problems of men and their girls, besides which the whispering and lies and conspiracies are the only means by which violent cultural power makes people rich and everybody knows it is the means by which such social menaces get around having money: hence a problem identified with his Royal Estate of which they are not it and need to get off the books, never the less of which it should be noted they blow off their big mouth all the time about how everything that HH does annoys them and hence the reason they attack him all the time, thus it has been built up here for them as well so we can find out what they are going to do about it - bearing in mind that before then the most evil and violent things done to One were perfectly okay due to the fact that it happened on grounds people like him so much they want to trap him; They are not Royalty and even if they were, are not the British Arch Prince, such attitude being their answer to everything has lasted long enough and it is incredibly annoying as well - especially so when done by the Americans, considering also there is always a part of this Company or Ones very person or work that should go to somebody else according to them so that something important might be shared; impossible then to breathe or eat or rest due to the fact they have got media and One has tended to regularly tend to walk around in their City as though he is superior to them in their view indicating something wrong with them and the need to get to the bottom of it too; at such stage of we can hear talk of how they want an end to it of which they could have ended it years ago but of course it is common knowledge they end such activities when they see fit, which is why they hope others might want to be part of what they are doing so they can do such things but if not, then they become part of what others are doing in order to do it. 



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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.