Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another, much as it would be pretentious to avoid them completely if I were involved as I am, in controlling the abusive activities of the Famous. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.

Disheartenment, faithlessness and inappropriate language statements have been set out here as a general platform for Villainy based Property Equity development, of which villainy is not considered to be a certain specific behaviour, act or art of human engagement detrimentally - their creative purposes require skill of application.







So I am informed that I have since learned a bit more about the way the class system worked; it is utter nonsense naturally, as it is more a matter of some incredibly stupid individuals collecting my wealth for some already wealthy people and then complaining about it, first time round getting themselves into the position, their violent orthodoxy insults developed into something that took a direction which ensured that could communicate what they thought was the way the world worked, in the sense that I had talent and attracted trouble, they attracted less trouble, were popular, should get rich with it and share later which will ever happen or they fight my wars and share without giving me anything in return. They do not have half the power they claim they do in this place, just a reality where I have not yet consigned the Celebrities to a criminal celebrity section where I could see and engage with them as those criminals I needed to keep away from my concerns, which they claimed were nice people selling groceries at their city underbelly nd turned up to tear down my career and get me tackling them over ideas that if I had a working career, I would never have made sense of the idea that covering their arse was a viable job. The rest are middle class gits I should never offend apparently, nothing to them save the idea they were white and if they could not make a mess of my concerns to get rich, I would sell nothing to white people, once I decided that I did not want this nonsense showing up on my accounts Books at the end of everyday upon making decisions about the number of people I got to meet to sell one Book, therefore calculate how much to meet in order to draw up an income from my Trust, then it goes up to parliament and claims I want to control people but it is still the civil rights trouble maker, its gimmicks have not stopped and it looked like it will never stop driving away public interest from my Bookshop for exhilarating practical jokes that would ruin business for those who continued to employ people who engaged with my Bookshop without the problem being mitigated and I could do with one less – I have given them all an exit to make comments about their careers and stay away from my Bookshop to no avail, so I think that it requires an action that will provide them a real toy, I mean I am aware the authorities want me to provide them a toy that made this matter serious but I suppose I can take my time as hurting people is a serious business too but it could always do better, the stupid civil rights abuses and the wise arse lies. Details on the class system itself was an old tale of lower classes talking about people doing their thing all the time and they never communicate it at the work place, offends them deeply when it is communicated at the work place, could lead to trouble for the hot headed ones – what these gits do is pick it up and run me down with it, so if I responded, I would to something they could claim I had done to attack them in alliance with the lower classes, so they could bully people at the work place to get rich fast – their own remains undiscussed, the part where the rock must make the plate and come from a volcano in the Himalayas, the fish that was prepared must only come from the black sea or they will not have dinner at an expensive restaurant, putting the feet up to shower me with insults a bird will carry around the world while making sure it disrupted every boardroom decision that would have benefitted the general public.  Once done it will be seen suggesting that we Royals keep privileges and prevent them from keeping one, what they are referring to being those matters that tended to reveal the fact that thought people assumed that it was a University education which showed their stupidities that the gimmicks they performed every day, was the way to make a living and especially for the celebrities, when I clear it out build a new one and keep me on Government support, whilst maintaining publicity that helped to suggest others were entitled to be served by them and bragging about the way that recession should never affect them or they would get to spend my Royal Estate to supplement their show business incomes. The matters born from a process where people meet an Arch Prince, make deals, details are that they had difficult circumstances to resolve and the people making trouble were linked to people bothering me while my resources were needed to resolve the crisis, so if it came with a gift, I would have kept a privilege while preventing them from keeping one of their own; the residual fear is that they have power over me and they don’t, I have simply not yet isolated and hurt them badly, about which time this nonsense will simply have become very sad for an ending – for the time being, rather than do something violent, I have built a wealth equity to target them, like the previous wealth equity that was built to ensure women got involved with my personal and social life, to build and sell products to people who spent their money attacking others while the main problem was that they had no happiness at home, now corrupted into a gimmick that set me out as scapegoat for social and economic abuses when people want to secure big business deals or befriend the wealthy, to get rich fast, as a matter of curiosity, leaves me wondering what they will convert the wealth equity that is built up to target them and the fact this whole business is born from their link with the criminal communities in the first place i.e. they need to maintain friendship with the criminals, but when entertainment producers pick up my assets to make a product, they were entitled to get involved, result is that they now have to sell products which criticise those criminals for the rest of their lives and therefore attack me everyday to make sense of it but we are still dealing with the same insolence sense of entitlement that caused the problem to begin with. To build a wealth equity where for instance a 40 year old met her lover and were getting married in a world where they learned at University that human beings made money by helping celebrities tear down peoples careers as a matter of other peoples reputably built companies and markets, showing up here to offer people get rich quick schemes on my public image, time and again a prostitute will tackle me on the internet etc – the criminal celebrities and the social lives of the people in prison was the equity that would make a wedding ring, such that it was developed to offer a prayer and make a statement. I mean such assets will be developed in any case but I have also given them an exit as I believed they were better off looking for something that will fight back in a way that got them taking leave of jobs to do crime and blame the police for their personal decisions, elsewhere.

I have been informed that this was a big matter and I had no way to put it into a cold Office and a working environment but I do; it is my own private Royal Court which is supposed to comprise of prominent people I have built a history with in the Course of my 2 decade work, who have had time to work on their cultural roots as a matter of preparation processes for the time we will spend together into the future and I am picking them from all over the world.

Its always the pleasurable talk of powerlessness concerning me when they are not suggesting we pretended to get along with Americans while we did not – for the latter we do not pretend to get along with Americans, we really do get along with Americans, they tended to create problems for everybody including the American Government, in my case it would always take long for a Hermit to respond to a bunch of idiots that trash his studies and career, show up to complain about him to politicians for years, did not pay the fees and are not paying the bills, their own finances rely on handling me abusively every day, once finished it will show up at the tourist destinations to put the feet up and pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world and can always refrain from doing it, especially if it is complaining about its hatred for my Books. The powerlessness bits is the part where I would lose something important, I would lose the fun that can be had from a process of engaging the idiots with the social lives of the criminals every day, if I pointed out all was well, save their insolence, such that when the insults ran me down to a stage where I was seen to have been caught up in fringes of civil living they could finger my bum obsessively. It has no right to get involved with my finances, needs to make the comments about its own career and stick only to facts when making the comments about mine but if it is thinks that taking up a media presence to stick to facts when making comments about another person’s career was free PR, needs to keep its mouth shut – this was something they should have worked out by themselves. For my part, their famous stupidities gaining access to me, is to end when I go to the part of society occupied by the characters they claimed were nice people while I spent time trying to rub shoulders with them and there vanish, in a world where ageist gits got out of hand with industry on their minds, society fools ran communities that fingered peoples bums successfully everyday and the criminal lifestyle was profitable - deciding I cannot have my life to myself in such a manner will mean this was sorted out in terms of their impudence on the red corner and my infantile character on the blue. Those stupid ideas about being taken advantage of naturally was a real world, where if there were two markets, one belonged to them and the other I engaged in, I would only end up engaging in their part of market if my products were good enough for it - what we have instead of people getting into their clothes of meet others for personal and professional purposes, is an assault on enterprise from a bunch of famous twats with a need to get involved with other peoples concerns unprofessionally.

There is no mystery on how it came to this either – what happens is a business of a goon who did not know what to do when they faced a dangerous situation or what to do with personal and work relationships running people down with such relentless, violent and abusive lasciviousness, that at some stage where I do meet with them, after doing mine – I had met with somebody who had built up all those abuses behind them and contrary to the idea I am on my way to work or to meet an employer, the most important thing at that stage will be that somebody did not get to back down. I have asked them to make their comments about their careers and if it is thought that keeping to facts when making comments about mine with a media presence was free PR, needed to stop making the comments about it, not yet attained the results I wanted and if it put together all the ways that the social classes pursued their daily concerns, we find that there was already a residual matter where any who started a dream livelihood, had to live in a world where they expected others to do something that made people socially worse off before success could proceed without interference, now in my case we have a direct involvement with my finances, such that clients did not engage with the Books for fear their gimmicks will wreck business for employers and it can clearly rely on me for that and does not think upon putting up the point for them, that I am actually a threat. I am planning to interfere with their finances as well for my part, doing so is meant to make sense of the fact that this was brought about by the idea what they were stealing from me did not exist and hence the interference with my finances was the part where they got to cover their tracks. The reality of it is the old Media issue and I believe when I am done interfering with their finances as well, we will arrive at that stage where it spends its work publicity to attack and run me down instead of deploying it to get a job done, a matter of what people are actually being paid to do.


I am told that people who make my work complicated are happy for me to just talk as beyond talk would mean I had more to complain of and so it adds to my difficulties having to clear out how property equity administration processes have now been construed as a process of complaining about their perverted interest in me. That said, what we have is whole communities and neighbourhoods, those who control the atmosphere in it getting imagination up my bum instead of theirs – I used to assume that the men handling me in order to get into relationships with the women was a problem I had to settle in the sense that the more abusive women got was the more sexual violence they attracted to themselves while the more the men were promiscuous was the more abusive behaviour they encouraged as a result of making women look like sluts but it is not for the mid level well off money mad idiots who get imagination up my bum instead of theirs naturally. So its much the same pattern as the Celebrities who think that playing a part in a piece of culture and media item meant they had patented bits of my life to their names which ensured all I had existed in a legal no mans land and I had to fight for everything to no avail due to their financial power and how it can afford Lawyers – in their case I must have misplaced something or their stupidities may have taken it off my work, websites or even my computer, so it has already developed into a story of baby doing what daddy wants if he does not want to be jobless and homeless but I don’t know why it sees me step outside of my door to head somewhere important and deploys the atmosphere of local community its stupidities controlled, as a tool to get imagination up my bum, knowing that it will wreck my day while its not paying the Bills and baby isn’t necessarily tackling stupid daddy recently as it were, especially when garnished with that stupid is good but does not get imagination up its bum instead of mine, telling me its foolishness made it a very important person with a big mouth. So its an old story that makes sense of their children being a handful of low lives who are rivals for those in authority because they were important in their own right as far as they were concerned , only picking themselves up when they emulated Celebrities, stuck somewhere between shop managers and the customers that buy products and because it hurts their bums, think that I am some sort of punching bag their stupidities may expect to handle without consequences. I have never cared about their problems, whenever they show up near my concerns, they need leave with a Book in hand or never do, alternatively which it is in their hands and they may start, especially from the point of a selfish, stupid and evil life they should have lived but do not pay attention to anymore if they had my feelings to play with.

So they claim this is a matter of power issues and the disrespect associated with my position but there is no such thing; we know the problem to be that a world in which people lost their careers if they were cowards is in charge of a world in which there is a minister for the way children attend school because of which even when its stupidities had done the right thing, its not really the solution it envisaged, not really the solution it was talking about while it blabs all sorts of nonsense about the way we are meant to stop somewhere and wait for those who are really the boss of us to catch up and its too bad for those who have to wait financially. They do say we stop at all because what they were saying and doing mattered which is utter nonsense; we stop because of the way that stupid sense of influence they have, which their silly Celebrities are usually obsessed with on account it causes some people to work for money and run from it, while they helped themselves – giving me ideas on how to get about trashing it in order to keep them from my Hermitage and the questions of what will happen when this nonsense comes to a stop in a manner that made me feel more comfortable than their stupidities were. They do say that it is tough for everybody and yes it is; we know none of what I have done about it would matter if they were not handling me and or making a mess of my Bookshop - we are all aware of these kinds of decisions and the way it affects them before their Politicians are claimed that they become better people when others were suffering or paying the price for the outcome alongside. They do claim that I do not pay a price for social problems as much as they did but we all know that apart from an assessment of their wife beating abilities which is a public phenomenon that is so big it is able to communicate with people about rules that people ought to follow which is not in anyway linked to the way the Laws of the Land operate, such that a condition exists where they expected to take advantage of the best minds by trapping people in a world where people were expected to do violent things that allowed them feel safe and of course we know this is how some people learn what the Laws of the land is when they end up at the Law Courts and in my case my career existed in social life and legal limbo with a big mouth blabbing at me on media everyday, looking for more of what gave rise to my Books which they claimed that they hated with a passion. Apart from this, we know the social ills their stupidities pay a price for lest I hang around somewhere looking like I am able to show mercy until it became a crime, while they got off doing whatever they liked at my expense, we know that neither myself nor the people I am familiar with are in anyway linked to the social ills that their Politicians claimed they were entitled because they paid a price for. Now they say I have buckled under the least of pressures and its utter rubbish; we all know that the idiots in suits set about making a mess of the career and social life but everything I did about them showed up on a Media bubble as another person’s career, as the insults and abuses about being Daddy characters whose actions benefitted me wrecked everything it came into contact with because they are unbearably stupid – so this is not in their view a process of damaging everything I have, it appears I have been able to wade the storm, so the damage was not intended and they may continue doing whatever they liked, especially the Muslims who claim I criticised Mohammed, while their abuses on how Christ died on the cross as the Son of God creates problems that Muslims must handle for everybody continues to make a mess around here, if I said that Mohammed didn’t die and resurrect on the third day and it’s a bit of an issue they act on his behalf but he is not really here. I don’t think the matter is an issue as such, these are not Muslims and what they got up to is orchestrated by American opportunism performed by gits who know that you can criticise Islam if you did it the right way after going into war with Muslims in the Middle East, which will give them impetus for enough madness to wage Holy war, they are business idiots and it’s such a massive task dealing with this nonsense while my life relied on it and they were trying to ensure their nefarious activities were not exposed. Its much the same as the claim I am lazy but found a way to make something out of it while we know their perverted interests in such that if I made my bed, lay on it and chased the affairs of the day, they would still run their lives by working on me instead of their jobs. So in the end its that bigger question of what the main issue is i.e. they tackled me and I ended up saying something which helped people cope with the way organised crime affected them, so most of these activities are meant to set out petty revenge which got me to understand how they feel, so particularly for the media and celebrities, when they say they are acting as upstanding people while I am making myself into a problem, they are lying.

They do claim there is something about the disgraceful bits and I never want to talk about the real facts of it, of which I would never know either way, since it’s a matter of their refusal to talk of the way that a bunch of hoodlums inflict the disgraceful bits on others to become obsessed with the business of talking about it as a means of escaping the consequences of their personal decisions while inflicting damage on others and getting society to accept it. I really do believe it was better for everybody that those who did not wish to speak of me picking up a private security industry job that was my time spent exposing me to the worst forms of abuses possible, which job I abandoned to the same idiots that had since preferred to engage with the criminal activities instead, such that their society gits and public transport twats could never stop sending them out to get in touch with me every day, need keep their mouths shut or talk about things that they were able to back up. It is only a matter of a handful of very foolish individuals whose activities go back to the social gutter in Germany so to speak, showing how low their stupidities were and how expensive it could be for other people thereof – the big one is those short insulting videos set out to pick up everything that happens from the time I get out of bed as a public leader, to the things I did to run my own affairs and finances, to facilitate market and avoid fighting their corner if they were getting paid for being popular, garnished by insults of media fools whose abuses are set to earn them a big prize one of these days as well, as disobediently as possible, to such an extent that my Bookshop does not sell anything and my finances are bottomed out but those who want to show up here to promote the need that these scumbags had to communicate the finer points of homosexuality at me, will rather fail to restrict their stupid comments to their own career or talk about what they actually know. The backdrop to this is that I am actually manipulative enough to avoid my Royal Office duties even when there is a Public crisis over it, which is because the Celebrities and the Media did it instead of me and even wrote my Books as well hence they were always so abusively entitled – it is not set to change any time soon and their insults are set to earn them a grand reward on my account as well.

They do claim I had since arrived at a stage where women had little or no respect for me which is utter rubbish, like the Politicians rip up my career to work corruption at Industry, so everything else is tackled to revive it, except the Politicians and therefore is insanity created. I do not actually care if women had respect for me as such, only interested in whether in a given scenario, there was a Police Officer, there was myself, there was a woman and there was a criminal, we can say that after a child had been born, all our bodies were the same and none of us needed to get some tiny assistance from time to time when we needed it, to match the stupid story that the problem with assisting women was a big one where we know that none woke their parents up on an 18 birthday to ask questions of how bills were paid. I mean it speaks for itself if it trashes my Bookshop and picked up the service processes to build a version of me that serves its stupidities, backed up by a bigger power and some famous idiots getting in on the act, each time I push them back, hangs about media to communicate the black listing me routine which is the main reasons that it will kick off a fight when it is continually unable to make its stupid comments about their career instead of mine. It was the same way from the first day, we are simply dealing with a process where Political corruption got them to build a habit on me – will follow me around with gimmicks and a black listing communicated nonsense each time I pushed back, make a mess of the studies and when I start a small business their part of society will start a mini war. It tells as well, as we can see that these are the sorts of characters that will understand they did not have enough money to provide for a child but go on to get pregnant and work peoples public image to secure abortion rights in the USA – I had a woman’s physique and the female society could really do with somebody who looked the part but had a mans strength to do the heavy lifting and we have never been able to explain what this nonsense means, if it was able to get involved with peoples careers unprofessionally. Then there is the part where they say I continued to describe celebrities as famous idiots, if that is they are no longer telling lies about my star sign – flatter Scorpios who loved to make a mess of law enforcement because it was their nature and run me down all the time, I suppose then showing the lies about how beeline I was supposed to be as the Politicians had decided their fringe society stupidities was to become mainstream living on account I had a good personal life that others were to share over their Industrial corruption gimmicks; no idea how a two personality libra whose two personalities always work as one whenever there is something to be done because they are jointed at the head etc, the way they explore it is beeline when he has not gotten the hands on the stupid job that facilitated the narcissism and ensured they saw it ever again thereof. The Celebrities being the idiots who claim their stupidities made them nice people and I spent time trying to rub shoulders, then set about ripping up my Bookshop by fulfilling a desire through a process of converting my service processes to mean that I got to serve their stupidities, tore down everything that allowed me get into clothes to meet people and have since been pillaging my public life to afford its own hotel residence, for nothing whatsoever, only made up provocation after it built itself a public profile to say that it had secured an arrangement with my publishers to spend my Books on their famously stupid careers, churning out those contraptions to lead people astray endlessly and showing up to make a mess of anything that corrected it – so I suppose famous stupidity does not do it justice but it is a start and it does need to lay off my case before I got to see good reason to attack its income sources as well. They do claim I fight them every time they fight for their rights which is utter rubbish – what happens rather being that they put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing about within my career, as the insults that target me in terms of what they think they can do with my person and career intensified over the years and grew into something of an ability to invite themselves into my concerns unprofessionally and then I had to back track and rescue them from somebody bad which came through as a matter of their personal decisions every time, to such an extent my finances were a mess because they were burning it through as well, thus in context of their moral disposition, this was very evil stuff and it needed to stop grooming me for the bum fingering society stupidities with the big mouth.


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In terms of associated issues, it so plays out that everybody else getting involved with me was perfectly alright, I mean the pressure is that people did not get involved with an Arch Prince unless there was a good reason to do so, but it is fine every single time that people did. Since the men started getting involved alongside their stupid girls, and famous fools, not that I sanctioned their involvement in anyway, I have had my finances wrecked, I have been run down, called names and fingers have been stuck up my bum. It would present a front which suggests I should not be doing the same as well, at the same time the question was one of whether I was too cowardly to tackle an issue that involved their famous fools crashing my finances, which they claimed does not exist considering they were wealthy and more important, making it difficult to identify the issues and get it resolved or I was prepared to live in financial purgatory for the rest of my life. I am not going to perform an act of my own as well, since I have a cup here that is full of insults peddled at me by society fucks who get media signals from them and there is no prospect I will get away with it.

They do suggest I am now being tackled by some very powerful people which is utter nonsense, just a bunch of gits who enjoyed running peoples lives with the social activities of criminals and in my case get off hanging about at the Monarchy dreaming of my possessions over it because their boo boys and millionaire neighbourhood gits will cling to my earnings, pass about insults on media and claim that it made them ruthless but they can always be ruthless without handling my Bookshop, they can be ruthless with a degree of respect – whatever on earth they are doing with an interest in my anus and my penis, as stupidly as possible and we are yet to receive an explanation as to reasons their daughters were so disrespectful of my person as if somebody asked them a fucking question on it constantly. Where the Politicians fit into the picture was the idea that this is a lesson from history concerning Germany which is utter rubbish as the reality is more a matter of the question which lies before them, that if these fools taking an interest in my person got me dropping out of University and all the poor performance at work and career was linked to a continuance of such an interest in me, does the idea that the method and premise by which they get involved with my person and career being provocative is the wrong thing to do on my part or that of any person, as their government office stupidities have continued to suggest to this point where they can fool around with my body parts corrupting my privacy everyday. I mean their famous fools claim that there were people who on picking up my earnings to run off gimmicks where they could do as they please because they were stupid women backed by idiots that were bigger than I am, I was also a character whose involvement some people considered provocative - it has not resolved the way that I ensured even the stupidities of NHS twats who use sirens to suggest the Police disturbs the neighbourhood on my account whilst I should be made to fight my own wars, became something their famous careers had to resolve either, so on knowing that this level of fooling around developed two effects of stalling my finances and making me sick in the stomach with mental illness, its famous madness had built a community to finger my bum?

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These areas were an example of the way these goons controlled my schedule and complained about doing so to the authorities endlessly – that we are now in a situation where they need to prick me so I may dig deep and come up with something meaningful to put into writing the business of stuffing ageist society gits who show up here running me down for famous fools with information they carried about like PR I did not have to fund, which outcome is that they endured the same things that their Celebrities did to me, in the sense that what security they installed in their homes was being deployed on my part to get rich and famous and there was no way to make me share and or pay for using it in such a manner. Before then it was the greatest fun in the entire world to perform such stupidities that stifled my career and social life for 6 years, where it rents the space next door to an idiot with whom he had made an arrangement to show up, run me down everyday and complain about me to male society whilst doing so, to which effect they permitted what is really utter scum that faces the daily challenge of trying to me intelligent and strong enough to create and maintain a life of crime, to share my Royal personal space after fingering my bum, if there had been a smell which made it my fault – so an opening has now shown where a bunch of really stupid people who were younger than I am made use of my personal space to embark on a lifestyle that suggests they were on their retirement and making a stupid landlord pay for it as well, is not an emotive issue, considering they show up here to complain about my response to their insults killing people, I am set to kill more thereof. They do claim it was a process of fighting back at me, which does not make any sense if their entire lives were developed on insults to do with being rich, so when they finger my bum they got richer, unless they were trying to say that we are not doing it anymore, that there might have been a change.

They do claim there is always a problem with me but I do not talk about the matter I do because they were issues beyond me, I talked about them because they were not – the main problem is still the same as ever, that a bunch of trouble makers who never stopped tackling others when the consequences of doing so was lesser than the benefits, even though the suffering caused the victims was not worth it, have spent all their professional energy on me and now think that I am obligated to rescue them from the wealth and social inequality problems that they have brought upon themselves whilst stifling my bookshop with fooling about which was so intense that the finances had stalled. I am not obliged to do any such thing either and we have seen the same with their society gits whom after dropped out of University over their interest in me as if they were paying the fees, I have ended up in a situation where I owed them rent money, so they have shared my privacy with hoodlums on the streets to finger my bum, a typical example of the fact that I had motivation to avoid helping them in terms of the fact that they did not care about anybody else, among many other motivation, expressed where it shows that they were not living on foodbanks to say the least and my Books did not cost an arm and a leg, supposing they wanted to progress from being the cause of my financial complications to being the people that I created products to assist. I do not have to do anything for them, much the same as mentioned above, the politicians now need to decide if the idea that their method of involvement was provocative, the immoral society gimmicks making sure I never smell good, am always above my head when trying to communicate with others and cannot step outside of my door without trouble because of something they were doing with something that clearly belonged to them, was provocative or there had been a change.

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I am told that there was great rejoicing over the way I have been given a bloody nose by the US Government. It is utter nonsense naturally as the problem is usually to do with people ending up on a plan where a residual state of mind existed in which one had to think of the interests of the USA in the way I conducted my affairs – the illusion they lived in was one which suggests that the Laws of the USA applied to me, even when it became clearer and clearer that when idiots like these run the show in the US, the US had more in common with Germany or maybe Iraq and Iran that it did with the British. It is also the story of my life that none tends to see where I am coming from, especially when this sort of rubbish builds up to results in which every fool from gangs that are organised to hunt down European and British Royalty as characters people can hate to please the masses and get rich fast, concerning which no other lifestyle would do, and a popularity fool shows up to suggest that its need to get paid for being popular meant that I had to be groomed into a position where it was possible to work a degree of violence from a safe distance, as applicable to my personal space, that I can feel their fingers in my anus as the answer for their stupid problems. The Germans do the same as well and their own has built up to one history in which it is said that the way I handled public service office was an offense to them, now giving way to another in which a private security industry job that I did was something I was ashamed of, never mind the idea that it was done on the personal and social lives of some Germans and German influence fools, we are set to make sense of the destruction of my public life to get rich on this matter soon enough but it is an example of what happens to leave me drowning in a flurry of their insults before they get to complain to Politicians about feelings because I pushed back. In retrospect, it does talk too much and Book writing was what I did for a living, it is too disrespectful on their part and is getting me into a place where I will stop it painfully. Overall I should state the problem does not bother me as there are health issues associated with their stupid lifestyle, I enjoyed the way it affected them but I cannot enjoy my peace and personal space because another group of fools who are currently famous and not dead yet, decided otherwise.

I am told the way I talked suggested I am a victim but in reality I am not but I have never suggested I am a victim either, just specific points people have raised being responded to – frigid questions and the frigid answers that a Hermit who is not taught to think of homosexuality as an ideal provided them. The fact of the matter is that in order to avoid being the character whose concerns was the fundamental reason that a military coup took place or people stocked weapons in the neighbourhoods to fight the authorities, I had to ensure the need to show up here and claim criminals were nice people whilst complaining about the way the same criminals got involved with the way I experienced it, which outcome is that being that they fan the flames and give people who had nothing to lose rites over my career, personal space and finances, whilst the claim that feelings of provocation associated with such method of involvement was the wrong thing to do, beats me down as well, people were given an opportunity to get involved with their jobs if I could show the public how to go about it. The issue being that it never stops getting out of parliamentary security that is created to ensure idealistic gits got involved with the job, made a mess of it and blamed the MP, to trash my career, claiming that its existence was provocative and disrespectful, to climb back over that fence and continue to enjoy the parliamentary security, it had to be done. They do claim it is not where my social class is located but the one about my social class is that their interest and that of their criminals in my concerns meant people could not see what I am doing with a royal Trust and my finances had crashed, so the original claim was that feelings of provocation associated with this method of involvement want the wrong thing doing on my part, the question they now had to answer was one of whether it still is.

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They do suggest my main problem was to do with the way I got by on free things. I could never make sense of what is really a matter of people wasting my time – starts with picking up career resources to work with somebody, before a deal has been reached on what was needed from both sides, it will have raised money to buy shares in the company because it needed to handle me whilst making its own money, so we arrive at a stage where each time I spent money, it was not clear what I was spending it on and so the money was wasted on a process that allowed people to reach a point where what I had spent the money on would make sense, that said, each time they arrive there, it will go from complaining to Politicians that a need to ensure its stupidities does not show itself on my accounts Books was a process of trying to control its well off neighbourhood. Nobody knows why it makes its white prick life easier by seeking and attaining unusual access to my personal life and personal space anyway, we know that boo boy who has a big mouth because I have not yet handled his own and pursued him all the way to the Holiday destinations is so disrespectful because the insults were allowing them to pick up my career publicity and invest my assets as that was the only way they could make money on account they were so fucking incompetent, we also know that the Muslim friends were copying this with relentless Islamic abuses as a main feature whilst their black friends thought that if they wanted to get paid for being popular through my public life, there was nothing I could do about it. I am not looking for a solution here as suggested, I am looking for an exercise in destruction; we know it has perverted my wealth equity into a means by which I got bullied so people could befriend the wealthy, opened me up to the gold diggers and befriended criminals at my expense, to make sense of the way it always needed to raise funds, pick up a support crowd and a position on Media, in order to invest my assets for money – I require them to clear my space or I will clear it myself. It is either as Celebrities have suggested, that no such thing as a perverted famous peoples interest in my Royal Hermitage and its empire existed because they already possessed enough wealth to have need of mine and were also famous and important people, which would only have occurred if I did not publish Books protected by a patent I which premises I needed to keep a watch of or I am too much of a coward to get myself out of what is a financial purgatory considering it is a massive problem that does not actually exist and therefore cannot be solved.

There are more complicated matters to do this, its not just a case of ending up in a situation where my finances were enough for what I am doing 15 years ago when the perverted interest in it was still at an infancy, which meant that today the main cause of financial stretch was the need to mitigate the effects of their interest in me whilst they had begun to run extensive conversations about what the due of those who bankrolled most economic activities should me, leaving me in a position where I wanted the money free of charge because I never got compensation for the damage, whilst cracked up out of my league fingers my bum and gets involved with media to ensure there was nothing special about me, as soon as I found a way to share the methods by which I mitigated its own insults too. It is growing into the problems associated with not standing up for myself when I tell what I did for a living and was asked to show which wars I won in order to earn the right to do it by CEOs that could not, arriving at this stage where I am helping them with the fact that getting as close as they have to my Books whilst it does not cost enough to make them steal, ought to provide a response where they ceased to interfere with those who bought their own copies and bought their own copies or stayed away with their money in hand. It is usually a matter of what people get accustomed to and the ways they had to change it because they were engaging in extensive conversations about something that actually belonged to them.


They do suggest my main problem was to do with the way I got by on free things. I could never make sense of what is really a matter of people wasting my time – starts with picking up career resources to work with somebody, before a deal has been reached on what was needed from both sides, it will have raised money to buy shares in the company because it needed to handle me whilst making its own money, so we arrive at a stage where each time I spent money, it was not clear what I was spending it on and so the money was wasted on a process that allowed people to reach a point where what I had spent the money on would make sense, that said, each time they arrive there, it will go from complaining to Politicians that a need to ensure its stupidities does not show itself on my accounts Books was a process of trying to control its well off neighbourhood. Nobody knows why it makes its white prick life easier by seeking and attaining unusual access to my personal life and personal space anyway, we know that boo boy who has a big mouth because I have not yet handled his own and pursued him all the way to the Holiday destinations is so disrespectful because the insults were allowing them to pick up my career publicity and invest my assets as that was the only way they could make money on account they were so fucking incompetent, we also know that the Muslim friends were copying this with relentless Islamic abuses as a main feature whilst their black friends thought that if they wanted to get paid for being popular through my public life, there was nothing I could do about it. I am not looking for a solution here as suggested, I am looking for an exercise in destruction; we know it has perverted my wealth equity into a means by which I got bullied so people could befriend the wealthy, opened me up to the gold diggers and befriended criminals at my expense, to make sense of the way it always needed to raise funds, pick up a support crowd and a position on Media, in order to invest my assets for money – I require them to clear my space or I will clear it myself. There was never a problem such as got them into a regular state of conversation with their security service friends until they happen to have married the wife I was supposed to marry at the Monarchy and I have never seen them complain about problems they did not create either. There is always a new and incredibly stupid name for what I am doing, which determines the way a support crowd for abuse built up on Media, got involved with it, that had nothing to do with what I am actually doing - then they explain it as the consequence that is associated with a sense that I was better a person that other people.

It loves to suggest that it carries through these activities because it has been fighting my wars, this is not as provocative as they would assume that it was to me as such but I will not tolerate their interest in Hospitality that is set out for public leadership figures, due to the fact there was a whip system by which people toed the line for Party manifestos and governmental policy. They do love to suggest I make this up naturally whilst for all their lack of respect and the fact none can convince them they have not been fighting my wars, hence I will need to give in, when the Head of State had provided directives for the security services and local authorities to work the fall out targets his subordinates, meaning that each time I prevented some gits picking up my public life to make money so they did not have to get a regular job, the fall out goes to parliament and I had to provide the hospitality – it would as such have been a constitutional problem if by providing it I wanted to tell the Politicians how to make the Law, so we see the stupidities that shows up here to finger bums, mix up offices, whilst their friends whose gits show up on media to run people down every day, claiming my state provided security provokes them, got elected into parliament to join in.

There is then an idea which suggested that each time the dust cleared, what was expressed was more a matter of Royal Office incompetence on my part and not a problem to do with the Celebrities, which is not what is shown at all and dusts never clear up on the matter either, as much as people helped to tell lies about what it was. What the famous do is show up here to build cracks into my career, publicity for the cracks and a community that will practice distant violence on me which was not supposed to affect them, then passed off as a method of fame career self-reinvention to pick up my income margins at the Trust. The more recent and financially destructive version is that they were here to help me and they help me by picking up my holdings in other companies, to create big billboard images of themselves all over the City – then deny that they were doing that since it would be impossible to show that they were if they claimed they had no need to on account they were already famous and incredibly important, hence the problem does not exist even though it is happening and cannot be solved even though I am victim of distant violence. The part that gets people claiming dusts have cleared is that the so called cracks are not cracks at all, they are wealth equity and crime control publicity, built up to allow the public build products for those who spend money attacking them – we know they are fans of Princess Diana who allowed them to perform the abusive activities by providing them means for an opportunity to do so at the Monarchy, just like I have, although Her version was linked to family history and mine is deliberate and controlled, so that those who continued to vie for the building of such problems got to take responsibility for the instances where it had existed – The princess followed this up by working wealth and social inequality in their favour, to turn the public away from them and because of the perversions of the American Political system, it never worked – I am unlikely to take such steps. If I attacked over wealth and social inequality, I would because they spent time at the boardrooms fooling around, thereafter make sense perhaps of the way that graffiti affected neighbourhoods to catch up with the market, looking for money they did not earn in the millions and billions, then there was the part where this meant they always tended to love fighting Communists for me, which did not make any sense since it was not clear whether their need to stir up crime and poverty in smaller principalities that relied on tourism for National Income was a need to dominate people or something more sinister, considering that on being a Hermit Prince, it bears down so heavily on me at a Royal Court, that they were doing so, it does not make any sense at all thereof that they loved fighting communists for me.

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It is always such a joy to suggest that the claim I am a coward defines every issue I am engaged with, does not make any sense if in a world where security services will be unwilling to do anything for you if you are unwilling to fight, my security was provided by women, being such a coward that it was best provided by women. It does what it does because it believes I am not a threat, I am only trying here to show the way I want to get on with my own life, as per where they fit in being instances where a Law judge wrote a dossier on a public problem he solved and made a footnote to indicate he had solved that problem but human tendency tended to recreate the problem, the footnote is the doxology, the doxy is the Celebrities, who run the immoral society that might be stopped wrecking peoples lives by the Police one moment and the next people were buying products it sold on account that it tried, having now eliminated everything that might cause me to become a threat and earned my literal congratulations for it, ripping my finances to make a stupid statement, looking for more of what it is complaining about. The coward story is like a bubble, it starts off running my life with the social activities of criminals and then when I stepped outside of my door I faced people who were talking about something that actually belonged to them as poofs with distribution businesses and a willingness to cling to me for profitable violence, whilst their famous fools maintained a support crowd they claimed was the look of real fans. From here it builds a community that fingers my bum and takes its fantasies about my possessions to the Monarchy where it builds narcissistic careers for security services that were manned by the male population and claims I am a coward people could do with as they please. I am as such told that I should not be playing with it which I am not; making a showcase of the reasons the public should seek to solve finances at the Market, in a world where they planned to bully people and befriend the wealthy in order to get rich fast, there is hospitality that is set out for public leadership because there was a whip system involved in government, if we added up the way the whip works and the hospitality that was provided them, they were able to return to a normal life after their service in government – these gits needed it to cover their backsides, due to an issue that gets them seeking out exotic foods to eat, drugs to take and a process of building up the body to ensure they could not be beaten, so they could handle other people as they please. They have since arrived at the stage where they were strong, supreme and famous, now need to stop handling me. The big picture was to do with claims I worked so hard to be good looking, which I could never understand whilst the real problem was that the Government was caught up with matters of population survival years and years back when they made the constitution and again when it had been amended in a major way, if I am not writing their Books at this Trust, it should be possible for me to pay my Bills comfortably, not get caught up with gimmicks associated with ways by which doxy society can evade National service.

All terribly confusing what is causing all this – a simple matter of Celebrities suggesting they saw me do private security work and the single reason I think that I was not okay to fight people for them, was that I thought that I was better than them, so I have ended up with an additional 6 year career mess to the previous 12 years because they were working insults where they got on media to run me down and get me into a fight every single time that society gits hang about somewhere talking about something that belongs to them, to which effect a bunch of low lives that had nothing to lose were sent out to share my personal space abusively. It speaks of the way that it handled me in the past and will again but clearly what we are doing is a process of interfering with people’s lives, finding something victims need, denying victims to a point of desperation, run off abuses and ensure they did not get assistance from both racists and ethnic minorities, run off gimmicks on media with public life invest victims assets to make money as disrespectfully as possible, interfere with victims clients and ensure they could never smell good because we picked up their career publicity for the fooling around and get imagination up the bum – so since the interests Celebrities show in the personal space of an Arch Prince was to do with survival regardless of how disrespectful of him they have been that is, entirely worth the risk obviously, the theory they have done me before and will again, does not make any sense. 

The fear that I am not in good shape is unfounded naturally, I mean the body is what it used to be with its chronic pain but the rest of me, particularly my mind is in good shape – like it is suggested it was ridiculous the way people paid attention to me speaking about myself whilst what I am really doing involved tying equity to activities so I did not have to reference other people which is a lot more flexible to work with. Mostly, I need to get out of bed at a pace and will be allowed to when media idiots suffered enough for interfering and the best sleep only comes when the mind is rest assured that Celebrities were irrelevant to the career (except what has been a recent development from 2019 when a Court and Coven had developed from what was largely a matter of allies serving me terms and applicable spirituality matters), everything else in between is largely to do with a sense I was in possession of something others wanted and my refusal to make it available to them developed into a need to access my privacy and secure possession of it never the less, which makes sense of an intellectual property administration career but cracked up out of my league fingering my bum, is just an idiot who wants an Arch Prince to live the way their lower class stupidities did, the purpose of any access is to ensure they got to complain about fighting my wars over what they knew and industry fools, especially the self seeking socialites picking up my public image and career publicity is that about which they had to deny regularly added up to a process of looking for trouble.

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I am told it was worrisome that my real career may never be seen but it is, the problem is the way I get caught up with the abuses of the famous who the complain that the depression of having to explain the look of my career history on their account, especially in terms of when they picked up the publicity as a tool for self reinvention, had caught up with them too. my favourite is the insult that state provided security provoked them, which has not yet developed into a result where I got to run my affairs finding out what they could do about me or the state provided security all together, so we are left looking into the way that there is always an issue that the Politicians should respond to whenever I pushed back as well, considering their insults have become so intense that they now have access to my personal space playing with my body and feelings. My career actually involved earning the place to complete an intellectual property administration service that was delivered through my Books, by a broker of creative equity with companies who needed holdings and assets to develop products and aesthetics. We know the famous especially were part of gimmick where some companies tore up my assets for operational purposes and those companies did not like the way that people showed up in my brokers and clients business to run off their own thing that involved ripping my assets to make money as well, the profile built when I respond to these sorts of things is not to the taste of companies where 100% of the board approves such activities but they do it anyway (it is so disrespectful when despite complaining there were activities pursued at my expense which were on claims that my products showed I had the means to facilitate what they wanted in terms of social matters associated with questions on whether people were being brave or not). I simply need to return to my own career of creating for broker creative and product equities which was a function of breaking up the firm to hold assets in a Trust since I started the Estate company during the worlds worst recession.

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 The Holdings of Nation and Land of the Island of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its Common Wealth is entirely a matter of Wisdom and not power and right. Yes there is right but not in the way that men and cursed Royal Inheritances in all kinds of God forsaken places will be able to understand or fathom.

It remains therefore that such corruptions as extremisms and bigot politicians and their Popular Campaigns must never be condoned or accepted, especially because of their desire for Gang based violence.

No body owns the Lands of the United Kingdom and its Common Wealth but the British Crown which is the Government and privilege of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II.

The Arch  Prince Ikpe Uno is a recently adopted Prince by Her Majesty who is given the commission to operate an office of a Half Priest Chief of Staff as a Government High Diplomat.

In this Office he is charged with 

  • The management of the corruptions of the retribution of people power .
  • The Management of Economic insemination, incubation, propagation, production and its twin problems of con activities and the National front. 
  • The defence of the Financially weak and economic survivalists whose condition determines the margins of the welfare of Her Majesty's Subjects.

Being first of his Estate and Bloodline, the major problems has been the Global positioning of anti-God rebellious, anti-Faith and purity and adversarial elements and fundamentalisms; he had completed work on securing the Globe from this in the early half of 2004 under incredibly difficult circumstances and the on going Iraq war. The secondary matter of corrupt media and socially obsessed Political influences and the fake marriage they have with their spouses now remains as the major issue. 
In terms of which Individuals that work these ideologies and seek to corrupt the world with it and through the pioneering of his Royal Estate in order to gain some form of ideological and or fundamental establishment or the taking over and radicalisation of it in order to move towards Western corruptions, especially corruptions of involvement for the purpose of destroying it, have come to settle in on the confiscation of his income in his work and to keep this up, is the increasingly violent nature that media has adopted all over the world thus always one problem after another targeted at him to separate him from his work and income with promises he will never get it back until he gets into a fight and thus beats up somebody for them (this has progressed with support from Politicians for the better part of the last decade). 

The result we have today is that the Arch Prince has devolved society into a condition of uncontrollability and since he is not fighting for anybody after causing that, while making sure they are doing all possible to rob themselves of justice, has certain sexual and sex based habits which make media studios very violent places for those who work there because his neighbourhood is always violent due to public media accusations of infidelity with Housewives, worked by those who are doing because of corruptions they can have with tribal back stage media, Society and Politics, In order to also manifest having sex with Housewives and having somebody to blame it on for the pleasures of powers their situations can afford them. Now they spend a large proportion of their time scrutinising HH's sexual behaviour that largely does not exist because they plan to insult him and get away with it because it also affords them the means to grab his income and fame for the pleasures decadence and evils of their stupid children, who feel when people have certain kinds of sex they will live on Housing Estates, have no limits about anything in their stupid lives and presume to punish One for it in order to make friends with fame industry idiots, by which they are meant to take advantage of him and his property to get rich through bullying.

So HH gets informed rather regularly that he does not fancy when people respect and adore him which is utter nonsense, for their stupid girls are always interrupting his conversation to insult him with their problems, then commandeer his hospitalities in public places to entertain men and get rich with it, after which they make accusations he has had sex with them to stifle his income-especially through identifying with him. They also tell him he is always angry at people which drives them away, which is utter rubbish too because what he did was gamble his property on economic recovery, tried to get people to buy my books instead of waste money on the waste called recession and they preferred, to ensure he cannot do anything else with himself until he is doing otherwise while they make sure my books are never sold, as their older men prefer making sure his market place was savaged by the millionaires in their age group because they are older than he is and will find favour among them-this has resulted in a condition where he has turned their businesses into a matter of numbers not marketing skills and their plight is likely to get worse the more they get on media to threaten and abuse him. The real problem he has  had with them however is their hatred of him because of his fame which they need to be very evil to find the strength for and their wickedness through this which besets the Nation. As for wealth distribution; when HH speaks of some small person getting through to him through media because their boss will loose a 50 year old company if he don’t help them and they will never have another job because they are seen as hard working slaves by most people they have met, then it is time for their politicians to mimic him and dispatch the expensively insolent, hard, socialist,  stupid bad upbringing girls that control him and all he owns for the good of the less well off and the black race and those who have had to put up with slavery and slave trade, as well as those who have problems; the result is of course that they will wreck the economy and he will wreck their Politics and hold the economy together with strings from his Office which will mean he will get wealth selling his books to millions and the process of making progress by denying them things that will likely make them content in their hearts is still one of the most useful tools he has got for his work and to make progress where and when necessary. Bearing in mind Slavery is something that those on whom it is inflicted get to forget, whether or not it has a real effect or is somebody else's fantasy. HH's prognosis: "I am not the one that is made for and knows how to pay for things or is the most skilled at paying for things people need, more so with insults and immorality of which with what I own, which really belongs to everybody. I now need that part of my property by which such nonsense is possible to be under my undivided control; this does not as such speak well for their insolent fame industries."

With respect to the decency of a human being, it is still not a major issue at this point, its simply a fact that when One gets published online it is publishing and does not mean that it has not appeared on TV and therefore somebody else gets to own the book and royal property, all be it as a function of the fact the owner is not publicly present and thereby own the book that belongs to him that was meant to appear on TV because if some do not get their seniority bully broken dreams out of others to foster their favourite greed, money freak rubbish, they can never give such things a rest and move on without travelling around the world to seek violence. This has been going on for years off course, where writing a book at home means that taking a walk down the streets suggests somebody can therefore grab your aesthetics and use it on media to get rich, after which he knows what people should not do with what he looks like because he is a reporter etc which simply suggests he wants more money to hide himself with, then starts to pretend he owns his victims as violently as possible and begins to decide when one starts to deal with him as well when it supposed to be over. So one is to say ‘I want them off the property and book sales’ and they are to say he is joking and the fight is supposed to have intensified because he had decided the only thing they will have is that stupid money they were born into this world before he was to earn before he was born; which is how they come to the deduction HH does his job because of the fear other children will have what he has while he is deprived i.e. all he is being stripped off him because they are incredibly insolent people who make others commit crimes while children will grow into and be nurtured with all he is, when he is rather comfortable with the idea it is good luck to those who want to grow up to have what he has as equally as it is good luck to him who wants to beat up the fathers for a living - nothing whatsoever therefore to be concerned about. In the end, the economy is a typical example that nothing gets done in government when an idiot is able to feel he can determine what you do or what you do not do and so clearly it is the book sales that will have to become their undoing as well (HH's prognosis: when we say we need to ensure small businesses serve big businesses and big businesses are held to account to serve them as well, it becomes an impossible task because some stupid girl and or woman is a bully that thinks you are something she does hurtful things to in order to get good things in return and the errands never go away either because she has greed and ambition too - nothing gets done in government while that is going on, I want my class act on the matter - they will fall over the book sales. The claim I want everything in the world does not apply on the matter either; a half priest government operative does not write books that gets him involved with the worst that exists in society to the point where they have such access to his personal life and office to wreak such vandalism as they might wish - at the end of the day a writer has his own crowd other wise every other crowd will be killed off to limit the damages. The Labour Party really has no policies whatsoever and more so on nuclear deterrent; all they know is the next point of terror that they wish to run their Politics on the mentality of the UK people with and they love to choose communists as that point regularly, only recently been going after the Americans. It is never clear how anybody would have an ambition to be a prospective tyrant, I mean who are this his mates that he intends to rule here and rule there and so on anyway? They have simply become more evasive over the years and so have I developed an appetite for destroying that stupid party as well; I mean these days the damage I have done to it is such that it can no longer credibly be the party that promises wealth distribution unless it self harms. It is the things expressed I am most proud of i.e. that the price we pay for wealth equality in this country is socialist racism and fascism and genocide. It begins from school days where the reason others are successful is because they are being given preferential treatment by society and not that they put in extra hours at their academic work etc, which means such things as how they would do better if the society in the UK where they find it impossible to make anything work was the one in the US where they like the way it works and this is how they normally come to the deduction the UK needs to become the US and so on and then it is when we get into the real world that they are certain this has paid off and as much as they believe their lies is everybody else’s belief of it as well, so they start wealth distribution etc. It is not a problem that they find it complicated to make anything work for them in the UK society that is the main issue of course since people do act to share such things when others are fans but the fact they are the most hatefully insolent scumbags in the world and I am not sharing mine, not even as a derived sensibility, that will rip to pieces my equities and securities too by the way.  Hence it should be borne in mind therefore the claim that I speak of economic recovery but me and my actions and my work are the biggest threat to business confidence on the global stage, this is a matter of a lack of respect of course but then again I would have to pay for their stupidities if I made it clear I am not their equal and they are in no way my class and need to get off the royal property and the books. They really expect somebody to take a stand and tell them to do a thing or not to do another when it is clear that the bottom is to fall out of their activities because it is the only platform on which the process of training a workforce, the process of an education system can be sustained. I am not such a person and they need to do whatever their choices tell them to and pay the full prices for it too. 

There is therefore the matter of how destructive of other people's civil rights I am or indeed damage I do to it by taking up civil rights matters when I am a royal Prince and should not and thereby should be made to give it up when I have spent all my life doing it without knowing I am doing it or accepting it is somebody else's work and not mine. It is the same old story of what I need to do for revenge or deterrence when people take up my work and set out to do it the way I should have done it to create the correct civil freedoms effects by which all their Popular appearances and meetings and protests is a destruction of my fan base and my followers and my customer base, which they then show off in public as well as an evidence of their anti-corporation and anti-wealth inequality campaigners, after my personal affairs with my friends had become public property of course in the first place, with really insolent media getting a reaction from me everyday to acquire inspiration and energy as they put it, by which they keep it all going and will therefore as they were determined to, never leave me alone. I am not of the opinion that it is a major problem either, as I said, it is a matter of revenge and deterrence and I hope to begin by showing them how striking the Shepard to scatter the sheep really works and of course when I mention such facts it becomes obvious I am not the first to have done it.

The great idea of threats I face from powerful people has no basis on reality; the fact of it has more to do with people who are comfortable with the idea their jobs are not things other people will want to compete for which means it is a safe bet and an advantage, so the violence they speak of means for the most part that they want a story to exist between them and my job and so of course the dimension that story takes is not up to me - they do need to get off the Royal property, get off the books. The part where they claim I speak of direct action because I am really a very weak leader is the bit where the truth of it is that I just have property that is worth a lot of money and because I have been preoccupied by things like George Bush and the media and other idiots in the same form of activities as well like Tony Blair and Berlusconi of Italy to mention a few public ones especially when they have the same skin colour as I do, I am actually cash strapped in possession of the property which means every scum things that they can take advantage of me with any money they have to get rich and so the only way to solve their problem because they are so stubborn is tie them up somewhere and hit them so hard the pain distracts them from the books, otherwise I will like to know first of all why they are so stubborn and then what we are waiting for as a planet if it is possible for people to do government work without being paid, especially so because some human beings are just corrupt and cannot be corrupt therefore with their own because they have not got it and of course the part story about how One's activities have shown people have to hit the British Monarchy at its resources is much the same as the fact their Politicians have ambitions to be rich and powerful and people should never expect professional politicians to come anywhere from their quarters, their fellow African friends regularly have ambitions to travel overseas whose nonsense  should never be tolerated either, especially the part about respecting their money which they are likely to have stolen from Ones Royal Property and or public work and pretend there is a political excuse for it which makes them unquestionable and untouchable as their media especially desires above all else to be able to hurt people in a condition where they will never be stopped or questioned about their decisions to, then make out their freedom and liberty of fools where they are known to gangs and extremist groups who are their friends is more important and that others do not wish to stand up against the Government on Freedom of Privacy issues because they are cowards and of course it is much the same as the claim One's work is mediocrity concerning which they do not seem to be able to demarcate between an opinion of such and something they have turned into a daily campaign over property that one has never given them permission to run such stupid campaigns on or with, so that when he handles them as well and their stupid community croons alongside they might want to get the American President to wave around a big stick in their favour.). The Thing with and about freedoms and civil rights fools on the other hand is entirely the regular occurrence; the issue continues to remain as it were, that One does have the right to enjoy his own freedoms as well, so that when they spend their time getting around with gangs and racists groups and other extremist groups they might fancy in order to be powerful and feel safe and also to be able to take anything they might like from those who actually own it, it is important for them to remember due to the consequences of thinking or applying it, that One is not that busy as claimed, spending time sleeping with their wives, especially when they are journalists and the beginnings of these things years ago continue to get worse and worse with each day they wake up to throw it into the air and make references to HH and so is it important they keep themselves away from the Company business and the Arch Prince's Book sales and we are not talking about how One's personal and government funded security should be left to the girls who need it more than he does because he is a man and can fight to defend himself, that can always rather continue endlessly until more complains are extracted over civil rights from its operation and processes as well - results from it being responsible such as working for a Country without ever being able to get a take home pay at the end of every months or week because idiots with fame and fortune and decadence and gangs with their media have an opinion about you, have access to you and your property and books as though you were supposed to write them and then hide them under a rock so that they do not and yes we guesses it too, they send time with gangs and racists and extremist groups as well to feel safe and powerful.


  •  The world has changed, such that what was once secretes are not secretes any longer . This means that some things that some of our leaders  think is very clever and indicates the reforms they have made to government are simply consumation that they do not understand because they are corrupt evil and wish to live in another person's personal life. These secretes have been consumated and we must accept the new world we live in especially those of us who love to be party with such evils in the name of democracy and the majority, for convenient and violent discrimination.
  • Democracy really has nothing to do with fundamentalism in the Eastern Part of the world or indeed the West, rather it has been a means by which those who do not like to be told what to do by those who have no wish to obey the law and so see themselves as the leaders of everybody, when they are not yet settled on leading their own people properly, those who don't like to be told what to do by lewd or strong people, so in search of a new life. These group of people have always belonged in the Global Naval community because until the 1980s there was no real sustainable form of Air travel; that have never spoken about its fundamentalism until now, until HH, because of his ability to make people settle in on their future as a function of doing all they do for their benefit as something the evils of society disagree with otherwise they will not be allowed to have, do or keep it. 
  • Democracy has been borrowed by other people in the East and the West as a means of ensuring that they are able to serve their people; since it is clear that the only way to stop corruption outside the means of democracy is to be corrupt-as the histories of both fundamental blocks of the world have expressed. The Irony for them remains however that these purposes cannot be served by periodic elections which help to secure the opinion of the people, however that Monarchy unlike Naval fundamentalisms will be able to wield too great a power to be allowed. So we are fortunate with both, the longevity of Monarchic Love and the security of representation without arbitrary power.

HH books here displayed here to intimate you to these facts, protect your quality of life, which you have worked for depending on what you have been doing with your time and to others and even remind you in some cases of who you are, which may go a long distance to avert certain violence, especially when you regularly seem to have all you have done to keep yourself away from it taken from you, which raises issues in light of the three opened up declarations above. These books are also created to ensure that he had kept ideologies of evil out of his life and set up a business on the conveniences of fighting them and it is the derivatives of this that he shares with those who buy them, which is also what they are really buying.  

These days they seem to say that the stuff about black people that follow HH around to make sure the entire world is sharing his life and everything in it so that stupid girls and women that know how to wreck peoples lives and finances can move in is a new thing in their mad country which it isn’t. HH has mentioned before they like to pretend they are the only ones that appeared on a play ground, which is how they get to think when they hurt people those are suppose to spend most of their time thinking about the evils in American society instead, so they can do whatever they like with them, which does not actually work with everybody. What has happened in HH's case is an entire Parliament holding him down and stretching him out for them to do it and those now have a condition where they have a hung parliament currently and One also knows that whenever he wants to make them have another one, he just needs to whack the civil service and wind up the opportunistic Unions before they find a way to arrange a compromise between him and them, so their entitlements are not affected because of his insolence and they will have another one, which he can do because they have been ruining his finances, which keeps him single for way too long and the result is that he has control of absolutely everybody hearts in this country and want even more of it, so they can try to win elections in a place where people are so loyal to him undividedly which is really tough, so it does not do them any good either.

On the contrary their claims, HH is not stuck anywhere by the way; books he needs to sell to make a living from over the next 30 years have already been written by this date 17 June 2011. The real problem now is how he must raise funds to do things along the lines of marketing and other forms of Publicity and that is so difficult because it is all they do with their time i.e. keep me out of employment and cash that is and now the economic crisis has come to play as well to make that even harder but the job will get done anyway one way or another. The problem you see is that when these kinds of individuals have something to say to their superiors about One, it has something to do with successes he has not earned the right to work for or have by working for, which he could have by making them happy, so their superiors have no health issues to worry about. When One complains about anything to anybody, it has more to do with the fact somebody is threatening him and so this is not fair. Hence when people are determined to tell him how to exist but do not want to do it in the right way, he is bound to make their lives very miserable indeed-it is not true his attitude towards Politicians is all stick and no carrot; it is Politics not a wine bar and he is definitely not making himself vulnerable in anyway whatsoever by saying such things here thereof. The way it applies therefore is their cultural wickedness on the right that makes progress by destruction of all that is good in sight-as if they can give to others and corporate greed on the left that only makes progress by making sure people exist who have things they do not have any more as if there are real people in the world that actually wish to tag along with their arrogance but it is the Politicians that handle the process of lies and accusations, manipulated to improve expensive self improvements for the destruction that these two sectors of their endeavours creates towards HH as a person and His Business and Property, which they have made quite clear has no means, process or way of ending while it continues to get more and more expensive and violently abusive at the same time because they believe their own lies daily.

Already the out come has expressed a condition where It is largely suggested therefore that Ones actions and deeds amount to a process of fighting the enemy psychologically, which is a type of fun that he is not interested in seeing anybody have with him, bearing in mind the real facts with respect to economy especially are that banks have collapsed, businesses have folded and the remaining ones are making losses but with respect to the question of how to recover, people are more interested in turning out to enforce their will with the money they have. It is therefore incredible how they expect there to be any kind of recovery when they are making losses while they are enforcing their stupid will with their stupid money which sees that people cannot have jobs where they stock products in a warehouse which others will come to collect and pay them for, that because they will do nothing else with their time but wickedness and collecting other peoples inspiration to get rich with no body knows how the corporate world operates and that small businesses are employees while big businesses are employers because they have money to enforce their stupid will with. Hence the effect here is that they bring up the matter of economic recovery all the time and when one talks about what really matters, they go off on a completely different tangent, vandalise his property and completely destroy his finances down to the last penny, claiming they are asking for more which is not a crime or a sin because he is the slave from which they collect inspiration to get rich with a big mouth and therefore should stay hidden like the property he is which is what those media insults are meant to preserve until they have to stop in an unpleasant way, so that even if the fact they are making losses was removed from the equation, it is impossible to calculate any hope of economic recovery when their idea of that has to do with smaller businesses giving up things, when they could do something about their attitude instead, to make more profit.


 On the contrary nobody is trying to detach Terror activities in the UK from UK overseas exploits; the reality is that people just continue to feel things and when they feel that something belongs to them then they will not stop themselves from making it their own on seeing that the UK government cannot stop them if it does belong to the UK Government and it is not just an international attitude but a domestic one as well. We are not talking about British Interests and property of some 50 years ago, we are talking about live operable property and interests that the whole world saw us work for within the last 8 years at the very most – within a period of time that is a living memory of those who were in the work force before we began and are still in the work force even now when we have decided how we want to deploy what we have worked for, hence there are no excuses for all those things people do whereby the British want to create a fight into their affairs but get people to give them a discount for it – yap, yap, yap all over the world. The part where they say we suck and try to do things we cannot which is some weakness that affects everybody is very well said of course but the reality is that we have set out resources to deploy with regards to those people they have said clearly that they do not want, people whom we see potential but they have gotten rid of and thrown away of which One is here a typical example, over issues on things with black idiots and Africans and hence fact that these issue has reached the highest possible levels of British Government authority. These fights they set out all the time is largely to suggest therefore that people are not going to fight them as well as it were. What they want to do is run down the resources we have set out for these issues as a Government until it is no more and then they can dominate and win and have completely forgotten that other people may like bets like that as well. The part that causes the most bafflement the most is how much effort they have put into stifling One's work which really has nothing to do with them and to note therefore that they have not even gotten anywhere near having the structures to effect financial frauds like they want to but want to apply it around the affairs of somebody that needs to get around gathering equities in the financial industry and in every industry he is involved in to securitise and broker in order to sell his packaged books. One does not think the part that media goons play in the matter is of prime concern anyway; the matter about those is that they are very well paid and it does not necessarily apply therefore that it is okay for people to give them bigger mortgages nor is there any good reason for anyone to sit around and tolerate nonsense from them - of course there is always an alternative and really insolent argument of defiance while they stay on over peoples work and property like they do with HH here and more so anything he owns and of course play stupid games they find funny but it is naturally those that hand money to popular culture and media products that have got the money that people can play around with, in the end their real problem is a matter of respect for a Royal Prince they seem to love to abuse and what He does thereof and the fact that He can do what he does, hence it is difficult for any to fathom a clue where there is an atmosphere that expects him to take these sort of nonsense from such idiots either. The function and purpose and sale of Books at this Firm are never lost in translation even though such nonsense is the foremost preoccupation of media fools; the truth and reality is that HH does not necessarily have to declare a big building in the City to show people that if they touch products of this Company and property any one more time be it Royal Property and Public work and my person all together, it will eventually very quickly degenerate to a condition where there is a clear cut decision to be made about how either his company stays and theirs disappears or they do exactly what He want. Apart from that, those who have opinions about how much books HH is selling and what they can do to his earnings need buy their own copy and from there decide which one is lost in translation, otherwise understand in a general sense that One does feel frustrated when people do not seem to understand a Company because they have made a choice not to and their insolence will become globally profitable or what happens there when it is said that the owner writes books and purpose of the company is to sell books that the owner does write; so that there might be no respect for the sense this is a Company with Products and those Products have the right to be Products, so does the Company the right to be a Company as well, which any normal person would be hard pressed to find common place anywhere in the world. It is a marvellous consideration to note they are a group of fools that seem to have serious problems when they do not have money to throw around, just like HH does when his aesthetical proficiency catches up with some cash flow crisis and how this then means that they at the same time have the worst unimaginable habits of wrecking peoples finances and telling tall sub culture tales that make it into a big problem is never clear but we all know that at this stage they feel they have prioritised their foolish women over the earnings of this Company and HH's personal finance and are off to create a bad reputation for women in business and Industry to settle their own share as well - hence some obsession with Communist economies for example and of course it is never really over and HH does not necessarily want it to be. So such nonsense as the idea that One has not fixed anything in Areas of the world where people who share his skin colour live but want to fix things for white people in their Countries is very well understood but the truth of it is that their opinion was never required - besides which you cannot make a head way in your life if you get around with lower classes, when you are actually a member of the Royal Family: the fact is that there should be no problems to deal with when people write books and place it at the market place for sale - it should be a sale or no sale issue, hence they are not a problem for a Prince who has an issue about men doing conspiracies and whispering and overwhelming him with their stupid problems to deal with; as it is impossible to work with Children while dealing with the problems of men and their girls, besides which the whispering and lies and conspiracies are the only means by which violent cultural power makes people rich and everybody knows it is the means by which such social menaces get around having money: hence a problem identified with his Royal Estate of which they are not it and need to get off the books, never the less of which it should be noted they blow off their big mouth all the time about how everything that HH does annoys them and hence the reason they attack him all the time, thus it has been built up here for them as well so we can find out what they are going to do about it - bearing in mind that before then the most evil and violent things done to One were perfectly okay due to the fact that it happened on grounds people like him so much they want to trap him; They are not Royalty and even if they were, are not the British Arch Prince, such attitude being their answer to everything has lasted long enough and it is incredibly annoying as well - especially so when done by the Americans, considering also there is always a part of this Company or Ones very person or work that should go to somebody else according to them so that something important might be shared; impossible then to breathe or eat or rest due to the fact they have got media and One has tended to regularly tend to walk around in their City as though he is superior to them in their view indicating something wrong with them and the need to get to the bottom of it too; at such stage of we can hear talk of how they want an end to it of which they could have ended it years ago but of course it is common knowledge they end such activities when they see fit, which is why they hope others might want to be part of what they are doing so they can do such things but if not, then they become part of what others are doing in order to do it. 




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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.