I am told that there is wealth inequality that I need to concern myself with and of course there is no such thing – there is pee, pee, pee creep into peoples lives and extract money from peoples family finance and market bases Celebrities, performing actions that create public problems in terms of the disparity between how much they earn for doing nothing and how much civil servants earn for putting their lives at risk and we know their involvement with me makes this worse, never mind the fact their stupidities are convinced the gimmicks they wish to exhibit around how they think poor people get poorer and rich people get richer is more important than everybody else’s daily concerns. It loves to issue those threats at me all of the time as we know and the result will likely be that I got out of this condition and their parents found out how much nonsense I have had to put up with, waiting for them to simply end their involvement with my concerns which is as abusive as it can get and move on, when their need to deploy my assets for the purpose of winning their own contracts and making their own money is reciprocated by a need on my part to plan my life on their savings. I have always known Celebrities to be people who campaign tirelessly against the bad things people do to other people and so because of their nature and emotional standpoint and not because of their need to handle and hurt me and bully me while blabbing how I am unable to do anything about it, it has always been unwise to get them involved with difficult aspects of government business – these idiots are not Celebrities, they are goons who get money off Industry twerps to manufacture themselves into fame, buying equipment and venues to engage themselves with the public in a way that destroys other peoples lives and leaves them with notoriety and it does need to stop getting on my nerves as it has become quite clear that I have had enough of waiting years upon years for their stupidities to move on and stop handling me. This is a Capitalist system, the ability to make yourself financially comfortable depends on having something unique and making sure others do not have access to it save those who are paying so it might be possible for you to your numbers proficiently – there is no inequality going on here save these twats deciding that everything I do is to serve the Public because they were working civil rights while their stupidities would be the ones to decide how it served the Public, at the end of which we find them sharing the secrets of their wealth with others as well – we see their stupidities engaged with such nonsense all the time and it eventually comes down to this business of building communities with an imagination that gets up my bum and then complaining about the smell that they find there, and it is still impossible to tell what the hell is wrong with them as it were.

So we can see that it’s all entertainment Industry moguls playing abusive money games about which facts were quite clear, that I found it hurtful and if they do not see me do it to them, they need to desist should I inform them I find it uncomfortable, not threaten me as we can see there is nothing they can do about me save the fact they have been finding ways by which they may hurt me and now know I am suffering from haemorrhoids and tummy Ulcer therefore appear to have this need for making an announcement about it all the time – I may complain about it but apart from this, every other stupidity around here is an assumption they really can tell what I am capable of too – it does need to stop threatening me, it does need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. I do have feelings obviously and therefore think about it, I do think about the fact that it might be a drastic action on my part but it is normalcy actually to consider that unless they were stuck in a cycle of work, family issues and shopping, we will never have normalcy and there is nothing wrong with making sure that is what their lives look like, hence they are right to be worried about me all the time – having said so which it is as simple as seeing the amount of time people have to spend in the work force if they want to plan a comfortable pension and to stop exhibiting their practical jokes all over it, claiming it’s a money game and the money they got from it made the invincible.

The part where they moved somewhere else is another story in my view; if the entertainment is good for the British economy, they are to stay and do it properly as they are not in charge around here – they are to make their own contributions to putting right the economy that they so happily destroyed, get their head around how difficult it is to build one for the future – there is no inequality and there is nothing that any can do about me should I had failed to tackle it, needs give me my space. I do get told people who know what I know should be successful and its an example of how they start; I have an Arch Prince’s Office and they don’t have one, so I suppose its another of those insults they like to spend their time on until it got to take up mine again as it were. They claim my fight with Celebrities is sad and yes it is but there will be no fighting save two main issues and their civil rights idiots handling my body parts to make a mess of the body as a result of the fact I am overwhelmed by it every day, issuing those foolish threats they cannot back up for the smell they cause here like we were mates: one of them is claims that I don’t buy entertainment products which criminals do while I want to rub shoulders with Celebrities and it means they set out their Industry hoodlums to do the Intellectual Property Administration business I have linked to a Royal Office, leaving me inundated with junkies that want to get rich fooling around with tribalism – the other being the one that facilitates all the insulting and abusive advertisement that their insanity cannot do without i.e. a bunch of popular culture people made music from the effects of a public office concerning the regretful feelings of those who engage in crime and abuse, so they stifled my Book sales, wrecked my academic work and set about building a counter measure which allowed criminals to make their own concerning those who work tyranny with the use of privilege, clearly of which we have come full circle but we cannot tell what their stupidities want beyond this still as it were.

I do get told that I have lost my mind and its utter nonsense – what happens is that I am inundated with problems that have nothing to do with me because I wrote Books that helped people and hence these fools had decided led by their American friends that if they dumped their problems on me via media abuses, I will make money from it and life could not have been better – I am inundated with idiots abusing and insulting me, to keep an eye on me and ensure I cannot just sit in my backyard and let it drip away because they were sharing my good personality, taking advantage of the fact I have a good reputation but am broke – then there is the part that has brought about the most trouble i.e. that I planned my finances such that the way I worked it will work a business where those who wanted to chase financial matters at own pace will have public support, picked up by ageist idiots claiming my existence provokes them for being where they found me years before and when they start, just like they wreck the economy and claim I am a character they will pick on to ensure the recovery was easy for everybody because of my attitude, it begins at the precise period of time that I am starting to trade my Books more seriously; it all hangs around me and tickles me all the time until those financial matters make me comfortable enough to be myself so I stopped looking like pea under several matrasses Royalty thing and then there are these others goons who get involved in the matter and you could never tell how they knew that if I am squeezed through the whole thing to make the money at the other end, I will become a permanently damaged individual but we can see its an example of the fact it is evil and corrupt and twisted and rotten to the core, has its own ideas about how the main problem was religion as well and so the ultimate question of whether their stupidities is what they think is the best way to associate themselves with people who are mentally ill or it rather showed they were a handful of very mean cunts instead, like when the fact that enjoying some peace and quiet at this Office would mean I am important when I am no one while they were complaining about the consequences for such nonsense and their media gits were telling lies which suggested it was all my fault all over it – the point is that I am not mentally disturbed but we see their idiocy is their mean cunts idea of how to handle and associate themselves with people who are suffering mental illness and that it is what they spend their time doing in public places every day, which is why there is such a community build around such behaviour, they are so good at it and the lies are enough to shoot up the stress levels to immobilise their victims. I do get told that the more I acted on it is the worse their lies made the whole thing and it always does until an important position is deployed to harm them enough, that others might be able to dress up and attend to the daily concerns without smelling like what they ate in any 24 hours but if they are asking about my mental wellbeing, I am perfectly fine and their stupid behaviour is not the way to handle mentally ill people, such that what I have omitted is the need for their stupidities to get great minds achieving what must be done in total obscurity, then sharing it with them while they had the reigns on publicity like something the Nazis had failed to achieve, completely covered up by the stupidities of goons who show up here to run my life and cannot keep their mouths shut.

I am told my main problem was my inability to fully grasp the racism issues and it is utter nonsense – we know it’s the racism that bothers these gits which happens to be the most important racism in the land at all times, we know it is soon matched up by something concerning the evolution of their insults and some student Union leadership telling other people how to exist in a way that makes them feel comfortable because its body type cannot deal with discrimination very much, which is why others need be overwhelmed with it; all is then set out in an arena where if they are angry it matters but when others are angry it does not matter, so none should try provoking them as the outcome is that they never stop until civil conflict had broken out. In my case its been a matter of racism I am complicit with until they wrecked my academic work and finances and are now getting after the single thing I had set out to recover my Career from the ground up i.e. my Books; its where I need to explore the question of who the fuck they think they are and whom they suppose is fooling around them here as it were. Even as I say this, we can see I am jeopardised still because it’s a matter of their inventive stupidities relying on other people and any little I do to tolerate and get over it while they rely on me to improve their stupid lives is good enough but I suppose it does not make them any less of a handful of fucking idiots as racism is rather serious. They do say I never mentioned its seriousness in this way while I dropped out of University and yes, I didn’t but all that time it was still serious, nevertheless. There is this mystery of the prognosis behind this behaviour but it has never been a mystery to me at all; what happens as we can observe is that whilst they claim others are complicit with racism, they are actually financially better off, so the intensity of those claims and the actions that follow it in public are all raw greed – again the supposition anybody is fooling around with them here as it were. In the end it is still a matter of what a group of idiots have decided adds up to people they were superior to, still all runs along the lines of the thing that belongs to them which you picked up and did to your personal glory in order to serve them like the people who needed handouts and even when I am older than their stupidities we still find them run around this Country claiming I am new kid on the block looking for a response their stupidities will not be able to live with, bearing in mind they know I have Court systems full of women and regularly get large numbers of feminists playing my game, no chance then of getting any fear of respect from them as there is no prospects of picking up their own, doing it for them, serving them with it and waiting for them to blow off a discriminative big mouth at me for it as it were. Its much the same as the Brexit issue where we have the backstop as the main negotiating point – we all know the EU decided the backstop should exist to protect anybody that does not want to leave the EU and it didn’t matter anymore what the British thought, we also know the outcome is that a United Kingdom with a backstop upon leaving the EU will give up sovereignty to the EU and that the Prime Minister has again provoked people by saying he will not negotiate with the EU if the backstop is in place – much as we know that May did not go very far with her negotiations because she thought she could rely on top EU leaders to come to an agreement with her on where it was safest for each Country to leave their interests and what can be done to ensure nothing interfered with it, it has always been impossible to reach an agreement with the Germans on such things, I am still lost as per how she thought she could anyway – so current conditions are that the UK was meant to crash and burn once they got a Hardliner into Downing Street but we now find ourselves telling the EU that we really need that sovereignty stuff.

They claim I have been given a taste of mad life and that I am unable to cope with it and we all know this is far from the truth which is that they spend so much of their time seeing how well they can make people expend more energy than people had fed themselves over brash base behaviour that will be profitable for them, a process of using useful people disrespectfully to ensure it is less than it is worth and even free, that they have not got anymore time life to work themselves out of poverty and cannot stop complaining about wealth inequality for it – my personal diaries are so full I am now repeating myself while they have adopted a new habit of lying at my expense to progress towards the business of having unfettered access to me. The outcome is that I now have to find a diet, a sleeping pattern to avoid the smell my body causes in the process, on account that even the business of how I prepare myself to leave the home and attend to daily concerns everyday is not spared this rubbish, so as to avoid getting myself into a difficult situation and I really do think if they handled me over it I was going to try hurting them seriously as a sign of the changes I can get to make to the world and people around me too. The problem with these goons is that they forget their place all the time, they forget that they exists somewhere between the communities and the Children of those communities who passed exams in school to get jobs that allow them control the High Streets, when the boasting is that its about being able to achieve, that it is about hard work, they are very well aware they are shooting up my stress levels unnecessarily, making it possible to produce those foolish announcements about my tummy ulcer and haemorrhoids, being very well aware that this is what at all what it is about or what is being done. They claim they don’t believe me when I say I am Royalty and of course I understand that but their problem is still that they cannot let people be, cannot keep their hands to themselves – what happens then being that the UK has a Class Society and you never end up in the Classes unless somebody there took you there with them and there is only one Person in the Country that can stop me from being an Arch Prince and its HM Herself, she is not doing that, I don’t know why these goons will not give up the one they have appointed themselves to perform. Then we find them claim that HM has give me responsibilities which are too much for me, a claim that beats the imagination, just as their need to interfere with my concerns have led me to warn them about having to deal with their Middle Class security problems if I attended to my Books in Public and introduced myself to others as an Arch Prince, the warning that it will be the beginning of the end for their Middle Class Hoodlum insanity all over the Cities of this Country as well and then they will stop their intrusion into peoples lives and concerns in that way I suppose – the idea here being that The Queen has been Monarch for over 50 years so One judged that I am unable to carry through the tasks I have been given to perform and therefore gave it to me thereof, while the reality is that the Trouble makers at the Monarchy want everybody tackling the Celebrities so that they might obtain lease to get involved with the Celebrities for financial benefits, while the Celebrities want everybody tackling the poor trouble makers from all over the world who want to be like them as they grab peoples public image to get rich by, a task that I obviously incapable of performing to such an extent that I am notorious the world over and there is now need to protect my work because of the fact it is part of National Interest. The convincing them I am Royalty part being all about the fact I had written a Book and put myself out there for the Book, so they have found something close to my heart to handle as leverage against me and fool around with my whole life by, much the same as I have asked them to put some of their salary in the post to my Address whenever they enjoy their narcissism over my Books, as it does tend to make them responsible idiots, such that it will likely make a good business when people steal some and I got some, unless they did not want me to run a Book shop in that way at their expense.

I am told I support Brexit and not the other side and its utter nonsense – if I spoke of myself personally I did not think Brexit solved the problem but Majority people think it does, I suppose I have to accept it is a problem which when resolved will knock off all the other problems hence it seems they have the correct idea on how we should proceed but for me, its still the old case of recognising the problem with the EU is that it is full of Countries which are really a Global stage bastions of sexual, social and financial corruption; when they say that a persons entire career disposition during Middle age is a provocative process of seeking to access what is an exclusive entitlement of good looking people, it really does beat my imagination but their stupidities and that of their incredibly foolish Celebrities feeling entitled to rip up my life and display trophies on social media is what I will not tolerate. If people told the Government that the careers they worked for their entire lives was at stake during Brexit, it would have decided what the negotiations looked like but what they have told the Government is that they do not recognise Brexit and seek to reverse it, so the Government is left thinking they have resolved their case and only the Brexit mandate remains to be executed. Saying this will only mean that I have accepted responsibility to serve their cause when I have accepted no such thing around here – what I said is precisely as I have said it i.e. if they told the Government what they worked for in the EU was at stake, it would have been considered during the Brexit process, what they have been doing is working to reverse Brexit itself. They do claim I am one of those characters that do a lot of talking which I cannot back up and it is utter nonsense as we know I did detach their stupidities from my mainstream living but the same Politicians who complain when they have witnessed them at the pinnacle of their wickedness expressing a real world hope that somebody will beat up or kill a woman to make them happy or rip up peoples lives and hang around somewhere relying on their victims to completely forgive it while they spent all day ringing up their friends to keep people from getting a job but will set about taking down everything I do to protect myself from their misogyny and then fail to either protect their own Political insanity or indeed the general Public from it; so its still the old case of the fact that I will want to sell that culture and society for a living, will want to shut down the popular culture and Celebrity culture but once I was provoked into losing my temper and then decided to stop, I will smell like what I ate for the rest of my life because they could never stop lying and their disobedience is legendry – that said, the provocation will only produce an outcome in which I did pick it up again as it were, the damage limitation I expect to be respected here is that they stayed away from my Books and stopped following me around especially when they see me attend the academic institutions. When I speak like this we can see I have only ended up being able to establish some normalcy by looking like a complete goon; so there are matters I can pick up to move them on for my part – matters such as selling culture and society, shutting down fame and fortune popular culture, getting the misogyny of their homosexuality and that of their community croons out of my personal and thinking space etc, so it does need to realise that pricking it instead of giving me some space will lead to outcomes in which I pushed and pushed very hard for my part as well. The other matter they point to being what bad things I have said of Islam and how that is set to make things difficult for me in future.

I have said no bad things for my part; the reality is that Muslims never stop claiming single Christians were infidels while they were the ones in Polygamous marriages for example and then there is the part where they claim Jesus Christ is a lair who is not the Son God and what he has done is create this condition whereby people who have made the stupid decisions to follow him, think they can make something of themselves by being world problem solvers which can be exploited by real men who are Muslims because real Men deserved to, soon garnished with insults that I am weak so I think its okay to walk around the streets expecting others to affirm that I am a real Man when I should go off and be gay, waiting for the day of wrath, all I have said for my part being that what happened during the old testament was a physically present Omnipotent God giving people the go ahead to take the Law into their hands, what happened in the new testament was the end of this because Christ came into the Flesh and we know Christ arose on the third day after he died, while Mohammed was dead and buried, meaning that there is no Godly presence responsible for their Islamic actions and likely to be mostly made up. We all know the prospects of people repenting of their sins when they have been killed is nil and those who want to work the kind of fear that leaves them with the need to avoid hell and therefore repent just as they were to be killed should be able to work their system of fear well enough to avoid killing them once they had showed sign of repentance in the name of justice. I always like to imagine personally that when people do those deeds, it is meant to facilitate a business of showing their generosity later on once the really evil people that they are not able to touch, show up to block finances and careers but we can see they kill people because they have not got the money which will soon make it a difficult problem for them and more so when they are killing people for me too. They always say I speak like this but benefit from what is being done which is utter nonsense; what happens is as it happened from the first day I wrote my Books and made it Public i.e. in the USA, they said I had provoked them by working some self-provided security that freed people that they were able to dominate and control, so they set out to deploy media as a tool for getting criminals to play practical jokes around my concerns that made me feel the age of 50 was a luxury while they kept their eyes fixed on the income margins that they will make me work for and share but generally we know it is usually a matter of seeing them stand up on media to talk the way people who are undergoing an exorcism would talk, added to the business of seeing them sit around expressing a real world hope that somebody would kill a woman to make them happy or ripping up careers and earnings to rely on their victims for forgiveness while they rang up friends that will ensure others could never get jobs – this should inform people that demons run their lives and that they are possessed with it too but once Muslims start killing people, the Politician ones will be able to take up the other case where they did not stop the misogyny that bothers them but stopped anything I did to protect myself from it until I dropped out of school to a whole new area and then they will be able to secure a public disposition that allows them to tell a lie and punish every good deed; I am not the one complaining about it, it’s the Muslims who make a mess of it all killing some more people. Like we know they sacked a museum for instance and that museum contained artefact from their own history, a time when Islam had not yet come to them – indicating they are unable to recognise what evil looks like, unable to take responsibility for a process where a pilgrimage of evil visits those museums in order to provoke them, have ended up creating this condition where others will be in charge sometime in future and the Relics they will want to destroy will be the Quran. It has always been that way as far back as I can remember it; that if people love the abusive and violent treatment they get, considering from my point of view that Christ is not the Son of God according to those who do these things, yet he mentioned that it is the sick who need treatment from a Physician and not the healthy,  which makes it difficult for people to get treatment as opposed to the ease of dying at home in dignity, they will stay with Islam and if they don’t, they will find another religion, so I must keep an eye on those times when it is said that I had refused to water down my Christianity and Islamic leaders had lost Followers that helped to massage their ego as a result of it – from where I am, they all work the same way i.e. the prevalent one is that if I have peace and quiet at this Office I will look like I am an important person when I am nobody, yet if I am disturbed, my personal and thinking space invaded for all sorts, to a point where my eating disorder smells, I get threats for it, threats that likely mean I will put up measures that ensured their stupidities faced the ending of it if they dared to handle my person physically for it – needs to create problems and complain about it, issuing threats at it mate somewhere else.

They claim what I say does not solve any problems naturally but it does – I have heard they have worked out how to confiscate a Royal Office around here and it generally means they will go from Me and my Sons being profitable at your expense British Public control problem with legendary disobedience, to complain about me on a Global scale again; the start of it was the business of gesturing me to their left to facilitate this nonsense of winning their contracts in the City along with their friends on an agenda using my property and Assets, which eventually wrecked my Academic work and meant that whilst an Office was meant to provide support for the Monarchy on Church and State matters, they could slip in their own version of problems at the backdoor, leaving me with two lifestyles because the Academic work had been ruined, about which it now need to keep off my Books and stop following me around if it is complaining about consequences of doing so – it’s difficult to tell how Popular culture moguls go from Money games to fooling around with the concerns of an Arch Prince in such ways but we can see anything I do about it will leave them worse off than I am but there is no incentive to stop this behaviour in the present. As for the media abuses and the gestures, it meant first that they wrecked their lives and planed their future on my property, as the culture and society served the point where my potential goes to vanish thereafter it meant I had become a vagabond – so it’s the reason they feel as if they are in charge all the time, as it means I am worried about what will happen if we worked ourselves to death to rectify an economic crisis that they caused while they saved up their energy to make trouble. We know they have themselves pointed out an awareness that I am not vulnerable to their finance nepotism i.e. when I remind them its all daily discrimination over claims I pick up what belongs to them and do it for them, where they even have friends from Africa to back up what they think are traditional allies of British people, never mind European and American Fashion twerps and Celebrities telling me the destruction of my Books is due to a mind I have which predisposes me to some need that means I want access to what is exclusively the right of the good looking; so I do not get feminists doing what I want regularly around here and we know its good news for those of them that were younger than I am but were here before me more so. They claim I cannot back up any of these and it is utter nonsense – we all know they think I cannot because I smell and if I resolve this I will not be having any more fun I fear; it feeds into the theory that I am running away from my own life while what happens concerns those times I have been uncomfortable and how community croons have moved into my personal space, which will fulfil all their dreams as abusively as possible all day long and in the dead of night, while these gits showed up to start another gimmick on how peace and quiet at this Office would have meant I am important while they were more important etc. I am then told my main problem is that young people take advantage of what I have done but as I have mentioned before, the threat to young people who get along with me is unprecedented, besides which making use of my career without paying for the products is an idea I could never have invented myself – so I have not been able to move Past Multinationals engaging with my Assets at Trust and since this creates products and can serve an opportunity for their stupidities, it leaves me out of pocket i.e. Trust have invented Products with Equity Assets in Broker, they have custody of these products and have left me some Publicity for my work, I have gathered up some more potential investors but my struggle now is no longer how easy it will be to make people read my Books, rather how to ensure that they did not invest my Assets without doing so, an invention of get what we want idiots whose complains about inequality is currently of Global proportion.


I have been aware of the great idea that I have a mentality which says that Colonialism is okay and it is utter nonsense as well – we all know colonialism begins with the business of people just travelling out to find new cultures and ways of living, the bad bits are the ones where people decide to tell those they find outside of their Countries how to live which means they assume the right to solve social problems in those places while their own social problems become the issues that those places have to contend with, save the social problems have access to the resources they have gathered and the places they have colonised can never solve them, thereafter they may try if they thought they were mad enough of good enough to measure up; its all a business of the things people believe to be wicked acts that they may exhibit undisturbed at Government buildings and the last time we checked, the idiots who cling to my finances and invent these lies while their eyes are firmly fixed on my public image were the best friends of these twerps. For my part it has always continued to be a question of setting me out as a character they will cause the most pain on the path to recovery from an economic crisis that they caused, whereby I appointed myself the character that will decide what they did to gain the recovery as well – so the earlier we settle up on what each country can do for another country is the earlier we will recover from the crisis and there is talk of the US but we know the US has only recently completed work on certain Political matters associated with National dignity when it came to trading with some Communists such as China which is none of our business. In the end we hear I deploy peoples security Industry business systems to progress my needs and it is all because we have gone from a security Industry that got along with me to gits that corrupt my state provided security, get their imagination up my bum, let criminals run wild, decide deviant behaviour of children relies on me for the future and have begun telling the world I am afraid of young people taking advantage of what I do because I am selfish unlike their stupidities were and since HRH Prince Harry got Married, they had decided the business of Celebrities getting around my case to be friends with Royals that have more power than I do in order to handle my Books and earning Margins in the USA had not blown up badly enough yet, so when the Duchess of Sussex has Children, it is the Children that will have my future, an assumption I am interested in talking to their penis and have not yet tolerated enough of their stupidities. Going through the Brexit route, we clearly do not wish to present ourselves as a Country of leaders that do not care about peoples feelings when job losses have occurred but the same think I will get into trouble if I have tolerated their practical jokes on my earning margins for 6 years simply because they would have stopped if I mattered and their ego was too big to.

Now the story of how I am out of my depth, done and finished is one that people feel they need to float on National Media every day and I suppose it will eventually lead down to a response they actually like, which will ensure it stops the way they want. I mean according to what we know is happening elsewhere in the world, the culture and society goons that have been the reason these idiots have played a part in wrecking my academic work and finances in a hope of seeing me get killed by gangs and criminals in a way that will serve their need to feel safe for being important, wouldn’t mind attacking them to grab structures that can bring about easy fame and riches, none has an explanation and these fools have not given any for the fact that having just finished with culture and society trouble makers, I am stuck with them whereby my finances appear as if the bottom has been cut out and everything is draining away. We are talking about the entire world thinking I am stuck somewhere with very evil people getting the better of me while this nonsense is happening when what is really happening is that when I write a Book, they want my Public life to be about the fact none knows who I am, such that by the time people know who I am the income I should have made while I was not famous did not exist and generally means I have to starting stage- famous without security. The part where they, along with their foolish women and homosexuals claim I pick up things I cannot do in the first place would have been the part where after 12 years we had discovered they and their Celebrities were the ones that could not protect themselves from culture and society trouble makers, hence love to warn others about the prospect of spending peoples property on themselves when they have to face such things, thus when they brought up the issue because I was pushed around and stood up for myself, the idiots were really talking about their stupid selves all along but I have now only found out once my academic work, finances and public image lay in ruins to help them adopt an existence that left their stupidities feeling safe. So I cannot tell really if when it says I will get into trouble when I describe it as stupid, it is aware the position I find myself is one where it is either I am right or it rather thinks that it can invent any stupid thing it likes and then set about inserting it into my life and career – it will when it finds it difficult keeping it mouth shut over my case like so, eventually find itself in a situation where it gets a response from this place that it will regret and so will it stop being so amusing. The Politicians bring up the professional aspects of this and how it generally means media minds its business and you mind yours but we already know that – we know when it is playing up some irregular heart beat Television gimmicks, it has come across a rough patch, associated with the difficulties it faces when it is gathering the News but when it ensures that all the work you have done to keep culture and society trouble makers out of your business, keep idealistic goons out of your customer services is completely wrecked over the fun practical jokes it wants to engage in, then it must be having a good time with the job.

So I am told that I could easily spend the rest of my life doing this which is not really the case, I know what I am doing to such effects; it’s a matter of the fact the Celebrities I have in my life are always working, work, work, work, and then they set up the structures for me to follow on and sell my Books by and soon after there is a message which says I am not going to they are moving on, so things move really fast with them and I am not predisposed to work all the time like that with a Royal Estate on my hands – so I might want to ask them to tone it down so people may see what is going on with my Books but it means that I will end up meeting other Celebrities in future and those will be the ones to get things going since the ones I have presently would have been the House Celebrities and it is actually wrong as I am not exposed at a Royal Office to the effect of saying I will meet some Celebrities Today and then meet another one Tomorrow as such, so the group of Celebrities I have history with are the ones I must rely on for everything that having Celebrity friends bring, allowing me to spend more of my time on a renaissance system that a Public relies on. The rest are very nasty twerps, pee, pee, pee creep into my life, extract money from my work, make statements about what I do serving the public in their name and share the secrets to their new found wealth; I would like to carry on with mine without interference by a Media that claims to envy the fact I have a Royal Office and everybody wants one as it were; those who will not copy with this for reasons of their own bullish behaviour that has similar effect need understand others are having to deal with the smell caused and the warning I have put out here has been very clear too. I do get told I speak as if these things are important but it’s not the fact people are Celebrities which is important, it’s the fact people are being nice which is important; the reality of it is the same as ever here I am, here they are and between us is social issues about which people from my own race are the most disobedient concerning the business of using it on me violently and yet they are still telling lies on who the aggressor is, especially when their populist Politicians such as Obama had assured them that their civil rights included talking about their problems with the rest of the world in terms of the fact I existed, in order to transform themselves from goons who have nothing to live for into twerps that have become rich. Each time I tell them off, I hit a wall of disobedience for it; brash hip hop behaviour meaning people are getting what they want on the part of the ethnic minorities and black people, brash wasting big spending and never moving out of his comfort zone behaviour adopted by the whites, bother hurting my bottom and churning my tummy, talking nonsense about people who have tried to tackle them in order to fight my battles and failed, while we know no sane person would pick up an Arch Prince’s Royal Order and get off to some fighting without the permission or in disdain, let alone those who have been trained to fight an enemy while leaving those they serve with some Hospitality in the process – I have no idea whom these gits decided have been fighting my battles and having failed, show that I do not stand a chance anyway, what I know is that I have warned them about the involvement and the people getting what they want at my expense popular culture abuses that they think makes their legendary disobedience so profitable, warned them of the way it hurts my bottom and churns my tummy without success and they will get a response that they don’t fancy as well before it stops the way that they really wanted to as it were.

A solid wall of popularity disobedience is what I am greeted with every time I tell them off; yet the two that got serious were both the ones where I felt like I needed to exact punishment on their insanity until I was absolved of how stupid they are because of a need to creep around me and get to know more important Members of the Royal Family, so they might earn right of peerage which allows them to do whatever they liked with my person, the other being the fact I don’t spare the property equity when it comes to helping people make popular music about the various times they have regretted their antisocial behaviour and their criminal activities, which Hollywood helped them get revenge for and after could not stop showing up to make a mess of my career and finances, claiming I showed promise as per doing something about them and they were here to ensure I did not keep it to myself like a test of how stupid human beings can be. It is going to get serious again as I am not getting through about the importance of their insanity letting me have my space, bearing in mind they got their revenge and came full circle as it were. The idea I am being made to put my back into it is nothing unusual; we know the black idiots in this Country are always blabbing about others controlling Americans for them but its an old story where they have their ideas about what they hate all the time expressed at those who say nothing of their need to chase people around and pillage peoples lives, careers and finances on account their stupidities were running some popular culture money games as it were, it is testing me for a response over it obviously – I would have thought character this stupid could not possibly have had any principles that suggested they hated something and like another, since it seems they have no concept of right and wrong, only money and laziness; of course it is dangerous talking like this as we know it leads to people being singled out as Daddy characters that have to deal with racism but I have not gotten a moments peace in 15 years of the idiots blabbing about what they have been forcing me to do either.

So I am told this is the great case of Public schools and private schools debate but it is not as far as I am concerned; everybody considers their costs and benefits whenever they have engaged themselves in a grand study arrangement, the only reasons you face problems is that you are picking up another person’s costs and this is what the prestige of the institution that you attend will have inflicted on you. I am for instance in a fight of my life to ensure people buy my Books to invest my equities which is not just uncanny but because it is explained to me as something people can do because they have money, indicates how stupid human beings really can be. This is on the back of the fact that every twerp with a job offer wants to play a game with some ageist gits with ideas about educated young people being a threat to their jobs but cannot explain what is to happen with the fact they were about to retire soon and have an experience that cannot be rivalled – the outcome being that it burns up my acumen and I decide they can shove it up their bums, to end up at the other side of it with a goon that has been making money from the market I built for my company using the sales army of his business empire, telling me that I want to make money from the shadow that his business has casted on the world because he has already tasted blood and this bit really gets on my nerves, wants a piece of a talent I spent time in an academic environment to develop, money is not an object but does not want to pay for it because it has a history of insulting me to get rich. It happens every time; we find we get to the work environment and we are hurtling down a rabbit hole to end up on the other side facing hoodlums that are handling our career, while paparazzi got completely out of hand – so its not something that is caused by the places that people obtained their education. The one that comes into play in terms of where people obtained their education is the part where the low lives pee, pee, pee into peoples lives, to claim what people do should serve the public in their name, then get off sharing the secrets of their wealth – it cannot keep its hands off other people and it is clearly worth it naturally. I am told that I am one of those very unusual characters that comes on once in while but not necessarily; its common sense – people want to pick up equities I have put up on a Royal Hermitage website and invest it, Americans want to provide a leadership that means Royalty gave up some renaissance that was used to make customers feel better so those who had nothing may get rich and the entire time they could get all these things reading my Books for the equities that applied to them and doing it professionally; everything I have said pertains to other peoples business, mine is to look after this Literary Empire which obviously does not exist according to these twerps and when they say they do these things because they have money, it goes beyond the question of how much they expected to spend on my Books – putting it in context, what has happened here is that the last time Multinationals developed my equities into Tangible Assets, such that I thought I needed a management system was in 2005, I am writing this in 2018 and have not been able to progress beyond Trust business to the point of selling Books, while gits who want to make money while escaping work brew up accusation and lies to play with led by Liberal American idiots who suggest I am the aggressor, all over the world and in context the whole thing is developed in line with gossiping, a lasciviousness that is out of control and a bunch of idiots planning their lives on my wallet, such that I did not have a say in matter according to their stupidities. It is always very keen to talk about the Private schools and Public Schools story because it’s another easy way to play up poor gets poorer and rich get richer practical jokes its foolishness thinks are more important than anything else in this world. It is said that there is great difficulty telling what I am up to which there isn’t – the trouble makers at the Monarchy always want people sorting out issues with Celebrities so they might get around with Celebrities for the financial benefits, while Celebrities always want people sorting out issues with poor persons that want to be like them, leaving them to deploy peoples public image to get rich and the Community croons bearing down on students sexually to wreck the career is developed on this, the disobedient barely criminal twerps with an imagination that gets up peoples bums is developed on this, the Industry goons who rip up peoples careers claiming educated young people are a threat to theirs while doing nothing about the ageists who build local business that is not enough for two, for the purpose of keeping an eye on younger people and getting an imagination up their bums is developed on this, there is no reality where I am sitting somewhere thinking what I have done is really bad because they had decided to explain my perspectives concerning my challenges in such ways, what I have done is the barest minimum as they are a real pain. They speak of the unpredictability of men naturally which is utter nonsense – I am simply stuck in an environment where I get to make sense of the reasons women have anal sex or rough sex and there is no reason for me to be there while others decide how to make use of my Public image every day, every time it threatens me as well, it gets to find out I thought its stupidities were bluffing and need to clear my Public image space ASAP; you can only put up with such nonsense for as long as you can put up with it – hence I am now reputed for ripping up in a matter of seconds, what people spent a life time building from the business of manipulating Politicians, Celebrities and Diplomats into doing, in order to help them deal with the abusive consequences of getting a job – it does not happen if people do not encroach on my space as I have had enough of their disrespect for it, their women claiming it is a product of fornication and adultery, while the men want to be popular culture moguls on it.

In the end I was given an Arch Prince’s Commission and an environment to perform duties with it and since its inception, I have been hounded by a Labour Party that is either in league with my parents that will make me hand it over to a more worthy person or had decided that it wants to get into arguments with me in a condition where I got punished if any of them lost an argument or it wrecks my academic work and career to allow their children get ahead; so I have had to jump all sorts of hoops to avoid doing damage to the Political system all together. I would fancy they never follow me around that ever again – the talk of interference on my part is utter nonsense, these are the duties I have been accorded by the Monarchy and they have grown over the years too; I do need to plan my finances in a way that ensures people who associate with me to chase their financial matters at their own pace, for family reason, for disability reasons or any other reasons, are able to do so.