I do get told that there are many people at the Monarchy with ideas about how things should be done but I exist on a whole new level and its utter nonsense – I dropped out of University because of this Heir to the Throne gimmicks in 2008 and we are now living in 2019, during which time they had gone around the world building a future on a Prince who has dropped out of University so that they might parasites pass their exams and deploy his abilities and Public work to make an academic work profitable in the jobs market, as stupidly as possible and also built me a five year history of insults to screw with my Books because the destruction of my academic work was never enough. In terms of the Monarchy, we have now ended up with Two Monarchs because their stupidities never ever listen to other people as it were.

Normally it would be as simple as the fact that if The Prince of Wales spends his time with people who have an adage, such that he appears as if he wants to bail them out of it financially as well, to help them escape the part where communities turn on them and ensure they had such a difficult life that they ended up taking it out on somebody to be fully documented criminals, it could mean that he wants to leave his Royal engagements for something else – there is no need for me to continue dealing with threats from complete idiots who have built on this business of screwing with my self-esteem until I am weak enough to be attacked without difficulty while gimmicks like we see played up at the Monarchy by the Heir to the Throne such as these tends to mean they are in good shape for the bad things they wanted to do.

It is very simple – if they follow me around the next time they see me at an academic institution, it will progress from the things I have done to their popular culture to show that if I wanted Interest in society it would not have added up to an Interest in them because they are quasi criminals and if I wanted Interests in Popular culture or the City Centre it would not have been an Interest in them for the same reasons – it will develop into something far more serious than that for my part too. It is very simple – if The Prince of Wales spends his time with people who have an adage and looks like bailing them out of the consequences financially, it could mean he wants to leave his Royal engagements for someone else, if I am not prepared to do anything with myself, it should be accepted that I am not prepared for it, by society twerps and City centre idiots with jobs telling others how to exist. They say they have no idea how a low life like me got involved with leadership and Government, I am as such tempted to say that their era of doing things by violent prowess is in the past but what is really happening here is the consequences I need to keep dishing out for every insulting process where they match this nonsense with a business of showing that their stupidities alongside their children were more important and superior to me, making such a mess of everything around here – I mean the idiots passed the exams at school obviously, so it’s difficult to settle exactly what their problem is at this stage and why they keep following me around when I need to pass mine as well, as stupidly as possible. So the reasons they target me have always stayed the same; this is a Hermitage and the Financial matters are not the main concern but when they start their gimmicks because I am involved with Government while broke, the outcome is usually that I can no longer pay the basic bills in the first place and its similar to everything they do to earn the complaining we cannot be free of because each of their decisions relies on others, creates problems for them and then they blame others for it, just before they got lots of endorsement from the Prince of Wales and stupid American Men that are not complaining about Conservative Politics having a certain view of their behaviour towards young people just yet. They do claim I think of myself as Mr Fearless but there is nothing to fear from them; just a bunch of very provocative idiots who are such villains as the energy and health that will facilitate the bad things they want to do relies on me; now apparently their supposition that any who was provoked was incapable of handling them has extended to some connections with very powerful people as insultingly as possible; if it continues on this path of civil and criminal disobedience that is expensive for me, I will sack their Celebrity culture so that it stops spending my personal security and public image on its stupid self.

I am said to be finished and done for and its utter rubbish; the real issue at the heart of all this is the character that continues to ensure that everything I do about living all my life under a shadow of having a good idea which was stolen by Celebrities had come to nothing, right up to the point where they were playing practical jokes with my personality, is the one that must answer for all these and that is what is really happening. The rest are a bunch of fools that are about to make me say something or do something that will commit me to a deadline that means I no longer want to be seen tolerating their Celebrity culture or living as if it has the right to exist – I mean I deal with this from 6.00 am everyday – where a culture and society idiot gets their imagination up my bum and I push them into difficult situations so we both smell of what we ate, meaning that I am too much for them to handle and they needed to move on but rather tended to have meant on Media that the guys have access to my valuables and Celebrities can have it if only they asked with a big mouth – so I am guessing when they ask about the real facts behind these issues they want to see how unnecessary it is and how they are the ones who complain the most about the consequences and might want to think about stopping it. They speak of war bits naturally but omit the part where my bottom hurts and it’s a start while their pubescent stupidities had promised me I will be using my own life and property to do whatever it is I am trying to do – when it starts like so, it does when I am at University so I drop out or does the same year that I am trying to sell my Books more seriously so I look like a character that does a lot of work and does not get paid for it with a big mouth. So it has been known the way I work is to ensure what I know is what culture and society trouble makers know lest I have to pay the price for their involvement based stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy, since these fucking famous twats got involved, it’s been a matter of trying to prevent a low life like me telling them what to do because I am involved with the Monarchy in some way and that was after they showed up at the University to wreck the academic work gawping at me for all the wrong reasons and following it up with abuses that will get some security based support from equally stupid Americans. So it’s just about a few stages off committing myself to beginning a process of stopping it; these are the facts if they are serious when we hear them blab about stopping at amicably which I don’t want on account I think I am very tough – for my part I have done enough to ensure handling me was too much work while they apparently had so much on their plates. It’s like I get told that everything I do is disrespectful while I am rather busy supposing that none will notice since I am copying their stupidities; not bread winning for me, yet the insults which suggest they do is what their incomes are now based on, as a total perversion of a system I built to provide people means that ensures when others deploy their work to make money, they had a right which suggested they should get paid for it, after years of fighting over the claim that I am discriminating if it is not available to everybody; I appear to have eliminated everything that could constitute a threat to them apparently and yet none knows why I get targeted by them for it all the time either, as I mentioned above however, at some stage the whole business of fear or no fear their stupidities builds on will be shoved aside for a response to match. These gimmicks take 24 hours to clear out each time and I have to work very hard, unless it stopped, I will never run my Bookshop or indeed develop another Career if need be – they have consistently come up with their one ideas on what is happening, claimed it’s the pressures of War while reality is that when we say culture people, I am stuck with the criminal ones, say society people it’s much the same story and then the City centre people and the jobs market and Highstreets etc, they never stop and they never stop complaining to the Politicians in a hope of getting privileges of injustice, then we find the gits with access to Media get completely out of hand with a big mouth, as if I write their Books; it’s all becoming a matter of stopping big brother and big sister grabbing my income by running off an abusive leadership which means culture and society goons that damage my property and get their imagination up my bum being punished for it can run away with what they know about where I keep my valuables in terms of my Bookshop and my earning margins, especially in terms of any academic pursuits and career, while they do it over a supposition that if I were provoked by it there was nothing I could have done and I am about to set myself a deadline to expressing what I think about their Celebrities over it. I did try peddling that stupid culture and society to pay the Bills once and stopped short of going through with it, now I am famous for smelling of what I ate and have an eating disorder to show for it, when I do pick it up again as it were, the prospects of stopping it this time never looked better. It’s like when they say I am not a real black person naturally and I want them moving left to smell of what they ate as well not hang around looking like they want me to beat them up with it too – hence does not look and feel African enough for them as it were.

I do get told that most of my threat based deterrence are a business of offering people false hope and it is utter rubbish – what happens with these trouble makers is a matter of training themselves up in a business of making the most from the process of the bad things they need to do relying on others for the health and the wellbeing and this comes with threats and coercion while anything you were about to do with me was a matter of what was going to happen on Day one – so it is usually likely to develop from a business of expecting them to understand they are likely to get a reaction from people they provoke, into something of a fight that will never end because you want you train yourself up on the one that will work for them and find a way to show them the latest once you had every time. The big case is usually a matter of people expecting me to act on a process where stories of something I have lost on the left and on the right which makes others comfortable is so distracting for me because of the abuses of Journalists and Politicians, that I end up responding to it while I am trying to study or work a career and it tended to get worse since the more attention they got is the worse it gets naturally but the real problem is still like we see the role that Afro-Caribbean are playing with Brexit the same way they get racists to build us a reputation that suggest we are all the same, while they wreck my academic work and finances, following me around and tend to commit crimes all over my Public image as an expression of desperation concerning how the use of my personality would make them rich and I must be made to understand what they are losing and what they are feeling, in terms of Brexit which they were here first while I am older than most of them but is an example of the reasons my Parents could never live in the UK when I was younger so now that they won the civil rights movements all by themselves they know what it feels like to be responsible persons, even though we are still not free from wrecking academic work to make popular culture like we see them share their own and that big mouth being heard all the time when they do not hear me express my own hate for their stupidities as far as my part in the matter is concerned – never then likely to respond in a manner which suggests that making sure they understood following me around at University again with that gimmick on something I have lost on the left hand side and right hand side which makes them comfortable will mean that I had started to respond in a real way to what is really important to White and Muslim daddies abusing me to sell things in this Country, which I don’t have to. We find there is a need to talk about me being constipated all the time which is utter rubbish; I usually have just one Meal a day most of the time and the reason has always been that I tend to avoid taking a lot of medication for my tummy issues if my Gastric juices have the time to do all the work – the reasons I smell of what I ate is the bad habits around me, brewed up from years of insults and disrespect for my personal and thinking space and very abusive lasciviousness built up for my Bedroom window and to make a mess of the personal space they now share with me as a matter of Community imaginations; very, very nasty and bad habits, begins very early in the morning and keeps going as their greatest tool for getting ahead of others throughout the day while their women go on and on about it in a hope I will get into a fight with gangs. So it does feed into the case where we hear them claim I interfere with their jobs which is utter rubbish; it’s always them every time there is an issue with Hoodlums and Paparazzi at Industry, always them; asked to sell a product and its more interested in building me another Public image where I am said to be a Prince that wants to share my person with others and bring about equality that makes their products sweeter for the masses and it never stops doing that – then there is a part where I let them get away with some meaning they got their tribalism raids to the top end of Industry but abandon their posts when faced with a slight challenge, leaving customers to the wolves: so it is important to tackle them because of a sense that I must express my understanding of a business being something I look after because that great person that saves it all the time may come round to spend some money on it and the arrangement was that I ensured the Products were set out in a way which makes them better off, important to tackle it because there is no such contract as a process where people deployed my property to make money and I never got paid and the same applies to everybody else that is at the mercy of City centre hoodlums who have claimed I will get into trouble if I tried selling a Book where I described myself as an Arch Prince which I believe is their big mouth wagging as it would not get me putting a stop to their self-blinding irresponsible stupidities at the City, stuck between the communities and the kids who passed exams to control the High Streets, perverting my Assets to claim I get about professing to be familiar with rich people while complaining to Politicians about my response with respect to the damage done as well. I however don’t blame them all as much as I blame the Media and Glass Ceiling Political idiots that have gotten accustomed to telling me how to exist and telling me what to do – at least they are no longer making out these idiots are clever people for the money that they have and we know it’s the same case all round more so that these are always trouble makers save the one ace up their sleeves of the money they buy products with i.e. when I mentioned before wrecking my Assets making claims I want to extract money from areas of peoples top jobs where the family should be making a nice income or that I get around claiming I am familiar with rich people. I am said to have been found out as the character that does that bad thing people complain of and its utter nonsense too – what matters is that those gimmicks they do where I have lost something on my left and on my right which makes other comfortable and is insanity but although I know it is, the pressure of building a crowd that makes a mess of my concerns which I cannot control is so great that I end up responding to it or when a perception is created that I have it makes so much sense the effect is as good as real, should not follow me around again the next time they see me attend the academic institutions.


I am now told that none can make sense of me and it’s difficult to tell what I want and its utter nonsense as there is nothing they can do for me – what happens is that when a Company Brokers Equities with me, getting employed in it means they get to choose what to do with my person and property, it needed therefore to be made quite clear that they are supposed to work with the Company, take what they need to get the Job done from a Trust system I share with the Company if they need to, never interfere with my Book sales and never try to grab my Property all together. It will sooner have gone from here to say I have given their stupidities permission to do whatever they liked with me and this will add to 12 years of waiting and waiting and waiting, considering the more I speak of it is the more Market risk the Companies I work with faced and since they were involved with Market work, it would affect them the most should I continue to speak of it but not all of us are powered by our ego, let alone the type where we save our salaries somewhere and pointlessly operate our stupidities on somebody else’s earnings like they do mine – suffice to say should this continue, we are bound to see a process of writing Books that curb wealth inequality facing practical jokes from their stupidities to stifle my earnings, give way to a condition that means we had to deal with another case of their insanity showing up with their homosexuals all over the City, to throw around threats, claiming I criticise people. My point still stands; I want nothing from them, just a reality where they stayed away from my Books and stopped following me around, where they worked for Companies and everything Associated with those Companies including me. In this case, the story of me being finished and done for is still utter nonsense still as we can see we have not have them complain of the way the light affects them for a while, hence they have become convinced they can push me into any evil thing they want and stand up somewhere grabbing my income with popular culture to mock me over it – the reality however is rather that if I sack their society to gather resources for the purpose of trashing their Celebrity culture, I will always be able to say it is what I have learned from them which I have grown too old to grow out of and had to send off to somewhere. The truth of their clinging to me to make a mess of my life has always been that The Prince of Wales builds charities that help them out with their Celebrity culture – about which I can decide that if they wreck one more thing around here, I will want to do HRH Public duties for him, if he appears fed up with it as well, this is what they mean by finished and done for i.e. somebody that does not get off doing the Public duties of the Heir to the Throne who has now created us a two Monarch situation and gotten tired of it, thinking a different standard from what applies to everyone at the Monarchy applies to him. They do realise what I am saying especially when I point out Trump is racist and when we say so people don’t believe us anymore situation they find themselves in now and they have said that I am a bad person who does not care whether twats like these lost their lives but on a social front, not only does it make a mess of my livelihood for the fun of it and wreck my academic pursuits with social corruption frivolities, even when I don’t know what their names are, their whole time is spent coming up with ideas of what I should do for them, threatening me whenever they have money problems, claiming it is what their stupid civil rights looks like and wanting to have a go at my Leadership but the part that brings on these matters is that everybody is sore all over because of them without reason or purpose and they have ensured it all blew up at Popular culture on the social front, while on the security front, they tear up the lives of those who appear to be safe and trade the incentives off to Political idiots and Industry goons like if people responded to it, there was nothing their victims could do – we have now seen that it expects to run it off until it no longer feels safe and then it will begin to find another person to take advantage of for it, about which I have been clear the next time it follows me around at University, I will build them a powder Keg and make them watch me light it as well – looks like the whole thing is coming round again and the purpose of handling that stupid culture and society will be to show there is nothing they can do if I do not perceive the world around me the way their stupid selves see the one around them. They do say that I am becoming more of a problem and its utter nonsense; I have lived in about 6 Addresses in the last 10 years but only the two I have lived in the last 6 will decide what happens with the Monarchy – it never listens and cannot let people be, even claiming it’s a matter of History they have with me; it is starting to become a case of shut up or make me – my personal favourite being that every little insult people throw at me is publicised on National Media with a grand plan to see me respond and get involved with gangs and criminals the way the insults that will get me doing things for them on their part had designed it, then we find them threaten me themselves because their stupid bottom hurts with a big mouth. We see the same stupidities with the football gits as well; it was nearly more important than I am on my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved with its concerns, now the boys feel like their fraternity have been violated by a low life with a big mouth and the same behaviour applies every time its Premier league salary is not enough and it wants to do business i.e. business means putting up money that dazzles poor people into giving up more money, add it to the money you have and you will have profit, the problem being the business of working for it. I do get told that I never appear to take responsibility for any of these matters which is utter nonsense; there are no responsibilities to take for it – between 2002 and 2004, the main form of abusive practical joke was more to do with how much masturbation I have done, so we can see that by 2019, It has become much more abusive and violent, garnished with all sorts of nonsense on how my body type is safe from bullying that makes people smell while their own is not, hence the entire world’s problems could easily be my fault. It all hinges on what people think they can do to make money with a personality I cultivated in a Hermitage and the main problem behind it is an idiot that continues to ensure all I had done for living under the shadow of the prospect of having a good idea which Celebrities took from me to get rich with, only to leave me inundated with gangs and criminals because of the way they use the money as well, was undone and my career was consistently twisted into that position where Celebrities can do such things with it every day, relying on me not to respond until it achieves its stupid aim: so everything about it, right down to their Community croons claiming I sleep with peoples wives all day long, hinges on the access they have because the Academic work I started off has not yet been completed and if they follow me around on that front again, there is going to be trouble for it. It’s like we hear that I interfere with American Interests and its utter rubbish; we know people should not listen to such nonsense as it’s a matter of goons being surrounded by young people and good looking women which is a scenario where they cannot be caught dead telling a word of Truth – as for this idea why whole world is about hate however, that was an old story where this was an Empire they will not be getting their own money from as it were, I did break it up to Broker the Equities as I was only selling Books but shared Interests with Multinational Companies that sold Products as expensive as a House, I was going to get my money back one way or the other and needed to give something to society I suppose; since then we have found these gits show up here to determine that they will extract money from my Trust system as well and it means that after a decade of waiting for them to move on, their salaries are now saved up for self-confidence and for bullying me while my Career is the football, which means I am unable to progress from Trust Broker to just selling Books and yet we know the fools are not selling Books for a living, as their part in the matter is concerned as well. I do get told I am unable to take them on but it’s an old story where you start with the business of their stupidities affecting the Jobs that National security operatives do; where all their insults and abuses and degradation serves the purposes of gangs because security Services are Manned by people who use their health as the Primary line of defence, while in their case, the insanity that will make them strong enough for the bad things they must do relies on other people’s wellbeing and we see all the time when it plays out in full that if Police came to your Place that was big News but for them it is usually National News that they got into trouble with Police as a Community.

I am also told that people find me disrespectful and I could never make sense of it anyway, I know they are complaining about consequences associated with a business of me listening to what they have to say no matter how stupid, as something that happens because I am a Child and so every foolishness they want to invent at my expense runs down to that and gets up my bum for it, as stupidly as possible. I have allowed it to run for years now in order to find out what they are after; it seems they are after nothing whatsoever, just the business of finding out whether they can torment me or not and this story of how I cannot do anything about it has always been an invention that is not based on truth, since we know the last time they kicked off attacking and abusing me to trade off the effects of the insults on my personality and public image for money that facilitates Partying, I did sack their Interests from the underbelly of New York to Japan and we know their American friends who want to play money games at other people’s expense have gotten completely out of hand since because of that. What happens here is that they have a habit of doing these things while relying on me not to do a thing about me and customers cannot buy and read Books that way, while it takes 24 hours to clear it out and they invent a new one every day, so I need to kill it dead to run this Bookshop. Listening to what others have to say irrespective of how stupid is not so bad, they might want to try it someday as it were, otherwise this nonsense will likely develop into a make me or shut up scenario and then they can find me very disrespectful that way. People do say they are older than I am naturally and I think about that all the time too, in the same way I want people to think about the fact they are ageist gits who consider themselves to be the reasons behind every bad thing young people do whenever riots have happened; they find me disrespectful, I have had enough and this is time out.

It’s like when I am told I believe I need to work harder and harder in my life and it’s not the case at all; I simply believe I need to move my operations to a more stable disposition: what happens is that they show up here to threaten me, claiming their civil rights involves threatening me when they need money and when I handle their case as well over time management issues, they end up getting jobs and paying taxes as there is nothing they can do about me – from then they believe their revenge will be a matter of tackling wealthier people and of making sure the more successful I became will be the more wealthier people I met and got support from, suffering the consequences of my deeds but mostly it seems to be difficult for goon with money to listen to others as well and I am sure it’s not complicated for anybody that this is a Royal Hermitage which main business is a Bookshop, either way which it was clear that when people are not out of my league like so, whatever I have done about these gits is usually enough – such a fact exposing apparently that the purpose of these gimmicks is to carve out fortunes from my life, the assumption my experience of Human beings have always been as stupid as they are, especially those that got rich by being a handful of idiots. It’s like the ageists above who talk about disrespect on my part all the time – I am never going to sack their interests again; we all know what is happening currently is people telling them to lay off the threats over the fact I smell like what I ate all the time because of them, because of the consequences of doing it – it appears I am bound to leave it for a very small while and then when I look after the body the purpose will be the conveniences their stupid children with an imagination that gets up my bum over what my personal space should be used for disappears, likewise their society and culture conveniences whenever I sit in an Office to write some Books and then when it becomes the work ethic, we shall find out what reasons they have left to continue the behaviour. At Present it’s a matter of getting out of that nonsense where my whole Career has ended up in an insanity where I showed Mercy until it became a Habit while they got off doing whatever they liked at my expense; for their part the only problem we face every day is the business of getting me caught up with women, building up useless young people to an imagination that gets up my bum and spending everything I do on Celebrities as I come up with it, for their stupid women to philosophise that when people torment me, they are in need of help, not more punishment, which is pretty much the same story i.e. how do I get out of that as well? They could stop the behaviour naturally, but these gets me stuck with their problems which problems makes them made them the important people I had failed to acknowledge and all they do with it as an abusive process of getting something I am either giving or selling – it gets rid of everything that goes against the spawn of Satan I suppose and bits of Asset Equities are starting to vanish from this place depending on how important the person every fool that has gotten involved with my concerns will have been.

They love this tales they tell whereby I have gotten myself into such a difficult place because I do not listen to what other peoples are saying about the way I run my life and it’s always incredibly stupid; the only problem we have here is that case that simply will not go away – everything I say and do as an update for my Books to serve my audience is spent on Celebrities as I come up with and nothing is left save the consequences of the abusive advertisement their stupidities had devised thereafter; all are made possible when a society idiot gets the hands up my Bum which is just a progress from their need to make use of my body and personality and wanting it to a stage where they start to get physical, when I churn his tummy as well, he sets about abusive gossiping that leaves me stuck with 50 year old school truants in the neighbourhoods selling sex alongside wicked women who want to invent their own religion, closely linked to the stupidities of corner shops, then get about showing its children how to get on with life by getting the imagination up my Bum and spends all I do on Celebrities once finished with that as well, only for these goons to build them a National level Publicity for it and threaten me if their own bottoms hurt too. The reality is a group of individuals and other gits who have business with Military at the Monarchy having a mindset which says they are other people’s Gods while reality rather says they are very annoying individuals whose provocation can get a response if people had time to spend on it, if I talk like that enough times of which we will see it go all haywire with the local criminals getting all over it again – suffice to say they need to be reminded that they are not my Gods, they are villains who rely on my wellbeing for the bad things they want to do, a thousand Armies behind them will never change this. The Military generally never wants to deploy other people’s sensibilities to get their jobs done but when you hold Royal Office like I do, they will spend time with you and that means when they are facing such difficult threats as pushes them back to their subconscious your Order will likely be the means that gets involved in the fighting as well and they must be able to rely on you to provide one and look after it – these gits have become quite obsessed with corrupting mine over the years and have explained their stupidities, some of which I have described here as something of a lack of respect for women on my part, while we know a typical example is that it is still impossible to get black women off the business of finding Husbands on my Public image on account they saw me walk into a Church but we know it does not stop because they tell their mates that they know what kind of man I am and have seen my type before and know very well how to get about it, so this is clearly respect as we now see that it never goes away and believes I will be dragged into a dark place to get rid of them – when these stupid women get their imagination up my bum like we see them do all the time, does it mean that they know what my name is for example? So we can see that it will continue to wreck my career until the business of thinking of myself as somebody who wants to explore what is left of getting my imagination up peoples bums when I don’t even know what their names are, earns them the response their mean cunt stupidities are looking for. The remarkable reality of it is that I am not the one complaining about National stage Publicity being built up for abusive insults that society and culture pricks have channelled at me – the same group of people who will not allow Government a moments break are both responsible for building that Publicity and for complaining about the consequences – so they do say that their bottoms hurt and I will get into trouble and I do think they are bluffing with a big mouth as well: needless to say we hear their brag all the time that the only problem we have here is that everything I do with my Bookshop audiences is usually spent as I came up with it, because I dared to mess with them but they are not important – that they were nearly more important than I am over my Public image until I had the effrontery to get involved with them does not make them relevant characters.

They do claim they have detached me from the Monarchy naturally and it is utter rubbish – what they never say when they complain about me to every person that cares is that they pass insults and abuses at me 24/7, such that the insults will include a process of trying to decide what the expression on my face is, in order to make their popular culture stupidities more profitable and the outcome means that I end up with this sense built up that I think my rights are located in the business of leaving my Four Walls to decide what happens with Hoodlums and Criminals when I neither have the authority or means to do so and the reason was to detach me from my Public image which others want to make their own money by with a big mouth. So it has always been this simple and the next time they follow me around at academic institutions with it, the whole thing will serve the reasons I built them a powder Keg and drove them to a corner where they could watch me light it – I mean they are bad people in every way but the 10% of them that is good is really actually all about any money they have made and how you are likely to scratch their backs because they bought a product and we see their stupid children behave in a way that suggest you can only feel good from being handled by them the way their parents have shown is possible, if you manufactured social conditions that meant people could take those stupid careers from them without any consequences whatsoever – an example is the blabbing about the abuses I will suffer to make the economic recovery processes meaningful for those who had money and the fact I had since taken it up and run it for them to date, not entirely unconnected with the fact I am not in any way detached from the Monarchy by them as claimed. So we see the same feed into Industry where they say I think the business world hates me while they don’t – what happens rather is that I have a reputation for showing up to pick up tasks that concern me, so they tend to follow my Social Media for that too and I can look after my Trust System properly because they do, the case largely being that time and again I end up with some reputation, either to do with being a character that is said to go around messing with peoples high paid jobs in order to extract an income of his own by the way side or that I am a kid who gets around claiming I am familiar with rich people, it leads down to the same processes of abuse and vandalism and property loss and soon after it starts to become something far more physically serious than that too.

I do get told there are the various problems surrounding me with doubts as to whether I can get past them but there are none in my view; same case of what Politicians spend tax payers funds on to build confidence for while it is also spent to wreck my academic work and finances to deplete my confidence for, the things people need to do of abusive and insulting context in order to get ahead in life and for all the wrong reasons. The ones who pass around those Bread winner insults that help them live in neighbourhoods where Popular culture is profitable because of their abuses and they can always pass exams in school, have no problems whatsoever, getting on my nerves to grab my earnings over their pathological fear of work and the others who never give it a rest until I look like I want to get out of my four walls and prevent Hoodlums from getting on as well need to show up here and read a Book I have written before they got a response they will not fancy too – either way when the both show up here to bother me, should there eventually be a response to all that vandalism, it will be about what they are preserving, what they have tucked away safely while they show up here to wreck mine and black mail me into violent street trouble. So far the way they have done it leads me to respond in such a fashion as means that it is their Political interests all the way to South America and their Political interests from the underbelly of New York all the way to Japan which I have sacked but as long as they have money at their disposal, it does seem that their disobedience will continue to be seen as something which has an eternally profitable prospect and this family and personal finance of theirs it seems is what I will get after next. Some people do say it feeds into Brexit and yes it does but if you spoke about it the Europeans will say we started trouble and that their money talks, what they wouldn’t say is that they pick up my Asset Equities and set about making their own way in the world simply because somebody else somewhere was important enough for respect from them and then the basic parts where the purpose of such behaviour is to build me a publicity for my business which allows somebody else to grab my career, when I handle them as well, I have counted all the Men in their Communities and started first while their money talks and it’s the same thing the British ones are copying, even finding the abuses society levies at me the amusing practical jokes they express when they nearly got away with it, as stupidly as possible. They do say that there isn’t a thing I can do about it but we know it’s the Political one that provokes them currently – right down to the part where the Americans appear to sit next to Russians as the biggest threat the world faces, with an insulting plan to make their own money from my money all day long; before they declared their hate for me it was a matter of constantly building communities of people that want to see me dominated spiritually first before I completed the academic work and then at some point where I found it difficult coping with their practical jokes while at University, I discovered the purpose was to secure my work as the means by which they can sit around realising they have little money left and then get off to Stock Markets to pull off some luck and end up with a few thousands as no work pocket money to get by with, a few months after which I ended up dropping out of University and their dreams came true permanently; whilst I was seething with anger they built me a five year history of insults for my Books as well to run off the same thing on it – now they just hate the Books and everything I do to run the Shop. It’s the same gimmick that takes all day to clear out while there is a new one built up every day and when it does get a response it’s not going to go all the way back to those years of profitable insults whereby the Royal Family got involved with a low life like me to provoke more superior black people that the Royal Family ought to show respect for the black race by establishing equality with, we know they could never stop doing it and the purpose have always been their money problems, about which if they follow me around where I am trying to study with it again, I will ensure I no longer looked like showing mercy until it became a habit while they did whatever they liked as it were. They do notice this, the way their leaders think blabbing how there isn’t a thing I can do is a good idea while they know I can track all my equities and their insanity of picking peoples Asset equities to get off making their own money on account somebody else somewhere was important goes to show what their stupid mind set really is like in the first place – so it is said any who associated with me was contributing to a business of a trouble maker and this was supposed to ensure they were able to share market I had built for my Books which will never happen as I already have a reputation to preserve currently, while such nonsense already has a history of getting me to pay a lot of attention to any concerns or property of theirs they have put aside somewhere while they showed up here to express their stupidities all over the Book sales numbers at this Shop; it omits the facts of its gimmicks each time it does, such as a reality where the Political left thinks most of its problems are located on the Right and the Political Right thinks most of its problems are located on the left but their case was to ensure everybody feels sore all over and we have not once gained an explanation for it either; its purpose apparently was to gain a tool for creating war which they can blackmail whole government with concerning their financial problems naturally and where I am concerned, they have not been able to do anything with these tools after acquiring them at my expense for 15 years and therefore need to start moving on. So far I have written a Book and they hate it, there are more Books that need completing; the women blabbing about how my torment will never end until they are successful and rich, the insults of their children meaning I criticise people even when I know they are already gay, the Men sending out their silly girls to tell me when people torment me the message is that they are suffering and need help not more punishment with a big mouth, as it was rather clear none can really be as stupid as being unable to see I want to get out of this too and it is the reason they are being tormented by me, it’s the message I am sending too as it were.

There is talk that I appear to be desperate for a Wife naturally which is laughable but either way, I am available; if there is somebody out there who thinks they would like to get along with what they see me do in the sense that they protect me while I at and think I am able to protect them while at their own as well, instead of being a gift to those that are bugging me over it, then I think they ought to get in touch; other details include the fact it’s a Royal Hermit, likely to convert one of the Rooms at the House into a Private Monastery or Church environment – if people are interested in this, I would fancy they got in touch, if they are not, it should have been clear that handling me will only show they have no sense of direction – like my Entire Trust Empire being tangled up with stupid women finding Husbands at my expense because I was seen attending a Church, started by black Women for instance, never listens, never mind Americans Socialites making a mess of my whole life and setting about threatening me to keep what they view as their own sense of control, all caught up with secret service idiots doing their work on structures I built to prevent wealth inequality and leaving me out as some Royal people can take advantage of to rip up the lives of poorer people while what I do to take back control appears to be a fight I am engaged in with their stupidities because they were American and rich – same story about people doing popular culture around my public work and which idiots have taken over, looking for more of what they are complaining about when everything around here is either perverted or counterproductive while their stupidities are trading in some insults channelled at me with Industry gits that will pay them for controlling me; another one of those occasions where I say enough had not died yet as it were.


There is talk naturally of we Brits being misunderstood all the time and it’s not true at all; we are not – what happens is the benefits of a provocation that is not remedied because it can be used as a tool to acquire money from market that less powerful people had built, so the Proxy Brits are obviously the first place to begin. We find it spends so much time thinking about getting around to this nonsense that it does not have the time or energy to work for the money anymore and the fact it does not have the stomach for the money it needs becomes the biggest problem other people’s career face while it wants to impose lifestyles on others as a result of its need to survive – in my case, it got imagination up my bum, I pushed back and it wants the rest of my life spent on Celebrity fools; usually it’s the end before we find out about the Industry goons that take all the money from them and my whole public image showing up at the sex industry all the time because when they blow off that big mouth about knowing why people handle me for them, I will easily likely go from thinking the fact they want to wreck my academic work and make me a plaything for their pensioner school truants in the neighbourhoods, while employing criminals that will take the opportunities I had created for myself was a smaller worry because it was rather clear once it’s done blowing off the big mouth, should I enlist a sex worker, its whole stupidities will come to a stop as well. My big issue with them now is that my Online Presence is not patented – I have Books on it that I want people to pay attention to but the presence is not patented, not only is my whole life toxic but there is also the sense they have beaten me down all the way to my diet and that anything I did will be stolen by somebody who had money, from whom I could never get it back, as stupidly as possible and now have got some British Daddy allies who are never tired of their insolence, looking like they want to play both sides at my expense and the problem being the ageist fucking idiots are unable to keep their stupid hands off my person, while their communities sharing my personal space due to these public abuses and attacking me over anything I do which interferes with what they are doing with it presently leading to the damage that will be done to any academic pursuits, which if it tended to mean they built Publicity for it on media and followed me around at the academic institutions again, I will ensure that those stupid insults leading to a position taken on a global stage whenever they started to get a response became more real. The American ones that love to claim my behaviour gets me into trouble are another story entirely; they get nothing from causing me the most amount of suffering and distress by making a mess of the fact I work my Estate by making sure what I am thinking ends up in the minds of the above described goons, lest I pay the Price for their madness all the time on account I am a bit supportive of Democracy and Freedom and it does not stop like we know it goes on endlessly, they never stop saying the British are the problem when they have not had the opportunity to spend time on such things – so we see why my Web Presence is not Patented and I am always seeing my Public image in the sex Industry.

They do claim that I believe myself to be indispensable at the Monarchy and that I cannot be gotten rid of which is getting me into a lot of trouble and its utter nonsense – what really happens is that The Queen expresses displeasure every time people show up to tell her I had done something wrong and the reasons for this is that there has not yet been a single Occasion in which it did not put HM in a difficult position but they will not stop, only when they see the Royal Politics, they have difficulty recognising it. They have also pointed out that the lies have now become part of reality which is utter nonsense too – what is part of reality is Industry goons spending money on those lies to make them look like part of reality, on the other side of this insanity that gets them wrecking my academic work to employ criminals and hoodlums that will mop up all other opportunities, are the homosexuals running around the City, pointing out what kinds of respect the Millionaires deserve and those who listen to them will think people who are dealing with these fools making a mess to make their millions, are having an easy time, hence always found all over my Books making trouble for me that will get me giving away what the Book offers because they want to get the benefits without either the effort of buying or reading it, concerning which I plan to run off these implications of buying my Books that they have created here until the Books are no longer relevant to them and they can no longer buy it no matter how much they needed it – an example that runs off endlessly until they got hit by it as well; fair to say that when it is seen blabbing like that about how I am dealing with a tough time and it cannot say it is unaware of the reasons people tackle me on its behalf, like the Media idiots I have to deal with all the time, it is obviously looking for a response until it gets one.


We have to listen to that nonsense all the time where it says that I have been conditioned to be a man and this is why I like to think I am Male and so on and so my disposition has affected other people’s civil freedoms. Incredibly insulting naturally as it was rather very good at finding out what people did not previously know about themselves, then making it Public – assumption being that it’s not dangerous since it was never clear my Parents would never have stopped most of what its stupidities are complaining of with respect to my person, if they were able to see through and through that I was capable of it in the first place. The question of why I get tackled by these things have never been an emotive one as such; I have set out perhaps 4 to 6 years during which time I will support women due to the extent of the gimmicks and stories running wild, a lot of the times at my expense, over women issues, only for a group of gits who make faces when important people are working, to build me a Publicity that says I am now a woman and this is all there is to it – these goons on the other hand never ever stop, even when I have had to explain that I am not homosexual since I do not find the responsibilities associated with becoming one difficult but it does not stop until such realities come forth as when its conveniences vanish each time I spend any amount of time working out or doing exercise to convince people of which sexuality I really am. I do wonder what they complain about when done with those stupidities that involve wrecking peoples finances and academic work to expose them to abusive ageists and Community croons bearing down on them sexually to make them part with knowledge and public image that others can get rich by, only to set about employing criminals in the neighbourhoods and tackling women 24/7, to blab about how they cannot say they don’t know why people inflict these things on me fighting on their behalf, looking for a response – I gathered they decide most of the time that some of them must be homosexual in order to support their women who after years of these sorts of nonsense find the process of Child Birth exceedingly painful, compared to other women, in order to prevent their own extinction and it’s the primary premise behind the stupidities their Celebrities and Socialites exhibit on other people’s finance bases, complete with going to the Military or Buckingham Palace to do my stuff. It’s like when I am asked how I know these things and then I have to explain my Mum usually told us I was the Biggest Baby but my Birth was the easiest in the Family and how this pairs up with the way I have been raised rather differently from the rest of my siblings; this is what stories about sexuality does and it will never stop saying I think I am a Man because bad parents and people have conditioned me to be while I have no wish to respond to the bad parents and people that are hurting other human beings, looking for more of what it is complaining about. They do claim they want to know what I know, and so have I written some Books they can read, to ensure my time Management is in my hands and not their own.

It is so expensive clearing out their insanity expressed at my expense to spend my property on themselves and also to mock me at the same time for having Royal Office which becomes only as successful as the neighbourhood I have taken up to get my concerns followed up, as stupidly as possible – the most important now is that they might be unable to handle my Books because its patented but my Web Presence is not and I do say I have no wish to pay the price for their stupidities, this is an example of what nobody wants to pay the price for as it were and they excuse it with those claims what I say and do costs people money in the same way; big old case of when I have become very fed up with my finances and academic work being affected by their stupidities going off to Industry to speak to Industry leaders about how nobody knows who the hell I am, in some failed attempt at being important – the fact they have to do it again and again and again clearly has not yet shown them that they are a bunch of geniuses the last time we checked. It’s like when they say environmental issues are difficult and the way people behave in parts of the world that have not been permeated by modernism is unacceptable, while I am some busy body who thinks he knows everything but we understand it to be a matter of personal fortitude – the fact that they have no fortitude to deal with what they think is wrong but not everybody agrees with them that it is and then it all goes back to the way they rip up the lives and careers of important people until they became important themselves in the first place; when somebody does Public service, they build a crowd to mock them and seek an income from such persons public image, soon enough they claim they are clever people because they have money and that their civil rights looks like that, now they are at the top and we are appealing to their sense of Humanity, not to burn down some Forests because they did not have the fortitude to deal with all of the people they had gotten into government buildings to lead; it has always been this way, the Dichotomy of evil people in Government buildings. For my part I think what I have said shows a tendency to rip up the City centre modernism and money that gets to their heads as well, soon my responses will begin to become more real – destruction of an endangered Animal or Plant will mean I sacked their equities until their City centre buildings lost enough money to be emptied as well, it appears to be the only way to make them listen to what other peoples are saying to them as well, the way that we all listen to the stupidities that they invent. They do claim it’s just wildlife and trees but we know I have pointed out earlier a matter of whether they get people wrecking my academic work and finances so I might become a sexually abused plaything for their community croons, while they employ criminals that will pick up any other opportunities I built myself as a lay person because their women find it more painful to give birth than most other women do – obviously if they are wealthy they can distract their wives with expensive jewellery or a large meal in an expensive restaurant but for those who are not wealthy, it’s not just a tree in the neighbourhood. It’s never really as forgotten as they believe it to be; those original provocation they invent and cover up with series of Laws at Government buildings, to show up at people’s lives and take whatever they want thereof, it’s just brushed under the Carpet, the prevalent issue here being that they have pillaged and damaged and now they are at the top but have no fortitude, need to stop doing the bad things everybody accepts is bad because of the things they perceive as bad but not everybody thinks that it is, in the course of which they destroy nature and property, all good and well if it is not their own, if they will not suffer for it. They do claim it’s a matter of people now finding out whether I can do the things I boast about all the time and firstly which they never had to read my Books but then again, the reason we are here is because I get stopped by the Politicians when they pee, pee, pee creep into my concerns and extract money from market I built then threaten me because I smell, always has a way to get it anyway, as if you were protecting it that much and cannot keep its mouth shut when you finally are as it were – its black and three times my size, especially when American and has nothing to live for, blabbing rubbish all the time over a Book its stupidities wrote, so the reasons Politicians do this is that we thought it’s the Media and Celebrities only who wreck people’s lives to get people stuck with gangs and criminals on their behalf, in a bid to feel special but Politicians were the ones for whom you really had no chance of getting on whatsoever and their need to stop me when I want to sell the culture and society that twats fool around with for money as well until I drop out of school is the reason we are where we are, hopefully, they will not enlist the Politicians a second time when their big mouth and need to be seen around my Book sales kicks it off again.