It gets completely out of hand very quickly, one moment I am grappling with talk of me learning things when I thought I knew everything, led by stupid black men that cannot let people be and I will simply think the problem may be resolved when it eventually earns them a response which means I want a Public image that resolves this one problem where they know where my business and products are located, so they use it to make me live their dream, talking rubbish about how I need to prove myself on violent issues all the time. But it develops quickly into something about how my main problem is still what I boast about but had never done all together and it does not make any sense when we are here because they think Politicians have helped them recover the health they want to do bad things with and this has been achieved by the Labour Party spending tax payer funds to sort out their finances while spending it to wreck mine and make me a target like some pure thing that will be killed so people might be free etc and they are always unto it because they have a Media to play with and a big ego, nothing to do with what I have boasted about but never achieved. The same Labour Party complains all the time of the damage I have done to it and its affairs, looking like their stupidities actually know what being petty means, which is making be begin to think about their case being resolved when my relations with Family and my finances look the way they found it when their stupidities first began around here as it were. I have never thought this issue to be a problem for my part either, like people say I promise much but I need to be frank as per whether my supposition I can handle them is some sort of false confidence but it is not, they can do the beating up, there is no doubt about that, this nonsense however is progressing towards a time when their girls will keep the insults off me and their stupidities off my concerns because it had resulted in outcomes whereby I wanted them to choose between keeping off my Books and not following me around or being on the side of big brother getting gangs and criminals and hoodlums to chase peoples bottoms wrecking everything people care about on account big brother is getting by, the same issue whereby they wrecked my academic work and finances to make me respond and when I did their bottom hurt, so I became the one they will handle with a big mouth. So I am told that if a person knew what the prognosis of a problem was, then it was possible to get around solving it and its utter nonsense as this matter has no prognosis, save the fact Politicians spend tax payer funds to help them out with health and energy they need to do bad things while spending it to wreck my academic work and finances burning anything that stands in the way of their stupidities on either side, the same Political idiots complaining of how what I do to pick myself up wrecks their Political party, like it’s never taken a thing seriously in its stupid life. Much the same as it has always been a matter of how a Country can only exist when it is occupied only by the superior people but it needs to do this damage to my property and rely on me to do nothing about it while it suckles my Public image and creations to build a self-confidence health that will allow it do what it knows others cannot appreciate. We hear all the time of that case where they all want to have what I have and are advocates of freedom for the masses but they are not Royalty and unless they are sharing the proceeds of their own jobs know that making a mess of my concerns the way we see them do to top up their superiority means looking for trouble – I have just conducted what appears to be a case of moving them out of country and starting to look like I don’t want to show mercy until it became a Habit while they did whatever they liked and they have been such a bunch of geniuses they were unable to notice it. I believe they know exactly what the insults and abuses leading to outcomes where they either made me or shut up actually means too; especially as they claim its rebellion in the works and it has grown for years around here in the first place, starting from gimmicks about getting into an argument with me and attacking me if they were proven wrong, into what we have today being that my biggest problem is a matter of me boasting about things I have never done and it’s as if the next time they blab like that they are certainly going to get a response for it too; Rebellion is the same thing as Witchcraft, and the point eventually is that we are not friends, we are not mates. The story of their lives is that I pretend I can beat them all, while we know it’s the same effect here, that the more their stupidities continue to exhibit it’s insulting envy where it says I am no Royalty all the time as well, up to the point where it will need to shut up or make me, is the more the prospects of getting into a fight on the Streets or just getting into a fight that is too much for me, while I am supposed to be completely oblivious to what this means and what evil really looks like.

So I am said to have had a brave face put on the fact I have lost everything and its utter nonsense; I have not lost anything, just the business of the fact we live all our lives with the threat of having an idea that will make us financially comfortable and then having it taken away by obscurity pushing luvvies and their Celebrities, such that we had nothing and they were determined that was the only point at which we were to go free from their insanity – so there is a twat that keeps making sure that an occasion exists where he drags my Books and Career into a situation where that was a real threat that was so great that I had to respond to it every day and if the rest of the fools who complain about me all the time want to stay out of trouble, then they only need to refrain from building Publicity for it, as seeing that I already have a history with such stupidities – the big mouth about nearly becoming more important than I am using my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved again will not help, it never has. The Celebrities themselves are another story all together; its spends time on the big brother wants to get you caught up with gangs, criminals and hoodlums because he is getting by for his bits and then starts telling five years of lies associated with wanting to handle me a small Daddy Penises in Hollywood and criminal feminism talking rubbish at me, building me a history of insults where my patents and public image should be, claiming that I am responsible for it, while its employer idiots get all over my Public image to make Films on my Assets and claim I spend time rubbing shoulders with more important people while it’s the criminals buying Films. I do get told that if I approached this on the prognosis basis, this problem could be resolved but there has always been one prognosis around here; these idiots either want my Books free of charge or they want to get it without reading it because of the problems associated with making time to read it, once done we find them save their salaries and I cannot get a moments peace on grounds they are very important – so the only way to deal with it sustainably, save the intense suffering I inflict every time I see them handle my property, would be to tackle the Politicians that spend tax payer funds on them and tell us to hang up somewhere holding our tummy while we say that they were clever people and nobody wants to spend their time tackling Jeremy Corbin or Tony Blair. Even now we see they have shown their stupid children how to get the imagination up my Bum and one day, the bullying will lead to a business of saying or doing something very unusual to me and then it will be my turn to show them how stupid they really are. I do get told I do not take full note of how it has affected the Armed Forces and that is not necessarily the reality as well; the first instance is that they deployed my Royal Order to get things done at the Military or other Security service systems, then set about claiming that it belongs to them, one following up the matter, I have found it’s the same goons getting involved with security services and therefore nothing to worry about – the second part will be that we have an economy that does not stop experimenting on itself because these goons have means to be fucking famous instead of getting a Day Job, so we see that if we travel to Africa we will meet tribes and people who boast all the time about how their sense of discrimination is linked to the fact they used to trade people from another tribe as slaves, travel to the UK and you see Black America want to teach the British and its Monarchy and Military a Lesson for being involved with slavery and slave trade. If it does not want a conversation about its stupidities, it will stop  building publicity for what happens when idiots set about making a mess of my Books to allow Celebrities take advantage of my earnings and if it wants to stay out of all that trouble, it needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. The claim they had found some weedy Black Person on whom they can practice everything that makes racists powerful began in the late part of 2001, we now live in the Year 2019, blabbing nonsense about how they nearly got famous with my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved with their superior selves like a Caricature. I wrote my Books after I dropped out of University in 2008, I made a new Edition in 2012, we now live in 2019 with me having the Customer base replaced by idiots who want to shower me with a History of insults, so it is quite an interest they have my work, the work they hated in the first place, assuming the person who created it will be less a problem for them and it’s not the only example of their need to have these disposition they can build a crowd on to blackmail Public interest because they need money, the blabbing about war all the time is one such. It will get off an angle soon to tell me I am happy now that everybody is on my side which is utter nonsense; what happens apart from their need to attack people who are just trying to get on, goes beyond passing insults at me for years which has now become their civil right and will apply at Industry, it grows into something of the backyards of Companies and people with a tendency to create public issues, an Arch Prince being involved with it since 2003 and their need to attack any Women who are fighting on my side – the gits have never once given us an explanation for this behaviour, only interested in who is happy because everybody took their side against somebody else, which then again has nothing to do with showing up here only if their stupidities needs a Book I have written, before it behaves as if I am naïve of what evil looks like. I would be told none like it’s when these problems persist but they don’t, it’s just a handful of fortune in the eyes idiots who want my Books free of charge including other property I own and if they follow me around again the next time they see me attend an academic institution as I have warned endlessly, I will make their lives very tough and very violent too.


They do claim I ignore the racism that is going on with these matters and its utter nonsense as there is none as such – what happens for instance is that it wrecks the academic work and finances following me around with Hoodlum and criminal effects while it hangs around somewhere getting by like a man (something real Men do to the boys obviously) and then we see it take up position on Media to build a crowd that wants to get a response from me, boasting about its victories all the time – the response is what it got, I responded to Community croons building violent lasciviousness associated with threatening me when they have no money as a matter of their civil rights, drawn up with a crowd that has fantasies about my Bedroom Window to add to the fact their silly Children are raised to disrespect peoples personal space and to commit crimes on-behalf of those whose public image are not being used for popularity fame and fortune, what they did with this particular part of the consequences of their business being a matter of making sure I cannot pay off my invoices properly while these matters are going on, was to ensure they supplied a certain Kind of National Media based very abusive leadership which ensures while I deal with these Society abuses at around 5.00am, their leadership takes my breathe and I will need the loo around 10.00am while I am meant to get to the Office around 9.00am, so building Publicity for it means that these society trouble makers reach them as well and from then on I lived in fear of them with a big mouth. There are many others, I have preferred to point out this one because it’s the one that operates on the basis of loving me, doing me favours and so on and so have I issued the threat that I will make their Media and Celebrity lives very violent and very difficult if they follow me around at the Academic institutions again. The racism bits are just the part where they got off to do my stuff at Buckingham Palace and their White Counterparts wanted some as well – so the blabbing tends to suggest we are getting to a stage where they will make me or shut up. In the end all these nonsense along with the stupidities we see their White friends exhibit are a substitute for a Career and the simple business of looking after Clients at a Bookshop and so have I warned them that I will launch a Direct attack on their Careers and their Money very soon as well – as it rather seems that is the only thing which when affected tends to stop their idea of fun. I do get told that I hate them and its utter nonsense, I don’t; it’s the big old case dropping out of University because their Daddies and Mummies want to make an example of me, in terms of their expression of hate for those who show up to take back careers that were taken, while like to tell me it’s so difficult convincing me that I need to part with my personality and Public image in order to them to be famous and rich at popular culture, it’s important, desperate and is a fortune waiting on the other side of the river so to speak, they have tried everything including holding me down for White people so I might have no more excuses, stirring racism at my expense so that if I am not killed by racists I end up stuck in some relationship with them which they control and my personal favourite is the following me around bits which gradually gets worse as there is now a link between when I attend the Shops and when they go there to steal – so it becomes quite clear that unless they find me blabbing of my hate for Afro-Caribbean and Jamaican Communities in this Country need to keep their mouth shut over my case and stop following me around, it is getting serious enough for them to secure the response they will fancy obviously. The white ones on the other hand said I had written a Book that caused nostalgia and like their black counterparts initial excuses to start never make sense, until the part where they said it should never have been written means that I am going to end up in a situation where I want to decide exactly what grown public hair recently and took his GCSE last year does with his whole life. I have ended up being a character that has so much to do every 24 hours, to avoid things I may do to put their sense of security at risk because of racism and discrimination, I am now starting to look like a character that shows mercy to a point that it becomes a habit while they got off doing whatever they liked and more so at my expense – my warnings have been very explicit in my view and I will be leaving it for the society goons to do the dirty job in the matter, considering all these nonsense as a substitute for a simple process of selling Books when this is not where they live and this is not their lives. So it is said that I have no way out of this crisis as such which is utter nonsense too; it was pointed out years ago that I made my living in what is arguably the cleanest way known to humankind, such that the process had become property Asset in its own right and just as we see their Idiots build me a history of insults to play with my income by on Media, all hell broke loose on a Global front because rich people had an ego – now they believe they need to leave a mess for me and I think their money needs to buy a Book and find out if I will clean it up.

They do love to claim I am done for and it’s so annoying, as the only thing that supports that theory is their need to fool around with my Career in terms of National level claims that Celebrities had spent it on themselves, that I could not get it back and that the whole thing was amusing – we can clearly see that it is something they need as far as their day job and profession is concerned, the last time we checked, save the fact they want me to move left of them as insultingly as possible. All that happens is this nonsense running all day and the pressure will be enough for me to respond, any respond will end up in the hands of Society fools, any git with a Media job will then help those to claim they stole my career, then when their bottom hurts set about threatening me and calling on local gangs to handle me for its television stupidities – absolutely no idea why they need it, no fact to support the sense around it that the whole things was necessary or had a purpose to it, as idiots may do; it keeps brewing this nonsense that gets me to respond all the time and is going to get a respond that it did not fancy and the whole thing will stop the way that they want it to apparently. The Society people on the other hand clearly want to know what I know, so I have decided they can, no idea then what they are complaining about, now that I am not prepared to pay the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy. The Americans I had always noticed when I first got my Book Published, a Community of entitled low lives who love to tell others how to exist and really hate Royalty for obvious reasons, have got their civil disobedience and can do any sexually abusive thing to any person they wish until somebody gets them seriously beaten up for it as it were. I don’t know why they keep it, since it is clear they will never grab my career, don’t know why they keep at it since it’s clear they already have a day job, don’t know why they keep it if they found the business of Celebrities grabbing their career from them as amusing as their stupidities have shared their lives experiences with me against me wishes so far. They do say it’s something about people fighting my battles and it’s an old story; I am given state provided security which is based on surveillance, people pick up on what I do to help them conduct their National service jobs, they get off picking it up as well and then set about a campaign to get the general public thinking it belongs to them, lending me pure misery and making a mess of everything around here – same old tale about Celebrity goons getting involved with matters at the Military, it will always do this and find a reason to get on Media and play with the idea Celebrities spent everything you had on themselves and your life was over, as stupidly as possible, no idea what they are complaining about, no idea what the appeal was but I do know that unless the business of claiming my Royal Order belongs to them affects every single person on the planet, then it will not do. I have warned enough times of the probability I will take very drastic measures if this nonsense follows me around when I am trying to study, as stupidly as possible again as it were. They do point out it’s a matter of what is happening to me at the Monarchy, which is utter rubbish – what happens is that The Prince of Wales wants to fool around with them and the fact they want to take advantage of what I have to make success happen for them, about which we know that for everything it appears to have taken advantage of, the idiots build a crowd that wants to do the same, just like we know that attending school did not appeal when they were younger – HRH wants to fool around with them and I simply don’t want to keep being the character that is dragged off to a corner where I drop out of University over and over again, hence need to take a strong position on it; I mean supposing I was an ethnic Minority at the Monarchy who had no footing at the Country as they say and then like I do presently I had white women willing to fight my corner, it was quite clear that even in terms of racism, I only with respect to primary Governance, have to worry about these women, their Men and then the war issues – so it’s just me, the women, their Men and the war issues, such that if I spent my time on work to keep people away from Tribalism and prevented junkies from getting rich with my public image at Popular culture and Celebrity culture, that would be the war issues sorted out – knowing these goons want to blame somebody for the fact they have not been as successful as their mates all the time, no idea what the appeal of getting involved with them especially in the circumstances was, I am lost as per why the entire world cannot take HRH away from them, like I am fed up with the whole thing making a mess of me. making a statement every day that suggest I am done for and finished to fool around with my Bookshop by on Media is clearly something they need as we can see, and they are the only ones blowing off big mouthed threats at me for the consequences too. They do say it’s about me making a mess of the concerns of Royals from other parts of the world and I understand that too – their exotic lives and silly women abusing me now means these goons talking nonsense about being of an age where they are nearer their pensions than I am and need to draw money from my life and Public image whether I liked it or not, cannot have enough of handling the fact I am young, broke and An Arch Prince with a good reputation developed in a Hermitage and cannot have enough of it, none is angry about Women who pick up my work to perform their own Royal duties getting sexually abused, none is angry about their Fashion and Celebrity goons finding out a destruction that gets to a stage where it makes profit, running off abusive and incorrect investiture at this Hermitage, those who simply never stop think they are angry about something and of course it’s never true I spend my time chasing people who are out of my league – what happens is that the least of my problems are a bunch of idiots who have built me a Publicity which transoms my Trust Equity Administration venture into something that deals with ethnic minorities while their children chase me around at academic institutions to make a mess of my studies and the whole point of their stupidities is the enjoyment of a good job and residence in Goodlife neighbourhoods but what will kill them obviously is the bread winner insults their stupidities channel at me – it is about to secure them a response, like the part where their children resorted to the sex industry due to the fact screwing me with tends to mean an inability to enjoy their Holidays and Vacation, something the same gits encouraged by making sure they were never seen abroad except in Tourism Economies where they extract money from my public image to put the feet up and pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world. It’s all part of the Celebrity pathological fear of work and in insatiable need to destroy the incomes of those they have already taken advantage of and the problem is that these matters are never allowed to settle quietly as far as the Media where another group of idiots who have built me a reputation which suggests they are able to control my actions perform their own practical jokes all day long, is concerned.

As for the sense that I never really accept that I have dug myself into a very complicated position, I have not dug myself into any place – the problem here is that the challenges of my Office work for the Prince of Wales. The rest who fester around the matter are responsible for the fact I am always catching my breath being blackmailed by them all the time ranging from the destruction of endangered species around the world, if they are not rich by a deadline, through me getting shot on the Streets like Paul McCartney and now getting into trouble with the Prince of Wales which will see the end come to me and their need to do these and claim it’s what their civil rights have become being absolved. It always says that it needs equality and we know they are now rich, bought homes that allow them make sense of the lives of those who live in Stately property, so it’s never clear what they want at this point, what I know is that they regularly boast about making me suffer and in like manner we know their stupidities and that of their Celebrities detracts from reading Books I have written for the daily interests they show in my concerns and my Public image and normal people would see the fact that I have raised it as a warning, which is what this is really all about – the making me suffer bits being very necessary, something they need, according to the last time we checked – it is all the trouble I am really in i.e. challenges of my Office works for the Prince of Wales and I don’t want to be dragged back to that point where I drop out of University again and again, end up with £30,000 debt without a qualification and only to find them show up on Media and Celebrity culture to tell me I understand the weight of huge debt now, I am on course to knowing what it means for me to co-operate with their needs considering the problems their stupidities have got – it’s what they do with it and there is nothing to all these contrary to people thinking I have scores to settle with them but a classic case of young people fancy cult leader and lose their way in the world situation, except that in my case the Politicians and Celebrities who foster everything they do to get me stuck with gangs, hoodlums and criminals, while everything I did about that was already spent by another group of gits who lend them a Media job to play with, are making the decisions – it is quite unusual in the sense that I am not the one making the decisions but it is all the trouble I am in and now we know they will follow me around again when they see me attend an academic institution and I will burn the world of those who are fostering their stupidities at my expense – the Books I have written are what I do with myself too and this really should be their concern, it clearly isn’t, only the need to get me stuck with gangs and criminals and hoodlums because big boys are making money and my student loan debt works for their local hoodlums getting imagination up my bum 24/7, as it ensures that I understand what their needs are but it was the last time it was seen following me around at University, all of it including the opportunistic gits who will say security guards are bad to handling them over their behaviour towards peoples products – I finished my Book in 2012, this is 2019 and I have really had enough of them.

I am told my case is mainly that I have a problem with people and I don’t – the main case is a need people have to subvert publicity for my Books into something else and the main vehicle for that is the activities their stupid Celebrities who became fucking famous years after I started working a Royal Commission, by selling Show Business to the Public on grounds of some Arch Prince they are able to oppress alongside USA get rich quick American dream gits and their Housewives, issuing threats at me for it all day long, almost every day i.e. the days I don’t get so much of it will be the days they felt satisfied with what they are doing in terms of Property Equity Broker with Multinational Companies being caught up with Black Girls and their White friends finding Husbands on my Public image and or every Civil right idiot waiting for me to finish Broker processes, then decide they want to extract money from my Trust system at the Markets as much as I do. We should not be going into details, saying the only problem here is them subverting my Public image for something else should be enough but it’s never enough for them, they blab war at me for it while Society can no longer use them against me and they can no longer use society against me as we speak – still a simple matter of a quiet place to write Books and for people to read it, such that whenever they take away the quietness and wreck the finances and market systems, we are left with such a degree of disrespect for my career that none wants to get involved with it and it’s all completely pointless like we even see the Journalists enjoy building Crowds that will back them up when they stand around, find some random problem and tell me to get off my bum and fix it, as if their day job was the only profession in the whole world, as stupidly as possible – when this place is quiet enough to be a Bookshop, they will learn enough respect for somebody, as not to subvert any public interest in their work for something else, signifying their interest in me for it too. I do get told my actions add up to tyranny and its utter nonsense as they are the Tyrants – it’s already working out how to ensure the energy and health it requires for the bad things it wants to do relies on others, we can imagine what will happen if it ends up in Government buildings, if it isn’t the one where people will kill him first before it had stopped. There is now a clear link between sparing every stupidities associated with Celebrities showing the Public they do get to oppress me in order to sell show business products and the inability to simply get on with my daily concerns, like there is a link between sparing get rich quick idiots and their American gits issuing threats at me and an inability to complete my academic pursuits or keep any jobs that I find and we have seen that this matter is complicated only because they are blabbing a threat of war at me with a big mouth. They do say I don’t like Celebrities very much and it’s not really a matter of like or dislike as well either; it’s a matter of what people do – find a Doctor and you will see him earn £20,000 extra in the Month which he decides will facilitate a very expensive Holiday for the Family but if a Celebrity were to come across such an amount, the business of people getting to know who they are and the fact they are very important and people will get handled on their behalf will be taken to a whole new level; in my case which they are obsessed with it and hence there is a sense that there exists a disease here which I must do what I can to cure. Their American goons do not scare me, they are like the girls finding husbands on the Trust system I work with Multinational Companies but in their case it’s mostly a matter of making such a mess for the Companies every time I get involved and then finishing off with setting up for a fight before I can earn a living, which proceeds the Celebrities will spend on their decadence i.e. it’s difficult to find a job while that continues and the insults of their Socialites do not build a better future for them either; currently they say if people stopped handling me they will end up with a life that had no hope and I don’t see why that is such a problem anyway, the Economy never stops experimenting on itself on account that they are not getting a day job since they are able to spend most of their time being fucking famous – it’s impossible however for them to be more famous than an Arch Prince, to be more famous than one who came into operation years before they were fucking famous on his Public image. There is very little future for Celebrity culture on my account at this stage and this will soon become a work ethic; they do claim I complain about people making me fight before I can make a living but will need it sooner, while we know that it’s generally impossible to make a living without fighting your corner and that of those who have formed a partnership with the business, any who supports the business will support it on the basis of the corner you fight and those who form partnerships whom you defend, so it is usually stressful enough before their stupidities came up with ideas all the time and it has been as simple and staying out of trouble by making sure none of their stupidities continue to build up the sense it’s about something else but the Books I have written – like we hear that I can do something about it but prefer to dither, while the case was that it seems to be impossible getting it through to these gits that without the business of some new Celebrity culture that is built on the premise of an important person that they have been oppressed, in order to get the Public buying show business products, there would be none of this in the first place, especially as I would never have dropped out of University to begin with, since human beings do such things – we know their own was a problem to begin with since it was largely always a matter of people buying them venues and equipment to get rich and famous on other people’s public image by but the abuses and insults have steadily gotten more physical all together, how about bottom whipping me while their   teenage stupidities making popularity on self-provided security structures at a Public services Office tended to how shown me they were really stupid and I had to keep an eye on it, the Music tracks that ran and ran and ran until it got to number one, tackling Girls to foster the needs and interests of criminal feminists, talking nonsense about an aged wrong that needed to be righted with a big mouth and looking like their stupidities become more fabulous the more they blamed me and blew off their big mouth at me for it like One Direction Band and its pubescent numbers for instance.


It has become clear at this stage that the current British Leadership (August 2019) believes that we can cope with a no deal Brexit but it’s never really a matter of whether or not we can cope with it, it’s a matter of whether or not it is something the British Government can manage positively for the foreseeable future – for instance we have Countries that have a special Committee in the International Community which helps them make decisions on an International Riverbed that runs through a Continent, right across their Country, the type we were involved with was the EU and the reason was the First and Second World War, so it had become quite clear that if we wanted to get out of it, we needed a replacement. I do get asked what I think should be done but it has always been the old case of making sure that our International Counterparts understood where we stood and what we were feeling, seeing that it is the best way to avoid an occasion in which matters escalated into something serious, it should be seen as a viable option – so why is it that the Germans never really find out what we are feeling or thinking, no matter what: the little bits that started 16 years ago are still going strong i.e. the criminal Feminists getting up to all sorts, reasons criminals minds show up to grab my Royal Hermitage Wealth Equality systems to do their popularity with and now believe they will get to work on it whenever they wish, looking for some of mine – I mean the one about self-provided security matters and criminal feminists getting out of hand without the British telling their own lies about aged offences committed against them that they can ensure somebody paid for through the way Popular culture was made to affect their chosen victim; it does it but we never see the Government allow the Germans find out what we are really feeling, the Girls drop out of School, the pubescent goons find a way to secure equipment and venues that allow them extract money from peoples public image and public work and Family serving Discount Shops vanish from the High streets and specifically one that known by the name of Woolworths for example – it probably happens because Angela Merkel is being powerful but the case is that our Political leaders never allow the Germans to see what we are really feeling. I for my part have never has much of an issue with it because I have never operated in a way that does not mean that matters always cascade into a condition that I can control, so they will damage something but I will have set out my concerns in such a way that they could never damage whatever they liked.

They do claim we British think we are calling the shots and it’s an example of their need to live in fantasy world – we must have called the shots when we were never part of the Common Agricultural Policy all together in the first place, we were getting rebates for it, hence we find such states of mind followed up with an expectation that the Greeks will be the one to leave the EU and then the disappointment that it was the British i.e. Fantasy world. The story that we British created a Strom and now cannot ride it is utter nonsense as well; we know they never give it a rest and that it is always open to people, to investigate where they meet to fraternise and develop those social disposition which allows them to think of me as a character with a body type from which they wish to extricate feelings of narcissism, hedonism and homosexuality and then send them mail every time they meet, detailing how much nonsense I had to put up with since the last time that they met. The realities of how it works have always been the same i.e. I am some flesh man attending Church, who will be influenced by Girls that can stop him dead and do whatever they like to get rich quick and that they want to enjoy Hedonism, masochism, narcissism and homosexuality with my body, to a point where cult characters get criminals, hoodlums and Industry gits chasing my bum until I drop out of University and cannot keep a day job, so my Literary Empire Market gets spread around to provide people with freedom and security but when this inability to keep off doing things to my body knowing we live in a consent society affects out of your league big brother character, we will find people in prison and we will find people dead and if I am struggling with the stability issues, it only makes sense that they got some too. It has continued to be the usual case of the fact people are grownups and doing these things to them generally means they will not have the time to grow out of it, their minds are preoccupied with activities that will please somebody else to make them money they can pay off invoices by and if they are enjoying carnal pleasures, we can be certain it will not have been one that belongs to the individuals who practice this nonsense, so it’s hard to tell what the appeal is, never the less for my part in the matter of which I had groomed their body as well and this is what they mean by an insulting Arch Prince being the issue at the heart of the matter and how we build up a storm we cannot ride.

It’s like when they say that I spend my time messing around with peoples wives and it’s never stopped being something they cannot prove the entire time, while talking about my daily challenges including a process where my Entire Hermitage and its Business Empire had lost its Market and those who took it had placed it somewhere to be protected by people I will be afraid of, on behalf of Celebrities and themselves – much more interesting than talking about infidelity on my part even more so, when they cannot prove it. I personally do not think that this business of the market you built being taken from you and manned by people you need to be afraid of, on behalf of silly women, criminal feminists and Celebrities is a problem, we all know that there are things I can chase to make the problem go away, such as what the Banks are doing for that stupid show business, when the threat is so dire, making sure that I never stop until it is completely destroyed as well. They are not a threat to me, the other idiots who need my help 24/7 but have chosen not to buy the Books, leaving me to get round and round in circles over the issues like I am insane, while they pick up fights with their enemies on my account to make my life toxic and secure their freedoms alongside an equality with Royalty to match, have always been an issue – it is not their Book to handle that way and their involvement with my writing career is quite an interesting one, don’t ask who is doing most of the complaining – their own is starting to get serious, more a matter of never once again subverting public interest in my Books for something else and it is really going to hurt like what idiots who fancy themselves bullies at the expense of Public service important people actually deserve. That I have been disrespectful is the story of their lives naturally but so are we aware my bottom hurts and I do not have a reason for it to show those who inquire, makes them the most respectful twats in the world. So it will be said that tackling what Banks do for show business must be appealing to me for a reason and yes it is, it is the only thing that provides them equipment and venues that facilitate a process where I have no income and cannot breathe on account they were extracting money from the life of somebody who must not be allowed to make a living when he is not yet looking like he has stacks of cash to spend on it – likewise these other goons blabbing while everybody knows Big brothers and Big sisters get by via making sure the kids are stuck with gangs, criminals, hoodlums and Industry gits and the next time they follow me around with this problem at the University because they have the backing of their silly mothers, I will burn their world for the sake of my embattled Public image too, the industry idiots being the ones who rely on me not to do anything about the damage that causes me the setbacks which makes their stupid practical jokes so profitable at my expense and the lies they tell to ensure the way is open for them to keep at it will not stop until the way I start to tell mine too becomes much more interesting. So they always claim I have not dealt with the small issues that bother me every day, only interested in frying bigger fish and its utter rubbish; the society goons never listen, it never stops disturbing my place on account they think I am vulnerable, the ones that help build up the abusive lasciviousness and bring it in doors when they share a space with me cannot stop complaining about the smell it caused and they are the only ones getting consistent warning around here to stop blabbing about how I smell with their big mouth, it will not stop disturbing the place while I am trying to write some Books because it heard me say something that will help foster its stupid civil rights, which is then a good reason for me to hurt all over on account its stupidities wants some as abusively as possible all the time, that there are human beings this stupid set out as a given thereof but I did not say it for their benefit, I said it because Society makes a mess of my academic work and leaves me £30,000 in debt while I have no qualification and this is an issue that must be resolved, they need to know something which helps to ensure I am not paying the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy like that, it needs to stop disturbing this place or shut it and smell its handy work, after all the reality has always been when they provoke they never stand and face the music, so my chest hurts and my body is sore, guess then who took it right down to the bottom, clearly of which the need for respect is responsible for such behaviour; yap, yap, yap, needs to shut it and get a copy. They believe their exit to be something of a claim I would do anything for money which is utter nonsense; what happens is that each time I sit around in the cool of the evening to do the numbers for my Bookshop, there is no money only their problems and concerns, such that it’s the issue of respect for others that causes them to do such things, when mixed up with claim I am sleeping with peoples wives, it clearly does mean the fools must be having the time of their lives and lasts as long as it has not yet come down crashing. It’s not doing the need to convince me by ripping up my whole life and following me around everywhere I go, to steal from the Shops whenever I attend it and get the imagination up my bum, to show how desperate its stupidities are to make riches and fame from my personality and public image, its moved on from that to a prospect that I might get attacked, overseen by Media fools who never give it a rest in any 24 hours, because it is running out of time to be rich and famous – yap yapping needs shut it and buy a Book, as it has become overwhelmingly obvious that I do not appreciate its attitude towards my Bookshop.

They do claim it’s a matter of the racism I doubt hurting me which does not make any sense whatsoever when white, black, blue, green, brown, any skin colour showing up here to blab about prospects of me being attacked on grounds they are running out of time to get rich and famous on my Public image, instead of reading my Books, will get the same response – so in terms of the things that have fought my battles showing up to claim their Prize, I am happy for them to corrupt my Public work to a point where they got involved with Security services and helped relieve the load by getting some of the work there done but the business of seeing a Royal Order that come through when people are facing threats to their lives that push them back to a subconscious, suggests they have seen people from the services at work or they are themselves the enemies and so I cannot understand why they are still here blabbing instead of getting involved. It does need to stop corrupting my Public work for obvious reasons though; it has been done to a stage where what happens when Celebrities get on the side of gangs and criminals have been expressed around National service in this Country, happened to a stage where the bad people are using bits of my work to attack service operatives and it is getting to a point where I will need to recover these things obviously, like I have said in several instances, not enough have died yet as it were. They do claim the problem to be that I appear to be everywhere and to be involved with everything and yes I am and will be until this place is quiet enough for people to read Books; I mean it can be this very instance if it wanted to but I don’t actually matter and if it were, the problem would be that it relied on them for me to appear important when in their stupid minds I am not really an important person; a small thing like not disturbing this Hermitage as I am writing some Books, turning into this nonsense is what beats my imagination and time is running out for their stupidities being expressed around this place to move on of its own accord too. They do claim I am ill-informed about what is happening around me and its utter nonsense – we have the extremists that are a product of a certain series of events, either by their fault or what others have inflicted on them and then we have these goons who want my lives work and every structure I have built to help people recover when they show up at this Hermitage on account they are little Daddies with Penises, to make themselves into Terrorists and facilitate idiots   who show up here to wreck my academic work following me around to claim I have a body that should be doing gang business, since last they got themselves tied up with big brother’s gangs, criminals and hoodlums thing and are now blabbing of a real prospect of me getting attacked on grounds they were running out of time to be rich and famous on my Public image – couldn’t be clearer they needed to keep away from my Books and stop following me around thereof, the extremism that bothers them having become more important than the one that bothers everybody else. I mean racism is an ecosystem of the worst things that White Society has created and it really is an ecosystem that white people do not want to end up in as such; if it happens to you, you cannot say bad things never happen to good people and if it does not, then you cannot live like somebody who expects the bad thing to happen – I am very well aware saying this will not have satisfied them but time is running out for the warnings, if I sniffle any bit of it following me around in terms of my career and academic work again, I will burn their world and make them watch me do it.

So it all feeds into the stupidities that express the fact that the only thing these goons are interested in here is how I plan to die and it’s nothing unusual as such, we know they have their reasons but when I attend Church I am a flesh Man looking for Girl bullying that never stops and ruins every career relationship I make with others, as stupidly as possible, claiming I am bound to blame women for it in the future when it makes me too weak to fight my corner in terms of money, now we know everything they complain about is a result of what their stupidities put into a personality that was cultivated in a hermitage and had to be moved somewhere. It should not be annoying normally to hear all that nonsense about how I exist to take advantage of the lives of women but in the context of the abuses that are facilitated by those who are fighting my corner and need all my earnings to share with stupid Girls who think themselves to be socialites, while they have not yet defeated prepubescent goons who get the imagination up peoples bottoms and have not yet brought society under control, considering which just keeping myself fit in a way that spend the conveniences young people create by abusing me will sort out the former and making it a work ethic to ensure society goons play their practical jokes elsewhere will sort out the latter – so this nonsense will soon gather up a result that means they never get a response from me with respect to their problems ever again as it were but for now, the confusion is that they believe I am naïve of what evil looks like and that they can always pick out a scapegoat to attack when supporting their Men who are actually industrial menaces and in my case I have a history of doing things that cause the feminists to get completely out of hand with power. The point of this matter if it is not past its sell by date is that its wholly reliant on the business of showing up to pick out the financial aspects of an Arch Prince’s Concerns, start off a Public image for him which is incredibly insulting, on how they were more important and get violent about it to ensure their stupidities became what I chose for myself, but whilst I did nothing about it, they do need to keep their big mouth off my concerns if they are complaining about previous responses. In the end, what happens is that each time these matters come up there are Royals who perform duties at the bottom parts of society for instance and they really love to pick up my work to do their duties by, so I would fancy people are not as stupid as a need to constantly show up here and make a mess of it in a way that predisposes someone to sexual abuse by Industry twats. I am fed up with those excuses, lies and corruption of involvement that means I always see their foolishness show up all over my numbers whenever I work on the Bookshop and it shows up everywhere whenever I have business with large Companies, if they will not shut it down, I will kill it for them.

We find those tales show up endlessly that I have done something to offend Celebrities and deserve the bad things Celebrities do in terms of meeting with the Cameras to rip up any progress I had made with my Books but before it became this damaging they mostly said it was a world power issue, about which I had been vaguely clear world powers don’t stop people providing a service for customers at the door but it has since continued right up to the stage where these lies and accusation adds up to a case where their Industry fools got to tell me that I needed to hand over my Assets to people who have money as what I am doing was a waste of space and time but they have continued still and the blacks never stop passing around those insults that I am their bitch with a big mouth; hence it’s all starting to get serious and I want to get my hands on what the banks are doing for that stupid show business, only God will help them if that actually happens too as it were. I have been told it’s the abusive ways that my Publishers have treated people who handle my work and how they needed to handle me as well which is utter nonsense – my Publishers have been running a Publishing business and don’t like their products being abused if Celebrities feel strongly about show business products too; that said, the facts are still that any person who sponsors your business will want to do it only on grounds of what you did to fight your corner and what you did to fight the corner of those who forged partnerships with you over it, we know it is the best way to ensure people stood their ground when attacked by extremists, it is the best way to ensure that question does not come up later on after people have been financially successful and for the individual like myself, I am not really a type to wait for Government to tell me I need to avoid being a discriminative person, so the outcome of practical jokes these famous idiots have played with my Business is that all those things I have done to avoid being discriminative or being seen to be discriminative burns me on one side while their need for repression burns me on the other, like a case where white people don’t want to be part of racism for instance and a vacuum of society exists and you had decided on some public responsibility that filled it in, it means that looking into the future, you were carrying around a huge pile of discrimination and dangerous public matters and then some famous person tripped you – it’s been playing up these practical jokes with my Books since 2010 and blames my Publishers for how its stupidities have been harmed because of it too. they always say that I have never fought for a thing in my life but we know they claim I am complicit with racism and have since made their own social position of being complicit with racism clear – they claim I perform trick that help me avoid bad situation so they are only interested in finding out how I will die, in order to ensure it was shared and more so shared in a way which saw those that were making real sacrifices better off – it claims I walk into Church so I might steal women’s beauties and blame women later for being too weak to fight for money and at the end of the day, all of these abuses add up to something of the assumption I am naïve of what evil looks like and will become a character that was so good at showing mercy, so good at behaving in a way that means they never came to harm, that it became a habit while they got off doing whatever they liked. So eventually we hear it wants to move away from the main issue of performing these sorts of nonsense on the lives of people whose parents have spent a fortune to provide an education and while making money from repression, leaves such persons with a life that means their expensive qualifications can be used without payment, thinks that calling me a bitch is part of reality with its big mouth looking for a response and wants to talk about my involvement with the Monarchy being an instrument of repression, while we know Monarchy is about Public control and their behaviour is always commendable – either way which their own that bakes their noodles as well is the one where I cannot be free by conventional ways, from the business of being hunted down, ruined and wade to walk the streets raising my voice of repression and injustice on account their stupidities saw me walk into a Church, it clearly does their own repression for them and never gets discussed because its free repression and does not stops while I am clearly the one provoking others, hence had enough of their Celebrity insults and it is starting to get a lot more serious. They claim I boast of what I cannot do all the time but the first time I had to put up with them, it was a matter of showing up here to churn my tummy putting things into my life that will make me respond violently, now it’s just a matter of making me smell of what I ate by endlessly showing up in Public places to call me out for a fight with a big mouth. They always say they cannot tell what my Books do while what actually happens is the statement my Books make being that if people really want to do Stock Trading at the Markets, the most successful will likely be the one that lets me get on with my Bookshop as well, so when they attack it I can diagnose exactly what they have been doing and why they have attacked it – their abuse of my Books shows clearly that they are more interested in the business of people spending fortunes to get an education that others may then get to use without paying and this is why we have ended up where we are i.e. if people deploy your public image to make popular culture abusively and without permission, it does not get you dropping out of University unless they are doing it by showing the Public you are being oppressed and that the process brings about enough sweet equality that it makes more of a public duty to buy the show business products, as a get rich quick formula; so it continues to do these things endlessly and it appears that I am going to damage the Celebrity culture permanently too. They do claim I would be completely incapable of coping with what happens at the Monarchy and its utter nonsense like we are starting to get to the part where Celebrities and stupid socialites clinging to me will mean they left their husbands as well; what happens at the Monarchy is not a problem for me like we know what it means when they say I have taken a personality that really should belong to Politicians and Celebrities, what we have is a bunch of very desperate but corrupt and twisted people as such, so it tends to have a problem with a simple wealth inequality structure I built to make the statement that neither myself nor those I am associated with are comfortable with the idea of people making money from something we worked for without payment but does not want to deal with a fall out associated with the fact when a git gets up on media to wreck the lives of those who have solved problems until such persons are caught up with gangs and criminals, it is not clear and obvious anymore on account that our Public position had been eliminated. It’s like they say I must admit that when this story of me messing with women had gone on for long enough, it is actually a problem that I must look into and its utter nonsense; what happens is that I got hated by society goons who got their imagination up my bum with disaster as a consequences thereof and some women threw their lot in with me – so as mentioned, the rest are other people’s gimmicks and if people do not spend so much time destroying everything we have built to ensure that the use of our property to make money without payment goes beyond goons desperate for conveniences getting imagination up our bum or Lesbians wrecking careers to chase female lovers and develops into a condition where none can tell that these trouble makers were getting on Media and Popular culture for perform these activities. So I have been told that it’s not clear what people find appealing about me while my attitude is so bad but it’s not my attitude its theirs – it does this all the time and one can only hope to tolerate so much stupidities building a crowd that drags me to a point where I experience career failure all the time and if they read my Books they would have found out what I thought of their populist Civil Rights leaders too; I have reached a believe that if I catalogue it and consign it to a trackable point, it will be completely harmless.


There is now this story we hear them say of how I am an example of a social experiment aimed at showing Pigs can fly and I could never make sense of what warrants such comments anyway, I am aware however that there is no pigs can fly experiment around here, only a matter of never being able to carry on with my own career or even step outside of my door without smelling of what I ate on account of the very violent lasciviousness peddled by Celebrity and Popular culture goons who are determined to make their money on it – it is an example of how the Pigs can Fly story may be very provocative. What the Politicians have always promised is that they may handle peoples career to make popular culture but in the course of making the money they go their way and let people be, what we have is a new type of Celebrity culture which means people convince the public I am being oppressed by famous people which encourages the Public to buy their show business products and nobody knows exactly why they do it, what we know is that they wrecks the academic work for me which is why they are always complaining about me too and set to continue until that is fixed, due to the fact the outcome is the delusion I can pursue my career without completing what I had already started thereof, leading to a wild goose chase for years and years and then another process where an involvement with an academic institution means they tended to follow around yet again. It should be noted that the biggest problem we face is the fact they have Politicians that go into Government buildings to spend tax payer funds on these gimmicks they enjoy so much and it is the reason I am going to live up to my threats of burning their world as well, once I had started chasing a path that means their Politicians spend tax payer funds on them until their behaviour leads to an outcome that leaves their neighbourhoods burning. It sounds extreme but we all know that Celebrities do not need to leave you with a wrecked career chasing circles in the hope you can get it fixed on the go with this new show business that means they claim they are able to oppress important people in return for selling show business products to the Public, only to show up around every act of recovery to perform the same behaviour, claiming it is the instance that brought them fame and success being repeated which needs to be taken advantage of – when this works together with the fact the Labour Party cannot do without being able to do bad things and then blaming others or claiming others did it, which is the biggest problem we have got as a Nation presently, it becomes a very difficult threat indeed. I have no idea what they mean by an experiment that makes out pigs may fly in my case too, I know most of these nonsense happens because 12 years of Celebrity vandalism here has not yet earned a response, so it continues to get bolder and bolder, continues to behave as if there is no way of putting a stop to it, such as tackling what their Banks and financial services are doing for them in order to ensure they stayed away from my Bookshop, for example. So I do get told I am complicated and one moment I like Celebrities while the next I don’t which is not really the case – Celebrities are good for making populations happy people and that is to be seen in terms of the fact it cannot be said that they will operate well in an environment where everybody needs to be a serious minded person and yes they always claim that I have moved away from a premise of peace and everything I do now is about war which is utter nonsense – the war is created by their need to do perverted things to people in such a way that people cannot grow out of it, like following up careers that they have damaged to do bad things and claim somebody else did it on grounds that having damaged those careers to make money, it happens to have been a condition that created them success which needs to be repeated every time they are in need and we have never actually gotten an explanation for this behaviour. I do get told as well that I hate them then which is never really a matter of hate; I hate the damage that they do here but I don’t hate them, I hate the fact that it has become so difficult to decide the purpose of Celebrity is fun that I can use and discard when I no longer want to have fun, I will never deny this either – the dangers of not having this view of Celebrities when operating at Government business is that a person loses sight of the fact they spend all their time thinking about grabbing people’s money to add to their own money and have all the money in the world if possible and that in that sense they are not very different from criminals. As for the idea that they are not completely detached from Public work; that will be a matter of the fact that when people are engaged in National service a vacuum exists which can only be best filled by Celebrities, the problem being another group of goons who secure money from Industry trouble makers to buy equipment and venues through which they take money from other people’s Public image, every time they get involved with my concerns which is always 100% uninvited, the reality of the situation is a disrespect towards everybody, from Politicians to Celebrities and Public service or National service Operatives and it does need to give me my space; the blabbing is that they have the upper hand, which is utter nonsense, the reality is that they are always bound to set about wrecking people’s lives to use their victims as human shields against other persons they hurt in a bid to get rich quickly and I am becoming very fed up with the insulting and provocative processes that make me look like I am on course to become a character that shows mercy until it is a Habit while they did whatever they wished. They have claimed that I am not necessarily on favour of freedom Naturally but apparently they think freedom means their Politicians like Obama, adding to the Labour Party which spends tax payer funds on their madness by endorsing everything they want to do to savage my earnings because I am not a believer in the leadership or black people who are more worthy than I am; the good old populist leaders who never stop building up images of somebody being on fire while their goons never stop building mental pictures for the reasons people kill people, telling me I am a war monger. In my case personally, my singular problem is one that is contrary to the claims I am losing friends or that I have an attitude problem – for the latter attitude means a behaviour which considers celebrity to be fun I can get rid of when I don’t want to have any more because of their need to grab peoples family finance bases and strewn it around to please a crowds that will buy show business products, the former however is a matter of the friends that get involved with my concerns while they are in control according to them and are not Loyal to me, a behaviour that happens so often and to rampantly that State provided security gets involved and every body’s bottom is sore, then I get attacked some more; the behaviour which was a very small thing they could easily stop doing. The story of me as a social experiment and or how it’s a matter of making Pigs fly, is an example of evidence that they have a real problem and it could be medical. I am never likely to take the path of making them show some regard for my profession as such, the problem is the Labour Party doing very bad things while securing a Media where they can make out somebody else did those things and spending tax payer funds on their acts of lunacy for it – it is the source of the funding, the source of the problem. They do say my work is very dirty but we live in a dirty society where they claim society people are a problem for me and its still the old case of getting help to stop me until my career is botched instead of inventing something stupid to do with it and my public image every second, hoping that they will secure an exhilarating reaction they can trade off with the public to get rich quick and there is no time of day that is taboo for it either, the only time they are not doing is usually when they are getting help from Politicians to tackle me with – the story of damage they do to my career being nothing unusual, it all still all practical jokes and something we should expect from a Public I.e. the Celebrities exist for fun and one should be able to gey rid of them when there is no more fun to be had; I am also rather determined to ensure nothing in the lives of those who pervert peoples living occurs the Natural way; it will always be difficult, always be a graft and of course we are nearing a stage where they had run out of time to be famous and only their children had a prospect of fame, all I need to do is keep up the good work until such a time; so buying a copy of my Books and providing a legitimate review once done for getting involved with my Bookshop is still an ethic at this stage and not following me around especially where I am chasing my career is still a warning – so far these two things have not yet constituted a work ethic, once that happens it apparently will be easier for them as far as they are concerned according to what we can see of their behaviour. The claim I disturb their neighbourhoods is still just as disingenuous; what really happens is that they have seen a separation between the real me and the complicated things I have to do with a  lifestyle to get my concerns overseen and whilst they want the real me because it is privileged and unusual, the abuses are never diminished as a method of getting it, their own stupid ideas about whom they were superior to,  are worried about the difficult aspects which permeate it all, so these abuses and insults are meant to make me cooperate. We see the same behaviour with the Celebrities as well, something of the lifestyle they have chosen, setting the stage for targeting others as scapegoats once the difficult aspects of the lifestyle begin to bite. Eventually the theory that I am in trouble with a society and cannot get out of it while the real problem is that I must deal with an anxiety level every day because it never stops making use of what it sees of my abilities abusively and needs to invent a problem, a crowd and a public place flattery that helps to promote crowd mocking which allows people to control me with a big mouth, irrespective of how much suffering I inflict on them for the previous occasions talking nonsense about a war the entire time, inserting their stupidities into my life and career. The insult is that I fart all the time and am known for it, which is meant to signify sexual dominance, resulting from the stupid crowd they build up to help win some cowards trophy victory around here but then again, the Politicians and Media and Celebrities that prefer their pathological lies to working for money are the ones complaining the most about the consequences of their abusive counterparts inventing various types of power society for handling people instead of working for money and it all comes right after they had accomplished the great achievement of getting the world on their side in terms of their believe that the problem which the world needs to solve was the Church.

I am told that I speak of the Pigs may fly issue like it’s a small thing but it is not a small thing to me either i.e. it’s been years now of Federated idiots from overseas, tackling British interests and then showing up here in the UK to make me into a scapegoat for discrimination on account they want to earn some Pounds. The one they are complaining about is still the destruction of my academic work and the years of abuse and vandalism which followed on account that they had considered doing so to be one of their greatest achievements. I don’t have a problem with it, it’s an old case of a reputation I have ended up with and the fact that if their need to turn neighbourhoods on its head and tell what is clearly their mates to plan a life according to league while they develop fame and fortune apparatus on people’s wallet, gets off handling me, the result will only be an outcome where I did something to protect existing reputation as it were; as for the British friends they have, Jeremy Corbin wouldn’t say that my bottom hurts because he is proud that his Party is full of little Daddy penises who drag peoples whole lives and careers into places where it can be used to resolve male society issues, about which my bottom hurts while their stupidities talked about fame and country ownership, he would rather say I have been tackling wealth and social inequality to get on his side because these things were causing me enough suffering to make me comply with Politics – obviously which pointing it out in terms of Pigs may fly issue clearly does not show there is prospect I will rip up that stupid party before it had stopped practicing its narcissism on me. At such points it will then be said that I speak of the bad things I am capable of, none hears of the good ones but the good ones will be an old case where I have already pointed out that I am frustrated, frustrated that I cannot look after an Office and a Hermitage and I cannot live in a world where Celebrities were for fun and I could get rid of them when I did not want to have any more fun and yes they do say I should not be getting off Royal Office to get involved with Celebrities at all but this is not about Celebrities affiliated with them either, if Celebrities are building a career on Assisting me somewhere with the welfare of the population, they are involved with my concerns but the matter isn’t a complicated one when we know most gangland shootings and killings happen because they have seen people give something to others and then when they want a part of it the owners think they can be excluded, it’s usually the stage they set before it blows up. It will brag that should it blow up I will get into trouble naturally because the community croons spend all day making me feel weak while that stupid culture and society decides    where my abilities are meant to end up – we all know when you shoot somebody’s brain during Civil war and because you are unhappy about the way he uses women to wreck your life and career, it does not actually mean that you think women should be treated badly, all together their idiocy detracts from the Books that are being sold at this Shop and that is the main stage that will bring them trouble – so we could move onto the other part where we say that the supposition is that once what women were saying to us all vanished from the mentality of society, we will have become an overtly homosexual people. Pigs may fly is never going to be just Pigs may fly in my case, hence always better trying to find out what on earth is wrong with them. It is noticed and pointed out that Celebrity involvement with my concerns is much bigger than I have expressed but it is – the Fun aspects of this Hermitage is primarily run by Celebrities; the problem are the other goons who get involved, their point usually being that they are involved but it does not mean they are loyal to me as they were out of my league, so it is quite an issue, especially when the Head of State is happy with my work and they make mockery expressions that suggest it was provocative.

Like it is said that my view of the USA as I have expressed in Public is confusing but it is not, the USA is a very diverse place and it’s not apt to have a set out view on a personal basis on what you think of it – if Africans hate your guts, the African Americans will be a bigger problem because they had more money for instance; I simply want my Hermitage concerns to look like they found it when they first got involved with it and that means the gimmicks of the entertainment Industry has run out of time around here; it will make films that help Children grow and then five year later make another one which says time to grow up for the Children when the three year old has only lived on this planet for five years, enjoys screwing with people, will not keep it off my property and loves to invent theories about why its stupidities should work, including what the Children grow up to be, which suggests that I am as incompetent as well; while its hell because my academic work suffers the consequences of their stupidities picking up bits of my work to patent in their names and make entertainment never mind making it the way I have described above to expose me to as much discrimination and public place abuses as possible, as stupidly and corrupted as it can get, we all know what happens in such conditions is that the parties involved in the film making must maintain a certain behaviour as long as those entertainment products are still in circulation – so when it is made the way I have described above we can see the idiots are more interested in any careers we have developed that they can grab including market systems, than they are in making the Film, since it would have been impossible for a competent person to develop those equities they obsess with without considering what Children grow up to become and then we find out its completely detached from the fact maintaining a behaviour because entertainment is circulating around your public life, was a process of working on the Market itself – just to express how twisted and self-righteously Satanism develops in the land of the Free, never mind their business friends with energetic audacity making sure I am sore all the time and that with big mouth that never stops complaining to Politicians about me over money.

So in effect it’s the same dot com Millionaire mentality that constitutes marketing for idiots which makes my life toxic on social media all the time, something permitted for a group of very stupid individuals that become convinced their problems allow them to invent any foolish thing they wanted, insert it into peoples lives and how up at the other end being rich, the only reason it so happens that tackling them is ineffective being that people are not reading my Books for the involvement with my concerns that happens so obsessively everyday and the sole reason people are not reading my Books is because the politicians are giving the approval for such behaviour. They do like to say it’s a big problem for me but it is not in any way whatsoever – a fight with Politicians is usually the answer for all problems because one is still a civil rights victim even if I were at fault and these stupidities have not yet resulted in an outcome that means developing a work ethnic that leaves them complaining all the time in a bid to tackle it well, hence the obsessive fun with it at my expense that their stupidities believe adds up to the acquisition of power – nothing unusual either, since it was rather clear when people fancy insanity, they can support or help politicians out with problems that are created at Government Office to try and make money by abusing people. I do get told my behaviour only means I will be getting into more trouble and its utter rubbish; we can clearly see how the business of starting a fight unnecessarily and over things like who should own my personality for instance, then making a case out of Royal privileges and other provisions is an example of the blackmail that makes people breathless which facilitates support for those who want powerful society for abusing people instead of working for money, while their big mouth claims at Government buildings that I am responsible for their hurting bottoms – its like when they say I have no social value while it was clear they had a fair sense of what evil looks like, which is why they deploy government buildings to set out people who will play with my Books and income every day, to ensure the problems I resolved to write my Books became the problems that the general public faced every day, then complain about the fact people want them to kill at Government buildings and there is a Third World War looming for it too. First time I had feelings on the matter, I got society troublemakers learning how their jobs work to follow them around the same way people have gained access to me and they have not resolved this yet. I am still waiting, I will continue to get out of bed every day to see yet if they have stopped getting into Office only after they have encouraged a group of idiots to show up and fool around with my income and Book shop, in an understanding of the sort of stupidities I have to put up with at Industry, where they got to tell me if I started a fight to defend myself I will be finished before 1% of their wealth was dented unnecessarily, like it is we can see people fool around with when they know where my Books are located and think it is something valuable to me that they can gain fun leverage gimmicks by, it does appear the matter will end the way that they want it.

They do claim I have not got a chance and its utter nonsense; they are having a hard time the way they make one for me – the parents are having a hard time and are giving the Children a hard time, then the other issues such as when Mr Cameron Hiked school fees, such that giving their Children a hard time has never made more sense. When they boast that I do not have the upper hand it is an example of what we are talking about here i.e. its invited itself into my Hermitage to copy the way I handle matters of social and cultural evil and has developed its own version of giving people hard time to secure conveniences and riches, leaving me inundated with gangs, criminals, hoodlums and the utter misery that allows its stupidities to despatch idiots that cause my state of mind to be the primary reason I am not selling Books at my Shop every day. We are all adults, we know that we can reach people we care about without physical touch and that such things can be exploited too, I am not married to their stupidities and I am still curious as to how much trouble they think I am likely to get into if I pushed back, it does need to stop threatening me and I will be getting out of bed every day to see whether sending people out to make a mess of my Book sales have yet stopped as it were. So, all matters had been resolved, the problem we have here is that the Books are not being picked up by the Public, this place needs to be quiet and more so considering the circumstances. I have been told it’s the manner in which I end the facts when I discuss this matters that is of main concern but it isn’t, the Public does not elect people to dominate me and if they did I would have been aware of such a threat, what they spend their time on and make excuses for Government work that is neglected was not the job they were elected to do and certainly were not elected to handle anything around here. Any person who has spent six years preaching against practical jokes set out to allow Politicians dispatch some local hoodlums and idiots to fool around with his earnings, leaving him with nauseating financial complications every day, then tell lies about it to continue and blame him for it will have a state of mind which is similar to mine, especially when it has begun to develop into something of a claim to my Public image and complementing threats thereof – it goes all the way back to 2001, during which time the main issue was that I had picked up a personality which those who make laws that affect the lives of criminals should own, in 2019 we are talking about the Bookshop being quiet enough for people to read Books – so it is exactly the same thing, except that its my finances paying the price for it the entire time, exactly the same thing from 18 years ago to be precise. We even hear them speak of the provocative things that Royal security has done but we know their Offices are not used in such ways and that all I need worry about here is a Hermitage and perhaps where Celebrities had gotten involved, the Celebrities who get involved to tell me they are out of my league, can do whatever they liked and are not loyal to me because they are, got kept out but we can see it is not the only thing that I am doing here.


It’s like we hear them say on the Streets, led by Liberal USA, that I ought to bear in mind that there is a limit to what they can tolerate and it leaves me wondering what they are tolerating anyway and why they think it has much to do with me – what I know is that they have perverted my Bookshop into something that builds a Market from which any person that is experiencing shortfall of income in their trading can extract some get rich quick money from it and bearing in mind that human beings can be so stupid and that there are other days in which they make more money than they expected, we do not see them share this extra income with me, so I am rather lost as per how there happens to be a limit to what they can tolerate in my case while I am the one having to make myself clear on this matter, as per all of their involvement with my concerns ought to lead to an outcome in which they bought and read my Books otherwise I am about to launch a direct attack on their incomes and careers as well. I do get told I am hard done by in terms of my abilities but it is not something which overwhelms me either; their story is that there is a reason I deserve to suffer, led by insolent and disobedient Americans who will not keep off my Books for such a reason and it goes without saying I am going to start burning their finances to make them go away too, besides which they are all doing a hard time at this point; their Politicians are doing a hard time, they are doing a hard time, whenever school fees go up their children are doing a hard time as well, its clearly out of its depth and needs to keep its distance i.e. the bits that went off to Buckingham Palace to do my stuff were the black Daddies, their case was done and I am not getting after the White ones, where it is now very clear they are doing a hard time like they deal one for me everyday talking nonsense about how their involvement with me will never be about my Books if they were more interested in a Royal Commission. The other part of the story then being a matter of trouble makers at the Monarchy who have wasted everything I had worked for naturally but in their case we know these goons build up such nonsense as my livelihood being something from which any who is experiencing income shortfall at business should get the balance, we know if I ignored them it meant nothing and would go away over time, we know the intensity by which these goons at the Monarchy put pressure on me to shove me in the deep end is what ensures the whole thing affects the entire Government and we know their stupidities never give it a rest putting pressure on Top Government Officials to handle me – fair to say we are progressing towards an outcome whereby anything that shows up here to pass insults at me on-behalf of the Prince of Wales will get some of mine as well, will get the type that will be aimed at making it stop the way that I can. The Part where I am pitied because it is very difficult is just ridiculous, it is not difficult for me; it has always been an unwritten rule when we show up at University for instance – something about the idea there are only three types of people who show up there i.e. the Party animals, the A graders and those who handle Culture and Society without sweating it – the black Daddies ones said that what I did will lead to an outcome where they will calculate me into such a position as means that there is a need for me to be beaten down and then broken down, brought low enough for people to think about stabbing and shooting me and then the abuses will until to ensure it is a practical joke to do so such that it eventually happens, they said they are doing it because I have gone too far but likewise everybody now knows their girls can beat me up again, join the US Army on my Royal Order to blow off the big mouth and get their fingers up my bum on Media to facilitate the stupidities of Celebrities again and the entire world now knows I smell of what I ate all the time and it will be the undoing of my entire life and Career again, so this blabbing about the limits to what they can tolerate is obviously one that does not take into account all these nonsense are possible because I have been trying very hard not to go too far again as it were. The rest think I am being used to abuse and we all know its an old story where it does not want to show up here if it wants to read Books I had written and I will never stop building up as high as possible the things that churn its tummy and hurt its bottom, will now have to learn to keep its big mouth off my case and show up here to read a Book – so all together this is the limit to what their stupidities can tolerate, needs give me my space. I have waited and waited and waited and there is no prospects of this nonsense happening because they thought they were so important than even though there were consequences it would not have applied to them – so I am going to make my own contributions to that process that gets them off to their usual gimmicks on grounds the same thing is applying to me as well i.e. the same way Fashion designer wants to plug products into my income margins once they have perverted my business into a tool that offers such a service, is the same way that somebody who is stealing money from the tills when he is asked to look after a shop will want to do it, whenever they complain it is usually a matter of the fact people have decided to give them their share of it whereby the community makes sure criminals had such a difficult life that they ended up wanting to take it out on a random victim, which is why Liberals must get into arguments with others and all hell will break lose if they lost an argument; it will not break lose here, all they need to do is show up here only to read my Books – this is the limit to what their stupidities can tolerate.

They do say that I cannot catch on naturally and its utter nonsense; what they mean by catch up is that I have a relationship with those who have developed a partnership with my Bookshop which operates in a certain way that suggests they can make use of the services and will pay later, whilst they have not paid, its not a problem as they will pay later, we are in an economic situation and are all working towards a recovery – so these fools have built me their own version of Publicity that says their business exists to take money from those I had worked for without getting my money from and so what they mean when they say I will never catch on is that this nonsense will then develop into a self-fulfilling prophesy – clearly looking for more of what it stupidities are complaining about and had since resorted to relying on me to do nothing about damage to my property until it gets to a position where I can actually do nothing; this is the limit to what they can tolerate and one of these days it does seem that they are going to shut it or they are going to make me. Their Royal Friends understand every well that the more I ignore it is the more it has no meaning and once its unprofitable they tended to move on, so I must be shoved into the deep end all the time, while my Public image will be that I smell; they claim it’s a matter of what happened to those who got into the Military to Corrupt my Office and State provided security and really think much more of their stupid selves than they really should, such that their Liberal American friends are looking like placing personal finance sanctions on me to imitate their Government. They do claim I have taken all the time in the world to get where I am and yes I have; I am sorting these matters as they come along, people need to stop disturbing this place and show up here to read Books I have written only, lest it takes forever – its an old tale and one where I need to ensure I had developed something for everybody, like the Celebrities who select a certain lifestyle and want a scapegoat when the problems associated with it come through, having found my Books and got about claiming it’s the social issues problem solver trying to make money, as stupidly as possible – we hear their local gits make those statements all the time about the bad things that happen to them and people like them in society and yes it does happen, the Security services are doing their utter most best and they were helping the last time we checked as it were – important to making sure I do not live out that existence where I tackled one and the rest took advantage so I appeared to be somebody who will be dead at 60 and living till 60 will have been a luxury. They do claim that each time people think they had moved on I tend to start another and yes I do; they are done playing their games about how if they lose their temper it mattered and if I did it didn’t matter, so I have been pushed to a point of making sense of how to respond to seeing society people tell city centre people about for walking around pretending everybody they see was their employee and needed to act like it, all be it by showing things happen on the right hand side which makes society people important but is never publicised, I am now left with a mind that looks like his civil well being lies in getting out of his door to challenge hoodlums and they will pay for the destruction of my academic work through this behaviour as well i.e. the theory that when they are angry it matters and when I am it does not is their idea of tidying up the mess they have made here but then again be that as it may, we are now past the stage where it can be said that they are free to stop when it is convenient for me and not when it is convenient for them, if push comes to shove they will be better off stories are things they ought to experiment where they thought it was safer not complain about the consequences when they have been doing it to test the boundaries of security. Corbin does not point out the level of corruption that his little Daddy penises throw at the Brexit problem chasing my bottom, talking nonsense about a plan to get famous on my Public image and that they were the first to show up in this Country before me, we has been using them to corrupt my state provided security and make me smell whenever I have a job and whenever I attend College, about which I dropped out the first time in 2008 but we are still tidying it up in 2018, he says I contrary to not wanting to stop the bad mood bits am rather spending time working on wealth and social inequality in order to get into his good Books because my bottom hurts and does not yet seem to make sense of the fact this will one day secure him a response. I have been told that I am worse off in everyway and its utter nonsense: once I stopped these idiots using my Books as a means to get through to my feelings for abusive and violent practical jokes that will ensure their problems relied on me while they got rich on my Public image, then I can start a real process of shipping Books to Clients – so it is really a question of when I am going to start and a matter of whether my experience of human beings being stupid have ever been so bad as these that I am unable to tolerate it and my whole life comes to a stop – so Mr Corbin has not yet accepted sending out his Party idiots to make a mess for me every day, especially little Daddy penises running me down at Public transport to build me publicity that says I smell while they chased my Public image for the last 7 years is going to get him a fucking response, I don’t think saying something like that is so high and mighty people cannot make sense of it.

I do get told I am very disrespectful naturally and I understand as well but if what I am dealing with is a process of people spending money on Local idiots who use it to buy publicity equipment and venues by which to extract money from my Public image via popular culture and gives way to running around consumers who have shown interests in my Bookshop to ensure money was spent on getting money that I should have been earning from those consumers, in order to prove their theory they can grab my career if they wanted, finished off with years of little daddy penis following me around to ensure I smelled and could not complete my academic work because Mr Corbin wants to feel like he is in charge, it was clear he is oblivious to how the response he is going to get for it will work.

They say I hate the Labour Party but I don’t, its not a love hate thing, its about finding out what effects ‘hey you get over here, I want to oppress you’ gimmicks would have on my life and career and it has shown its hand, now needs to give me my space. Like I get told I say these things because there is no way for me to recover from it which is utter nonsense, as recovery is largely a matter of preparing myself to get out of the business of being detached from my achievement and then abusive behaviour from communities built up to discuss my tummy tackles any act of feeling relaxed or just recovering from the bad experience – so it does not mean that I will not be selling interested parties any Books when they turn up at the Shop, it just means that these Interested Parties are being turned away by these idiots who tell me I must respond to wealth and social equality issues while they picked up positions on National Media to get rich and famous from my responses and their stupid children can then secure funds to buy equipment and venues that help them make money from my Public image convincing a Public to buy show business products by so doing. They do claim they have no future with me around and this is exactly what practical jokes at Higher Institutions does to others if they had not noticed, usually always better to claim I am complicit with racism and need to do something which proves otherwise or else with a big mouth – soon they will be stuck with me such that they were too old for the fame and it will be the end of it all; I mean when it tackles you at School like so, its always about the points at which you have done your best work in terms of your Career, mostly about the fact she has got a Vagina and always developed around matters of a Girl being able to stop dead some small Men dead, simply because she has some Girly influence to play with – having said so, I dropped out of University in 2008, we are talking about it in 2019, year after year of tidying up unsuccessfully. They do claim I clearly find it easier to tackle the women and yes I probably do but I am not getting any rewards for dealing with the matter in terms of thinking about the problem all my life but still being unable to protect my Career from civil rights gits in my 30s, yet none of the idiots responsible for it had signed a contract which permitted them to handle anything around here; so I don’t care what the Girls think, if it shows up here it needs to get a Book, they have all run out of time now. It is the one problem we have here, keeping continue to act as if they needed it; to grab my Books and toss it at Civil rights goons, like I had signed a contract with them which permits their intrusive stupidities to handle it and hang around society complaining about the consequences and blabbing about doing my thing – it is about to end very well too, I have had enough of it and I think I am out of the time to tolerate it, while they are out of time for practical jokes. They do say that while I talk, the Labour Party is a mess and yes it is; they are not a Democratic Party and so their previous leaders before Tony Blair have always adopted a position that meant that since their own was a matter of winning elections by having their way with the Public, they did not get to Bother the people – they changed this obviously and have never stopped following up the stupidities that I am a character who does not acknowledge in my heart of hearts that they are the boss and need to be made to do so, corrupting everything around here, wrecking my academic work and thinking they can stupidly build a future on blaming me for what immoral democracy got up to: talking like this means I am starting to bring the facts beyond the polished intellect I discuss it by, while I am mocked by twats who think I am naïve of what evil looks like and would not understand what is satanism if I saw it, starting to talk like don’t think of them as government operatives but as very annoying villains who believe that not only are they entitled to ensure the health for bad things they want to do relies on me but also think it would not have mattered if I lost my temper and it’s been this way since 2001. They do claim I talk dangerously and yes I do; as I have become a character who is so careful not to say anything that puts them in jeopardy with racism, gangs and criminals, while they have not yet stopped ripping up my career to rely on me not to do a thing about it, doing bad things at Government and telling lies on who is responsible, a character who shows mercy until it becomes a habit while they got to do whatever they liked – it’s the same as when they say it is all competition and some people think I have damaged their culture and society but have no wish to talk about the destruction of my career and academic work and the continued process of following me around with problems to extract money from my Public image – so its not so convinced it is right when it says that my temper wouldn’t matter anymore and that is a start.

They do claim that I talk while I am one of those characters everybody can beat up which is utter rubbish; we know I am not going too far anymore because it became such an issue while they believe they have again settled up on doing whatever they like with my concerns, the insanity that I am supposed to make a life from if it was all up to their stupidities, I am not going too far anymore, so there isn’t an overwhelming process of wanting somebody to fuck the arse of the Community croons while I dropped out of University and waited to be beaten up by the power they had collected from doing so – the bit about Royal Office naturally being that they believe they matter but are just the good old British Public control issue, getting rid of them gets rid of personal perspective too; its never going to stop with their stupidities it clearly does not need until it hangs around in front of me, putting back the health its stupid society idiots take out every day and getting the violence back. I do get told the problem to be that I believe I can handle the matter but I don’t believe it, I know it; only to stop Media comments and abuses that provides a certain leadership for bad people in the neighbourhoods and ensures everybody starts to tackle the person they are targeting, never mind the same neighbourhoods following me around to get imagination up my bum how now ended disastrously with them hating my guts too, then you stop all the problems – save whenever you are off to it because its been hell since 5.00am in the Morning, your chest especially hurts on account they have been keeping an eye on you and think you ought to restrain yourself because the Media job was worth a 6 figure salary and then it starts to get to you and develops from pleading to abuse and churns your tummy which the society goons that hate your guts think is an opportunity to grab that career they had had their eyes on for years, so it’s a simple matter where they kept their mouths shut if the Media job was worth that much with respect to my Books, unless they read it and had questions to ask; the big picture is still the Millionaire dream freaks of the Western World giving them money to buy equipment and venues that help them extract money from my Public image and tell me to move gingerly out of a Royal Commission with a Big mouth. I do get told these are indications that I am losing it slowly which does not apply at all, as the main problem around here is largely that HM does not have Her Parents anymore or had Taken over the Crown from Her Father, so One gets involved with Celebrities – The Prince of Wales on the other hand still has both Parents, the Eldest of the two is still alive and he has an Entire Charity with Global proportions dedicated to the needs of Celebrities, has now reached a stage where I feel as if one more insult from a goon that comes through it to abuse me around here and they will begin to get some of mine as well, none knows what we will do when his Parents had passed away at this stage, maybe it will become Pantomime Reign and he will become the Murderous Emperor Nero or something like that – we hear them tell us we need to respect our Mums so that they might get famous all the time, I wonder where it is assumed this comes from, save the fact that it is usually respectful to your parents to keep away from them most of the time. I mean, as long as people have known me, they have known me to be caught up with Celebrities in one way or another and yet not once have I put the foot wrong in how we get involved with Celebrities from the Monarchy; I had lost one parent at this stage but things are still being done with respect for his wishes. They do say I appear to be a character that can never do something wrong at the Monarchy because The Queen always protects me and it’s not true – what really happens is the same case all round and then they go on and on and on until they start to get the Royal Politics from the Monarch and then the difficulty is how they will recognise it, so where I am concerned it’s a case where The Queen hates me and everybody feels it, when The Queen does not hate me they can feel good – Parliament and Monarchy were separated 200 years ago as it was considered Royal Politics was a bit too much as a means of running State and Public affairs and people still have difficulty recognising why that was so.

They do speak of me never acknowledging what I really am even though I smell of it and its utter nonsense as well; what I really am is a Royal Hermit and I work my property in a Royal Hermitage, where I ensure every interest concerning Civil service was provided for and use Celebrities for the fun bits but then again when I say that this is who I really am, the idiots will pinch it with their Media, make a mess of it and try to get rich, their disobedience will churn my tummy and that was be an example of an indication that I am gay, until I took my religious concerns to a whole new level too.