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Two main issues at this Estate then stands out and one of them is that of me playing around with Celebrities which I have to say could not be further from the truth. What really happens is that I am now at a point where I am still unable to recover from years of being disciplined by popularity idiots over showing respect for my mother which discipline made them rich all together as it were but now they are rich and famous are still being controlled by their parents and I am lost as per which part of my Book was a bad thing; instinctively making the decision to start beating them down over it since I know their reaction to the outcome will be one of putting pressure on me while I resist them until a stage is set where somebody else is selling the service my Books provides. The other being my real view of the European Union of which there is nothing wrong with it save the sorts of leadership with see and the Germans continually insisting the UK is facing the same challenges the globally vilified Nazis did but with none of its own hindsight that does not involve making use of Nazi history which is really stupid: I mean one of the fact that dispute German view of the world wars being that at the time of the wars, the UK was actually almost twice the size of Germany and that did not include the rest of the Empire, thus complete mystery to all why Germany thought itself the power of Europe all together but nobody thought like Germans and therefore built up weapons to blow it to bits which according to the state of affairs at the time that they thought was the bees knees would have been absolutely the right thing to do. Their fans here in the UK speak of people like me who always want to be in a position to punish people like them which has no basis on reality; the reality that they are the ones walking around doing things that suggest they want to be punished and when they love to threaten me to a stage where I drop out of University and have not returned to finish my studies after 7 years of doing so. Then there are the Politicians who pick up on these threatening behaviour as well, claiming that walking around as though people want to be punished is designed to see that when they are punished it is for the right reasons will go into government buildings to help society justify itself and yes the primary premise of the behaviour of society serves to suggest that the law has no meaning or purpose save it exists to serve the weak who wouldn’t exist in a real world that is actually a tough place but now is being used to beat them down – so when they find that it exists to protect them from me as well throw up a tantrum instead of keep to the rules set in Parliament they have walked themselves into and let me be. It’s an old story of how that goon starts an altercation with next door neighbour, which he develops to a point at which he is equals with the Politicians and campaigns for elections and wins it and we are left wondering who bloody won the elections and what we are supposed to expect. They are the ones walking about doing things that suggest they want to be punished; should not threaten me, its very distracting and abusive.

The talk of the far right being a confusing term that also described people who believe in less government intervention when it comes to economic matters, less taxes and freer trade but this is actually the far right – the evils practiced by wealthy people which mixes with the one practiced by poorer people to create world war three – the case is that we need to settle up on the fact it is what it is but we listen to the far left too much on the other hand and those just want the economy to come to grinding halt until everybody that is the same size physically have the same amount of money in the bank on account they think it puts them in a position where they will become millionaires. We all know that at this stage somebody has to take responsibility to prevent racists from gaining electoral success and the one concerns that nags at everybody is that they are unable to communicate this fact with the rest of the world bearing in mind that if they gained electoral success, somebody was going to get killed – the only group of people who do not share this concern with everybody else are the idiots that show up all over the journalism that we consume as a society. I like to say shove shoving journalism and shove racism conversations at me like these, tell the Public what it needs to know i.e. that racism is a lottery; when people find they are poor and want an idea for getting rich to match what they think their personality was, ethnic minorities are usually the most reliable form of lottery but what happens is that only the people at the top of each movement will get rich, while the others will await their turn or create their own break out groups. The part that causes me a lot of anger is the fact that a white boy will join the gang stuff which is what racism is, because he is being bullied by an ethnic minority that has his back against the wall and is contemplating activities that will lead him down to prison; so apparently he picks on white boy because he thinks that white boy is either superior and possesses things he needs to be bullied into giving up or that he is, when both are just as ignorant as each other, then we find them talk about what I know and I want to find them staying off my Public image space too – in the end, I would have to have a certain amount of possessions to have 50 Million pounds and if my money was taken out and placed outside and I was told to put a bullet in each coin, notwithstanding how much the bullet would cost me, it would be a monumental task – my point being that 50 million persons lost their lives to decisions human beings made to shoot each other in world war two alone, the question now is why racism become trendy after such a catastrophic event. They always then get off to tell me I escalate problems for security service operatives while reality is that I am dealing with a tricky stuff at this point and it’s not really safe for me to join the general public in seeing them as people who do jobs about which we must regard them in paternal and maternal light, so it’s something I cannot get involved with at this stage but that notwithstanding, people do not get to claim that my personality is the one they deploy to solve their problems anymore unless they have decided to work as a gang and its exactly the way it would have worked out if I were defending myself from racists with a weapon; important that the media scum put their mouths where the money they claim gets to their head is located and stop educating racists about how to explain their problems away on other people’s public life and academic endeavour, which they have been doing in the last 12 years consistently every day to blab stupid threats about their hurting bottoms on account they have been employing some at the studios. So that it does make sense that they claim they cannot see, when they suggest that we live as mysteries and that it causes problems to, whereas reality is more a case of somebody who has from childhood always tended to keep men out of her public image becoming a celebrity never the less and what will happen to somebody like her who is not a great star on the left even though she could have been and men hate the fact that she is happy to do that just to keep them off her public image and hate her for it, lost all her money? So, these people do not care how others live, only wish to make statements about their superiority, have now wish to tell the truth if there is no money involved and fancy themselves bullies at too often an instance for their own good all together; hence shove, shoving journalism shoves racism conversations my way, needs to tell the Public what it needs to know. The Industry ones are at the heart of this issue blowing off their big mouth endlessly but do not scare me in anyway: I mean I am running a business empire and they do not get to tell me if I want to or can break up my empire and broker the equities with others, by showing up to cling to my income margins when I want to sell my Books and issue their threats that will help them take advantage and get rich quick – when it does come to it, they always say I need money to win and have not got any but I do not need money to ensure matters of poverty and some serious financial problems show up around their concerns during business cycles just as we know that the loss of that money will be the end of my problems as well; at the moment it is things they do like knowing where my Books are which serves as a point of contact and a link to me that I cannot ignore, by which to communicate their stupid abusive and insulting wishes and handle whatever they like around here, same with the media idiots doing what they do on grounds that women are usually more susceptible to being persuaded when gang stuff gets out of hand and are now the ones getting bothered about letting women pay their bills lest they get sexually assaulted, can always take revenge on me by finding some stupid women that will help them squander everything I have but since I have got that covered, cannot see why they cannot keep their insults out of my concerns and stop damaging it, same applies with Industry people telling me they know conservation areas of the world where they can go to kill endangered species and make me breathless for refusing to comply with their demands and there is more than one way of wiping that stupid narcissistic happiness that brings about sales off my media equipment when I want to enjoy it – these are the kinds of things that will make me do so, not a whim. I mean its not a crisis as such, they always say I have many enemies (yap yapping) but tend to pick on media only but it is the media that keeps doing it i.e. set out the idea I am good for bullying all day long and it goes back to the days when they wanted to make use of the Christians personality and there were some who just needed to show him the stupidities of his beliefs whenever he thought people should be nice about it; now I think that unless their families who are none the wiser what I have to put up with when they are at work, are being threatened or it is part of their job description or they would be out of pocket if they kept it where the money that they claim gets to their heads is located, I suggest that is exactly what they need to start doing. Its that case where you think about people who have shares in companies and perhaps a relative that walks down the streets claiming you stole your personality from somewhere and then an idiot who likes to tag along with them and cause their grades to go bad at school, the idiots who makes your grades go bac at school will be the Media and the Politicians who tell me I need to resolve myself as I am likely to be a threat to them are not saying so anymore these days, what they have done is make a mess of my finances, so these fools can tell me I take precautions against them but love to blow off my big mouth, while these things could be so easily resolved by a process of respect from them for what I do for a living. They do say I cannot handle it and use escalatory remarks which I don’t and in terms of handling it anyway, anybody would use escalatory remarks if they had to put up with a hand full of idiots experimenting on ripping up their finances and deciding what the public thinks when they do, to find out if they can control the finances of important people and thereby gain power to protect their civil rights in that way doing it every day for 13 years – I mean if would have worked 10 years back if it was any half the viable stupidities. Its no longer sufficient to just say keeping them busy to a point where they have to decide on priorities will do, they have decided their jobs involve a bit of everybody else’s and I am at the receiving end of some of their most abusive and destructive behaviour – so they do need to keep it where the money  that gets to their heads are located or show some respect for my writing career as well. Its over half a decade of financial difficult simply because others are abusively insulting, half a decade of bad things happening not due to my incompetence or any adversity I have faced but other peoples really stupid gimmicks – I am not interested in excuses anymore and they do say I grow on people because I am not letting up until they had moved on and out, what they latch onto involves claiming I think I can do anything and the bait is to respond with the idea they think that others cannot do anything and then it will be a slippery slope. So they do say on one hand that I should be consoling people and comforting people not tackling them, while on the other say it’s the evils I thought I would control but am now fighting for my life because of – reality of course is that in terms of the latter I am controlling the evils very well indeed once done with the bit about detaching it from mainstream living so it does not make phone calls to talk to its friend about me not having the right to a job, I then moved on to the making sure they cannot afford a celebrity culture and media that can screw with me and do talk to the hand routines and now we are talking about those lies that say religious people are lazy and lets them do their worst and detach people from jobs and careers for attending Church etc, the one that means the way to handle them is to take up that stupid self confidence that lets them approach and bully and make friends with rich people at my expense and smash it; hence the Bible specifically commands believers to work hard, the way it says it is the bit where its not just the devil making work for idle hands as much as it’s the one where you will be doing it if you have not got a job or have one that you have failed to be diligent at. As for consoling people, what we find is that these goons exist like an atmosphere people can reach out and touch if they wanted, so that there is usually no problems except media and Politicians drag people into it and because it is a bubble that has only one purpose of hurting people to better itself, you always find yourself justify absolutely everything that you do with it when pushed in as well – so you find that if its not gathering information on me for attention seeking that will result in having something that is better than what I have, to deal with complexes it has inflicted upon itself through its abusive insults and disobedience, it will crying to its mum with popularity culture that I am so good at what I do that it feels so inadequate it will lose its jobs and careers and fame and those who think I should be consoling people will go there to grovel and show up here to bully until it gets serious, then they tell me. Its not a case I am unable to resolve, it’s my career stuck with the inferiority complexes that people have inflicted on themselves by being so abusive and disobedient and since I am fed up with it, as equally as it will not give me a breathing space because it can only have been a matter that involves very stupid people, its important the media ones especially when claiming they are superior or their money is important keep the insults and comments where it is located as well, as there is no way my time will be spent cleaning up their lives. This is where they say the cover that caused confusion as per whether I am conservative has been blown; of which there was never any – we all have lived in this Country for years with a wry notice of shallow people with their inferiority complexes and get rich quick insanity, it is a matter of dropping out of University not just because the community croons are forcing sex on me while they are copying some high life that I do not want to share because I know they are better human beings and it goes beyond getting racists to explain their problems away on what I know and my public image with media while complaining and building blame culture from a process of employing some of them too – it becomes a case of being stuck with Popular culture after dropping out of University and seeing that getting out of it to return to the academics and complete it in order to run a career will be  such a huge amount of work and will pay nothing for doing it – thus the reason I am determined to make money from that popular culture so it can jump on my public image to make fame and return with the money to dominate me in search for power at another time; its both a financial source and a backup system that allows them to understand there will be consequences if it did happen again. 

They do claim always that it is my fault but its not just the expressed willingness to hurt me mortally if they have need of my life and public image which they cannot do without expressing in all sorts of corrupt and filthy and evil little ways they think keeps them off the Authorities every moment of their silly lives, besides the Whites telling me I need to behave in certain ways they have devised in order to avoid the return of Fascism and no occasion I ask them to keep their Nazi and concentration camps and world war two history off me has ever worked amicably.

Now they speak of this social mobility issues that do not exist at all save the problem of celebrities confiscating my Public image while local people touch them because I wouldn’t do anything about it when nobody has asked any of the two to engage in such activity but the celebrities specifically will do it suggesting the UK does not exist hence they grab Public image off an Arch Prince when they wish, now blaming others for their problems all together. It feeds into this story of my problems being created by black people which is an old story: those have their discrimination and nepotism nobody will ever notice while being taken by racism and are superior to me; if I broker equity with companies their parents managed in third world Countries – so now they have switched positions and made themselves managers of these companies in Europe are not blabbing any more now as they have found out how much work went into building them companies all together. For my part however I smell according to them since then of which they have lost connections with fashion designers and stock market operatives and are no longer friends of the US, only the Industry connections associated with Germany they have got left – which their insults will ensure I take from them and then they will have nothing left, since it is not clear what kind of animal does the bit where an Arch Prince might buy the most expensive suits in the world but it’s not enough to address a crowd as a decent person because somebody else is shutting down his Public image playing up the glories of ugliness. The worst I may have to deal with is a case where they take their custom somewhere else and the companies that broker with me lose market because of me but I never fancied their stupid economic separatism that likes to have people over a barrel while the respect they should be showing to others has practically vanished from where it should be located, to see them demand theirs as though they placed a deposit; so it is a market I am likely to take back from them but for now of which it is mostly a case of my bottom hurting because they wouldn’t stop that nonsense about their needs and how to overwhelm people at personal space and public image, associated with their type of lifestyle and Politics anyway, getting involved with no plans to learn what my interest are, which is how their insults about being better human beings more deserving of a Royal Estate than I am was developed in the first place. They speak of my activities being a path to war of course; the bit they will do well at when people are huddled up in a building with guns and practically desire more than anything in this world to have their public life peddled for fame and fortune by goons like these obviously. All I can say is that it is currently other peoples fault when standard business practice involves fantasies of fingering peoples bums that soon becomes real with that big mouth - where what they cannot handle is when I give them closure for it taking the businesses and Industries away from them in the process since they have obviously got a problem with it all.

I do get told my work is not tidy when it actually is; I mean the chase peoples private part goons on the right should have their activities monitored, what exactly they want determined and how they will get it without wrecking everything else decided. The get rich quick vandals on the left should always have to deal with problems and the Celebrities should always be excluded. What is happening is when I manage these things and they say I have no authority which of course I don’t; I only have as much authority as their stupidities making them appoint themselves onto something over me and then I can appoint myself because of them too; largely involves managing the famous and forcing them to make their contributions to society, so those who have never done it shouldn’t get to decide how tidy mine is. Think of what would be if this energy was spent on growing our GDP, making sure we do not end up with an ageing Population and this is why I take it so close to heart too as it were, making sure they are used to raise taxes now that quality of life has gone to hell before the hard work to economic recovery has even begun. Eventually coming into shape around those cases where I would get into some serious trouble if I said these things in the real world whereby we all know the biggest will not approach you if they knew there was no incentive to grab a Public image that they can get rich and famous by; so these teenage scum issuing their threats all the time therefore know exactly what they are doing and we see their stupid Political parents doing the same as well, talking nonsense about a lack of respect on my part where if you attacked them stupid children the way you are attacked they would end up with less rights than their parents had. So in the end we are looking at a world where there isn’t a Politician or a place where an idiot can get me stuck somewhere and grab my whole life to consume as an item using it for their own purposes like that and it might seem much to say but I can actually back it up; what we are talking about here is a process of blabbing at the Bench opposite while referring to me in abusive ways and getting after my Public image the whole time, nothing that they actually can do in real terms – otherwise it’s a case of how I feel about idiots in parliament who walk ten yards and grab somebody’s life to feel glorious with and then another ten yards and then other and other, never mind the ones that do the same but around sexual matters because they are running their Political careers with their own knowledge, so it will either be that they keep off the Books they obviously wrote and the Public image they grew up with, attended school by which makes it their fucking own or that big mouth and corners where things are happening that can become a threat is put to the test too.

They speak of dealing with matters in my own community of course but we all know it’s a matter of two black women with one talking to her kids about career and being a better person while the other speaks of money going around in the country which does not come into her household hence it’s okay to be a criminal. They feel they can pick the criminal family one and get up on public places to blow off insults and threats at me all the time by which if I do nothing about may result in the Mohamed Ali and Joe Frazier scenarios, while there is really nothing I can do about any of it, except where these fools speak of having the same rights as racists because of some claim I am a new kid on the bloc, talking nonsense over my livelihood and career about body type all the time. They do say it would be a difficult matter for me because its all a case of Equality and wealth sharing but I do not see how difficult it will be when all the bad things I will do can be justified by the fact I am making it an Office space struggle, which I will win anyway; the threatening me bits like I know who they are has gotten to a stage and that is just the British one, when I return to my academics and they follow me around again there will be enough trouble to decide exactly where they became the superior bits of the black race too. There is that question on peoples lips all the time of course: am I in charge or others in control of me? I however like to think I am in charge, for instance when I build a popularity system so that the pop stars that are involved with help children concentrate on their studies by being able to go into people’s music studios to get singing contracts and get away with using their hosts if it is abusive towards me but there will be security risks when these idiots are able to make use of my system as well, hence in my view their incessant insistence on doing so causing them immense suffering we see complaining about on Media and social media is no-where near the tip of the iceberg. I am only doing some administrative work and those who have not had to administrate Celebrities are really in no position to judge my work, as we now know doing so causes more problems. I mean we do hear them speak of how I think I can do anything when I have ended up on the inside of the Monarchy but reality of course is that it has nothing to do with inside the Monarchy, since if I were outside, I would easily have started with their modern Christianity that always has to be right or it punishes and punishes and you have no idea where they are coming from the whole time, in a society where they are complaining about racism as well; direct ticket to pompous superior behaviour at my expense all of the time of course and this is when they are putting an effort into being nice and moral people – they however do say that my behaviour can hardly be classified as Church stuff naturally but we all know what they are scared of is the nymphomaniac stuff as it were which in my view is another of those given the right tools and proper measures to handle their lower class disobedience, self-gratification talking nonsense about how I should behave to avoid it and insults situation.

Eventually there is this case they make all the time of how I have to be dominated and abused in order for them to be free which propels the need to get off on media and pass insults at me that groom me for punishment as a form of local leadership but its utter nonsense, it’s just nothing new: we all know they are a group of fools that perform behaviour like being seen in a Pub 12.00 pm every day, thus increasing the risk of being robbed at gun or knife point for instance but it is when they are robbed that it is time to groom somebody else to suffer such a history because they think that is what will free their stupid minds from it. I mean when somebody is punished by racists for example, what happens is that they get killed – so why this form of the behaviour does not ring alarm bells in their thoughts in basically an example of the reasons we face the problems we do in society. We all know they live their whole lives as a vice, tell lies all the time because it is how they secure their exit but the reasons I never respond to those abuses and grooming for punishment that happen every moment on their stupid media is because I am saving the shit for the celebrities basically. The really insolent seniority fools that are usually black claim they are getting me out there to see and enjoy life but it’s an example of the respect they think they deserve missing from where it should have been located as it were, the seeing all of the world and wanting to keep being a Christian all together as it were, such that the idiots have a fight on their hands – as nobody could understand why they did move into my concerns without permission as a safe place for the effects of the way they have lived out their stupid existence, only to recover from it causing me great distress and suffering and then get on media to groom me into something they were while carrying on with the same living style but we all know the fucking idiots have indicated that they think of it as a game too. Thus, we have come full circle on how bad my Books were supposed to have been in the first place all together as well. in retrospect they do raise the question and of course none of these things concern the women; it’s just reality that they believe they ought to get up on public places, take a stand on my Public image with a microphone in hand to glorify themselves in order to make money with my concerns and they believe it is as important as a right they should be having, looking for trouble all the time – I for my part execute what turns out to be a predicament for them because they have not yet learned that peddling my public image and my faith or either of the two comes with grave consequences – what they have done since however is try it on until they get rewarded by Industry idiots who spend their funds fighting others but now they have money to pay their way in the world do not think they ought to stay away from me all together. They do claim I am suffering from psychosis which is utter nonsense; there simply was a predictable degree of hysteria to be found in an activity that involves managing people that are as civil and criminally disobedient as these; so we hear they do it because some extremism is being managed but reality is that what the extremist do is done in groups that have manifestos and constitutions while what they do is done in groups that have manifestos and constitutions as well, whenever they claim it is a public activity, such a claim is meant to be very abusively insulting and destructive all together and in my case it gets personal such that they build up senselessness around my own personal finances in order to be in a position where they can determine whether I have the right to have money or not and we see that show up everywhere i.e. while they are exhibiting neutral behaviour it is selfish and the selfishness applies to other people’s property and is worked on the owners of those property and then it becomes a battle of reputation, where your good reputation is wasted while theirs built on hurting you for the common good is rewarded with popular culture fame and fortune and then they realise they have crowd support for bullying you and it will know no limits (this is usually the point where it feels the most free to attack people over religious views, just like seniority mongers are attacking those who do not agree with their side of the argument to the effect of ruining peoples health which ensures they cannot be financially successful by working for their money and the blacks never really tone down the insults even when complaining about being an unprotected people).

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


The Politicians and their goons have obviously become very fond of talking about how much I hate Europe but insist on the profitable side and it is supposed to have suggested that I am meant to suddenly shut down a 14 year property equity brokerage with Royal Family Members (speaking of the very top) right across Europe, simply because people in Politics who have not had their own sorted out have feelings. I don’t know why they enjoy asking me about Europe to pretend they are not the ones that make the laws which govern my business concerns and therefore have an understanding of all the facts anyway. These people they complain about are actually very filthy old men who do stupid things and like to pretend they own the cultures of Europe but really enjoy impersonating those other people that are really good at doing business all together and if I then go off to mention such a fact the reality will be that it becomes power for their stupid House of Commons as well. So it is not half as difficult a matter as they have made out it is and I want them off my Books – this Books thing is supposed to have been the easiest part of the whole story all together anyway. They speak of how I mess with their societies but are still hard at the idea of securing the interests of their business idiots by breaking new grounds in developing economies and making deals that mean they bring trouble makers into the Country and claim it happens because I should be taking care of the problem which also means that the Police end up with more than they can handle and extremists join their ranks – without which they know they cannot steal my market to make fame and fortune using my public life and personality for merchandising on which their stupid future depends looking for trouble all the time. It is such a fabulous use of other peoples time to see that every time they start it becomes a conversation and every time the conversation begins it leads to a statement about me digging myself deeper as early as five minutes into it and yet while they complain I have not started writing letters I can post to the addresses where they hold their stupid Europe wide Political idiots secret society meetings yet. So there is nothing unusual about it but they need to stop asking me; they are the ones who make laws that govern my concerns and work at the very heart of the issues. Its the same story all around; where people copy their behaviour and start to think that each time they buy products from any Brokers in this Empire, they deserve more provided they know where I live and or where my possessions are situated and generally have no sense of what belongs to others in their stupid minds and it starts to get serious when their abuses speak of me being lazy; its the point where we start to work out the exact stage at which they got into the Empire Intellectual Space on which everything I own and do works; it is a conversation their Politicians need to stop having too, cutting up my Assets like we see them give to the frugal all the time and by the way of which there is nothing whatsoever wrong with Europe. They do say the only path all I do heads for is that of wealth inequality but if everybody behaved the way they do nobody would have been wealthy at all; they should not be stopping my finances while explaining away their stupidities with my work and public life and I am really tired of it too - it is the only problem that we have (the reality being that they would not keep off moving into my Right Hand, so I killed off the popular culture so people can have proper democracy where the interests of women especially are well represented and they want that back like they do not have their own lives to deploy - they need to shut down conversations about people thinking they are nothing when their homes are beautiful places which means they want it safe at other peoples expense and have a problem with the Police all at the same time - I will not tolerate it because they stop my finances for every single time they explain their stupidities over my work and public life. The Americans like to think they are untouchable; they hate my guts but are still doing it and if I see them build that stuff from US to Japan across my Royal Estate again I will teach them lessons they will never forget as well i.e. there is a point at which setting out a skin colour they share with me in order to express their desire so see me in a difficult situation solving a tough problem that will make it seems as though their problems which I am supposed to solve to facilitate the most convenient decisions in their lives because I am able to do it, will give way to real life calculated hatred which they like to pretend they have already done at present.). They do say I appear to be in competition to find out who is actually stronger and I am not in any such competition; the reality is that these guys are incredibly stupid people and only have to look at the damage their involvement alone has done here if they doubt it – so even if I have all the time in the world, the truth is that nobody in the world actually lives like that anyway. They do not seem to be able to do anything save they had dug the areas of my life that they regard as weakness, then we hear them claim it is competition and yet I am a person as well and would be able to tell if I got off the competition to damage their property too, so the two are very different things – their problems however is that I ask some women to look after my property for me while I go off to handle certain matters of their issues because we support each other, so the idea that I have lots of things that I am unable to protect or lots of acumen with no money to invest it is false but they never listen if the big idea is that the women are weak in the first place; what we have now is that the politicians have gone from claiming it is their civil rights to developing the process of competition, damage and reprisals of a relationship they have with me into another amusing form of bullying that involves a media presence they have that is supposed to spend the acumen to teach me lessons anytime I am unruly, then pretend in public places all the time that it is amusing while complaining that I get hold of and cut to pieces their culture and societies and anything they had in the form of community before I arrived in the UK, which I will cut up again if I dare have to suffer the process of seeing it get in my way like they already have – cut it up and borrow that stupid country until my Books are sold of which the fact the Books are not getting sold is of their doing in the first place. So we have come full circle on journalists and celebrities being cleverer than an Arch Prince that sounds right to them story and they hate my guts for it but are still doing the behaviour that leads to such a result, so it’s like they want to kill somebody or something, not a competition with them over who is stronger, which story by itself is always a matter of the fact they lie all the time and cannot communicate with anybody is an honest way, which means involvement with others leads to power and domination of victims because they get to save their own possessions and lives to feel superior with and damage other peoples own. So the insults are always so intense that you end up looking out for where you were born and where you grew up and where you are heading with your life because their parents do not like their attitude and that is why nobody gets to chose right hand sides and left hand sides with me unless they are looking for trouble as well. I want their Politicians and Media idiots to keep off my Books permanently and then I will be out of their Hair as well. I mean even now the big idea is that there are victims of these kinds of bullying that are more deserving than I am and yet they all hate my guts; with the men using their own lives to fix their problems and every person that shed morals from their lives like a shirt being unable to make use of the Arch Prince they described as the big one and have not had any sleep in 15 years so far etc but are still doing exactly the same behaviour never the less – I like to say I know what Jesus Christ taught us all but there comes a time when One must take a stand or people will never understand – so every time an insult is making me think of where I was born and grew up and where I am heading, the guaranteed target will be the racists they knew in school and the gang members they have come across – they do say I have profited from getting involved with those greater than me of course and have no prove of it; I on the other hand have prove of Blair getting off government security along with Alistair Campbell to chase me around the Streets of the UK developing spin. They say I curtail peoples personal growth which is utter nonsense too because there is atmosphere out there today and that atmosphere is my personality, so people can get involved with it and lean on it to feel good about their lives, obtain a sensation of convenience by which they can avoid dealing with problems they created for themselves of which if I did any for myself I was clever enough to come up with solutions but they had to risk being inferior by asking somebody else; so if they do not move into my right hand since it is obvious they don’t have to damage my finances for it but do because they are after power as well which is how they messed up their own lives to begin with then there will be no trouble whether or not they are talking about the new thing about freedom and democracy and what is supposed to be the place of society and culture in it – the Politicians need to stop turning up around my Books and Journalists are more clever than an Arch Prince which sound right, say what they have to say without stupid body language that involves relying on the audience of other people to place their stupidities all over it then complain about what must happen for it to get sold at the other end and tell tales of how stupid it is when it is not in anyway; so are the men staving off threatening me, using their own lives to solve their problems, honourable gangs killing people and idiots getting killed to talk nonsense about how those who want to punish them are not rectifying a life at their own expense etc; they all hate my guts but are still turning up to squander. The last time they hated my guts over these kinds of issues it was because Business people are as interested in culture and society as everybody else is and did not just fall off from the sky, so that people can make up a means to grab my literary empire if they wanted with a big mouth – the next time they will hate my guts it will be about my Book sales and then I will get a job in the city and fear to go home to see my parents during Christmas on account of the dangers between me in the City and them in order for me to be weak and have a need to get toughened up so I might fit in; they make up all these lies and come up with stupid explanations like these for it and will never ever find their own level as it were – they want equality with me through which they can become more important, which is how they messed up their own stupid lives. One moment they are cracked because Journalists are cleverer than an Arch Prince and the next the Arch Prince himself is a weak pussy – so it tends to mean all these expensive stupidities, so they can ensure their own weaknesses are not accessible – I am tired of it; on what basis they concluded an Arch Prince who has a habit of making sure people live a tolerable existence and cannot seem to shake himself out of it unless he is done so by somebody with whom he has a personal relationship hence the problem with women is actually weak; apparently they don’t know – so it has to be the unbridled idiocy at work. They do say my bottom is nothing to write home about of course and its utter rubbish; my bottom is the way it is because I talk before I write and sell on account of their involvement, not because of their ability to undress me with their eyes and violate me etc which is why their involvement and their stupidities are such important tools of power for them, if other political idiots are not talking about their civil fucking rights that is – I have made it this way to ensure moving into my right or left hand is something I have extremely limited tolerance for and yes they do speak about their own right hand and left hand too and it is the history lesson where they can take up 15 years of my time for these and distract me over everything important thereof to stand up somewhere and tell me I am being punished the day they feel that they have the fucking guts for it too. its never been a mystery – same old I cannot be by myself for Upper Class reasons and they cannot leave me alone the Lower Class reasons. So I will get told here that I have given away too much and I can understand but the tale is pretty much the same too all together; the one where they need an audience so they can explain away every niggle that bothers them with something I have or have said or done and then that will mean they cannot say or do anything without leaning on my personality that has now become a public atmosphere so the advantage might become their own, for they had found a weak Arch Prince that exists somewhere in their stupid minds. So I may say it is all a free market thing and that they are free to bully people into mental illness to prevent them buying my Books and allow them have their lives if people agree to buy a product of their own but at what stage am I supposed to imagine that they will stop – hence the weak Arch Prince they found here in their stupid minds; who told them that is how to earn a living anyway, from the small businesses people run in their garages to big city centres – who told them that is how to fucking earn a living anyway, the devil? I do not think the matter with Media, Celebrities and Industries are a complicated matter or a crisis; the reality is that they first of all got to rely on their sales people to get them an income that will make them more important than I am and because this insult was not enough and the distress they cause me to maintain a process of naming this a trend, then then got off to rely on Media and Paparazzi to keep my income down as well so they might grab a Royal Estate that will never be their own and cause me the most amount of distress imaginable; I can recognise my Property Equity anywhere I see it and this it appears seems to be the propelling factor in the violence because they have a Talent for survival and must avoid working for Money at any cost. They do say I am the one making trouble which is hardly credible; what happens is that the Men must always get what they want and that means homosexual culture too and because they keep very bad and criminal company realise involvement with you is dangerous for you and use it as a weapon - the Women however are really stupid, so they are always hounding you over sex and then they will end up losing the pleasures of anal sex which a Royal Office Court will end up deploying on My behalf; so when they find out this is what your affairs look like then a panel based Comedy show will be all about the Mid level celebrity idiots whose career and means of making money I have stolen and then the day's job is never done when I am in Bed. It goes further as we then see that when I am in control of a process where those I have asked to sell my Books for me do not come to danger, I lose control of whether or not they will ever be successful and they find it amusing, when I am in control of insults that cause me to look at whether where I was born and where I grew up and where I am heading has been affected because they are such underground low lives, the result is that I have stolen a society and community that their futures depended upon and so there is always that sense there is a part of your life they need to own and I am sure they have their own and cannot understand why they are always asking me when it comes to answering the question of who is making trouble. 



  So it is said I demand various matters be settled and secured by and from the US government that it is already doing because I have not got a clue what I am doing myself; truth is rather that I need to feel I own everything that actually belongs to me, I mean who on earth sits on a table to work in a condition where he does not own the work he is doing, or indeed the academic work he is studying and so on and by the way while you handle these really difficult things in a process of getting by, they think their insolent political arguments are valid and you will never get a job while they bother you with the concerning violence of their culture relentlessly every 24 hours and finish it off with setting themselves up to bother extremists in your name because you have something to loose, just so they can tell you to react this very second, every single moment. They think it is actually really funny, something they do to their little sibling and I am not their stupid little sibling or anything of that sort and intend to plan an end for it that could not have been predicted as well. So of course they can brag about their powers which means that because I did not just spring up from nowhere, that I actually have parents, nothing I own will ever belong to me, I will never have that footing to connect with my customers and fans and friends and allies and they will keep their vandalism going for the rest of my life and work out how rich it can make them as they go along; so when I say the criminals will spend those their families solving problems or selling it for money and I am starting with the journalists and they tell me I am not that large and we will see about that too. Poor and ordinary people they say they are and I am sure those who support such a notion are clowning too. It follows as such too that I am said to be very slippery whenever I brag and am about to be punished by them as well but of course the fact of it is rather that I like to explore those their silly matured businesses and of course it is fair to mention they might want to check the attitude as well, perhaps they will make more profit if they do. It is also true they site their made up matter of my sexual habits as the reasons for these activities too, which I have nothing to say in response to as well because I intend to ensure they put up with exactly the same kind of insecurities, every one of them that are a party to these things that is. Clearly they can eat the civil service for their own sustenance so that I might never get a job as it were but no body knows what their problems seems to be with my products either; they seem to be rather convinced they are to keep me under their rouse, find out everything they need to know about me via some criminal misogyny and then stop things I do not appreciate that they do with what belongs to me when they will be a lot better off and more so than I am for so doing; hence when I say poor and ordinary people they name themselves and that I am certain those that support such a notion are clowning as well. 

So they say the big problem happens to have been the matter of those I am published with, which rather suggests that those I am published with do not know what their business is. In my view therefore which I ought to make clear, book making is a dirty business and it is the last environment I would want my clients to end up in as such, so although the address of my printers and distributors should be on my books, there is no reason my customers and clients should want a business with them on account of me, it is a simple curtsey that their address appears on my book. The book publishers I work with however are part distributors, although I accept the way it works, it is not what I would do and I cannot understand why anybody would sacrifice footing to manage my life and think they have become powerful teasing me on International media either; as footings go, this is not it, besides which I am a very difficult thing to manage anyway. So anybody can leak my books and scandalise it if they want, it’s just how they want to run their affairs and not something to do with how I run my own. That said, I do not really think my publishers are doing a lot to harm me per-se, it’s a simple fact they have an open system and anybody can get published there, so they publish books written by people from all over the world and any person could easily have therefore predicted, contrary to claims made by the idiots that find people to abuse in the system of some reason to do so, that if they happened to have published a book written by a British royalty, African idiots would have found a new yard stick immediately. I believe I have made myself clear on the matter anyway; I intend to create the same insecurities for all those responsible for those activities and the same goes for my website service providers as well – clearly another yardstick for African idiots in a grand scale. Having been I will create for them the same destruction and insecurity as well, I do suppose that it will be the fault of another person too when I am finished with that, it is usually the only way that they can keep their reputation as people who never allow a let go, things that happen to have been painful for others, unless it will have happened to have been a completely radical change of attitude.  


It is a popular reaction to my work mostly that I am or it is madness to have put out properties and facts about a Books, Holdings, Equities and securities business so early while it is still at the book making side of its successes and that I bring most of the problems associated upon myself; I would not know about problems I bring on myself anyway but it does satisfy a process of having something to do with the big boys and the big girls and the men, which they cannot control - for a change. Thus we are left with the arguments of the importance of making money and getting around the world enjoying life and buying into cultures, which is how it should be. Notwithstanding of which some possess such arrogance that whenever they take a look at their size there has continued to exist this need to create me a financial problem by taking things they want whenever they from me especially when they are Americans, hence this intense need to make it abundantly clear that being royalty really does not allow you come into a liking for get rich decadent idiots that are good at destroying the finances of those that are the best, so they can hang around get help from politicians and public funds and take years to create distress for others count their pennies until they become millions, while showing respect to stupid fathers at politics.

They always love to make out that somebody is spreading an idea which suggests that having money and nice things and expensive things and enjoying life is a bad thing and like to give themselves teachings and seminars that are meant to help people confront such a person; I have never for the ones they do in my direction had a conversation with them to such an extent, especially so for the American ones of which no body knows whom they are meant to have been directing their insolent media talk at but it has been happening to my income anyway and so when it comes to it, they really do not understand what earning money is except it has to do with getting some state office idiots to help them wreck my finances and then add the attention of doing so to my own fame and reach my customers before I do every blessed day, then start to develop other miscellaneous leverages to keep it going including that mad popular culture as well but it is for their insults that I will have my revenge because these things suggests that each time I preach the gospel the general idea I and people like me have is that nobody is offended when they are portrayed in the light my gospel portrays, while they cannot seem to practice their greed and worldliness and satanism on themselves when others make it clear they do not want it practiced on them.

They speak of selective justice all over the world these days, which sense I cannot make out since I am the one that has my finances wrecked by them with the help of their politicians and kept damaged everyday for the last decade to improve their self improvements and therefore the one in need of justice; this is however actually just half the story because the other half is that the purpose of wrecking my finances was to be able to manipulate me into giving them anything they want which is getting violent by the day as well, so the issue must therefore be that I am not taken by their whiles and the fact they fancy themselves bullies as well and there is nothing more to it than that. I do not think it to be a difficult problem either because I intend to round them up and set them out and vilify them until it stops as well. They seem to be the killers of my happiness and peace of mind and any environment in which I might pray, study or work, in order to force me to do what they want and so nobody knows what they mean by the existence of selective justice, the first time it was rather something of a positive discrimination, never clear why they cannot leave me alone – I mean they are playing their fun game of the first shall be last and the last shall be first i.e. spend my money to make themselves my equals and then more of it to be better than I am with the help of their Politicians. I do not think it is a new or complicated matter either, it has long been an issue in the world that when some people take a look at their size they become confident they can take anything they like from anybody, the problem of course is that there are others who do not see it as power but extreme arrogance and will therefore like I do allow them take it first so that there might be no room for the toleration of double standards when I act to do something about it. As I always say, they do need to get off my book sales or it will be the end of them too; especially the American ones and their stupid media with whom or their stupid girls I cannot remember myself ever having a conversation. What I am saying is that there is no issue of justice here since it is all about how I want to live my life and ideas people have as to how I should to suit them, so where the process of selective justice comes into play I have no idea, no idea what they were talking about with respect to justice in the first place. Currently I have an understanding with the sex industry and I bet those popular culture vandalism and partying into financial betterment and economic recovery will become overtly sexual, so we are covered in that respect, I for my part will wait for them at media, where they lose sight of the fact that is my turf all of the time. I mean how difficult really is it, to stay away from the profit margins of my book sale business? And I bet if I lose closely at it, the purpose of all they do will be to detach me from women they deserve and attack me for interfering with their desires, especially sexual ones and of course it is tiresome too.

So of course the general idea is that of trouble I get myself into with promises I make which is utter rubbish because what really happens is that women get around my work for a while and then decide they want a more meaningful connection with me, this is where they come in and decide all sorts of things down to a process where the women marry somebody of their choosing and I need to marry my age and level. So like I said; it is a matter concerning which I intend to round them up and target them and hit them until it stops as well. We are not talking about being trapped somewhere and used as cultural indemnity that idiots who will be willing to do violence for them will like offered to them as a service, I am not trapped anywhere, the truth about that as all can see is that when I think of getting around with high profile celebrities, they get out of hand, so I must only get around with journalists, so that I might never get out of those their stupid communities which means the longer I spend in it the more the chances the victories of women that steep them and their stupid insolent women in that violence they brew to immerse peoples work and finances in using their mad media, mad women that cannot rest sending people on errands, who think human rights is protection from men while they take advantage of their boy as a basic way of existing, especially when they have found public office to make something of as well for good measure; so my advice is always that it is all for the better the more they brew that stupid violence and continue to do such things as handle my work to create causes for criminals with etc. Hence the matter of the female journalists well explained here as well. I am no sex maniac like they make out, sex for me is a nightmare – like those times I lose my temper and there is a stabbing in my heart because I have been privileged to get so close to God, which they in their witchcraft seem to know about and like to mimic and then boast about some stupid power they have got over me as well; maybe when I ma married the sex will me better when I experience it but until then I only know what I know about it at present – that my body may want it but my mind will have denied it and my heart cannot take it, so far of which it is not hurting badly enough the things I do to them for those insults especially over the stupid sex and how I chase them around the world to do it as well.  Of course there is claim of a connection between what I say and the damage to my business but of course if there is, I am not the one being harmed; the way it works is that when people feel they need the services my books offer they decide to find ways to telling me to look into a problem of the existence of their idiot friends, so each time they get around in such ways those their idiots think they should use my work to harm them or harm them on account of it, hence this point where they think they wish to get together and get rid of the source of their problems. I do not mind myself either; these are dunces that fancy themselves bullies and cannot see that there is no world that exists to the tune of infantile idiots who desires that must be fulfilled or people suffer and they can get away with damaging people’s property and finances, keeping their own and ruling them with it as time progresses and they have more access to those who are richer than they are therefore and can use their property as they please – I cannot even tell them to grow up because I know they come from the gutter already and have grown to unknown ends but are now looking for wealth women to get married to, while offering their community idiots something beautiful to abuse in order to make their days worthwhile. In the end, an example being that I know from facts at present I am not somebody women will like to assist financially and leave for others to get married to, so I am not likely to get myself into such a mess either, however it seems that these fools have found an industry where they can marry rich women here as well as one where girls can step all over somebody to get rich and I don’t mind of course because when they start the last thing we hear is how homosexuals are good people but are persecuted by people like me but when I mention I already really hated the idea of being an alternative for the feelings of another, especially when female and so the idea of a Christian who teaches girls how to behave so they can find good husbands annoys me to no known ends, what they suppose should become their preoccupation is getting around here to marry rich women and getting around here to help girls have somebody to step on in order to be rich and successful; they grin when they are at it on National media and so far I have taken away the violence that makes that stupid anal sex pleasurable, so the next I will take away from them is the means by which the sex does not hurt, so that it might hurt like hell and then the next I will is use the gospel to cleanse them of it and then become a bad person too, getting rid of violence so people can be cold, so we can find out. The Politicians on the other hand after years of their idiots taking pictures of parliament and placing them on newspapers with girls looking disappointed because I can do whatever I like complain of problems between me and them and like to make the reasons out to be that I interfere with their powers; what they must mean therefore of which is that snooping around Universities and colleges whenever I attend them to push me out of my studies after I had paid my fees as though they give to the frugal, complain about problems and give idiots that cause it tax payer money to fund it never the less continuously in every turn, all the way to treasury corruption provisions made for Banks as well to ensure everybody has been treated and then unleash them to see my person or property without asking me or thanking lest they become inferior to me every day, hence the problem that it has something to do with me, which some say I speak of lightly but of course it is a matter of the time frame in which it happens i.e. 5 years and I could ignore it 10 like it is at the moment and I want revenge and then we see them gesture me to the left as well of course which has led me to the conclusion it will end when they sell it or use it to fix problems.  No idea why the idiots just cannot leave me alone as it were - touching me all the time and causing me suffering and distress all the time achieving nothing with a decade of making sure I cannot get a job or an education until they are confident and can dominate at will but clearly of which I am not the one complaining anyway, hence clear they say such things when they are of the opinion they have accomplished the evil and that stupid media is where they make it up to make followers and money as well. I just got fed up with those statements made to approve of idiots that wish to attack my finances on public television and I suppose they are tough enough to cater for a condition where it does not really cause them too much damage as well (its always been about things I should never allow get anywhere near my personal life, speak less my finances and them spending tax payer funds that are their private property as it were, to ensure they get precisely there - the popular culture and the squander and all; when it started the reason for it was that I was the Christian with the right kind of faith they can attack and abuse to go down in history with powers that make them brutal people who did the right thing, when I got a commission from the British Monarchy it simply got worse with a big mouth).


Naturally it is suggested I interfere with other peoples fame but I really do not; for the Politics, what is more important to them is a Christian that sucks up to them so that they can be immoral people who have all the benefits of being moral people, hence the last thing I want to do ever, is get involved with it and that their stupid media too - where the confusion has a bit more credibility is to do with businesses I create and broker equities with, who know the businesses are not owned and run by royalty and or that the equities do not belong to them and the way it works is that they make the products and everything and then get a popular culture idiot to appear on the adverts (they act more like idiots than human beings these days), advertisement which they make by themselves or which they pay somebody to make for them, hence it is really something I should monitor and twig when I need to which I do and from feed back I do satisfactorily, it is not necessarily the case that I should interfere, except these goons are so insolent they want to buy products and find out who brokered equities with the company and compete with the person, led by guess who, that right of course, the politicians.

Now the Politicians have become really convinced that I am stuck in a difficult condition due to their position on International relations; apparently I was never aware that if the operations of this firm ends up in those sorts of situations that was exactly what they will do because my world tends to revolve around them in their view. So a typical example is the EU, where they say their position means it is impossible for me to earn a living and particularly because it makes so much sense if what happens to me does not to anybody so it might happen satisfactorily and without any real restrictions. I do not mind their Policies in the EU for my part either anyway, it is supposed to have been divisive but the last thing that has happen to me really is that I am stuck, no, I am not stuck, what I think will happen is that when Politicians have paid in cash for the damages they have done to my firm and my trading operations, the money I will make from it will be enough for all I need. Yes we all know there is the question of how I will trade with white people when I am black now that they have taken such a stance but clearly it has always been the plan all along anyway i.e. damage his property and hold out doing so until you have taken a divisive position – sounds like hey lets go grab that one and tell lies until it becomes the desires of our racists anyway, it is all funny as well and he is no body and can do nothing about it. I have always rather been clear when they take it they need to take all of it so that when I move to another country I might not be suspected of holding back on my commitments and everybody might understand it was something they did entirely by themselves and I had no contribution made for my part, otherwise it will become a nightmare as well. It is never really as funny as they make out that it is; I mean there is the matter of building an empire but such funny and the opportunistic black idiots means that the money ends up somewhere else and then the question of how many people own empires in the world and what I can do to look after myself, especially when they claim I say I have got an empire but I have got no such thing which creates a real need to make a mark that sets out my business and a process where they shut up about anything that goes on in it, so that people no longer get confused and disillusioned over what is not a political venture. What I planned to do regardless of who hates how I became royalty and who does not, was to plan to deploy the finance aspects of my property to create institution and security for my followers and those who depend on me and I knew these things would happen because it is an evil world with evil politicians in it, what I will do next is earn enough millions to fulfill my position and role and handle my property around the world with my books and that is precisely what I am going to accomplish; they were there when people deployed these securities all over the world in Asia and Europe and Africa and the Middle East and the US and the South Americas to provide themselves with a way of life, now I want to transform a certain fraction of that population into customers who buy my books to help me consumate, finish and fulfill the job, they want to stick their Politics in the middle and make me penniless with difficult questions like that of how I will trade with white people when they have taken a stand; no body knows why they cannot leave me alone and it brings home that old issue of how easy it is to chase girls who sing songs about others on the beach they are top dog but when it comes to working out why people are getting unemployed and companies are folding up they become buffoons and for me it will never have been the first occasion where they pick on me and I have to terrify them out of those stupid insolent saloon cars, so they can find some power to acquire out of concerns I handle them like I do because I have a power backing me up, which will get that stupid insolent money spent on other people on way or another as well.

The talk of how I allow some people use my work like it was some kind of overall new development for democracy so that I might not sell my books to provide the services but plan to exclude others, is very well acknowledge; I know I am supposed to ensure they do not get such things out of me because they think they can bend people’s lives and livelihoods into spending themselves and their resources to provide them with such things and then never get tired of making a fool of me on account they are confident that is what I have done and that if it is not they will make it so from what I have done anyway. The reality on the other hand is a lot simpler i.e. when people broker equities with me I must confirm it because contrary to these fame and get rich idiots we really do not actually live in a world where you sleep well if you happen to have taken what does not belong to you; whether or not it was the misfortune of a thief and a robber that made it available to you that is; this part of what draws a line between us and them does not in any way appear before them and they continue to rage on still domestically and abroad as well.

Now I am well aware that mostly the suggestion will have been that I am lower class and more so according to The Labour party in the UK and their link with my stupid parent in question but I do not know; maybe when you are in the Service of a Monarchy and have settled on names and titles and working pattern, you must not be allowed to get on with your own in peace by idiots because you are still lower class; the class thing therefore is not important, what is, is the fact they had at some stage committed some form of crime against my person or against my property and people in such a position ought to know the last thing I want to do is discuss their class and if they do not stay away from my finances early enough for me, they will pay that debt quicker than they know. It goes right back to this issue with U.S. where if I got off to say the U.S. is the purest form of governmental democracy and therefore as it so assumes, it does have the right to ensure people are not cashing into the fundamentalism on which its existence is based but if I then got off to say that in public because Americans cannot stay off my finances and talk nonsense about interference in U.S. interests for it all the time, about which I intend to make them sell the democracy as well since money is so important, then it will apply that people do have evidence which shows that I do cash into the existence of the U.S. and that the insolent media accusations of cowards and Satan on Earth personified who apparently require attention from me on a regular basis to figure out a way of moving their wickedness into normal life and are given it by Politicians and popular culture idiots on a daily basis that are based in that Country therefore have been correct all along. In the end the rallying point is always that of claims of what I show can be done to the British Monarchy which expresses its vulnerability but I do not even know as it were that I have shown such a thing; what happened of course was a process where people needed the way I live to get things done at the Monarchy – seemed normal that Queen dedicates her life to the Country and people can ask you to dedicate your own as well, an honour to be precise, except she approved of a process where I was involved in the way it worked and since then I have tried to set out an acceptable parameter of operation but since the last time she approved these parameters as okay, there have arisen especially on media a collection of tools who clearly will not stay off the earnings. I do not have a problem with it of course since I can always run my own campaign about how there are things in this world that they must never have and cannot have but the idea I have acted in ways which has made the Monarchy vulnerable to its enemies always has to be answered. Now the idea also that I wait and get around people to find fine ideas of how they should be handled which I think is really wise is utter nonsense; they know that Christians do not approve of how they live – whether it is wrecking people’s lives no matter what the social consequences are after which they expect people to respect social consequences when handling them as well, which is why somebody can claim another person’s blessing from God which is always a personal and spiritual blessing was stolen from a white person, which always facilitates those abuses they carry out at point where they are on questionable because no mode of human thinking can put a question to them that will make sense, whether it is wrecking peoples finances because they are currently not interested in their cars or houses and stuff like that in order to ensure they have none and their interest becomes what the market needs to make people richer than they already are or indeed that noise they make out how those with ideas of how there are things they cannot have, have a death wish, it is still the same generic problem and I do not have to worry about what I need to say about it either, all I have to think about is that it can only continue until people handle them as well and then we hear the complains because they are extremely sure of themselves. Now the reality here is that they feel like an evil deed all the time and if a process where the application of that evil deed ceases to be in my direction these kinds of conversations will then come to an end but if not, there is power to be lost when I make them stop it in one way or the other. Some may even ask when I suppose my problem will come to an end but these are not my problems; I am on an expedition i.e. people think of doing wicked things all the time and every time they think of it the best person to do it to, happens to have been me, so their Politicians wreck my finances so that more of my time might be spent thinking about them instead of my studies or job and they are still at it as we speak without reason or provocation or anything like that. So the question now is whether it is possible to communicate to people that something is to be done about their sense that sprinkling their cultural violence and social evils at people in order to hurt them is connected with being rich and decadent is possible and whether it is also possible to stop them from doing it any further; the usual answer to this is that it has never been done before and so I am therefore on an expedition to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. I mean it started off with those kinds of discrimination where a personal and faith based blessing from God on a person was stolen from a white man as I had mentioned before and then the discrimination and violence that comes along that route will pick up its feet and go in its direction as it were; eventually of which it manifests on media where they cannot report a simple news without doing things to hurt your chest and head and that is because they have read from the Bible that The Holy Spirit is in the heart and so the way to kill God is to claim it as their own and kill of Holy Spirit in the life of any who fails to co-operate and then make sure God does not do things they do not want God to do and more so otherwise they persecute people for it, hence it continues to get violent and that is how irregular heart beat TV was invented and so on. They will not keep it away from me and each time I mention it change my story for me and get up to challenge me, hence I am on this expedition to find out. 

As such I am aware it is said I am a major obstacle to the happiness that is one that children should be able to have but of course I am because their parents have no wish to stay off the filial aspects of my life on account they wish to secure superiority of some kind or another for their children and nothing changes their mind no matter how worse the situation is getting. So there is the result that I have a sense I cannot be trusted by an Employer to do a job while his or her back is turned on me and the fact they cannot stay off things I may do with a person in a relationship or indeed how I may raise my kids because they want to ensure the idea becomes their own and that it is already taken, hence I can only regret the fact the Children are being punished for the sins of the parents even though I must accept they have their own choices in life to make. It is not something I think about all the time - the fact is that they come from secret societies where they have their own Bibles and their own meetings but it is not exactly a Church, it is a society where they learn power and domination and so whenever they see people who have something they want, they feel like applying it on such persons to get it, hence the problem of Politicians making out I must act in no way which harms them because it will affect democracy or whatever else there is and when they get into trouble for that have trouble living with the outcome too. It is not something I expend a lot of energy thinking about, after all the reality is that this is what is happening on account the secret societies are not paying off with respect to children as it were and it must in a condition where they can always be certain to have something better than I do and it is this that leads to a process where I want it to end up in a fight as well.

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