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Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another, much as it would be pretentious to avoid them completely if I were involved as I am, in controlling the abusive activities of the Famous. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.

Disheartenment, faithlessness and inappropriate language statements have been set out here as a general platform for Villainy based Property Equity development, of which villainy is not considered to be a certain specific behaviour, act or art of human engagement detrimentally - their creative purposes require skill of application.








I am told that the main problem was my inability to provide for a woman and a prevalent issue concerning independent women. it is not in anyway whatsoever – these were characters that could not handle matters associated with perhaps their finances ending up in a messy situation, about which they needed to attend parties in which the invite list was full of people who had tall persons problems, to finish off deciding what to do with goons in suits who had girlfriends that regularly decided that others picked up careers that could not be protected by the owners, which would be the most effective way to sort out matters when the wife had to resolve the messy finances. These are individuals who are now paying for their abuses and interference in other peoples personal relationships, especially mine, so the narcissists they loved had become more financially successful than they are, whilst they spent their time making sure women I wanted had become too old for me or ended up in a scenario where I had to wait for a divorce train to come around. These are characters who were brave enough to keep their careers whilst an Arch Prince was a Coward and you can only help them by informing them that each person at the Monarchy could run the Country by themselves but at the Monarchy no single person possessed a role where they were better than somebody else, considering that their children will be better than the persons children and the problem will grow until the thing that paid the price was the Country itself. These are people who interfere with my concerns to such an extent that when I ran my finances on a low key until I settled down due to the fact I came from a divorced home and needed to mitigate such risks if an Official position relied on me doing so, I could not pay the Bills at all, lecturing me about providing for women, whilst my experience of women had on the other hand always been women who thought I knew my social responsibilities back to back and they wanted to be able to take care of themselves, hence it seems that their female narcissists showing up here to take advantage of me for money making purposes existent in a social life that is set out to solve most family financial matters when I get married, whilst they spent their time picking up women who fell in love with me, was the main thing that they were complaining about in the circumstances that I do not want them and they do not want me. In the end the problem was still that they thought an abusive behaviour that can make people listen to them at the work place, was the correct form of leadership for women, especially expecting women, whilst others had a job to walk into rooms filled with men and other rooms filled with women performing public services under a hail of insults, which facts are the only way to get through to them otherwise they were always right. It does boast that it gets the better of me all the time naturally, wonder if it does that by being so stupid, needs to show up to pay for and read a copy of my Book, the Andrew Tate plan B, not sell a thing here or show up to exude any stupid leadership. Personally, whilst I am single, it would make sense for them to clear that space that is being occupied by tin can feminists waging war on all connections I may have had with nature whilst they turned up on social media and mainstream media with self improvement seminars, blabbing about careers that would be fitting for me while stifling my earnings with such incredible displays of stupidity - consequences when I am settled is that I will become incredibly intolerant of the feminism because there were Children in the environment that bore the most of their abuses, whilst I would fancy they made their comments about their social lives and careers unless they were reviewing something that they paid for.

So they have continually asserted I have learned a valuable lesson from my bad experiences which is utter nonsense – I have learned nothing but the fact the first time they organised their stupid careers at my expense, it took advantage of anything I did with the tribalism raid that people disturbed other peoples businesses for multiple figure salaries on account people at the civil services and trading standards had taken some limited action to assist me if I needed to act on it, they then set me out as a character they could bully to befriend wealthy people because they wanted their children to feel connected. Even then thereafter, I may have achieved the business of shutting down the parameters of uncontrolled wealth and social inequality because of such abusive nonsense but I have now ended up in a situation where I possessed a personality similar to the last millionaire they knew, so the daily verbal abuses that wreck my Bookshop on National Media were devised to stifle my finances and make me available to gimmicks which could allow crowds of quasi criminals use me to seek out answers for social issues. They have always done this like characters that were deserving of physical violence and are such a handful of incredibly annoying well dressed hoodlums, I have learned nothing useful from it as they claim I have. It is not really a crisis as suggested, I now have to consider several measures: the main problem having been a process where I set out the means for people to work wealth equity, building products that goons who never stopped spending money on those that were bullying people could not resist, we have ended up with some results and parameters to take action that will sort out the problem but the lesson learned apparently is that some people never could run their businesses without passing insults at me, up to the point where each time they were asked to sell a product, they were selling my social status to build sales by achieving social equality, among other institutionalised forms of abuse, whereby now that I have set out their own for something similar, I now had to find a way to plug it, lest I burned the world. The Media bits was to do with me crossing paths with some female journalists and being able to say they had publicity to play with and a certain disposable income to invest and were interested in doing so, therefore could make use of the opportunity to say that we had inadvertently created some female millionaires that could stand up to the abuses of the male society. These well dressed hoodlums have always followed me around to order our steps naturally and now that there is urgency for me to settle down at the Monarchy, they have found a way to work gold digger access with it, loves to get on my nerves and it is adding up to a need for me to count up the 14 years since I dropped out of University in 2008 because they never stopped showing up here to decide how my personality should be fighting people who bothered them, more so considering that they have not fared better in the 14 years since. The other was to do with the famous – so the famous decided that the view that the characters who spent money on those that bullied people were not the worst things ever in my view, to which effect I am now convinced it would be better for all including me, should I retrieve my wealth equity and get it done myself, needed to be subjected to the same gold digger gimmicks that I have been subjected to on account they want to ensure that they were better off being on either side, the two outcomes being that some think I am now about to cut them off whilst they were neck deep in it, so they needed to update their abuses according to changes I made to my career, which stifled my earnings, the others simply think they had money at this stage and would get what they wanted whenever they wanted it, backed by some muscles. So I can recover from this nonsense in a couple of days, weeks, months or years, but I believe I ought to try doing it amicably first, since the last time they got into an abusive verbal, social and physical attack on me that will make me smell, shut down my personal, social and career activities, I did burn their interests all the way to South America, to which effect they now deny that it was for this reason they burned my assets with respect to what communists got up to but had to attack some bad communists first in order to show Washington they were likely telling the truth as to the idea I am a threat to American interests, in return for popularity money. So I have actually learned nothing but this nonsense from them, my finances are not doing so well, hence it needs to keep the comments made about its career and show up here only to read a Book that I wrote. We are heading now towards the worst case scenario in which I became a character that developed from on one hand a hermit that was unable to get into clothes and exhibit himself to impress those who might otherwise abuse him in every way imaginable for not being able to do so, into a character that mitigated the lack of ego being expressed in his social status and public activities by working out that the broadcasting community was unable to control its stupid staff who needed to fool around somewhere else. Whilst on the Royal Office stage it was clear the sexual context insults and abuses which does not necessarily mean that using it to achieve equality meant I was more important than their stupidities were, would likely give rise to results where I will never stop when I pick up the business of burning their interests again as it were. I mean I am told there are two factors here, one being that this is the only instance where I am seen to have actually lost my temper, the other being that I am the one asserting that Celebrities were more important than I am, not the Celebrities themselves but it is so unbearable that it makes such a mess of my career and finances, so when I picked out a bad neighbourhood to develop a writing career, it spent so much time stifling my earnings to build awareness for its willingness to assist any trouble maker that had come into contact with my career. I do not find it difficult handling this, the stress of their insults and a need to fool around with matters associated with my financial well being was the cause of all problem and now they have also sought out enough trouble to get a response from me by making it into something that helped alleviate public trouble makers of the life expectancy issues associated with the chosen applicable lifestyle, from a history of a need to run people down, insult people, get involved with a personal space and wash problems associated with their personal decisions, over peoples careers and other private concerns. It is entirely normal as such and people fear now that I used control this nonsense that was likely to make me commit crimes with public authority in the interest of some mistress I picked up, when I was younger but what has really happened as the above detailed facts have shown, is that the crisis was temporary and I only grew older and stupid. This is all due to the understanding that I know how to fight and failed to serve the famous with it, just as much as I am aware that making them feel they were more important is simply taking risk with the fact they will consider themselves not important enough to take responsibility where it mattered - so I am trying to make it go away amicably. My general concern used to be that there were society gits that spent a lot of time trying to make the most of the idea that causing me pain and distress helps me fulfil my potential, which I hated with a passion, to which effect there was also a suggestion that Democratic Governance was the weaker Polity, now it seems that persons who behaved in such ways had a real world link to Communism all together.


Eventually we have to listen to those gimmicks, to say that I am completely incapable of protecting myself – most of the time, prognosis for their gimmicks begins with a need to fight back when I had taken steps to ensure I also offended the middle class because I am cash strapped on account they wrecked the University studies and trashed the Bookshop to make me do security work for them – time frame for this added up to 16 years, during which the all-round idiots who cannot engage with civil activities without running people down, have been keeping their salaries, shooting off the big mouth about people it would love to attack, to kill its image as a loser. I am not completely incapable of defending myself – the two parts of it were that people were unable to make sense of the clash with the Celebrities although some very wicked things have been seen to have been done to me, the other is that hand on heart, I ought to be honest about the fact there was little I could do about them. For the first, the details are that they are always making a mess; a bunch of people were policing an ideological no mans land between democracy and communism, so Celebrities removed them, burned people assets and got everybody listening to psychopath conversations about who will lose property to a fight, who will make decisions about a fight and who will die in a fight to protect them, now we have a bigger crisis in Eastern Europe and they had since bailed. Same as the way I built my wealth equity to help younger people avoid their abusive bottom chasing society, which exists to serve them and make people nicer whenever their insults were the best way to ask people who possessed items they wanted, not my social class naturally and when I say so it drips away like the social abuses do when people go off to learn a trade or get a qualification at school but it is still one of the best starting points when a hatred for the stupid famous reaches a boiling point. The wealth equity itself had since had a profile built for it as a public image that belongs to a person that others bullied to get around with the wealthy and to be successful at Market or reach agreements during big business deals – building up to the claim the criminals I criticised in it were nice people while I spent time trying to rub shoulders with them and should be punished, only to get off ripping up my Bookshop because if I had it, I would not make sense of how important it was that I got to cover their bums for a living, doing security guard work for them. The most recent has been a process of their bottom chasing idiots running me down when it is not yet a war on the popularity dress well, self-exhibitionism narcissist, picked up what existed when a bunch of female journalists suggested I had the public life that supported them while they report the news, to share with the boys from the neighbourhood, who spent most of their time in the company of Industry gits that dedicated their lives to picking up other peoples careers, now it is tearing up my social life to make me fight for civil rights after collecting my market equity for them and has started making entertainment on the basis I agreed to offer up my anus for people to finger while others got free of it. The other side being that hand on heart I must accept there is little I can, which is not true; firstly, I have asked them to play with their own careers, seeing that it is developing into a matter of landlords who had become famous for renting out property to people they turned into victims due to access they had to the privacy, a reputation I plan to maintain for them as well – same as the popularity gits and their insults leading to outcomes where what Politicians did wrecked my career, talking rubbish about the way I have not yet learned what I cannot do, how not to interfere with those that were born to rule and the way I cannot take care of myself, too much of a coward to deserve my career, not a days break from its violent orthodoxy and its insidious boldness showing up here when it is not yet a clearly set out clash, for now which I intend to ensure that I spent the stupid social life on all problems that emerge each time politicians damaged my career – the third being that Celebrities possessed the career and public life that is lent to criminals, ex-convicts and anti-social behaviour goons, especially when we get them mixed up with Law enforcement and local civil enforcement officers, all there will see me maintain this public profile for them and then will they end up with a toy that will leave them an opportunity to fool around forever making a mess of my Bookshop sales every day, as I avoid offending the middle class. To do one better, there are those activities I have informed them made a mess of my career, regardless of whether they have built a way to hurt me when I fight back and use it to tell lies for domination opportunities, the question was the reasons they had rebuilt those activities and its effects alongside the public transport idiots that love to play with my Books while keeping their jobs and their local fools who claim I am a bum but have now succeeded in ripping up every other aspect of my Career except my Books and the Bookshop, whereby somebody can now stop being a bum unless he wrote their Books and owns a Bookshop that was their own – question being why those activities have been rebuilt as make a mess of my writing career everyday because they were having fun, rebuilt on the usual two fronts, one being that they were bigger and there was nothing I could do, an atmosphere existed because they provoked me and I walked away, through which I lost all I had, the second being that their stupidities had done it before and wished to get accustomed to doing it; hence am I left with the choice to stop their day job because I wanted to play with it, a two bit famous twat that considers itself a public figure but its private security cannot do much about me and it is only a House proud twat that cannot watch its back.

It is said I needed to take the matter more seriously and they have suggested I spent a lot of time pandering to women. The reality for the first matter was that having been that I had rented a space with them and done for clearly for the purpose of having my privacy abused and my Bookshop trashed for stupid women who want to get rich driving public transport and performing activities that were a threat to other peoples great outdoors because they needed to make silly statements about being peoples parents, they have since ended up with a reputation for owning property in which criminals and ex-convicts can be placed in proximity with other people that they wish to make into victims, property which then gets banged up by the criminals, hoodlums and ex-convicts exerting their distant violence, hence should have been the end of the story, problem well and truly solved, complete with a process of making sure the idiots were informed about everything, unless some git is running the show to grab my career while he was unable to take out the trash. On the matter of pandering to women however, it was an old tale of the way I organised my personal life and their foolish need to invite themselves into it to get rich fast, fooling around with their industry twats at my expense and shooting off the big mouth through Media appearances when there had been no response from me for the abuses yet – I was raised in a world where my woman was supposed to look after the finances while I got to decide how it is made and whenever I organise my social life they take over to get rich fast, especially the famous idiots – it is not clear why they are always so brave in everything else save commitment, considering that their inability to get into a relationship with me which I then pay a price for all the time, was a matter of decisions made by their parents – mystery was that a lot of the times, the parents really liked me but found that they were cynical about their own lives.

They now claim that it is impossible for me to deter people from making a mess of my career and concerns, it is rather laughable – we know they are always complaining, the whites had their own blame culture stupidities that claimed other ethnic minorities were the cause of their problems and I was to blame, the blacks simply had problems for which I was to blame and other ethnicities were a factor; the effect is that these ethnicities they claim were an issue cane be approached socially, politically and culturally, they however are doing damage too and the damage linked to their own stupidities is about people’s financial wellbeing, so the way to respond to them would be to act on whatever is putting the roof over their heads, so it does love to boast all the time with the idea that it was entitled to insult and run people down endlessly, so I have not said it yet as it were.

I do get told that I am in a very precarious situation but I am not, just representatives of the powers that be who have a narcissism to practice over my diet and to practice trading as if I had lost something important by either buying or getting somebody to buy something they made by churning my tummy and fooling around with my privacy to make the most of distant relationships, that couples have, to such an extent for their narcissism, they can see me without my clothes on in public to do it. It is not the look of my social class, involvement with it for all those stupidities where I had to do something brave to recover my Bookshop from their foolishness and that of their famous idiots, the way to make a mess of my life with it would be to say that they had chased a certain lifestyle from their social class, ended up with the bottom chasing issues, I then picked it up and hung about it working my temper until I did something so unusual, that I lost something important – so reality is more a matter of the fact that the idiots have ended up with a reputation for opening up peoples personal space for scumbags to finger the bum, which is the one I would really love to attack in order to deserve my Bookshop and career and so on, so since none will tidy up this reputation for them, we know that they had media presence for their narcissism and it was a good beginning for the processes they will pursue to tidy up the mess that their well rounded stupidities which cannot engage with civil activities without making such a mess, have built.

They do claim that with respect to their insults and the need to engage with my livelihood unprofessionally, I would get into trouble for saying these things where it mattered and I will not – I would only get into a three piece suit, walk into their Offices to ask why they are always picking up my assets for their own ventures as insultingly as possible and finish off getting into a real world conversation with consequences attached about the wealth and social inequality that they built which causes the Government incredible logistical difficulties. It is nothing but the powers that be and they say I use it too, before then it tears up my academic work, its media and famous idiots then tear up my Bookshop a decade later because they were so important that they were entitled to have me work security guard activities to protect them – their money ran the world, save the part where there was war everywhere we looked.

Eventually we find these matters settle on Scottish Nationalism, where the problem seems to be the need that English had, to tackle and attack Scottish people – it seems that they are working incredibly hard to pull the Union apart and to keep it together a person must work hard to get those points that are keeping the Union going together. The Scots for instance believed that doing your academic pursuits does not detach you from your culture and we know they have some of the most successful Universities in the world, therefore cannot argue with that – output is that most Scottish professors are probably living in the Countryside with shacks in the bushes where they conduct experiments to make the next big scientific breakthrough, the English however are more likely to build themselves laboratories in quarantined zones, somewhere in a modern city. The problem we have is that there are no consequences to say that those English Politicians and business people that attacked Scottish people, really had a problem with the way Government worked and could take their concerns elsewhere, whilst we know that the effect of the Union is Scotland is that homeless and drug addiction rates were incredibly high because those who attacked the English or the Union were likely to end up with social problems that brought about such outcomes. This is therefore one of the main problems – that we can always excuse English Politicians and their friends in the City who engage in taking wealth from the regions to place in the hands of everybody that attached Oxford in the City of London – some of the wealth entering into the possession of trouble makers overseas, whereas the correct thing was to ensure wealth ended up in London and in the hands of people overseas because Scotland and Northern Ireland were independent countries which were in a Union in England, their view of the world being different from that of the English, the reasons being that those investors and enterprises were Industries that they were likely to encounter when they travelled, can always attack the Scots with impunity and none could say that they had become fed up with Government work or needed to take their businesses elsewhere for instance, if it was better to say that the issue was beyond the authorities because England was the wealthier Country. That said, the independence people are shifty too, as this matters were being ironed out since the last referendum and were still in the works, before they decided to call a new referendum for 2023 – that said, English MPs look like they were working hard every day to pull the Union apart, and to work on matters concerning the Union which will achieve such outcomes as being able to say that the civil service can assist people to pick up a career if it stopped and if somebody worked a certain amount of years, he was entitled to a certain amount of retirement, it has to be done by those who do it being their own person, independent of Westminster and the Prince of Wales, everything to do with the dubious gimmick where they never stopped trashing the careers of those who are able to get by whenever they had issues with the crowd, first time round which I ended up making too much trouble for my size, showing the powers that be how their job s worked, this time I think I now have an opportunity to do it properly. Where Ireland is concerned, we loved to think that we could handle the feminists but got rid of the Irish; our problem is that I am said to be fastidious, whilst they were happy to rip up peoples careers and fill the gap that will ensure the victims did not recover with sex work, that served a bunch of idiots that were making the most of the lives and dreams of those who started something that was never finished – big picture is that the Government set out to educate 2000 people, 700 are now caught in that situation, while their feminist stupidities educated the rest of us insolently about the importance of industry; so it eventually builds up to the gits that had narcissism to perform for their popularity over my diet and another group of fools that buy anything that was being sold on that basis, will not stop until I did two things to ensure one side could pick up the narcissism again and the other could buy it if they wanted.

They speak of the other issue concerning the War in Ukraine but it is still the same story as ever – Russia is now playing a line which suggests allies want to prevent deaths in Ukraine, so they might want to concede territory, whilst we might nurse that thought because a struggling ally was not the look we want, if we did, Mr Zelensky would have our guts, so it is up to Ukrainians to decide that and we understand from fact that they do not wish to relinquish territory – so what we need to do with this picture of a group of allies on one hand with Russia on the other pulling the legs of one of the smaller allies is to say that every 24 hours that war continues, the Russians should be placed in a position where they could see that it will never work and there had to be a way to get a lot of fun from doing so. We have been informed it also adds up to the sense that the western world needed to cease bothering Russia as well but it has never been about bothering Russian, it is about Policing the Democracy – Communism ideological no mans land which exists in South America and Eastern Europe and yes they do say I made up the terms which I don’t; we see it all the time from here; maybe somebody sets up a business, it employs five persons, the working conditions would be such that two of those never stopped picking on the other two, in fact they could never do anything right without painting the other two in bad light, while the fifth had to decide which side he or she wanted to be on based on mutual benefits, somebody might think that they were aware that since the other two being picked on were trained and skilled in the work they were given, just as much as they were paid for it, such activities would mean those who performed it loved to antagonise and hated everything good about the Country they lived in and that their employers would struggle with such behaviour – what we find is that employers in that part of the world expect it and approve of it and it is part of their managerial processes and it is not the same as the mainstream western world where none would tolerate the antagonism of other workers or the communist one where the antagonism of other workers was considered normal. The Countries with economies and socio-economies and markets which operate in such a way are doing well without foreign involvement and are independent Countries, so it is not clear what the invasion and colonisation of territory is meant to achieve. At which stage we go back to history which suggests the Countries that have been invading and colonising the territories were doing so to territories that once used to be part of their Polity, according to history decisions were made of social, socio-political, economic, public policy nature, which isolated the Countries that became independent since – these were forces that the Government in Moscow could not control in the past, it is therefore not clear why they were causing deaths to take back the territories, not clear what has changed. So what we see from it is that the Russian Government is prepared to lose nothing from the destruction of lives and property in the ideological no mans land and none engages in a venture that big without considering potential losses, except they were looking for trouble, so now that we understand the matter clearly, we wish to ensure every 24 hours that the conflict continues, leaves the Russians with an understanding that it will never work.


What happens with mobility is the way that these goons as is in my case, find people from East Africa, South Africa and North Africa where people are always running away from conflict and then get about claiming all black people look that way. The truth of it is that these are a group of gits who think that the only career path that exists in this world is to be caught up in Celebrity culture, Fashion and Media and through it their lack of respect for others would be phenomenal but once they perform some security activity as well, that will become a state of affairs, creating a very terrified male population. Naturally the male population is afraid of such things if they have children at home, a wife that looks up to them and the fact those insults set a stage where peoples feelings ended up in no mans land just like that and its all fun that somebody may be able to spend money on as well and they have never provided reasons for it, at the same time, I am being tackled endlessly because the bloody idiots do not want to experience a war. They claim now that are group of trouble makers followed me here but its nothing unusual, we see it all the time; the fact that I am only likely to be vulnerable to racism if there were prospects of my means to travel to Africa and back without interference was encumbered, so I liked to keep an eye on my Mobility and have it tidied up, meant that people from overseas had a view of the UK from Africa and that they were here first; then you see it on street corners, high way billboards and it grows and grows into an unbearable mess. The only people who came here on my behest to make trouble are the people they brought in to fight for them and make their stupidities feel special, trashing my academic work by building communities that get imagination up my bum in the process. The point of the way it does not affect me is that I have been bashing them as well; so each time they lobbied Politicians and came up with ideas on how I ought to prioritise their own financial well being it meant abusive processes that are starting to boil over. It is said that I speak lightly of sex work but I don’t – on a circular basis there is nothing wrong with sex work save if people are Political about it and when they are, like it made a mess of my academic work, I will find a way to ensure that my feelings were clear on the matter. We know from the kinds of men that buy those services they are not doing better than I am. That said, on an administrative platform, we have reached this stage where I had given up a sexual morality no mans land where it is possible for them to decide what social morality was even though they were engaged in sex work for a living. In terms of family life naturally my position they say is confusing but its largely a matter of the women in my head and I always had to make sense of it, so it seems its all about the complex processes associated with making money to pay your way and that of the children and wife, leaving something behind, about which once you retired you would have become a full time participant in Political governance. The problem with those who make the trouble for everybody is that they know they are making trouble for everybody, its just that in my case speaking of one close to home, they are aware if they stopped, they will be consigned to the way their personal decisions have played out and end up on the left while they felt that being on the right hand side was more comfortable, so they have decided that I ought to know if they stopped handling me, they would break their heart, so it has become a matter that needs to end in a way that I am more comfortable with. Eventually it comes down to the Liberal America led vision of Industrial scam; where the seesaw of career vandalism from hope mendacity privileges women becomes a phenomenon alongside culture and society idiots enforcing all kinds of gimmicks that involved directing criminals to other peoples concerns, while Celebrities spent everything the victims did to get by over it and market fools made the most of whether such a person was a coward who did not deserve their careers. Normally it is set to determine that they ought to spend their money fostering such nonsense if it is the Industrial results that they desire but when they plan their lives on other peoples earnings and attack my Bookshop because it provides intellectual property administration, we have a completely different issue to spend time on.

I am told that Politicians were right about me when they said that I am the one behaving dangerously but I am, however it was after people became accustomed to telling lies that suggested these goons were interested in me for anything other than the idea I would be incapable of defending myself if I were attacked. I have only been paying attention to them since the middle of August 2020 and I am writing this in the middle of September 2020, while they hung about looking like a handful of gits who really missed the 1980s, banging their wife beating stupidities at me and boasting about it to build publicity that lets them get paid for being popular, since last the process of building it for my own reputation while certain areas of their communities and gangs were willing to attack me and end up in prison in order for them to have unfettered access to the results of doing so, had completely failed. So are there better ways other than the violent means, of resolving the matter but yes there are; it’s a simple process where everything they had created from processes of getting accustomed to handling me are stopped, showing up where I have done the best work for my career to express their insanity and make a mess are stopped and of course the overseas influences that get me ignoring my daily concerns to pay attention to them shutting down the practical jokes applicable. They do love the boasting as we are well aware they can only boast with risks of me setting out processes for churning the tummy of their entire communities, being well aware that I will tackle the entire communities if I got up to it all together. They do claim the problem to be that they gave their hearts to me and its utter rubbish; what they did was get involved with my Books after involvement with my University studies wrecked it and chasing me around for what I know had successfully created an outcome in which they could make me grovel for money, as soon as they had done financial damage while I was setting up business to share it and manage the situation. Eventually the last straw has been that I set up a Bookshop and they decided they were going to stifle the sales and run off publicity which ensured the problems I had resolved by writing it became a public place phenomenon. I am aware that this is very daunting for public authority but there has always been a way to resolve it in a jiffy i.e. we are here because they have become accustomed to passing insults at me and it is such that they have set out a condition which allowed them to get away with it even if I used extreme violence on some of them and as long as it continues, I will never allow them freedom from its effects and consequences while the relationship built out of it with them will be one that allows them continue with my life as normal, it is meant to serve the purposes of a lesson that they did not get to forget – it comes on the back of the verbal responses to the damage they did to my career and finances producing an outcome in which they built me publicity that set me out as a character people got to bully every time they wanted to befriend those who did not have to worry about money. So they do say that I have not been badly handled for my disrespect and yes I agree but if they are going to do it, they should ensure it didn’t affect my finances, since this was the cause of the original practical joke they have had 15 years prior, even telling me that the financial mess it creates by making my finances much less than the amount of work I am doing, changed my social status, thereby giving them an advantage in the process. They do claim that they didn’t have to do anything on my condition naturally but its as simple as the fact the next time they see me if any punishment processes affected my finances, I would have made sense of their hoodlums getting imagination up my bum because of their perverted interest in my livelihood and they would be dealing with a regular presence at their Industry backyards for it; I mean typical scenario is Coca Cola who are like the worlds biggest when it comes to developing small community businesses, I went down there and spoke to them to allow me the opportunity to see the person who keeps wrecking my academic work and finances by clinging to my Public image to tell stories that I was coming in while I was doing my own thing – never mind the issue with the fat cats and their children stuck between shop managers and the communities about which it’s a constant battle for security because of their sense of privilege; its all part of the tale of how they thought they controlled things but this was an example of the fact the Government does; we know they don’t have as much money as the Government does and that they cannot beat us all if we take our income from a money pot it supplies. I have said my piece – they have had this nonsense for a decade and a half, they know it is time to shut it down.

On the matter of mine being the most convenient position on racism, it is an old story about an either way matter, where following somebody around to trash the studies, career and finances would have meant you were the one doing the wrong, as if for the ageist white men, ripping up somebody’s career to campaign for racism which if the process paid your bills and you had five persons in your family, at least 1 would feel bad about it, would have meant that the civil rights people were doing the wrong thing, not me doing the wrong thing in either eventuality, while there are popularity big brothers and big sisters running wild at my expense, somewhere between Haulage people and famous idiots, building civil rights groups that thrive on making money by getting imaginary finger up my bum all day. I rather think it is best to pursue it from the point where all is well save their need to make those stupid gestures and comments that work a crowd on a white lie associated with my Books, for the fun of it and then to make the most of the way their fun affects my career and finances as well, build a community where they can console each other when hungry and get imagination up my bum to chase my Public life with a Media bubble, while the effects meaning I dropped out of School was for some Politicians the best result for society all together – so I think this is the beginning process of developing something that added up to a handle which lets me oppress them, such a handle which I can attend to any time that I wanted. The questions have always raged about the reasons for their behaviour, but it is an old story of people being able to abuse those that have been instrumental to assisting them with general public matters, one usually stands out above all the others in my case which is the one I preferred to spend most of my energy on i.e. we have allowed them take credit for public work to such an extent they can put themselves in charge and torture those who know what to do, so if I stopped them taking credit for public work, they would never have put themselves in charge at all. So they suggest I think they are poor people and it is utter nonsense – it’s the way they make money i.e. rip up the lives of a younger person like myself and then I hang about haemorrhaging intellectual property and market assets, while they sweet talk consumers into parting with cash that could have been spent on my Books for the rest of my life, instead of working for money; I got it under control and the Celebrities ensured I ended up in the same position 18 years on, never did the work for my Books but want to take credit for it and blow off their big mouth at me every time their bottom hurts, never wrote my Books but want to appear to have done so, clinging to my Public image for the convenience of getting out of the mess they have made, especially when criminals had begun to communicate through to me that I believed being a wise arse was the best idea. So usually when people are wealthy they decide to pick up developments in an area and work towards gentrification but apparently when I don’t have any money I had other options, like very filthy popular culture which really suits them since they had the good looks for it, gets them enlisting German influence gits who will soon have ended up in a situation where I worked to ensure I had to deal with fans of popularity posing challenges at the work place, then celebrity gits in league with criminals, such that there was a real prospect I might target them with it until they lost the job. The Point here is should I respond to this again and that situation emerge again of me against their community, I will be obliged to act in a way that ensured I never had to look into this problem ever again – so far the facts which are that they loved to trash my whole life, world and property to seek help from American and run off to Russia to fight my wars, next response from me will go beyond those who can beat up singing praises for themselves and those who cannot hurting themselves, to apply as something that decided their bank balance looked poorly and they had lost a job as it were, I would be obliged to ensure it was the finale. I do not in any way think that they are poor people, they have calculated me very badly instead.

I am told I never point out the corruption in NATO but it is an old story – something that has now blown completely out of proportion; began with a process where it was impossible to gather people anywhere without stupid young people engaging with a cultural disposition to suggest I was a low life and they were superior, now grown into a group of people that can never do anything as Nature intended. For it is not an issue as I now have to devise a way to ensure there was acceptable consequences for every occasion where a managerial scum made stupid statements about the way I picked up a job that was too big for me, each time they picked up my assets to make their own money, then it will likely grow into a two part activity, one of prevent their narcissism that was targeted at me over what they claimed was the look of my diet, on the whole they were a bunch of all round idiots who did not know what to do if they faced a dangerous situation, a personal life or a social life but years of violent abuses to say they were superior to others meant their stupidities hits as soon as the feet steps outside of the door and causes tummy issues, the other activity targeted at the idiots who buy products that are set out on the market on account that their stupidities were doing this. The Celebrities are the part that was clearly confusing but we had a veritable list on that – where it picked up my wealth equity public life to say I am a character people attacked to befriend wealthy people and the relationship it has built with those individuals cannot be kept apart from my career, where each time I do the public control work that I was assigned because I had a talent for it at the Monarchy, to assist public enforcement officers, it makes a mess of it with a media job and lends some publicity to antisocial behaviour, claims that these gits that I had to work while I kept their corrupt ideology from infecting Government matters, were nice people and I spent my time rubbing shoulders with them instead of getting a proper job, to tear up my Bookshop and establish a relationship worth my publishers because if I had the Bookshop I would never think of kissing their bum for a living, as an acceptable line of work, then there was the German influence 90 second insolent videos which added up to advertisement as vengeance for asset broker for advertisement which criticised their quasi criminal habits, having been that they now have more support from the Prince of Wales and the Politicians than I do, while the latter complains endlessly and seeks to abuse those that are able to get on, each time they had issues with a crowd, that devised means for a one thing that affected potential clients that showed an interest in the Bookshop, to wreck my finances and keep the fun going, likely to continue if I did nothing to offend the middle class and did not stop their jobs on account I wanted to play with them as well. They do come on to say I am fickle which beats the imagination as what happens is that I had the work to do supporting public enforcement officers while keeping the corrupt ideologies out of Government business, I am also the one with a Royal commission, so being fickle has to be something that existed as a consequence of me leading them on with their bum fingering popularity idiots with dress well self-exhibitionist narcissism to throw at everybody that had not attacked them violently yet, for a fan base – I mean people could always try doing their Royal duties without their chastity and hope that the Queen would not notice, but then again the idea I am fickle really makes a statement. They pick up this matter of star signs, a sense that I did not believe in it but it affected me anyway which is utter rubbish as their practical jokes need be spent on their jobs or I will stop it because I want to play abusive narcissistic games with them as well; the lies that are told with it are incredible, such as the idea I am a people pleaser because I am a Libra whereas I had more to lose by getting involved with them and their gimmicks, the idea my character is relative to other libras but cannot explain why they are worried about me with respect to a process of skewering other people’s personal lives to get by, creating this idea that personal life did not matter to them until we see them in their own lives for a change, question of which Libra will attack and which will not, the idea that my personal life was a blight and my social life was love and light, while I am a Hermit and the Libra effect was about fate. Eventually those stupidities only fit into about 10% of general mainstream living and the reasons we faced such a mess was that the Politicians discounted, private life issues, personal life issues, work relationship issues, civil services matters, to make them more important, so it believes it can become a bit more practical and pragmatic about its hatred towards a libra. Eventually the idea is brewed up that I am a complex character which I am not in anyway – anybody who has had University studies wrecked by these idiots and their celebrities, to have a Bookshop trashed by the same group 11 year later on ideas that it was an act which was going to make it important for me to see that I needed to kiss their bums for a living, would lose the temper just as much as I have. Where the story of cowardice on my part was concerned; I faced a three personality issue at all times – the real me, the fake me and the effects of their stupid social lives concerning which I must be angry enough to get involved with violent activity, either way deciding what I wanted to do about any issues that tackled the three would be resisted, to groom me into a position where their stupidities can finger my bum and make me as fucked as they were, so whenever it brings up the coward story it needs to stay with the subject until it was resolved. They do claim I am at odds with their Community but right now, it is a threat, it a problem not a community, hoping that others would put their stupidities down to illiteracy and ignorance but we know that based on its relentlessness, if there was government activity on one hand and a tree planting investiture on the other, they would understand their place rather well indeed, which shows they are educated and those activities were simple wickedness, not yet a conflict between a character that is so weak he incenses their popularity stupidities, walking around the streets with dress well self-exhibitionist narcissism, shooting off the big mouth orthodoxy at everybody until it was badly beaten up or worse. What I have said all together solves a problem associated with my Office, my ability to is not unusual, the reasons that I get nothing done and my finances are mess is that each time I got these matters under control, Celebrities wrecked it because my talents would be better deployed to protect them and it will not stop yet until it really does – incredibly at year date 2022 in which I have written this piece, 7 years have been spent on daily warnings for famous idiots doing this to me; there is enough now to say that I may need to embark on a project that will help them stop them from doing their jobs, to facilitate a need to play with them as well, in order to send the message clearly.





They do claim that I am a sneaky tool for repression but there is no reason for this repression tool to be sneaky at all with these people, what has really happened is the intensifying of the clash between myself and the Labour Party over their need to forge an alliance with my Mother who had great ideas about more worthy children that needed my social life to pass exams in school in their party, progressing to the University studies turning into a fiasco and then ended with me dropping out, the idiots whose sense of work and time between their first job and retirement usually seeks out convenient ways to take this form, are still living on off it 14 years on, daily abuses and claims that my actions were a consequence of past British Colonial History in American, so the American got into a habit of insulting dream to oppress me and are since complaining about me having shut down their perspective on the left while their insults did it and I am set to take up on the economy practical jokes and screw them over properly on the geopolitics as the need to pick up all I did, build a crowd and repeat it because they liked me, no matter how many times I informed their stupidities would lead to outcomes where somebody turns up here to grab my career, simply isn’t going away. I had since completed a level 3 Diploma and gone on to write some Books naturally but the need to show up here backed up somebody I needed to be afraid of and then show up later when they think I had become too weak and sickly to respond to their stupidities which is set to cause me to get my hands on the stupid society and if I did would produce results where they never got to see it again, continues the insults where it got involved with me because I had lots of things that people should take advantage of and those who made it available ought to get the right to get rich by and any methods I protected myself with was just a trick that did not warrant fear. The Diploma is not enough to say that I had shut down that gap that facilitated people taking an interest in my personality for the purpose of getting entertainment companies to make them millionaires at this stage because they will not allow the process, what we have heard the idiots bandy around when none is asking, is that I am negative all the time and of course that if I said any of these things where it mattered I would end up in a bad way – in terms of the latter which I am now concerned with a three part story of broker clients I have been trying to reach out to, their incompetence and need to get involved with my concerns, the bottom chasing issues in the middle of the two, if this clears and they shoot off their American mouth at me, we will have another response for which they did not have a name, considering we have seen people who have responded before being branded racist. For the former the implication of my work was that I had done something to wreck my life and then gone about fixing it at my expense, so if the idiots wanted to fix the life they wrecked for themselves without hanging about media and internet, wrecking peoples lives with lies and false information, they could always read my Books; what they preferred to do instead progresses from their stupidities banging walls and doors at me to get into a habit of goading me into an act that will get me into trouble with the Police on one hand, while on the other getting imagination up my bum to make me share life secrets – the output having trashed my University studies in the past, about which they are complaining, is that they have been picking up my patents to such an extent they picked up my PR and my earnings, I am now cash strapped while the ageists, sexists and patriarchy gits are starting to express a public disposition with respect to my Books, about which the bottom chasing issues had become both a crisis and a sub culture in its own right, the idiots having no plans to stop just yet, they were interested in negativities when none asked them a fucking question about it. So, it has now gone beyond the stupidities putting itself in charge of other peoples concerns while it did not know what to do itself and looking like its time between first job and retirement will take that form, if victims had not yet send them to the other side earlier than usual, talking rubbish about sneaking repression tools in Parliament.

They do claim I am not making any progress with myself but it is a simple matter of assessing that these people had decided time space between their first jobs and retirement will involve abusive activities they ran off all day in my direction for the sheer energy that allows them pursue the jobs which provides them a salary level that gives them means to continue making trouble for others – Politicians trash ways by which I control their interest and access to my concerns only to complain and issue threats because their bottom hurts, which risks are that their need to work on a business of breaching the gap between industry and Politicians is set to produce an outcome where society people move the organised bottom chasing gimmicks into an activity that produces candidates for parliament which will add up to people who want to work for Government but will be the wrong type and I think I will have a lot of fun at their expense when that happens. So far however it is a matter of turning out to pick up my social life and plug their gimmicks into it, get paid for being popular, without which none of this would have happened for the Celebrities who now claim I would love to attack them for the destruction but I want the life they had, never mind trashing my finances to pick up parts of society media where I established contact with brokers and clients, run off publicity for the service processes to set it out as something which suggested they were important people, crashing my finances i.e. the last straw as it were. The rest of it is the practical jokes towards my career eventually developing into a breach of my patent margins in 2012, by 2016, they had begun to physically handle my Books which made them intellectual property criminals – the fact I have not responded so far, is the sole reason, it shows up on Media to take up work that I do and the effect the Books have on the Public as a tool for feeling good and to cover their backsides while they worked on Media, at the same time setting out a lifestyle which causes them the bottom chasing problems, so I think I am going to wreck their fame and leave only my public life standing and then will we find out how they planned to confiscate it but generally what happens is that the abuses of the Politicians, the destruction of my Book sales and lies told that I get imagination up their bums on the part of media and Celebrities is not something I am likely to respond to in a way that gets me into trouble with the Police, so whilst I have not yet secured myself mistresses through which I can fuck it, especially when it builds up a media presence for my social status disobediently and builds a life that it can link abusive communities to, so that they got to work violent sexual narcissism on me, therefore the need to show what will happen when they crossed those lines again. As for the reasons it becomes easier to hate me, there are a few; like what started when I tried to find my first job having since developed from people having sex with women my age to secure things I would not give them into a process where my social disposition is causing people to be pushed into sex work, so I have to trace those instances and their effects and do something to help such individuals – the other will be the part where women had to decide at work, if industrial infidelity or claims that spare time was spent on anal sex with me, is what the idiots really wanted etc – the difference between the real me and the me that causes their stupidities to hate me. We see the same stupid narcissism being displayed by the Russians when they invade a country because they were protecting separatist areas of it and are planning thereafter to supply the people there with civil services – Washington urging the Ukrainians to attack Russians because there was promise of being part of the West, while it is a new Country that needed to settle its relationship with neighbours and as far as neighbours go, Russians is not it, implying that the US wants to invade Russia itself, along with the allies, to deal a blow on Communism, talking rubbish about abstracts while people died. Now we need to support Ukrainian civil service narcissism that will target Russians as well and keep American and European idiots out of it o so far the scumbags are no longer using their freedom of expression and instances where they met with Government operatives to make stupid statements about being superior to me, their stupidities had found wars through which to spend my property on themselves, get their real men Muslim twats to chase my bum, and hang about in public places channelling insults at me to consummate a need for attacking me every time that other peoples attacked them, as stupidly as possible – first time it got a response, I got to ensure it no longer showed up here to try and drive celebrity limousines passing insults at me, I will try to ensure my next response was the finale.

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(Company Holdings and The Global Fan and Brokers base Emporium Papers) 


I am told that I have been spending some time trying to get into the good books of Washington but I have been doing no such thing – I could never tell anyway, the reality is more a matter of what is now likely to develop into something of a question on whether a bunch of stupid men want to leave me alone or they wanted to get to the stage where on the basis of getting public interest in my Bookshop looking as they first found it, I will get worse and they will need the foolish patriarchy more than they have ever done. The problems we face were all created by Washington; they had to control me in Asia and now they have to tidy it up, they had to control me in Eastern Europe and now they have to tidy it up, they had to control me in the Middle East after getting me caught up by claiming I am a terrorist or something like it unless I proved I wasn’t to a bunch of media scum who on the basis of a need to hang about somewhere fixing their lives after making a mess of it by themselves, use the internet to teach people courses for money making that helps them decide which academic qualifications would be profitable for the future already, while fighting peoples wars, nobody is controlling it either as we speak. The Germans were becoming a question of their interest in my personal space that had gradually become violent, a matter of whether we want to set out where the limits were and what will happen if those boundaries were breached – the British never inflicted a University fiasco on me over how my personality should be used to help people get rich, the first time they complained about me, they followed me around to make a mess of my career and when I opened up a Bookshop started a mini war, hence I am looking forward to the next reason. Those things they claim are feelings they have picked up and clung to which helps them make money, is work I have done to interest people in my Books, so whilst they do it, people are not reading the Books, but just hanging about the Bookshop on a theme tune and I think that it is about to produce such results as I took them up on the National economy practical jokes with intent to harm them badly on the geopolitics: it needs to find a real job.

They do claim that they got to fuck me after all and it is utter nonsense but now that I know this is what fucking looked like anyway - the reality is that a behaviour we see them exhibit to say that there were riots in the neighbourhoods and they were street back corners which instigated it had showed up to suggest I am trying hard to please Washington but it is not enough and it would annoy anybody, never mind its stupid interest in my social life and finances while complaining about instances where I got to make them take responsibility. Nothing but stupid Politicians trashing my finances to allow them build a history where somebody told me what to do and got me to do it, the fucking gimmicks is likely to end when we meet over it.

The problem here is whenever I do the work for my Office, for instance a matter of abusive industry gits and society goons getting all over my case, having sorted out the matter, it played into the fact that Politicians expected it from my Office because they had to meet the Public during Polling day to set public Policy and Law but Celebrities will pick it up and make it into a matter of my covering their bums while they took their clothes off, this will then run to such an extent that there are times they picked up the PR like so around 6.00am, enjoying full benefits of perverting the pool of leadership energy which encourages the Public to get out of bed and face the day. They have no reason for it and are not living on foodbanks. Should we assess those gimmicks about me being a coward and people of my birth sign being cowards, we see that the Cancers and the Scorpios and the Pieces and the Virgos had their own relationships, and they were at war with our star sign circle of relationship compatibility, to make money and fuel their ego. It is the least of the deliberate and vile ways they get a lot of narcissistic pleasure from harming us – others would include not just picking up my PR but being part of a society of quasi criminals who build communities to say there was more of them than there was of me and send out hoodlums to get imagination up my bum, which hoodlums soon become security guards that unleash the fall out of their guard duties on me to get better paid guard jobs from their famous stupidities, then they pick up my service processes to build and maintain a reputation for me that meant they breached my patents and picked up my earning margins to say that I could only have my career if I did something brave enough to deserve it, the whole business of their bottom chasing lifestyle on the other hand being a product of failure to take any action on issues that existed between their careers and the prison services, failure to make any of the series of decisions applicable, putting themselves in charge of public matters they knew nothing of and basically trashing other peoples lives to make better any complications they faced while informing others that describing them as nonentities would come with consequences. so I guess eventually this is about the famous finding out what it is exactly I can do about them as well; I thought that avoiding the business of tackling them from the usual wealth and social inequality point contributed to a poorly planet for people to live in but after the destruction of my work prospects, then my University studies, now my Bookshop and my Public life, I am considering the business of getting the popularity criminals showing up on their fame, picking up a qualification to help me grab their jobs, having built up their need to get involved with my concerns backed up by somebody I had to fear, to make me unhealthy enough to get involved with my concerns by themselves, which had since developed into a need to suggest that my purpose and what I did for a living involved covering their backsides, backed up by a crowd that was going to enforce it, I am now considering the business of trashing their bottom chasing public life fame so that when I am the only one left, we got to find out how they planned to confiscate my public life from then on; such that it had become incredibly sad because the business of beating them down with wealth and social inequality on account that I am always at risk of being blackmailed still stands and there is now two ways of hurting people. Suffices to say that it will pick up my PR and earnings to blab about cowardice one of these days and I will take them up on it in a big way. They love those stories about taking revenge on me for what state provided security did to them, which is not a factor at all; the problem has always been the destruction of my work prospects, academic pursuits and now my career and public life, to maintain the vices and vile excesses linked to ego that get into fine clothes to engage people with bottom chasing gimmicks – besides which it has not really explained what the business of label on me which suggested I am a character it deploys to solve its problems meant, even though it knows I had gathered up the sense it meant that I am usually used to solve peoples financial problems after they had been to prison, which goes beyond the idea that having made money from my wealth equity uninvited, they are now saying that upon excluding them, they had money to replicate it. I do not think it is a crisis neither do I think that it is civilised activity while it is incredibly vile behaviour towards me – its just a need to set out that the earlier I consolidate ownership of all that belongs to me and removed all their involvement with it, which will improve my financial prospects and eliminate their insanity and its sickness, the earlier it will be ended for them as well but it should be noted that I had set up a social media presence and they took up three years of my time to trash its financial viability and handle it for this purpose, which is the last straw here as well. The bottom chasing issues public life and mine do not meet anywhere, the threats they issue when society gits help them pick me up at the bathroom and run me down on the streets with what they found, in order to build crowds that get imagination up my bum which allows them claim I am a coward, is not prove that they could have done it by themselves – it needs to stop picking up my PR, solving the bottom chasing issues for them is not something any human being can achieve, not leas due to the level of abusive behaviour they channel at those who deal with the public narcissism by building and maintaining communities, the same way they work media abuses on others. I had hoped that I would be able to move them on over the issue but it is becoming unsuccessful, so a showdown with the famous people is what destiny beckons. In the absence of compliance, I am set to get worse and they are set to have need of the patriarchy insults more than they ever have.

They do claim the problem with Celebrities was partly my fault but it is not – it rips up my University studies to chase a dream where I was a morally upstanding person who got to complain about others getting famous at my expense, then systemically and abusively built a scenario where we appeared to share the same career, picking up my PR for gimmicks and trashing my income margins. In the Music Industry, they have been picking up my wealth equity to make their own money uninvited, so having thought they owned it there is a clash with respect to things that have been patented to their stupid names – in the film industry they had become the famous, the producers and the inspiration picked up on the streets to make entertainment, ripping up my Bookshop in the process and now there is a clash with respect to what is patented to their names as well. It dreams of nothing else but the part where it could avoid rehab for its stupid lifestyle by patenting bits of mine to its name and has made enough of mess for me around here too, as far as I am concerned. The two main support systems are still the patriarchy insults and an interest in my personal space, I am set to draw a line and take some action whenever they crossed it again.

They do claim that I had a lot of explanations for the bad things that I did but at the same time, the Politicians feel sick over the idea that I am constantly seen setting out a sense that what I am doing is the wrong thing to do, while I am really giving them enough reasons to cease current abusive activities. The exercise that I conducted in terms of the way it really worked in the sense that the job of the Police was never to chase about criminals but to set out paper work by which criminals took responsibility for their actions, while their abusive behaviour added up to crimes that were only serious if I went to Court to say that it was, so we progress from the part where Government pays for security and makes public environment safe and tidy for civil activities, to the stage where we decided if what I was going to do about Celebrity abuses was going to be the type that involved getting into trouble with the Police i.e. progressed into something of a destruction of the security the Government had provided and failing to do a thing about the bad people, once finished getting involved with my concerns backed by people who were more intimidating, become bold enough to get involved by themselves as soon as I had become sickly and weak enough for them to handle. I am not doing anything to get into trouble with the Police as such, we are simply going to find out if the bottom chasing security will protect them from me and whether or not I will not go unpunished when I trash the popular culture, secure qualifications to grab the jobs of industry gits that sell them products at which stage they decided that the sale of such products should involve a process of abusing me but had not created enough of a distance to say that this place needed to be quiet enough for the public to read Books never the less, which activity I will finish off by taking away their finances because I am Royalty and thus possess the ability to. It is the same behaviour we see show all the way to Government where Washington runs around the world rattling sabres to get allies fighting its enemies over some historical favour they did and then the idea following on that I am engaged with such gimmicks while I am only interested in the effects of big Countries disregarding the territory of smaller ones for example. It is not enough to say that Libras invent explanations for bad things that they did, if they never stopped insulting me and have progressed from constantly seeking to ambush me for gimmicks, to something of ripping up my career to build a crowd that helped decide what finances I deserved by being brave enough and each time I set out Publicity that I am not responsible for their personal decisions, they go from characters that looked like they were in need of some exorcism, to corpses – never the less, I think that one of those insults will become a breaking point and I will take them up on it too - particularly in terms of the series of activities that isolate me first of all and thereafter sets about building a life that should have been mine alongside a crowd that will get imagination up my anus and discuss my private parts for violent sexual narcissism.

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 Company Mobility Assets - Hospitality, Creative Equities, Confidence exercise Equities and Company Assets

The claim is that I enjoyed the idea people could expect more from the US while being disrespectful about it and it is utter nonsense but either way, their superpower gimmicks only applies to me when their practical jokes caught up with my finances, so it must be really easy for them and they must be the luckiest that there was. What is happening in Ukraine on the other hand was a war and it is silly to say that one thing had been accomplished, so another thing had to be done while it had been. The idea is that the racism had gotten completely out of hand and the question is whether I was living in a dream world but I am not – racism in the UK is a hurdle that everybody had to hop across to arrive at more important things, it is an unfortunate feature of British society, whilst it spends time trying to tie your achievements to its society where it gets to take anything it wants without question, like the ethnic minorities who die at their hands for my freedoms have copied and show up here to invite themselves into my court system and secure enough access to finger my bum, looking for more, you must have spent time achieving enough to pay your way like everybody else. So it had since come down to the problem with the Celebrities and Politicians who ensure my work gets to the top end of Government where the finances get killed off which is incredibly perverse – the Celebrities on the other hand say that they have been dragged into a position where they got caught up in the wars but the same showed up at University to leave me in debt sulking a practical jokes about battles I claim I had won and leaving me tens of thousands of pounds in debt. So it is a continuation which had since added up to a process of showing up on Media to put themselves in my place back to back all day, destroying my Bookshop and showering me with insults for telling them off, that is now setting the stage for me to devise a way of ending it badly. Hence it is up again, the part where they spent time with fascists over a plan to make fascists angry enough to attack me while clinging to my work and property and I get to ensure they spent so much time doing that, the result became outcomes where the fascists attacked them first and I never got attacked, meaning they were attacked instead of me. It is still the two part story of American economy practical jokes where people perform these actions and build communities that performed sexual narcissism on me on the streets to keep it going, just so their stupidities got to trade as if I had lost something important and Celebrities saying they got paid for being popular on my social life, so my concerns and business premises existed to suggest their famous stupidities were important people.

It is a mystery of the British they say whilst we know the freedom they proclaimed most of the time adds up to people doing very violent things to others when an environment had resulted in which the freedoms gave way to a money making process. besides which they are always seen engaging in some form of experiment on whether an activity was a crime that the Law had not yet found out, such that if it is not written down, a process of hurting somebody is not a crime and if it is the law had encroached on their freedom – then there is the part where British Police is racist because they had to take measures to preserve their own incomes and careers, the assumption that nobody was keeping an eye on the problem.

The talk of the intensifying troubles in Ukraine helps to make sense of this. We are talking about a problem that is fast becoming a question of reprisal narcissism that targets Russia as well i.e. if it would take President Zelensky 2 Hours to run round Ukraine and fix a problem and it would take Putin 6 Hours to run the length of Russian in order to fix a problem, it should be used to our advantage for the narcissism – it is a simple matter of the kind of support that a smaller weaker civil service and Military could get from a stronger ally against a stronger enemy. Not Washington coming up with new fantasies about getting Russians to do something bad enough for the rest of the world to invade it as a blow for communism, so that America might have the entire world to itself: It always tends to select the most irresponsible decisions that can be made in circumstances where there is immense human suffering at stake, every time – this helps to show it does not like the overseas wars but then like in my case, it will trash an Arch Prince’s finances and set out a system of public place insults that will allow even its prostitutes to trade as if I had lost something important, thereafter its media fools will not lay off picking up my PR i.e. putting themselves in my shoes to kill off my Book sales back to back 24/7, while leaving me to contend with Muslim idiots that they manufactured from their popularity culture because I criticised their wars in the Middle east. It has this great ideas about using Ukraine which is ill equipped to make Russia do something and enough for the rest of the world to invade to the US might take over the entire world but the Russians were the ones to think about stationing troops in the Area and to push those troops in such a way that people could not make them go away, then it comes up with those stupidities where one thing is Achieved during a conflict and another thing along the way had to be, in order to make a stupid statement about its need to make sense of what patriarchy and matriarchy meant in 2022. I am not completely fed up with the fucking idiots picking up my PR and having done damage to my finances that have not been avenged, taking up reprisals every time I try to move them on, besides which these gimmicks meant that people were dying and the fucking idiots are still handling my social life and public image as a tool for tidying up after killing people in Iraq, whilst making these new decisions. In terms of my views however, I think that a practical joke that will ensure the Russian Government was absolutely inundated with territory based problems, have to be devised and yes it shows I am a likely terrorist but there was no chance that I could have been one as it were, considering they never stop putting their stupid selves in my shoes, claiming it feels good and addictive because they were entitled, killing off my Book sales and earnings. It starts out stupidly enough with a  fun process of getting imagination up my bum when they drive by me which really hurts and I did spend hours in the bathroom that day, out to meet somebody important when it happened – first time round I gave them two things to think about, one being driving and the other being me and only one of the two could their stupidities control or handle at any given time; I got feedback that people were killing themselves on the roads, so I think that when I do get my hands on the stupid media, popularity culture and society over financial matters, we will end up with another instance where I did something about which they would have some way of substantiating my actions well enough to stop me, if it caused them immense suffering. Ultimately, I am a Hermit and years of praying and working on matters of Church leadership and social morality has meant that if they were possessed by demons, they needed the help of Politicians and a process of creating some wars, in order to handle my social life and public image for their gimmicks; the two issues of putting themselves in my shoes to spend my assets and kill off my Book sales while my responses were addictive and the need to build crowds that had a life for me to live, about which they got imagination up my bum, will progress it far beyond actions I have taken to inflict gentrification on their abusive parents for those abusive communities they build and the stupid media presence insults that trashes everything around here thereof, it will grow into something of a need I had to ensure everything I did was harmful to their stupidities until I regained control of my Royal Finances and Literary Empire Assets.

The main crisis here is that if we went into an environment where 90% of people thought that views which did not agree with American view of the world were not tolerated, then we did the same in an environment where it was about the Germans and did the same in an environment where it was about Russia, we would see that the actions that Mr Putin had pursued actually made sense to the people for whom it mattered. That said, the Ukraine casualty has occurred because Ukrainians do not have their own practical jokes as well, like the UK in that respect, it is a Country that makes most of its income from Taxation and needed to make a decision about population quality. This idea then that Countries which do not subscribe to the way that German, American and Russian fans do things must be invaded and annexed needs to be discouraged. This idea that it would take the Russians half the time it would take the Ukrainians to do something about dissident populations is a good example, so that if for every time that Russian authorities paid less attention to what happened in their own world and more attention to what happened in another Country, it was possible to say that if they were half way down the line getting to areas where those problems existed, we did something that got them travelling somewhere else until they stopped paying attention to us, then the need to play games and arrive at a point of invasion would come under control. The argument here is that the Russians could marshal forces and set about stifling anything that may have brought about such outcomes but then so would be we back to where we began i.e. anything which brings about Russian interest in Ukraine hidden, covered up or removed, while the Government there worked out what to do with governance and business of relations with its neighbours and if they did go ahead and place pipelines in the Country, it would develop into a question of the most profitable way to hide or remove it. Here in the UK it is not all Heaven as such, we still have difficulty making sense of the reasons people cannot understand why others had a right to leave a career and return to find it in the same condition it was left, as long as employers did not ask them to pack up and leave – then there is the one that involved me picking up a bad neighbourhood to help me write Books, having the consequences of some gits building communities that get imagination up my bum and sent out criminals and hoodlums to run me down in my personal spaces while they ran me down in Public occurred, a private life issue of this sort had since been taken up by some fame idiots who do not wish to get a job even when they had taken advantage of people to arrive at a stage where they were not poor anymore, and used as a tool to hang about on National Media putting themselves in my shoes, thereby stalling my Bookshop and leaving the Public to engage with it over a theme tune everyday, with no plans to cease and a need to threaten me because their bottom hurt as well – the implication being that they were so entitled, they had wrecked my career to get those that were good at the bottom chasing issues kissing their arse for a living with a big mouth.



















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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.