Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.






Now they say they want to see me sweat for what I have and the one they are complaining about presently is that of showing up here to consume services and then raise a crowd later to claim those who provided it had become rich on their hard earned money without sharing it – the services were never trackable and that was the trick of the game, except mine is as it were; the damage done being that my Film Assets have been replicated with the help of Politicians, so idiots can get rich being stupid and they want to break free because everybody has a hurting bottom because of it, so they have started targeting me as a community again, this time want to control my Book sales to gain power, as stupidly as possible. So the premise is that I will broker equities with a big company that makes luxury cars, once they had put out a product, it will already have been obvious I had brokered the equities and local hoodlums will have been responsible for telling everybody what the source of the equities were – we are aware it never stops if they have not gotten seriously hurt or committed huge crimes for their part all together, so the question of me taking or helping to take peoples money when they buy products in a way that makes them powerless is actually true, as I have grown very tired of the ever evolving and life changing abusive but financially beneficial separatism. It does not seem to run out of incredibly stupid and very destructive ideas – where if it were a stable economic period, to say that something has happened to expose the way rich people live, such as you plan to copy and have your own people to abuse and oppress in order to bring to fruition, would not have gained attention from any body and would not have been successful, so it could only work during a recession, like the spawn of Satan. Then there are the Media and Celebrity as well; every time I am done with the large companies in terms of not deploying the shadow cast by their huge operations to run an Empire that is linked to a Royal Estate, I am stuck with their stupidities and a crowd behind it to justify myself to them as well – so I do take their money to make them less powerful, lest somebody gets seriously hurt over my operations as it were. It is completely avoidable as I do not live in their lives and I do not write their Books; of course they do say I could never repeat the process, like I could never repeat it and they intend to split my Business Empire between me and their stupid society and this I suppose is another theory for how they should be tidying up the mess they have made here, as far as their stupidities were sales army cannot keep their hands to themselves concerned. Then again this is all the part about services that cannot be tracked and sharing my earnings if I became too rich for their liking, the next one apparently is that they want to see me sweat for what I have, looking for more of what they are busy body sales idiots who want to sell my Books for me instead of buy their copy and read it wrecking everything here were complaining about. I am trying to explain here the rationale behind the reasons I did what I did in term of getting the market to take their money through a process that makes them less powerful; I mean it has always been about everybody making money from the system but they are always certain to show up and begin their own very abusive and intrusive processes of doing businesses that had already existed and it comes to a head like this when its killing off my income completely because its stupidities are wasteful and also wish to take money out of system that it brought nothing into, in order I suppose, to ensure it is creating joblessness wherever it goes.

I do get told that people think Members of the Royal Family cannot be protected from me which is so incredibly annoying as I have no idea why anybody would spend time protecting Members of the Royal Family from me anyway – apparently which the same as responsible for getting Members of the Royal Family into being fans of popularity goons who want to exhibit bad behaviour associated with having money or power and or position, which then leaves the Monarchy behaving dangerously all the time. The part that gets to me the most applies to the Politicians and the Media and Celebrities as well i.e. their families are not affected by these behaviour, mine is, while that is the case however, we find them claim the big problem to be that I do not know my limits and it’s the reasons that Celebrities passing insults at me to make references to my Royal Commission which they claim they want for themselves has given way to this shutting down their access to fame business, as the purpose is to keep alive a hope that they will turn to narcotics, especially as their hands are always up my privates to get more and more and so we find that while they claim such things to be the case what they do with their offices is to pretend they were animals and I am a piece of meat, the effect is to ensure they can leave work and go home when finished for the day while I am left smelling like my loo every day, hence I do not think that they are unable to see such stupid claims are ridiculous – since the only sensible thing is to go from setting out that reality is measured in terms of how destructive and abusive they really are with respect to the fact their families are not affected, to prospective outcomes in which their families have to support them because they either committed a crime or one was committed against them and then both families will get to meet each other for the first time. There are still some who say that the bigger problem is that I seem to be unprotected no matter what is done for me but I am not; people have been told endlessly not to fight my battles but will not stop doing so i.e. mine is a Bed chamber that is linked to the terrible neighbourhoods we have created when society does violence because it is good at violence and the terribly behaviour celebrity and popular culture goons look like they are in need of a good fuck but what is completely avoidable will not be avoided and when we look as pornography, it is full of young people instead i.e. it is a role that supports people at the highest possible levels of Government and generally means I am not naïve about the way that evil works and hence take a particular stand in terms of ethnic minority wickedness they claim is linked to other people’s body parts and body fluids while it can make them rich or make other people poor but no matter what is done, storm in a teacup far right groups will not stop attacking people to do it for everybody and especially me, which churns the tummy; it does not in any way mean the UK is unfriendly towards ethnic minorities like the busy body liberalists claim either, we know that people must take family life seriously at society and at the top of it is a ruling Family and one person from that Family is Head of State, unless they are about to say that ethnic minorities do not come with Family. So I have to keep a watch on those wicked things they do which darts across peoples faces while being held down by Politicians, to move into peoples right hand and strike the bum and I do not want far right groups supporting me on that either – feeds into the most annoying case of people working very hard at the Monarchy to ensure the Royal Family is protected from me and its still always the old case of disappointments about having a mans world when Prince of Wales is King and goes back to the case of how abusive they really are in the sense that whilst nothing I do has a thing to do with the Royal Family they are making sure it does, their families are not affected, their ability to secure services at home and deliver services to other peoples homes not affected, just what they do to make money and be important at an Office affecting me and my family for the time being that is. Like altering the stage of my career everyday – such that it’s the effect created if somebody tried to sell academic Books to Celebrities or a novel in a University Students Library and so on, provocatively, then abusively, before they issued the threats. It is thus never true that I am in a difficult situation at the Monarchy; what happens is that Men show up here to perform some destruction that applies towards making plans for having a mans dream – The Prince of Wales wants to get along with popular culture people and run off some big show reign when he is King, Liberal America picks up on this and runs off a campaign that suggests certain things must be done with my finances as I am disrespectful and The Prince’s Younger Son the Duke of Sussex marries an American for the sole purpose of running off his own version of Royal Politics that concerns the idea I am being pampered by the Monarchy instead of serve it, then find out the whole time while he will not stop it that he is barely just able to keep up with the demands of my position all together but continues to keep at it – the bottom line being as usual a setting which makes very clear how abusive and destructive these people can be as a whole, that their ability to receive services at the Homes are not affected, their ability to deliver services to peoples homes are not affected, their families are not affected, their Offices are not affected and their ability to leave the job every 24 hours that they are finished with a days task is not affected, mine is and all they need is a process of going to their Offices to do something that ensures it is, then set about telling lies and putting pressure on people to blame me for it, like sex, all because they have some sort of treasured envy going for them. The ethnic minorities, self seeking, stupid and ambitious at the same time are particularly obsessive about making it look this way and I rather have become accustomed to making plans that ensure they have to deal with racism and provide some civil rights leadership for it - lieved through the 1980s and 1990s of this sort of incredibly dirty nonsense and hated every part of it and they do show up around my concerns to ensure I understood they wanted to be rich at my expense and I will not have the right to exist until they were, making out a case of wanting to sell my Books as their own place of involvement with me which is then so abusive I cannot sell the Books because of my mood all together like idiots that are very skilled at looking for as much trouble as they can find, the whole time of which we know society does violence because they are good at it while culture people end up looking like they need a good fuck because it is what their own appears to be like and nobody has ever been able to make sense of what the stupidities of these goons are saying at any stage of their corruptions of involvement with other peoples concerns all together, save the fact it makes people confused and violent i.e. if I had to justify getting them to deal with some extremism and provide civil rights leadership, which appears to be the only time their stupidities has made sense to anybody; the Royal aspect being that those who get involved with them at the Monarchy or are a fan of their behaviour especially if they said it was about wealth and position and behaving in a way that looks the part, must know that they are behaving dangerously. They never said that I love to pick up my own society and culture thing and do it by myself unnecessarily at University, at that time they said it was a matter of tackling me over how they think the Country should be run and the result was that I dropped out, they passed the exams and are now educated fools conducting tribalism raids at Industry all over the world and using products as a tool to hurt people, especially the Muslims and their Wars.

All leads back to the three main points that come up again and again; about video games which are said to make people violent while reality is that I play mine as I am and when people who work in the Armed services see it they tend to recognise the pattern while those who self-seek over my Royal Order and personal sensibilities end up finding I will play it in a way that hurts them badly enough to damage them and ensure they can tackle some British enemy, mine especially having to do with the border line between the Democratic world and communist interests being where I have a duty role that involves American interests in the UK and video games companies run their businesses there – otherwise it makes people violent when those are goons that experiment what happens with video games in the real world then think about the consequences only after others have suffered, could not carry a gun for 2 hours let alone for long enough to perform a successful patrol but has killed what it thinks is an enemy in the real world for instance – standing behind a wall when attacked in a conflict situation would not provide it any security if the weapon was a high calibre weapon but it will not ask those whose profession is to handle guns about it before it takes one to the streets etc, about being fascinated with eastern Europe like I am racist which I am not, as it is largely a matter of the fact they always work by vested interest and have this processes of pairing up talented or good looking young people to build businesses on and hence in terms of Family life especially when your whole world depends on it like mine, they can be a very useful allies and about the Brexit crisis in terms of ethnic minority misogyny which is linked to the Big European Economies and the Japanese one, giving rise to a process where there is not a Country in the world that can share National interest, the gimmick they love to play on the British all the time getting them to take something seriously for a change in their lives.

There is that talk they make all the time about how demons do not exist which was made up by the Church and I could never understand it anyway when they are engaging in such things, knowing perfectly well I have ended up with a reputation for not believing what civil rights people tell me when it is rather obvious that what you say decided how a racist behaved, which hurt somebody else – why indeed they spend their time speaking of Church making up Demons because God had existed when they know it is okay to believe their own cases but turning them into conversation ends up hurting other people, as we all know the only way they would believe demons exist would be if they were possessed by one altogether. They always tell me I have no control of what happens around me which is utter nonsense; the truth is that the lie that they tell is that all these bad behaviour, right through to racism, is a matter of money and the fact that has not changed since is that I do not keep their own or their popularity for that matter; so what we have is a daily affair of nepotism with ethnic minorities who expect to control their victims and get such victims tackling racists – the outcome is that I want to see them get punished for this behaviour or see them suffer for it; so for the ethnic minorities, it tells lies about taking part in it where I am affected while it complains about the smell that is due to them churning my tummy, for the whites, somebody is always fighting my battles and does need to carry on like that too.

They do argue that multiracial societies are toxic as such but the reality is that only the Police have been given authority to do anything about the problems of society as such and they have also been given clear guidelines which have informed them without doubt, that this is a society which is comfortable with a multiracial position; so on either sides of the criminal and civil disobedience gimmicks, these are people who do not really matter. They always tell me the point of what they did was that there was nothing I could do about them but we all know that everything wearing suits to get all over my Public image and make me smell like my loo every time I step outside of my door can wear their stupid suits another way and the next time they see me at an academic institution and show up there to follow me around a need for popularity and money, I really am going to give them the trouble that they seek for it too; usually we are okay with theories about how I need be afraid of them because they were very violent people, which does clown around a lot and that there was nothing I could do if the Girls could always take advantage of me, of which nobody knows if this was the society part that the girls and women belonged to, just in case that is, I acted in a way that ensured every fools blabbing nonsense about men like me coming up with ideas to let them get away with wickedness, started to think access to them was a good idea.

There is also talk of me working with Politicians which I don’t, what they do here because they have that perpetual state of Media access to peoples lives to play with is the second stage of Demonic possession i.e. oppression and beating down victims, so what I do with it is take steps to ensure that I adopted a certain position concerning money, which meant that it never really mattered who became possessed and I had done it because the Politicians are always tackling me to take sides with them and I had to work differently. So, in terms of me not having control, the truth of it besides the fact every one of their abuses and insults are about money, needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around – the reality is that they have fired the first shot i.e. dragged me out of University after lies being told that religious people provoke them when we all know they want to decide what happens with finances and academic work of religious persons all the time, especially when they are being homosexual; outcome of the shot is that I dropped out of University and sit around now responding to the stupidities of their society because Media makes my public work a bit too much like squatters all day long for the last 11 years straight, they have then since passed their own exams and gotten off to ensure I could never get a break from filthy popularity culture, Politics and Stock Market gimmicks, which if I got my hands on like I shut down access to fame and Celebrity culture to ensure they tidied up any mess they made here before they performed talk to the hand routines at me because their criminal disobedience was making them famous at my expense, I shall certainly have begun my case with the market separatism and then the Politicians will get involved and a real fight will ensue, at the end of which they could then set about telling me where I may go like we hear them do on Media, where they have made out their own version of what transpired between us after the Iraq war meant the business of abusing religious people, especially making out the discomfort of having a job or dealing with sore endings is supposed to be cleaned up on a personality I had cultivated at a Hermitage or they will damage it building crowds to finger my bum, right up to telling Mr Bush they had found somebody whose personality will be deployed to tidy up leaders after the war that is.They do speak of how I have reserved the right to hurt their bottoms at the Monarchy as well and yes I have, doing their stuff; we know beating people down financially and detaching people from own roots is the purpose of all those conversations they have about Country ownership, after which they had selected well which losers they want to attack with financial benefits attached thereof with a big mouth and now I am having to deal with the blow out of the conversation about Country ownership all together and I have informed them enough times of the fact I want to see them suffer for their behaviour and have no wish to tolerate this nonsense relying on me any further. They leave it out you see and each time Politicians support them, they had complained about some damage that I am some kid who is doing with that big mouth; they leave me dragging me out of University to sit around reacting to the stupidities of their society everyday and then at the end of the last decade since that happened, they have begun to attack me more intensely on account I have grown laterally and nobody will mind that they were attacking a bum who secretly had the answers to getting rich and famous – so it’s a question of who would drag people off University studies to spend time doing this, talking nonsense about the need to get rich with my property first before I am allowed to exist? So, it still goes back to the question of demonic existence and the fact the lies they tell is that everything they do, right down to racism is about their greed and I am not in possession of either their money or their popularity. It therefore always makes sense to keep an eye on what they are doing especially with my person, at the Military for instance – since we all know it is a villain who thinks the hurting bottoms gimmicks adds up to freedom and I shall never stop hurting their bottoms every time their popular culture and celebrity criminal disobedience has gotten me haemorrhaging anything around here again, especially the Americans corrupting some private security business, making a mess of my State provided security for its stupidities and blabbing all sorts of nonsense about which ones I cannot control.


There are two things that people have rather become very fond of saying; that I do not have a thick skin even though I think I am able to do business and that I want to extract an income from an environment where I had built nothing and put nothing of my own. It is usually so annoying as they are now completely reliant on a process where I did nothing about it, so they might continue endlessly – in terms of the first the case rather being that this business of working in an Office to find the point had vanished because another has been making a mess of my patents on Media, much the same as they insert popular culture into my public image which ensures my identity vanishes while I am at University as well, is exactly the same as the reason they hate my Books, which was the fact that they enjoyed walking around the streets like tramps drawing crowds to open secret statements about a kid who must be dominated spiritually first before he is allowed to complete his academic work and whether he gets a job will depend on his attitude should he complete the academic work at all, it is not a thick skin issue at all. The part where I am trying to make money where I have put nothing of my own will be the one where I have only just completed work or getting the big companies on their way as I am not spending time trying to make myself financially comfortable on the ways that their establishments have affected the world, only to be stuck with these goons who have never taken anything seriously in their whole lives – the effect of course is that the process of equity broker is that people broker with me and then I have to keep an eye on the products, only when it has ended up at the markets does half my work get done and what I sell in return is the Books from where people find out about the creative processes that make the equities and we are able to keep our jobs and businesses – what happens with these goons on the matter is that each time I am about three months away from selling Books, they will show up to handle something and make a mess of it, brew up statements about where I am trying to make myself wealthy and what their civil rights will make of it and then the business of three months before you hit rock bottom and the stress gives you a heart burn and hits your tummy will become three years work without pay and it has so far become a practical joke they have fallen in love with that ensure they cannot stop blowing off their big mouths about being dangerous socialites I ought to fear. The effects on Communist territories is very profound of course because they are not necessarily allies, so they always tend to decide which derivatives they wish to work with and then it takes years to build and nurse it into a business but each time I am about to sell some Books we find this meddling busy body insolent scum show up yet again to take pictures of themselves all over it, build Political instability all over my income margins and make a show of their stupidities in a Communist Territory Fruit and Vegetables market for instance pretending it is what the stupidities they have claimed adds up to fashion really means and then not only do they also make out I have been wrapped around their manipulative raised like shit little fingers, they also love to pretend that human beings see this nonsense as an investment. My point being that there are not thick skin while doing business issues here nor will I be tolerating their stupid comments around my concerns about what I have paid for, any much longer – we can even see their goons at Industry get paid 6 figure salaries to pretend running companies means latching onto this nonsense to play practical jokes on me, then claim it adds up to advertisement – that advertisement was about my Public image and my feelings and then how my temperament serves any goons that are willing to part with money, started again obviously.

I understand it is said I have allowed Media and Celebrities to get the better of me but, no such thing has happened. What really happens instead is that they have claimed that everybody has a weakness but my weaknesses are being created by them; something to do with surprising the side of me that does not like it to be the case that their civil rights means showing up to threaten me for money and then the result being that now I am vulnerable it is possible to make me into little man that gets beaten up while he achieves things that others can take from him each time he is etc without success but so have I also of recent begun to warn them it is causing some serious interference and really getting on my nerves. The two main issues are still the same as ever I.e. they have money and I have written Book and that money wants to buy my Book so it wants to be Royalty if it does looking for trouble – the other being that having been this had taken place and their society goons are always showing up around my concerns to threaten me because they need money, although talking is bad business I have to talk about what I do because it makes them a bit gay to know about it but having been that had put them under control and threatening me would mean I am not distracted enough to fail my exams at academic work or cease to write my Books, another group of self-seeking prancing scum had since taken over after telling us all that their Media jobs paid enough to make them hurt somebody if they felt it was threatened, it is now being spent on helping the society trouble makers claim they have stolen my career; sometimes we find them do it because it has become their routine, sometimes we find them do it because it is fun, sometimes we find them do it because they believe it will enhance their career but we have not yet seen a Media job in which they got a description that says they can behave in such ways yet.

By far then the ones that cause the most trouble are the ones that would make out these explanations I have given adds up to an outcome where they had located a trade secret and that there is nothing I can do about them or the Celebrities; while we all know it’s a matter of villains and criminals who are under control until the Politicians spend tax payer funds on them and whisper all sorts into their ears to get them off finding they have an inability to keep their hands off other people – so this is how the Politicians want it to be and I believe I have warned these other media scum as well about how I do not play with their salary for my part warranting these sorts of nonsense every time people ask questions I have responded to and I had made it quite clear it gets on my nerves all the time and is becoming increasingly a serious matter. As mentioned above my weakness now is that it is peoples civil rights to threaten and attack me if they need money as it is a sign of freedom but it is not enough, they do not appear to spend more time with their own mates than they are spending with me currently and its all well blabbing of what I cannot do about them, reality of which is rather that it can end very badly indeed. Yet again lest it is lost in translation, it’s a matter of criminals and villains and they are under control save the fact a collection of goons have got Media jobs.

Where the Celebrities come into the story is that of people claiming it is the relationship I have with them which causes me the most problems while I really have no relationship with them whatsoever; what happens is that these goons have been sexism blabbing about how what Celebrities do in Public is how they behave at home, so the Celebrities were dirty all the time to begin with, now they are just constantly untidy and because they need family life as well, they are always getting on my case on account they believe I can help them tidy it up. What I should do then is set out some rules and those who break it will be punished but with these guys thinking I am not going to hurt them and get away with it over this matter of wrecking my finances to play games with goons that make public appearance to announce something of their evil nature and how I am an Arch Prince that understands a thing or two about religion and morality, there is enough punishment for those who have the reputation for being bad to perform, hence I leave it for them. I do get told claiming Celebrities are always dirty is a bad thing and a big issue but it is not; its as the say that Royalty can feel a pea under 8 mattresses etc – they are always dirty and involvement with anything at Public Office always makes a right mess of it especially messing up the personality and public image which is your first impression created while at Public service, however their involvement with my concerns is a valid complaint and these goons who play with my income to an extent where people ask questions and when I respond it means they have found a new trade secret are the centre piece of those complains. I am running out of patience for it and want to see them keep off my Books and Public image completely. It is not to say that Celebrities are saints; years of showing up to make out they are more important because they have money to buy Books I have written and various other processes of abusing me, inserting their popular culture into my Public image and making a mess of my patents which makes my work at the Office unreliable in my eyes all day long is starting to make enemies out of me as well.

The talk of how I like to boast about my abilities but can do nothing about anything when bad things happen is an old tale that every fool who has not met me in person loves to tell and it is fundamentally linked to those insults about not having a single moments peace because the daddies want to make use of my personality for violence about which my bottom hurts and I smell like my toilet and their stupidities is profitable. So the reality about it is still one of the fact they are in the business of evil and the Americans especially like to blab about their freedom and choice but which their Satanism does not respect the choices of righteous people as well, so when it starts like so it wrecks everything and leaves me penniless then remembers what is important as something has passed down its stupid right hand side and left hand side and its needs to shut down the one on the right hand side because the left is more important and vice versa – while this then translates into the stupidities that Politicians and Media and Industry scum support because they love to exasperate me, the need to make money with the narcissistic happiness that results from it is starting to pose a simple question of whether it adds up to damage and I need to stop talking about the big picture over it as well. So I am just assessing how much trouble I am going to get into when it makes me mad as well, otherwise its easy to see when they start it is not enough to decide which has passed down the left or right and which of the two is therefore more important, its all starting to get on my nerves in a very big way; it does not matter to be if they are Russians or British or American.

Its all a very twisted arrangement; goes back to the time I was being pushed into crime so I might be rehabilitated out of my introverted personality, so each time I respond to these idiots I am moving out of that personality while I rather have Books to spend my time selling but having said so it is getting to a stage where their stupidities is about to drive me mad as well and then I shall find out how much trouble there is to get into with their stupidities, talking about levelling the playing field all the time but we can see Politicians and Media fools and Industry scum want to play with me but the part that actually does the damage is the narcissistic happiness linked to popular culture because they made money at my expense while the females who have been given their exit more times than I can remember as we are not mates have continued to push down my throat that business of building my public image on Media for themselves and others to make use of which is then followed with violent threats – I suppose we have been finding out if their big mouth has got it over the bad smell it does with my tummy for the last decade and a half, beyond this is an outcome I am set to promise their stupidities will not fancy all together. They speak of the threat of Russia of course which is nothing new; same question of how to make the Russians understand what it is like to have Polonium running around in your streets, likewise a nerve Gas – it has to be dirty, it has to be real it has to be a plan and it needs time. The rest are supposed to be Russian Media scum who are not like the Western idiots we can live with that set out lose change for the purpose of supporting big business whenever the smaller ones are about to be crushed over market share wars, in their case they eye what you have and then start a campaign of getting closer to powerful people, so by the time they come down with all that power to take it from you, they would be taking it at a point where you were rather dead than parted from it with that big mouth we cannot be free from so far. As for the story of women teaching me lessons; that was an old case where they do not yet understand what I did to the men and need to get the Politicians online for their lesson as well – it seems to be impossible to prevent people claiming support I give female friends and colleagues is free for all by which means they start building communities where I am the man that will live like women so women can be men for a change and it will not be the first time, the first time it had to do with Lesbians chasing female lovers at my expense which caused me to drop out of University eventually; so I suppose I am prepared for any lessons they have been taught me in the last decade and a half since they will not take their exit and get lost on seeing we are not mates, whether or not the Men took advantage of me to get rich and they need to as well thus I am being educated about the cruelty of their sense of equality which is supported by new feminist Communities that exist to ensure women are safe from all Men targeting me with that big mouth. They do all claim I have no idea what I am up against but we all know that at University the first year was okay and then after that it got all wrong i.e. they found out what I knew and need to pass exams and get into my whole life and public image first, which their stupidities have been able to keep from me thereof since, yap yapping those insults all the time – I am dealing with fools who never therefore integrated themselves into the work force properly because they are meant to get rich by celebrity culture lottery, who cannot stop showing up at Industry communities to pass insults at me that cause my clients to delay a business deal leaving them the means of brag about being able to stop my finances like it was a tasteful practical joke with that big mouth, supported by an equally stupid sales Army and if it blows off that big mouth concerning what I boast about and a test being set to see what I am going to do at me again, it will certainly get a feel of what I can do as well; still reeling from the fact their equities will never mature before they are deployed the way we see them handle my Books everyday while I wish to find out what they will do about what my tummy does as well.

So the big idea is that I am vulnerable to the Media which is utter nonsense; the Media is the great old case of other places in the world where culture and society idiots set eyes on peoples property to get closer to people in power if they wanted it, which adds to the fact their orientation with those who know what to do is always violent as well, so if you are thinking that the fools that show up on your Television are not just as stupid, whether or not they become targets when the government has become fond of supporting society and culture trouble makers on account their jobs are a means to riches and notoriety, then you will be left baffled, wondering when exactly the idiots turned. Its like we hear I have no respect for motorists and it has become an endemic problem while the reality is that they have taken the blame for what happens on the roads away from those who drive tons of metals powered by gasoline and heaped it on those who walk on their feet or make use of bicycles. I have ended up only with a reputation where those who cannot keep their hands to themselves with respect to me, especially when they go off to get Politicians spending tax payer funds to fix their lives for them and show up to grind hierarchy of power at me every time I step out of my door, always end up with something to complain about. I mean the reality is that you get distracted at the Office all the time and one day will be the one where you spill coffee on your lap top and then you will have to get a new one, what happens on the roads the day it does is usually the one you cannot get a replacement for; there is no way pedestrians and bicycle riders were responsible for most of the problems. The first time it became an issue, I made them feel that I had huge power behind me that will come and get them and they had to behave while driving the insulting shiny saloon cars for it too, now what they are complaining about is the consequences of not taking anything seriously in their lives an inability to keep their fingers off my bum. We hear those claims it’s a matter of the tensions in the Country of which there is only the effects of their need to incessantly and consistently insult and abuse other people, verbally most of the time which is very distracting and sexually thereafter, the violence being the bit where we have incidents to help us feel as though we are alive in their stupid view and then they say I am a coward while we know dying is dying, talking is talking, fighting is fighting but for them one thing always leads to another and then another and nobody knows why they look for trouble all the time and are so terribly slippery for it thus as well; in the end the case of not letting people feel comfortable in their skin comes into play most of the time and we see how much respect thy accord others and therefore feel as though they want to discuss with Politicians for all the time, when you go for a morning run and happen to run by the ambassador of another Country who is doing his run as well and there was no time to get dressed in suits to meet the ambassador, so you kept on with your morning run and lost it anyway; especially in context of the economic and business side considering they claim I make out they never take things seriously but are more financially successful than I am, which refers to how not letting people feel comfortable in their own skin or feel that the UK is a safe place for their interests helps up recover any money that we have spent on none profitable projects in order to keep GDP at the required level; they are always doing it – drive down the middle of the high way and finger peoples bums as they walk down the pavements. 

They do say people just want to have my career but I can understand the feeling since they are intellectually dishonest i.e. if there were no Universities, every Medical student would study at the NHS, every Legal studies student would study at the Bar etc – so it is an interwoven world all together and the University really is an environment that is better understood in terms of when you sit through lectures and seminars and leave to go to the City centre to experiment with what you have learned, push your boundaries and find out what others have not done to settle on the research you have to do; except if an MP borrows an idea from a Legal studies student, such a student will drop out once they had found out and if a City trader borrows an idea from an economics student, such a student is going the same way by the time they are finished; I am aware that since I started waiting for them at the jobs market because of what they did to me at Greenwich University, most of them have graduated and ended up in Warehouse work and so on, now I am getting those kinds of jobs as well, seeing them hang around making a mess of people, chasing bottoms, getting rid o proper employees to fill in the gaps with popularity goons that make a mess of procedures and only get it right if real employees are hate figures and I think I am ready to move on now but first need to bring my bit to the table and contribute in an environment where people think I matter in terms of work place, acting like a responsible adult that has things to do and has people relying on him first of all and I do not think I am doing too badly on that at this stage anyway. 

I am now being informed that I am completely unaware of the things people are planning to do to me which is utter nonsense; I am currently renting a living space from a White person at this stage, it is not something I plan to do endlessly or do forever but we can see how it makes even more sense when they had explained away their position really well as one that involves a process where I will get into a lot of trouble if I pointed out how stupid they really are. So it rather seems what is going to happen with respect to big brother hurting my bottom is about to go from extracting complain from them because I rip up the easy money Celebrity and popular culture in part, to one where they will have a real reason to hurt my Bum in order that I might sense of the fact it already hurts when they do not yet have one. We see them at it all the time and the abusiveness is such that the busy body opportunism will keep an eye on you for clients and employers using the radio waves and endless insults through it all day long, when you are not continuing with the academic work you have to get involved with Industry from a difficult point and then everybody that wants to be like them will want to follow the fact they got where they are by being bullies at your expense, hence you have not got a chance at all unless they were writhing in pain which in any case will get you into a closer relationship with the prison service. So what it has a talent for is the ability to pick up Government assets if they exist in the form of persons, damage it completely and then fail to do something a big brother about Nation enemy, running off to get rich and famous and trying out various alternative lifestyles in the process, so for my part it does seem that unless there is a relationship with big brothers and sisters which means they have to grovel all the time especially on matters of security and easy fame and fortune celebrity money, it never stops, like we see them claim I mess with them the way I do because I am really lucky while they cannot keep their hands off my bum claiming mine is really big which wrecks everything around here and ensures I cannot get into a relationship with anybody amounting to some form of Godlessness that produces the effect of castrating me – it does rather make me think their private security Industry will soon wind me up in such a way that gets me testing this theory all together as it were.

They do say I do not hate all big brother as I am comfortable with the ones that work at the security services but the reality of course is that they are referring to the ones that are good at handling Celebrity issues, doing something which informs me of their unusual sexual behaviour, which apparently lets me make clear factual sense of these perverted relationships that people show up here to build with me all the time; hence its not a case of being completely unaware, what is really happening is that their own is adding up too. We do also hear them say they now know why I am never attacked when I smell like my loo, whereas reality is that they always have ideas about what people should be doing while half of them cannot stop provoking chosen targets who step outside of their door for it; so it does that, ranging from mentally ill goons with cars playing up stupid violently abusive gimmicks that must be responded to while they drive off, to dealing with the noise women are making at the neighbourhoods because their stupidities were keeping a job and it will add up to a kicking the thorns scenario which they then take care of by setting up an arrangement with their society idiots to make a public case of my chest and tummy and bum etc. The American ones say that I have splashed out on my equities and there is opportunity for everybody but apparently the reasons I am because of them setting out these opportunities for everybody by other means save my Books is because they are really good at insulting people obviously which is why they are getting better and better at the sex issues as well sharing my dynasty the way we see them give their incomes to the frugal the last time we checked. The part where I have gotten into trouble with people at the Monarchy making no sense whatsoever as professional government operatives are usually able to spot goons that soon get involved with government and then a short while later are making decision by putting guns to the heads of other Politicians, while they have been running off those endless insults to the fault and telling lies over them somewhere around the concerns of Armed Forces operatives at the Monarchy. So, the last time it hated my guts intensely was that complain we cannot be free of, that I had shut down their Celebrity and popular culture, this time they are really going to end up with a reason for my hurting bottom to give me closure on the matter.

Then there are the Politicians who either suddenly promise to collect peoples talents for them and the market for created products alongside or promise to make the Country into a land of low taxes and opportunity, so in the context of having the biggest Financial Centre in the world alongside one of the most stable currencies at the same time which happens by magic, the taxes need to be lowered to make matters easier for the criminals while making sure there is not enough Money to fund the Police, so as to facilitate a Conservative stupidities that ensure people are detached from their sense of ownership and a case has been made of those who have the Political and Diplomatic abilities that can get them out of any mess they make while expecting no problems will arise from it as it is clear that providing leadership in an environment where people are supplying Civil services gives people ideas for lowering Taxes in the first place and it will go on like that endlessly to find its Political Office stupidities stand up in Public over another persons earning margins to talk nonsense about respect for older people and discipline for those who do not pander to the needs all day long. Nobody can tell what makes them into characters that itemise people and want to lean on and share peoples personal space to feel good about their stupid selves and secure means for fame and fortune or get beauty sleep like what we see them become but we all know they never stop blowing off the insolent big mouth about people they want to beat up until the victims are ill, so I am guessing it is progressing to a stage where there needs be a Public issue concerning the fact I do not get along with them as it is the only likely way it may subside.

Whenever it starts like so there is never a real link between gathering up young people to talk up the problems of society in order to look after the body, talk up other peoples lives and make a mess of it to claim it is a civil right they have got and general pretend that extremism or discrimination happens to be another persons responsibility while they ferment it for money and convenience seeking purposes all day long, there is never a link between it and my earning margins but when it leads to bigger problems these facts will be completely forgotten because they could never stop telling lies.

I do get told that what I have to do here is not actually a big task and I do not think that it is anyway, I am just a bit thorough about dealing with insults and abuses of Celebrities and Journalists and Television personalities who pick up my Books to facilitate their jobs that were clearly more important without paying for it and then making such a mess of my health and public image and personal life that they can ensure I am not a threat to them due to the intensity of the assault the conduct on my work with Media; so people must think about the kinds of characters that they would be if they regularly got out of bed to prepare for work, kiss their families goodbye and got to the Office where they spent all day doing such a thing to another person. The rest are just goons who make sense of my property equity business whenever it is possible to listen to watch them obsess with me for all the wrong reasons because one listens to them say the same things over a period of years without being able to understand what they are saying, only being able to know the history of insults lets them divide up personalities and create some means of repression that lets them sell products to those who would part with a lot of money and make them rich very quickly – they always say that if they do not use my personality for such nonsense they would lose a contract leaving me wondering why they have continued to assume it was my problem bearing in mind they were very clever, especially as their goons have now become confident enough to regularly set off to Public places to declare I am unaware of what people are planning to do to me every now and then with a big mouth. So it was never a big problem; what happens here is that I wrote a Book and they needed it but they wanted to ensure the fact I needed money allowed them to cut a deal that will make them equals with Royalty and spread the good fortune with a crowd that was loyal to them as insultingly as possible, since then they have made a mess of my health and come to think it means they have a tool by which to own my public image whether I liked to give it to them or not; I for my part had decided I do not wish to sell my Books to their Celebrity stupidities anymore while they had also decided I do not have a choice on the matter bearing in mind they are the ones who need to be safe from goons that may poke them from any direction on account they were famous more than I did, so I am set to find out how they intend to make it happen with the big mouth that they have got.

The outcome has begun with this business of feeling tired all the time as though I have a history of coming into contact with a sexual predator blabbing nonsense about how I will provide them the service that keeps them safe from goons that may poke them from any direction on account of a fame they never earned especially and what they are complaining about as well is just the beginning of their Celebrity problems.

I do get told I wish to back out of my arrangement with the ladies to become a Man and it has nothing to do with such nonsense either; all about being me and not getting caught up in other peoples battles because they are immoral, have civil rights, tell lies all the time, can threaten and attack and abuse people, above all think I should be getting into a fight with others to cater for their needs. They speak of how I will get myself into trouble having a tendency to pick up my career from where it was taken away and we are aware if I started looking for the trouble as well their stupidities will also claim I am lucky and then I will look like a freak. Writing Books therefore is what I do and I wrote the Books because I wanted to share what I know, the fact we are here because of my selfishness beats the imagination and these kinds of fools that can show up on peoples concerns like these to ensure only two things of my bottom hurting because they have industry connections, do not know what to do and want to create an environment that encourages people to pay more for products, about which I left University in 2008, ten years ago have been trying everyday without success to tidy up and get it finished as they look for trouble without ending all day long around this place, can keep talking like that for the same period of time and on no occasion have they once made sense to me – I only know that my bottom hurts and will hurt twice as much if I tried to take that stupid media and fashion from them which is why I must let them have it and it’s a big joke. I do have a social media profile and they do need to follow it so I may get on with my own life as well, stop complaining about the consequences of taking job roles from this Royal Estate when it has not been given to them at my Public work while they have no wish to desist from doing so; It does beat my imagination for my part by the way i.e. the part where it makes popular culture on my public image even when I have made myself clear on my displeasure is one story, the other is that it soon gets into trouble and the record companies want to handle its stupidities and another problem begins with respect to manipulating me into defending them because those who have made songs on my work with a certain regard that expresses the fact it is mine were able to obtain security from the Industry because I had the ability to give them the security they needed through my intellectual property administration work – leaving them to concentrate on either what they are doing or what we are both doing as a factor of their music career and the record companies that put the labels on it: its stupidities will know where my Books are and try to get what it wants. I soon adopt a position that says they cannot take job roles from this place any further and they had soon begun telling me it’s a no can do situation, especially now that I am supposedly not on the side of Police brutality looking for more of what they are complaining about.


Today’s business is largely that I am made to lose everything I have at the UK Monarchy but am completely unaware that is what is happening and it is utter nonsense with no means to verify the facts; what really happens is that HM protected me during those times it was obvious I do not cope well with compliments, now The Queen is requiring me to do more and more and more – this is the facts of what is really happening, not the inventions the media comes up with and the insulting Politicians ensure runs off endlessly.

They do like to make out what The Queen gets from me is what they shall ensure the Prime Minister got as well, so in this case they have made it out again that if HM wants me to do more and more and more, The Prime Minister wants me to do more and more and more as well and it does mean they wish to play games, bearing in mind I did put up this question yesterday i.e. if a Police Officer can tell from Yards away that somebody is in the system, why are things happening unexpectedly, why is there a crime spree in the Land, isn’t it an indication that Politicians have not been doing their jobs?

In terms of the games being played however, they do claim they do whatever they like with me regularly and that I have been unable to do anything about anything, never mind the fact they plan to teach me lessons for shutting down access to fame. The reality of course is that I have never really thought it was worth it to tackle goons who get manufactured into fame by Industry trouble makers as such but they have become quite used to doing damage to academic work and finances and are now tackling my Book sales to rely on me not to do anything about it so they might progress towards getting what they want and in the last couple of months it had come to me that the goons will not give me a breathing space unless I took one for myself, that there needs to be a specific way in which it does come to a stop and am therefore going to issue the warnings year date of doing so 13 November 2018 over the next two weeks and then I will end the process of doing so for a lifetime. As for the Politicians that support it, the Public image they are talking about with respect to me stopping fame is mine and not their own and they cannot have it simply because I said they cannot have it, hence it feeds into the games they want to play just as these their idiots told me they were going to confiscate my Public image before the stupidities got into Government Office to pretend that it happened to be personal property and in much the same way did the fat cats tell me their money will never run out before they ended up with a fat arse; so for the Politicians we have stupid treachery girls doing the career for the local goons which tends to express how much I hate the vicious popular culture, Politics and stock markets dirty sales cycle showing up here, next I will get the local goons to do the Political career for them as well and then they will keep their mouths shut and lay off my finances at the Government buildings in that way.

It does feed into the case where it is said that it is not a good thing for me to antagonise the Politicians but I do not; I really do not have a relationship with Politicians whether it be Positive or negative – what happens is that I get insulted by them especially the Labour Party ones that make out their idiots are entitled to my Royal earnings because I am an ethnic minority so the stock market scum might start their own gimmicks like the fat cats did and make them look worthy  for government Office over claims they were doing something about wealth inequality; it makes a mess of my Office and shoots my stress levels up there at the same time which their stupidities want to keep both Office and stress levels as well while at it. It’s the same as that case where they claim I am at odds with ethnic minorities which is supposed to the crucible for Liberal America tearing up my literary empire to make their own queer wealth equality, happening because it just seems I have the asset for it but had decided to use my property for something else other than to serve their needs and I look that way because little have been done here about their insolence so far; I am not at odds with ethnic minorities, the Muslims are a typical example of how it works – where a teenager will see me walk out of my door and start telling tales about taking out a belt to whip me with and it feeds into how their stupidities have been raised in an environment where I am not a popular culture person and do not like it nor am I related to them but we soon find they cannot pick up their popular culture and trading and shops all the way to the underbelly of New York and just get on with it without making me very uncomfortable, so it will whip me with its insulting belt the day I dine in its stupid home, appears to be the picture. For now, they must save their front porch and backyard control thing from me and that it seems makes them talk more because it is not hurting badly enough yet.


Now we hear that I am stuck in a situation I will never get out of until people are respected and it is so annoying I can show some people areas of hell where they will be pacified as well. I mean these goons have rather become quite convinced that I will never act when they tear up my property by behaving towards it in an abusive way thus leaving me to deal with difficult financial situations, so they are building up more fringe benefit self improvements that says I will be free when they are pacified; I mean, we are adults and when you smash somebody's window playing football, you do not talk back if they get al over the place – this is a behaviour we see their foolish Politicians and Media and Celebrities exhibit all of the time. They ask why we have these problems and I do not suppose it is likely because of the number of times that a girl who wants to wear that designer pants and bra in a picture has described me as an idiot and herself as the main thing while an album of me being abused by her body language is splashed out on by a cameraman and remains in the public realm forever. We hear time and again that my attitude is really bad but if I did not allow it happen deliberately, I would be asking myself how it came to this point all together and then the fact that it is the unnecessary process of media involvement with neighbourhood scum that are keeping an eye on me after their relationship with abusive public transport operatives ended poorly over my case would become so important; speaking of how important it is of which their families are unaware the fact daddy has a media job means he wants to play practical jokes with my Book sales and discuss my attitude everyday to look like an insultingly abusive thick skinned media idiot that I have rather gotten used to myself and they were never out of pocket if they stopped it either, so the big mouth is speaking of me being stuck somewhere when I am not and how I will get out of it only if they are pacified too; as I mentioned, it has become quite convinced I will be completely unable to act when I have agreed it can discuss away any attitude it wants and it has decided that each time it discusses my attitude my Book sales should be affected and I will never going to persecute some celebrities over this matter myself all together but for now, it does need to watch its mouth before its inability to reason with being told it is not having its fun in a condition whereby somebody else at whose expense the fun exists is allowed to pay his Bills becomes a case of putting to the test what it is exactly they have assumed prevents me from getting into a fight with them all together. They do speak of their children turning to racism and its an old story where its a matter of what has been communicated to the racists as well and their behaviour will create somebody that has developed his own statements that looks a tad bit like extremism too. It is completely unnecessary; I mean I do not have a problem with the culture and society bits which worse case is public transport goons claiming they are untouchable while they spear head the violent bits of criminal communities that are good at stealing equities hence the sicking processes that involves having to respond to them and the one problem of where they are likely to turn up, right up to the point where they go from giving people a reason for hurting the bottoms to giving people a closure for it too and then it will turn out they were touchable all along, which we see time and time and time again all over the place and the reasons they like to think that when their insults and sexual context violation is tolerated it appears that is what their rights have become. So those who want to discuss my attitude can discuss away when it continues to affect my Books, it will be like those times when I have said nobody is really born gay and that would be a good start as well. They speak of tensions at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense; the truth is that HM is leader of the Church as well and since the Head of State is Human somebody is in charge of curetting the start and end of every Royal engagement; their problem of course is that they sit around their conceited and insulting existence making a thing of trouble out of themselves with every public engagement and National party, so they have now reached a point where the general assumption is that I play these games of negating Royal responsibilities to hurt those bottoms of theirs when they pass those insults and make certain types of friends for it because I am sitting down somewhere thinking the buck stops else where.; the trouble with me being that I am so uncatchable first of all and of course I have got all the energy in the world being just aged 37 – so those insults are probably the reason, especially the ones blasted around when they make use of my public image and my work as though it was their share in this world to live on it, even when trapped such that having been they have no real access and cannot peddle my personal life and public image for any reason whatsoever, it is being tested how far their big mouths go mostly too since even if somebody paid their school fees they do not have the stomach for it any more and its not the first instance either – the first was when it would only dress well and attend school if I were a hate figure and then the rest were ambient mostly after that until this major bits with celebrities involved came along thereof; now they will be pacified or I will never be out of a predicament, complete with features like working out what the role of idiots with media jobs in the matter is supposed to have been all together as well. They always excuse their activities by those claims I am a coward which does not apply since this is largely a matter of those community wickedness and its atmosphere and the fact when they have it, life will be all about torment specialists making out their men are useless as they do not think about chasing up and abusing and attacking young people with equity in their lives to give up like Public transportation scum do for most of the time and then it will mean that one will be fighting for ones life everyday but if they do not have it, then the Media goons will get involved with the fact that they do not and one will be punished forever – so I am sure they are not taking seriously the assumption that I might want to do something violent that will make them better off. The Politicians are the special items in the matter all together; when they have gone from setting me out time and again as a character which when stabbed or shot will have some Public image and equity left behind that is not owned by anybody, they will progress then to telling me I must get into a fight that will ensure politicians feel as though somebody is taking care of social issues, which of course I did technically but the one they do not want when their stupid House of Common shop floor vanities and abuses is the one that prevents these goons having an altercation with next door neighbour which ends with an involved with Politicians, they want the one where the situation got worse the more I got bloodied while they found a way of solving it by populism for themselves, hence Politicians and I am terribly impressed. I hear most of my problems are created by Muslims and so am I aware that it is too; an old story of playing their cards to be on the side of American and the people that matter in Britain while doing what they please to sort out their pain with those that do not such as myself – obviously proving to be really stupid indeed too, like when we see their Tyrants claim if anything happens to them the Middle East will burn and if people shake them up it burns in deed like the Middle East Men have really got it. So I do get told there is a lot of Global instability in what I have said, bearing in mind they always want to take sides with Russia every time they are off to something like that but there is no Global instability to be worried about, I can read them loud and clear for my part too i.e. the next stage set for their terrorism will involve the Media and Celebrity types and it vindicates me as well when I am very angry about the fact every time a terrorist atrocity has taken place, we find the Media and Politicians show up on the scene to preserve themselves doing beauty parades which indicates they know that those who are getting killed do not have the money for a gun, only a music concert where a celebrity entertains them while they get hated – they know that the terrorists are coming from their well off enemy neighbourhoods because its the only place that is providing the funding for it. So where they say I should be afraid of global instability was another story all together; we know they have taken the Trump Administration and made it into something it is not because they think that doing so will allow them do what they please with those they can dominate; we cannot hear what the Trump Administration is saying any more and the Trump Administration is not allowed to say anything any more by them and their Media but it does not change the fact it is all in the ethnic minority greed and their global enterprise and the way it works, like we have seen them set themselves up for the future from the Cities of the US to chaos for others in China, across Europe and Japan and so the Trump Administration spoke of where the White Race fit into it, just as Obama set people up so whenever they want to talk about their problems they can have such persons who have a life they can refer to hope, hopping I will die and therefore stop interfering whenever they want to use it, followed quickly by being set up on media so they can complain their problems into the persons personal life while his finances are stifled, which is where they say I am paying for something I did, which I did and it involved a process of tying them down at the equity hunting bits, so that when they realised that they will not be getting it off me and decided to return to their lives it would be too late and then they will have to live up to those stupid threats; it was no less than their Politicians did, spending tax payer funds on them to prove the devil is powerful and spending some to rip up my finances while they built up their savings and confidence. I have made myself clear as well about not being a fan of the fact 6pm everyday and we find the equity stealing scum who hurt my bottoms all the time and issue threats like it is unlikely to develop to an outcome where I want a closure if they are done with the explanations, 6pm everyday and the headlamps have come up and the prevalent atmosphere is that the evils of the day have been done; an example of my position is that we find a Fashion Model with an Airbrushed picture featuring her wearing a bra that was built on my equities will get into trouble if we get along with each other, whether or not we do of which is none of their business and it is basically the same example all round, and we all know they have never signed a contract with me to deploy my equity and public image for anything in the first place and that I am facing the threats because it is predatory behaviour. Its the processes you see, their way of getting around the world is savage and violent and abusive – take for instance a Middle East Government that is a fan of what am doing picked up bits of my work as support system to build an amusement park, what will happen after will be that I got cut off from my equities after having my finances savaged and my public image destroyed by idiots who want to be the centre of attention and so when it does come to that manly nonsense that involves ripping up peoples lives because they are so successful they have earned the right to discipline others and those who fight back but have not got a job as good as their own are in a position that feels as though they are picking a fight with women, it does come to a question of whether they have penises that I have not got as well. The Celebrity ones I will be persecuting soon like to appear in public as though I have to prove myself to them which of course I do not considering it is a half priests office but that said, lest it becomes an excuse, I must say the main point is that I do not have to prove anything to them to look like I need to get rid of the impression that I think I am Royalty but have never been there and that is an end to it; generally when it gets serious it becomes a case of whether they want to discuss my attitude and doing so has affected my finances and I have started my own campaigns too concerning the fact nobody is actually born homosexual. So eventually we hear them claim I am doing the bidding of the Politicians anyway, which I am not; they are talking about goons who need me to suffer financial set backs over some 9 years while they spend money on local community witchdoctor characters, the outcome being that I have less money and they have more and that means the devil is power and they do have the witchdoctors who have power to make people poor or rich, knowing well it will lead to neighbourhoods where people fight for their lives with gangs – it really feeds into those things I do with self delusion to try and make a public case about who is more insane of the two when compared between me and them like we hear them claim all the time; now we see they cannot spend time on their jobs any more because talking wealth distribution and persecuting me is better since these witchdoctors have been following them around the way I was made to drop out of University for it too, hence they want to be professional Politicians but for reasons of setting up warehouses that they have no time to work on but intend is to make them rich on account they show their faces at Government buildings. They always tell me when I say such things, that it is not wise to antagonise them but we all know if I were it would have been an office space fiasco of why their own is a dog and mine is meat everyday, whereby peoples rascal children that got elected the other time blabbing insults at me is no longer overlooked as a form of civil rights they have got which only purpose is to liberalism gloat over my personality and fantasise me doing something violent to look after culture daddies as insultingly as possible as the time. What winds them up the claim I am always getting after power matters is of course the fact that my Books are not their property and if they want to have opinions about it, it will have to get sold first and so they always have to say that doing so will allow me make money which is the escape route I have got for all the bad things I have done i.e. the question of their need to see what I am going to do while I sit somewhere and wait for a Christian that is persecuted to a stage where others can pick up phones and ring their friends to keep him out of work and wait for him at street corners for anal sex has now produced an outcome where they clearly have such power to make me poor or make me rich, that they are now stuck between a rock and a hard case themselves. The point is that these are goons who have not recruited themselves into the work force properly and are always pillaging my finances to create a sense that I am wrong, they have not recruited themselves into industry by any legitimate means, save claim they control majority population first of all and they are the ones who have all the money at market and have set up Warehouses that will make them rich when they show their faces in government buildings but the part that takes the prize is that they have got salaries that really gets to their heads just like the Media goons. So I have not been antagonising them in anyway whatsoever. So they do claim I am digging myself into a hole that keeps getting bigger and bigger which is utter nonsense; what is happening is that I dropped out of University in 2008 and the intensity of their practical jokes around my income only intensified by 2018 and it keeps making those stupid statements that suggest when Liberal scum insult others it makes what they are saying correct which facilitates their need to familiarise with people they think they can bully to extricate self worth all the time and when this nonsense and its popular culture had paid the bills around here and all had settled to set a stage where they understood very clearly that what happens with my academics and finances is none of their business it will be over a problem that simply will not go away. They do say that I also think that passing insults at others makes me correct, which is utter nonsense; none of these things have anything to do with me and therefore none should cause me to go through a week of financial complications let alone a decade and a half – its the way these fools live, something to do with chasing deviance until they are stuck with it and then what happens to other peoples academics will be decided by media so they might feel safe and secure and it will be a favour because they could have caused death and made it worse but still the outcome will be that they were brave to face life and others were not, after every mess is cleared out it will talk into me violently as well which is why the corruption of involvement is so important; crunch time of course is when Private security Industry people have always kept an eye on people with interesting characters or people who are just something to see because what people see on CCTV or while they man the doors of an establishment does stick to their minds if it really matters, so everybody knows that if they did get an opportunity to chase a persons bottom and wreck peoples lives and make people feel flustered all the time, they would take it; what I am therefore now trying to find is the part these media and political scum are playing in the matter as per with respect to me and why they need it like a drug, why it is so intense and what I have to do to end the suffering their stupidities are causing me – much the same as every fool who has an opinion of what I say of women and famous people after Celebrities set themselves up to squander all I have need put their opinions on a billboard and sign their name to it like I do mine, not pass insults at me if they do not wish to end up with an enemy as well. Its like the film equity assets; it is brokered and the films are made and people are able to carry on even though they are surrounded by criminal activity; some scum talking nonsense about kids doing violence for the daddies then makes their own film to give me my run and give the criminals their own as well because he is a stupid American and now is persecuting me over the problems and trying really hard to sit on my Books with incredible insults displayed in public places because they think it makes them liberal the whole time. I want the film equities to look the way they used to, if they have no wish to transform their involvement with me into enmity as well; ultimately I will chose my own directors and from then on any who makes use of my work, property or equity without due references will be asking for trouble and the idea that big ballsy men with plans to make money easily had been spending their cash on the films and wanted a pound of flesh will not suffice, just like it never did over this complains – eventually those can show up here for their pound of flesh and bring their backyards along if they have got the balls for it. What happens is that People say a character that looks like a perpetrator has an adage and another shows up on media to give them a redress run off, then the victims are asked to solve some problems and be brave as well all together, while information is demanded of them on what the same idiots are doing with criminal activity and they claim I am the one who finds it impossible to be happy. I mean, I am talking about down to the anus and penis gimmicks not just because the anus and penis insults are usually the best method to avoid showing regard for peoples patents and Intellectual property, but also because I am unable to have my Office to myself on account they are getting involved to feel important by bullying me. Naturally I do get told that with respect to the deployment of my property and asset equity, I do have preferences for Large Companies, which is utter nonsense and some campaign of vandalism by a collection of goons that have no wish to go by the rules; the truth is that the large companies helped to develop the Equities about a decade ago and they are just here for their big break with no plans in mind to give me any, not even a breathing space from their insanity.

Of course they do speak of how I have left out the insults that I have thrown around as well but yes that largely involves the other peoples grand fathers going off to Manage a Broadcasting outlet by putting somebody’s Mother is front of the Telly to help him rip up the Finances of a 36 Year old and sell some corruptibility of morals to industry scumbags that have a pathological fear of work but want to earn millions of pounds through stock market and city centre gambling every day, in order to secure future advertisement contracts and make glossy magazines in the process – then check him up for any career piracy vulnerabilities that might be exploited along with stupid male journalists at your disposal and abuse him to make him expose himself everyday: When people want respect they act like it as far as I am concerned – I am talking about their marijuana piping useless scumbags that love to threaten me for them, their Case is a decided one especially on the creation and peddling of the sufferings of moral people as prerogative for Industry scum in order to secure advertisement contracts and turning out to talk nonsense at me about respect. Of course they do claim I am paying the price for all the times I had a go at and attacked them but that is largely a matter of evils that are not seen on Media and which ones are and I would fret about them if the fools were of some sort of danger to me anyway. It is as though they have spent my time and their own to plan a use for my entire business Empire which will be fulfilled without any payment on their part for any of the products and services because there are other ways they have devised that will ensure they secure it on the streets and everywhere and during that time I have not been entitled to a job and it will get more difficult should I dare to let them in anyway whatsoever; hence the need to make it clear of the security and protection from being cracked and smelling as they love to rip up my finances and demand my Body type for, is a matter of the Royal Estate Business Empire and its lifestyle and a direct product of the writing career of its owner not a function of my sex and Body type alas usage without payment must end - naturally the reason it should not is that I turn up where I am not needed but it is difficult to understand why they cannot see it will never catch on; we all know they are incredibly lazy, we all know they are incredibly greedy and we all know they have a pathological fear of work and we all know what they think about the way they handle other peoples property is a matter of their Industrial leadership and lots of very stupid indoctrination but that does not mean we do not live in a Lawful Country either.

On one hand they say I have been beaten down by Politicians while on the other there is claim public instability is due to a lack of respect for media but we all know the first could not have been true if the Politicians are the ones tackling the standard of normalcy for the public, so it’s a case where if I didn’t have Public Office to play with that would have been one occasion but that I did and it was the one they would respect if they recognised does not make me responsible for their predicament – there was always tendency that depending on the level of threat the pens and papers and paper clips and stationery would start to cut people up at this Office. As for a lack of respect for media however; its more about making them understand what reality is like i.e. a name to the face that will show up again tomorrow which issues threats and you are left wondering what stupidity possesses people to do it and how they are hoping to locate who put a bullet in their heads should it happen as soon as they walked out of their Offices – so I had decided that for every threat especially one involving some racism, I will set off conditions to ensure they are arse fucked first before I get beaten up and killed. It’s an old story; I mean take the BBC for instance – it is a massive sprawling entity, even the Directors will tell you that the more you tell people not to behave in a certain way is the more they will do it: so when they do like to target me to see if putting their faces in the minds of the public can translate into power that means they picked up the phone and others could not get jobs, I have to take steps to act in certain ways that ensure they are brought low enough to stick to the script when told and hold to the job role when told, the other more important part of taking this responsibility is of course that the good ones do not lose their jobs; it is what we think you see i.e. they go to the Office and attend a Job like everybody else, the reality of which is rather that they go there and hustle for headlines and then the managers will decide who gets which. Sitting right in the middle of these two issues are the case where I fell in love with a Princess and lost her, which is not really true – I have not lost her: having a relationship with a member of the Royal Family is more about the feelings of the Public and so if it is broken up after we have had it for the last few years, somebody will be heart broken and the public mood over Royal marriages is crucial for the Monarchy – it’s not a relationship that is broken easily and it is not a relationship that the partakers take lightly either; the case is that HRH has been more concerned about money issues over the years and this is what nearly broke us up, while I did have some thing with Lady Hervey who of course was convinced the idea I had a job while I was involved with her in some way was bad news but didn’t actually notice that I did when I gave it up either. Talk about how I am an emotional person is an old one but I have no idea if being stuck in a Monastery environment while the whole process of getting a qualification and a job leads to a clash with media who want to do some bullying and have fun doing so, to secure the reaction they now do not like so much, it would make people emotional - just like the Politicians now have to deal with a case where people are asking if supposing they were all criminals and voted, they would have been denied the leadership, it does mean its no longer blabbing about how Religion amounts to the worlds evil, especially as it is doing much concerning immoral democracy all together.



(ADMIN: 2010 - 2017)

Of course I am aware of the question which runs along the lines of general wonderment people have all over the world as per what on Earth they are going to do with Me. These matters of Politics and Diplomacy and Media and Business are not difficult ones to solve or resolve however; its a stage on which Mr A on Third Floor of the Business Complex claims he hears things regularly about commotions and spectacles at the Business of Mr B on Fourth Floor - so having been he has beheld some of these spectacles and it has helped him deal with the boredom of his daily concerns, he has also felt like they all do with each other, that the World of Career and Profession is such a Man's World, which Man they are and Mr B that is me on Fourth Floor is not, that they regularly as a result of their need for a spectacle that will help them manage a boring day, get off to create those Commotions into my Business in order to have their daily spectacles that offer something to see, an incident to behold, which will take away the heavy boredom of a boring day. The Second Part of it is that this same behaviour applies to an undying need that they have to handle my Books and my income, which is the easiest trouble of all to avoid causing and the source of all their problems all together at the same time. It all appears to be drawn from the prognosis by which they and their Politicians clearly have no wish to get a copy of my Books to facilitate involvement with me while at the same time have no wish to discuss anything of their affairs or concerns they have with friends and acquaintance and partners by any means which does not have to do with my personal life and Public life and possessions.

It is never true that I am a prolific abuser of Women; what happens is that I see the world visually for instance and this is the area that is the main problem, ‘my visual seeing the world stuff etc’ – Women have discovered only two things about it and first is that when they get into my sight line they feel good about things, so they must control me and share with others in order to have it permanently and the other is that when they attack me for making them uncomfortable they make progress and exist in an environment where their stupidities are not discovered by those who offer them opportunities in return and so they have shown how far they can go by buying copies of my Books and sharing it among themselves all over the world=, in order to kill off the Market and at the same time extricate the purpose and service contained therein, by which to make exhibition of themselves on Media. It is violence against Men of an extreme proportion but I never pay attention to it because there are more serious matters they encounter such as when they try to make it work in the world of very expensive clubs and Bars hiring them as entertainers, where one mistake will lead to being punished by millionaires in ways that completely change their lives, so that we can hear all about it at a later date. Most of the time however it’s a matter of being threatened by Men on their behalf which most often ends with a condition whereby I have turned over their husbands and they end up with a lot of work to do; as for the threatening me and sexually abusing me constantly from a distance and with celebrities bit, that part is just the one where they are bluffing and will not likely take the risk: - I understand they have toy soldier children for it but equally do they have to respect the fact I will likely strike first as well and see what becomes of their convenient cowardice. There is never really an explanation for why women who have families and children will add up on me a process of following me around when I am half their age in such a violent way, alongside the process of sexual context abuses, added to the process of financial vandalism; they understand if these and the rest of their abuses were to be added up alongside a condition where I am homeless it is the perfect system for me to end up with health that is unable to cope should I ever become homeless and sleep rough etc, so why they do like to complain I am an abuser of Women beats my imagination as well and in equal measure the last time I had been taught a lesson ended up with me losing my temper all across the US and the South Americas and Africa which meant that they are best placed to fight me even now as I have gotten the White House into a position where nobody’s greed gets to step all over me as well; therefore being vital a situation they will I am sure, tend to leave me alone as their small armies no matter how big a person’s they are, are vulnerable to being hit just as I am as it were and none here will likely run away from them in anyway whatsoever. I hear they are taking over my Royal Estate which does not make any sense whatsoever, as what does is that when they attend functions hosted by Top Members of the Royal Family, it never ever spells good news for me in anyway whatsoever, regardless of their complain being that they enjoy bullying me and ripping up my finances because I confiscate or rip up their culture and society, which I will if I see any yet again as it were, hence an example of the reasons they do not trouble me so much and why I am not in any way an abuser of women. As for taking over my Royal Office and Commission however; reality being the Duchess of Cambridge is a Duchess and I am a Royal Prince is an example of what reality is and how much work they need to do to achieve such a feat and the reasons they are always complaining due to their behaviour disrupting other peoples Business at the Monarchy but then again of which is an example of what people should take into consideration if they believe all that nonsense about me abusing Women etc. This kind of thing to discuss of course has now left a trail that says I am vastly more powerful than I present myself to be which is not the kind of impression I want around this Office and its Royal Estate which is their own as it were including the Books I write all together too – it’s never about the power as it is about what I do which is UK Plc Intellectual Property Administration, where there are facilities people are free to deploy in order to make money and get rich but it does not mean that they then have the right to get rich and set about knocking people down – this is a state of affairs I must enforce and try to make my own living by providing Firms with Private creative equity intellectual property administration solutions; so now I am in the clear on mentioning it as such, so any who wants to get involved with me to determine what my Office should be used for to do some fighting against some enemy that makes them feel comfortable is free  to, except the complaining about hurting bottoms bit will I am sure they will pay attention to, have passed its sell by date at this stage. They speak of me being stuck somewhere and having a difficult time and its utter nonsense – what happens is that abusive behaviour that I am not responding to because I do not think it is a good use of my time carries on endlessly and develops into the other case where they think they have covered their tracks talking much about civil rights and so are disposed to tackle my civil rights without being disturbed – the result being that when I put information to culture and society to run an intellectual property administration business, they pick it up and share it with criminals in order to get news off prisoners when they want to, what they do not fancy however is when somebody else wants to deploy their media jobs to clean it up. It has never really been a problem for me as such; what most people are thinking is that what goes on in my head says I believe when I move to somewhere else my experiences will be different but what I am really thinking is that supposing I did, my experiences will be the same. The case where they say there are people who hate me at the Monarchy is nothing new, those will change the minds of the Queen about things if they wanted to, while their main agitation is that the Royal Family should not have discarded them the way that it did as there was some usefulness attached to their activities – now we see all it means is abusing me, sitting on my finances and getting celebrities and teenage idiots to appear on public media and pass abuses at me; so the reasons it happens overall is still the same – these fools have investments set up somewhere, shares they have bought in a company and the big idea is that of beating up a certain boy character to create the quick wealth they need and it seems I am going to cut it to bits for them before it stops as well; beating boy character bit which is in its own right and expression of the fact it’s not just their stupidities that one has to worry about as they are also evil i.e. when I do what I do on account of my morals, what becomes of it is respect that kids of this day and age do not give anymore, making me the kid character to beat up and get rich quick and if I see that stupid culture and society I will definitely cut it to pieces again, especially when it is blabbing threats at me to get it stupid hands on what it wants and have some American backing of insane idiots for it as well. The Politicians are ever so good at complicating it, complaining about their bottoms and bailing out after ripping up my finances, now it’s important I set out that should they wind me up every goon that enjoys showing up at my concerns to be complicit with their stupidities will have to sit out what I have in mind too; they would rather do this than get a job and follow a routine to earn a living and I do not think that the purpose of civil rights was to ensure every black fool I share a skin type with can get involved with me as much as they please anyway – we are here because they are all insane and I have only them three rules; none peddles my faith, none peddles my public image, none peddles my personal life. As for the case of me belonging on the left, that was the craziest of them all since an Arch Prince does not; I only have a responsibility of providing hospitality for certain people, chief among whom is the Queen, so I think taking a public disposition on the left and on finding out I can move there if I wanted get some celebrity friends to shut it down was the way to do it – it was never meant to have a purpose where every twerp can get set by a society scum to climb up public places and tell me where I am supposed to be like we see them do all the time: it is an old story of their disrespect getting completely out of hand when they think that one is likely to respond to it naturally but when it does start to take up my time it starts to get serious all together – the first time was when it showed up to play with me at the University until I dropped out on account of the things it has been bragging about concerning its stupid money and an ability to get whatever it wanted, now it’s taking me more than 5 years to clean up and return to an academic institution all together, really putting the case of how black people want nothing to do with me into perspective. I mean I wonder when those became better human beings than I am anyway when I do not have a criminal record, my involvement with women that are older than I am is supportive of their jobs and families and I can run my life without causing my parents own to come to a stop – so it has to be that when they sing popularity they become more important and I ought to shut up and go along with what they want like we hear all the time which amounts to an outcome that says I want anything to do with them all together. It feeds into this case where it is said that these fools that chase peoples bottoms are my problem which should not be affecting everybody but of course I create the peace and quiet at my Office for their ageist conveniences and the stupidities of their teenage bums who want to be famous all together as it were, thus they never stop getting involved with me while claiming what they are thinking and doing is far more important, apart from the bottom hurting bits – as for me, I am aware it’s about concentrating and being committed to what I do but if they wanted I would happily shut it down and break it up and start all over again, just to find out whose bottoms will be hurting while people are trying to be famous, all they have to do is damage it again or give me more of those insults to worry about. Of course they do claim I grab opportunities from younger people which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they have no way of getting involved with me concerns that is not hurtful and the top of the lot is the need to make a gay show of themselves all over something that amounts to a phenomenon I have created around the contents of my Books to secure myself an audience, especially on social media; so particularly with respect to Royal alliances and property and all that was bestowed on my Estate, I am now resolved that any access from these people will not allow me a breathing space, so the celebrity and popularity is getting in my way – I mean my websites and social media and Books and the academic work I chase with space time to secure qualifications that can allow me access to enough pay to run things around here properly is the main concern of well-groomed queer faces of really insulting people showing up on media all the time to do something around their foolish plans to get rich; I mean the funny bit was when I took the position that civil rights idiots are never happy when others are not caught in violent or criminal activity, it was the one Politicians wrecked, so since then it had gotten serious. Of course it will be a little difficult in terms of work, when all those people who have had payment for services taken out of them by the millionaire playboys who want wealth of insolence and excess that media can run with all the time through these idiots, find me saying that the products are ready but all I really have to do is do it properly. It’s not true that I am stuck, they are screwed and done for; they do not have a future for those business empires and those trading systems and those company shares; they need my Books but have no Polite or civil way to get it in mind, so it seems I am going to tear up their shares for them too etc. It’s all simple civility; if people have more money than single mothers, they might want to stop inventing financial competition with pregnant women – if people have more money than University drop outs, they might want to stop inventing financial competition with those who have no way of defending themselves – and as for me I am asking for half of £50.00, which they can comfortably part with if they thought Books and property and public image was as valuable as mine is – it all comes down to having what you have but being civil about it, all very well punishing me by reading my property all the internet and making claims to my public image to chase my private parts and tell me to swallow my thoughts to the recesses of my tummy all the time as long as they are not making anymore trouble for me for the useless ways in which they live out their existence as well. They speak of parts of the world they see as their turf all the time but we all know what happens is millionaire playboy likes his sales army and his money and his excessive lifestyle that sends the internet into meltdown but so is it becoming more obvious as equally as my bottom hurts every time I sit at my Office, that it will not keep off my personality and public image and personal life and indeed my faith for that matter, let alone if we talk about my finances – it is not going to give me a breathing space and is having too much fun for my liking with his stupidities. The same stupidities that speak of certain bits that are their turf whereas what really happens is business for wealthy people by wealthy people who put the money in overseas accounts and bankrupt regional economies, so show up here and steal my Royal property thinking absolutely everybody believes Industrial espionage is really that trendy; its about people having what they have with a sense of civility - keeping away from me - letting my tummy get on what it does normally. Where they say everything I do is indicative of seeking conflict whereas the truth is that Politicians never allow others their own sensations of safety with regards the fact civil rights people are never happy with moral and religious people who obviously do not take part in violent activities or crime - thus only when it gets serious do we find that the Politicians listen with a sense of privilege – as such which I will never be found tolerating their culture and society; it can show up around my concerns if it wants a Book or pretend there will likely be no consequences showing up to hurt me and pretend it is fun endlessly like we hear them claim I have lost an Estate so often.

Of course I am aware these are all scared people – the racists do what they do because they are scared and the civil rights trouble makers do what they do because they are scared, I have to do what I do because I am always being battered for some reason because these two groups are scared and so it has never really made sense to them why it is that when somebody got bashed in a Car accident for instance it ends up on media as news. Same as the case of me being hounded by the Media which is not really a problem, I am aware it looks that way but it is not so serious, only the civil disobedience and where it shows up and how frequently considering that managing evil involves a process of weakening yourself or else you simply cannot work out how to help the afflicted. Same as when they say I continue with a behaviour that churns my tummy while complaining about it whereas they invent draconian nonsense that says I do not have the right to be on my own when they see me what to be on my own and realise it has something to do with being aware of what my tummy does to me, so they had to end up in a place where they were always complaining for an improvement to be attained. Same as giving me a reputation that says I am good at taking things off rich people while they are good at taking it off me; apparently it starts in that way and such a reputation is good to stigmatise others with considering they are ill but I am wondering if they are planning to lose any civil and human rights too when their answer to wealth problems is to find a rich person that cannot protect his property from them. Its an old story and it is said I have a problem that will never go away but they are here to stay and will never be free of me; there isn’t enough money on this planet to create celebrities that pillage my public image to get rich and show up to wreck my life and make me angry enough to react toward the fact they have done very well for themselves - now they have something they can really sink their teeth into when they want to change things claiming they are good people but get bad press from religious people, wile we all know their whole lives are defined by whether or not the victim is somebody that is scared of getting hurt each time he fails to co-operate, which happens to be the relationship they have with me talking nonsense about surprises they do not fancy with those threats that do them no good whatsoever. Now the most important thing people wish to talk about is how to find a way to discover how all my tricks work and shut the defence systems down and do whatever they like but I have no idea why the notion has continued to develop and grow that how what I do works is a secret anyway: so here we go – it has always been a matter of a process where having a job and a media attached to it means organising a crowd to seek another person’s public life and in this case myself, such that I cannot step out of my door without being attacked for disrupting something people are trying to make money with, while the local idiots that help them facilitate the process like  stupid girl and women that cling to peoples Public lives and have an eye fixed on the part where the money is located except when they are in a relationship with one and they seem to harm each other all the time – which by the way is usually none of my business whether or not people live like that save another group of idiots who enjoy putting problems into my personal space and the peace and quiet built at this Office for the purpose of writing Books, in order to thrill their stupid selves with the way in which I react to it. I am left wondering what sort of insults these are anyway for my part and this is how it really works, so now I am telling them and they are free to make their fucking move. The self-glorifying and really stupid ones that think they are famous with an ego attached like to blab about how I am not financially successful anyway but we all know it goes beyond the case of their wickedness and devil worship as opposed to my Church activities which they said was existent to help them get by in a difficult world but now exists to ensure I am fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods and so are we aware the one they are complaining about at the moment stem from the fact that they once showed up here to find a way to acquire a means of hurting me when they handle my possessions and I had failed to co-operate, blabbing about what I needed to do to ensure they got where they needed to be in their stupid lives and full of threats too. Thus, success has always been about making sure they do not continue with that nonsense of being able to hurt me or having a way to do so when I refuse to co-operate with their stupid needs and making sure they are not pretending to be me in public places and this is what is going to hurt them seriously next, especially over those stupid comments they will not listen to the fact it is not acceptable in anyway all together. Their excuse is something about the things my people say to them such as ‘what now?’ ‘beat that’ ‘beat’ – while we all know if a woman tells a celebrity she has access to me and that the Celebrity could see me if she or he wanted, these fools will want to make money from it too and we have now ended up in a situation that looks like global stage bullying where their idiots who think they are famous but are fucking famous want to handle my person and public image and possessions, get jobs from a process where Industry idiots took over my Estate Film and Culture Assets and tell me what life should be all the time - robbing us of security, blabbing about racism and claiming their stupid freedom looks like that, of which is something they do - their freedom looks like that and its such a gimmick in their view, supported by absolute scum who work in the secret services helping them scare others and blabbing about how my State provided security has the same effect when people want to share with that big democratic mouth they have got: we hear them brag that it serves me right of course but everybody knows such nonsense will lead to another case where I check my privileges again according to those stupid insults of theirs and it will end with a case against Men chewing snacks, sleeping with girls and snooping around my age range to find something they can pillage to get rich and will most certainly end with me ripping up a few more popularity culture canopies at Industry as well – it’s still a wonder what it is exactly they have in common with my people who provoke them so much anyway, such that they are always found around the concerns and it serves me right a complain. The talk these days by wealth inequality goons is one of people insulting American Middle class but I doubt they know anything about it anyway; we all know they are the ones who turn what I may have done to broker equity with film makers who make something concerning distance between help and sharing a neighbourhood with an Ex-Convict for instance into a gimmick that involves casino self-employment film making which is designed to foster freedom and democracy and tackle discriminative privileges except it is only serious for as long as their stupidities are not laughing about on media, while the rest of us are left shocked as per whether we are talking about Russian State Interests so as to court their attention on the matter all together. These days apparently an Arch Prince is stuck financially and they are happy – it seems to be the only publicity that they are happy to create for themselves but I am not stuck anywhere as such, I am well aware that if I chased up manufacturers that spend time creating goods and services that allow them buy sensations of conveniences from my Office and privileges from my Estate in order to feel important, especially the German ones, I will prevent myself from getting stuck and do not need to gather a lot of millions to protect myself from them. Even then, we still see the nature of their evil and wickedness expressed by these kinds of publicity, we all know they will have to do more of those threats and the reason their young people ended up with less rights than they have all began with a case of showing up to pass insults at me and then get a younger person to take it up when I respond; seeking success of insults based on having a problems with my leadership to build up my public image for themselves and show up on a regular basis to pretend they have created another reality that I wouldn’t upset unless I dared. So we can all see the only thing they have is lots of goods creating incentive for people who make matters difficult for me to continue with what they are doing and no such thing as me being stuck for any reason anywhere; they say the respect is lacking due to my age but its showing up to complain about hurting bottoms later on and then tackling me for it that the losers specialise in; hence the idea is that I am making sure I handle it amicable and let it all deal with itself in its own time and goons who should know better will show up to follow on the process of their involvement churning my tummy and pushing me out of University to sit about responding to their society stupidities to build publicity for themselves that says I am stuck somewhere and trying to get myself out will only make it worse, what they had decided to do with their time taking up all of mine in the process. They speak of war that I risk with that big mouth whereas we all know that as I said, if I chased up people making products for them to spend that living off other people’s establishment while passing insults at me that cause people to avoid me and bragging about me being stuck somewhere money on and followed up other insanity at Pubs and Clubs and Bars, there would be no wars – what we have is the complains they lodge about my Books but that is more a case of having written it leading to a process where they show up around my concerns to ensure I am always having to deal with corrupted matters of the pressures associated with what is in its contents – which adds up to a process where if I solve these problems enough, perhaps I will be worthy of having my Books sold someday on account they are men and have got problems, therefore I should be stuck with their own stupid lives; I mean I published the Books in 2009 and this is 2017, the sort of nonsense that takes off on public places and shows up on National Media every day; I mean when I say they will have to do more of their stupid threats as I am not stuck anywhere, I am not thinking the threat of war is counted among as that would be their big moth wagging the whole time. It was all what they had decided to do with their time but is now taking up my time; same old case where we find that they need my leadership but have no respect for me but if I did anything I did in a way which might have benefited them as well, I get these abuses and threats that happens to be the only way they made use of it, meaning that whether or not my morals propel me to the actions I take is a matter that will be decided by the fact they are modern and free and democratic and this is what brings it on for me, what creates their problems for them as well and it is my opinion that given the right tools and measures they can be made to keep their hands off other people. They claim their discontent is a matter of the society they should have had in which they could have fame and careers and everything they wanted but obviously the problem with this society and how it comes about at my expense is that when I write the Books, they have a problem with it - now we know they are complaining about the fact people chase their bottoms for stealing the Books as well; this was rather something that only your Publisher or Editor could do in the past, now we live in the Digital age and if you settle a writing career that sorts it out , they have a problem with it and that problem goes Global and shows up on National news everyday: just one more incredibly stupid civil rights evolution that one could really do without as it were - who has ever heard of Book contents being stolen? They do claim I do not actually think people need to have civil rights but the cliché is usually that I resolve my provocation at my expense when I am provoked and therefore a coward, whereas what really happens is that what my morals make me do when provoked is none of their business, its personal choice stuff and I am not the one complaining either. It’s all gang activity and group violence stuff where they can say which one they put down to history in order to have the kind of comfortable life that they want but apparently their biggest problem is the Books I write all together as it were, so I am left in no doubt as to the extent of their mindset as losers but do not wish to be reminded in such intrusive and abusive ways all of the time too. The other case being that I am scared of who I am, which is not true – the truth is that I would really love to have situation where only people I did not have to keep an eye on where showing up around my concerns, concerning I have already dropped out of University and am sitting about reacting to their society stupidities as a result of mopping up information where I should not be doing so. It’s not a complicated matter; take two separate spectrums for instance – celebrities and soldiers; where the Celebrity will handle my work and plan to keep it for themselves at a later date and a soldier would in a condition where they are not really here to live forever, hence there are an example of people I do not have to keep an eye on and would fancy every scum that shows up here without a plan to buy the Books affects me in the same way. Its not true that reminding them they are unimportant is arrogance, it is reciprocate of the insults I have to tolerate all the time. Like the other case I have mentioned before where those who spend all their time specifically encumbering my Book sales and making stupid demands concerning their needs claim my work is complex and difficult to understand or follow, whereas what happens is that for instance the whole public place entity of Ferrari belongs to them due to the fact they are such fans that they have turned it unto some sort of self employment that they need - of which if Ferrari is okay with that, I do not have to bother how safe my equity is but we all see that they start this gimmick of how I have been getting around companies extracting a business from areas where the CEO's Family should be supporting him or her to earn some extra money which extends right up to media insults based forms of financial blockage they can only realise is a bad thing if I follow it up with punishment everyday and even so when economic times are difficult for example, there is no way that Ferrari can make them behave a certain way and there is no way that they can be seen acting a certain way to co-operate and support recovery processes.

I do get told I am facing racial pressures of course but I do not like to think of it as racial pressures; I like to think of it as the propensity for me to be stuck with activities that are not paying me any money slavishly while others get the pleasures on account I am not white and so whether or not I have a tendency to get stuck with such things, it hangs over every ethnic minority in this world and those who do not wish to experience my wrath should not get about teasing mine up. We see them at it every time; always angry, likely to get into a fight with somebody who cannot defend themselves and a lot of the times wants to get into it in a condition where a more able bodied person will be doing the violence because it claims it is the privilege that accompanies those who are important – so it has gone from blowing off its big mouth at me about how I should make my life available so its stupidities can get where it wants to be, now it is talking to me about my sexual habits all together; so if I gave them the middle finger and then turned it upside down, the effect will be just as good. Not the one where it is said I am always complaining when I knew exactly what I was getting myself into all along; whereby it’s not a matter of what I complain about or what I got myself into as much as it is a matter of the fact when I tell people I am not homosexual it should mean I am not, when I tell people not to build up popular culture over my life which I obviously need as far as they are concerned but I know will be moving off to a preferable character at a later date, they do not get to do it; since this is not what they wish to comply with, I want a story and it’s not the one they will secure pleasures from either – otherwise mostly it’s really difficult locating what their problem is and why their ideas of who is screwing around with them is always so overtly wrong – generally same case where if thought about in terms of their world of gangs, they are the queer gangs whose behaviour is to provocative it is inevitably responsible for most of the violence that happens in it, hence there is always some justification of sorts for what people do with gangs on their account. Now they claim I boasted that none can take my career from me while all they do with their time is pick up information I put to culture and society to run a Book shop and then get off on media with some insolence they claim is a quest for age based respect, running it off like that endlessly a case of my fame which they have in their possession and I can never recover. We have now reached a stage where it is causing them some real problems i.e. they have detached me from a Court and set about replacing the women in it with their own on that stupid media, so their bottom hurts all the time as a result of it and they are asking me questions over stupid women who have a crush on me when they are being nice and when they are not will talk nonsense about anything else save somebody beating me up obviously – hence crushes are overrated, I want my Court back as it were, if it has gotten a bit serious to them. Of course it isn’t true I have no respect for them; what is true is that they decided on how they were going to rip up my finances and come up with daily stories to tell me who I really am at a later date and so they have done that, I think it was a test and now we shall find out what the results are going to be as well – or else like I said, it’s usually very difficult to figure out exactly what their problem is; it is a situation that has not changed, where they rip up my finances to make it more sensible when they talk to others about what I shouldn’t have had which I have already got, leaving the question of what is to happen with the finances they have torn down like we see them give their own to the frugal; so it does tend to get serious instead. I do get asked if I think I can resolve the matter all by myself which I can – its an old case where you have not completed your academic pursuits and end up in a corner reacting to the madness of culture and society goons – they do not know where their academic work should be compared to where the gangs and criminals are and I have never fancied a financially well of psychopath in my whole life. Its never a problem; we have a situation in football for instance where somebody wants to push me into a corner and tell me I cannot get past their 5 million pound a year income and then it will also turn out that even if I did, I would not be able to get past that of their friends as well all together which is obviously a conversation I want to have with anybody i.e. if I can wade violent problem after violent problem and get past the finances of goons with money and it does not end there since we have the fact teenage idiots want to sit behind music tracks and address me abusively without reason all day to get the music going and have never really explained why they do it. They claim my behaviour causes people to lose what they have already got but apart from the whole process of making them see how difficult a situation it is to be stuck spending time on me when they have their own concerns to pay it to - if they did ask those who had the experience what money does, the question is still one of how people lose what they have already got. It wants to factorise people all the time and thinks about nothing save the lowest and commonest denominator by which to do so endlessly and so we have this situation where if the weaknesses you have is not one that he can exploit, it is happy to organise a public and a media to hold back your finances and create one of his own into your life simply by means of abuses and insults and popularity, so they he might get to, after which it will not stop blabbing at me which things have happened on my account and which ones I will pay for on account it is famous, as though I cannot escalate my own as well; thus I do get asked what makes me think the way I do as well and this has always been the reasons - we even have hindsight where people sit back and make a decision that a group of people are inferior and need to be killed in the thousands; question being which part of meeting a girl and sitting with her in family courtyard for some hours, knowing parents would not have approved unless you were both old enough or serious enough about the relationship leads a person to think that a group of people are inferior and need to be killed for that by the State? So its very important they had stopped getting involved with my concerns if they do not have my Books in hand to read while they are and its important they keep off the Books as a product all together as well; big idea being I have not factorised them, only a man and his environment gimmicks that they are complaining about and issuing threats for until it gets really serious. They love to say I am always making myself into the reason that people get punished of course which is all very well but we all know its the same story mix; the reasons people get punished, somebody is doing their stuff, somebody's behaviour puts their career at risk; these are all things that can happen to them when others stand up to them and why they are talking time off their victims to cover themselves about it is one of the most obviously expressions of the fact they are pure evil villains. In the end, they claim my Books are not sellable while reality says that it is if the Church is a credible opposition to popular culture and it fits in with the other story about standing out of the rest of the Royal Family whereas I am only selling Books and putting up anything I may have come across which is in the interest of the Queen and Government at a website, about which it is impossible to locate how they hope to resolve the problem if they prefer to rip up the income and keep alive the hope they will be able to determine what I am given and what can own rather than a 24 hours of selling Books and moving on like everybody else. We already see that what happens is that when the Church is not a credible opposition to popular culture and I am unable to sell my Books, people get confused and then grovel at popular culture and media where they get confused some more as well – we do not see the individuals who run these systems do one where its on your head and chest and down your tummy a wickedness of stupidities where people are always talking about what is above my head strangely if they wish to make trouble for me on account I do not wish to tolerate their evil and fight for my life in the neighbourhoods so they can have civil rights – right up to the insolent aspects that wants to shove it down my head and through my throat and into my tummy to make the bad smells which they can shove back into my arse with that big mouth complaining all over the place a civil rights that actually doesn’t look anything like that as well: they do not do it at home because their homes are their places of zen and sanity more or less; in like manner of which I have a bed and an Office and a Television and these three constitute my space of zen and sanity and this is the writer office and Book shop about their abusive insults theory  behind the chaos they complain about all the time as well. I mean they do ask if I think I have to fight everybody but its mostly an old case where things are always better simplified so when people blab it will make sense; I for my part tend to have absolutely everything I do subverted by their money madness on the internet, so I am now thinking about how to run a Book shop at ground level and a Bedroom/Office/Entertainment room upstirs, where people can show up at the Book shop and have the opportunity to get funnelled upstirs for sex, considering the plan was never to ensure Working Court matters are operable at all times. It is said I am mostly unhappy which is not the case just like the bit about me being more foreigner than British, while reality is that I am always happy only while I am doing my Church concerns and everything else that causes the effects people complain about are mostly a consequences of the pressures they have built here. Hence they say its difficult to locate what my view of the world is but its as simple as the fact they think God does not exist while I have seen him and by the way of which there is nothing wrong with my thought pattern by the way. They do speak of a lot of my actions having little to do with Church but we all know it’s a matter of their community croons building me a reputation whereby my personality is a function of sleeping with peoples wives and the reason for this is that I am practically invulnerable, so they have decided that the fact I am single will become the answer for every headache they have in the most abusive superiority ways they can. I couldn’t understand why people have sex outside of marriage anyway since it is an eventuality where two people became the same human being but I guess the case of my personality not being a long way off from what exists when people have sex with other peoples wives is largely a matter of helping me have sex outside of marriage which is producing disastrous consequences for all anyway, since it just hangs there and allows homosexuals to take part too. I have tried to explain on many occasion that if you had some academic pursuit and some job or livelihood and some Church activities, there will be no time left to screw around with popularity but they have continued to enjoy these ways of taking up my time, such that now when serious matters like leaving University in a condition where one of the contributory factors was that lesbians were chasing female lovers, it has come to a stage where I must run their lives for them and take up their time if I wanted, to get them complaining and issuing threats on National Media the whole time, which is what is happening here. Its vanity you see and when we grow up, it does not dissipate like precipitation, it just gets moved from one place where those who own it do not need it, to somewhere else and I for my part am quite full while they are really good at building new ones but the society ones especially superior ethnic minorities are really good at making the whole process into violent and abusive mannerism by which they make sales, tending to show that unless especially for the Muslims, you had become courageous enough to tackle them at their jobs and finances they will think that in terms of the products and consequences of justice they can do on the way there and undo on the way back with you, which is an example of the stupidities responsible for the fact they really have no homeland at this point that is not ruled by foolish tyrants or is being burned to the ground. They say I have a tendency to ruin everything which is not actually the case; its people playing about with fundamental corruption where it does not want a specific thing from others but wants to see how they will react to certain conditions. We see the same with media and celebrities as well; when you seek employment their main business is to claim you are a kid that gives respect that kids of today do not give anymore, even when they know the state declared you an adult for years before such a time – then when you had ended up in an academic institution their whole lives become something about a past time of messing you around – when you are no longer in an academic institution then the fact you are caught up spending time reacting to the silliness of culture and society is vanity that you are unaware actually belongs to them who have achieved and gotten rich and so you find yourself caught up and stuck with Industry goons at company backyard making money to buy expensive products while the main case at that point becomes one of chasing your private parts i.e. you got after vanity that belonged to people who had achieved. They claim I speak of vanity but keep records on their behaviour while my records only serve to ensure that they do not get me stuck and trying to make a living with civil rights and can also become the platform by which I will want to know if they are paying me to keep their secretes. We see the Hollywood ones at it all the time; for some strange reason my books were battered and the market place for it completely destroyed – now the reasons are not so strange anymore, it was a Book that was daunting to read while they needed it but were lazy, what they intend to do is rip it up and find out later they can get on my public image to make money, so being stuck with the issues I resolved to write the Books means people can chase their private parts and the threats we see them bellow at me to serve them with my Books is actually real and is largely concerned with a process that suggests they are famous and can have anything they wanted – so I am left wondering why indeed they do such things considering those stupid threats but first need to ensure they like the Industry people, do not get to screw with this Estate any longer being the reason somebody got punished like that all of the time which by the way they claim is adding up on me unto a day. Now we hear I am stuck on power and will not be able to make any progress from there but we all know what these goons spend most of their time on is that of grooming me into a character whom when people cause suffering makes sense of what suffering everybody else is enduring, because they want to be famous evil idiots by it and that means they are always grooming me and assuming a right to handle my possessions so as to take property from me until I am vulnerable to whatever they are grooming me for – when they realise it is such a big job that they have become a bunch of fools who have not been working out how to pay their bills, the anus and penis insults become a panacea and they start to blab which one is my fault too. The result in the end is this question that now lingers i.e. what will become of the whole process of having begun this means by which it is possible to tolerate idiots that are grooming me for discrimination human shield what will become of it? And if I am being asked this question, my response is simply the one where not enough have died yet so far, particularly pleasurable being the bit where I can grab the public image of the Politicians for them to play their stupid escapades with whenever they are dealing with gang clashes (Its all part of the administration of all things that appear a quick way of getting rich which can be taken from a prince they are able to bully and manipulate with that big mouth).




(Company Holdings and The Global Fan and Brokers base Emporium Papers) 

 So we hear these days of a big problem associated with how another view of the UK save the real view of it is getting about all over the place because of me; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that when people work on me instead of their jobs, when people ensure those who see me as colleagues cannot express themselves, when people ensure everything concerning my activities and the Royal family is interfered with to a point of this National atmosphere of antagonism against them on my behalf that has been fabricated because of it, it is enough to drive the most beeline persons into uncontrollable rage and I find it impossible to locate what they are complaining about as there is really nothing whatsoever in this whole world that they can do; I have had it up to my neck and they are the ones complaining, so it isn’t really clear exactly who is meant to have given them the privileges of injustice that was supposed to have secured.

It has never been a problem; they are deviant people so they have ways of expressing it – the football people say they cannot tell me off messing with them they will screw with me and ask me to take a chance as a basic form of existence and for it expect nothing to happen to them as well which is being put to the test, the blacks are full of female idiots who are never prepared to be reasoned with if they get men that will threaten me and turn out to play my mother’s over my finances and pretend to chase my anus and penis and make me flustered all the time about which they think there should be no consequences because Christians are supposed to be respectful to a fault and then there are my favourites being the media and fame idiots who only pick up from where the Politician stop when it comes to helping every fool that wants to practice a civil and criminal disobedience around the premise of raiding my life and possessions all the time, so a level when they have these statements about what is changing in their Country because of me for instance and there are many others of course and they are designed to make me enemies that are too big for me because they have problems on one hand and on the other to pump me for information on my possessions they can spend on themselves recently. So it’s all the same old case of deviance to a fault that also means they in their view can cross my path as much as they like without consequences and this story is entirely wrong as well as my position is that they can always find out what will happen by taking it beyond insults and criminal disobedience that is laced with a need to sell prerogatives to Industry idiots and politicians to a point where they match how deeply they feel about it with a sense that it was said I failed to act, let’s see what they are made of as well – we all know they have media and can do it any time so we still don’t know what is stopping them as well anyway. All I have to say is that they can stay out of trouble I can make as well by keeping off my business with the Royals and whatever they think of me and tell me if selling my books is supposed to have been a personal problem with them as well. We all know they say I do not take a clear stand on what is acceptable behaviour in society and what is not but the reality has always been how religion can be evil, how faith in God can be the source of problems and how holiness can be the problem of the world while they take no look at them selves assuming nobody dares to judge them when in actual fact most people are really not interested in their stupidities – so this is where I stand i.e. Media becomes obsessed with finding me violent enemies like they at present and they will die so the situation can improve, women cannot make money and escape problems they have worked all their lives to be safe from and people will have to sit back and watch what I can do as well as there is really nothing in this world that they can do nor is there any world in which it is possible for them to do anything as well and as for me they can continue to play media and fame bully boys over my income which they have done daily for a decade and a half so far partly because they enjoy the bullying and partly because they had found they can make money from it at a later stage of it and it will end very well the assumption people cannot possibly have enough of them as it were.

They have come to this complain I really love these trophy encumberment I can put to my name and especially so it is likely to get me into trouble now that increasingly more people want to me to share what I have to compensate too and it is utter rubbish, what really happens is that these fools are convinced it is my responsibility when they had decided to spend lots of my time giving my business a certain reputation for being hunted, which means that while they take advantage of it their stupid young people can take advantage of me as the person that knows something of the problems and needs to provide solutions for personal insecurity without being paid for at Popularity canopy narcissist happiness that brings about sales because they have a pathological fear of work and never let other children grow and as we can see it does not improve unless they end up with business that has the same reputation too, which I intend to create for them on the next mistake that they make. It’s never true what happens is that I am infantile jumping from causing from trouble to another, what is true is that if all this nonsense were to go un controlled they would end up with socialist popularity again and it would be the 1980s and 1990s on my finances all over again and then the reasons doing these things become more important than getting a day job, only to realise they have not worked out how to pay their bills and that a living wage is not good enough as well. the reality is still that the media makes up their minds for them and they want to make it up like that at other people’s expense the whole time; the meaning is that they have two lives and one is about showing up at my concerns to make a mess and the other is about returning home to have it rosy – what they do have a talent for is not necessarily their insulting irresponsibility but apparently wrecking what people do when they leave home and take some provisions with them and prepare to go out and face the world to make something of themselves and the need to target me for their nasty stupidities I intend to ensure ends very badly too. they love to say it’s a gimmick involving millennials when the threats and abuses which facilitates the insults that ration peoples public place respect so they can secure themselves an exit for the manner they have lived out their stupid existence is not as operable as expected but its physically hurtful and hence difficult to see which part of having a reputation for being hunted and abused even when people think they should do it because they would like to offer me a top job is actually a gimmick. They say I make myself look harmless so I might slip through and do these things which is utter nonsense; I mean being the architect of all the insanity millennials get up to is not that annoying but it is coming from ageist idiots who do things like create problems for people that lead to outcomes where their bodies are badly beaten up or stabbed or shot at by gangs, if they are not rather busy provoking people into reacting in such ways as ensures they can make friends with Politicians and climb social ladders; I have responded the way I have because they put it forward in a business fashion. The part about being stuck with Politicians is an old one; nothing but the bully laziness of the Private security Industry; where they support goons who are grown up kids on account they have money for instance making a mess for me when I am engaged with Communities where Children are involved but at the same time deserve everything I do like I am their great servant which always leads to complains concerning the consequences of their insults all the time - the Private security Industry will support and bully for it to the highest level of government and Media but cannot be seen doing any of the actual job when it comes along, which is why they are in a position now where they think nobody knows why the Security services operatives are flustered in this Country; so I think this is an example of a point where it is past its sell by date all together.




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 Company Mobility Assets - Hospitality, Creative Confidence Equities and Company Assets

 The way in which I conduct my affairs does not in any way jeopardise my people or indeed myself in anywhere in the world: The UK, the US, South Americas, Australia, Canada, India, Russia, China, Europe, Asia etc - it is simply being conferred in the circumstances that while I do work which ensures that politicians and their goons end up hating me because of their vandalism and the quest to be famous and important by it as well, I am meant to allow people do whatever they like at their localism and this is an idea that is rather confined only to an imagination; it is not possible. The story of politicians and their vandalism remains the same therefore; I have not yet deployed licenses given me by their insults to stifle everything they do in public like they do my book sales as well - as a progressively developing behaviour towards an attitude that they find no feelings in them yet which suggests the need for change, so that remains a asset that will prove its worth at some point; however if my work as something that belongs to me concerning which I get security from the Monarchy is not good enough to explain the fact I have taken no stupid glories or accolades that were due to another who was greater as it were, then I fail to understand what they are complaining about when they could rather have spent the energy fighting so they might win with a big mouth (It is clearly impossible to look into the problems of such idiots when you have no idea what the scope is i.e. they said the money they have today is not what they were worth for all of their lives but none of that money is being spent buying any books around here which only leaves me with a perspective of the problems I am aware of which happens around my work and office; what they are more interested in doing is destroying enterprises and business and film industries and entertainment industries that broker equities with me so I can run my business and sell my books as we progress and so it is with this that they sit around immersing my work in every violent occasion they can find to wreck my reputation and destroy it and pretend to have powers when they snoop around Political offices along with their very helpful cast away idiots who crave media and money with every fibre of their being and expect pain that a boy should put up with for what is needed by the fathers to bring about progress “with a big mouth.”).

There is therefore that talk of course of how I have been sold out to the Americans by the British Politicians and I would never know what it means for my part either; all I know is that it sounds like Men, it sounds like Politics and it sounds like parliament and it sounds powerful to them but when it really does kick off what will happen is that the businesses will finish with them and then the civil rights goons will have them and the only thing that will be sold out will be my Books. It is in essence the kind of provocation I allow go unpunished which then tends to make things worse – another typical example of it is the wrecking my academic work to turn up in the professional world later on with competition from a point where they are certain to have victory from a point even so where both I and they need the same career equipments from such a position and the other is the circumstances itself in which this exists which does show that the being sold out to Americans thing is not the first occasion i.e. wrecking my finances in order to bend my life into a condition of competition with them in an arena where they have jobs and keep those for money while mine is used for competition, setting out those suggestions that my entire life can be consumed by them on account they wish to play games and that is what this selling out to Americans reinforces too i.e. the sort of things that show I have no right to feel good on account they wish to play games. they would say it is a power thing and that they do it when they want to stand up to Washington but that is their problem and not my problem and if I offer support I would like to do that legitimately besides which if they have a problem I do write books and I do not see them buying any yet. Yes I know saying these things mean I have been squeezed by politicians for everything I had for the day today but of course this process of thinking about things and saving them up is madness as it were but the real issue remains that it comes up as a respect issue; which is that I say what I say because I want to say them and if people have problems they can buy the books to help them and that is an end to it. All it really achieves by the way it is worth saying is forcing me to mention I care passionately about The Royal Family and my various Courts and the Consortium and the Coven and my media friends and various allies but do these things I do that make me seem uninterested and unfeeling because it is a job and I have to get it done. 

There are those stories told of course of how I have built all I have from what leaders past have achieved but of course the reality for example in the case of JFK is that I am the only living democratically minded leader who has been able to secure and deal with matters of social instability and violence both in the male and female societies, the part where I got feminists to work with me as it were and he was murdered by a disillusioned socialist instead which makes no sense as to why we are being compared. They always say I have a job for life to work with a Government but of course so does everybody know they are not doing government work with their own private property, do not have to do it for life and of course are most certainly not doing it for free. Yet there is nothing that tells them somebody who gets a Royal Commission from a Queen and has the office of an Arch Prince given him in his absence and practically forced of him at 21 years of age (of which I would not have it any differently by the way), on account he already possesses all the answers to matters of social instability and violence in Europe and the Middle East is very different in a very big and many ways to their pitiful selves, no matter how many times they get beaten on the International scene but yes we are all aware when it comes to attention grabbing and self seeking Americans are known to do very strange and very dangerous things indeed – I am only fed of being compared to anybody by them for my part. The civil rights one however is one about which they wish to violence means and force me into doing something so to speak, because they feel it will make them important if they can and I have no idea what means they are supposed to have deployed to make that possible either; they have always known that as far as I am concerned their civil rights are a contraption put together by very evil scum among them – I do not have prove although it does seem like it, that they read the Bible and list everything in it which is prohibited, then set about practicing those things which is why they see any new faith or any new faithful person to God as an affront to this so called power they have with that big mouth and so it is an old game they play that they then set out to provoke and abuse the white ones with these practices and get themselves into serious problems, then turn out to use to practices to force me to do something about their civil rights which is why every means and process by which they do is insulting and abusive in order to achieve the intended  purpose; I am mentioning it too because I have had enough of that stupid boy get involved with our civil rights insults; its not as if we are mates anyway and they turn up way too often on my media equipments to talk through to me knowing fully that an involvement of their gang existence and those wickedness they live by 24/7 with anybody is likely to ruin the person - which is why they are with my skin colour as it were looking for trouble all the time.






So we have to put up with claims my actions foster paedophilia around here all the time from the media and it will never make sense anyway; after all the stupid parents we have in this Country really do love to teach their children how to abuse me as a basic requirement for existing and it is not just the insults concerning which that name they call me is the one bone head parents gave to their bone head children as it were but also the fact if they want their foolish daughters to have their first sexual experience with the Christian Prince then that is how it is going to be – whether or not he wants to have sex only with somebody whom he names a spouse is irrelevant and quickly becomes a matter that is put to the test – so I can say it is all mixed up and their stupidities are coming home to roost. The really valuable part of the mixed up being that of the fact it is the BBC that makes these reports most of the time – yet I am not so sure anybody would have been able to point out another paedophile dream world save the BBC for my part anyway either; you might have thought that the need to abuse an adult instead of a child in order to avoid trouble with the law which has now given rise to a process where journalists clean up on a day and turn up on TV to sit about feeling filthy all day on our National television was the worst they could do but just try and protect your Royal Career like I do  and see what comes up; so I am going to clear out these bits and then the next time we hear any such nonsense about my actions encouraging anything, the results will be hard for them to believe all together as well. Now we cannot be free from a resurgence of that talk about a justice that has never really existed since the end of the second world war which of course always leads to an expected justice of copyment that will make them feel the same respect as those who pioneer things and it is always the finest example of their very twisted and evil nature especially for the Politicians and nobody knows why they bring it up and want others to argue with them along those lines either – they would like to think rather that their loutish stupidities will save the day if it blows up too. In terms of the part where I am hailed all over but my tummy tells a different story however – it’s an old case of whether it is chicken or not i.e. they have not yet noticed people follow me because of an ability to protect an office from their squander on the left with media that they feel they must wake up to everyday and of course on the right popular culture squander acquiring links with rich people and the industries, full of stupid boys issuing threats and media scum playing it out all day long; they have not noticed that people are hoping I will get to pay them to sell the Books for me and I for my part do want to sell my books in other ways and would like it if the fools do clear my space as it were which is not to say the bragging can always continue because they think it is not be punished, so guess where I learned how to take a stand on peoples businesses and rob them of their health as I chip away at it to make myself financially better off every day, bearing in mind they do not teach it at Church as it were; so yes it is all talk and hail but his health and tummy says something else because they think it will not be punished. I do not think this matter to be a problem, its a simple tale associated with the fact this is an Intellectual Property Administration Business and the problem has been clearly set out, the solution offered clearly set out and so has the customer service been clearly set out but the part where I will take a stand on their livelihoods and punch their tummy and chest and head and grab their anus and penis as I steal things from it, will obviously happen when I have learned it from them to the fullest and it all has to go somewhere; it is not because they are not getting superior education in the UK.




HH's Prognosis: "Politicians are very fond of making out that all I presume to do for a job is something that Governments should be doing and that I cannot just get off and offer them as a service or product that people can buy things they ought to do from their offices and know that they were elected by the people to do those things. On the contrary what they seem to suggest is as such that they have known all these things but have not done them because of the Political issues that need to be resolved before they do them; I have never heard such declarations of the right to incompetence in all my life and yes it does affect this generation too that they have such attitudes towards their profession and we see it in the lives and behaviour of young people and young professionals everywhere. That the fact for example the US is just round the bend affects the decisions that British Politicians should make with respect to the economy, that the way somebody else has a bigger version of my Business whether or not it is actually that exact is the reason I am unable to go out everyday to run a business to earn a living. I for my part have never needed their help or opinion around here in a decade besides the vandalism of my personal life, literary empire trust books and manuscripts and vandalism of the empire trust itself that has put them in the picture that is. If the entire world is confused about what is happening and more so because they get male and female society prerogatives from them, they on the other hand are not. My working Court is entirely occupied by female journalists and they understand what the implications of that is. With respect to the matter of taking from me all that makes me anything and then getting the US to live up to its principles of democracy with it and not do anything to support systems and businesses I already have there, lest they support tyranny, it is an old story and will not be the first time I have taken steps to ensure those Politicians do not move a step from where they are until I recover as well. However it is completely beside the point which is that I have never asked them about their insults which never by the way seem to run out of types and forms for the purposes of their society idiots with a special craving for superiority to somebody and a thirst for violence, not that they stand and do anything when the problem begin, they want privileges for that too and if mine does not look the way theirs looks therefore in circumstances, this Planet will never move on." "The notion that I am and ought to continue to deal with problems the way I get privileges are ideas and as well ideologies attached to them, which are understandable. I am pretty sure if I get my hands on those that create it, they will feel such privileges coming on too. I have never in my life dealt with any silly problems the way I get privileges, I was just excluded from the way the world operates by Politicians whose titles seem to be another name for criminals and con artists, excluding me from the right to have money because they think it is what a Christian is to be afraid of to create propensity for corruptions for them, while they get off attacking me with a combination of bribery and corruption forced on me at the same time and then lots and lots of blackmail when they treat apparatus of Government as though it was their personal and private property with a plan to make me out to be the Man that is creating new Capitalism because they know they are useless at anything they do and people will kill them at the end to keep it. So I built my business as any firm owner world and they have come to feel that I need to hand it over to them, in fact they claim the fate of the world depends on whether or not I do. So I therefore pulled them in and shut down all other escape routes in order to ensure they are getting the hardest and most difficult deal imaginable-which anybody in my shoes would do." "Progress now is that I only thought I ought to show the big privileged businesses and insolent power get rich quick me goading fools how good it would be if I offered them a service they had no choice but to accept and pay for, then used it to find out everything about their privacy to tell them where they are supposed to be, so I can get richer because I am greedy. I thought it would be nice if I did business like that too all together. The only thing I have not yet done so far to emulate them is damage their earnings so I can keep control of them; I sell, they buy, I keep more control and sell more, while they have no money to buy as I keep selling because life itself revolves around me but all in good time. For now, one way to that, I will continue to keep evil on the back foot so I can protect and maintain my Authority."



"Back stage media people have never listened when I tell them it is a crime to deploy my intellectual property to do the fame and riches; they suppose the abusive violence that expresses how they are superior to me in secrete will suffice and therefore think Celebrities and their social fools need to be more confident in the face of the tag along Joe that is me, who expects others to buy his wine and dinner because they are the ones with the real cash doing real spending on the High Streets and it is what Popular culture had always set out to achieve here no matter how impossible, whereby they will never find their own lives to live in. They love to claim I sit down in my Country and figure out other peoples cultural things for them which is supposed to consummate that insolent simulation of barging into my office and work place with thugs to loot things. My prime problem of course is that it makes things difficult for my customers, especially those that buy the packaged Business Equities (which are obviously cheaper for each title), because they buy them for plans to explore the information on the Tunnel Light Books and Holdings Literary Empire or Empire trust. Personally I have not got a clue why people get confused about the fact that the entire existence of the corporate world is based on an 'items for sale' prognosis and nothing else and so the desire to feel like royalty is something they know is provocative to those they direct it at or indeed why people get confused or deceived about the fact that those who seek out such respects for them are the thieves in their establishments and exists for no other purpose. The items for sale that the women exist for, the learning things about the law and do damage to your property while you do damage to the girls that do damage to your property by vandalising it to make their products sell, which is some kind of legitimate right because you have been caught and stuck where you are never going out with those insults all the time they try to keep up and make real to keep me on my toes when I don't want to be and they need to go to hell as well. Those always do the damages to the economy and always have somebody whose property will be enough to make repairs if confiscated and the problems that the world will face soon is how we come to a common ground when people are too fond of playing along with them when they know there is no way they can have somebody with that much property to confiscate to make an entire economy better unless the person was important. They always tend to get away with it because Politicians always want to believe what is convenient for the purpose of money they can have, so no body gets to tell them anything either and then we will end up in a place where they feel they cannot shut up about the demand for things I have done that should be put down to their name and stupid talk about the size of their countries and armies and all those kinds of things or indeed why people get confused or deceived about the fact the entire purpose of celebrity culture is a lazy version of the corporate world that is run by the same idiots, who do nothing but find ways of causing destruction that will help them get away with the process of acquiring money and money that neither belongs to them nor have been worked for by them. I do not think that media boys whose mothers cannot leave alone the finances of others, who like to talk insults behind shows, advertisements and cameras all the time is a terribly large problem. I am just really busy for the time being and eventually when I am not, it will be a fine idea to deploy some of those as examples that show people that playing around with peoples right to lawful and legal livelihood or playing around with other peoples livelihood like they love to do with their Television can easily become an attempt to get people killed which will be handled accordingly; deliberately creating dangerous situations for them as well. I guess I have put up with that racist based and discriminatory nonsense by which they get on their stupid television or any other media to claim my property belongs to somebody else and will no more. I am not talking about going around winding people up so intensely that they feel like murdering them, then turning up to handle my earnings on account they have been telling people I am responsible for them and that I promised to fight for them and so on. With respect to that, they do not seem to be tired of running yet. I am talking about the fact that claims it was fun and teases will not save them once I had finished what keeps me so busy, it will be too late too like it was for the politicians over the matter of spending my time, health and property and more so with intrusion and insults, to facilitate bending my mind and thought process. By far the biggest problem for them is their brand and market place pilfering exercises, which they claim has been authorised by those for whose businesses and companies they run those stupid public media advertisements from, as though it is connected with any thing, issue or reality. It has become some kind of standard behaviour for any scum that has a camera or that appears in front of it with plans to get rich having the kind of fun that will have seen him or her fail exams in school and of course lots of money too for that matter at my expense. Whereby if I tell somebody not to get into his car drive off to pick up a handful of girls and get off to car parks or any public utilities of his choice to make music videos that comprise of two or three stanzas of abusing me by which they get off to peddle me and my work and property which happens due to some stupid insolent access to my market place and products, abuses which aids violent scandal on media and leaves something for the Pornographic industry to play around with as well, they set out and shoot entire music albums to talk even more rubbish about how they want to find out if I am as physically large as the things I say. Their mantra is that I am known for solving problems and have been getting off to teach Americans a thing or two about it. So they get involved, by which the claim my work is created on the basis that I think I can set up a business that is all about gathering up facts about peoples lives and then putting it to my name. This I am not aware of either: the fact in question here being of course that there is not a person on the Planet who does not know the name of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and there is no body, originally a royal circles only matter, who does not know that she has an Arch Prince. I am simply living off my fame of course and there is the problem explained; in that when people get on public television to build fame for themselves they think their rights to it is absolute and must be recognised anywhere in the world and by absolutely anybody but when others are famous it cannot be, so we end up with such problems as a book sale business that I am not spending quite a lot of money to do promotions and advertisements for which they are angry about with an obsession to tell me what to do again, so that items from it can turn up on public Television in other peoples names and I can thus get to handle them enough to establish the reality that it is a business and I am not spending quite so much money to do advertisement and promotions for it so that I do not loose my mind on which my livelihood depends and of course bearing in mind when people ask them not to do thins which cause distress, it becomes the main preoccupation they have got because it makes them superior; so they think that the fact that their Politicians think that arranging to give them somebody on whom to practice their sadomasochism and insults, which they do not even recognise as provocative on account they only only think it is funny but also think that come with it on mean that whilst their idiots can beat up anybody and therefore love to mention it, more is to be gathered about my insults towards Politicians along the lines of the destruction of my property and earnings on a daily basis that they carry out. It is normally suggested that most of what I do blow off my top as such while there are other more important matters of office which are for my benefits that most people concentrate on but of course the issue here is that it is one thing to loose all the money you earn because social and cultural vandalism workers made up access to your privacy until it became a fantasy that operated in reality with media and quite another for that to continue when you operate at a professional capacity; I always imagine the reason is as they say the chances of any Government oppression of media taking place and so we will see it to the end and find out what the result will be as long as they do not move on and do their insolent and proposed violent media vandalism and theft somewhere else (I seem to wake everyday to this acceptable forms of genocide that do not involve bloodshed but provide the feeling anyway, through intrusions and insults made up as fantasies that are operated into reality which requires suffering over a long period of time and a flirting with torture for me, over my finances, while they ask what I mean when I say it will end badly with those stupid money mad premature greed insults that portrays the idea they are really tough along with their stupid friends who run abusive small businesses all over the place to give their stupid children the best life on media at other peoples expense; so it appears the problems still is the fact it is what happens while I need to look after a public life from which they suppose they want to extract lucrative scandals and I never wanted to know how such things are done and will soon get to make them understand what acceptable genocides feel like too)."




"I got my Royal commission in a circumstance of what could be described as premature, contrary therefore to popular notions all that needs to be done had already been done to ensure that I do not and never get stuck somewhere being trapped where I am building up some history for fools and criminals to get rich with. Everything that has happened since therefore has pertained to the process of keeping it which is personally attributed to me and not whether or not I have a Royal history some of which I am entitled never to have to remember and all I have done since has pertained to making sure all I do operates and works at a professional disposition to avoid my methods being branded unfit by my boss the Queen of England. On claims of locating me as a person that politicians and their people intend to work together to ensure the economic crisis hits hardest because I am always willing and helpful while they are evil and therefore get provoked because I am, the fact involved is that they failed to get what they want from me and now they know what to expect whenever there is a recession too. It is however I should mention, a rhetoric they like to throw around alongside incredibly wicked women, looking for somebody that will abuse others for them pretending to be superior, which they never acknowledge as provocative and deserving of retribution; what they suppose is that a person can easily become so subverted by it that instead of the idea that there are many women in the world and he can go out with all of them but will only need to marry one, people will rather instead get used to them and their insults about which no body knows how they plan to enforce it. As such we see signs of women that are in love with material things and their media fools who are either married to or know how to make use of them to their advantage and have no respect for other peoples property and or place of work everywhere and danger is never enough to deter bearing in mind these material things they are in love with are actually very hard materials and substances. These are things the British Economy must rise above and not deal with due to the UK place and role in the wider world, this therefore gets them into trouble all the time, especially the Politicians for ripping to pieces my equities and book sales for personal gratification around such things, while making friends with and intimidating me with them." "It is an issue that is brought up at all times by a collection of people that choose what their country should be before they live in it, what it should give them before they serve it and therefore suppose everybody will bend down and get along when they decide what deal it should dole out for others while they are in service. This of course is not the biggest problem with them, that would rather be the the fact that choosing what their country is before they live in it varies according to what they want and where they are and or want to be and what they see with their eyes and desire with their stupid minds. So the real issue is still the fact that if like they claim, the Monarchy gets to use and dump everybody, when I become successful and they are not, my success will not be recognised by them and in the same way none of their Political activities are recognised by me, which also implies that I do not wish to reward the excuses that their failures provide them with at the Political arena. As such I do not have a mind that considers whatever school of thought they happen to have come from should be given any ounce of attention whatsoever; so maybe now they know and will want to change the rhetoric and around my company zip it, I personally wouldn’t care if they did. In light to instabilities of society around the world, they want to open up the discussion on representative government and how they claim it applies the abolishing of the Monarchy but do not wish to talk about what difference it would make to their level of success if that were to happen or indeed what qualifies a government as a tyranny whether or not it is representative. So it is always the everlasting fight now that they have got all the power over things that are none of their business, whereby  in the end I can use some swear words to characterise conversations with them, like the demagogue that it is, which does enough good to qualify that process where they never know when they are being provocative. All I can say therefore is that people should never mention representative government when they are not prepared to talk about it; what they need to do is vote the way they normally vote like fools and let be my company. The major issue besides comes always in the two forms of men that claim we British like to destroy things when we cannot have it so that others cannot have it either, whereas they are the ones thinking their stupidities have become so lucrative that it can be deployed for corruptions of involvement by which they ruin the finances of a statesman and expect him to have conversations on civil rights because they are doing it by a means of interference and delay which will lead to denial. The other are idiots whose mothers like to manage the lives of celebrities on my book sales and with my fame, talking about their racism and how they will have me beaten up while the stocky ones that support them think they are the only ones with cultures where thug exist and therefore the false media confidence by which somebody far younger than I am provokes me all the time, while the big ones tell me to touch him and loose my life and then they expect to live a normal life, get rich perhaps with the same behaviour if need be and make better of it with my earnings which is the only way to do so as well; of course it will never work that way and their insolent fat mothers do not control any town, they don't even control anything in the US, where they can threaten to make people bums and enforce it, since they came into a brush with me as it stands"



It appears that in consideration of the same changes to the world of social instability some people will regularly set themselves up and speak of things such as 'counter revolution' and do it at my expense. About which I cannot say enough times that the problem is that I am a Book seller not somebody idiots familiarise themselves with to be inspired to say something important or anything else for that matter. With regards however to this 'counter revolution' issue, what they are referring to, is the fact that they tend to want their ideas about how people should be governed to be listened to and so therefore think familiarities with me in a condition where doing so is substituted for my books will get them such an attention through controversy and blackmail and so when I have had enough of it, I tend to go to great lengths to ensure those opinions are very well informed, then back track and ensure it will only be listened to in hell. What must be happening here therefore I assume, is that people have gone from finding an excuse for a product as a means of extracting an income from my property instead of working to theirs, to a process of telling me to share my earnings or else. I am not saying it is a problem in anyway; the whites are always turning up in public places to ensure that the whole world knows through public and National Media that I will never breathe unless a racist is having what I have as well and the rest are just Far East idiots and Tourism Economy fools looking for the good life, getting up to the usual activities, expressing powers of their deviance because others wish to enjoy money they have worked for, which besides the work of politicians will never make any sense. In the end, what they play around with has to do with people who manage state provided security for me, getting around with me, which has also meant in their view that any idiot can have a go at doing so as well but whilst those who do, do not use it for commercial purposes, the question of what to use it for falls to those who wish to use it for commercial purposes in their view.  I have set out my warnings and they I am aware are not deaf – I already had become notorious for these things, doing them in a social context, the next time I am off to it, it will have to become part of my career all together. Bearing in mind that at the end of the day, the truth about it has more to do with considerations that it is wrong to damage peoples livelihoods but the question that these Corporate and Private Interests workers of vandalism continue to answer, is that of what would happen if it was up to them and in a condition that they would make more money if I were for example homeless and the answer they continue to give is that they would do it without a shadow of a doubt. I am tired of being tempted by them, bearing in mind I am a bit short tempered too but they like to make out I am easy to get along with, there is no 'counter revolution' therefore to be found in such activities; I should express the fact that they need to get off the Books and market place and leave me alone – not tell me whether or not I have got state provided security, like they always find their excuses to escalate provocations when they want, which I suppose suits them anyway. I am still not giving up the control of the finances of those stupid local communities their girls are too insolent for anybody to become that Liberal, it is as though they breathe insults towards me and I cannot breathe the free air; their recent alliance with the City and Bankers will escalate this problem most definitely."




"That the American versions and the African versions are almost the same is not something that is worth discussing for these people of course, what is, is that I practice a lot of plans to earn a living with negative criticism which I find really difficult to understand. It has come to this point but some people still cannot take a hint obviously. As I have always mentioned, it is about letting them get up to all sorts around me of which if Politicians did practically hold me down for it means there is no need to be concerned as there is nothing that I can do about it but the reasons will never change i.e. a process where they get involved with jobs they know nothing about, get qualifications and maybe false work that they can back themselves up with and the rest of my life will be incredibly uncomfortable because they will need facts on a daily basis to fill them in on what to do and how to live with the jobs, while my existence will become a threat to their insolent new found wealth and careers, which nonsense I find very difficult to tolerate for my part as well, especially the shredding of my empire trust in the process that comes with it and the security issues in the emporim and global intellectual space which are really costly bearing in mind, it would be rather difficult to sell a new trendy product to people who were part of the trend from some other part of the world and the glee on their stupid faces as a result, especially that of their insolent women is incredible. It boils down to the same old issue that I am an author and when people wish to talk about me and or my work, they must have read my books it is assumed, otherwise they know nothing about me and or what I am doing. What I have said about what I am doing however is that I create Equities and Securities from my property which I sell, so why then is it exactly that people like to play these games and do these things anyway? If we have to go into this matter of negative criticisms however what will emerge from it is another conundrum i.e. they were meant to provide Political leadership which saw to it that although some people have gone off to grab money that is not theirs, the money ends up circulating in the economy even if it gets to make those people rich. They have failed to do that in every way because they are more interested in what new glories they can have with my personal life and property; hence the contrast between what they should be interested in and what they spend most of their time being interested in, in a scale of 1-10 measured. The cycle of course that creates those stupid games with Political office and thereby suggestions of people to oppress. As for the inability to understand or lack of respect for the fact I work for a country and there are severe financial impacts as a result of security issues associated with their familiarity based insults that are powerful by corruptions I have to protect the UK and Europe from, it seems the whole issue hinges on the mention of my rights to trade with anybody I wish to. This particular issue and the fact it operates along the lines of the fact they think they are the only ones in the world that have need of money, will most likely lead to a point where they start getting hurt by people who then cover their tracks and do it as a habit with pre-emptive strikes carried out in the realisation somebody with a bigger country will react, hence the cover up which creates public media fun thereof, before anything about it will show any signs of respect or plans they need to develop to live in reality with respect to material things because they always, always belong to other people, unless expressly given or sold to them. There is no competition with the United States on the matter and I love to indulge such nonsense because American business men suffer for it when when I do, the problem is a long standing one with fools that always feel as I mentioned that they are the only ones that need money, have stupid daughters and wives that know about stealing money off stock markets for exmaple among others and therefore get to handle my work and property without any permission to do so or buying work that is for sale, then get off to especially the manufacturing industry with it to make connections and get high profile jobs like black men do with their abuses but in their cases they do because they are violent and superior, then return to hurt me further to create some future for their stupid children too and have the means to keep those jobs in the process. The cost of this is astronomical naturally but it is not nearly as bad as the process of being penniless so they can be superior and worse still, loosing friends and allies who complain of insecurity bearing in mind they do not seem to realise it is the only legitimate way to own material things that people pay others to acquire things not take them. So like the issue of having parties with my equities and securities instead of buy the product and consume them because the insults are possible it will not stop until I physically do something about it too. The general idea It is rather important they stick to what they know best, which is selling pretty girls and for the record it should be clear by now that no body is going to get bullied on the internet by them as they have made out. Clearly it is the female side of society and their friends on the right, the ladies that always go out and make money through insulting and abusive means then become really surprised they have a problem with gangs and only then do they realise that when I am through making sure I can do my work safely and see my family everyday, what I have done becomes something that they will force me to do for them too and to do so gain control of my income for it if I refuse. Then their silly children will turn up all over the place to be celebrities because I mention things like such which means they all need to wither away and die or something to make me happy but it will not have been the first time I mention that I do not consider them to be celebrities. Celebrities have to have a very set out way of life and what they do is very difficult work too; I mean if you specialise in playing prime minister you have to become prime minister then only work with the aspect that concerns the fame of the Prime Minister without actually bothering the person that is prime minister in reality in anyway; you cannot do that without reading a lot of books and studying a lot, looking after your self, being in the market and managing the business of yourself to make profit; hence things like variable variables that you latch onto such as several jobs at a time to ensure somebody you hate does not get an income or vandalism of peoples property like they do my Estate and Literary empire and books is something that will aid the career of a Celebrity. Even when I say such things these popular culture fools that will beat up anybody cannot be redeemed from their laziness, what they will wish to speak to me about instead is that I live in the past which was precisely the point all along. Except only they could not see that and everybody else did, so it does not trouble me in anyway that I say them and people might have ideas for self improvement because I have. As for the part where it is claimed I feel that I am invincible and cannot be vanquished by anything; the truth behind it is that I care about my allies – I mean how many statesmen in the world serve their country for free and write books for a living? They are everything to me no matter how small the number or how large the number and I do suppose I am happy to be a symbol of the fact that the trouble makers of the world, especially that of government just cannot leave alone other people. The Part about the British Monarchy is simply the fact my boss the Queen is the boss of course and if I get into trouble and need help but make out I can take care of it and fail to do so, then I have become the problem. Hence my job is not the British Royal family and it is more of my family than it is their own, so that when people start a problem most of the time they ought to see that it will have nothing whatsoever to do with the Monarchy like they think it will and they need to leave me alone." No point complaining of foreigners that do things when they can see how difficult it is for people to earn money whenever they work for it on account they exist and how Governments must hand over money that those who have gone through hell to work for it have worked for, due to the fact they have and work big government plans at all times.





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