I hear of those stories of all my matters being a case of starting things I cannot go through with but the simple reality instead is that when facts are considered, what happens is that it is the part where I as a Christian have a tendency to be weak in the flesh and commit a sin that they want to learn from, share and lead people on – hence the idea is that I cannot get out of such a trap in their view and when I do I have problems associated with the things I start but cannot go through with that big mouth wagging all the time.

The other question aside this being that there are reasons it happens and I am not discussing those, which is utter nonsense – it happens because they are evil and I must not reject democratic people otherwise I will get into trouble; right up to the point of wanting their own Jesus Christ that will be created by them and killed on the cross to develop their own spit drooled corruptibility mess associated with their insanity of homosexual lifestyles, then start to complain after about how I want to live in a world where the strong and powerful cannot punish the weak for misbehaviours, none of which there are if they are not trying to be more important than I am with my own public image depending on whether or not Media fools and Politicians want it so especially.

I mean that when they do that fantasy thing whereby their insults know where my anus and penis is and they can touch it and make signs of something drooling from it down my legs etc, what does not mean anyway? I should assume they are doing it to get sex from a Christian they are aware should be preaching the gospel instead, so they are not worried about my Public life then I suppose.

Typically I have been fasting and praying for the last 5 Hours, so immediately after even before I break my fast, something starts from my penis and drools down my the side of my hips, something sweet and sexual like that is the way I make use of their fucking ones too, while those they have handled in such ways tell me what to do cracked up out of my league and cannot keep off my earnings; so it has built up over the last five years everyday because they are doing what Politicians and Media idiots put them up to, on account they expect everybody else to assume they cannot make their own decisions for themselves, so I have take it then too, that they are now ready to take it down.

Nobody really knows what their problems is, that need to get Camp and Pop at others while preserving themselves from it, with drooling corruptibility of Body fluids flowing etc but I suppose I have been clear about the points at which it happens and why I get provoked and what damages it does (they speak of how I wrote something that I have taken down to continue at a later date, of the sexual libidos that do manufacturing etc but have said nothing about writing Books like "Freakonomics" which was a best seller and others like "Libidinal economy" which is typically French stuff).

I did not start this fight of becoming more important than other peoples Princes, they did; they took my public image and made themselves financially comfortable, then returned to make contact with me about what my behaviour should become, for they were my personal Gods and the two Books I have listed above are just some of the well known examples of literature that does nothing but shower praise upon praise upon praise on those who have no respect for other peoples intellectual property no matter how difficult their victims might be finding things, especially when it comes to protecting profit margins - then show up on public places everyday to have a problem with my Books and update the rest of the world on my Royal life in order to create equality.

The American ones do make it clear they want me to fight for what my Books promised but that was never a trap either – it is a business empire here and they can pick up products and play a role or they can pretend they control me, tell me what to do and will decide whether or not a business empire that does not exist actually does, when they are the ones that bought enough products to make it and we are not talking about showing up to pretend they cannot make their own decisions and that they always do what Politicians and Media fools tell them to do and hence perfectly okay to show up on my Public image and public life and finances on account ‘somebody said.’ Much the same attitude with those who evade taxes, not that the two do not complain about each other to begin with; it is a business DNA strand of a very destructive group of people – the ones the rest of assume just showed up and existed and do not have any social and cultural orientation, which actually does not help us in anyway; the one whereby you have a conversation with somebody and everything he says goes down one direction only and it’s the one where he wants to know if his cultural power and evil is big enough or he needs to get some of your own and add to it etc, so of course whenever he is able to take advantage of peoples market and make money, he is bound to run away with the taxes because it is in his nature; the Government continues to pretend it is the game but the rest of us know well that no good ever comes of it whenever they do. They do say the taxes are too high naturally but then again, so as the infrastructure so good that the government can charge them per metre but it does not, what it does is make the charge really small and plan for the long term and they do not even notice they are doing it unless they have the time because they are not the ones working for that money, they are stealing other peoples market and businesses. Hence apparent that the taxes can go higher as it were; they do say I am making use of ideas from developing economies to help with tax payment in the UK but it’s a simple case of knowing that if the NHS is a client of the Brazilian government, the last thing on other people’s minds will be life saving work and the first thing will be first world client with enhanced financial responsibilities, so people have to pay their taxes and those who say I talk sweet because I am not losing a vast amount of money do not understand; If I pillage somebody’s public image to pin a product on him and make ten million and paid 2.5 of that in taxes according to current system, should I evade such money, according to my personality and priorities, there is no indication I will end up in Barbados and have a long holiday of narcissistic happiness pinning products on another victim to make my next 10 million when I am done. It is not a conjecture that no good comes from tax evasion, it is actually fact and I am an example of how being stalked while an entire government ties you down finances and skewers your personal life to make you work on a business until it becomes an empire while people make their own stories about your finances, creating a business empire in which the market is in other people’s hands, which is now known not to be the white man’s fault, actually works; I mean I do have a solution in the sense that the one black person at the British Monarchy that is actually as disgrace for the black race can cease to be one if the situation is changed and they simply vanish but it could have been worse.


Everything I do is one big problem of begging for help after another we hear on Media everyday but it’s an old story of how I end such talk by making sure people do not place themselves and their stupid faces on my Public image when they appear on Media for it; such talk gives me a reason but until I am able to prevent people from copying my behaviour or attitude and then making a mess of it for their own ends, the so called liability for others and constant bad behaviour begging for help claim will never cease to turn up. It is however the same group of idiots – always sulky, angry, bitter, hate women, suck the life out of every atmosphere and their needs never run out but they are however now integrated into the mainstream living of the general populous, so I am assuming this is a case of making it clear to me it is not a state of affairs that I can actually handle or cope with and to that I say cracked up out of my league then after all. It is this habit they have developed like for instance when the Glove M. Jackson RIP made Thriller with is taken up by some lads who enjoy breaking into his home to grab it and make a show of themselves on the streets with – at the moment they are doing so of which somebody somewhere in the world has paid a lot of money to have a thriller video by the artist featured during entertainment somewhere, hence why anybody would think it is fun worth having is never clear; in my case they say my Business Empire does not actually exist and that they will decide when it does all together. I am also aware that my biggest problem according to Media and Politics is my attitude but I would never know anyway – all I know is that they enjoy getting involved on the basis of money they have and what I will do to serve it, soon finding out they have nothing and then a fight begins; I do not believe it’s a crisis, they do not sell Books or buy Books or read Books and have no business with me and when everybody sees those who do not engage in such activities do whatever they like with it, they think it is not a serious business while it actually is – so apparently it becomes a problem associated with being shown reasons I should not reject democratic people because it means that there will be accusations and judgements and I will never be right in anything throughout my life. So in the end it is an old story of what it costs the British Government and why they love to assume I need the help of the government when attacked by them absolutely every single time; I had ensured that the Books I write as a result of having a Court of Celebrities and Journalists which they apparently do not buy or read or sell as such but want to use for something looking for trouble, was my only source of income – it gave me roots and allowed me to be the best at what I know and do and they can enjoy talking about my  attitude all they want, what I am interested in is ways I must prevent people from copying my personality and making a mess of it in such ways; hence, will not be right in anything is good but so we shall see too. They say Tyrants copy these kinds of behaviour all over the world but we all know what tyrants want to copy is a world where somebody else is responsible for another person’s actions even when it is an act of murder, the latest on how to show power including new ways of killing people to make statements etc and what they need to do for me is fuck off basically. As for those looking for big breaks who have sworn they will never leave me alone, it’s an old story where their work is to get around the back doors of peoples companies, be nice to somebody and maybe get a high profile job and buy a car by which when driven on the streets I can never ever feel good – it does not mean I am not keeping an eye on them and when they rip my property and equity assets again I will make them squirm a lot more than they already have. The rest is CEOs doing what they do best i.e. stealing people’s property and ripping up businesses rather than manage the one they are paid enough money to be wealthy for; like I said, what happens is that they soon buy a car and then I can never ever feel good when they drive it; they love it so much, blowing off their big mouth like so, setting off storms with their plans of very destructive and stupid Men and do nothing to control any of it whenever they are wrong but expect some exceptional treatment from the victims as well and it is the lifeblood of this game.

They do say I have destabilised the world but then again as I mentioned before, it’s a matter of what providing for me costs the British Government so the Creeps and the Blood might run the White House as it were; the point is that people have taken up roles at the Business Empire and I need them to allow those to buy the Books – it is not convoluted English. In response they have mentioned a few times, that I do need to demarcate between Public Office where my mind is all about public welfare and Police sirens that make me feel I am not out of place and a condition whereby I want to sell Books and I do not need to demarcate anything; I mean in the world of being told what to do by somebody who has a bigger self appointed authority, I have made myself clear about people threatening me since most of the time they behave like my big brother and I have already got one and will not take crap from them as such anyway; I do not have to demarcate from anything. It’s a matter of this world public transport scum curate where I might exist in a world where I sit in my small Office and any Diplomacy arrangements and bed chamber I have to feel Police sirens make me feel I am not out of place while my mind is about Public welfare and perhaps crime as well but in the Public transport they make the rules etc and will groom me for a violent event with a big mouth – those who threaten me will join them and a time will come when I will put to the test that blabbing about abusing me to a point where they feel they are untouchable all together as well. They say there is a reason it happens which I do not wish to speak of and that it involves religious people assuming the right to tell others what to do but there is nothing new about this tale, today even the government says it is good when half the time they are stupid Men stealing people’s lives and half the time freedom Means Women being able to push moral Men especially into crime by making them desperate for money; their Politicians have only just found a new reason to complain about me considering I have completely ripped this matter right up to that young people and honourable war insults; they are never ever courageous enough to do anything about the bad things around them – the society people, the bullies, the criminals etc, when somebody offers help nothing will get done unless their whole lives are signed away to it in order to serve peoples stupid civil rights so they might be young and free and when you do actually give the help anyway, your crime as a Christian is that you have gotten rid of any chance that people are allowed to do wars: so they have learned that the Christian is the underdog that will stir them like soup and get about scooping them without suffering a condition where they scoop him as well, every single time and it therefore got a little bit serious, considering according to their stupid honourable war prognosis, they will beat down the body and cannot be relied upon to get anything done, so we can see what the future will be if I find a way to die at the very beginning of what for want of words we all should forbid, that is the occurrence of a war; I am saying I had to do it as it were. They do say it has all gone to my head which is utter nonsense; the truth is that these Politics and Media and Industry guys are the only ones who have had things go to their heads, this is what I know, it is what I do, not what I share and if they do not want the Books there is no point damaging it or indeed the person who wrote it i.e. I have a level 3 Legal executive certificates, what I am doing here is what I know not what I share, everybody can do which career they like with their qualifications and this is the one I am good at – it actually does have a name and a shape as it were.

Of course we hear it’s my lack of respect for Women and inability to listen to others which is the problem and it is not; I am so unhappy because I am protective of my court not caring of it and anything that gets involved with me, which I have not selected exacerbates the problem; people should when they need my Books get involved with me and not do so when it is not the Books that they are after, writing is what I do unless I sign a contract otherwise. The other side of the story is that we are here because Media idiots will not stop enhancing their careers with my work, to ensure as they claim, that their job and then their sex lives have meaning; technically there is nothing wrong with this, is a world where Politicians have to balance the respect for persons with a process of making sure that while they are working on government others are not making fame and fortune out of their public lives on account some issues affect them but we soon find that these idiots issue threats at me concerning where it all went wrong which if I were aware of, would strike fear into me and cause me to stop messing with them, something they say I suppose, to make me hand them an ultimatum for the day that glorifying Politicians and celebrities with my life and public image is to stop, so we can see what becomes of it as well thereof. As for the claim that I am insane or an experiencing paranormal activities I do not wish to tell others about; the truth is rather that they claim God does not exist while all I do is done on the basis that he does; so there is always that clash because they have built it all up on Media and are always giving so many signals to their community croons that the community croons have come to a stage where they act on their own and ever so frequently every single minute, following up claims I sleep with peoples wives too have the personality I have whereas the truth is that I am surrounded by being that are neither human nor ghosts, filling in my personality with what they have made up on media all of the time and this is what causes all the anger because they must always do something that ensures I am provoked but then beaten down and not able to respond to that provocation just for the way they need to exist – I am referring to provocation and then my response being a none violent one and then further provocation until I am pushed towards a violent one and then a process where I am made to understand there is nothing I can do because there are either too many of them or the one of them is too strong for me and then beaten down and they always have to approach me in incredibly rude ways and extricate these three processes, then show up in public places to complain and seek privileges of injustice as well. Hence there is that other question of whether the beings around me are not a threat to others; but they are but they must protect me, however which is it on condition; the present state of affairs is that they have developed this case of building my reputation and occupying it to commit sins on my behalf and I have done nothing about it too – so we say it is all God’s mercy but now we see that they cannot let it be that way and are always pushing boundaries and their community croons cannot give it a rest with the beating down thing I have just mentioned, which is of sexual context as it were, while they then get off and start some fake concerns about sexual abuse crimes to draw the attention of their evil persons to the recent state of affairs about which they have had an advantage and this is what makes me angry all of the time – however with respect to their foolish jobs on Media, they say I need to stay away from my Court whereas the Court was to concentrate on the one that pays their salary and I was to on my Royal commission or the interests of anybody else that offers me employment and to this effect I am unable to get a job etc and always made to get around being stuck over matters of fame and notoriety that involves far elderly people, which we all know leads to lewd scumbags that do not know when to give up on sex fucking all over my personality as well; so when it comes down to it, this is what my academic work and right to get a job was damaged for i.e. to ensure I had a financial crisis and lots of worry with it which kept my mind open and to ensure recovery was distant and could be interfered with when I had not finished my academic qualifications and hence makes it clear why I am usually very uncompromising when it comes to any occasion in which I have to dish out their own wrath as well.

So we hear the talk of Brexit and whether or not the Government is having a meeting to decide if it is to happen or not; I personally could not make out what it was all about if this were to be considered at face value, since it is clear that if somebody is trying to reach a decision and needs a committee that represents the entire Country to reach that decision and a referendum had already been organised and taken and that decision reached by it, there is really no point to the meeting. However this is not just about government meeting on Brexit, it is about an earlier state of affairs which emerged from the rest of us trying to work out what the state of social tolerance had become since the past few years of the daily onslaught wrought by these idiots to ensure they are comfortable and that those who know more than they do are working to make them rich and comfortable – this then gave rise to another resulting condition whereby they understood it was okay to put their feet up and expect that when they are fashion and City centre stupidities that we have all become used to seeing, while they are responded that it was always okay if we did not interfere. Except we are here talking about a diversion that is Brexit since we are actually being targeted by their Politicians and Media who have alternative ideas about how it should all work and the meaning of what I have said here is that they are free to take their best shot but I not expecting them to complain about the reprisals either –obviously as very small brain in there and it says look for trouble all the time; while I need to ensure nobody appears in public to do any of their show business by making reference to me whenever they have gotten their stupidities stuck as a result of the foolish lives they live and want to get out of it and continue to be famous and rich anymore without my permission and to that effect it seems they also expect me to take responsibility for paparazzi that act in loyalty to me whenever I am being attacked – so they do one for me and I do one for them as well. It is as I had mentioned; nothing good ever comes from Tax evasion even though the Government loves to pretend it is all just a game – all the revolution staging Tourism dependent economies as it were.


So they say it is my behaviour towards other peoples lives which is the main problem here but the reality is that they say they cannot make their own decisions and that they always have to harm somebody else when Media fools and Politicians want it – so that this then creates pockets of social conditions in which people can find the pillaging of my possessions profitable, which would not have been the end of the world if they allowed the Bills to get paid and the Books to get sold but we also hear that the Books are rubbish and nobody understands why it is not avoiding trouble in that case anyway. These goons always, always decide how these things happen; in terms of the threats, the only thing that is possible by their wickedness and that their evil culture is killing people and they are angry and hate my guts now that they understand I will do every other evil that has not be done besides that for my part too and it is the same with all that nonsense whereby Women can mess with me, especially from Families where the Men are the top evil and the Women simply exist to hunt religious people who steal the place of Women in the world – otherwise I have done them the favour of cutting it to pieces every time it turns up around my concerns but the main issue still stands i.e. they do not buy Books and they do not read Books and they do not sell Books and they have no business with me and of course the threats and processes of their stupidities oppressing and working me has no tendency to create a clever individual that kills people, what it will do is create people who hate religion and can express it by bloodshed when their stupidities gathers gangs unto itself, showing up here and addressing me and expressing their stupid selves in my direction for conveniences everyday – none of which would have been an issue if the bills were getting paid to allow the fortitude by which they might be tolerated, so they always decide how it happens so as to hurt them so we can listen to those stupid self seeking complains. They say it is what my Books get used for which provokes them – utter nonsense of course as before then the only mode of existence that was good enough was cracked up out of my league wanted to show that the way the world works is when the rich always get richer and poor always got poorer and set about showing moral and religious people including an Arch Prince what it all means and we got from Financiers making excuses of an economic crisis which is caused by social conditions that are not under control, allowing them to be bullied into signing away billions in deals they could not spot defects in etc, to a condition where I am one of those who have been bullied and an atmosphere created whereby people can extricate power and abuse and offer it to scum who have money and want to buy into power as well and I am a really big one – the general idea being that I am obviously not as black as these bloody idiots, provided they have Media to oppress me with as it were; so how it will end is that the Books will not get sold and the Bills will not get paid because they are having fun and I deserve it on account of being a moral person and refusing to conform to the world by being modern too.

They do say the great case is still there to support first of all the theory that all I do is a matter of catching up with others who already know better on one hand and then on the other missing aspects of my life which means I am still able to keep a Royal commission because I am actually protected from competition and not because I deserve it or am clever enough. In terms of the former of which the reality is still that nobody likes to see people mess around when their Royal future is being built by Men or Women who handle specific issues and curate their young Royals futures and alliances and talents and effects it has on the world but the only thing these fools want to do with their fashion is pillage it for trophy victories that make them rich and famous, so the trouble they have can be mathematically calculated. In terms of the former, I am not aware of anything missing when I have an online Firm for the Company, when I have a Royal Bookshop, when I am looking after my Public Office and image well enough to run the Country, the unusual aspect being only the part about their involvement and it goes without saying; since I am not being held up in a controlled environment whereby all I do has a purpose to others, they are free to pillage my renaissance and cause me to take all these steps to guarantee their stupid lives since it is a form of paedophilia that they must be performing on account they have got the power to back themselves up too, performed on Royalty as it were. In the end it seems they will not run their stupid fashion any other way and when they gets stuck will not do anything unless it is referred to my countenance and my public image by which they can get themselves out of their mess and keep looking after a celebrity lifestyle in that way; its not a problem for me anymore, the whole process of people making fashion on my work and property and selling the same to stupid Celebrities as they do to diplomats for instance has now been taken care of in terms of my industrial house having a presence somewhere and all understand it means that those allied to me have a place and the badly behaved celebrities and Industry fools with money to spend on the fashion have their own somewhere else; what I am doing here is making it clearer than I have done on previous occasions, that damaging mine will see me rip up somebody else’s own too. I hear it was always inevitable that Royalty getting involved with anything will amount to the loss of freedom, which is utter nonsense; it is their attitude, whereby the only way of getting into my concern is either to make money on my Public image to show up with some money to ask me what I will do to serve it, while keeping everybody else out or indeed both; so we shall see if when I ensure that they never get to trifle with any of my concerns and then set about gathering the fans to myself, I would not have money too. they do claim I am not an honest person and I have no idea what it means anyway, since there is no way of being honest about answers to questions for which these idiots already know; I mean he is a 14 year old in a gang with a hand that is 5cm in Diameter, so when somebody uses a knife to make a 4.5cm gash, he will lose that arm, so he needs somebody with a hand that has a diameter of at least 10 cm to do his fighting for him, which is why he has gone off to a gang to bother such a person, for he likes to see his friends cut up and bleeding and fighting for life in hospital and he has made the right choices therefore and loves to show up around my income all the time, in order to express it; apparently media was supposed to help them steal like that and get away with it, give them freedom but it has become a tool for harming and bullying me as well on seeing that they were my personal gods as far as they are concerned. This is usually where the story changes to a tale of how I behave as though I do not owe a duty of care to the Police, which I actually do but the Police are professionals who know what they are doing with these kinds of issues or things, these fools however on the other hand had a story and it was the one where I am not an honest person; so I thought I needed to let them know here – as my Books are not selling because of them, so will they continue to lean further and further to the right, to deal with these things because of me (I will have been told I have achieved success here and I know I have but my main priority is still that of establishing the normalcy and holding it – otherwise the more socially moral, the more ethical at work, the more well behaved is the more people will become targets and homeless and broke and poor whereas the reality should be the opposite which does not actually work as a condition that favours the Nations bottom line or indeed my intellectual property Administration business; I mean that they have a plan and it is a plan where they must go out and dominate the weak to get rich quick and now I am a target because I have got things that can be stolen and they on the other hand cannot keep off the Media, while the Media takes them in and plays their game because it is fun and there will be wealth through advertisement contracts which is what we are going to put to the test here as well). They do need to leave me alone and keep off and I am at a loss as to which part of such a statement is convoluted English after all.

I do not think it is a crisis; we are here because Politicians and Media will not stop reiterating with force, that girls and boys ripping up my life to get rich quick is their freedom; I had to find another way and they have now all stopped lying – since we have reached a stage where the entire left hand side seems to have been shut down and it has become clear a Country must have an outlook in a condition where peoples rights have to be safeguarded when Politicians are becoming more intrusive about making sure that a situation where one person is busy working for the Country while another is making millions from the public life on account issues affect him or her does not occur; hence it only just got a little bit serious for them and I am not going anywhere. They do say they never knew this is what my position was all together, which is very annoying and I need to breathe; we all know my Books have a Main Title and a sub title and any of those could have told anybody what the Books were about but five years since I wrote and self improvement idiots with a Media to find out what it is about everyday after stealing and reading it without buying their own copy – so I have to assume they have been rebuilding the feelings of that stupid civil rights of convenience again and I have to watch for when they will put it somewhere near my concerns one more time.

So in the end they say Americans do not like me and this is the one issue I am not addressing – the truth of it is that it is a Nation of really stupid people who have no respect for borders and hedges; the problem with borders is that when you take them down and win great battles you end up winning them again entities that do not exist and what is left becomes the subdued hatred of an entity that does not exist as well. It is usually where they say that the real case is my attitude but the attitude of a Statesman from another Country is all included in the border issues and there is something seriously wrong with American attitude as well. I do not mind the abuses and threats and the fact they know where my anus and penis is – if I put up with it for them and they blow off their American mouth, I will stick them in the deep end again, right up to the one where they wage war on religion while they are a Country of devout religious people all together and complain about winning against terrorists and facing problems at home for it. When they had started to act in ways that are developed to ensure that people get together to behave in such ways which will result in me being completely powerless to do anything about anything, they would have done something the correct way for once in their stupid lazy lives. I mean that the fact an American somewhere does not like me is supposed to constitute a fact that actually matters in their view, whereas there are more pressing issues like how we co-operate when there is disrespect for other peoples borders and do not like it when there is one for ours, which is raised by the same i.e. the Americans had a long time ago become not just the place where tyrants feel most comfortable if they want to spend money they have stolen from tax payers but also a place where they get a lifestyle for it too all together; we have and especially I myself from this office absorbed so much up it to allow them communicate with their people and the world, right up to a point where the scumbags take up jobs at the shop by which to pass around blame cultures and decide whose lives they regularly want to rip up to get rich quick and nobody knows what time the Americans will start to think that this matter needs to be resolved anyway, if they can spend time talking about which idiots in the Country do not actually fancy me; at the heart of which is still the same issue i.e. we do not do girls and boys gangs that determine the kind of leaders that fill government office in school, so we can form those cliques that get around showing no respect for peoples public image and attacking any that does not accept that stupid girls cannot do whatever they like if they wanted to be famous lest those who interfere likely lose their lives; the US had taken it over from the rest of the uncivilised world and become the God king of it a very long time go and what I am saying here is that nobody cares which aspect of me the idiots do not actually like – the problem needs to be resolved, if it is a problem for them. They do say I do not look the part of Royalty but its the old story of a process of being stalked fort a decade and personal life made a mess of on Media to make me chase my business until it becomes an empire while people make conjectures about the sales the whole time, creating this outcome where I have to manually link the empire with its global sales equity to get customers to pick up the products on account others have popularity culture was something that was perfectly alright when people share a skin colour with me and had before they began spread stories of all problems black people face being the making of whites; so I want to be the biggest shame Prince who lives in poverty for them for as long as I wish and the whites that want to have a go can try it; their case is another story where there is complain about wealth inequality on one hand while on the other they grab lose change and give it to any idiots that feed consumerism to them at the expense of religious and moral people they want to oppress and use to get work done for them and this is definitely not the way they will make their money at my expense – their government however needs to resolve the part where I am approached by stupid girls with gangs behind them, who need my public image to make themselves famous rich and comfortable before blabbing about what their population feels about me. It is the same case all round i.e. the one where I have got a lifestyle I am selling at my Books which the big Boys deserve better and so the big boys must have it and we are left wondering how people take other peoples lifestyle but we are now aware of the full extent of insults and abuses by which it is possible all together – I do not have a problem with it, its just no matter how hard you work to ensure that you do not have that process where people want to provoke you and ensure you did not walk away because you walked away from a fight but because they did beat you down does not make you into a character young people want to stick a knife into, these fools will spend their time on nothing else and it never really has to happen for reason or provocation, just like we see the scumbags want to get out of bed to spend my income on themselves every day. No matter how hard you work to ensure that you do not become a Christian that is telling others of your sufferings because of money issues, they will do everything to ensure that you have to chase your finances and that those who have decided to be more immoral and violent are standing between you and it all of the time; these are things that can continue until they big mouth feelings about me create a condition where I am out there with a public life for it too – I mean it is the reason my finances and academic were torn up because another who was as black as I was and wanted to be the most powerful black Man in the world instead of me was getting elected somewhere else in the world, simply because they have small minds – when I spoke of it the previous day I was more interested in the part where their insults and lack of talents have reached a stage where they claim I am more like Woman, which just sets another standard all together. So what I have said here has solved nothing I should presume since it is all talk and according to history to which they will likely make a lot of reference when they start again, they can always put that stupid Woman on my Public image and tell me of the trouble I will get into when she is unable to be rich and famous with it and find out what the results will become. I hear thus that the biggest source of worry for me is actually my own fans, which is nonsense; the first thing I draw peoples attention to when they bother me with promiscuity is the Court of Female journalists because if people can actually do their own as well, whereby they have to get past threats of abuse from partners while following up a Media career and having jobs about facts and truths concerning society and culture and Politics, then all will see that they really mean it when they claim to be promiscuous.